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8. Bibliografia

libri sull’interaction design

- P. L®¶vy, L'intelligenza collettiva. Per una antropologia del cyberspazio, Feltrinelli, 1996.
- Gui Bonsiepe, Dall'oggetto all'interfaccia, Feltrinelli 1995
- McLuhan Marshall, La cultura come business. Il mezzo ®® il messaggio, Armando 1998
- Nicolas Negroponte, Essere digitali, Sperling 1999
- Lee Tim Berners, L'architettura del nuovo WEBi, Feltrinelli 2001
- Peter Van Dick, Information architecture for designers, Rotovision2003
- William Owen, Mapping, Rotovision 2002
- Guy Bonsiepe, Dall'oggetto all'interfaccia, Feltrinelli 1995

- Readings Intelligent User Interfaces by Mark T. Maybury

- strategic directions in human computer interaction, edited by brad myers, jim hollan, isabel cruz, acm computing surveys
- The Humane Interface: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems by Jef Raskin
- Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things
- The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman
- Things That Make Us Smart: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine by Donald A. Norman
- The Invisible Computer: Why Good Products Can Fail, the Personal Computer Is So Complex, and Information Appliances
Are the Solution
- Virtual Futures: Cyberotics, Technology and Post-Human Pragmatism by Joan Broadhurst-Dixon

- interactive design (graphis)

- webart
- 72 dpi by Robert Klanten (Editor),
- cybershop (Thames and hudson)
- Maeda @ Media by John Maeda, Nicholas Negroponte
- Design By Numbers by John Maeda, Paola Antonelli
- The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich
- The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore
- Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man by Marshall McLuhan, Lewis H. Lapham
- Screen: Essays on Graphic Design, New Media, and Visual Culture by Jessica Helfand, John Maeda (Introduction)
- Looking Closer 4: Critical Writings on Graphic Design by Michael Bierut (Editor)
- Websights: The Future of Business and Design on the Internet by Steve Bodow (Editor), Clive Bruton, ..
- Designing Web Usability : The Practice of Simplicity by Jakob Nielsen (Author)
- Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed by Jakob Nielsen, Marie Tahir
- Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug
- The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web by Jesse James Garrett
- Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond by Jakob Nielsen
- Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte
- Essays on Design 1: Agi's Designers of Influence by Booth-Clibborn Editions
- Education of an E-Designer by Steven Heller
- The Education of a Graphic Designer by Steven Heller
- Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design by Steven Heller, Karen Pomeroy
- type in Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics by Matt Woolman, Jeffrey Bellantoni
- Information Architecture for Designers: Structuring Websites for Business Success by Peter Van Dijck, Peter Van Dijk
- Pause : 59 Minutes of Motion Graphics by Peter Hall, Andrea Codrington
- MotionGraphics: Film & TV by Kathleen Ziegler (Editor), Nick Greco
- Mapping: An Illustrated Guide to Graphic Navigational Systems by Robert Fawcett-Tang,..
- The Designer and the Grid by Julia Thrift, Lucien E. Roberts
- Il mondo digitale. Introduzione ai nuovi media, Ciotti Fabio; Roncaglia Gino
- lorenzo cantoni (libro di testo
- L' arte del digital design. Progettare per i nuovi media (Franco Angeli-Cultura della comunicazione) Vagliasindi Fabrizio
- Analogous Digital by Otl Aicher
- World as Design by Otl Aicher
- Typographie by Otl Aicher

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