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VOL-47 NO. 16 It's Official Now! MERCYHURST COLLEGE FEBRUARY 14, 1975

It's finally definite! Mercyhurst College will be celebrating its Golden Anniversary from September, 1976 to June, 1977 .J This announcement was made Tuesday by Mr. RobertpPrather, vice president in charge of Development for the college. The golden anniversary program, originally slated to begin in September, 1975, was postponed for one year, largely due to the factthat Villa Maria College, founded a year before Mercyhurst, has been planning on celebrating their Golden Anniversary at this time. After a two month!; series of meetings and communications between the respective Administrations of the two colleges, it was finally agreed that Mercyhurst would wait a S year, kicking off their program with the 50th anniversary of the college's opening in 1926, rather than celebrating the 50th year. \

Overseas Study Director


Dr. Richard Kubiak, Associate : Professor of History at Mercyhurst* has been appointed by the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) to head and review overseas study programs in Eastern Europe.* Dr. Kubiak, a specialist in Ancient and Medieval European History, was one of ten educators chosen across the nation to oversee the project, which §is connected^ with the Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship Program of the Department of Education. There are two major aspects to the new job, as it is described by TDr. KubiakJ First, the reading of proposals for group overseas study sponsored by the Fulbright-Hayes program; second, the approval of Fulbright-Hayes jforeign consultant^ program proposals. \ ^Another, though less official, dutyjwhich will be perTortoeffTty^Dr? Kubiak will be the rold*of consultant to the Department of Education on the subject of how to deal with Eastern European officials. The proposals for overseas study that Dr. Kubiak will deal with directly, will be those which involve Soviet Bloc countries. He is the only one of the ten educators appointed who is a specialist in overseas affairs. Ik Dr. Kubiak's experience in the field! of overseas study is quite extensive. Only last year, Dr. Kubiak spent a year in Poland on sabbatical, heading a 26 member overseas study group. At that time, he learned, first hand, the difficulties of dealing with Soviet Bloc bureaucracies. He says that his contacts with Polish governmentg officials in Krakow have "made me a smoother administrator. When you have no power of your own and you are dependent on 9 others for your needs, you learn tope diplomatic '. Dr. Kubiak notes that while bureaucrats fin Eastern Europe can bog down in red tape, they can bring very quick action when they wish to cooperate. The new appointment will not take Dr. Kubiak from his teaching at Mercyhurst, and probably will not involve his traveling abroad at the present time. According to Dr. Kubiak, most of the job will be administered through periodic tripsjto Washington during the twelve-month duration of his appointment.






At Long Last ig





The results of the Merciad Intersession Student "Opinion Poll have finally beerrtabulated! Ouf of approximately 1,000 ballots distributed, 159 were completed and returned to the Merciad. f The breakdown of what those students who responded think of Intersession is as follows :|
Question!—Did you take part in intersession? Yes—123 No—36 Question 2—Do you feel that intersession is a worthwhile academic experience? y *ff Yes—143 No—16 Question3—Should intersession be continued? f fj? Yes—153 No—6 * . * Question 4—If you participated in intersession/ how would you evaluate it on a 1-10 scale (1 being terrible, 10 being great)? Rating 0 1 2
Students 4 3 2 4 4 10 3


mSt *M

^^SrfP >m&h

Six Mercyhurst dancers, led by ballerina j Charon M ounedin (pictured) were featured in a three ^number special dance program performed Sunday night to mark the opening of Black History Week. The program was choreographed by Ms. Mounedin, and was followed by a special dinner in the Cafeteria. The final event of Black History Week to take place on the Mercyhurst campus will occur tonight as the group "Soul Odyssey" from Pittsburgh perform! at the Valentine's Day dance in the Student Union.


"MB 6

8 9 10

45 27 18

goal of 90 per cent of resident students. This was learned Tuesday, from David Blanchfield, Campus Minister and organizer of the petition. Students signing the petition pledge to forego dinner in the cafeteria on ones evening in the near future designated for that purpose. If 90 per cent of the resident students sign the j petition, Saga has agreed to close down the Cafeteriaior the evening, sending the equivalent of one evening's operating expenses to an Overseas Relief Agency dealing with the hunger problem i t% Mr. Blanchfield urges all resident students who have not yet signed the petition to drop by the Campus Ministry office and sign up. He notes that non-participating Istudents will not have to starve, even if the Cafeteria does close down for a night. In that case, a soup kitchen will be set up in the Student Union. CARE ABOUT HUNGER? SIGN THE PETITION! ':

HUNGER PETITION NEARS only 47 names short of its GOAL The Hunger Petition is

The long arm of national government reached to Mercyhurst in a strange way this week, depriving the college of a lecture lappearance on campus by Senator William Proxmire (Dem.-Wisc.> Senator Proxmire had been scheduled to speak in the Student Union on Wednesday nighty under the sponsorship of the Student Activities Committee (SAC). Events in Washington forced him|to change his plans. .!r ., The United States Senate customarily goes into recess for the Washington-Lincoln holiday in middle February. This year, the 94th Congress broke that precedent, cancelling Uhe recess in light of the pressing issues which demand the Congress immediate attention—Unemployment, the Energy situation, Possible Tax Legislation. As a result of the cancellation of the recess, Senator Proxmire, who refuses to make lecture appearences (except on weekends) while Congress is in session, was forced to postpone his lecture £t Mercyhurst.

It should be noted that Senator Proxmire's appearance has been postponed, not cancelled. He will come to Mercyhurst, according to Student Services Director E. William Kennedy, in early April, at which time the Senate will recess for Easter. The exact date is not yet known, although the dates April 1st through 4th were mentioned as distinct possibilities. a LAKE


Dr. Richard Kubiak

The Mercyhurst skating pond, which is located behind the orchard (behind Zurn Hall), is frozen and already in business. This may come as news to Mercyhurst students who didn't know we had a pond...but we do! It has even claimed its first victim already—he's walking around on crutches, j itlmS^ Check the pond out for yourself—and enfloy the ice!



FEBRUARY 14, 1975

Beyond The Shadow



by Colleen McManamon Several weeks ago I ran an editorial in which I •"smoke up" before games. expressed disappointment at the lack of student *Now, I know this couldn't possibly be true because: support of the Mercyhurst Laker Basketball team. No athlete would presume to play a game while Since then, several students told me my criticism stoned; * ( was unfair and that I didn't know the REAL reason No athlete would risk the reputation of the school why the stands were empty. he represents while "buzzing"; It appears that a!vicious rumor has slithered No athlete would accept scholarship money to play throughout the school :£ the Mercyhurst * Lakers ball and then abuse his honor; No athlete could live with himself if he blew a game because he was "blown away"; ; No athletic department would overlook this flagrant, detrimental practice. It is usually best to ignore a rumor; however, I feci that for the good of the athletic department;and especially the schoolMMr. Fox and Coach Mar key should investigate. 1 ww* Several years ago, Dr. William Garvey initiated the athletic program at the College..-He and many others have worked too long and too hard to have the ^ 3K clipper ship battered and broken by the rocks of a vicious rumor. * k A rumor of this sort is too dangerous to be left unattended. It is no wonder students won't attend and support a team that they feel is not only up for the games—but is actually very high!!

