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The Big Question

The annual "big question" is bigger than ever this enrollment would be undesirable. "Enrollment is the siderations. A larger quote for total expenses has
year — Will Mercyhurst tuition go*up again next key item in the college budget," Mr. Cardot pointed been sent to the College Scholarship Service in
year? At this point, the answer is still unclear. i out. "By comparison, everything else is incidental." Princeton, N. J The result of this increase in the total
It was learned last week that the college ad- In a discussion with Mr. James Lanahan, Director cost estimate, students will be eligible for more
ministration and trustees are still unsure what course of Admissions, he noted that the college is assuming financial aid from the college, regardless of whether
of action will be taken by the college to deal with that tuition will go up, in terms of financial aid con- there is an actual tuition hike.
rapidly rising expenses. I
One thing that was made clear by all persons in-
terviewed was the fact that a tuition increase is a
"last-resort" measure, which i will not be im-
plemented until all* other possibilities have been
exhausted. The tone of the discussions did not run
heavily to optimism, however, and it might be
concluded that many of the "other possibilities have
already been exhausted. -., *
Mr. Willis Cardot, Vice Presidentffor Financial
Affairs and the college's chief budget and finance
officer, disclosed in an interview that the matter of
tuition has vet to be discussed in the budget sessions.
The Voieel of the Mercyhurst Community
He stated that last Thursday's session was primarily
concerned with the anticipated expenses of the 1975- VOL. 47 NO. 18 MERCYHURST COLLEGE FEBRUARY 28, 1975
76 fiscal year, and no discussion was devoted to how
the large increase in expenses would be met. < f Candidacy Conflicts With Hatch Act
When asked when a final decision on next year's
tuition would be made, Mr. Cardoti stated that it
definitely would not be until after March 12, the next
meeting of the Trustees. At that meeting, they will
consider the final budget approved by a March;, 6
Boyes leave Hurst
meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee. Any Mr. Karl Boyes, Assistant Professor of Law Mr. Boyes took out nominating petitions for the
increases in tuition will be included in the budget. Enforcement, has tendered his resignation from that post of County Commissioner a week ago, and is
During the interview, Mr. Cardot noted some of the post. The announcement of the resignation, which currently in the process of gathering the signatures of
factors that might lead to a tuition increase. There becomes effective March 6, is closely tied with the 100 registered Republicans. If this is accomplished
has been a heavy increase in the expenses of running beginning of Mr. Boyes campaign for the Republican by the "filing deadline", March 11, he will become an
the college in the past year, due to double digit in- nomination for the post of County Commissioner. official candidate in the primary election on May 20.
flation. In addition, the college's ability to absorb Had Mr. Boyes failed to resign his post at the The primary election will narrow the number of
these increased costs has been declining during the college, he would have been in violation of a federal nominees from each party to two. The nominees of
same period. Both these factors seem to indicate that statute known as the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act
a tuition increase might be necessary for the forbids all persons working in federally funded
college's financial well-being and survival. j programs to take an active part in municipal, state,
• Mr. Cardot was also quick to point out the other or local politics. | \
side of the coin — that a tuition increase might hurt A large portion of the Mercyhurst Law Enfor-

the school more than help it. "We are very concerned cement program is funded by both the State of
with the affordability of Mercyhurst, and wouldn't Pennsylvania through the Governor's Justice
want to 'price ourselves out of the market'." He was Commission and the federal government. Mr. Boyes
aware of the fact that students may not be able to salary had been fully sponsored by the government,
return to Mercyhurst if tuition continued its spiral, hence he was limited by the provisions of the Hatch
and noted that anything that would seriously affect Act. * I "zi I 'i

Coffeo Plans Open House Mr. Karl Boyes

by Leigh Kremer the respective parties will then spend the following
This Sunday, March 2, 1975, from 12 to 5 p.m., date, so this gives high school students precise in- months actively campaigning for votes in the general
Mercyhurst College; will present the fourth annual formation about Mercyhurst College first-hand from election, held in November, •»
open house to college bound students and their the faculty, administration,! and the Mercyhurst Mr. Boyes states that he objects to the long period
parents. It is' anticipated that 400 peoples from studentsJthemselves. They basic goal of this open of time between the primary and general elections
Western Pa. and the Erie Area will attend. house, as cited by»Mr. Lanahan is for the "entire because it limits*the number of people who can be
There) are a variety of activities scheduled for college community working together to show off candidates to those who can afford to be away from
Sunday including: campus, tours, department Mercyhurst College to rthe perspective college ,; their jobs actively campaigning that long a period of
demonstrations, financial aid counseling,! and students of tomorrow." M ilC I2t *l ^JaW I time. He suggests that the primary would better take
faculty-student conferences. lAmong the various place in September, rather than May.
department displays will be a video-tape of a Mr. Boyes' reasons for seeking the County Com-
rehearsal for the spring ballet, Coppelia, slide shows missioner's post are tied to "a desire to see County
presented by Sr. Matthew about her Astronomy government move away from its traditional
excursion to Africa and by Sr. Angelica concerning framework. I feel that I can help to bring County
the most recent winter term abroad [ program. government out of its past". All this will be ac-
Perhaps the most interesting area of all for the complished along what Mr. Boyes refers to as a
perspective biology majors will be meeting Sr. "progressive outlook", aimed at making government
Eymard and seeing her cancer research lab. *; responsible and accountable for its actions.
According to Mr. Lanahan, the founder of open Formerly a high | echelon employee of the
house, the purpose of this experience is to " transfer .Governor's Justice Commission, Mr. Boyes has also
recent information about Mercyhurst College \ to served as a Millcreek Township Supervisor and is
perspective high school seniors and their parents." currently serving on the Erie County Study Com-
Usually campus publications quickly become out of mission. Because his tenure on the Study Commission
was unsalaried, the problem with the Hatch Act did
notarise. $f
In his final comment on the campaign, Mr. Boyes
stated that it will be a "positive-type campaign"
geared to positive solutions to the problems of County
government. f

This Week's Issue...

Proudly showing Hhe new Mercyhurst a flag are Hurst Is Mercyhurst College poorly run? is the Merciad "sexist"
and unfair to the Mercyhurst community? Does the college
students, left to right J Steve Albert, JonJ Poster, Mark need more parking and less concrete parks? Turn to pages two
Coursey, Elisa Censuillo, and Maureen Flaherty. \ and three and'judge for yourself as Mercyhurst students
"Sound Off" in Letters to the Editor.
What will Mercyhurst students do If tuition goes up again?

Your Help Needed Seethe results of the latest Student Opinion Poll on page four.
How does one cope with the "flu" season? See page four and
get some expert advice from Sr. Joseph Mary's Health Corner
Due to the lack of student creative writing con- on how to "beat the bug ". I
tributions, the Mercyhurst Literary Magazine is in Want to find out what's new In the realm Of co-ed Intramural
trouble. | * Bowling ? Oat the whole scoop on page eight I
The Literary Magazine is dedicated to the Remember Michael Lewis, the blind pianist -singer who
proposition that Mercyhurst students can write well. appeared at Mercyhurst last year? Well, he's coming back. See
The editors are still in need of immediate donations of page five, e Jjjw j* jfe* |
creative works from the student body, m Are you a fan of the regular Merciad features? Try this
March 1 has been set as the deadline for submitting week's Reasonable Recipe—it's on page four. Why not «*>d out
about the local movies from our staff "expert" Rocco auanl—
contributions for the Literary Magazine. All con- page five. Maybe you'd like to know something more about
While in Washington for the National Entertainment tributions can be left off at the main desk of the LRC. Orva O'Neil—see Window on the Past—page four.
Conference, Mr. Phil Herring, stopped for a visit with Writers are asked to fill out a short autobiographical
Senator Schweiker—and the moment was caught on film. form, also available at the main desk.

