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The Voice of the Mercfhunt Community
VOL. 48 NO. 1
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SEPTEMBER 12, 1975

A "group ot eight persons—representing the students, faculty, administration, and trustees of the College—has embarked on the project of designing the Mercyhurst of the 1980's.. The group, known as the Blueprint III Task Force was organized in May of this year at the behest of Dr.. Marion Shane, President of thsCollege. F The task force takes its name and heritage from the Blueprint I and Blueprint II planning projects of the late 1960's and early 1970's. According to Dr. William Garvey, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chairman of the Task Force, it was the first two Blueprints that transformed the Mercyhursfcof 1965 into the very different Mercyhurst of 1975., Hi * When asked what the purpose of Blueprint III HOTO BY D. COAN would be, Dr. Garvey stated: I still believe that the $j Sr. M. Eustace Taylor, R.S.M., General Coordinator of statement 'the need for change is the only thing that the Sisters of Mercy. * doesn't change' is an operative statement at Mercyhurst..It's absolutely necessary for the college to continuously consider significant changes if it is to continue to meet the challenges to its survival." Dr.

Garvey further pointed out that the original Blueprint I task force had a reason for giving their project a number, because they fully intended that there would be a continuing £series of Blueprints as
time went on. *


Sr. M. Eustace Taylor, R.S.M., the former director of the English Department at Mercyhurst College, is the new General Coordinator of the Sisters of Mercy. Sr. Eustace was elected to the head posffon June 7, 197SJ She officially took office on June 15, '^1975, following a ceremony of installation in the; MotherHouse chapel onE. Grandview Blvd. Together with the General Coordinator, two other sisters are elected to form a team. Sr. Gabriel Koch, R.S.M., is the Resource Coordinator, that is, in charge of finances. Sr. M. Charles Weschler, R.S.M.,fj is the Life Style Coordinator. She deals with the living circumstances of the Sisters of Mercy throughout the Erie Diocese. \ -J I Jf As General Coordinator, Sr. Eustace is the director of the various activities of the members of the community. The Sisters are connected wiuVgrade schools, high schools and hospitals. Many teach in our own Mercyhurst College. Sister sees herself as having a "leadership role in both spiritual* and professional activities of the Sisters of Mercy." i * 5. • t\ Sister served two previous terms as Superior, from 1954 to 1960. Prior to 1954, she was Assistant Superior and regained that post from 1963 to 1969. During her terms as Superior, she also was, ex officio, President of Mercyhurst College. Sr. Eustace had to give up teaching as a full-time career, but she is currently teaching one course at the College. I \ ''f p•-f Sr. M. Charles Weschler is a familiar face on campus; just ask any chemistry student. Sister was the director of j thef Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division. \ Most people would not know Sr. Gabriel Koch. At one time she was the head of the French Department and later, the College treasurer. Currently, she is the director of the Mercy Center for the Aging and has directed it from the beginning. The team will serve as a team of four years. Sr. Eustace has not forgotten Mercyhurst College.^ Looking out from the porch of the Mother-House, she remarked: "I feel sadness in having Ho withdraw from teaching at the College. I had greafcenjoyment in my classes and in my students. But, as a member of the Board of Trustees, I hope to keep in close touch with the College." 3 gf ? j