Dear Ms. McManamon, Our names are ^Michael Diaco and Thomas Heuer and we are represnting Mercyhurst College at the' American University Washington Semester Program. The reason we are writing is to express our support in favor of Dr. Erisman's proposal to channel more financial aid to the students by the College. We have been receiving copies of the Merciad during our stay at American U. and we have found that* the Merciad has been lacking in its support of this proposal. The question which we! pose to you is why is the Merciad lacking in its support of this proposal? To go beyond that why is RUS also lacking in support? We make this accusation on the basis that the Merciad is the only means of communication that we have with the Mercyhurst faculty* and administration. There is so much talk about apathy at Mercyhurst and we believe that it is due to the inability of the Merciad staff to pursue such an issue such as this and give the students the facts, and the mediocre leadership of RUS to also pursue this issue on behalf of the students. So, Ms. McManamon and 1 Mr. Barry, instead of worrying about a copy deadline and balancing a budget, we suggest to you that you reconsider your priorities and to pursue matters such as these to the fullest extent. In conclusion we would like to say stop the verbal diarrhea intellectual masturbation and take action immediately. Respectfully Yours, | i Thomas Heuer and Michael Diaco


denied what is obviously a God-given right- the right to be apathetic. I have heard a nasty rumor that some dissidents on the newspaper staff are trying to stamp out our lethargic philosphy of life. Of course that can't:!be true* a high- integrity news staff should have no place for bigots! For many years, the rights of the silent majority (the right to remain silent) has been ignored. In spite; of this, we, the crusaders* for our generationihave exercised this right vigorously in recent years. We are* proud andihappy to see Mercyhurst college keeping up the tradition. iln closing, I would*like to say: keep up the;good work. The Irish Mafia.


Editor, Somewhere in the Mercyhurst faculty handbook, it must say that when someone becomes a teacher or an administrator, he no longer has to think of anyone but himself. ' The Mercyhurst cafeteria is a classic example. Every day faculty and administrators parade through the service line. Every day they leave their frays slapped and piled in the "faculty room." 1 This may seem like a small insignificant thing, but it points to a certain arrogance, a certain lack of concern for anyone that typifies our leaders. It's understandable in a way: surely the pecking order is so strong that a faculty member who would take back a tray would lose face and position at the THE RIGHT TO BE SILENT college; true, it is a long walk to the dish room. It is also unthinkable to try to help the "untouchable To the Editor: ,, Thank you for your perfect expression (on page 5 of peons slaving in the galley. Surely no one would last week's newspaper) of the general attitude of the expect that a high guru of western education should Mercyhurst community. That page graphically put himself out a little! illustrated what is in the mind of the average Mercy- jit's really surprising that they carryjjtheir trays hurst studenU Many people have overlooked or into the faculty room. If students are expected to clear up after this elite group, chances are they'll soon have to carry their trays in for them!! i A faculty member should bef given respect, but nobody ever said respect meant servitude*. There's an old saying, "Many hands make light Colleen McManamon Kditor work/' It's a lot easier for one person to take one tray Editorial Board: Pat Weschler (his own) back, than for one person to take fifty. I News Editor: Terry Scheib Feature Editor: Please consider, working your way through school f Jim Marzano Sports Editor: is tough enough without being made to:feel that Carol Quartuccio Layout Editor: J Olivia Longo others don't care for your feelings. Copy Editor: J. Stark, Jim Prez, Jeff Best Photographer: Sincerely, l & Tina Keichenbach Layout Staff: A concerned Cafeteria Worker Tony Mancuso


ask you: Why must a woman write for women's sports? Are the men on this campus incapable of ha ndling the assignment ? \ If you could find time to contribute such things as: 1 "Editors note, college contribution ' wasting all that space. Don't you think you could have said something worthwhile such as "Women's Athletics." Nonsense already prevails. I'm not trying to get on your back really, but why fight us, we only ask for some publicity to let this campus know that we the members of the WVAA have something to offer to the college community as well as the men do! 1! We feel it is the press' duty to report alt news events including sports, men's and women's. Signed, Preparation H.



Leigh Xremer Writers and Creators; J Darla Malone, Kathy Turek. Chris Van Wagenen. Nancy Willis* Patty*Mullaugh.iJoni Wheeler, Rocco Kiazso } . . _ _ .. Faculty Advisor; AaArew Roth JoeCastrignano Business Manager:

Dear Ms. McManamon, Excuse me for making the trivial mistake in my first letter concerning the date men took over. However, I do have one smallrtrivial question to

Editor's Note; The following Item appeared In the Sunday Edition of the Erie Times-News under the heading "Jack Polancy—Instde Sports." Mr. Polancy entitled this particular column; "ltemsand Comment," [ £ "Item: Mercyhurst loses third straight and fifth of its last six games and is now 11 9 for the year after nation-wide pre-season ratings of being one of the best In the college division ranks,'' i "Comment: (Mr. Potency's) What has happened to the Lakers? Only the school officials know..,and they're not talking."

FEBRUARY 1 4 , 1 9 7 5

M E R C Y H U R S T COLLEGE Reminiscing:



by D m Hibirii

The Quest For Justice

by Sympathetic Soul
To the Edi torRe: The Saga Tapes |, Knowing how I feel after breakfast in the cafeteria, I took the liberty of planting a microphone and transmitter under the "warming hood" of the "steam" table one morning, out of plain curiosity, just to see how the eggs feel* I find it difficult jto express the * shock that I received upon monitoring' their conversations. Quite aware iof the staggering, long range implications should the full content of these tapes be released; they have been edited, and only selected excerpts from the tapes will be published until 7 otherwise stolen or subpoenaed. i ( 1 The first transmission I received was rather perplexing at first. I thought for a second that my receiver Jiad malfunctioned and was picking up signals from Pittsburgh after the Super Bowl, |characterized by sounds of screaming, pushing, shoving, and assorted riotous turmoil. It was not until I heard someone shout "Serve me, Serve Mel" above the rabble that my puzzlement did cease. Not long after, the plight of the population died down some, (perhaps they had, also) and-I overheard a couple of eggs conversing frantically in the back of the pan: * 'I % ;$y * ^ 1st egg: "Hey, Ed! See if you c-could squeeze over some If we all get close together, we might k-keep warm, f 1 ,2nd egg: "Man, I'm sorry, Bob, but I'm so denatured, ! can't budge. My yolk is like a rock!" ;,•'; ^ | ? list egg:."You've just got to try, Ed. It's our only chance ...Otherwise, we'll be frozen in minutes!" | 1 § 2nd egg: "It's going to be 'every egg for himself , BobJl gave up hope a bout 15 minutes ago.'' Bob: "Ed! You can't give up—not while there's hope! e w Just*think% of whatftt'll be "^ ben we, get out of here?.. Bathed irrhot coffee, slipping down the'warm* confines of someone's esophagus to safety!' i .Ed: "That coffee turns my^stomach, but?I suppose*ifs better than freezing." * jS * Bob: "I knew you could do it, Ed. That's the spirit! Hey! Isn't that Nancy over there? I'd sure love to cuddle up with her! Even if it is hopeless, what a way to go!!—Hey Nancy, C'mere! We've got a plan!" c Nancy: "Oh Ed, Bob! You're lifesavers! I never felt so hopeless in my life...C-Cold. wet, nowhere to turn..." Ed: "Everything's alright—at least for the moment. We were thinking.. .11 we all cuddle up real close, we might have a chance..." j %* Nancy: "What a wonderfulMea! Could I bring some of my friends over?" Bob: "Sure, let's have a party!" Nancy: "Eileen! Marsha! C'mon over—we're having a party!" M I I For obvious reasons, I felt this an appropriate time to cut the tape and proceed to later segments of the embryonic plight. However, I also feel it important to relate the fates of Bob, Ed, Nancy, Marsha and Eileen—alas, they never escaped, but they died happy. Other eggs that I have gotten to know did not have such delightful deaths, and I feel it is my duty to threaten further publication of other taped accounts every week until an end is put to this ruthless treatment of my friends, the eggs. °i A Former Embryo