The WQUN studio at Mercyhurst has been declared

defunct and is scheduled to die on May IB, 1978.
Naturally, the students felt they had the right to
As I the Merciad Editor, I; receive several area economic setbacks, provides the college with that scream, "Unfair!" After all, isn't that showing
college newspapers. Most papers carry*a regular dash of culture so necessary to a liberal arts in- loyalty to the college? But why are our students
editor's column which at this time of the year usually stitution. (Take a walk in the LRC and experience the screaming, "Unfair!" when they never listened to it
expresses the editor's sentiments that there really is pure artistryflowingfrom the Art Dep t•) in the first place and would not miss it after il is
I nothing to write about. To me, that's too hackneyed, —We've a year book under Carol Templeton
standard and normal! i f
| 1 j i '-M striving to beat all deadline odds. t gone? f t i l
Rather than succumb to the doldrums of Winter I —We've a spring dance, a social diversion, in the The trouble is that WQLN never was a college
Term, my column this week is dedicated to all of us. offing commandeered by the competent hands of radio station. Our staff and the main studio's couldn't
The Mercyhurst-Much-Maligned. In every area Of Candy Yanker and Gretchen KrampL quite see eye to eye. As a result, the bulk of the
this college there is worth* No student, no faculty —We've a campus, that despite parking problems programming consists of classical music, the nightly
member, no department, or division is worthy of total and snow removal problems is prettier than any* in "Evening with the Masters" and of public affairs.
derision! > £ ^ j the city. WQLN-Central is a public radio of 35,000 watts,
There's a lot wrong with M.U. but there's also a lot "—We've a hockey team who without ofiicial college consequently it must keep into consideration its
right .with Mercyhurst! Let's not in our depression sanction, has made the Mercyhurst reputation a little listening audience which is not? limited \ to Erie.
and cynicism sell ourselves short! f stronger, | k i '$
I Lest I sound too pollyannaish without reason - let A program of strictly contemporary music geared
me enumerate our strong points (Lord knows our —We've a counseling-placement staff who this for the college population simply would not clo. And
faults will publicize themselves!!! * '*"| year, have outdone themselves in providing', in* when WQLN asked for professionalism to please its
*-We've got a student body, *so| diverse, that no novative, helpful aid relevant programs. r ' vast' audience, the Mercyhurst Administration
student can feel he's been sheltered. These are just some of the areas at Mercyhurst screamed "Unfair!" 1
—We've got RUS leaders in Frank Barry, Karen that should give us reason to be proud of our 75 acres 11
of activity. There are many others. v
'* ; "Mercyhurst made a big mistake commented
Schultz, Liz Hicks, Char Kolupski and Rose Scott who Barbara Hewitt, the manager of the 'Hurst studio.
are dedicated to every small bit of progress they can Often, I become tired of cynicism, and negativism. The funds could be available to hire a professional.
glean. I J^ Constant complaints never do much good. | The radio station would be such an asset to the school
—We've got a faculty that despite their internal Just for a while, let's appreciate what we have) 11
problems and cliques, still offers a quality un- and all that Mercyhurst could do was to let it drop.
dergraduate education. , Sure, there is lack of student commitment to the
\ --We've got a Campus Ministry that is totally open, March 14th, is the deadline for applying for the station so that only a few people are actually involved
. receptive and improving day-by-day. position of Merciad Editor and Business Manager, with the programming1 and broadcasting, but that is
-rWe've got a Student Union Director who provides 1974-75. ^ 1 I p not totally the students fault. There is no incentive to
*|a phenomenal diversity of entertainment for only 8 To date, we have received 2 letters of application. motivate the students. Both Dr.| Palmer and Ms*
dollars per student a year! | ," If you are at all interested in the fascinating world of Hewitt had appealed to the Dean for the possibility of
-We've a Creative Arts DiVision, which despite all Mercyhurst journalism, I urge you to apply. fj obtaining credit for the work put into the station. This
would hive meant a more structured program with a
Letters To The Editor core staff of dependable people. Not only could Ms.
Hewitt assert her jurisdiction over the staff, but the
quality of the programs would have improved. The
Communications majors would have beenjable to

College Students Sound participate < and gain experience from the hours of
practical learning. It lis ironic that? there is no
correlation whatsoever between the radio station and
the communications majors.
campus and the responsibility for the lack of proper Let's not blame WQLN for losing the Mercyhurst
SAC Disgruntled space is an example of ]'shoddy** journalism and
must be pointed to the advisor (whatever he does)
studio. For whatcould welreally blame them? For
havlnglthe nerve to demand professionalism? Who
Dear Editor, , and the editorial staff of the newspaper (?), f needs a radio station anyway?? I!?? *% ?
As an active member of SAC, I feel it is necessary Roanne Genovese - Olivia Longo
to question the priorities of The Merciad as to what is Secretary, SAC
printed. ? •' woman, please start considering the representation
11 personally gave to you and to a member of your 1
Editors Comment: .Roanne, you make some pretty needs of your own sex I *
staff enough materia) for a complete page in last rash and "shoddy'* charges at the Merciad staff that signed Rebecca Chambers
weeks paper. This included an advertisement for last I personally don't feel are necessary. Especially member, W.A.C^
Sunday's movie The Boys in The Band, a photograph since this was the FIRST week^SAC activities were
of Jlast weekends Coffee House performers, "Brah- not covered extensively. $
ma" and a complete schedule of every Video Tape
Network show that is scheduled for the rest of the
school year with a description of each show. What we
Last week, The Merciad was only in a position to go
four pages and we had enough copy to print 8 to 10 Parking Problem
pages. You can't get "blood out of a turnip.** Dear Editor, %
got was one small corner of page three. True, our Get off our backs! 111! # l feel It disgustingly unfair that students who are
activities were listed (surprisingly without! a unable to arrive on campus by 9 o'clock are punished
mistake this time) but, I feel quite strongly that 1M by not being able to obtain a parking space. As! have
and other members of SAC take the time to get a previous commitment I am unable to be on campus
literature and photographs together, then the
Merciad should have the decency to print it. Our job College's W.A.C. until 10 o'clock or so. Rarely, if ever, are there any
parking spaces available. Therefore I am forced to
is to plan activities and inform the students of what is Dear Ms. McMannmon, either park in an undesignated parking area (not to
happening on campus, but we cannot possibly do that lOur organization finds it extremely unfair that you be confused with a designated no parking area) and
without your cooperation. would print a sexist article ("Twinkling") yet refuse run the risk of getting a parking ticket or park on one
Letters to the Editor such as "Blank Page 3" which to include our recent rebuttal in the last edition of the of the side streets and walk a half-mile to class. I paid
appeared in last weeks issue are a waste of space Merciad. It*is your responsibility to present, both $S to get a permit sticker for these ''privileges''? It
when the Merciad is supposedly "The Voice of the sides of a controversial issue and so, we ask you to appears to me that almost all of the parking lots can
•J .
Mercyhurst Community . Yet, what should be of publish our recent "obituary*' in your next issue. It is be expanded to some degree to allow for more
some interest to the Hurst Community is not printed important!to represent the female chauvinists on parking. This Is especially needed during the winter
at all. i f f .* 'p campus as our male counterparts are already so well when it seems that many drivers find it Impossible to
The lack of space for activities (also a priority) is spoken for. occupy only one space. Perhaps this is the real
an insult to every student (and staff) at the 'Hurst. I #5 Signed, j problem. But as it stands, trying to find a parking
The students pay for most events (via RUS) on our Cystic Fibrosis space on campus between the hours of 10 and 2 Is
Chairperson WAC virtually impossible.! * i
(Watchers of Adventurous Permit 21 k
MERCIAD Crotches), f
Editor's Comment: *Your "rebuttal" was the first
and only letter I have refused to print this year. In my
Editor f
Editorial Board:
Colleen McMstlsmOfi opinion it was lewd, lascivious and totally inap- Support Our Teams
N'pwft Editor: Pat Weschler propriate. If your organization is intended to speak Editor, I I
Feature Editor: Terry Scheih for the women on campus, II think I'd rather be a If I may recall everyone back to the now Infamous
sport* Editor: Jim Marzano man. article written by two columnists a few weeks back,
* * •
Layout Editor: Carol Quartuccio it dealt with the women's varsity basketball team. 1
Copy Editor: Olivia Longo
am not judging the article's hue, but It seems it did
J. Stark, Jim Prez, Jeff Beat
iTIfia Kelchenhach More W.A.C. bring about a response because the next few varsity
Tony Mancuao games were well attended by the students. Now it
Leigh Kremer To the Editor; \ % t i seems the interest has dropped. Any team, men or
% It isn't fair I The male chauvinists may have to let women, needs the-) backing of the school they
VVriters a nd Creatorn; « i their viewpoints included in the paper, but. the represent, so please support all your teams by
Ilarla teuton*. Kathy Turek. Chris Van Wagenen, opiniom of the female movement on campus must be participation or game attendance. | |
Nam?? wtflf*, Fatty MM Ifaugh,Jonl Wheeler, Kocco known also! | *. | Thank you, -
Ifi iazzo. Ef ther Schrelber ; ft came to my knowledge that* you refused to "No, 4 " * j
Faculty Advisor; Andrew Roth publish an 'article written by our organization's P.S. I'd like to thank a special fan for riding the road,
HiitfiftP** M*m»r >. «*<* Castrlgnano chairperson. I find this prejudiced! You are a and my own little spark. Y
J fj
FEBRUARY! 28. 1975
College Students Sound Off - Cont. believed what they said. To any incoming freshman and I apologise to them. In response to general
who reads this DON'T COME. question about college recruiting of athletes I did say
WQLN's Demise Name withheld
there are a lot of bandits involved especially in the
New York City Area.
Dear Editor, | Again, I am personally sorry for any em-
As a staff member of the radio station, I would like barrassment the article may have caused Mercy-
to comment on the reasons given by the Mercyhurst Maintenance Hint hurst College. I wish nothing but success in the future
administration for 1dosing the radio station, While the ABOUT the award to the zillionth car that crashes for all Mercyhurst academic and athletic endeavors.
financial realities of the college are of concern to into the gates. Cars crash into the gates because of Sincerely
1 it,s a b o u t t i m e t00k a 0
*lu T v toy g ^ ' hard look the snow, maintenance, or lack of it; cars; and Bill Kirsh
at their list of budget priorities. By not funding a full- drivers. <a *

