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Issue 19 May 2011

May 2011 Issue 19
The Editor Writes

>> Our editor for this month’s OHANA publication has these words to share.

RedEx March 2011

>> Once again, another team of expeditor has left Singapore Polytechnic in the month of March, for a round trip around the island. They return with tons of stories and experiences to share.


>> We have now entered into our YOUCampaign for 2011. Many Primers have set aside their holidays to come back to plan the campaign. Discover what they have installed for the Freshies of 2011.

Family of Champions

>> Inter-Primers Olympic Day is back once again! Come and hear of the exciting sports excounters, as the family of primers gathers.

CCA vs. Studies

>> One of the Primers senior has return to write an article in hopes inspiring freshies to follow in his foot steps, and be able to juggle both his studies and his CCA, primers.

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i readers, as I share my thoughts on this issue OHANA!, allow me to show you the ride that awaits you as you embark on this journey with us. With a short runway of only two weeks for us to publish this issue of OHANA!, our team has been running non-stop day and night to produce what is now in your hands. The time, effort and brain juice was spent to manufacture this OHANA! may have tired us out, but the satisfaction is fully received into our hearts as you hold on to this issue. You are probably here because one of our promoters has introduced us to you. Indeed we are a club with an enormous variety of events; being involved in National Day Parade, helping out with Boys’ Brigade Share a Gift and even providing NYAA support for all our club members. But we are more than just a club doing events. We are a family.


This relationship is shared among every Primer in your midst. Its this exact relationship that brings us together and makes us challenge what others fear to try. It maybe difficult for you to comprehend from afar, what this family relationship that I am sharing with you, is about. Therefore I would like to challenge you to come along, and join us on this exciting journey that we are embarking on. Then you will experience what its like to be a part of the Primers family. The train is about to leave the station, What are you waiting for?

Sebastian Soo
OHANA! | MAY 2011



4 days 3 night walking expedition, participants are pushed to their limits. Unable to travel by public transportation as part of their expedition objectives, they relied upon their feet and directories to cover the distance. 3 groups of Primers took the challenge. Arriving in Singapore Polytechnic at noon on the first day, they started their planning. A total of 8 landmark checkpoints located all over Singapore were to be visited. The checkpoints stretch as far as from West Coast Park to Changi, from the edges of Northern Singapore all the way to Marina Barrage. The participants had to crack their brains daily to find the best route to take themselves. With a budget of $7 per head for per day for meals, everyone was fired up to embark on their journey.

The journey begins…

Everyone was feeling different; some look forward to it, while others treated it as if it were just another camp which they were attending. “Every RedEx was different. This year’s trip had different stations and participants; therefore the experiences gained for this round will be different. Even though this maybe my second trip, I was still filled with excitement for the journey ahead.” Facilitator Wen Sze commented. “As I have gone through something similar so I was not so excited at the first day.” Boon Chong said.


OHANA! | MAY 2011

“I had to force myself to walk faster on the last day.” says Boon Chong

March 2011

pain and push my limits higher.” When the participants were asked, what were some of the things that they had gained out from this entire journey, Kenneth told this to the facilitators: “There are many challenges and obstacles in life but we should face them bravely. When it gets not only emotional, but… Although changes are constant, we should not give up “Besides that, I also remembered vividly, on the last halfway. Instead, we should adapt to the change and day of the expedition, overwhelmed by tiredness, move on. Staying at the same spot and complaining I was on the verge of giving up.’ Participant Kenneth about the changes will get you nowhere.” & Boon Chong shared. “I had to force myself to walk faster on the last day. The pain was unbearable, We are back fortunately, it became numb after prolonged walking.” Covering an average of 120km, all 3 teams returned safely to Singapore Polytechnic at 4pm on the last day. Participants came back with legs like jellyfish. Everyone Temptations from everyday things Due to their limited and constrained budget per came back with a 180 degrees change in their mindset day, participants had to forfeit many comforts. Said toward the things around them. They started to take facilitator Sebastian about his struggle: “There was notice of the little things in life. No longer had they once my team passed by a Carls’ Jr outlet. I was have to have all the “5c”s in order to be contented disappointed with the fact that we had to settle for a with life. This amazing journey was an eye opener for all of them; it was not something that they could meal of instant cup noodle from 7 eleven instead.” experience on any other normal days. No one was willing to trade it for anything else in the world.