Oh where oh wher^have the coeds* legs gone, oh where oh where have they gone," aang a sallow, semiintoxicated professor at| Herman's over * shot of Kesslers. ^ "Sometimes you see them," l$reptied|* "during summers at the beach, * at wedding 1 r e c e p t i o n s , funerals... •* ? 9 "But not like before/ sobbed 19 professor, "in the the

k "Lots of *em around then, huh." * » "My 'home economic classes had girls you wouldn't believe, and they ALWAYS grabbed the front seats and sat up real straight with their legs crossed. None of these blasted ,i pants/ i Mini* skirts...way up to here. Ohhh, did I see the legs." | "Any you remember in particular?" '' N inet een-s i xty -1wo, Lock Haven State College, Nutrition Four, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Marilyn llhindosh *had a terrific set*-* and the fastest twinkle I ever saw." "Twinkle?" % * "When she changed legs*, You'd be reading about,,say, vitamin Bi, and whhoosshhn. she'd uncross her legs ami switch them before you could blink twice. Gad, what a motion!" f I

"Did they all twinkle?" I "Most of them. Lots during tests. They'd be sitting there, fidgeting, worrying about the grade they were going to get and§ w h h o o o s s h h h , whhooosshhh, sometimes two at once. Sure made time fly." The professor slugged down his Kesslers ana ordered another. "I'd like to wring the neck of that Jerk who invented blue jeans...that Jewish guy it from CC1 * "Levif

I 'That's him. Its all his fault. If it weren't for him we'd still have legs to look at during classes, in miniskirts and stockings and pantyhose, ,> and.„ £ » S "Wait a minute. What about the bra less trend?" "You mean, Watching
boobs?" | |

"To coin a phrase." 44 Nawww...they'll never catch on in a million years." "Why not?" "Can't twinkle."

What People Thinks

by Joni Stevenson and Betsy Stilnwidil
Editor's Noto—Thls article is one of a series of articles done on varlout aspects o/jj Mercyhurst Cottage* Among those* aspects aro^ various "college personalities". This week, two Mercyhurst journalists took at Dean Garvey, What is the general opinion on campus of Dean Gnrvey? While many of the administrators and faculty feel that he is successful as Academic Dean, it is the opinion of many students that he does not have enough exposure to the needs of the Student Body. ^According to the students, the presence of the Dean is not felt on campus. "He needs more direct communication with the students" feels sophomore Anita Seekins. "Then he'd see a lot of wrong that he's not seeing." Many admlnstrators feel that Mercyhurst has greatly benefited 'by having Dr.. Gnrvey as Academic Dean. According to James Lanahan, Director of Admissions. "The Dean has a lot of dedication toward the school." It is also the opinion of many administrators that Dr. Garvey supports and develops new programs as well as those est a hi is tied in the college. ]|; 5 ^ I A A major complaint of. Sophomore Cindy Deter, however, is that the Dean stresses the importance of men's sports at Mercyhurst *but 'doesn't respect? or encourage women's sports. ; ** ^• t .7 M m 'H Nevertheless, the student body seems satisfied that Dean Garvey can hamdle the responsibilities of his office. Perhaps the many complaints heard on campus are best explained by Freshman,! Mary Winkler: "The Administration is often divided, and because the Dean is one of the top Administrators, most of the blame is directed towards him."


In the midst of the day to day doldrums that seem to be part and parcel of Winter term at Mercyhurst—there are actually a few bright spots. For example: '* p The Mercyhurst Marqueebroken and out of order, depriving* Hurst students of knowledge 3 as to ,what* was happening on campus, is actually being fixed! Soon, our blindness will be lifted, in the middle of one of the heaviest snows of the 1974-75 snow season, the Mercyhurst drives and walks are'getting cleaned "within reasonable time". Gone arc* weeks of wondering whether the car will make the hill out front! So, in the process of pointing out what's wrong ton campus, we come to t he point of saying "well done"! Things are moving again, and soon we may even see Spring term!

Starting next week, the Merciad will initiate a new service for Mercyhurst students—a section of want ads. Now, at last, you can get rid of the old book, that stuffed aardvark, that slightly used professor, and a$ part of the MMclad'a first week special, put that ad in a bsolutaly freer/ All Want Ads must be left, addressed to the Merciad, in ie Info. Office, by Monday afternoons/

by Whizz Kidd
EDITOR'S NOTE: The following "Social Announcement" was received in the Merciad office last week, We print it here. ^- * In case everyone didn't know by now, last Sunday, the

Wanted: 75-76 BUSINESS MANAGER See Andy Roth Or! Colleen McManamon
4 H I









B*ER T>iST*«euWW


9th of February, was A. Gerry Murphy s ^twentysecond birthday. A small party] accompanied the in of this historic ringing event, staged by his five other roommates and two half-kegs were provided for liquid refreshment! |i Dancing proved to be the focal point of the gathering With Jack "foots" jKiley stomping (at times even to the music). Then, Gene (dancing bear) Egan added his antics and proved to all that his "free-by mail" Fred Astaire do-it-yourself dancing kit really works ills impression of a chipmunk had everyone begtflng for mercy. Even Marsha liked it! Everything; was going fine until someone put on a "45" called "Judy Don't You Cty." It seems Dan was afraid that the water would be all over Judy instead of in his Fountain. . Needless to say, a good time was had by all. Whizz Kid


Students who took Wine Appreciation during Intersession are reminded : to pick up their certificates in the mailroom.

FEBRUARY 14, 1975

Bob Blessing
With the dead of winter here are your dinners becoming dead and cold too? This week's recipe will be sure to brighten vour meal and help in using up all those leftovers that are hidden the refrigerator *But fifrst let us make the main dish, Macaroni and Cheese. ' In a large pot add 3 quarts of water and V teaspoon of salt. f c Heat until the water is boiling vigorously, those little bubbles don't count. As the water is heating, in a small pan melt 1 tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon flour and V teaspoon 2 salt (That's 2 big spoons'and one little one). Stir until smooth. Add lVfe cups milk and stir constantly over low heat until the mixture thickens and bubbles. As thick as molasses in January. When thickened add 2 cups of grated sharp cheese to the sauce and stir till melted. Set aside. When the water reaches a boil add IV2 cups of macaroni, elbows or shells will do. Cook until tender, about 10 minutes be careful not to overcook or the macaroni will get soggy. Drain and add 1 tablespoon of butter and stir into the macaroni. « Place in a casserole dish and pour the sauce over the macaroni. $ ? To use up those leftovers such as hamburg, vegetables, or ham mix it into the macaroni before adding the sauce. Top with bread crumbs or pour 1 can of stewed tomatoes on top. Bake at 350 degrees in the oven 35 to 40 minutes. See, doesn't that sound delicious? Good for dinner and great the next day as a side dish for lunch. Makes your stomach cry for more. Well, get that water boiling. Happy Eating! P.S. Student Jim, how did your hard cooked eggs turn A out? *

by Leigh Kroner
It's been several weeks since the jlast article presenting af new faculty member. This week's column features* the new assistant professor of Chemistry, I Dr. Blessing. Dr. Robert Blessing orginally came from WilkesBarre, Pa. and attended Kings College in that area. He did his graduate work at Ohio State University in Athens, Ohio*; While, working on his doctorate, JDri Blessing traveled to Lund, Sweden and did extensive research in c h e m i s t r y , | specifically concentrating on > crystal structure analysis for two years. He completed his research at Pitt University. ^ Dr. Blessing is now residing in the Erie area with his wife, Barbara, who*; is^ an avid volunteer worker in the campus ministry, and his two children Kirsten, 11, and Kim who is 7. After over six years of chemical research, he cheerfully states, "It's nice to be teaching." i In the class room, his chemistry lectures are filled with sparkling humor but moments of intense insight also shine through and force the serious students to realize that chemistry is an intricate part of ;their own personal lives. There is also a vital sense that, chemistry >can effect a person's response to life* as deeply as any philosophy or theology course can. a , \ Along with his wife, <Dr. Blessing takes an active interest in the campus ministry. When asked about the role of the campus ministry here at Mercyhurst as compared to the other communities in which he has lived, he commented that "the work of the campus ministry here seems to be the most hopeful that I've found, it has real potential." \ As anyone who has taken a chemistry course from him knows, Dr. Blessing is a quiet, sensitive individual! with a refreshing outlook on chemistry, education, and life.