Basketball Coach
time manager next year, the administration forced Siena College
WQLN to pull out of the college. And I don't blame ABOUT CARS, on a slippery road. At high speed. In a
WQLN one bit. They have provided us with good skid. Only driving skill and a prayer are likely to get
equipment, a 35,000 watt broadcasting range (we you by safely.
were one of the highest powered college studios in the
* >v Diggin' Out
country) and have offered air time for programs ABOUT CARS ON CAMPUS. In the winter, on slip- Dear Editor: - |
people are really willing to work oa Note: I
pery roads, tat low speed, cars are designed-and English major. This situation may also exist in the speak from the standpoint of a Senior
Forget the BS about 'negating educational op- manufactured to run into gates, poles, curbs, fields, other departments; I don't know.
portunities for students'. It's Mercyhurst who's parked or moving cars, maybe out into an in- * Everything that I haven't learned as a freshman,
really negating it. If they would have wanted to en- tersection. Most cars have an automatic choke, and sophomore and junior has suddenly materialized in
courage the radio studio to reflect not only the an automatic transmission. Trouble Brewing? Let's the syllabi of my senior English courses. It was
musical interests of thefcollege students and also Go. Start, run, slow down, brake, remedy. I smooth up to now; the reading and writing
programs from the art, science, and other depart- requirements per course were adequate and
ments, they would have seen it couldn't be done on START. When the engine of such a car is started, one enlightening. But, someone goofed. V
$1,800 a year, (really $1,200 since $600 is for utilities). function of the automatic choke is to increase idling Now, in mid-senior year, I finally hear of those
The Dean has refused to consider giving academic speed during the warm up. It started. works with which every English major must be
credit for our experience learning. Some com- familiar. I am expected to read a tremendous
munications major. Since many of us are forced to RUN. From the parking lot to the road, usually no selection of novels (from early English to present)
hold full-time jobs and part-time jobs to pay for our problem. However, without the drivers foot on the literature while I read. gaining great insights into each great period of
tuition, we can't volunteer constantly for what we accelerator, the car may run 20 miles an hour down a 1 Well,;I'm going to read 'em all (even those that
want to do. Now we find what we are paying for— slight graded 1^ ; .;
seem as though they should be listed under foreign
academic experiences and job potential is only for languages; and may be as far as the library is con-
laughs. Jr.; SLOW DOWN. As you slow down preparing to stop, cerned.) For, they are not to be found among the
The real truth was pointed out last week in the the automatic transmission shifts to low, thus putting English titles on the shelves. But, I am not gaining the
'addendum' to the article by our manager, Barbara more power to the rear wheels. ' great insights that English department supposes. I
Hewitt. The college finds money Ho fund extra- don't have time to reflect on the many aspects of each
novel. In one course I may have nine credits worth of
curricular activities, three ^ full-time people with BRAKE. Because of better traction- snow tires -, and material to cover. But, the professor will not consider
secretaries, buses and parties for the sports people, power to the rear wheels, as the brakes are applied the fact that two other of your English courses also
but, won't encourage expression* of the arts and the front brakes are apt to lock and the front wheels have an overabundance of material; even though she
sciences which ds supposed to be the purpose of a skid first, on ice and snow. The rear wheels are then or he maytplay a role in the presentation of those
college.*What a joke!!! Do they recruit persons for just driving the car forward, out of control; perhaps other courses. * v *
any academic area like they canvass;: for the into a crunch. $ Too much is put off in the early part of the four-
basketball people? You bet not. There is a separate year program. There is a need tor theifour years.
scholarship fund for athletics. Do they care about REMEDY. In this situation the front wheel skid can Liberal ideas are needed, and they can be found
their academic background? You bet not. If the be averted by shifting the automatic transmission to :.* The senior student is in a poor position. You have it the faculty. \ ?
college wants to be honest about their aims, why neutral. Shift to N. At slow speedza better braking almost all behind you. Then the roof caves in (from
riot release the total amount of money they use for balance is thus achieved betweenffront and rear an overload of expectations by the department; an
the sports department??? And departments like the wheels as brakes are applied. attempt to give you what every English major should
theatre are supposed to be self-supporting. Ha, Ha. t have, when no one even knows what this is.) The
think if s about time Mercyhurst developed a solid DRIVERS. It works. Try it. Practice it. Better luck. desire to just lie beneath it all (the roof was shingled
standard in academics with its faculty and students That's what it's all ABOUT.\ f with books) and suffocate is great. But then you
and its expressions in sneakers, media, and theatre JohnFlecken ; v
remember all that you've put into it already; the
and somethings that can continue year after year— Maintenance money, the time, the effort. You had honestly hoped
instead of relying on the chance of winning or losing to gainfknowledge and abilities. So, you decide to
crawl out of the rubble, toward the spot of light
their fame in sports, (sic). Some fame. Or let's not
deceive the freshmen who come in | here that Jthe Fast For Hunger above you. You just take it in your hands long enough
to shove it aside ami continue your struggle out It's
college really cares about helping its students. Dear Editor: the "GET-OUTA-HERE-ITIS." <
Since most ofr the radio staff is graduating this Students in the Division of Home Economics and We will make it. Seniors always do. But what do we
year, Mercyhurst says there is no staff for next year. from other divisions have participated in the course, have? We've crawled about in the darkness to reach
BS-. If they really wanted to, they would have found World Food Problems and its activities to better the light at the top. But then, when we reach the top,
''incentive" for students like they do for sports. And understand the complex problems of hunger it is night-time. We have a diploma. They hand us
it's not the programming either. WQLN main studio throughout the world. that. Do they hand us knowledge at the same time?
would accept rock programming if so someone would As a part of National Nutrition Education Week, I feel like the football receiver who goes on the fly
do more than find time to just play the records. March 2-8, students who are enrolled in Nutrition this pattern and then doesn't have the football thrown to
Mercyhurst just doesn' t care. } term and many students from the Division will fast on him. It was fumbled in the backfield. What do I have?
Wednesday at noon, March 5, and contribute the Did I do anything wrong? When they hand me my
In conclusion, I would like to thank Barbara Hewitt diploma, maybe they'll say "GET-OUTA-HERE."
for the encouragement and technical know-how she's monies to a fund which will be donated to the Campus I hope so. i
given me this year. She's done a great job this year Ministry Campaign against hunger. We believe that :-' Sincerely,
and if we had this year's staff here next^year we if we are going to help solve the problems of hunger, Diggin'Out
could have continued. It really reflects the priorities money is needed for education in the areas of
of the college and I say: THE ADMINISTRATION nutrition, health, economics, agriculture, and
research in order to make resources available and
BLEWIT!!!!!!!!!!! <
within the financial means of a people. Video Tape Programs
I Support this hunger campaign on campus in your f In the student union this week was a new chapter in
Faculty Masted own way daily. Eat only what you need to maintain the continuing video tape programs. The presentation
good health, and take only what you can eat when you is that of a parody on the sixties, and in paticular, the
Dear Editor: r •* i . fill your plate at mealtime.^Remember many people Woodstock music festival. This is done in the "un-
I would like to voice my opinion about the faculty of today are starving and dying, but they did not choose derground" style of The Lemmings, a group of
this edifice of higher education. >. 1 the land in which they live. They were born there. musician-comedians, who are associated with the
To begin with I feel that they rot as teachers. In the You were bom here. rather different magazine, National Lampoon.
4 years I've been here I've sat through many classes Linda M. Schmidt ,'M For those who are associated with either the
and have been subjected to their torture of ram- magazine or the group, they specialize in an avant-
blings, irrelevant information and personal prejudice I Director Department of garde form of social criticisms along the lines of
until going to classes has become a farce. Any Foods and Nutrition Cheech & Chong, George Carlin, and reaching a little
of the decent instructors I have had are gone, to them further back, Lenny Bruce. If you can conjure a
good move.
Why is it necessary for the faculty to hold classes
Basketball Apology mental image of a combination of the three, you can
have a fair idea of what is going on. This show in
and waste my precious time, and then expect me to .. Editors Note: The following letter was sent to particular
the is a take, off from an earlier Album
take time out later to teach myself. Most courses in Erie Morning News about an article Written by release
Jack r and spares none of the so-called musicals of
the school are not listed "Independent Study" In the Potency. In the Particle Mr. Polancy quoted Sienathe Woodstock Festival. Appearances by Bob, Joe,
catalogue. I College Basketball Coach Bill Kirsh. The Merdad Leon, Joan, and a brief encounter with Country Joe
received this copy of the letter and is printing it have been included. Also involved in this program
Why must ilpay $203 to listen to a teacher talk areflashesof the sixties "mentality" extreme which
about the weather, dogs and other tidbits not relevant the benefit of the total college community.
occur in a stream of consciounsess that is not to be
to anyone. J believed. |
In the same respect I must also say that the faculty Dear I am
to an article by the Sports Editor Any one who has an interest in the "counter-
on this campus that I have been in contact with do not of your newspaper. The article was from an in- uuiiuic culture" iiiuveiiitrni
movement orawvu** SHOULD *NOT MISS IT!!!
listen to the students when they need help or want to Because to top it off, this has got tobe the 1) The best
voice an opinioa Any opinion different from theirs terview after the Siena College, Gannon College hour since last spring's ^ ^ streaks, orJ2) the hardest you
falls on deaf ears, f basketball game. k* laughed since you locked someone out of their room
In conclusion I feel that the education of this school 1 1 feel the writer misquoted my remarks. I did not while taking a shower during open house, 3) funniest
is extremely overpriced and I can only say that I'm say Mercyhurst College was a bunch of bandits. If hour you ever spent in the union... f
sorry I didn't quit, or better yet, I ever listened to the any member of the Mercyhurst College Community, Showing next week: Friday 7 and 9, Saturday 7 and I
or the general public, believe I did, I am very sorry 9, Sunday 7 and 9, and Monday 11 a.m. and 7 ana 9.
propaganda of the Admissions Office and
Student Poll