It was at the organizational meeting in May" that President Shane spoke to the task fords on their goa Is and presented them with the guidelines to be incorporated into any plans for the Mercyhurst of the future. Those goals were: * 1) an optimum enrollment for Mercyhurst of 1500 FTE (Full Time Equivalency) Students. k 2) A continuing movement and commitment to interinstitutional cooperation through the Erie Consortium of Colleges and Regionaliza tioa 3) Preservation of the KChristian heritage of the College. H 4) Development of programs which would relate to the living and career needs of students and society in general,Including consideration of the market appeal of new programs. ? 5) Development of Mercy hurst's role in the Continuum and its commitment to life-long learning. At that same meeting, Dr. Shane submitted a possible concept for consideration and evaluation by the Task Force. The concept involved a new curriculum for the College in which students would Mercyhurst College has received a V $50,000 take a number of courses aimed at developing an challenge grant from the Kresge Foundation for the awareness of the problems facing the global planned Campus Center.jln order to receive the village" of today's world society. Other such congrant, Mercyhurst has to raise enough money by cepts and proposals will be considered by the Task Force. v * August 1976 to build the proposed center. One of the important duties for the Task Force will . The Kresge Foundation, based in Troy, Mich., is recognized nationally* as the "leader*in awarding be to formulate a purpose* and a set of goals for Mercyhurst as a college. Dr. Shane stated: "Before construction and renovation grants. I The grant brings the total amount raised to more Blueprint I, the purpose and goals of Mercyhurst were quite clear. Since Blueprint I, the changes have than $600,000. f g ™i | come so rapidly and the college nowi has so many different things going that it is time to sit down and create a new sense of identity, direction, and purpose. I consider this one of the main duties of the Blueprint HI Task Force." With the start of the academic year, the members A faculty exchange program has been initiated of the Task Force will be meeting weekly, according between the departments of Political? Science at to Dr. Garvey. & T 1* Gannon College and Mercyhurst College for the The members of the Task Force are: William P. coming academic year. £ Garvey, Chairman; Edward Gallagher, President of The exchange program is part of the consortium the College Senate; Jim Hallamyer, President of arrangement between the two schools.| RUS; Judith Bradley, Chairperson of the Academic Dr. Michael H. ErismanJ assistant professor and Policies Committee; Brad Lauster, Student~Atchairman of political science at Mercyhurst and Dr. Large; Ludlow Brown, Faculty Representative At| Paul S. Kim, associate professor of political science Large; Ed Lignowski, Chairperson, Faculty Policies at Gannon, will serve as visiting lecturers at each Committee, and Albert Duval, Trusteejj Represen: other's campus. & I I tefi^ tative. k\ ' fe. The purpose of the exchange is to enrich the of- ^^—g^— ^ ferings in political science * at both colleges and to | jgf l # serve as a pilot program in inter-departmental m M $ cooperation. By pooling staff it is possible to offer *• — • • • | r • / * • I I f w students resources and diversity usually found only in hi L I I I | - A | ] | | I V much larger institutions without sacrificing the close | | L f I I M V U LI I personal contacts, smaller classes and other adFive new faculty members have joined the vantages of small private liberal arts colleges. teaching staff of Mercyhurst College. They are: Dr. Gary Smith, director of. the Theater Arts Department; Anita Collins, biology instructor; James Infantino, assistant professor of education; Elaine Pederson, home economics instructor; John Colwell, The Commission on Higher Education of the assistant professor in the Business Division. Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools voted to reaffirm the accreditation of Mercy* hurst College on June 26,1975. P; & The Commission will still continue to "check*up" on the College and follow its progress.




Middle States Give OK

by Nancy Willis j$rThis year at Mercyhurst,-; 46 men and 148 women girls in McAuley have an advantage over those in the were enrolled as new on-campus residents. This all-girl dorms. A sense of security may be felt sudden imbalance between the number of men and knowing that there are plenty of guys there to protect I • women has caused some changes in McAuley Hall. them. t Another first in McAuley is a husband and wife First floor'^A-wingfis now occupied by 20 women. The majority of them. are transfers and late fresh- director and assistant * team. Dan and Lynda men. Naturally, a crash door has been placed bet- O'Connor occupy a suite on first floor's A-wing. Dan ween this wing and the boys' section of first floor. If says, "I think it's great" that the change has token Co-ed living is nothing new for Mercyhurst dorms. pi*.OP. He feels that co-ed living is a more realistic Four years ago Baldwin housed both men and way of life. The girls and guys both may lose a little The outside might look the same, but McAuley's first privacy, but for those that feel it's an advantage, women, and has continued to do so each summer. floor houses new tenants. McAuley offers a more relaxed atmosphere. Sr. Phyllis, Jcoordina tor of housing, feels that the