Any Senior who has not registered with *the Placement Office is asked to do so. The job market for the 1975 graduate promises to be very,, competitive and graduating seniors*will*need all the assistance they can get to obtain * meaningful employment. One of the first places seniors should go to seek help and information is to the Mercyhurst College Placement Office - Old Main 205. .All seniors are asked to fill out a Placement Registration Card, which is kept on file with the office, so when job openings become available the Placement Office ca n contact people with matching background. If ; a person doesn't come in to register no record is kept and therefore the individual loses out on potential job openings as well as the Placement Newsletter which is sent out to all registered seniors.

Federal Civil Service Commission will be on Student Poll Campus to speak Iwith students interested in a career with the Federal Government. They will be on Campus February 25, 1975 and will answer any questions dealing with the PACE exam as well as other tests that are required for Federal Individuals who have Employment. Sign up with graduated from Mercyhurst Mary McLaughlin, Old Main and have been unemployed 297, for an appointment. John DoNofrio — The for the last 30 days and are Administration is raising the Mike DeNiro — Another Mercyresidents of Erie County Civil Service Positions are cost because they're trying to hurst money-making for college ' scheme. m prevent the middle man. that should stop by the Career available is the teacher, from taking his Planning Center to take a look graduates and holders of share of the tuition. For at job opportunities within graduate degrees with $200.00, I'd rather be taught ff-iPvagencies of *the U. S. by a qualified professor than Erie County. teaching myself. Government in Washington, ASCUS Annuals are D.C. and throughout the available for teaching can- country. Once the applicant didates in the Career Plan- has^ taken the PACE ning Center. There ^is much examination and has received helpful information contained a J satisfactory Civil Service Tim Burrows — If a bad grade in this magazine. College rating, his name is placed on a could ruin a fairly good grade transcript, if the money was Placement Annuals are list of eligibles. As positions M available, the person should become available with Bo Henning — If think it's very available | to those students be able to challenge. unfair! You won't catch me interested in employment specific federal agencies, challenging any course. I'd openings are filled from those For any Senior Law Enforce- with business and industry. rather take, the course over on the list. PACE examination ment Major who needs than pay that much just to A representative from the applications are available at challenge it. information on Probation & the Career Planning Center and may be picked up there for the asking. Parole Offices in the United States or Canada, the Career Planning * Center | has just received the "Probation and Parole Directory for the United States and Canada" which includes! helpful information for individuals seeking ™a • Parole " and Probation Career.

Challenge Exams




ill M M I i n n i i n

A good chance to talk about a retail career.

artmen res is lookina for eoDle with management potentia stores in 8 states were J big enough to give you plenty] oDOorlunitv vet we re small enough to be aware 000 w w ito reward it on campus to explain benefits of a career with Hills, so in to have a peisonal ta with us at the time a ace owi ica we piomote horn within ink about that J s

Information and literature on Elaine Hart — The challenge Hills Department^ Store is exam is for the benefit of the available^, at the Career student in order to gain extra Planning Center. If you have credits. Since the policy has an appointment with the Hills been changed it is to the disadvantage of the student to Recruiter, or are just in- Derek Chorsky—Even though the take and pass the exam when terested, you may pick up a system is taken advantage of, he can go to the class at a it should not penalize others copy and review this lower cost. who have a legitimate use for literature that they have it, fit made available to Mercyhurst students, RECRUITERS ON CAMPUS:


Talk to us lit The Placement Center On February 18, 1975

Feb. 18, Hills Dept. Store. Feb. 25, Federal Career Ka thy Snyder — With some of the Carm DeCarlo — It's not fair Information. * because the kids who 'are exams that the faculty gives, Feb. 27, Copley-Fairlawn really smart to pass the exam the credits should be given to might not be able to afford it. us free! School Dist.