Well, the winter term panic has set in for all of us, papers
and projects are due. There's not enough time to sleep, let
alone eat, and hamburgers, well, they just don't make it
anymore. v Stumpf: I cannot afford to
return without additional
financial aid. Cathy Bern: I'd probably Sget
Whfle your stomach may be screaming steak, your wallet another job.
screams even louder, Hamburger. So this week's recipe is Susan Machusak: I'd die.
dedicated to all those hamburger haterstin thejjhopes to
turning them into hamburger lovers. Seniors:
Now,, first time ever printed is Reasonable, Pickle- Seniors who have
burgers. Preheat oven (turn on before starting to prepare received ^an EC (English
food) to 350 degrees. Mix together thoroughly in a large Condition) and* are ex-
bowl: % pound of ground beef, V\ pound ground lean pork, pecting to graduate in May
21 cup milk, 1 egg, well-beaten before adding the mixture, are reminded* that they
1 2 cups Wheaties (cereal), 1 tablespoon chopped onion, Vfe must complete the English
teaspoon salt, VA teaspoon pepper. Condition program ^before
the end of; Spring Term.
Shape into 6 patties, nicely rounded/* Place in a greased There; are presently -6
shallow pan and bake uncovered for 20 minutes. While Seniors who have not
baking, mix one-third cup finely chopped dill pickle and V* completed jthe course.
cup dill pickle liquid together. After baking baste the patties These students are hereby
and bake an additional 30 minutes basting occasionally to notified. Student Numbers:
keep them moist. Serve on hamburger buns.
Sounds delicious and different doesn't it? Really makes 12782, 17182, 84981, 80100,
34620.81090. Jerry Esposito: It's too much as
that^ hamburger come alive. Did'you ever believe it it is now. If they raise the
possible, a hamburger with a little zing. They're not hard to price I couldn't come. John Sullivan: What could I do?
make and a pickleburger such as this, well, there are just no
words to describe it. To make it even better, just before
serving, heat the buns in the oven. Oh, so warm and so good.
Well, now that you have it, what are you waiting for? Start
practicing. Soon you'll be making 4 the meanest
pickleburgers this side of State Street. Happy Eating. Window The Past
by Will Overstreet
As mentioned in last week's porary" Chapel. The room case, neither of them were
"Window on the Past", James was so crowded! that it was put* toji rest in the Chapel
O'Neil did not live to see the necessary for her to kneel out crypte. As for Srs. Xavier and
Chapel of\ Christ the King in the hallway. After that Regis, they opted to be buried
become a reality. At the time experience, Mrs. SO'Neil in Titusville with the rest of
of his death, in 1931, he left the determined that ^ something the Sisters of Mercy.
^* ^w ^^

job of seeing to it that the had to be done—a Chapel A curious note about the life
Chapel was built in the hands should be built that would of Mrs. O'Neil is interesting in
of his wife, Orva O'Neil. hold all people who desired to ?
light of the imminent
Like her husband, Orva attend Mass. -* canonization of Mother Seton
Flu Coyle O'Neil was a native of Following the death of her as a saint; of the | Roman
Western £ Pennsylvania. husband, Mrs. O'Neil did see Catholic church. Mrs. O'Neil
Raised in an era when women to it that the new Chapel spent many years of her later
Health Corner were usually not well-
educated, Mrs. O'Neil was an
educated woman. After her
became a Jreality. She sup-
plied the sum of $175,000 for
the construction \ of the new
life studying the life of Mother
Seton? and doing primary
research on the subject. Her
\ by;Sr. Joseph Mary marriage to James.*O'Neil, Chapel and its adjoining work took her through the
This is the "flu season." What is the flu? A highly con- she continued to actively tower. The Chapel itself was streets of New York City
tagious, acute disease caused by a virus and characterized pursue those spiritual 'and modeled after, the "manor where Mother Seton had done
academic interests that she chapels" that Mrs. O'Neil had her work. It was manuscript
by fever, fatigue, aches and pains, and also inflammation of seen in England, and it was
the respiratory mucous membranes. was drawn to. j completed in 1933. that Mrs. O'Neil wrote that
Acute uncomplicated influenza with recovery is the most From the time of Mercy- k Shortly after the com- contributed significant in-
frequently encountered variety of this disease. Known hurst's founding, Mrs. O'Neil pletion of Christ the jKing formation to the body of
viruses causing influenza are designated as types A, B, and was greatly interested in the Chapel, Mrs. O'Neil decided knowledge necessary for
Y growth and development of
C. !?- : " ' * that a special side, chapel Mother Seton's canonization.
Secondary bacterial pneumonia following influenza is the college. She appreciated should be built in honor of the In 1939, Mercyhurst College
most often due to hemolytic streptococcus, staphylococcus, the college's goal of educating mother of Christ the King, awarded an honorary doc-
and pneumococcus. Jj * r* f f young women in a Christian Mary the Queen. The Queen's torate of letters to Orva Coyle
. The onset is usually sudden and often marked by chills and liberal arts base, cultivating Chapel, an exact replica of a O'Neil, for her f ac-
fever. Constitutional symptoms are prominent and consist a wide variety of interests. I small English Chapel was complishments in the
of fatigue, generalized aches and pains (most pronounced in In 1926, when Mercyhurst completed in. 1935. Contained academic and spiritual world,
the back and legs), headache, weakness, and anorexia (loss opened its doors, the college, within the Queen's Chapel are in addition to her service to
of appetite). A subjective sense of anxiety is felt. Symptoms lacking a Chapel, set up a four burial crypts. When the Mercyhurst. In his speech at
in the respiratory tract are usually moderate, with sore "temporary" Chapel in what Chapel was built, Mrs. O'Neil the ceremony, Bishop Gannon
throat unproductive cough, mild substernae distress, and is now the Business Office. As wished that it might be the expressed the wish that he
sometimes corysa. *.-&& I . the years passed, and the and Mrs. O'Neil might- be
t national economy sunk into a
In mild cases, the temperature rises to 101 o 102 degrees F final resting place for herself, present at the canonization of
and lasts for 2 or 3 days; in severe cases, it reaches 103 to 104 Depression, the Sisters began Mr. O'Neil and Mr. O'Neil's Mother Seton. Such was not
degrees, and continues with a corresponding degree of to wonder where they would two sisters, Sr. Regis and the fate; of > either person—
prostration, for 4 or 5 days. Acute symptoms usually sub- get the money to build [ a Mother Xavier. Mrs. O'Neil both are dead now, but 35
side rapidly with cessation 2of fever, though weakness. Chapel for the college. One made the provision that if she years later, we see the result
sweating, and fatigues may continue?for several days morning, while Mrs. O'Neil died in France, she would be of the efforts of a woman who
(occasionally for weeks). •* y| £ 1 was visiting the college, she buried there with her was** a vtrue* "builder" of
Other possible complications are bronchitis, sinusitis, attended Massf in the "tem- husband, and as that was the Mercyhurst come to pass.
otitis media, and cervical lymphadenitis. | J j £
I Vaccines which include the prevalent strains of viruses
are effective in reducing the incidence of the Hispasp ' j*
Because no spectfic therapy is available at present, and
since vaccines are useless once the disease has become
established, treatment is symptomatic. Patients should : Ail Seniors are BAC | MX 1
1. Remain in bed during the acute stage and lor 24 to 48
hours after the temperature has become normal^ i * reminded to fill out MEETING
2. The diet should be light, withfluidsup to 3,000 or 3,500
cc. per day, and laxatives if necessary. an application for There will be a meeting
of the Business Advisory
3. Proper medication should be taken. Council on Monday, March The Business Division
Graduation and send has obtained the Federal,
Treatment of respiratory symptoms may not be 3, at 4 p.m. in Room 210 of
necessary in less severe cases, but often it is desirable to i t j t o tho Registrar's Old Main. All "Interested State, and Local tax forms
give mild agents. Gargles of warm isotonic saline are useful persons are encouraged to for Mercyhurst students.
for sore throat. Inhalation of steam.may alleviate Office before Friday, attend. Suggestions, Students may request
respiratory symptoms to some extent and also prevent the comments, and ideas are them from Mr. Pines, 2nd
drying of secretions. A cough mixture is often needed to March 7. welcome. floor Preston. *• -
lessen complications.
FEBRUARY 2 8 . 1975
Cop pel ia