SEPTEMBER 12, 1975

Carol' Quartuccio

V Welcome*back to another year offbasicallyigood memories! | I I Because of editorial confusion when deciding which letters to the editor should attain top priority, I have developed the following editorial policy: 1. All letters should be factually accurate. 2.1 will give top priority to signed letters. I 3. All letters must be signed originally, but names will be held upon request. I tft should be understood that all letters be written in good taste. Also, please include your address and phone number in the event|of needed council in the verification of factual matter.1 ? I Letters can be submitted tojstaff members or deposited at Old Main 304 or, Editor's mailbox Box 92

Staff Editorial

by Nancy Willis


This is the year to get involved in student activities at Mercyhurst. The Merciad (student newspaper) andfPraeteria (yearbook) staffs areflooking for interested students to join them. Last year^the Merciad worked its way up from alfourth class college newspaper tofa first class one. The nextf step is to reach/ that ultimate igoal of J being rated "AllAmerican." Remember, this newspaper is by the students for the students, and it should be something that we're proud\of and enjoy reading. Also,?the yearbook staff is reorganized and is looking forward to producing a "hardback" cover book with color pictures and copy !| Alot of people griped last year when rumors flew about there not being a 1975-76 yearbook. Well, Iwith help from everyone, the yearbook and the Merciad will be better-thaivever publications. So get involved!!! I

Last year, when Mercyhurst College was in the throes of its evaluation, the thought occurred to me that it would be a*far better thing if the energy and labor that was being devoted to an examination of ' 'how well we were doing" could havegbeen directed toward creatively confronting the problems that inhere| in the academic ^processes of our time. And then in the spring, President Shane quietly proposed to the College Senate "Blueprint III." It!was received quietly, too. I recall neither applause nor groans of skepticism. Perhaps contained in the silence was the question; How serious is Blueprint III? Is it to be simply a superficial shuffling of labels and titles—an exercise in public relations— "to insure our survival", or a real attempt to make changes based on the best thought and judgements about education that we can discover together? The oneris a simple task that can bef assigned to a few clever writers, the other is a task;of frightening proportions that *would engage ^-and challenge many niembers of the Mercyhurst community 3 If Blueprint III is really meant to be a venture into education for living in a global village, which would^teally make it worth our serious consideration, there are a host of reasons for being skeptical about the possibility of implementing it. The implications of the concept are so complex that just; the widespread! theoretical exchange necessary to establish the underpinnings alone is enough to make one consider the biblical admonition: *'indeed which of you mere,; intending to |build a. tower would not first sit down and work out the cost and see if he had enough to com-


Jplete it? Otherwise, if he laid the foundation *and then found himself unable to finish the {work, the onlookers would all start making fun of him, saying here was a man who started to build and was unable to finish.' J A worse fear, I think is that Blueprint HI might emerge ultimately as old soap in a new box or even new wine in an old wineskin. In spite of the many reasons for skepticism and fear, the campus ministry would like to endorse and encourage the effort to hammer out new goals for education at Mercyhurst—goals that would reach beyond personal commercial gain toward a heightened s€hse of responsibility and reverences for our planet and for all our fellow creatures. Have we the resources, theoretically and practically, to make any significant breakthrough in education? ? The bi-centennial of our country reminds us that a small group of men given to the purpose of creating a constitution for a new country—in the face of monumental doubt and! fear—produced a government, the genius of which still produces a sense of awe in any student of political history, f Mercyhurst itself, celebrating its 50th year, rises upon the shoulders of a small group of women whose vision, courage and § dedication emboldened them i to take on a task which also must have been threatened by skepticism and fear. Both | groups were driven by the conviction of a need. How serious is the need for a Bluejprtint HI? What kind and how much change is needed? The new campus ministry space offers itself as a forum for speculating. You bring the ideas, your optimism or pessimism, we'll providelcoffee and butterflies—both are free. Fr. Guy Patrick | Village Idiot f Head Wizard and Campus Minister

The MERCIAD is presently recruiting staff members for the 1975-76 school year, M ALL positions open^' CALL Carol Quartuccio at 866-1954 or attend an organizational meeting Friday, September 12 in the Merciad office, 2 p. m. 304 Old Main, *.

