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Record Breaking

956 Food Hampers

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December 2010 Issue 18
Front Cover: Cluster Committee and the exco with all the food hampers we collected. Back Cover: Candy Loke and Siman showing the readers all our hardwork

3 The Editor Writes

>> How did the editor felt when he was writing this issue of OHANA!

4 Candy Says

>> Our Officer-in-Charge for BBSG@SP 2010 shared her views about BBSG@SP 2010.

5 BBSG@SP 2010
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>> Find out more about what SP.Primers did for BBSG@SP 2010, starting from Opening Ceremony to Distribution. Read more to find out how did this event started, what happen to the food hampers and many more.

12 Poly50 Campus Relay 2010

>> Running rounds and rounds Singapore Polytechnic. Read more about the training process for this relay and what are some of the interesting stories behind this relay.

14 Afterglow 2010

>> Sharing the experience of OSLT 2010. Read more to find out what did the Trippers 2010 shared to their families and friends about their trip to Sri Lanka in Septmember.


n the season of Thanksgiving, SP.Primers had lot to the person who received it. Therefore, by organized BBSG@SP2010. Planning started as contributing a few cents into donation cans, one early as October, and many of the Primers were can make a difference to a person’s life. enthusiastic! On the other hand, SP.Primers does have sporting The hampers will reach out to 29,000 beneficiaries activities. Recently, SP.Primers had taken part in the under the Public Assistance Scheme, ComCare POLY 50 Campus Relay, with a total of 90 Primers. Transition scheme and more than 140 Volunteer Furthermore, at the start of 2011, SP.Primers will Welfare Organisations. Our Primers had the host the annual Inter Primers’ Olympic Day (IPOD). opportunity to visit our adopted beneficiaries under This is where Primers Companies from various TOUCH Cancer Support Scheme to hear their stories polytechnics and schools will gather for a day of and add a personal touch to these gifts! sports! With the help of SP staff, students, and the residents Lastly, this edition of OHANA! also includes of Clementi Estate, we managed to exceed our Afterglow as the OSLT trippers brought us down target! On the behalf of SP.Primers and the their memory lanes. organizing commitee, I will like to thank the donors and all who have made contributions! Personally, the success of BBSG@SP is not just about fulfilling a physical number in amounts of donations. It is also about the increase in awareness of SP population and the general public to needy people in Singapore. By giving a little, it means a



Candy Says!
Candy Loke
BBSG@SP2010 Officer-In-Charge SP.Primers


y the time you read this edition of OHANA!, Christmas would have been over and you might be counting your blessings for 2010 and writing your resolutions for 2011. So, how was 2010 for you?

This is the 2nd time I am involved in BBSG@SP 2010 and I am very glad to be a proud witness of 2009’s recording breaking 665 food hampers. This year, I am both honoured and excited to be the Officer-In-Charge, overseeing and advising this project with the Officers, EXCO and Cluster Committees. We had a target of 750 food hampers, which might not seem challenging after last year’s success but it is still not an easy feat to be accomplished. BBSG@SP 2010 started with the BBSG rally on 1st Oct 2010 at LT18A. At the Rally, the objectives of doing BBSG and the target were shared to the Primers population. The 3 cluster committees also took on the task of organizing the different components of BBSG@SP 2010, namely Opening Ceremony, Booth, Residential Collection and Distribution. The publicity was anchored by the EXCO supported by all of Primers. Apart from being part of the organizing committee or signing up as helpers, Primers can also adopt a pledge card I had the privilege of visiting which represents a commitment to raise or donate a full hamper. We had the home of a beneficiary who more than 280 pledge cards being taken up that day! That marked a good had been paralysed from a start!
sport accident. His optimistic spirit shone through despite his immobility although we managed to only converse for a short while.