Prep Student Entorhins Hunt

There seems to be no age
limit for those desiring a
Mercyhurst education: first it
was|the College? of- Older
Americans; now Lisa Owens,
a student at Mercyhurst Prep
and a member of the Dance
Department's "Coppelta"
production, must surely goon
record as one of the youngest
students in the College. Lisa The American Music against top female singers as
began the study of ballet 4 Awards 8; seemed to be a Barbra Streisand and Helen
years ago at the age of eleven. landslide of awards for Olivia Koddy to win four awards:
As is the case for most serious Newton-John, (ilnclvs Knight. Favorite Pop Female/ Pop
dancers, it was ap- and Charlie Rich last Favorite, Country Female
proximately at the same time Tuesday, Three oP the Vocalist, and Country Album
that dance became her major coveted awards went to Other winners wore: Diana
ambition. When Lisa first Charlie Rich for Favorite Ross, Conway Twitty and
took ballet class with Mr. Pop Album, Country Male Loretta Lynn, John Denver,
Ismet Mouhedin two years Vocalist, and Country Stevie Wonder, and the
ago, she realized the value of Favorite. The top group of the Special Merit Award went
the good teacher-student night was none other than to Barry Gordie (Motown
rapport that existed between Gladys Knight and Pips Records),
Mr. Mouhedin and his winning lour of the awards
students, and the quality of Favorite- Soul Album, Soul Be sure to watch the * * 1978
the dance education therein. Favorite, Soul Group, and Grammy Award Show" that
She received special Pop Group. The lovely Olivia will be televised on Channel 35
authorization from both tfewton John came) through (CHS) on Saturday, March 11
Mercyhurst Prep. and the
College to take the advanced
College Ballet class, and thus
she became I the only Prep Charon Battles
student to take a Mercyhurst
College course.
Lisa's hectic daily schedule
is typical of those oHyoung,
serious ballet
world over: up at 7:30 a.m.
for school and academic
.-- > . ; , , ...

Swanhilda's friends, in a full-

: ., i*#&*£
Black Ballerina
A First
the difficulty of the steps that
studies; at 12:40 she departs length story ballet. In addition she is to dance, Her most
for the College ^campus* for to her "Friends" rehearsals, memorable on-stage moment,
daily ballet class from I until one can see the young dancer she recalled, occurred in a
2:30 p.m. ^Afterwards it's at all i rehearsals for the performance of "Gaitc Mercyhurst college will be the scene oi a first in the world
homework and some corps; although she will not Parisicn" last year with the off Dance this April: Charon Battles, currently a senior
relaxation,,then on to "Cop- be dancing with them, she ance major at Mercyhurst College, will be the first Black
pelia" rehearsal at 6 p.m. feels as though learning the Brie 'Philharmonic: in a
Because of the dedication and street scene in which she vgas ballerina to dance the'principal role of Swanhllda In the
steps "will benefit me in the pallet "Coppelia.'
discipline involved in ballet, future"—both technically and playing with fa ball, the In-
Lisa admits, "My life f is stylistically. What with her famous object escaped her ' To say that* Charon's^background in Dance Is most ex-
totally different and con class schedule and rehearsal grasp and landed In the or- tensive is an understatement: she began the study of ballet
sequently her social life schedule, Lisa has not! quite chestra, pit, hitting a violin at the* age of nine, and at thirteen she comprised one of thirty
had the time, to \ pause to player* I «S y| members of the original Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Com*
suffers somewhat.; However, pany, founded and still directed by Nicholas I'otrov. From
Lisa views this as only a analyse the ballet in terms of \ Lisa \ enthusiastically the outset Charon danced solo roles. The Arabian Dance
minor drawback in com- content and motivation of the awaits the next school year at 11
from the traditional ballet "The Nutcracker was set for
parison with the potential charaoters. Rather, she Mercyhurst Prop, jwhen the the Pittsburgh company on Charon. Ballets in which she has
swards of her future goal, thinks of'the ballet, at this urogram will be expanded to danced, sucn as "swan Lake", "Romeo and .Juliet", and
which is 1ttojjdance witlifa point, in more subjective nclude a bullet class taught "Petrouchka" are manifold, and as one would oxpect from
professional ballet company. * terms—''It's a part of my life r iree times weekly. Mean- such an extensive background, she has had quite a number
The ballet "Coppelia " will now," I ** v while, Lisa thoroughly enjoys of memorable moments. Dancing in a ballet with the famous
be the biggest challenge to "When asked if she gets her unique exposure to the Kdward Villella would he a heady experience for any young
date for Lisa, as it is the first nervous before ;a per- College life, and finds working dancer; at the age of fifteen, Charon, dancing as one of the
time that she will dance an formance, Lisa remarked with the College people to be a Fiancees in Pittsburgh's production of "Swan Lake", had
other-than-corps apart, one of

that it usually depends upon rewarding experience. the opportunity to dance with the guest artist. "Can you
image, recounts Charon, "fifteen years old and waltzing
with Edward Villella 1" 5 8 A
—"Charon, what has been your most embarrassing
moment on stage?'' 1
£ "Once, during the 'Arabian dance, my costume started to
fall off! There! was, trying to act exotic and mysterious,
while holding my sk Irt closed V} -
by Rocco Riazzi I Chatting with Hhe relaxed fane I soft-spoken dancer, it
seems almost incredible that with a schedule that would
MURDER ON THE Poirot- true Oscar material! obscene comic material, but drive the most organised person into a frenzy. Charon can
ORIENT EXPRESS Wendy Miller as the princess was misunderstood. Valerie still maintain such a constant poise: in addition to her
MAGNIFICENT! THE is excellent. Also starring I'(Trine also stars as Lenny's rehearsals for the leading role in "Coppelia", she may be
BEST MURDER MYSTERY Lauren Bacall, JMartin wife, Miss;Pcrrine is truly a seen at all rehearsals for the corps, helping to polish their
MOTION PICTURE EVER! Balsam, Ingrid Bergman, very powerful a< tress, clear stepsifor the upcoming performances and acting as a
It has the largest all-star cast Jaqueline Bisset, Jean Pierre choice for Best |Actress general understudy, and she teaches ballet classes twice
in the history of motion pic- Cassel, Sean Connery, John nomination. weekly at the Martin Luther King Center, located down
tures. "Orient Express" Gielguel, Anthony Perkins. Although the film is packed town—all while taking five courses at Mercyhurst, and
combines the talents of 13 Vanessa Redgrave, Raquel with high quality acting, it maintaining a household I
Academy Award nominees Roberts^ Richard Widmark, has its flaws. Director Bob When asked what she views to be the^nost difficult
and winners. ,* and Michael York; Fosse has the habit* of coping aspects of portraying the character of Swanhllda. Charon
The picture has a very slow i(Now Showing in * its 3rd the style of direction of replied that It is a great challenge to be at once innocent
pace, but it brings the BIG week at Cinema* World "Cabaret" in which he uses and youthful but not childish". She feels that a story ballet
audience to play its intriguing and the Millcreek Mai I. Rated the use of flashbacks and cuts Such as "Coppelia" creates demands of a dancer that are
game. The slow pace of the

that are sometimes annoying

distinct from those of pure dance bai lets;* specifically, the
PG). challenge is to create and sustain a person on stage while
film is for both the audience and confusing. The picture is simultaneously maintaining a technically proficient level of
and the inspector to evaluate LENNY filmed in black and white
ami piece together the A SMASH HITIJ Dustin which will become dancing. Being black, she feels, will not significantly affect
Hoffman has never put so monotonous, v "Lenny" may her Interpretation of the role —It makes little difference to
evidence. I i Charon •however, she does feel as though a black hallerlna
The story, based on Agatha much (feeling and talent into have some weak points, but
his acting as he does in "Lenny" IS A POWER- performing swanhllda for the first time ever may encounter
Christie's novel, involves a more difficulties in convincing audiences who are quite
kidnapping that takes place in "Lenny". Hoffman is great; HOUSE of a movie I!
Long Island. Police, baffled there's no doubt -about Kim MOVIE!! familiar with "Coppelia." \ H-
grabbing the Oscar for Best (Now showing in its 2nd Charon looks forward to performing with He v. Thomas
without traces, close the case. McSweeney of Gannon College, who performed the role of
Five years later the case is Actor this year. SMASH week at Cinema
Lenny Bruce was an en- World. It is advised to go Dr. Coppelius last year and will do so again this year. His
reopened when a bizarre early on weekends to obtain a humorous portrayal of the eccentric toymaker-magician,
murder is committed on the tertainer before his time. He
was a strange,% foul-mouth good sea t. Ra ted R V which she saw last year at Mercyhurst, win make for a
train, tying the Long Island CRITIC'S NOTE: J would '' very exciting performs nee" this Spring,
case. Who did it? Is it the comic who became one of the
y most revered comedians of like to thank the managers of "Coppelia will be presented under the direction of Ismet ^
butler, ihe secretary, the Cinema World, Cinema 18, the Mouhedin, the weekends of April 11 and April IB. at the
princess, or...You're kept the late 50s and early 60s. Mercyhurst College Little Theatre. Ms. Battles will dance
Lenny strived for an un- Millcreek Mall and special
guessing all through the film. thanks to Mr. Jerry Ventrillo the performances of Saturday, April 12 at 8 p.m., Sunday,
Albert Finney heads the all derstanding and a certain April 13 at 8 p.m., and Saturday, April 19 at 8 p.m.
amount of truth through his for supporting this column.
star cast as Inspector