Tim's Swim
swim the great Lake Erie. Tim and Pat Bundy, who both are employed at the Glenwood YMCA, left for their starting point, Long Point, \i Canada late Monday August 18th and by early Tuesday morning they were swimming toward >their historymaking goal. By 2:18 a.m. Wednesday, Pat had swam thirty-one miles to Beach ten on the Pennisula. Unfortunately, Tim could not make the last two miles because of exhaustion. I Tim can be proud of his accomplishment and Mercyhursti^thanks Tim for his courageousness.l


Last month, Tim Hughes, a Mercyhurst junior, did what most of us would consider e impossible, l e dared i to
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Make the Merciad year of communication.


SEPTEMBER 12, 1975

MERCYHURST COLLEGE Inquiring Reporter Asks



Has McAulcy's Switch Switched You?

The Campus Ministry team will try and keep peace. First (Fr. Guy, Dave Blanehfieltf term we are planning a hay and Debra Stumpf) would like ride,tjhe movie "The Sunto welcome all members of downers", a faculty "hot the college community to take seat", a game night and an advantage of our new extensive program in facilities on second floor Old spiritual! and human Main. f % development. In addition, we There are many stories will try and get many of you involved with the completion involved in visiting the elderly of the new office. The most and in programs dealing with amusing is how we got the social concerns such as world office. Modesty coupled with hunger. ;' i a strong spirit of self- As for the specifically preservation requires that we religious activities, Mass is Don Mihod: "I really don't not go public with it. We will held every weekday except * know because I never just. say that Saul * Alinsky Thursday at 4:30 p.m. There lived in the dorm before." would have been proud. For will also be an 8:15 p.m. mass those of you who nave jiever on Wednesday evenings. The heard of Saul, he was the weekend schedule includes a legendary community Saturday evening Mass at organizer who refined non- 7:00 p.m. in the faculty lounge violent tactics in America. He and on Sunday at 11 a.m. in once helped| students gain the chapel. Also on Monday concessions from a con- evenings at 8 p.m. anyone who servative college ad- is, interested is welcome to ministration by urging all come to share and pray. We 2,000 students to chew lots of hope that as many of you as gum and place the remains possible will take advantage anywhere but in the campus of our services. As a closing waste baskets.-For those of remark one faculty member you who are worried, let us would like to talk with anyone assure you the college who has seen the movie "The bookstore no longer sells Man in the^Glass Booth." If gum. 1|J jj you-are interested and have Frank McMahon: "Yes, but The room isia combination seen lit* contact the Campus I'd like a. washer and chapel, t office and meeting Ministry office. dryer in our wing." place and is a limited effort to show both that the sacred and the profane do overlap ami that a single space can have many purposes. If part of the As another year begins to scarce. All supervisors are function of worship is to point roll, the Financial Aid Office encouraged to report their to the perpetual presence of puts itself once again in a needs to Sister Michele. Many God in daily life what better position to serve andhelp.l students awarded a Workway to worship then to break Of primary concern are the Study job will be more than Eucharistic bread in a place Work-Study-Studentf [Aid happy to have a job. where the day's activities programs. Sister Michele, the Sister Michele asks the have centered. |Accordingly new face in the Financial Aid supervisors to please hand in every I afternoon# except. Office, is the coordinator-of their student employes' 'time Thursday we will have Mass sheets at the end of each pay at 4:30 here in the center. those programs. While we may not have a view Last year, only a limited period. Students are still of the Rocky Mountains out number of Work-Study expected to fill out their own our rerodos, we do Have two positions were available to time sheets. • \ Attention PHEAA beautiful windows, one of supervisors.] Many did not which looks out on our minis - receive all the helplgthey recipients! PHEAA has award tree, a stately maple tree requested simply because not adopted f new complete with a blessing upon enough eligible students were procedures. tIf you have not * t already heard about the it According^ to 'the blessing available. anyone who enters our place This year the situation has second half]of. your award, in a depressed mood and changed. Eligible students you i should hear by midgazes upon the minis - tree for are available and jobs are September. J £ twenty minutes will find their spirit being renewed. FOR SALE: I Our center will, we hope, 1973 VW Bug. No. 2, Inspection, under 20,000 miles, one become a center! of owner, snow tires, 2 good spares. $2,300. Call 899-8481. hospitality, a place t where people feel free enough to come to talk to us or anyone College Campus Representative else they may find here. Hopefully, itfwill be so free Needed to sell Brand} Name Stereo Components to Students |at lowest prices. High Commission, NO that you can come in and just Investment required. Serious Inquiries ONLY! sit and be by yourself if that is your desire. The coffee pot is FAD iCOMPONENTS, Inc., 20 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, New Jersey 07006 1 always on and on any given day there are surprises such Jerry Diamond 201 -227-6814 as Mrs. Patrick's t famous Harvey - Wallbanger cake or maybe even • a wandering Free puppies to good ministrel or two. homes. Calif Robin 455\* As , the year gains 4509. ' momentum our programs