There was 610 hampers by the morning of the last day of Booth. Meeting the target of 750 would need a slight push but I was fully confident of the Primers making the mark. I took leave from work so that I may witness the historical and memorable moment. However, what greeted me was beyond my expectation. What I did not expect, was the overwhelming amount of food coming in on the last day. There were so many donations coming in that we lost count and we did not realize that we had met our target. We closed the day and found that we had 800 food hampers! That’s almost 200 hampers for a day! How did we do eventually? I will leave it to you to read on and find out from the pages of OHANA! I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and students of Singapore Polytechnic and the donors of Clementi for your generosity. Not to forget the helpers, the cluster committees and the EXCO for SP.Primers for swinging your 100% efforts behind BBSG@SP 2010. This achievement could not be achieved without the support of each of you. As we finished the last component of BBSG@SP 2010 by distributing the food hampers to the beneficiaries, I wondered, how was 2010 for them? Whether it was a first time recipient or a repeated recipient, BBSG@SP 2010 has brought smile of relief and warmth to the beneficiaries. BBSG means to me more than just a numerical data of food hampers but the spirit of sharing joy and dividing sorrows. I am glad to be part of this, aren’t you?


Memories of BBSG@SP 2010


BBSG@SP Opening Ceremony


ighteen November saw a large crowd gathered at the foyer outside Food Court 5. Some students walked by briskly, while the more curious students stopped to find out what was the attraction of this large crowd. It was the BBSG@SP Opening Ceremony, which marked the start of the Food Collection Drive in SP. “The purpose of this event is to increase the awareness of this BBSG@SP 2010 project to all the students and staff of SP. We hope that during the season of giving, they could also contribute food hampers to give to the poor.” explained Shawn Hong, Event I/C for BBSG@SP Opening

talents from ITE Chua Chu Kang who called themselves FlashCrew, and Chris, a DMIT student from SP. “5! 4! 3! 2! 1!” Chris, the beatboxer entered with the countdown with his ‘percussion’ voice, to kick off the Opening Ceremony. Almost seamlessly, FlashCrew came up next and shook the mocked up stage with their stunning hip-hop dance item. First Food Hamper Presentation We are honoured to have Mr Tan present the first food hamper for BBSG@SP 2010 to Captain Danny Lee. BBSG@SP Opening Ceremony ended with a finale item with a combined performance by Chris and FlashCrew! With a total of 193 students who came down to Food Court 5 and supported this event, smiles were seen on the committee’s face. “At the end of the ceremony, I was happy to see so many people turning up for the event!” said Genevieve Lim, Logistics for BBSG@SP Opening Ceremony.


Kick starting the Opening Ceremony This year BBSG@SP Opening Ceremony was graced by distinguished guest, Mr Tan Peng Ann, the Senior Cluster Director of Singapore Polytechnic. We also had outstanding performances put up by young



ooth operations started immediately after the exciting Opening Ceremony. Flyers were given out, telling people the different types of food items which make up a complete hamper and how these donations would benefit the needy families. Passers-by would stop by the booth out of curiosity. Many got involved after they were aware decorations and enlightened of the good cause behind the project. ideas.” she recalled. Said a student who declined to be named, “The booth was very attractive and I was interested to know more about what was going on at the first glance”. He was drawn towards the booth by the joyous Christmas songs played out through the speakers he agreed to make a dontation without any hesitation. The booth served as a mode of publicity and also a collection point where people could drop off food donations. Before the start of BBSG@SP 2010, most Primers have already pledged to donate food hampers. They rallied their families and friends to donate the food items. Many primers were challenged to save up so they can give. Their efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed. Zeng Xuan, Booth Publicity I/C, was eager for the booth to start operating. “I looked extremely forward to the start of the BBSG booth as the committee and I have put our best efforts in planning all the things which were required for the booth.” she said.

Zeng Xuan was glad to work with the Booth Team. “They gave me interesting ideas that are suitable for the booth me to think for more

Overcoming the odds During the 1st 2 days of Booth operations, we only received 33 hampers. However, the booth team was not discouraged but was optimistic that things would improve. Sure enough, in the following week, the number of food donations increased tremendously. On the final 2 days of Booth operation, there were so much dontations coming in that the Booth helpers cannot manage. Taking on a new role Maggie, Booth I/C shared “This year, I felt a heavier responsibility.” The year 2 Optometry student was also in the Booth committee last year. On the last day, our hamper count was 830. “I clapped my hands in joy. I felt a deep sense of achievement and I was overjoyed to hear that we have exceeded our target!” said Maggie with excitement.