FEBRUARY! 14, 1975




Ethnic Touch
The Past


Kathy Jurkiewiez hasn't been to Poland yet, but her appearaace in the Mercyhurst Dance Department's Spring production "Coppelia" by Will Overstreet Among the "builders'* whofplayed an active role in the as a Mazurka soloist growth of Mercyhurst College inita/earlier days are four promises to add a touch ~ of members of the same family. Through the combined efforts authenticity to the ballet and or the O Neil family, Mercyhurst was able to build the provide to the Mercyhurst Chapel of Christ the King and its adjoining Queen's Chapel. James E. O'Neil and his sisters grew up in Titusvllle, Pa. jsenior - foray into her - ^ . . a __. m the later years of the 19th century. At that time, Western ancestral heritage. Pennsylvania, in particular {the Titusville area, was the e Folk dancing, specifically ^ ™ r of * the infant American Petroleum business. Polish dance, has been a longTitusville was alsofthe home of the Sisters of Mercy of Western Pennsylvania. James O'Neil grew up in the oil standing tradition |ln the business and was very successful. Two of his sisters became Jurkiewi family: her Sisters of Mercy—Mother M. Xavier and Sr. M. Regis 0 Neil. | t*: i • " mother introduced! ethnic In the early 1900's, James O'Neil rose to become the dance to the family, and at President of the Parie Oil and Petroleum Co.—the largest one time Kathy and her and most important oil company inTthe Midwest at that brother comprised a duet, time. For J his services as President, Mr. O'Nefyfwas rewarded handsomely—he received a salary of $50,000 per performing at a variety of year plus stock options. §T community! events. Miss One * of Mr. . O'Neil'soclose associates in the oil business was Jurkiewiez has been folk w c v/i »»ii v/ i w i i «% v.iuor uooutmtca in uiC Ull UUOUU39S Wcl: Harry Sinclair, a man who Mr. O'Neil had helped to get dancing since the age of five, started in the business. Mr* Sinclair and Mr. O'Neil workec ked and studied ballet in Erie for together in many business operations, the most lucrative of which was the formation 01 a holding company, The Con- seven years. Such a strong tinental Trading Co. This deal netted Sinclair, O'Neil, and background in dance has their partners about $2,000,000. ? proven to be most rewarding. Things went well in the oil business for James E. O'Neil Miss Jurkewicz assumed the until 1924, when the Teapot Dome Oil Scandals broke wide open, exposing 1 larry Sinclair, Mr O'Neil's old friend, at the leadership of fthe Polish Women's Alliance Folk center of the dirty dealings. Mr. O'Neil, unwilling to testify against his old friend, left Dancing Group three years the United States in 1924 and took up residence in Cannes, ago, and has transformed it France.! At this point, a pair of conflicting stories have from a 30 member company developed over the true whereabouts of Mr. O'Neil. Federal agents, seeking to serve Mr.O'Neil with! a subpoena to to a present group of 160 men testify at Sinclair's trial, claimed that they were unable to and women which performs find him, as he had supposedly gone into hiding. O'Neil was for ja variety of community missing, \they Isaid, and conflicting ^reports of his gatherings {throughout the whereabouts placed him in Italy and throughout France. Several years later, Mr. O^ell would state thatne had not Erie area. * "Kathy In reheursal for Coppelln ". been hiding from Federal Agents at all—he had been staying Kathy is quite enthusiastic at thefGrand Hotel in Cannes, registered under his own about the upcoming "Cop- structure, with ballet accepted art form. name, all along. Mr. OjiNeil went on to claim that Federal Kathy views the next two pel ia" performance. Her last stylizations. Having conagents had known where he was all along and "knew where he was every hour of the day". * s | dance-related activity in the centrated largely on authentic months of rehearsals as an James E. O'Neil never returned to the United States. Erie area was during the Polish dance forms, the op- opportunity to become better After the Teapot Dome scandal subsided, O'Neil was in such as portunity to perform ethnic acquainted with the dance previous summer, poor health tnat he was uanble to travel. In 1931, he sent for the dance in a ballet is a novel majors, and hopes to profit choreographer . for his two sisters, providing a sizable travel check in the letter from her experience by Mercyhurst production of "I experience for Kathy, and one to cover their expenses. During their stay [at their collecting ideas for her own brother's villa Sr. Xavier and Sr. Regis suggested that he Do, r*Do"; the opportunity to which greatly intrigues her. fund a Chapel at Mercyhurst. The college had been unable to dance troupe^ For ethnic dance in "Coppelia " | fulfills build one when the original building had gone up, five years Kathy's desireito perform in Shells most anxious to work dance and ballet supporters, before, and still had no money with which to build one. Mr. another M e r c y h u r s t with Mrl Mouhedin, about* as well as theatre-goers in O'Neil told them that he would give serious consideration lo production before her whom she remarked, "He's general, the r'Coppelia" their request.. \ \ ! f Mr. O'Neil died less than two months later, in August of graduation in fMay. When done! a lot for the school," production is slated fori the 1931. He kept his word, however, regarding the Chapel, and approached by the director of specifically, in terms of weekends of April 11 and prior to his death he made provision for the construction of the Mercyhurst Dance making of Dance a widely April in. the new Chapel. Unable to return to the United States, he left his wife, Orva O'Neil, responsible! for carrying out his Department, *Mr. Ismet promise. f A Mouhedin, to perform as NEXT WEEK: ORVA O NEIL—WOMAN OF LET- soloist in "Coppelia", Kathy TERS-BUILDER OF CHRIST THE KING CHAPEL. gladly accepted the challenge. The time setting of the ballet, la 1 though unIf you are a college student looking for a job you may end defined, is assumed ito be up working in Europe. Any student between the ages of 17 several centuries ago, when and 27 can have a temporary job In Europe, Most openings 3 in hotels, resorts, offices and restaurants In Austria, such folk dancing was well- Belgium, FranceJ Germany, *Spain, and Switzerland. integrated into the culture of Positions are available to all college students who submit Europeans. Kathy notes that their applications by mail in time to allow for processing j * * the idea that dances such as permits and working papers. J Working periods vary from 60 days to one year, but some the Mazurka are still popular students have stayed longer. As no previous experience or to the same extent in Europe foreign language is required, the door Is open to anyone today is a frequent! miscon- within the age Omits, wages range from $250 to more than ception— she believes folk $450 a month, plus free room and board, leaving wages free and clear. 4L | ] jfj dancing to be as much a In addition to living new experiences, and seeing Europe novelty there as it is in the while you can, working in Europe offers the chance to travel United States. It is^most on a pay-as-you-go basis without really being tied down. At several reunions recently held by students who had worked commonly? preserved in the in Europe, the most heard comment was, "The experience present by community groups alone was worth it." %C l such as Kathy's, and by Jobs and working papers are provided on a non-profit ballets such as "Coppelia", basis, and brief orientations are given in Europe lust prior to going to work. These packed sessions speed adjustment to which incorporate ethnic Europe and make certain all goes well on the lob. dance into the structure of the Any student interested in a temporary job In Europe may story. Having seen "Cop- write directly to SOS—Student Services, 22 Ave. de la 7 1 7 French Street pelia" last year at Mer- Liberte, Luxembourg, Europe. Requests for job listings and cyhurst, Kathy Jcommented an application must Include your name, address and one Phone 432-3934 dollar or the equivalent in stamps or J international postal that the Mazurka is, from her coupons. knowledge, typically ethnic in

Jobs Abroad



FEBRUARY 1 4 . 1 9 7 5


Hurst Happening

TONIGHT: February 14 Valentine's Day dance, featuring "Soul Odyssey" from Pittsburgh.. .Come on down, and celebrate Valentine's Day to a soul sound. Student Union—10:00 p.m.—2:00 TOMORROW: February 15 Gannon College is having an Ice Skating party, and they've Invited Hurst students to come on over to Glenwood Rink. Sorry, no transportation availabe. See S.A.C. office for further details. BASKETBALL: Mercy hurst vs. Frostburg State, at Frost burg. You can hear the faction on WWYN-AM, starting at 8:00 p.m. (1260 on your radio dial) i WEDNESDAY: February 10 BASKETBALL: Mercyhurst vs. Hillsdale at Hillsdale. , THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY .'February M,.«j, and 21 COFFEEHOUSE: Featuring the sound of Brahma, appearing nightly at 9:00 and 10:00. SAC regrets to I announce that the Coffeehouse series featuring Turner and Kerwin, originally scheduled for this week, has been cancelled, due to the break-up of the group. Also, this week's movie, "Deliverance", has been postT poned. '

Rocco R la ill

being displayed on the'first floor of Zurn, being the product of Dan Burke's Contemporary Art Theories Class.-The artists, Martin Miglioretti, Sue Crowe, Kathy Turek, Sue Kraus, Will Ursprung, Pat Duffy, and Andrew Pronobis, exhibit a compendium of over 50 works encompassing such concepts as|- word art, reduction systems, repetition of objects

I Art Exhibit is currently andf other products*' of the Zurn Art Exhibit An

avant-garde. The free uselof materials is ^evidenced through the use of CrackerJack packages, masking tape, Xerox copies, and even toilet tissue, and the artists' imagination have created such works as three-legged jeans|and|baggies filled with floating|objects. The exhibit may be viewed through February 28. *

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN A BRILLIANT COMEDY! Mel Brooks has outdone himself with his hysterically funny "Young Frankenstein"! It is one of the most outrageous' comedies Hollywood has produced in recent years. * Gene Wilder stars as young Frankenstein: determined to follow in \ his grandfather's footsteps to create the craziest monster. Marty Feldman steals the show as Frankenstein's assistant, Igor. Also starring is: Peter Boyle asHhe vMonster, Cloris Leachman, Terl Garr, Kenneth Mars, and the zany Madeline Kahn. "Young Frankenstein." I know that you will enjoy "Young Frankenstein." (Rated PG.lNow showing at the Cinema World Hand the Mtllcreek Mall). if FREKBIE AND THE BEAN

A POWERFUL COMEDY! The laughs are spontaneous and plentiful with this dynamic duo. Alan Arkin and James Caan are excellent as two *very unusual cops at* tempting to pin down various crimes one big-time mobster.| Trying to I Keep theT en-i dangered mobster alive to press charges, they drive through walls, over trains, into restaurants, you name it, Freebie and thefBenn do it! The chase scenes play an important part in the picture, they are numerous and exciting. 1

' "Freebie and the Bean is both, dramatic and comical ,,M There is never a** •*•*•*»« (Hated R, Now showing in Its 6th week at the Cinema 18). I J & | i ; PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE ?•? i* ONE * OF [THE WORST PICTURES THIS YEAR!!! Paul Williams has taken the ideaof "ThePhantom of the 11 Opera and converted It Into a rock movie. Only two words can truly describe it: boring end a waste. If it ever returns to Erie. MISS It!


