Residents of the Parade St ?

r^a have been complaining the past few weeks about the; noise coming from the Sesler Apartments. These complaints, which began near the end of the 1974-75 academic year, have increased in number since this term began. There have been references to beer blasts and large parties that have disturbed the neighbors at night. What the Parade St. residents think adds to the problem is the late hours to which these activities are extended. William G. Sesler, * General Partner of E.S.C. Realty Company, E. (William) Kennedy, Director of Student Services, and Dean William P. Garvey issued a warning to all Sesler I Apartment v tenants regarding this matter. % The residents on Parade St. and Briggs Ave. are bringing this to the college's attention. Thinking that

by Gerard NeCastro it is the irresponsibility of the students that causes this problem, they propose that this action be dealt with immediately. \ if If a warning is given to tenants and*the problem persists, the offenders will be ousted from the apartment. This is an alternative selected by Sesler and agreed upon by the college administration. This is not an unreasonable act, the owner thinks, since this is the normal policy toward tenants who break the law by disturbing the peace. Even though they are removed from the apartments, this will not affect their enrollment at MercyhursUbut it might affect their chances for campus housing.? Another problem the college must deal with (as long as people complain about parties and noise), is that of the under-age drinker. Since the college is

responsible under the law for the students, it has to answer for the illegal drinkers. If the administration consciously neglects them, the Mercyhurst name is endangered. 'These problems must be dealt with so that not only the college and the neighbors are pleased, but also the Sesler Apartment tenants can live the way they want to live. Up to this moment, most apartment dwellers were quite content with the way things were run, but now things may change. Suggestions such as employing supervisors for the apartments, have been brought up, but this will raise the rent. The only possible solution seems to be a reform of the students. As it stands, any student or studentsiaccused of disturbing the peace will be dealt with accordingly.

The Voice of the Mercfhurst Community
VOL. 48 NO. 4

by Pat Weschler It was learned this week that Mercyhurst College other courses. and ELBA Inc. have terminated a cooperative Because of the new delivery system, people who agreement arranged earlier this year. According to formerlyfdid not have the time to take courses at the agreement the two parties were to organize a Mercyhurst, now can take a course in six weeks. This special academic program in the field of insurance will greatly expand the number of people that Mercyhurst College can assist. It will also help Mercyhurst and sales management. | J g I According to Thomas Monaghan, Mercyhurst realize its goal of appealing to a larger variety of 2e f « » liaison with ELBA Inc. and the administrator of the people in coming years. cooperative * program,'the termination of the agreement was the result of a government edict which rendered the program impractical. Monaghan stressed that the decision to terminate the agreement f was a mutual one. I I " \ * |f Monaghan went on to explain that the original program involving ELBA and Mercyhurst had been aimed at enrolling a large proportion of students who would be eligible for Veterans • Administration educational benefits." Payment of such benefits to the individual students was dependent on the approval of The Mercyhurst Folk Group will appear on WICUthe program by the VA. I In June, I the VA gave its educational approval to TV, Channel 12, singing the "Our Father" as the sign(he program. Upon receiving the approval, Mercy- off to programming every night. On most days, the hurst enrolled 25 students in the first six-week course station signs off at 2 a.m. The station will begin to use of the eight-course insurance program. Classes were the new sign-off in approximately two weeks, i The group consists of Cathryn Bern, a junior law held at Mercyhurst and also in Pittsburgh, g } jl In July, general legal counsel for the Veterans enforcement major; Carmine DeCarlo, a sophomore Administration passed down a decision that all biology major; Anita* Seekins, a junior home cooperative programs between profit-making economics major; Elizabeth Stage, a senior music organizations and non-profit organizations would not major; Debra Stumpf, a junior humanities major; be eligible for VA benefits to individual students until, and David Blanch field, campus minister. Father Guy such programs had been in operation for a period of Patrick intones the prayer oetween the body of?the *\ two years. In light of this decision and the fact that 90 song and its ending. Eric Johnson of WICU-TV filmed the performing per cent of the potential students in the program were dependent on Veteran's benefitsjJELBA and Mercy- group Sunday afternoon on the Mercyhurst Campus, v WICU had been looking for a local group to replace hurst agreed that continuing the program without VA the old recording of the Navy Choir singing the "Our help would not be practical. | g * •*. Father" as their sign-off. Johnson "discovered the Although the agreement between ELBA and Mercyhurst group as a; result- of his attendance at Mercyhurst had been terminated, there was still the Sunday morning mass on campus. He liked the song matter of the 25 students enrolled in the insurance and the group and decided to use than. . i course. Mercyhurst then made the decision to conIncluded in the film are shots of the interior of the tinue the program, on a limited basis, until it decided chapel and of the college grounds. * * what its future course of action regarding off-campus The present Folk Group has been together for two programs would be. r ] • 5 ? I years. In the fall of 1974 they performed at County . Since mid-August, Monaghan has been working on Hospital, y[ * a 30-day study of tneFcosts and benefits of the offcampus insurance program. He has also been successful in securing VA approval for the program, since it is now wholly operated by Mercyhurst and not subject to the July decision for the generaljcounsel regarding profit-making organizations, i m According to Monaghan, the new program which has come to be known as Insurance and Sales Management is emerging as an "on-going and vibrant program/' The courses on the program are now being taught on Wednesdays and Saturdays for a total of six and a half hours each week. The second course of the eight-course cycle is now being taught. In concluding, Monaghan noted that the new program is experimental only in the sense that the courses are being offered in a different format-i.e., two days per week, six =weeks per course. The courses themselves are traditional Mercyhurst Photo by Nancy Willis Business Division courses. Monaghan noted that the The Mercyhurst Folk Group. From left to right: Carmine delivery methods being used for the Insurance and DeCarlo, Cathryn Bern, Debra Stumpf, Kathleen Kelleher, Sales Management program could bej; adapted to David Blanchfield, Elizabeth Stage* Anita Seekins. £ 1


• * " » * » •*>^*«ww<*•+J*'*r*/B*?*f+ •#. >i

College Senate
Elects Officers!
The Mercyhurst College Senate has completed elections and is now ready to form committees. Mr. Edward J. Gallagher was elected Senate President with Ms. Jacquelyn\Howey winning the Vice President position. 1|| Also elected was the Senate Agenda Committee. Each of the three phases of the Senate, .student, faculty and administration, elected one member to the committee. Those elected were Patty Mullaugh, Jacquelyn \ Howey, and • E. William Kennedy, respectively. This committee will meet on the second of each month to decide the agenda and to hear all Senate reports. i 1^ The Senate, at this time, is also looking for committee members. Mr. Gallagher has sent letters to the faculty, to the administration and to RUS looking for volunteers. These volunteers will then be nominated to committees by the Agenda Committee and appointed to the Senate. These committees will meet every month on the first Wednesday. *J According to its Constitution, the Senate will meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Other meetings will be planned, however, if the need arises.

