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03-07-2012 PERSONAL Marcel Hogenhout - Test Advisor PROFILE

Marcel started his testing career back in 1998 with an comprehensive MasterClass Software Testing at Getronics (Business Solutions). Over the past fifteen years, Marcel has built a tremendous amount of knowledge in testing (quality assurance & control) in applying and understanding methods like TMap (NEXT), ISEB / ISTQB, ASL, BiSL, Prince2, TPI, TMM and CMMi. He has worked in a variety of roles: Test Specialist / Designer, Information Analyst, Test Coordinator, Test Manager, Project Manager, (Pre-Sales) Consultant / Test Advisor, Portfolio / Department / Competency Management, Line Management, Unit Management and People Management. Marcel has a Getting-things-done mentality, he's a real "builder"!. Marcel is a motivated and loyal co-worker, who relentlessly performs his duties with an eye for details, yet delivers a good balance between quantity and quality. He is a creative and analytic thinker. He is representative, flexible, pragmatic, open and honest, eager to learn, ambitious, results focused and at the same time service oriented and motivated. Marcel has good communication and commercial skills. Can work in teams or in isolation. Marcel has the ability to transfer skills and is capable of providing guidance about test processes and management, in relation with Business and IT. Always in context with both the test process (and test policy) as the development process in a (RUP, Agile, Waterfall) organization. Marcel is very people-oriented, recognizes highpotentials and can coach people towards "Thought Leadership". He is also an inspirational leader who knows how to motivate others. Marcel is willing to continuously invest in personal and professional development in the area of testing. He is characterized by taking initiatives. Marcel has worked for large organizations such as Getronics (PinkRoccade), Belastingdienst (Tax) and Capgemini. He has experience in the public, financial and educational sector. Customers he had worked with include: Belastingdienst (B/CICT), City of Steenwijk, UWV, PGGM, KLM, TomTom, Rabobank, Postbank (ING), Pearson Publishing (London), Wageningen University, vtsPN (Dutch Police), Electronic Child Dossier (EKD), Stichting Surf (Studielink), IB-Group (DUO), Sanoma Media, ProRail. In 2011, Marcel helped in setting up testing in the company Praegus. Since May 2011 Marcel is working as interim Test Manager / Test Advisor. /


Marcel Hogenhout

Date of birth:

Driving licence:

Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012

ASM (Retail Management Education), CBL MEAO-CE BSC Information Sciences (HBO Informatica) 1997 1993 2000


Business English (Schoevers) Prince2 Practitioner (GPR + EXIN) Management Development Programm (GPR) ISEB Practitioner (Polteq + EXIN) ISTQB Foundation (Katoomba) ASL Foundation (GPR + EXIN) Test Coordination (Katoomba) RUP & Testing (Capgemini) RUP Essentials (incl. Rational Method Composer) Prince2 Foundation (GPR + EXIN) TMap Professional Advanced (EXIN) UNIX (part 2), AIX (5.2), Kornshell & Bash Programming MQ-Series & MQSI (WebSphere) Planning techniques in projects (ISES) Effective Communication LoadRunner for web/html (Mercury) Certified Internet WebMaster (MINDit) Test Techniques (Getronics Education) Results-focussed advising & persuasion Conflict management & negotiation MasterClass Testing + ICT (Getronics Education) 2010 2009 2008 2007 2007 2007 2007 2006 2006 2006 2006 2004 2003 2001 2000 2000 2000 1999 1998 1998 1998

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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012


Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi) Databases: Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Novell, dBase ISEB / ISTQB (test methodology) Quality models: ISO9126, Extended ISO (Quint), GSK Project- / Program Management Rational Unified Process (RUP) Risk Analysis (RA) Risk & Requirement Based Testing Reviewtechniques: Fagan, Walkthrough, Peer, Informal Social Media Software as a Service (SaaS) / Cloud SQL SSH, Telnet, LDAP Test Analysis Test Estimation (o.a. TPA) Test Policy Test Coordination / -Management Test Planning Test Process Improvement (TPI (Next) / TMM) Test Types: functional, acceptance, exploitation, regression, assemble, system, integration, capacity, performance, interface, chain Test Tooling Test Preparation TMap (NEXT) (test methodology) XML / XSD

Android 1.6/2.1/2.2 CA Harvest Workbench CItraTest FT HP Quality Center, LoadRunner, TestDirector & WinRunner (Mercury) IBM MQ(SI), Message Broker, WebSphere, QMF, ISPF Google Apps Joomla CMS Linux Distributions MicroFocus SilkManager, SilkTest & SilkPerformer (Segue / Borland) Microsoft Office (97 10) Microsoft SharePoint 2003/2007 OS: Windows (3.1 7), UNIX, Linux, Mainframe Ranorex (Ranorex) Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest & Quality Manager (IBM) TOSCA TestSuite (TRICENTIS) XML Spy Windows Mobile 5.0/6.1/6