Campus Ministry


The following Is our new Campus Ministry. Mass schedule: j * $j Monday and Wednesday 12 Guest Speakers \ J&,% noon in the chapel; Tuesday There will be a series of andjFrldayU:30 p.m. in the lenten speakers at the Sunday chapel. 11 a.m. Liturgies*They are: Mr. Philip Krill This week on Friday, •iSt\ Mai in O'Connor, February 14, 1975, at « p.m. Fr. John Hilber# we welcome you to Dr. and Sr, Peter Claver Mrs. George Offutt's home, Dr. Paul Jurkowitz 4015 Parade : Blvd., for a Mr. Cyprian Coonoy * celebration of the Eucharist. The first of the speakers Following M a s s will be Mr, Krill. The order there will be refreshments. for the balance of the Please join us. For 'more speakers has not yet been information, stop by or call determined.

Special this week on 91.3: | | i I Genetic Engineering: views of Dr. Richard Hull, guest speaker from SUNY at Buffalo with commentary by David Blanch field, M-Hurst Theology Dept. As taped in public presentation at the recital hall. 1 George Washington's Birthday to be highlighted by Dale Patterson Monday at 11 |P m. along with Hadley s Quintet in A Minor, An Evening With Humphrey Bogart Sunday at 10 pin, on Sight and Sound 'hosted by Andy Roth; Announcements of Mercyhurst activities are included regularily as part of all our broadcasts. If your group or department! has any efforts of interest to our tri-state audience, please send a note to the radio station via inter-office mail. J % The i Mercyhurst studio is one of the many voices of WQLN-FM public radio with 35,000 watts stereo.


Merciad Editor

Walt Disney World Jsl-Alsl Beaches Sunshine Fun

Submit application letters to Colleen;McManamon Apt. 123 Sesler, or Andy Roth, faculty advisor, 304 Old Main

Grammy Nominees
(Stevie Wonder leads in the Finale"—Stevie Wonder Best Mole race for the Grammy f Vocalist Awards with 7 nominations (three as performer, two as DAVE LOGGINS f "Please songwriter, and two as Come to Boston* *>•;•*' j j producer). Final winners will &STEVIE 1 WONDER— be announced on the "Fulfillingness First Finale" "Grammy Awards Show" on ELTON JOHN^ "Don't Let Channel 35, March 1. \ \ the Sun Go Down on MeV The top £. Grammy HARRY CHAPLIN-• Cat's In the Cradle" J Nominations: BILLY PRESTON-~ Best Song "Nothing From Nothing" of the Year Best Female "The Way We Were." 44 Vocalist 1 Honestly Love You" "Feel Like Makin* Love" | OLV11A NEWTON JOHN * 'You and Me Against The "I Honestly Love You" ( :AROLE KINO—"Jazz World" t man j*'. , : "Midnight at the Oasis" ROBERTA FLACK—"Feel Best Record Like Makin* Love" I } of the Year * "Don't Let the Sun Go Down CLEOf LAINE-r'Tleo on Me"—Elton John < Laine Live at Carnegie I fall" "I Honestly Love You"— JON1 MITCHELL—"Court Olivia Newton-John; and Spark" I r i| "HelpMe"«4.Joni Mitchell Also nominated for Best "Feel Like* Makin* Sjjore were the two big Love" Roberta Flack * • movies last year "The Way "Midnight at the OasisjM We Were" and "The ExorMarai Muldua? J cist." llest Album "Caribou"- Elton John "Court and Spark" -Joni Mitchell • I I "Band on the Runf PauJ McCartney \1 "Hack Home Again '—John Denver 4 J "Fulfillingness' First
of the. Year

"•Enjoy Spring Vacation on the Worlds Most Famous Beach! PRESENTED BV: M ACHCOMBIR TOURS

AM&niim*^ titiffottU JkGfc** >^o>H.


March 14-23

Bui Package fflrludrs

9 Nights 10 Days



Do^l Bo left Out In Tho Cold... Roiorvo Your 8"3i Now 11




BIACHCOMBER TOURS INC. 716432-3723 ; : 4217 Circle Ct.I WHIIomsvllle, New York 14221

FEBRUARY 14. 1975



by Sr. Joseph Nary Death from food inhalation the patient's head. Ask a can occur as easily in the bystander, to clean;out .the campus eating areas as mouth as the bolus is elsewhere. Speed in dislodged. recognizing the condition and c) If the victim is lying face applying effective treatment down, the rescuer straddles is essential, a truly dramatic the buttocks, arms under the life-saving action. If while abdomen; just above the eating, a person has signs of navel line and gives a sharp gagging, trying to cough, upward squeeze the ejected clutching Sat throat, cannot food (bolus) should be breathe or|talk, the chances promptly cleaned out of the are he is choking on a piece of victim's mouth ;. by * a food. bystander^ • ; I Every person in the college Some air is always trapped community can learn to in the lungs and the pressure recognize the signs and below the diaphram forces symptoms and apply ef- the air out and in the process fective treatment. Lives have dislodges 4he bolus. The been lost waiting for maneuver may be tried more professional help! to arrive. than once. Dr. Heimlich The Heimlich Maneuver believes jeveryone shold be offers three techniques using familiar with this techniques. the same j0 principle: 2. A second method said to be L. a) The rescuer stands 60 per cent successful and can behind the victim, puts both be done by anyone consists of arms around the waist, just grasping the victims tongue above the navel, f grasps his between the index and middle wrist tightly and squeezes finger and pull the tongue sharply and firmly, allowing forward which may dislodge the victim to slump forward the bolus. I I with head and arms dangling. 3. A method claimed to be 90 The lodged bolus in the throat per cent effective is the use of <T should pop out." j plastic forceps. Every eating b) If the victim is lying face area should be equipped with up on the floor, the rescuer this equipment. An order has should straddle the; thighs, already been placed to obtain place one hand on top of the this equipment for use in our other, . just below i the own cafeteria. A layman can diaphram and push sharply learn to use^them to remove down and forward towards the bolus from the throat. I Home Economics

Piaget Discussion
Sr. Helen Therese Fedorko, faculty member at Villa Maria College and doctoral candidate at Catholic University, will present "A Look at Piaget and Moral Judgment of the ^ Child" on Tuesday, February 18 at 7:80 p.m. in the Academic Building, Room 109-in, at Villa Maria College. Sr. Helen Therese's speech will be the highlight of the monthly meeting of the North Western Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children. Election of officers will also take place at this ^meeting. Anyone interested in joining the organization may send $2.00 to Mrs. Pamela Whipple, 18 Norman Way, Erie, Pa.
16508. \ [\ For a copy of the NWPAEYC By-Laws, or if you need a ride to the Feb, 18 meeting at Villa, contact Rosemary Blieszner, 224 Zurn, ext. 278.