Hurst Folk Group Performs For



SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH? Marilyn Jewell, Associate Professor of German, is initiating a weekly German hour every Thursday|at]3:00 in the LRC Montgomery Room. Tf '& All members of the college community who speak German or have studied German and would like to hear some German spoken are invited to attend. Helping Frau Jewell to lead the discussion will be Barbra Maciak, a student of Advanced German, and three other students from Berlin: Suzy Short, Sally Short and Patrick Short. 'i ,i



OCTOBER 3, 1975

Carol Quartuccio

Dear Student Tenant, f 5 In recent weeks the College has been the unhappy recipient of numerous complaints from residents of Parade Street Boulevard regarding the excessive noise of apartment parties. Obviously such disregard for the rights of our neighbors cannot and will not be tolerated by the College. We wish to remind you that the terms of your lease places you under the disciplinary code of the College. According to this code, students who? violate the housing regulations of the College are subject to termination of their housing contacts. The College simply will not house those students who cannot act as responsible, mature adults—either in the College Dormitories, the Briggs Avenue Townhouses, or Sesler Apartments. t 1 Accordingly, our Security Force has been instructed to issue formal written warnings to apartment residents who disturb the peace. Students who receive a second notice are subject to immediate termination of their leases withfi.S.CTRealty.I We sincerely hope that it will not be necessary to enforce such disciplinary measures? and that all Sesler residents will voluntarily respect the rights of their fellow residents and their Parade Street neighbors, v f I % Sincerely, f E.W. Kennedy [ if Director of Student Services 4 } •f William G. Sesler, General Partner v E.S.C. Realty Company -i > William P. Garvey W I Vice President of Academic Services ' arid Deatiof the Colleger**' T i £ Here I am again, collegiate community, to bring to you via the Mefciadjmy impressions of the previous letter, my interview with Mr. Kennedy, and comments from various Parade Street Blvd. residents on the Sesler pandemonium problem. Because my abode is located in one of the Sesler buildings, U forcibly 'take the side of Mercyhurst students, who by verbal majority claim that the restrictions made on them are too stringent. Though with the possible rebellious attitude of the students, certain rigid action will take place, such as "the termination of your apartment lease." Therefore, I wouldn't advise students to resist this prohibition unless they are sure to be guaranteed off-campus housing. ;-'It is apparent to me that there is a definite communication perplexity ^between Parade St. Blvd. residents and Mr. Sesler. The residents related to me that the problem was unbearable during the summer months on Thursday evenings! Yet, the fall term houses; different residents. Consequently, they (the fall term residents) apparently are the recipients of this limitation. For this reason I feel the students were judged unreasonably. J It's unfortunate that Sesler apartments find themselves back to back with our civilized society. Considering this fact, it is obvious that Mercyhurst students should act accordingly when late hours do arise. Personally, I feel they've done so.

sponsoring 12. Since Mercyhurst College has as its Dear Editor, V \ \ The other day'I was looking through my book of purpose the promotion of the growth and developmemoirs and came across a list of cultural events for ment of the individual student, It only seems logical 1971-72. (I'm on the six year plan so I've been around that more events should be l held on campus to further students in every aspect. • r [ * a long time.) It' W ji f • v As I looked through it, there seemed to be many | Maybe this is a question more than a gripe but why different events going on not only at the Hurst but also aren't there more events held on campus? Is it lack of at Gannon and Villa. It started my collegiate mind to funds or lack of student participation? Maybe you or thinking so I picked up cultural events calendar for one of the administration can give me an answer. 1974-75 and did some figuring. (I was a math major Everyone on campus seems to have a gripe about something but no one does anything about it. It's for a short time). f . In 1971-72 out of 60 events Mercyhurst sponsored 22. about time we clean up our act and pull this college Today's calender only has 40 events with the Hurst together. Since I've been here (which is longer than anyone should admit) this college has gone downhill. All students do any more is complain and fall further away from the close union they had at one time. Since there are so many complaints and gripes, a gripe list should be started. Just think! You could see your top fiye gripes every week in the Merciad. So if you're tired of nothing happening on campus or have a gripe send them to me, ^Harping Harvey", in care of the Merciad and I'll see that they get published in black and white. § Sincerely, Harping Harveyf


Yearbook Plea
September 30,1975 Dear Administration, Faculty, and Students: Last year when the school budgetlwas approved, various expenses were feliminated to ; lighten the burden of a tuition increase. Among these items was the college yearbook. A number of students felt that the tradition of the ^yearbook was one worth upholding and they took it upon themselves to organize the yearbook without the financial backing that had been provided by the school. To do so requires soliciation of everyone—businesses, faculty, students—and the subscription of those wanting a book. All interest, ideas, and determination combined will not produce a book unless the necessary funds are there. ' • I L This year's book will be outstanding. The staff is ambitious, hard-working, and ready to produce a good book. In 1976, Mercyhurst College will be SO years old. I believe 50 years of tradition is worth recording into the mempries for^the years to come. Only your pledges and subscriptions can assure this. Let's save our yearbook—"Seize the oppoi$unity*"-*-it may be * the only^one tfor the
Praeterita. t Sincerely, Cynthia Jarzab Editor-in-Chief 1976 Praeterita}

Seminar In U.S.S.R

* i


Planning has already begun for the Edinboro State College Russian Language and Culture Seminar to be held in Leningrad during the 1976 summer session. Participating students will earn six-semester hours of college credit. The annual seminar is officially endorsed by the Pennsylvania Consortium for International Education. Lasting from mid-July, it includes four hours!of formal Russian language instruction daily, lectures byjfSoviet professors specializing in various aspects of Soviet Culture and Civilization, and«tours to theatres, the opera, the ballet, museums, art galleries, schools, universities and recreational facilities, w f A major value of thegseminar is that it provides U.S. college and university students the opportunity to establish lasting person-to-person relationships with Soviet citizens. Interested students are urged to contact Dr. Julius M. Blum, Professor of Russian, Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pa. 16444, telephone (814) 732-2417. Only 32 spaces are available and will be allocated on a first-come basis. i &? i i &