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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012

March 2012 until June 2012: Test Advisor ProRail (Praegus)
Marcel (Praegus) was asked to provide knowledge and expertise in a feasibility study for test automation on the intranet application (SharePoint) at ProRail. The results of the feasibility study should indicate whether there is a Business Case for test automation, in terms of cost vs. benefits. Also Marcel has been asked to advice regarding the maintainability of automated test in the longer term (years). One of the requirements is that the scripts are intelligently designed, so where possible, data-driven, on the basis of keywords. Also provided with error handling and modular design, with sufficient comments. Duties & responsibilities: Assess current test process; Establish longlist of suitable testing tools based on a self-developed tool selection matrix; Calculation of "Total Cost of Ownership"; Calculation of "Return on Investment" through a self-developed calculator; Assist testers and users; Organize reporting sessions (presentations) with all stakeholders; Writing reports and advice (Quick Wins); Final presentation.

ProRail has both written and aurally given a positive feedback, in which they explicitly mentioned that the collaboration was very satisfactory, but also the high quality of results (reporting, review, tool selection matrix, ROIcalculator).

September 2011 until November 2011: Test Advisor Sanoma Media (Praegus)
For a system (SAP) that records memberships, including the entire subscription process, in a centrally managed environment, the recurring test activities to test existing functionality in new releases (regression testing), should be automated as much as possible. To ensure that the testers can automate the regression test cases, while achieving a significantly higher test coverage, Sanoma Media is looking for suitable technologies to support their QA initiatives. An important criterion for the selection of such a new technology is the ability for (business)testers to define automated test cases, automate and maintain them without any (knowledge of) programming or scripting. Furthermore, it is necessary that the future maintenance of the automated test cases - that is caused by the ever-changing applications can be carried out quickly and in a non-technical manner. Sanoma Media asked Marcel (Praegus) to offer knowledge and expertise in this process and to help Sanoma Media automate their SAP testing at the highest possible level. Duties & responsibilities: Assess current test process and organization maturity; Workshop "Test Awareness" for 10 persons; Assisting with Proof of Concept (PoC) regarding appropriate test cases; Advisor report for testtool selection and implementing test automation.

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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012

After a successful Proof of Concept (PoC), Sanoma Media decided to ask Praegus to provide support in implementing the testtool TOSCA TestSuite. Praegus will provide consultancy, coaching and training for the testing process and test awareness.

May 2011 till now: Test Manager / Test Advisor Interim @ Praegus
Available as interim Test Manager and Test Advisor. Excellent strength in joint definition, evaluation and advising with respect to improving test approach, test process and test policy. Together with his extensive (testmanagement) experience, Marcel is able to work with the customer to achieve a structured test strategy and policy, to help an organization to build, integrate and implement a "Test Expertise Centre (centralize, integrate and standardize testing in the organization), develop templates and guidelines (toolkit) and coach test professionals. Besides Test Manager and Test Advisor he is also available for Test Assessments, Competency / Department / Operations / People Management, CMMi implementations (Validation & Verification), coaching & counseling, Cloud and Social Media Solutions Further duties & responsibilities: (Pre-)sales, consultancy and advice; Proposals, presentations and reports; Develope and provide training for / with our partner "Pink Elephant": o TMap NEXT Test Engineer / Foundation (exam preparation); o ISTQB Foundation (exam preparation); o Awareness Test (workshop); o Test Automation (workshop).

March 2011 until now: Owner Praegus

Duties & responsibilities: Started a new company, responsible for Operations, professional development (pre-)sales and marketing; People management, coaching, Thought Leadership, test advice / consultancy Build company, such as: o Business plan development; o Employment, staff directory, rules & regulations, contracts; o Corporate identity, website, templates, leaflets; o Business Insurance, pensions, leasing contracts, accounting and legal affairs; o Acquisition (Contracts) & recruitement (employees); o Develop services, services, training and propositions; o Marketing & Communications.

Results: Specialized testing company (starting March 1, 2011; now 15 employees), with a focus on test automation, mobile apps testing, test advice / process improvement, test management, training / workshops and coaching; Partnership with: Enterprise Relations, Pink Elephant, Tricentis, Ranorex, TrendIC/CitraTest FT, Micro Focus/Borland, Microsoft and IBM/Rational.