iThe Agency for Inter- Service, accruable sick leave, March ;27, 1975 between {the
national Development low cost life insurance, group hours listed below:
(A.I.D.) was created by health insurance, Foreign Civil Service Commission;
congress in 1961 to unify and Service appointees' benefits 1st Floor, City-CountY Bldg.;
administer existing foreign include, in addition, tran- Pittsburgh, PA 15219; 9:00-
assistance programs. Today sportation to and from 4:00 p.m. Monday thru
it is at work in the developing overseas post for family. Friday;- 9:00-12:00 Noon,
countries of Africa, Asia ana household goods and Saturdays W:: *
Latin ^America. Assistance automobile where ap- Application must be
covers many diverse areas plicable; home leave between Received by March27,1075.
including e d u c a t i o n ! successive tours abroad; and Applicants must* be: 1. At
agriculture, health, economic medical care overseas. All least 18 years of age at the
planning, engineering, in- employees are covered by the time of filing application. 2. A
dustrial development, finance Civil Service*. Retirement resident of the City of Pitt-
and population planning. System or the Foreign Ser- sburgh at the time of filing
Needs for professional and vice Retirement and application. 3. Weight
technical specialists and Disability Systemic proportionate to height - 20-30
adn\inistrative^l support HOW .TO APPLY - Send vision and in good physical
personnel vary from'country resume with salary history to condition. 4. A valid Penn-
to country and from time to Chief, ?Recruitment Branch, sylvania Motor Vehicle
time. At present, applications Office of Personnel and Operator license must be
are*be}ng accepted ontylfor Manpower, A.I.D., obtained. f if
possible future openings and Washington,DC.20523. I *:• You must have an
ONLY from: ;If your application is not ADMISSION CARD to take Michael Lewis
PROFESSIONALS: Agric- relevant to A.I.D.'s current the examination.
ultural Economists, areas of interest, or if it does Admission cards; will be
Economists, I Civil and
Electrical Engineers.
not meet the Agency's general
criteria, it will be returned to
mailed to you upon receipt of
your application, which the
Entertainer At The Hurst
INTERNS: Applicants |with you. #£ :*? $ Civil Service Commission Michael Lewis is coming he has toward his audiences.
Bachelor's degrees in ac- NOTE: For positions in must actually receive by back to Mercyhurst! He feels that "an entertainer
counting-auditing v Washington, applicants must March 27,1975. ^ % | Those * students who first has a responsibility to his
SECRETARIES: May submit meet the qualifications Applications for summer saw Michael Lewis perform audiences, -and when he
applications for positions in criteria established by the employment at Conneaut at Mercyhurst last year will forgets his responsibility, he
Wash., DC | Civil Service Commission, Lake Park are available at well remember the talents of ceases to entertain". Mr.
EDUCATION & EX- which sets standards for the Career Planning Center this blind ' singer-pianist Lewis; hasn't reached that
PERIENCE - Requirements professional? and clerical Office. Stop by and ask Mrs. whose enthusiasm ana spirit point, and it is doubtful ^that
are the same as those for positions as well as for Hawes for an application are highly contagious. he ever 'will. On stage,
similar positions in the public trainees. For further in- form if you are interested. Although #he ; presently Michael demonstrates an
or private sector. ' 3 formation about yourlpar- RECRUITING DATES TO makes his home in London, enthusiasm seldom witnessed
OTHER REQUIREMENTS - ticular field of interest, write REMEMBER: W Michaell Lewis'^ origins take these days, with vibrant vocal
All applicants mustjbe U.S. U.S. Civil Service Com- him back to central Illinois. pieces packed with emotion. In
citizens in good health. mission, Washington, D.C. MA RCH If £• At no time did his blindness addition, Lewis has a skill
SALARIES - Starting salaries 20415. t I T pr 4 - Kaufm aim's let the blossoming of his
; 4 - Marine Corps with the piano which sets the
arei competitive* based on The Civil Service Com- 6 - Boy Scouts of America , musical talents/ and he scene for a really charged
education tand experience. mission announces a Com- * 7 - Pittsburgh Public Schools started his musical training atmosphere. He holds nothing
Overseas | salaries are sup- petitive Examination for 11 - BereaJSchool Systems* at eight years of age. After back. * v[ \
plemented by standard Police Officer for the City of 13 - Mentor Public Schools two years experience in the Michael Lewis will be
Foreign Service Allowances. Pittsburgh. Any person in- APRIL I early 70's with a folk-rock performing in the Coffehouse
BENEFITS - Washington terested in this position who 2-S.S. KresgeCo. group out of Canada, "Mara on Monday, Tuesday, and
appointees are in the Federal meets the requirements listed g9 - Walgren Company Loves*', Michael struck it out Wednesday nights. There
Career Service and receive below may fobtain the 10-XeroxCorporation | on his own. I will be two shows- one at 9:00
all Civil Service benefits required application at the 18 - Shaler School District spart of the|success of Mr. p.m. and one at 10:00 p.m.
including annual vacation following^ Civil Service 28-U.S. Navy Lewis' gigs is the feeling that Don't miss it!
based upon length of Federal Commission office through
National Nutrition Week!

Food Fads Fool You?by Pamela Little

Food faddism and quackery according to its needs volved with protecting the
are aspects Jof nutrition that whether it be natural or consumers against food
have attracted increased synthetic i 5 quacks are fearful of the
interest and attention from The Food and Drug economical and ethical
nutritionists due' to their Administration has estimated aspects of their operations.
contribution to today's health, at least a half billion dollars a Older people are particularly
economic | and social year has been spent for un- susceptible to foodvfads ana
problems. The food quack necessary nutritional sup- quacks because of their
with' his strong^ emotional plements, so called "health" continous fear of becoming ill
appeal, v exaggerated claims foods, books and special or dependent on others. In
and powers ot persuasion has devices promised to rectify addition, people who believe
gained the attention of a every sort of nutritional ill. If in the fradulent claims and
significant portion of our al comparable amount of products of the food quack
population, which is' not moneys went for the im- may delay in finding sound
limited |to the poor, super- provement of food intakes, medical counseling until
stitious or uninformed but both|the consumer and the •irreparable damage has
also effects the educated, the food industry would benefit occurred.
elderly, and the young adult,:! greatly. Such a large ex-
Food fads are^ defined as penditure of the consumer's In addition to government
favored or popular fashions in money on "fads" occurring in agencies, such as the Food
food consumption advancing an affluent society, reflects and Drug Administration,
medical and food technology, the health consciousness of Other professional
rhe food faddist has been able the American people and our organizations such as the
to capitalize on nutritional continuous search for longer American Home Economics
facts and the public's concern and healthier living. Association, the American
for better health. ( % However, it has been Public Health Association and
One popular fad is the in- suggested that if the amount the American Dietetic
creased use of; organically of money spent on dietary Association have ^active
grown foods to promote op- supplements *in the United programs set' up to protect
One out of every three Marine Corps officers timum nutritional health. Stat es * is a sign of the
is In aviation. And we're looking for more However, a comparison of the the American consumer
nutritional status of the against food faddism and
good men to join them. Men who will fly some nutritional content i\o two population, we must be the
brands of cereal, Quaker 100 most poorly nourished nation misinformation.. .These
of the world's most exciting aircraft, as per cent Natural Cereal with organizations attempt to keep
members of the world's finest air-ground in the world. * the public informed and-to
raisins andj dates, and Food fads tend to em-
team. If you're in college now, look into our Kellogg's Raisin Bran, shows phasize a food concept, rather help them distinguish bet-
PLC-Aviation program. There's no better that the enriched Kellogg's than a nutritional concept. ween , fact and fallacy.
time—and no better way—to get started. Brand in* almost every in- Such fads may* exaggerate Nutrition education is the
stance is4 nutritionally greater the virtues of a particular most effective way of com-
than the 'natural". j bating food] fads and food
THE MARINES ARE LOOKING Another „ fad widely
food, place special emphasis
on natural and organic foods, quackery.
promoted is dietary sup- One should realize that the
FOR A FEW GOOD MEN. plements. Faddists claim
promote special devices for
preparing or cooking food food faddist has done a great
MERCYHURST STUDENTS - SEE IF YOU HAVE natural f vitamins are that are said -to conserve deal to emphasize the im-
THE QUALIFICATIONS FDR LIPE AS A MARTl nutritionally superior to those nutrients or they may omit portance of adequate
made synthetically, despite certain foods from the diet nutrition, although, one can
CORPS OFFICER-VISIT WITH TIE MARINE the fact that there has been no only hope that the attention of
REPRESENT AT IVES AT ZURN HALL FROM 9:30, due to properties that are the concerned can be directed
scientific proof to sub- detrimental to health. toward more reasonable, safe
TO U :30PM ON THE 3RD «r UTH OF M&RGH OR stantiate such a claim. The The government and
,-HYT 91 A-c(99Ji26fl(COLLECT^ i«DR MQRE I human body; uses vitamins various organizations! in- and cheaper i solution; for
healthy living.
FEBRUARY 28, 1975