BBSG@SP Collection


the residents. We could estimate the amount of time required to comb through all the blocks. The Primers could also get to experience how to overcome the initial fear of knocking on the doors and speaking to the residents. However, there was varied response from the residents. As the publicity duration stretched into the late night and some of Preparing the ground residents were resting already, Prior to the Residential Collection, SP.Primers went the primers could not speak to the selected 91 blocks, spanning no less than to some of the residents. This 11,000 units, to publicise this food collection drive. kind of discouraged the stuThe primers went door-to-door to give out flyers dents who faced rejection in and share this meaningful project with them. We one way or another. hope the residents could However, many students like Tsui Mun, a year 2 prepare some Electrical and Electronic student still came to help donations for out on Collection Day. He shared, “I felt motivated us on the Col- to be part of the collection as I looked forward to relection Day ceive the food items from the donors. More imporand bring us tantly, the collected items would go to the needy closer to our which made me feel even more enthusiastic about it.” target. hen you heard that BBSG@SP 2010 aims to collect 750 Food Hampers, have you wondered where all the food items are going to come from? Apart from Booth at foodcourt 5 collecting donations from SP Staff and Students, we also organized a Residential Collection to garner more help from members of the public living in the Clementi area. Residential Collection was held in between the Booth duration. The selected area, which was along Clementi Avenue 2 to 5, was so huge that we did this publicity run for 2 nights. It also gave a glimpse to everyone what it feels like on the actual Collection Day to move about in the blocks to collect food items from

Kindness Everywhere Among the 170 persons that went around Clementi on the Collection Day, not all of them were Primers. Some of them were also SP students who need to fulfil their Our National Our World (ONOW) module. It was indeed wonderful to witness the students of

We also had residents waiting for our students at the door and many who called to ask when the food items will be picked up. As we combed different areas of Clementi, we had lorries helping us to transport those items back to school. As they made their way back to SP, each lorry was filled to the brim with food items. Sherileen, a Business Administration year 1 student commented, “I thought that the residents did not seem enthusiastic in donating food items. However, during Collection Day, I was very amazed by the large amount of food items donated”.

Singapore Polytechnic coming together for such a community activity! Moving out We headed off to Clementi at 9am and were divided into 3 sectors, led by Primers Officers and Group Leaders. On such a lovely weekend morning, while some of the residents were still asleep, the participants had to overcome the inertia to make the first move, or knock in this case.

Steven Yong, one of the Sector I/Cs, encountered residents who did not receive the publicity flyers and were not aware of the food donation drive. He then suggested different methods for the participants to engage the residents. For example, by using a loud hailer to attract residents’ attention or making an effort to explain the purpose of the collection As Collection came to an end, everyone started once again. making their way back to SP. Despite being tired afAs the participants picked up momentum in comb- ter walking around Clementi, ing through the many blocks, soon it was time to it did not stopped Primers break for lunch. Unfortunately, it started to rain dur- from staying back to pack ing lunch time. To continue the collection, some of the food items and help form the participants had to walk in the rain. The after- food hampers. Within an lunch effect also caused some participants to be hour, most of the food items lethagic. Although tired, all the participants trudged were packed into the storage on and motivated one another. room. “This is the first time I seen a huge “mountain” of Collecting the food items Not all encounters with the residents were nega- instant noodles.” Joeson Kho commented as he packed tive. the storage room. BBSG@SP 2010 Residential Collection was successful as we made up 285 full hampers and many loose items. This result was 150% more than that of last year’s Collection. It was really encouraging to the officers and students as we continue to run our Booth.