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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012 December 2010 until March 2011: Cluster- & People Manager Test Solutions (Capgemini)
Duties & responsibilities: Results: Propositions (Cloud, Open Source, Mobile Apps, Agile Testing and Test Automation) Thought Leadership professionalized. Managing Consultant; Operational responsibility for a group of 47 test consultants; Member of Management Team (MT) "Testing Division; People Management (management and coaching staff in Thought Leadership); Financial, revenue and results of employee / group; POP (Personal Development Plan) - / Performance objectives & assessments; Career development and guidance and job interviews; Business portfolio development and research on testing (propositions).

December 2009 until December 2010: Cluster Manager Test Consultancy (Capgemini)
Duties & responsibilities: Results: New personal growth model (including: Test Curriculum), career plan (including: job descriptions, tasks and responsibilities, skills, training, experience); Elaborate competence scan; A growth of certified employees (including Open Group); Budget for Expert Groups and Special Interest Groups; Solutions and offerings (Test Process Improvement, Cloud & Testing / Testing-as-a-Service, Open Source & Testing, Test Automation, Agile Testing, Quality Assurance & Control); Thought Leadership (innovation and vision). Managing Consultant; Competence Management, Member of Management Team (MT) "Testing Division; Building a test cluster with 110 professionals (the next test rolls in the cluster: test engineer / analyst, specialist, architect, advisor, Thought Leader); Fitness population for the future (training, certification, growth, careers, thought leadership); Fitness competence for the future (competence-and proposition development, Expert Groups, competence scan, growth model / career plan); Coaching, discussions, group, integration, cluster meetings, presentations; Vision, mission & strategy (market knowledge and developing field of study); Recruitment and interviews; Training and certification.

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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012 December 2009 until March 2011: Leader Community of Practice (CoP) Testing Netherlands (Capgemini)
Duties & responsibilities: Managing Consultant; Taking care of joint cooperation of all test departments within Capgemini Netherlands (Technology Services, Financial Services, Outsourcing & Academy) and synchronizing with other Divisions (CSD, BIM, GITS, Packages); Managing test community and core team; Joint development of professional test areas, alignment and synchronization; Sharing (domain) knowledge; External exposure (Marketing & Communications).


Internal: o Cooperation of sectors: Public, Private, Finance, Academy & India; o Joint development of the test profession; o Core team from various Divisions and Sectors. External: o Brand recognition, external exposure o Sponsor / partner of: TestNet, Dutch Testing Conference (DTC), Dutch Testing Day, northern test; o Articles in: Professional Tester and Testing Experience.

March 2008 until December 2009: Manager Operations Unit Public & Unit North (Getronics PinkRoccade)
Duties & responsibilities: Results: High employee satisfaction (especially for Senior Test Consultants) and low retention; 'High Potentials'. Operational responsibe for two business units (Unit Public & North), staff of 40; People management (directing and supervising staff intakes); Financial, revenue and results employee / group; Commercial activities for assigned employees / Business Development; POP (Personal Development Plan) - / Performance objectives & assessments; Career development, guidance and inteviews;

March 2008 until December 2009: Department- & Community leader Test Services (Getronics PinkRoccade)
Duties & responsibilities: The department leader is leading in his field inside and outside the organization and and takes care of,professional development by subject and inspiration; For bonding of staff of the department. The department manager adds value in an external (proactive) role and commercial content; makes a difference in the field;
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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012

Results: New competence unit "Test Expertise Centre (TEC ), centralized test center; Full Service Testservices (FST), integral: time-material, result oriented (Test Factory) & project basis. Total of over 300 professionals; Structured testing process; Cooperation of testing departments; POP profile for testing professionals; White papers and fact sheets on testing and services; Knowledge Management System (based on TMap phases) Market branding and external websites. Professionalisation and professional competence; Marketing & Communication, such as sponsorship and organization of test events, conferences (state and organize speakers crew); Product development in organizing workshops and department meetings; Marketing & Communications; Integral cooperation of testing departments; Create uniformity, establish synergies and knowledge management; Facilitate training; Presentations.

August 2007 until March 2008: Portfolio Manager Testing (Getronics PinkRoccade)
Duties & responsibilities: Results: Go-to-Market Life Cycle Testing (LCT)" (test improvement method connected to TPI, ASL, ITIL & BiSL); Sales Kit testing; Test Consultancy at a higher level (more ISEB Practitioner certified consultants, time & budget for articles, speaking at conferences etc.). Responsible for all product development on testing within Getronics PinkRoccade; Go-to-Markets & Deployments & creation of propositions; Professionalize test consultancy; Advising organization on development of (the) testing (discipline).