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This is a rebuttal. For the next sixty*seconds this paper will conduct a rebuttal of the Emergency Brainwave System. This is only a rebuttal. k BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. / Hello, Americans, this is Martin Miglioretti writing a letter of defense and exolanation for the illegible renderings that I had the umitigated bodaciousness to subject upon the Mercyhurst community. First off, let me congratulate you and your cowflop •; - , ADMISSIONS CLUB! • for not having enough pride in your convictions to sign There is an Admissions Club meeting scheduled for your verbal onslaught against the "cartoon or Sunday, October 5, at 4:00 p.m. t f whatever it is" that took up the "unadequately All members and anyone interested who wishes to allocated space" in our paper. Your anonymity only become a mem ber should attend, t*-- k t demonstrates that you, sir, "are a first degree cretin. And if you feel deprived of more important info on or J SUBSCRIBE TO THE YEARBOOK about our fair institution, I can only apologise and Subscriptions will be taken in Zurn lobby beginning make room for articles of more relevance, as "Union October 11. Cost is $10.00 per book. Pay the entire $10.00 or Jukebox Gets Eight New Selections." ^ pay $5.00 down and the other $5.00 in 30 days. Forgive the sarcasm; my point is this: I am aware A pledge of $25.00 or more entitles you to a free edition. fUlly that my works of late have been illegible, and I apologise. The lettering was very chaotic, and the reduction-for-printing-purposes didn't help matters any. But the content makes sense only on a higher level, and if you are into abstract humor (i.e. Monty Python, National Lampoon, Woody Allen), I think I can piously predict that you would be "aisling in the rolls'' (the old switcheroo!). If you appreciate cartoons as^ "an effective weapon" )zoom! What a metaphor!), remember the role satire plays in making society aware. *The awareness of these cartoons is realized^more on a conceptual level. If you or any other personage care about the context of the cartoons, let the Merciad WORK FOR A "FIRST CLASS" PAPER know, and I will oblige to translate. And by the by, they do demonstrate the studentThe MERCIAD is presently recruiting staff T members for the 1975-76 school year. administration relationship we have here. Take that statement to bed with you tonight. i.k ALL positions open t This has been a rebuttal of the Emergency Brainwave System. If 'this had* been an actual CALL Carol Quartuccio at 866-1994 or attend an emergency, you would have been instructed to locate organizational meeting. Thursdays in.the the nearest vat of Crisco, and immerse yourself.^ Merciad office, 4 p. m. 304 Old Main. Thank you. fe Martin G. Miglioretti '•{


OCTOBER 3, 1975



The Learning Resource Center or Mercyhurst College is looking for a new rendition to prevent the? dilemma of "long term* loaners." The LRC has for years depended on an open, honest system but

rm Loners
would set off an alarm. It is not the wishes of the LRC staff that such measures be taken but at the rate at which materials are missing. They find it impossible to meet with the standards of a quality library service with the present situation. One outstanding factor for students to take a jlook at is that the largest percentage of monies alloted to the LRC come from tuition and a small sum comes from grants. A conclusion to draw from this is that you are ripping off your fellow students f i The primary function of the LRC at Mercyhurst College is to support the curriculum. Second in importance is to support research needs of the faculty and third, but just as important, is to support the needs of the students. With the increasing numbers of holes on the shelves it becomes? harder to fulfill these needs.

President's Showcase

"Erie County and the Ice Age" will be the topic of the speech to be delivered by David J. Thomas, asst. professor of earth science at Mercyhurst College at the P r e s i d e n t ' s Showcase Seminar in the faculty lounge on Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. A representative group of students, faculty members and administrators was asked to attend. I y The seminars are •Ibeing continued as a result of the success of the two seminars conducted in April and May. 1975 for the Trustees and Associates. The purpose of the Showcase Seminars is;to give to /the Trustees and Associates a sampling of the work of some Mercyhurst professors and to build a closer relationship between the Trustees and Associates and 'members of the college JMs. Anita Collins, a biology community. The group is kept instructor, has- been 'apsmall to provide continuity to pointed to the teaching staff here at Mercyhurst College. the seminars. A wine and cheese reception, Ms.* Collins, formerly of Will follow Mr. Thomas' Kutztown, Pa., holds a B.S. in biology from Penn State presentation. The premiere Showcase University.? She recently Seminar was given I by acquired a master's degree in Richard J. Kubiak, associate genetics from Ohio State £^ ? professor of history, on "Life University. ! in Poland or Life. in a & While attending graduate Socialistic orCommunistic school, Ms. Collins [served as , a 3 graduate i assistant, CtoUntr? 'fn ApfiT, 1975 Anne'Francis Cavanaugh, teaching physiology - and Ph.D., lectured on Irish genetics to undergraduates. S She was the President of the literature and politics in May. Anyone interested im at- Council of Graduate Studies, tending the seminars may dealing with everything from contact M aril ynn Jewell (Rm. the Rose Bowl Committee to 206, Preston) or Dorothy Kirk the University Senate. I She-was also nominated to in the President's office^ * the associate members of Sigma Xi, an engineering and science honorary,,;in addition to belonging to a J number^ of professional organizations. She is currently pursuing her Thanks are extended to P.H.D. in behavioral genetics National Recording Artists from Ohio State and hopes to Gunhill Road for putting on a have it completed by superb three night per- Thanksgiving. $ % * formance in the Coffeehouse. Ms. Collins jfe has various Sat. Oct. 4 .- Movie- Sun- interests, ranging from downers 8:00 R.H. sailing and swimming to Sat. Oct. U - Movie - Billy sewing. # u U Jack 8:00R.H. ; But her main hobby is bees! Sun. Oct. 12 - Ralph in concert She became fascinated with - indoor tennis courts 9:00 these insects 3while-doing p.m. Back by popular graduate work with a bee demand - 10? piece rock geneticist and researcher at orchestra. | J Ohio State. While first purTues. Oct. 14 - The zany suing this hobby, Ms. Collins comedy group Divided We was stung 30 times in one Stand in the coffeehouse hour, but now says she is quite used to their behavior. for one nightonly. Ms. Collins is very imSat. and Sun-October 18 and 19 Movie -The Emigrants iressed with Mercyhurst and its atmosphere 8:00 p.m. R.H. . ^ i inds Mon. - Wed. Oct. 20 m Gerry dynamic. "The people seem Grossman iii the Coffeer interested in trying new things and there is a good selection house. of courses. I'm really clad to Hockey pickets on sale in be here," said Ms. Collins. The Student Union for She also finds the students a Mercyhurst Night with the lot friendlier -than at? Ohio Erie Blades — price - $1.50 State. per ticket. * "