Financial Aid
A basic sailing course will
be offered during the Spring
Term* 1975 as parti of the
Physical Education ^Course.
Registration for this sailing
course is by permission of the
There's still time! So don't lose any more and submit your instructor only. The course is
Parents' Confidential Statement to Princetoa The deadline for those students who have
for the academic year 1975-76 is March 1. It would be to your never [experienced sailing
advantage to apply before that date, however the PCS's will before, or to stimulate a long
be accepted after March l£lt will take six weeks to process term or consuming interest in
the PCS s and the award decisions will be made in the latter sailing. The course is limited
part of May. i I
To mention a few guidelines, no family with an annual
income of under $20,000 should hesitate to file for financial
to eight students per iterm.
Students who are interested in
taking this one creditjsailing
Hurst Happenings
aid. Even those who earn more might qualify for assistance course should see Mr.
Bingnear in the LRC for more Thursday, February 27: HOME MASS—all students,
if individual circumstances—a large family, major medical faculty, administrators, and staff are invited to share
expenses, or other serious problems—drain resources. information and or a letter of in the liturgy—8 p.m.—2326 German street, Sr.
Certainly those who earn $15,000 or less should apply. acceptance <for this sailing ; Patricia Whalen's home. $ |
Because all parents and students must cope with across-the- course. Sunday, March 2: 11 a.m.—Professor Paul Jurkowitz is
board increases in the cost of housing, food, utilities, this week's featured speaker at the morning Mass.
transportation, and other necessities, the amount of money Coffee will be served afterward. W
that parents can set aside pfor paying college costs has 12-5 p.m.—OPEN HOUSE—the one day each vear
decreased dramatically. To compensate for this decrease, Dr. Offutt _I when Mercyhurst officially opens its door to the local
the College Scholarship Service (CSS) made changes in its community for inspection. It's for students here, too!
need analysis including adjustments for the relentless in- Take a tour of the place, and see some of the places
flation faced by the nation's famili
If you are currently a PHEAA grant recipient, you should
have received the renewal forms in the mail. If you never
received a PHEAA grant, the applications are in the
New (Faculty i you don't usually see! | ' I f
7 and 9 p.m.—MOVIE: "The Other", featuring Uta
Hagen, Diana Muldaur. Can an 11-year-old boy be
A new face in the Biology possessed by the evil spirit of his dead twin brother?
Financial Aid Office now. One often hears the comment, department this year! is Dr. See the flick and judge for yourself. $ |
"My parents make too much money; I wouldn't be eligible." George Offutt, as ^assistant Monday, March 3: COFFEEHOUSE: A very special
Dispel these judgements. You should definitely apply if the professor of Biology. Dr. coffeehouse. Featured performer—Michael Lewis—
adjusted family income is under $18,000, even if previously Offutt has recently come kg? shows at 9 and 10 p.m. I ?
rejected. J I I || £ from doing i I extensive Tuesday, March4: COFFEEHOUSE: Featuring Michael
The summer PHEAA applications will be due im- research at a state institute in Lewis. Coffeehouse shows at 9 and 10 p.m. *
mediately fafter the Winter term. Notification of their Buffalo. The research•: was Wednesday, March 5: This is your last chance to see
arrival in the Financial Aid Office will be published. |For concentrated on the effects of Michael Lewis, same time, same place.
those not familiar with this program, the summer award is alcholism on fish, which are Wednesday, March 5: Campus Ministry will sponsor an
equal to onefthird of the 1974-75 award or thea Spring remarkably similar to the evening for faculty and staff out at Camp Glinodo—
disbursement. To be eligible, you have to take three courses effectsHthat people! ex- INTERESTED? Contact Campus Ministry for further
over one or both Summer sessions. S perience. Thus the biological info. | ! f
Thef 1975-76 BEOG applications for freshmen, and chemical structure of fish Thursday, March 6: HOME MASS; 84 p.m.—the
sophomores, and Juniors are available in the Financial Aid serve as a Jmodel for ex- i celebration will take place at Sr. Anne Pierotti's
Office. Final notice: the BEOG applications for 1974-75 are perimentation that might not home—here at Mercyhurst—Everyone is welcome. *
due no later than March 15,1975. f * easily I be j carried out on P OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST THIS WEEK AT
human beings. MERCYHURST—There will be a sale Jin the Student
Dr. Offutt's work with fish Union on Monday and Tuesday of this week—featuring
began* long before; this eight-track tapes—all of which are new, at reasonable
research ^experience. After prices. The sate will run from 11-2 on both days.
studying at the University of IF YOU! HAVEN'T $ SEEN THIS WEEK'S VTN
Maryland, hep received a PRESENTATION—"The j National Lampoon Show",
graduate degree in Biological there are still a few days left to catch it! It will be shown
Oceanography at the at 11 a.m., 7 and9 p.m. on Friday, and at 7 and9 p.m. over
University of Rhode Island. the weekend, in the | Coffeehouse. Special showings
After that he studied the available on request.
physiology of fish under the
famous physiologist, C. On Thursday February 27, at 7:30 p.m. Dr. Julias
If you've got it, prove it. Prosser at the University of Wishner, Head Clinical Psychologist at the University of
Pennsylvania, will present a program entitled "Is Mental
Illinois. For his doctorate
If you want it, work for it. If degree, he studies the sound Illness a Myth? " r
detection of fish. By his own
you think you're a leader, admission, Dr. Offutt appears
show us. That's what we
ask and expect of every
to be a "fishy" character.
Before working on the
research in Buffalo, he taught
Friendly Advice
at the! City College tin New Student-to-student counseling does happen at Mercyhurst
college man who enters our York. |He is now an Erie
resident with his wife, Lynn,
and many students are taking advantage of the services the
student counselors have to oner. |
Platoon Leaders Class and his two adopted children, The student counselors are Jim Gallegos, Ray Forester,
Denison and Nichole. Mercy- Louise Finney, Ron Susmarski, Debbie Mattes, and John
Icommissioning program. hurst is the first small college Hickle. The Student Counseling Service is a component of
he has had contact with and the PACE Program and has been inloperation since Sep-
PLC...with ground, air he is basically pleased with teiYibcr
the friendly atmosphere on On a day-to-day basis, the Student Counselors provide
and law options, summer campus, and the close in- information on what's happening on campus socially and
terpersonal relationship also give some help on academics such as how to drop or
training, and the chance students ?and faculty! share add a course, how to find a tutor, how to get into the
for up to $2,700 in financial with one and other. " Mathematics Laboratory, how to begin narrowing down
In observing the feeling that choices on academic majors. f
assistance. But to make is generated here, he clearly
states that < j "the staff and
Some of the activities which student counselors have
engaged in are: Assisting Dr. Jean Lavin with the QUEST
our havejto students care more about Groups, assisting Mr. Moore with Skills Bank activities, and
the presentation of an Alcohol Awareness Program which
each other, education, and
meet our challenge. things that really matter." highlighted the problems of alcoholism and ways of dealing
with it. This program was co-chaired by Jim Gallegos and
Dr. Offutt is a very open and
understanding individual who John Hickle. Student Counselors are presently forming
is in tune with the problems study groups for individual classes and any student can .loin
™E MAMIES ^ m and difficulties?- the students one of these groups by seeing one of the student counselors
mentioned above. Also on the drawing board are a Di ug-
ARE LOOKING FOR A experience.
When asked ! what his
personal definition of Biology
Value-Clarification program and a social activity.
The Student Counseling services are meant to meet the
needs of Mercyhurst students. No problem is too small!
is, he replied, "Biology is a
fundamental science that
draws on concepts obtained
Because we're students, we're concerned with all Mercy-
hurst and wish to help in every way we can. We want all
from all the ^sciences in an Mercyhurst students to feel free to stop by the Student
ffijSriotaW' THIS FOR A TEN WEEK attempt to understand the Counseling Center in 209 Preston. We're there tfrom 9:00
„ ^ t ? ™ T i - SESSION LEADING TOWARD A basis of life, and it should a.m.- 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. /
^'SfLISffi^ S I N E CORPS OOT>ER.SEE have a personal relevance "Good luck with your academic endeavors, we want to
and excitement for each of help where we can, but we also remind you: Don't let your
us.» »
studies interfere with your education!"
Racquet Richard's
Friday, February 28
7:00 Ball Busters vs. Young's Yardapes
8:00 Coletta' s Clan vs. Over the Hill Gang
9: oo Buzzer Bombers vs. Ten Rats-A
1:00 Losers vs. Ant Eaters M
2:00 B-Ball Bogarts vs. Deadwood Dicks
Saturday. March 1 NEWS
Congratulations to the
3:00 Coletta's Clan vs. Ten Rats-B Mercyhurst Basketball team
Sunday, March 2 for a fine overtime victory
l :00 Ball Busters vs. Over the Hill Gang
2:00 Buzzer Bombers vs.f Pepperoni* over playoff-bound Point
3:00 Losers vs. Sweet n Nasty % Park this Saturday. It is
4:00 Little Richard's vs. Ten Rats-A unfor tuna te through that the
Tuesday, March 4 season had to end Monday like
8:00 Ball Busters vs. Deadwood Dicks I _ _ ;TF
CTTnost of the other*big games.
9 .«00 Ant Eaters vs. Tennis Team J 1 as the Hurst dropped a one
Wednesday, March 5 point decision to the
1:00 B-Ball Bagarts vs. Coletta's Clan proverbial perennial,
2.00 P.B.R.'s vs. Sweet n' Nasty powerhouse Fairmont State.
7:00 Sons of Suzi vs. Moon Gang
8:00 Young's Yardapes vs Over the Hill Gang In all of my * years "j of
Thursday, March 6 following sports (I just turned
8:00 Deadwood Dicks vs. Ten Rats-B - twenty Saturday. Thanks
9:00 Little Richard's vs. Sons of Suzi jj again for the suprise birthday
The Mercyhurst Lakers closed out their 1974-75 season * m % Friday, March 7 party friends) I have never
7:00 Buzzer Bombers vs. Pepperoni ' seen or heard of a team which
Monday night splitting their final two games with two top 8:00 Make up date ' I has lost as many close games
teams. The Lakers nipped Point Park Saturday in overtime 9:00 Make up Date - as our Lakers have during my
by a 88-84 score.-It was a surprise for play-off bound Point Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9—PLAY OFFS? two years here. Maybe wo
Park who slid by the Lakers earlier this year 80-79. Jesse Tuesday, March 11 — CHAMPIONSHIPS should become the little
Campbell-was high scorer with 34 points and 16 rebounds fighting Irfsh and wear four
followed by Mighty Mike Molnar with 22 points. leaf clovers.
Monday night was another 1 point heart breaker loss to Well it appears that a
Fairmont. The Lakers led 65-62 with 1:21 left in the game
and Fairmont took over to gain a 66-65 win. Mercyhurst had
INTRAMURAL member of the Tennis team is
two final shots at the buzzer, but missed both, closing out the following the basketball
season with a 15-11 record;/ & J $ RESULTS team's footsteps. Last week
vvhile scouting Pro basketball
Tuesday, February 18 .is head coach of the Dicks it
Crew * 1
Little Richard's 67
Law, 23;Tet i, 21 I
i Moon Gang 60
Jones, 24 seemed! that he partied too
1 Buzzer Bombers 112 Sons of Suzi 93 much before the game...and a
1 Oshlick,38 Cardot,37
Wednesday, February 19
G-Ballers 55
little too much after the game
1 Losers 62
1 Root, 36 Hixenbaugh,18 and ended up destroying; the
1 Ban Busters i Coletta's Clan 0 bark oi a tree near Zurn and
. If you happen to be awake at the sinful hour of 6:30 a.m., 1
Sweet n'Nasty, 44
Bozi, 12
Ant Eaters, 33
Sorele, 13 .
almost himself with it. 1 think
you might be surprised to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, 1 Ten Rats A, 1 Forfeit Pepperoni, 0 he learned his lesson.
Forfeit In other sports news,^Little
rounding the circle around Zurn Hall. You might be further Thursday, February 20
surprised if you learned it was the Crew team! i 1
Young's Yardapes, 72
Condrin 20/ Haskins, 20
Ten Rats-B, 57
Richard's Dicks surged
Yes, the Crew team's time has come. Led by the dashing 1 G-Ballers, 66 »
P.B.R.'S, 39 forward towards their
1 Hixenbaugh,20 Beck,16 playoff position as they
figure of the Murph himself, the party boys can no longer be Friday, February 21
labeled a bunch of alcoholic tired loads. vf ? 1
Over the Hill Gang, 81
Moore 22, Bukowski 20
Deadwood Dicks, 64
Gorniak, 28
stunned the cocky Moon
|iThe team, coached of course by Dave Siiimpeno, is out to 1 Little Richard's, 63 Pepperoni, 54 Gang. They were led by John
1 Friedel, 17 A, 16 1 • Gal leg OS, 26 Teti who played a fine game
win at all costs this • year as indicated by the early 1 Losers, 1 if
'Tennis Team,0
and was the first to admit it.
preparation, started at the discretion of certain team Saturday, February 22
members. This morning conditioning program is the topping 1 Ten Rats-B, l Ball Busters, 0 Later in the week they toyed
Forfeit with the lowly Pepperoni
on the cake to a winter of weight lifting in the confines of the 1 Moon Gang, 63 Ten Rats-A, 54
old McAuley laundry room. Also, with Temple University 1
Prince, 30
Sweet n' Nasty, 1
White, 16
G-Ballers, 0
Pizza as Kent "Bone' Koch
awaiting the arrival of our team, this off-season conditioning •cPi Forfeit sank his first point ever in a
Sunday, February 23 sports event.
could be a blessing in disguise, since the team, due to ice 1 Little Richard's, 1 Sons of Suzi, 0
conditions on the Bay, won't be able;'to secure any water 1 B-Ball Bogarts, 1
Ten Rats-B, 0
The Dicks have announced
time prior to their trip to PhiUyir ; I f ' U Forfeit ^•^Bk ^MB