Career Planning
The Division of Home Economics at} Mercyhurst College is presenting a series of career | programs throughout^ the year, to inform students | of the many career opportunities available to graduate home economists. The fifth rogram in the series will be eld on Thursday, February 20,M976? at 7:30 "p.m. at Mercyhurst College in the Richards Room of Zurn Hall. The program will include a general overview of the various career opportunities available in the field of Housing, followed by a panel discussion of professionals from various occupations. Ms. Jacqueline Howey, Instructor of Housing in the Home Economics Division at Mercyhurst, will discuss various occupations related to the field of housing. The panel of speakers include the Following: ) Ms. Ginny Rath bun, Decoration Consultant, Sears Roebuck andiCo., Millcreek Mall f^ r | jMr. Tony Silva, ^Designer and Sales, Kitchen Planning Center, Arthur F. Schultz Co. Mr. Joseph Rys, Executive director, Erie Housing Authority. *• Ms. Susan Sutto, Realtor Associate, Jane Thruerkauf Realtor. % j i f The panel | members will
discuss : the requirements necessary for the position responsibilities of their respective occupations, advantages and disadvantages of the occupation, personal qualities and-or characteristics necessary for the position, general salary schedule, and benefits of that type of employment, future outlook of the field, suggestions for student course selections which would be helpful in the profession, and * some • possible suggestions for part-time and summer student employment in the field. A question-answer period will conclude the program. i A concentration in mousing offers opportunity for a more intensive study of the ways in which the spatial, social and aesthetic needs of people can be met through housing and its components. This concentration can be made more socially or- aesthetically oriented by combining it with supportitive courses from the social sciences or the arts. % The faculty and students In the Home Economics Division at Mercyhurst College invite all interested persons to attend this meeting. For further information, contact Ms. Jeanne Bender, instructor in the Division of Home Economics, at 864-0681 Ext. 278. ! 1
A It L Ji


Studio Faculty of the art department will present recently completed prints, ceramics, .-jewelry. ^ ^ is, paintings, and drawings in a two-week (February 14-28) exhibition, on the main floor of the learning resource center. Refreshments will be served at the Opening from 7:30 to 9 on Valentine's Day. £
in 1

Guest Opinion

1 1



The Mercyhurst Women sports program, which has existed since the school's inauguration as a college, is doing its best to survive considering the support and number of women involved in the program. Mercyhurst never intended to impress other colleges as a sports power, but tried to impress upon its students the power of education. % * Sports at the Hurst have changed drastically since the addition of men to the College. Although this addition of men! necessitated the need for a men's sports program, it also provided an excellent opportunity for Mercyhurst to use athletics as a powerful tool in advertisement and recruitment of students. But why has so much been given to the males on campus and not to the females who nave just as much right to the funds as male athletes? Realizing that women sports are considered less exciting doesn't justify why they are almost totally overlooked during budget time. Furthermore, if you call the Mercyhurst Lakers exciting, then you know as much about basketball as our team knows about Kansas City. | 1 * • § We're sure if we had as many scholarships in athletics as males, then we would most likely be waiting for some playoffs instead of awaiting the end of a very disappointing season. | | The Lakerettes would be a powerful team with a decent practice facility and one or two scholarships to build a team around. Scholarships and a fullfsize court provided Edinboro and St. Bonaventure with victories" over the Lakerettes. I
Dave's Babes, with an increased budget, could compete with some of the biggest name schools in the nation. Busch Shimpeno has brought the Babes a long way since that course last spring, so this could be a team to watch. & ~ The volleyball team could use a higher ceiling on the dungeon. But knowing this school, the ceiling will probably be raised 5 times before a new faculty is finally built. Finally, the Women's Tennis team could go a long way with improved courts and a couple of scholarships. \ The Men's Tennis team, through their performances, seem to understand the meaning of a scholarship. But it hasn't rubbed off on their basketball counterparts. We're not suggesting the equal distribution of funds among all the sports of Mercyhurst We're suggesting a fair distribution, so the women of this college can have a chance to perform. Maybe a championship will result or maybe not. But we can easily for see a better effort among the women to try. P.S. Maybe we should call the Men's Basketball team the Panty Brigade. J i With love, Jacque Rot | Flamming Hemorroid

^ _^ 9 O i l t i N A i f f gjjU^llltr*•<*

Pax-Lenten l a s t
Fifteen people from Pax. a Christian center for nonviolence, will hold a public fast during Lent In response to the world's hunger problem. Participants will fast on bread and juice or on liquids only for a total of 47 days. I The fast will begin with a silent vigil infrontof St. Peter's Cathedral from noon to 1:00 p.m on Ash Wednesday and end there on Holy Saturday. To emphasize its religious significance and to* give public witness, participants will vigil and leaflet eacmday at various churches and public places. I i Money which would have been spent on food will be sent to Catholic Relief Services and CROP—two agencies which provide immediate and long range food aid to developing countries, i H "In the Christian tradition Lent is a period set aside to pray, fast, and repent" said Sr. Mary Lou Kownacki, Pax director. "Since ten million people could starve to death in 1975, it is urgent that we act. we hope others will Join us in our small effort." I * Persons interested in participating in the fast are asked to call 459-8340 or contact Sr. Mary Lou Kownacki or Kathy Walter.


Allff Business Division students are invited to attend the next meeting | of the Business Advisory Council, to be held in! Room 210 Main on Monday, February 17, at 4:00 p.m. The Business Advisory Council has been organized as a liaison between the Business student body and the Chairman of the Business Division. Its function and objectives are to receive student suggestions and criticisms on any to relating to methods of teaching, curriculum, student life, or any other valid Business student objective. Past meetings have indicated a very free, easy and relaxed COMPLIMENTS OF style of communicating. If there is any area that you feel needs improving, please attend the meeting on Monday, Februaryl 17, and voice Specializing In Italian Foods your opinion. Should the particular time not fit in with your schedule, by all means It am -12 Midnight communicate with any Business Advisory Council 262 West Eight Street member—names and addresses are listed on the door PHONI 4544403 of 215 Preston.




FEBRUARY 14, 1975

by Garell Kenilworfh
Every sports fan who spends his Saturday afternoons drinking Iron City Beer and watching television witnesses, in his very living room, the "...Thrill ^of victory and the agony of defeat'* from every part of the world. This Illustration of the two extremities is what makes sport what it is, an emotionally exciting experience. Right? If that is the case, then why isn't ABC invading Erie to do a story on the Mercyhurst College Laker basketball team, instead of traveling to Peking or Venezeula to televise ping pong matches and the like.;* After all, hasn't this basketball^ season been a sparkling example of Howard Cosells call words—"The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."" * J rf Unfortunately for Mercyhurst and ABC, we've been experiencing the latter about nine times too many! The play of the Lakers, which last week bordered on obnoxiousness, has now turned the agonizing adrenalin flow associated with close defeat to nausea. 4 You-may ask, "How canjyou forget the taste of!victory so fast!" After all, we certainly started in the "thrill of victory" vein. Not many three year old basketball programs ? start their* fourth season with an AllAmerica in their line-up, and rated no. 15 nationally. As Of that's not r enough, then the mighty Lakers knock off W. Georgia, the defending NAIA Champs in the first annual Erie Classic!« After a temporary set-back at the hands of Slippery Rock, we returned to* our winning ways, flexing our muscles against some tough competition that included Fairmont State, the tormer king of the small college dynasty. Although 1974 ended on a losing note, the game was a brilliant effort against downtown * rival * Gannon. After all, it wasn't a total loss; Gannon was gracious enough to play us, in what I can only term as a t class-less tournament. | Just as an expensive wine leaves a delightful aftertaste and makes one mellow rather than intoxicated, so should the taste of Victory. , Well, along with 1975 came Edinboro, Point Park, PittJohnstown, Salem, and Wheeling and soon that choice Rose of 1974 was transformed into a substance more the likes of Thunderbird of Ripple. No longer could we taste the victory wine of earlier in the season, we were growing, in fact, more and more intoxicated with the idea of losing! Jin last Sunday's Times-News, Jack Polancy,-asked, "What has happened to (he Lakers?", and he answered his own question by stating that only the school officials knew for sure and they aren't talking. Well, 'Tat Jack" was wrong again!! I don't know of anyI school official who \ knows exactly what has happened. Furthermore, I don't think there is any one reason why the Mercyhurst Lakers are ;an inconceivable H-9 except that, they

as i a team, collectively ''swallowed the apple" from the manager on up to the coach! Many people have blamed the sad performance of the Lakers on "partying too much*' or "not caring whether they win or lose." Granted, there is some degree of truth to this, but these variables only compound existing problems, rather5 than causing them. After all, I doubt that Coach Markey can be accused of "too much partying" and even he has blown a few plays thus far. As far as not caring is concerned, don't you think every player has his own sort of personal pride? Ever if there is no school pride, he still wants to win!! Not a single man playing on the team came from a : losing basketball background, and yet now after such a huge pre-season build-up the Lakers stand a chance of playing a losing schedule! This has got to hurt the pride of the players, almost to the point of embarrassment. That, my fellow armchair quarterbacks, is •what is:known as "The Agony of Defeat."