by Dave Wallin * with the increasing losses, new check will have to be administered. Joanne S. Cooper, librarian and director of the LRC, conducted a.pilot inventory this summer:and discovered losses of. books and periodicals estimated between $5,000 and $6,000. The highest percentage of books missing in the last year had been purchased within the past three years. The time and cash factor to replace lost materials is overwhelming. The only •controls to cut down losses available at the time are: having professors reserve materials needed for particular classes,,, and shorter open!; hours with stricter security at all exits. .A possible answer in the future would be an automated control system. The system works with sensitized materials from the LRC. Anything • leaving the LRC that has not been desensitized upon check-out

Photo by Bob R oiiks ley Security is tightened at LRC entrance.

Education Majors:

All Education majors, resident and non-resident, are being asked to complete a form indicating their major and academic j concentration. This form, distributed by the Education Division, has been inserted in each mailbox. Students are asked to return the completed form to any Education Division ^faculty member, Becky (Secretary. Education Division), or to drop off the form in the special box in the Education Division (third floor Old Main). Also, Ms. Collins resides at 1045 completed forms may be left in the campus mailroom. W. 8th St., Erie. ;' Please be sure that you complete and return this form, Education Majors! The completion of your form is necessary;for an "Education head-count" and to provide data necessary for future planning byj the Education Division. J£ A » $ ,u$ 1^ Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, it There will be a, very^ interesting and important C.E.C. meeting, f * ** V f ** ? * • f" * ft? Sunday October 5th Place: 301 Main? Time: 7:00P.M. 3 * I ] ^ \ A guest speaker will share with us an understanding of how to communicate with parents of economically disadvantaged children. * All are invited. : •




. . - . . " . . - 1 . * .1--

Brig id Cusick

Another Hand For

SAC News

Divided We Stand
Remember Spring Weekend in May of 1975? Think back and focus in on one word Entertainment. Do you vaguely recall sounds of hysterical laughter coming from the circus tent around 11:00 p.m. on Friday night? And all the noise you heard that seemed like thunder was actually the tremendous applause for the act who was performing? If this still does not bring bade your memory, either you've got a bad case of amnesia or you unfortunately missed the zany comedy group known as Divided We Stand I Well, if you happen to fall under one of these two categories, SAC is giving you another chance. On Tuesday, October 14,1975 in the Coffeehouse, Divided We Stand will return for a one right engagement. Because of the fantastic response last year, SAC realized that Divided We Stand isn't just a one-time deal; we do know a good thing when we see and hear it. For this reason, we want all the new students and those who missed their show during Spring Weekend to enjoy the same experience which many of us already ha ve. If you're still skeptical, ask the students about Divided We Stand. They'll agree with Don't forget, circle October 14 on your calendar for a guaranteed good time — Divided v we Stand. * I* I ( •. In the near future, Divided We Stand will be appearing on the Midnight Special. Watch for that announcement. ;. y . . '*. •. ,, Coming to the Mercyhurst campus: the return of Ralph/ Read about it m next week s Merciad. t * t
SAC that this comeay act is great! ••

This Saturday, Oct. 4. the 7 p.m. folk mass will be held in the coffe house. Following mass, the Campusl Ministry is sponsoring the. movie <f The Sundowners." directed by Fred - Zinneman and / starring Deborah Kertfand Robert Mitchum. The film is a Suffering ^from a sagging Q.P.S,? warm and humorous itinerant Ifttve it a boost Take advantage of the Skills Bank Tutoring study! of Australian sheep*herders \Ser\dce*. For more information contact: and their search for Karen J. Gilmore •; permanency in a land of Skills Bank Coordinator change. Preston 202 ext.277



Le CABARET—Theatre-Performance Workshop WHERE: Coffee House, Student Union DOING: Anything of an entertaining nature. ^U 4 THIS THURSDAY, OCT. 9—Featuring—suggestive scenes from the World Theatre, plus songs by Ms. Walkeraccompanying herself on her guitar. : j Anyone wishing to contribute their talents to future workshop presentations, or having .requests for future Workshop activities, please notify Gary smith, 808 Preston for scheduling (these needed not be dramatic scenes—any type of performance is encouraged—fan dancers, boa constrictor handlers, magicians, puppeteers, weight lifters, are encouraged to consider displaying their talents, too.) This is an Equal Opportunity Performance Situation!
WHEN? Every Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