v A_ J ^^B some special promotions to
1 Ant Eaters, 1 draw ftnore tan support.
Many, top-notch colleges, among them Marietta, Morris Forfeit
Harvey, Notre Dame,-Michigan State, Purdue, Ithaca, and 1 Young's Yardapes, 1
Forfeit ' #
Coletta's Clan, 0 Sunday's game is 10 cent Beer
Buffalo State, will meet our oarsmen on the water this Day? Any fan who brings a
1 INTRAMURAL STANDINGS beer to the game may sell it to
spring. With a schedule like this, it will take a combined Eastern A %

team effort as well as an attitude comparable to the one 1

Moon Gang <
Buzzer Bombers
**i 61
any Dick player for lo cents
shown this winter by J our oarsmeni who sacrificed every 1 Little Richard's 63 Then during thel4game against
1 Ten Rat's- A 3-4 the Ten Hats A" ai\v fan
other day tojimprove on the various strength aspects of 1 Sons of Suzi 2-5
Crew. Furthermore, since every seat in the Varsity and J. V. 1 Pepperoni
B. M

burning a rat in effigy will be

boat will be fought over, team members will work-jextra I Over the Hill Gang * 7-1 entitled to a free night's stay
1 B Ball Bogarts 7-2
•a *v

hard to keep that sharp edge glowing and team discipline 1 Young's Yardapes 7-2
•^B JB at Whitey's house. \ I 9
and attitude intact, aspects which died last Spring in the 1
Ball Busters*
Coletta's Clap v.
A f

•Remember tickets go on
final 200 meters against Grand Valley and Wayne State. 1 Deadwood Dicks • 2-6 sale ;for the^Dick's Playoff
1 Ten Rats-B
A dBv

Along with Gerry Murphy, Jack (Mouth) Freidel will be Western?

1-9 games this Friday at 10 a.m.
^Bi ^Bi

expected to occupy a seat in the Varsity, that is, if a fresh- 1

Tennis Team
Losers 5-3 mt the Coliseumq (Scalpers
man doesn't'beat him out. Ed (Inchworm) Inscho most 1 Sweet n' Nasty 5-3
1 G Bailers
likely will row at stroke provided he can shake the habit of 1 P.B.R.'S 3-5 Next Week: A funny thing
1 Ant Eaters 1-7 happened on the way back
starting at 26 strokes per minute. Frank Sands will again
shout his moral support to the Varsity from his plush seat in from the coliseum.
the stern of the boat. Lamont Prince, probably the most Sue Kraus
consistent oarsman on the team, will again add a touch of
color to an otherwise tedious team. Mark (Rutt) Ruttenburg
will definitely have to lose weight before he ever thinks of
gaining a seat in the Varsity. Joe (Dapper) Dolan will fight
like a madman for that: bow spot, since he learned Pep-
permint Patty will again hold the bow of the boat for the
Varsity. Finally.fHuge Gene Egan won't be rowing in the Sal's Gals Still on Top. Team ! W L bowlers also takes an active
Varsity this Spring, unless he can find space to fit his trunk. 4 Sal's Gals 14V2 part in league play by
Suffering trom a severe case of wrecked body, Huge Gene After six weeks of• league 6 No Spares ,4 9 7 rounding out team 5. The high
will see limited action this Spring. J play, Team 4 Sals Gals still l| Fifth Avenue 6 10 individual scores and high
This is the year the Crew team could do it all. It's going to holds first position^The four 5 El Commode series are as follows:*
be a rough spring, but Dave Shimpeno seems to have the members of. this winning and the k kHlgh Series
team ready and anxious to deliver a few severe blows to team are Linda Storer, Allean Unflushables 7 9 Women—.Janet Price437
Marietta, Morris Harvey, and especially Buffalo State. Young. Susan^Kraus and Sal 3 ;Holly Rollers 4 8 Men—Frank Trigilio 623
With the exception of the opposition, anyone who attends the Timpani. The league stand- 2 Streaking Strikers 3 2 8*2 High Game
races this spring won't ride back to the Hurst in disap- ings at the end of the sixth f Ms. Janet jPrice, who I i s Women—Cathy Bern 167
pointment. I ** week are: heading this crew of pro Men—Frank Trigilio215
4 Jacque Rot
1 ; Flaming Himorroid ,
P.S. Is Bob Curtis a liberated oarsman?

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