Steve Joyce: "No big change, but you're more cour- Craig Jar vie: "No, you watcn teous." your language, you don't run around in your underwear: you just conduct yourself in a better manner."



Ross Holt: "I conduct myself in the same way: we Bin Richardson; "Pretty watch our language a much the same way. ft little more. (I don't like makes, it(£ more inwatching soap operas)." teresting."

I. .BABYSITTERSNEEDED rVolunteer babysitters are needed occasionally for preschool children whose mothers are volunteer counselors at the Rape Crisis Center. If you could help, please leave your name, phone number and schedule of free time with Joan Martin, 899-5562, or Rosemary Blieszner, 224 Zurn, 864-0681, ext. 278. You will be contacted to make specific arrangements. ** . * 1L .SCHOLARSHIP Attention all sophomore, junior, tand senior education majors. Applications for the $100 Brian McHugh Scholarship are now available from the secretary in the education department. M III..MONEY DUE People who still owe money that they pledged for the walk-a-thon last May, please fulfill your obligation by turning in your money to Preston mailroom, Box 816. PLEASE. * IV.. GRANTS : The 13,000 state grant applicants who previously were notified by PHEAA that they were required to file for BEOG and have failed to do so will have until October 15,1975 to take that action. If they fail to do so by that date, eligibility for a state grant for the final term of the current academic year will be denied. 1 V.. NEW DIRECTORY The new student directory is being organized. Students who do not wish to have their names entered, contact-Mr. E. W. Kennedy, Second Floor Main, as soon as possible. I VI.. UPCOMING EVENTS Sunday—Movie,' 'Big Moe", RH 7 and 9. Monday, September 15th: J Mercy hurst Night at the j I Races at Commodore Downs, 7 p.m. \ Tickets: $7.00 per persoa Includes Admission and Buffet Dinner. Friday, September 19th: Mercy hurst Night at Putt-Putt. Free 8 p.m. Transportation Provided. Sunday, September 21: I Movie—" Abbott & Costello Meet Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde" 7&9R.H. Tuesday. September 23: * Bowling rarty—Eastland Bowl, • •Midnigntto? ? Transportation provided. I.D.'s required. | * £ The movie schedule will be altered for the first term. There will be a movie shown on Saturday at 8:00 and Su; at 8:00 if there is not any activity scheduled for Saturday nights. If there is an activity scheduled for a Saturday night then there will be two showings on Sunday—one at 7:00 and one at 9:00. ' I VII..SENIORS y See James Lee for ybur| ^ Senior photos Room 233 Mc Auley Hall