BBSG@SP Distribution


istribution, as the name suggests, is when we send the collected food hampers to the beneficiaries. This year, distribution was carried out in two rounds. Round one, we will send the food hampers to the Boys’ Brigade Headquarters (BBHQ) for them to distribute during the Car Flagoff Day. For Round two, we will deliver the food hampers to the beneficiaries personally and get to interact with them. For the last 3 years, we have visited clients from TOUCH Cancer Support, this year we will be making home visits to the 39 families. “In distribution, I can really see how much food hampers we have collected and every time I see the number of food hampers growing and I felt that everything we did is worth it as the more the food hampers there is, the more needy families we can help.” Shu Ping, year one student shared her thoughts after round one.
OHANA! JANUARY 2011 | 10

Off to BBHQ Round one of distribution was right after the close of the BBSG@SP 2010 Booth. With 956 food hampers, we had to send close to 880 food hampers, each weighing an average of 10kg to BBHQ. From the storage room, to the carpark, each hamper had to move up 2 flights of stairs. After loading just one lorry, many students were seen panting and bending double with back aches. With 2 lorries and a van, we managed to load about 30% of the food hampers in the 1st wave. Not so easy... “It was tiring as we had to carry many food hampers and each individual food hamper was heavy. One of the difficulties faced was the motivation to carry the food hampers as one can become really tired after carrying it for a while. In order to overcome it, I kept on going and telling myself it’s going to be over soon.” Sebastian Soo, alumni of SP.Primers shared. It took us 4 waves to complete all 880 food hampers.

“All this will not have been possible without the help of the other Primers who are willing to sacrifice their free time just to help out the Distribution team and this lightens our workload. I will like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Distribution team to all the Primers who had helped out on the Distribution day.” Guan Siang, member of the distribution committee commented gratefully. Visiting the Clients For the second round of distribution, the beneficiaries were scattered all over Singapore. Primers could be seen lugging 2 food hampers for each household they were going to visit, and set off in various public transport. Nuning, who visited a home in Yishun, was encouraged by the chatty and jovial lady she met. The husband has leukaemia and his wife has a condition of asthma. A mother of 3 young girls, the mummy could not go to work and her husband earns a basic salary as a security guard. When the leukaemia hits, he would be out of work for 1 week or more. She was a 1st time recipient and was very appreciative and thanked them repeatedly. “Today I learned many things; the most memorable was that, you can face any trial in life with a sense of courage and joy, because there is no problem that has no way out.”

“I felt that Mdm Tay was one woman who loved her family a lot despite her illness, she tries her best to show love to her family. She’s really brave and I think that everything will go smooth for her family.” Ling Huan witnessed. What did you learned? From this distribution, everyone walked away with precious lesson. Some learned that they should spend wisely and be appreciative for health, as many of us neglected it by damaging our bodies are using different methods. “Knowing that we have reasonable good life, we should firstly, cherish what we have. Not everyone is as fortunate as us, so we can actually spread this love and happiness to these unfortunate families by contributing, concerning and helping them through various charity acts. One small little action makes a large difference in their lives.” Edmond Lim penned down what he learned from this distribution after visiting the family. Help as a lifestyle Even as BBSG@SP 2010 comes to an end, contributing and caring for those who in need do not need to end. Blessing others can be part of our lifestyles. Helping others need not be limited to donating money, but we can also reach out to them by lending our helping hands. The question is, will you? “Spend more wisely, every cent donated makes a difference in the lives of others.” - Xinyi “I should not be so selfish to only think about myself and neglect others who may need our help” -Stella

Many of these families were blessed with the help of Touch Cancer Support, that their lives can still go on, as Touch Cancer Support will provide medicines for family. One of the ways is for the beneficiary to continue living with a positive lifestyle is to have strong determination.

OHANA! JANUARY 2011 | 11

POLY50 Campus Relay


oly 50 Campus Relay is school wide event that has been held annually since the 1960s. This is the 3rd year that SP.Primers is participating in this event and we sent a total of 9 teams! The members of these 9 teams have spent more than 10 weeks training together to prepare for this race. It was a much anticipated event, because the students can finally put all their trainings into action and it was really exciting to see the SP.Primers family gather in such a massive manner. Weeks of tough training Edmond Lim, a year 2 student, shared, “Tiring is the word that circles around my mind after every week of jogging and running.” He felt exhausted and worn out after a few trainings and he thought of giving up. “But the motivation to continue running came from my group members.” he said. “Despite the fact that they are tired after such heavy lessons in the early morning, they persevere and come for training every week.” Being part of a team gave him strength. Race started off with a girl from each team, followed by the next person after that. Many of the runners were running very fast and thus some of
OHANA! JANUARY 2011 | 12