PAG E 4 Inquiring Reporter Asks


OCTOBER 3. 1975

Club of ]Erie, ? Pennsylvania presents the Covered Bridge XI11 Auto Rally, The Rally is to run Sunday! October 12, 1975. • tm * t J I Registration opens at 10:00 a.m. ntithe SOU 10 Gas Station atOhiojRoute 45 and Interstate 90, the AshtabulaWarren Interchange on 1 90. The Rally begins at noon, LJjThe Rally Is designed to guide the participants to several of Ashtabula County's famous covered bridges. by Avonna Gill Kershey ^Experienced Ralleyists, novices and tourists will all be I The performance of de statement. His style of running in this event and "Seagull'1 presented by the writ itig combines exactness of competing against one Mercyhurst Little Theatre, realistic observation with another,* | & ^ begins October 81. "S l r gentle humor and com Trophies will be awarded in is a comedv of fru* » <i passion, in February 1887. * Pal Smith - Baldwin resident: Charlie Kufo V Townhouse each class and will be lives. Accompanied by her Chekhov I Buffered* his first "As of this point, the noise displayed at W.C.jRreakiron lover, the cerebrated novelist serious hemorrhage; I le then resident; "No, I don't think level? has not been excessive that there is too much noise. Jewelers, 3024 Pine Avenue, Trigorin, Mme. Arkadina, a returned to Russia in May to the point where it inhibits Considering the amount of Erie, Pennsylvania, for one successful but aging actress, 1898, and his return coincided studying." % wM residents, I think that the week prior to the rally. \ * visits the country estate of will) the formation* of the Come out andfsee aflot-of her brother Sorin. I Her .son Moscow Art .Theater by people should expect noise on party nights."! history»i^.These I covered Kostya, hoping to impress his Nemirovich-Danchenko and bridges were built when the mother, arranges with ^ his Konstantin stnulsluvisky, horse and buggy was in vogue sweetheart Nina to stage a After krepeated requests- by and have been preserved as symbolist drama he has Danchenfto, Chekhov gave his part of the area's heritage. written, but: his mother's ormlssion for "Seagull" Mo They! are beautiful and thought less, Smocking com- en performed by^tne new amazing. Experience them ments cause him to suspend company. The second perwith us on the Rally. the performance and stalk off formance of .the play was on | Participation is limited, so in rage. Nina, introduced to December 17,1898 and It was pleaseiinquire!early/ Infor- Trigorin, is, dazzled by his a huge success. The first mation can be obtained by fame and sophistication. In performance In 1897 had been calling (814) 459-5899 or thef days that follow her such an utter* disaster that writing P.I.A.C. at P.O. Box relationship with Kostya Chekhov ran out of the 571, Erie, Pennsylvania 18512^ cools. Kostya kills a seagull theatre after-.Act III vowing and reproachfully lays it at never to write for^thofstage Cindy Tolan • Sesler resident: Nina's feet.- dramatically again. Jim llallamyer - RUS president: Considering there have been indicating ills freadiness to t;"You have to respect the no open Sesler parties, how IS THERE ANY DEFENSE commit suicides | * § \ \ PlKor. the ending and all the . frights of the Parade Blvd. can anyone complain about AGAINST THE FLU? J residents but you also have to J Ant on Pavlovich Chekhov laughter and tears it contains, noise? We shouldn't be Yes, there is available a was the Russian master of the you i a r e invited to «see I respect the rights of the ;«.; penalized for something that two-strain vaccine which ^students to'4 enjoy their own was done over the summer." short story* form and one*of Seagull "fThcf play premiers provides more {protection thef most influential modem on Friday, October 31 at residency. I feel that the noise than previously:,realized. The dramatists of this time. Mercyhurst College. We all has sufficiently decreased from** last year. You ican't vaccine provides protection Chekhov's art? is that of..un h please everybody all .of the ope to see you then. against both the A-2 and B flu time." ? ! • T? virus strains. The A-2 strain FalltFestlva caused the Asian flu epidemic of 1960. The flu vaccine offers Joe Cook - Security: "The dorms no protection against Ithe ^haven't been so bad; however, common cold. 3 J. Sesler seems to be the worst. *A single injection will Since it's been a repeated reduce the risk of| catching complaint of the neighbors on I by Gerard Necastro Parade Blvd., I agree with the flu. I * • Last Friday an organizational meeting was held for the Sesler^ It's unfortunate that FLU SHOTS WILL j B E Fall Festival with RuS President Jimmy Hallamyer as its $ the people on Parade Blvd. GIVEN IN THE HEALTH head. Scheduled for the {weekend of October Hi0-l2g this are so close to the apartSEftVlCE OFFICE DURING year's Fall Festival, though only In the development stage, ments. Their main complaint THE ENTIRE MONTH OF seems to have many activities planned, if weather is is the lateness of the noise, not OCTOBER - ^ F R E E OF pleasant, the festival will take place on the outdoor campus so much the amount." CHARGE. I \ i grounds* If not, the Student Union will be the center of attraction, v i wp t JM -4 IF Part 3 *i Among the events scheduled * will be a pinochle tournament and various other game championships, goldfish and pie eating contests, apple bobbing competition, and an egg catching contest; in addition to these, a dump machine wlil !)<»• (>n hand and chicken fights will be organized. The Hotel and Restaurant Department will provide not dogs and PRACTICE ON A REGULAR the minutes and seconds and time. After? a total of six Coke, and the Biology Club will furnish shaving cream pies. divide the' time into f the weeks you should have in- Finally, there will be a tug* of war between intramural BASIS jLike| any? skill, reading number* of words f on the creased your reading ability football teams and a bar run. The latter will involve two persons per entry, one of whom will drive a car to various requires practice. In order to page. This will tell you what considerably.! * $ \ develop the Jhabit of good your current reading speed is 8r»Try to get your speed on bars erected around town by other students; the other will reading 'you must train your In words per minute. You can easy material to about*300 play the equally important role of the "spirits" at each stop. eyes and mind to perform get the average number of words per minute. Once you Cash and assorted oilier prizes will be given to winners of well together^ You don't have words on a page by taking the have reached this? level you the contests. Benefits will go .to the 'department which to take a speed freading average per { line and will know you can da as well organizes each activity. Any further suggestions will be course. TheSrewards will be multiplying It by the number as the average good reader. greatly appreciated. most worthwhile if you take of lines, omitting headings. Maintain the habit by the time and persevere. | reading at least a half hour a Set aside 15 to 30 minutes Ask yourself questions on day. You will be enriched by every day to practice the material and review it to keeping up with newspapers, reading, much as a pianist, see if you are correct. If you magazines and books& You typist or,golfer would..Start .miss important details your will also enjoy reading, more off your exercises twith light speed is probably too fast for material, such as Reader's your present reading ability. as your proficiency increases/* Friday, October 3 Digest, that has uniform page Don't get discouraged, just This article, "How to DINNER: Baked Ham, Batterfried Fish. Italian Improve Your Reading length and short articles. keep practicing. Meat Ball Sandwich. Your objective is to read with }Read 3 or 4 articles each Skills", is one in as series SaturdaytlOotober 4 W for college understanding at your best day for two or three weeks* developed DINNERS Steak, WhoppeuBurger, Shrimpo's. Use the same length and type students by the Association of spceu. ;.y Sunday, Octobers * Compare your speed to of; material each day. Push American Publishers. Other B R U N C H ) Veal Cutlet Parmesean, Roast established norms. The yourself ibut \use discretion, topics in the series are "1 low Turkey Dressing, Omlet-Spanlsh. < speeds generally accepted for making sure you check your to Get the Most Out of Your Monday, October 6 sjj average readers are: easy of comprehension of the Textbooks" and "How to DINNER: Salisbury Steak, Chicken Pot Pie, Hot light material, 250-350 words material^ Record your speed Prepare 2Successfully for Ham Sandwich and F.F.; # per minute (wpm); medium faithfully each time so you Examinations." They are Tuesday, October 7 to difficult material, 200-250 ca n check your progress. -J also available in booklet form DINNER: Br. ;Pork| Chop, Lasagne, Then switch to something free of charge to students. If wpm; and [difficult material Cheeseburger. * i l at 100-150 wpm. \ | more difficult In vocabulary, you would like copies please Wednesday, October 6 Timeiyourself exactly for style, and content Do this for write to: AAP STUDENT DINNER! Chicken, Breaded Fish, Grilled One Park two pages with a clock that two more weeks, questioning SERVICE, RuelanandF.F. 1 4 •? has a second hand. Calculate yourself and recording your Avenue. New York, NY 10016.
• : .•

Campus Residencies Excessive

The Noise

P.I.A.C.E. The Presque Isle Autosport


Prevent Flu * h



Plans Underway!