Life Lesson

Being a physically challenging expedition, it is not surprising for many of the participants to feel tired and discouraged. This is when the support of fellow team mates comes into play. Boon Chong had this to share: “I started to feel low as the thought of me not being able to persevere on to complete this journey sets in. Lucky I had Kenneth with me, to help me endure the

Emerging as winners

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Once again this has been a test on the Primers and on the Primers’ spirit. We dare challenge the seemingly impossible. Would you too?
OHANA! | MAY 2011


paign is all about. You must be wondering what YOUCam n is actually a series of Well in a nutshell, YOUCampaig de, CCA Showcase, events lined up just for you! They inclu Camp, Primers Welcome Party, Primers Orientation Award Night. led: Journey to This year’s YOUCampaign theme is entit . Every event brings its participants Planet CASHAWA . (you) closer to the center of CASHAWA ing hard, day and night to Many primers have been work you! Let’s go take plan and execute these events just for a look at what they are doing.

Discover what goes behind the scenes


OHANA! | MAY 2011

Through the CCA Sh owcase, we manage d to gather over 10 contacts in total. Sin 00 ce you are reading this article, you mu a part of the 1000! st be Yay! Our promoters, fly er distributors an d the event comm members have be ittee en working tirelessl y through out thos days of booth and e6 showcase, to ensu re that you will be to find out more ab able out us. They have faithfully copied do your contacts into wn our central databa se, so that we are to call you up for ou able r events. There is another ve ry important and co re group of the whole YOUCampa ign. They are the Gr oup Leaders (GLs). The GLs will be the ones who will bring the YOUCampaign experience to you! The GLs are the ve ry best of the primers. They have been attending we ekly trainings, building on their pr imers values, chee rs and icebreakers.

It is hlight of YOUCampaign. CASHAWA Planet, the hig to the culture l be introduced where our new Primers wil will be loaded with The 3 day 2 night camp, of the club. be vities. It’s also where we’ll many fun-fill games and acti er they are , regardless wheth bonding with new friends l learn what it club. In the camp, we wil new or old in the your fellow primers. with is to care, share and wait ettable experience for all e want to create an unforg “W , we the wonderful programs participants. Apart from and awesome Group ily Heads also have our lovely Fam and WAIT for everyone” ders who CARE, SHARE Lea A Commandant of CASHAW says Eric, Deputy Camp p) n Cam Planet. (Primers Orientatio

Primers Awards Night (PAN), the event that concludes our YOUCampaign for that year. During PAN, the club gathers to appreciate the people who have toiled endlessly to ensure the success of the events of yesteryear. Whether they are Officers, Executive Committee, Game Masters or even Event Helpers, they were essential to the event, because without any one of them, the event would not have been as successful. Steven Yong, the officer-in-charge of PAN writes: “The committee had to brainstorm for ideas for the event and that in turn spun out lots of funny ideas. Their creativity never cease to amaze me.”

OHANA! | MAY 2011


Family ofWinners Exist in this Family Champions Only


he 15 Jan 2011 was an ordinary Saturday made Extraordinary by Primers from Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 12th Company and HQ! The 5 Primers companies gathered as ONE BIG FAMILY for an annual sport event known as Inter Primers Olympic Day (IPOD) where they compete in a string of friendly matches. This symbolizes the strong friendship and family ties that is shared uniquely among them. Since the inauguration of IPOD in 2005, SP.Primers has graciously hosted 2 IPODs! 15 Jan 2011 marks the second time SP.Primers has organized IPOD. All the fun and excitement was made possible by a team of diligent and determined committee who invested their time and effort to serve!

The serenity of Moberly was brought to an abrupt halt by the sound of boisterous drumming by the

The Illustrious Start

SP Japanese Daiko Drummers as they made a deafening announcement, commencing the illustrious opening ceremony of IPOD! The blustering commotion drew the attention of the nearby passer-bys, many remained on the side ways, as they watched in amazement. The crowd of Primers cheered on enthusiastically as the opening ceremony took off with a blast! “Wow! I can really sensed a great atmosphere here at Moberly. It gives me a great vibe and pride just to be here!” Steven Yong from SP.Primers commented. IPOD 2011 was privileged to have Mr Stephan Hoe, Head of Primers Program, Pastor Roland Lee, Chaplain of SP, NYP and NP Primers and last but not least Mr Danny Lee; Captain of SP.Primers to grace this event. As the anticipation of the event mounts, Pastor Roland wasted no time in rocketing the confetti into the sky to official launch the start of IPOD 2011!