A part-time job related to your major field of study can provide the experience vou might need in obtaining fulltime employment upon graduation. Not everyone is able to find a part-time job related to his field, but often this type of work is obtained for the student through the Career Planning and Placement Center. Such? a part-time jobf would be an asset to a student's Placement File and Resume' when he-she applies for fulltime employment upon graduation. « Part-time and full-time jobs

are posted at the CPC Center, 204 Main. If the iob you are looking for is not listed, leave your name, telephone number and the type of work in which you are interested with Mrs. Hawes and she will call you when some thing is available,^ Students interested in Graduate School and-or Career Planning...the books and information you need are available' at the Career Planning and Placement Center. The New York Times, Pittsburgh Press, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Boston Globe,

Toronto Globe & Mail, Philadelphia Inquirer, newspapers are available at the Career' Planning and Placement Center, 204 Main. Students have made marvelous use of the Center since its opening in January of this year and it is hoped they will continue] to do so. Study areas are available as well as the room where recruiters will hold their interview with Seniors who have signed-up for the interview. g Seniors interested in signing up for a interview with a recruiter may do so afc the CPC, 204 Main.



SEPTEMBER 12, 1975

Once again the ffall has sprung upon- us and so has crew. This year, unlike most, some changes will take place. During the past crew seasons Mercyhurst has rowed freshman, J.V., and Varsity-boats to a full schedule. This year of course, if there are any meets they will number about four with two being home and two away. As it stands now the l varsity boat will not be rowing in the fall. It is however, being contemplated that a varsity four can row in the Governor's. Cup on October 11. | | Coach r Shimperno's main goal this jfall will be to develop the technique! and skills of the freshmen. The coaches of this falls freshmen are Larry Pintea and Frank Sands. Assisting the coaching staff will be members of the varsity boat, w p by-Dave Wallin With the short schedule this The Mercyhurst Lakers are Coleman, Dan Sienicki, and fallj Coach David Shimpeno opening their fourth season of Out-Fielders are Bo Henning, has managed to save money baseball Tuesday September Tim Burrows, Ken White, Jim for a heavy spring schedule. 20th at 1:00 p.m. with a home DiTullio, Ray Gruss. f game against! St. Bonaventure. This is just one of the six Coach Joe Cook with the double-headers planned for help!of assistant\Coach Joe the fall season. I Cook Jr. and team Manager Coach Joe Cook has the Marty Visnosky see a winning twenty' team members in team for the new season. practice everyday with a field The spring schedule is just [ up as follows: Pitchers about complete with a perJne are Dan Hill. Joe' Williams, spective of;; fifteen doubleTom Barranger, Randy headers. The teams big goal Cooney, Ray Olzewski, this season/is to reach the Will Mercyhurst have an Catchers are Butch Herrman, district 18 playoffs. With a intercollegiate soccer team Randy Mink J Frank Trigilio, strong support from the next year? ; | In-Fielders, Curt Brooks, Mercyhurst community the This is a question \being Kevin Cook, Kent Williamson, Lakers should* reach their Terry Kelly, Pat Malone, Ron goal. I I I 1 | % %% pondered by Dave ^Shimpeno who has founded the new Mercyhurst Soccer Club. MEN'S FALL BASEBALL j g-f* September The squad is referred to as lp.m Tuesday St. Bona venture Home a club because it is supported Saturday U. of Buffalo Home lp.m Away lp.m by the administration, but Sunday not, financially speaking, by October lp.m. Home the athletic department. - fj 5 Sunday 1 Niagara U. '•.*lp.m. Home 11 Saturday Houghton lp.m. Away Buffalo State 12 • Sunday Shimpeno currently has 25 members in the club and is hoping for more new participants. 'The club is made up of fellows who want < to learn how to play the game by Terri Fiumara and who eventtually hope to We have a women's in- signs posted on her door for see the program leave j the tramural Athletic Program anyone interested in signing realm of a club and become a at Mercyhurst for those who up for anyone of these in- varsity sport £ supported by enjoy activity, but don't have vigorating I sports.jj The the athletic! department/' the time, ability or energy to champion for these sports will said Shimpeno. ¥j Sj participate in a varsity team be awarded a prize at the end The ^Mercyhurst *" adsport. This year the sports of the seasons. : ministration has been^ inoffered are intramural golf We are asking for more terested | in ithepidea of and tennis in the fall, where participants in the fall ac- beginning! an intercollegiate golf equipment! can be tivities, golf and tennis. The soccer program but the provided.| I n t r a m u r a l women must have at least economic problems haves put basketball and co-ed bowling basic knowledge in the sport the program on "hold" for the in the winter, and Softball and and must want to have fun in time being.M #$ $§§&' I co-ed team tennis will be this recreational field. offered in the spring. These The deadline for signing up sports will be supervised by for golf and tennis is SepMiss Price ij who will 3 have tember 16,1975.