Improve 'Reading Skills

OCTOBER 3, 1975



Students of Mercyhurst we need your help! The Council for Exceptional Children has scheduled an Open House to present Uie community with their plans for the Saturday Morning Enrichment Classes, and we need you to spread the word. W *^ The purpose of this program is to offer both parents and students an a opportunity to relax and enjoy their Saturday mornings. Classes are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to noon and focus on Socialisation, Language Experience, Gross Motor and general enrichment experiences. Parentsgmay deliver their children to the Child Developmental) in the basement of Baldwin Hall at any tieme between 9 a.m! and 12 p.m. We realise that parental schedules are hectic, therefore, our program provides for great flexibility. i 2 & ; ? In order to meet the cost of materials, we are asking a donation of one dollar per hour. So, spread the word. We have made great plans and are anticipating an overwhelming turnout. * i 81

Biology Club News
On September |29, the Biology club met to discuss plaas for the Fall Festival. It was decided that a shaving cream t pie booth would be appropriate as it was during last year's Spring Weekend. On Saturday, October 4, at 2:00 p.m., Mr. Ken Felix will be here with a red hailed hawk. He is* going to demonstrate some of the techniques used in hunting with hawks, i ± Some of the future plans of the club are speakers and films on subjects of interest to the student body such as sun control and hunting rules. Also a field trip to Seagull Marsh in planned. f The next' meeting of the club will be on Monday, October 6, in room 103 Zurn. New members are always welcome and you don't have to be a Biology major to join.

When charting your career, planning is a major element. For example, an Individual interested in finance may choose to establish himself initially with a major company noted for its financial management j program, recognized , as in leader in industry and noted for developing . top financial talent, lie may plan to spend four or five years of training and development in that kind of \environment, and then market" himself to an organisation that is receptive to that kind of training and experience. The same; concept can be applied" to the! marketing individual who!seeks out a consumer products company or the person interested in general administration $who may seek out: a management consulting firm. Although we cannot control and foresee all, careful} planning helps. Through the process of career planning an individual can Best cope with many of the factors which influence the degree of success a person achieves. The career you plan now

may Just be the first in a succession of changes, hovever. you should 'lie able to reach your career objective with no more than three-or four moves during the course of your working life. A Job while in college can often help form opinions and decisions in t he early. and most important stage of developing a career ob« Jective. u # A part-time job while in college, that falls within your field of study, may not offer the pay you want, however, the training and experience will often provide the background necessary when applying for a j job after gradualioiv^Very often this experience on an application will be the reason one applicant is hired over another. • if graduate school Is part of your plan, or if you are toying with the id HI of graduate education, ] the Graduate School catalogs are available in* the I Career Planning Center. 204- Main. As an aid to your planning there are flies on career information that will help in deciding which

way to go. For example if you have a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry! but decide that a laboratory Is not where you want to spend the rest of your life, a Master of Business Administration might be the answer. With an MBA added to your degree in Chemistry, you can look forward to a career with a pharmaceutical company in administration, or perhaps 1In hospital administration. For both of the just mentioned careers, a background in chemistry would be an asset. Also, with this background, many companies, especially! oil companies, t sena their employees who show an aptitude on to law school to become The above is just1 one example. The* variety , and bends and turns that a career can take are too numerable to mention here. Come up to the CPC, 204 Main and judge for yourself. The flies and book shelves are loaded with Just this sort of information. And if you don't find what lyou are looking for, just ask Mrs. Hawes and she will be glad to help. - 4 $
corporation lawyers.

by Deb U. Tante
This variety article is a first for the MKRCIAD and will appear weekly Tor whenever .I'm drunk enough to write. '' '* The first clique we will look at, is 7?those Resident Alcoholics 'of Sesler 184, better known as Bo's .Hoys. This is one of the more hidden cliques on campus so jl thought I'd bring them to the ic eye. We will now meet chone. j* ilton Bono mo. Ron hails from Com mack, iLong Island and has been here since 1972. Ml of us who know him have spent three years trying to figure out his nationality. The concensus feels he is Puerto Rican. Bo (his quite original nickname) may be'found at all the prominent night spots, Herman's, Gray's and Hick and Barry's. At least ^report Bo was preparing for the weekly Jim and Lee's 100 .... ., 8 yard dash* James ILandreth Beveridge. James (better known as Skip) I hails from Webster, Pa (a suburb of Donors). James also came to with three happy years. The best way to know who Skip is would be to watch out for the guy who is hidden in the crowd and spends the night introducing himself.'At least report Skip was cruising the docks witn*the- Erie Police (internship) readingfihe Erie Times. Good Luck with that Mustang! I Joe "Hun" Sterbank. Joe hails from "little Mercyhurst" Saint Marys, Pa. Hun, like Skip; and Bo, has been with us since 1972 and has burdened us with three happy years. Joe also frequents all those plush night spots such as Herman's, Gary's and Hick and Barry's. Joe may be Had ve
US in 1972 and has blessed us



Pittsburgh, Pa.; Val Ferro, Cortland, N.Y.;P Colleen Johnson, Northport, L.I.; Janice Kalamajka, Oil City, Pa.; Debbie Luke, North East. | Pa.; | Becky Malikowski, Erie, Pa.; Debbie Mickle, Linesville, Pa.; Janey * Nestor,| South
Alleghany; I )ebbie,Plucirisk i,