the participants overexerted themselves. “I just could not stand up properly and I am giddy and feel like vomiting.” said Bee Qi who wasn’t feeling well during Poly 50. “Jonathan came and other Primers people like Wen Sze, Si Man and others came towards me and cheered me on.” She got a shoulder massage from her teammates which made her feel better and relaxed; she picked herself up to continue the race. Not only many were seen vomitting around the checkpoints, there were also people who felt giving up in the middle of the race. But with the encouragement of fellow Primers, many of them pushed on. Crossing the finishing line Bee Qi was the last runner from her team. As she crossed the finishing line, she was ecstatic! “When I saw my group mates, I am so happy and give them a big hug.” She was happy to have completed the Poly 50 together with her team mates and felt a great sense of accomplishment. The fastest Primers team clocked in a timing of 1 hour and 37 minutes. They made it into the top 25 for Students Team category. Subsequently, all the 8 other groups also managed to complete the Poly50 relay. The ranking results are shown in the next page. Good Job, SP.Primers.

OHANA! JANUARY 2011 | 13


Afterglow 2010, as the definition suggests, is set to showcase the Overseas Service-Learning Trip as


FTERGLOW- the pleasant remembrance of a past experience, glory

well as the trippers’ experiences to their parents, sponsors and fellow Primers what had happen during the trip and the memorable incidents “Planning the Afterglow was not an easy task for us. Given such a short amount of time, there was a lot of pressure on us to perform up to expectations,” Jonathan Chew, Event I/C for Afterglow’10.

trippers wanted to appreciate some of the important items that they had taken for granted in Singapore. A good example was water. Water, a basic necessity which comes easily over the taps in Singapore, is very scarce. Over in Sri Lanka, there was a limited amount of water supply for showering, flushing and washing of dishes, etc... One day, the water supply stopped while one of trippers was washing his hair, he had to come out of the toilet and ask for help.

Museum in Afterglow 2010??


This year’s theme for Afterglow’10 is Appreciation. Through the skits, the
OHANA! JANUARY 2011 | 14

On top of the lively skits, there was also a Photo Gallery showcasing the frozen memories of them in Sri Lanka, participating and leading different activities. It also allows the guests, sponsors and friends to see how their presence and deeds benefitted the villagers.

Lastly, there was an Item Gallery where they displayed some of the items found only in Sri Lanka, like a wood apple jam. Wood apple jam could only be found in Sri Lanka and it is rare in Singapore. To be able to try it, was quite an experience to all the guests and fellow Primers. “The things displayed over at gallery set up by each tripper were amazing as well. It felt like a walk through a museum when I was checking out those little things they brought back from Sri Lanka!” Jasmine Chung commented.


Being a Singaporean, we are fortunate to have everything we need and everything we want. The kids Isn’t that true??? in Sri Lanka were not bestowed with as much resources as us. Yet, Aferglow participant Wong Shu Jun shared about what she had learned from Afterglow’10, “I learn to count my blessings. We are so much better off compared to the people living in Sri Lanka.

From the event, I remember one of the trippers said that the kids are so easily contented, even balloons or sweets brighten up their day. I guess we will not be so contented just to receive balloons or sweets as a gift. We have so many things compared to them yet we do not seem to be satisfied with just what we have.”

“It was very sweet of the trippers to actually write down their thoughts and summarised memories and indicating that they will miss each other, onto A3 Vanguard sheet.” -Jasmine Chung

IPOD (15/1/2011) Inter-Primers’ Olympics Day (IPOD) is an annually held event for all
Primers in Singapore organised by different Primers company each year. There will be sports event, like soccer, basketball, Frisbee, and many other sports event for everyone that is coming. Will SP.Primers be able to hold on to the Grand Trophy again this year?

Reunion Dinner (27/1/2011)

This is the day, where the Primers family gathered together to have a reunion dinner, a time to catch with one another and a time to reunite with long lost family members.



SDC137 (above SPSU)

Credits This publication is brought to you by SP.PRIMERS EXCO Publicity Department.
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