by Chris Van Wagencn Of course the development of4 the program this fall will depend largely on the number of Freshmen that come out. As of now there are f only nine freshmen *out but Coach Shimpeno is anticipating two freshmen boats. ., | If you have any thoughts of coming out for crew, nows the time. .It's not too late to come

out. On September 11, at 4:15 t.m. there will be-a meeting or all new members with Coach Larry Pintea in 208 Old Main. g If you have any Questions that you need cleared up visit Coach Shimpeno in Preston Hall or talk to Frank Sands. Make the move now, while the boats are still in the house, tj


We are now coming into a new era of Women's Athletics when we are asking for more women to participate in this field, hopefully to make Mercyhurst famously known for its Women's Varsity Athletics. If you participate in tennis or volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter or Softball in the spring, you are considered a member of the Women's Varsity Athletics Association. The W.V.A.A. holds at least one meeting per term and organizes an awards banquet for participating athletes. In following issues of the Merciad each varsity sport will j be presented in detail along with a schedule for that sport. We hope the Mercyhurst community! supports its women in their endeavors.




by Pat Lyon! Shimpeno explained jthe situation of- * the f administration Iby \ saying, "before money scan | be allocated for the soccer program, the administration must insure the sports \ they are now offering will be able to continue.: They cdn't jeopardize the established sports at \ the college by starting a new; intercollegiate soccer program/' The Board of Trustees at the college has also expressed an [interest in having the program at the Hurst, which gives Shimpeno and his?club greaM hopes that the money will be allocated by next fall. * The club's existence hopefully willI serve as a "visual lever" for the administration, letting them see that the students are involved with! the sport. Shimpeno is hoping i that tthe visual evidence t will speed up Uhe process of making soccer a varsity| sport, granting a budget, given a schedule and made a part of the athletic program. Shimpeno plans on putting

together a comprehensive budget proposal for the athletic director which will detail exactly what it will cost the college to. begin the program in the spring. The athletic director will then pass 'it on to the administration for their approval and that of the Board of Trustees. t The Soccer Club currently works out four or five days a week and has hopes of playing six to eight matches this fall. "We will play against the. other soccer clubs in the area, many of whom participated in the summer Recreation League at B eh rend," said Shimpeno, "We will also.try to arrange some scrimmages against area junior varsity college squads. • £j i} Shimpeno was fairly disappointed with the freshmen turnout as only four came ;out for the squad. Shimpeno thinks that once the people see tthe new program in action, many more will turn out for the club.

3 6 1 9 McClelland Ave and 38th St. P h o n e 899-0208

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