OHANA! | MAY 2011

“One of my teammate was injured in one of the games. But we did not give up. The incident made us stronger and we emerge with a deeper bond”said Ying Yi.
The Impassioned Battle
4 major sports, namely the Captain’s Ball, Street soccer, Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball were hotly contested among the 5 Primers companies. Shouts of cheers and encouragement can be heard from all over the competition grounds. Each company brought their own team of supporters to cheer on their competing teams. The supporters played a huge role in boosting the morale of their team. Providing the much needed mental support from a day of intense competition. Persevering to the end, many Primers showed their determination and fighting spirit in their games till the very end. The teams were all geared up and put to their best foot forward. Even though we have always heard others say, “Friendship first, competition second.” In pure demonstration of sportsmanship, all the teams that competed in the games were geared up to put on their best performance but not at the expense of their closely forged ties. One of the Primers named Sebastian Soo who used to compete in the Street Soccer said, “When I am on the court, I never want to lose, I always strive hard for the ball and give my all to win the game. But at the end, whether we win or lose, we will always end the game with a handshake with

our friends from other Polys.” What a classic example of true sportsmanship demonstrated by our Primers!

The Indisputable Winners

All the finals of each game came to an end when the clock struck 5pm. All the Primers companies congregated at the stadium to witness the final component of IPOD 2011. It was an exhilarating 4 X 100m relay run between the companies by their company Captain, officer, male and female Primers. The much awaited and anticipated relay run was delayed, and subsequently cancelled because of a persistence downpour. However, the rain did not dampen the mood of the participants. As the day drew to a close, the winners of each sports category were presented their winners’ medal. And SP.Primers was once again crowned the overall winner, for IPOD 2011. “It was really a very proud moment, this has been the forth time that we have been crowned the overall champion!” exclaimed Chong Siman, Treasurer of SP.Primers.

The Intimate Family

In IPOD, there are bound to be victors, but never losers! After all, Primers does not identify themselves as 5 separate companies but as ONE FAMILY. A family whose members are willing to care, share and wait for one another. IPOD ended with a bang as all the participants gathered for a mass photo taking, and each of them proudly put on their IPOD T-shirt with the back print of it saying, “WINNER”. In Primers, there are only WINNERS simply because we are part of the FAMILY! IPOD 2012 now awaits us! See you till then!

OHANA! | MAY 2011


CCA vs. Studies
s with the Many of us struggle to come to term many CCAs should I have?”, or, questions: “How “What if I cannot manage?” ds and Some seem to have it all; CCAs, frien gle to even attend a friend’s results. Others strug What they gathering. Well there is good news! can do, YOU can do it too!
This is such an overused phrase . Adam Khoo uses it so much; he probably can mak e a song with just those words alone. But the sad truth is that I myself struggle too with self disciplin e. I recall in the past, whenever I got home, I would lie on my sofa and “bam!” the television goes on; and I’ll be stuck on the sofa for the next 2 hours. Goo d bye homework time; good bye study time. So where is time for CCA? I asked myself, which was more important; saying that the male lead has awesome friends or saying I have awesome friends? After that, everything else fell into place. I began to make time for gatherings, for outings and for events. Ju

Wilfred, one of our Ace primer, shares on how you can to have it all !

Self Discipline

Nike did n ot choose their slogan opinion, Nik poorly. In m e must hav y e known th cost a bom at their sho b; as a resu es lt, many win would visit dow shopp their shops, ers but always their shoes. hesitate to That’s why buy their slogan Similarly, I al is: “J so do a lot o f “window sh ust do it!” decisions in op my life. “Sho uld I go for th ping” with “Should I go is event?”, o out?” I wou r, ld always lo cells in the se many bra process, bu in t always un to a decisio able to com n. So why b e other? The greener on grass is alw the other si ays de. But you until you cro ’ll never cert ss to the oth ain er side. Who knows, you might even enjoy attend een. If we were to ing the event/outin Opportunities are few and far in betw g. transportation, ng, they will pass us by. Just like keep waiti to turn back time. once you miss a plane, there is no way the next connecting flight. No one We can only wait for again. So grab what knows when the next plane will come ! opportunities come your way now

st do it


OHANA! | MAY 2011

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OHANA! | MAY 2011


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