Monday night the Mercyhurst Lakerettes slapped the Gannon Girls with a 72-63 loss at Mercyhurst Prep. The Lakerettes held alsmall lead at halftime but nearing the end, the game was tied at 60-60. Sally Shisemenos (called the "little spark'' by injured star Mary Drummond) came in to score 12 big points and secure the victory | * Sue Fagan was the game's high scorer with 25 ooints. followed by Jane Kersfretterfwith 15, Sally "little spark" Shismenos hitting for 12 points, Jerry Sica with 10, Val v Ferro 6, and Paula O'Polka scoring 4. It was a big win for the lakerettes as well as all women sports at* Mercyhurst. The girls are finally getting the recognition that they have long deserved! Wishes for a speedy recovery are extended to Lakerette Mary Drummond. Editor's NOTE: THE FOLLOWING ITEM APPEARED IN THE SUNDAY EDITION OF THE ERIE TIMES NEWS l UNDER THE HEADING \ 'Jack Polancy-Inside Sports" MR. POLANCY ENTITLED THIS PARTICULAR COLUMN: "ITEM AND COMMENT" K * "ITEM: Mercyhurst loses third straight and five of its last six games and is now 11-9 for the year-after nation-wide pre-season ratings of .being one of the best in the college division ranks." s "COMMENT: (Mr. Potency's) What has happened to the Lakers? Only the school officials know and they're not talking." *i M M £

Buzzer Bombers 58 Ten Rats-A 57 Brandon 24] \ f White 19 Youngs Yardapes 81 j Deadwood Dicks 59 Young 28JST * 1 Schroek23 v
February 5 February 4 s

Racquet Richard

|P.B.R.'s47 Jordan 16 Sons of Suzi Creamcheeze 0 Forfeit ^f ^ ^ rm SI Februarys "*' Iff BBall Bogarts 57 jag Deadwood Dicks 56 K $ p Sampsell 18 JreW-Jii^ Gorniak 19 i Losers 6l$*2 j & 1 Ant Eaters 26 Root 34 | i Jg Yeagerl2 February 8 Coletta'sClan64 i t TenRats-B42 ? I Burrow's 24 Hallamyerl2 5 Over the Hill Gang 63 Young's Yardapes 39 Haskmsl2 Moore 23 H |K|§| Forfeit Losers 51 § 1 $M- Sweet n' Nasty 31 I GornalllO, Hale 10 Keith 35 * Little Richards 30 Ten Rats-A 55 f| $ Sehzer21 I 3lK m Freidelia B-Ball Bogarts 79 Coletta'sClan 43 Cook 32 I Hi ' Williamsam 25
February 9 HBy^P Deadwood Dicks 0 Ball Busters 1 fl

Tennis Team 59 Duly 19 Pepperoni 1 p *< ;;




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This is the first in a series of weekly columns I hope to be doing for the Merciad concerning all aspects of sports. | mt-ji i \ During the week of Feb. 3-10,1 had the unfortunate experience of attending three Mercyhurst Varsity Athletic Contests. I'm probably the only one in the whole school who did. The first was the Mercyhurst -Edinboro basketball game at Edinboro which was witnessed by only a few later fans-which I feel is a disgrace to the school. Those who attended witnessed what a real college basketball game was like with loud cheers the whole game, a pep band, and a well disciplined well-coached, and poised Edinboro team. We held a sixpoint half-time advantage but as soon as Edinboro began to press us we panicked and gave the game away. I wonder why we never tried to press them? It worked against Point Park. The next night I journeyed to Villa to watch our girl's basketball team play. With a crowd of about ten on hand the Lakerettes played sloppy, uninspired basketball as they dropped a 53-39 decision to Behrend. Our girls consistently made the same mistakes over and over and seemed to 6e very out of shape. Needless to say I wasn't in a good mood one night later when I braved the cold weather to watch the boy's basketball teamlplay Wheeling College at the Gannon Auditorium. * -& Once again theiLakers threw the game away in the closing ninutes. My observations on this game included two Laker players smiling on the bench in the tense moments of the game (some team spirit) and the lifting of Smoke Jones from the game just because he ilmost fought an opposing player. (At least he showed he cared.) I know what I've written is pretty stiff criticsm but I feel it is necessary. I know I'll be hearing from a lot of people soon. As far as the other important basketball team at Mercyhurst is concerned the situation is equally dim. Little Richard's Dicks after a undefeated pre-season have stumbled to a 2 w - 31 record at the end of the first half of play in the intramural league. After being forced out of the fieldhouse (duetto a disagreement on who would receive popcorn commission) the Diets used the Dicky Dungeon as their home. In their first game led by the erratic playing of Larry Law. they gave a 53-50 win to Buzzers Bombers. In the second game of the year Too Tall Mahon proved too honest a person as he failed to take a bribe to throw the game and single-handedly beat the Picks as Charles-Jones cheered him on. I j ^ After that game the Dicks, led by Richard Birmingham who some how managed to miss the basket from every conceivable spot on the floor, romped to two straight vfetdries.- one occurred when they talked the other team into not showing up. | The last game of the first half saw the Ten Rats A outscorei the ne D ks Dicks 23-8 in the second half enroute to a 55-30 victory. T ? suffered a setback earlier in the week when second string center M M i 2 separated his shoulder while trying to squeeze under a pay toilet. He was placed on the ten day disabled list. Next week my column will deal with the personnel,sex and drinking habits of the tennis team.


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j |^^pby|$ue Kraus | For some it is a thing of the present. But for most people on this campus, "Women's Athletics" would not be the topic of the day. However, there is a small, but very dedicated group of women who feel that sports is and has been an important part of their lives here at Mercyhurst. The women spend much time training and practicing their strategy to overcome their opponent, as well as carrying a full academic schedule. p p s The girls have to put out much more of an effort here due to the fact that we are a small college and that we are not a Physical Education school. For instance, the facilities with which the girls have to work with. The women's basketball team as well as volleyball lack an official size court in which to practice. Although the gym serves its purpose, the team suffers the consequences when they play on a full size court. Being the small college that we are and the fact that we do not offer a physical education major can account for the small number of women interested in sports here at Mercyhurst. But this does not mean there is not interest!! Bach year we have had Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball. Coming up this spring we will see varsity Softball and crew. Any women interested in playing a varsity sport is urged to come and participate. We need more of a backbone for our teams. | M> £ i The lack of school spirit is another point IS would like to mention. Up until just recently school support was almost zero. 1 would like to; thank a few members of the men's crew and tennis team for^their support atjtheiwomen's recent games. We are happy to see a rise in interest toward the women's games. But don't stop here, (there are eight more games to go! f

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