Another women's! sport Mercyhurst has adopted is Women's Volleyball.^ This invigorating sport is being coached by Suzanne Jarrett. Suzanne Jarrett obtained hertBA in Psychology from Mercyhurst and an MS in Guidance Counseling from Youngstown State University. She works as a guidance counselor for the Wattsburg Area School District and also coaches volleyball and softball at Seneca High School in Wattsburg, Pa. \ Along with studying at Mercyhurst and Youngstown, she also played on each school's volleyball team. In coaching this year's team, which consists of Janice and Nancy Borowski, Port Allegany; Sue Fagan,

seen |on0 occasion, "inebriated , cruising the halls of Egan. Hun must be considered carrying a poad and dangerous. Istevc Henderson. Steve hails from Titusvllle, Pa. (need I say more) and has only been here for three years. Although he looks to be the oldest in the 134 clique,
"Believe! me, ,he is the

youngest". Steve spends most of his time trying to convince all of us that his beard is really not red and that 99 per cent ofi the world is color he next. M *•:*? ] > DKH U TANTE * gossip blind. Steve was not available for comment due to Editor i

training ,1 He hopes to join Bo in the Jim and Lee's too yard dash. j * To«end this article of in traduction, ll was asked to make two announcements. One is that any* young voluptuous, .seductive freshmen girls looking for a good time should'stop by and say hello. Secondly, the boys of 184 will be passing out autographed pictures and copies of this article this Friday night. Take care and who knows? Your clique may

Conneaut Lake,iPa.; .Mary Suizinski, Poughkeepsie,
N.Y.; i Gail

North East, Pa.; and Sue Lauteria, Butler, Pa. * manager; the coach and the girls along with Miss Price see a very promising season. They would also appreciate any support that Mercyhurst could give them. They will have their first ;ame on October 6. Oood
-iuck! I
7:00p.m. (A) 7:00p.m. (A) 6:30p.m. (A) 1:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m. (A) 7:00p.m.


Women's Volleyball Schedule
October 6 • Monday - Gannon (A& B) October 7 • Tuesday - Edlnboro (A&B) October 8 - Wednesday -Alleghany ; Gannon Clarion October 11 • Saturday - Pitt (A&B) * Ashland (A&B) October 20 * Monday • Pradonla * a «§2; Robert Wosl y an October 23 • Thursday* Oennort J • n*'v

The newly formed Mercy- remarked, "I look for the hurst Soccer Club suffered season to be a period' of their second loss on October learning and I will continue to 29 at the hands of Edlnboro. in play everyone. He also felt the first period, both teams that the players are in the were going strong with solid wrong position at Uie wrong performances From I Jose time. Coach Shimpeno finally Miguel, Ken Simons and Bob noted that "They* have to Curtis. Coach Shimpeno was place a little more authority also impressed with the about passing the ball to the laying of left fullback Glen wings. I } >illion and goal tender Greg Kern who made some Overall, the team was more beautiful saves. Two of» the or less conditioned •& for goals Edlnboboro put in were Monday's game but soccer is penalty kicks which are shot a game of running and if Vom 12yards out. < : , Shimpeno'H squad gets in top /When questioned about the shape, the next game may fall season, Coach Shimpeno even provide a goal, f
l i t t • i r I*


M Edlnboro November 3 • Monday • Behrend (A&B) Grova City (A&B) November 4 - Tuefoy • lla (A&BO). *$< Alleghany November 6 - Thursday,-? Clarion

m 2 n Behrend October 27- Monday • Villa (A&B) October 28 - Tuesday - Westminster '(A&B) October 30 • Thursday - AI leghany Villa :

(H) 7:00p.m. (A) 7:00 p.m. (A) 6:30p.m. (H) 7:00p.m. (A) 7:00p.m. (A) 7:00p.m.

Weed Help? Study* help - booklet called "How* to Prepare Successfully for Examinations" available from:? AAP STUDENT SERVICE | • * Dept. B * One Park Avenue New York. N.Y. 10016

Engll 308


MOVIES: I <MiUcreek Mall Cinema l. 2,3 868-5isi I 1) "American Graffiti!" 2) "Benji" ^ I 3) "Blazing Saddles" Cinema 18 453-2097 "Charlotte" » Peinsula 833-0924 "Flesh Gordon" I "Groove Tube" CONCERTS # | "Jefferson Starshlp" CLEVELAND PUBLIC HALL Friday, October 10,1075 Tickets: $5,50 in advance • $6.60 day of show j \ j Tickets are aval labia at the Boston Store,



OCTOBER 3, 1975

* f t

...After considering both of Sunday's baseball games at Fredonia, I find myself confused by the inconsistency of the Lakers' hitting. How does one really explain a team that in one game fails to produce even one run, and in the next game manages to score eight? ! ...This Saturday could be the intrasquad race of the year as Women's Varsity Crew takes on a rather inexperienced ffesMAen^oat. Thr women app&ar both willmg apd f|ady for the race, and I hopethe girls really do well:TOSwill be the first intrasquad race of the year,, but the main concern and major question of all crew meiAbers is \ 'Will the regular season ever begin?'! ...As for picking this year's intramural winner inj; flag football, I am inclined to say that the Ten Rats will meet Relatively High in the finals. j S ^ JpH ...Special thanks to head baseball coach Joe Cook for taking the time to talk to this;sports writer at so late an hour, an hour when most of us are in a deep sleep.

The Mercyhurst Laker baseball season finally got underway Sunday, September 28th, as the Lakers split la doubleheader with the Fredonia State Blue Devils. In the first game, pitcher Joe Williams was robbed of a victory as his teammates failed to deliver a pair £ of badly * needed runs as Fredonia State shutout the Lakers 1-0. Williams, who went thef distance, threw 154 pitches only to find himself a loser in the n t h inning. Fredonia's Dan Gordon singled home the game

winning runj for winning pitcher Jack Van Develde. In the second game, Laker pitcher Tom Barringer managed to pick up his first victory of the season in a 8-0 shut-out off the Blue Devils. Barringer, who fwentf the distance,* picked up eight strikeouts and walked five. Curt Brooks,; Randy Cooney and Dan Sienecki smacked in the Lakers' only earned runs. Head coach Joe Cook felt that both Williams and Barringer pitched superb games. Cook was also pleased

by the fact the infield handled the" ball 91* times without an error. I Sunday's game was a classic example of pitcher vs. pitcher and if this is an indication of *what is to come, there'll be a lot of tired arms on the Laker pitching staff. The Lakers' next game will be Friday, October 3rd, when they face Buffalo State in a twin bill scheduled for 1 p.m. The Laker baseball team would greatly appreciate your support Friday afternoon, so come on out and push this year's team to a winning season.


Coopey,OF1r Sienecki, DH Henning, OF Brooks, INF Cook, IN F Trigilio € C Burrows, OF Williamson, IF Grus, OF Hermann, C Kelly, IF Williams, P Barringer, P AAercyhursti Fredonia

Saturday, September 27 marked the seconds week of the MFL, with onlyfthree of the scheduled [six games played; two were forfeited, one * was postponed. So far, four out of tenjgames have resulted! in cheap victories because one team failed to show up. Some people think the " F " in MFL | stands dor forfeit instead of football £ Of the three games played, the Ten Rats came away with two victories as they broke up The Family 38-14, and melted the Soul on Ice league champion hopes 19-18. M g Scoring -for the Rats against the Family rwere Steve "Camptown" Ryan for two scores, Ray "Punchy" Korzenowski for three,sand Tom* Seltzer: for fone. The Family had Bruce' Stebeck and Pat Condrin teaming up for their scores.,^ ^ f The Ice-Rat game was real tight with the winning point coming on at "pat'ffby Jim Riley. Riley also scored two touchdowns along with "Punchy" 'Korzenowski's to account for the Rats scoring. Soul^onllce received two six pointers \ from Jesse Campbell, and one | from Smoker Jones. After the game Mike Diaco was puzzled about the rumor that the Ten Rats are being investigated about their possible connection with the Patti Hearst case. Mike, speaking for the;Rats, denied this allegation saying that there is no truth that they hid Patti in the basement of their old yellow home on 38th street or fed her leftover Hasagna from Nunzi's and flat Schaefer beer. Mike told me the team? members are sick and tired of the Ten Rats beingi portrayed as« antiestablishment and from now on-they want the National Anthem played before each of their games. Jim Hallamayer plans to do a Bicentennial Minute for CBSl dealing with how apple pie became an American tradition. Relatively High rolled: on despite the absence of Craig Sampsell who spent the day at the Erie Charity Golf Classic. Jit is speculated that Craig is

I by Joe "Snides accepting terms to the World the Holy guitar. Mike Bridges Caddy| Association (WCA). had to travel to Sea World to His teammates refuse to stand in for his father Lloyd in comment on) these rumors. a segment of Sea Hunt. It Craig's slack was'picked up seemed thatjlLloyd suffered by Rick "Foster Grant" stomach ^cramps during his Bigelow who scored twice and Saturday night bath. Kenny by Dusty Young who ran for a Ward would have missed the 25 yard score.i Rick's games because hef couldn't teammates were amazed, not receive a weekend pass from by his performance, but that Warren iState^* Another his sunglasses didn't come plfiyer, Larry Law, suffered a off. Dusty attributed a fine slipped disc while!making a run to the moves he learned Banana Split at Friendly's Ice jfrorn taking Arthur Murray CrearihOt seems-that while dancing lessons and watching old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, he gives special credit to Ginger. The fans attending the game were treated * to two special attractions, one being what appeared tofbe sprint races between Smoker Jones Even though Laker pitcher; and Chipmunk Downey, the Joe Williams is 0-1, don't let other a guest appearance by his record* mislead you. Fountain "Fats'^ Sherbine's Williams could be one of the father who threw out the first Lakers' best pitchers. ball. Smoker Jones scored A graduate from Beaver twice for Soul on Ice to finish Falls High in 1974 Williams with a score of 20 to 14. came to Mercyhurst jn the The postponment of the fallSof that same year. After Kringo Kids-French Ticklers displaying a splendid pitching game was due to several performance last year,, he is factors. iFirst. Glenn Caruso ready for another j yearj of and the rest of the Kids were baseball.! ? i . * flown to Hollywood by MGM In his ypast - two seasons for a screen test. MGM has playing Legion ball for plans to make a modern Beaver Falls, Williams version of the ^Adventures of managed to compile a 22-1 Robin Hood.f' According to record proving not only to reliable sources, Glen has the himself but also to head coach part sewn up because he Joe Cook that he is more than bears £ a remarkable just a capable pitcher. When resemblance to the old Robin asked about the Laker pitHood, Errol Flynn. The rest of ching staff, Williams comthe Kringo Kids will portray mented that "pitching will be' his band of Merry Men: Tim the strongest part of the Yeager will be Friar Tuck, team. I think we have four Butch Crupi as Little John, good pitchers that *are all and Ron "Bo" Bonomo as capable of a winning season/' Allen the Dale. After his IjAs for the defense of the screen test, Glenn had to rush infield, he felt that although it home, in order to evict four 1 was weak last year,' it should Vietnamese Refugees from be very strong this. year. -In the Sesler Apartments for general he feels that the team planting rice paddies in the should make the play-offs.,. I living room and for boobie- As a!pitcher, his best pitch trapping the^ront door with is .his fastball, especially punge stakes. The French when it is warm out. Williams Ticklers were glad the .felt that "if you have a good Kringo Kids postponed the fastball and are able to throw game because some of their strikes, that's about all you star players were missing. {need to |win." When asked N Charly "Hands"*Ruffo had about whom he thought would a vision in which Duane greatly help the team, he Allman told him g to go to seemed ^rather impressed Macon, Georgia in search of with Kenny White, a transfer

Larry was] spraying on the whipped cream, some squirted in his eyes, he stumbled | backward and slipped on a banana peel. The Stoned | Rangers f who won a forfeit from the Mother Truckersf|were asked if they would like to play while on artificial ^grass. The team stated no, saying there's nothing quite like playing while on real grass. P.S. The fTen ?Rats Have informed me they are having

try-outs for their cheerleading team. An opening was created when the Rats failed to come up with the offer Lisa Guida wanted. Lisa wanted a pound of cheese; instead the Rats only offered her a bottle of seltzer water. • * * fc-<
MFL Intramural iFootba 1 Stand 1 lings Won..]Lost 0 3 Relatively High 2 0 Ten Rats Ticklers 1 0 Kringo's Kids 1 0 1 I The Stoned Rangers 2 1 Soul on Ice 2 Mother Truckers 0 0 3 The Family' *

by Chris Van Wagcnen from Marietta. "Kenny is probably one of the better players on jthe team. His arm is like a rifle and he swingslthe bat well." When head coach Joe Cook was asked about his pitcher, Williams, hefrerjlied, "Joe's an outstanding pitcher and if he continues his fine effort he

should soon attract some baseball scout's interest." Someday Joe hopes to play professional baft and if Beaver Falls can^produce a football star like Joe Namath, then they* can certainly produce a baseball star in Joe Williams. *

Joe Willia

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