January 2007 until March 2008: Senior Consultant & Test Advisor (Getronics PinkRoccade)
Duties & responsibilities: Specialized in testing and quality; Roles: Test Consultant / Advisor; Test & Project Manager, Proposal writer; Writing proposals (RFIs, RFPs), BID's, answer customer questions on test content; Advising on test approach and process improvement (including assessments); Strategy consulting and describe approaches; Test Policy & Awareness (awareness and importance of testing); Pre-sales consultancy;
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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012

Results: Test templates (standardization); Projects such as "Tax Fees" (Belastingdienst Toeslagen), "Electronic Child Files (; Assignments at vtsPN, UWV, Stichting Surf; Satisfied customer with positive feedback. Testing roadshows; Definition of test profiles; Writing (Test) Project Plan (PID's); Focus on planning (the right mix of time, money, resources and quality); Responsible for the business case; Organise and chair meetings; Presenting on testing.

April 2007 until March 2008: Manager Test Services Global Delivery Process (Getronics PinkRoccade)
Duties & responsibilities: Results: New test team (separate test unit) within the software factory; Cooperation with Test Expertise Centre (TEC ), Test Factory and TS GDP (FST). Interim, for building a new right-sized test unit within the software factory of Getronics PinkRoccade; Vacancies, recruitment and interviews; Advizing projects how to use the "Global Delivery Process (GDP); Assign staff to GDP projects; Roadshows highlighting benefits of testing in accordance with GDP.

January 2007 until March 2008: Member of the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) Global Delivery Process (Getronics PinkRoccade)
Duties & responsibilities: Results: Standardized test process; CMMi Level 3 (Verification, Validation), after successful assessments by an external party; Generic and specific goals (CMMi); Test Toolkit (templates, guidelines, tool mentors) based TMap / ISEB, RUP, Prince2 and ASL; Findings procedure GDP; Partnership with tool supplier (Borland), including a selection and implementation plan (and report).
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Managing the discipline "Verification & Validation" within the SEPG (central hub for Software Process Improvement); Test Process Improvement (CMMi); Tool selection / partnership (including tool mentors); Definition of the test process; Standardizing testing (developing templates and guidelines).

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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012 October 2005 until December 2006: Senior Test Designer Quality Management Solutions (Getronics PinkRoccade)
Duties & responsibilities: Employed at several clients of Getronics PinkRoccade; Roles: Senior Tester, Test Coordinator, Test Manager Definition of test strategy; Writing Master (MTP) and Detail Test Plan (DTP); Test Design (logical & physical) and scripting; Coordination of testing teams; Procedures, incident management; Writing test plans, test reports and release advice; Coaching Junior and Medior test professionals; Management.

Results (include): Completely new test findings procedure; Master test plan template, used as standard; Testing of a large backup infrastructure (recovery system) for a large bank.

September 2002 until September 2005: Senior Test Specialist (Belastingdienst / Centrum voor ICT)
Duties & responsibilities: Results: Structured OTAP environments (separate test environments); Electronic Messaging system went live. Responsible for assembly (integration) testing, system testing, interface testing and acceptance testing of the system "Electronic Messaging"; Messaging and broker systems; Writing test plans, test reports and release advice; Management of test findings.

September 1998 until August 2002: Test Designer Quality Assurance & Control (Getronics)
Duties & responsibilities: Employed ad several customers of Getronics; Roles: Tester, Test Designer, Information Analyst, Test Team Lead; Member of the working groups: o e-Test (Quality Award in 2000); o Integrated & Structured Testing (GGT). Research test tools for partnering with Getronics.

Results (include):
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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012

e-Test service; Test tool selection (Getronics); Document Management System; Archiving System; Sagitta Export System; Information and Analysis System; Customs purification system; Recruitment Website.

October 1993 until September 1998: Manager (C1000)

Employed as a manager in a supermarket (franchise, C1000). Managed about 27 ( 8 full- and 19 part-time) people. Knowledge of all departments in the food trade, including: ordering, purchasing, administration, etc. Training ASM (Future Store Manager) completed in 1997, gained experience in management, interviewing, listening, presentation and discussions at such meetings and plan / organize. Responsible for sales (and profit), purchase, etc. Also obtained certificates of the courses: Dealing with theft and aggression, medical assistance.

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Curriculum Vitae (long) Marcel Hogenhout 03-07-2012

MasterClass Testing + ICT (Getronics Education) in 1998: Information Systems, Client / Server model, Introduction to quality in system development, Introduction to Systems development models, Networking Essentials, Introduction to Getronics Quality System, Principles of relational databases, Structured Programming, Principles of Object Oriented Programming, Documentation, Testing and ITIL Basics. Marcel has good contacts / relationships with tool vendors: HP (Mercury), IBM (Rational), Oracle, Micro Focus (Borland and Compuware), Ranorex, CitraTest & Tricentis (TOSCA). In 2001, together with some colleagues Marcel received a "Quality Award" from the management of Getronics for developing the e-Test Services (solution); At Getronics PinkRoccade Marcel was responsible for developing and building respectively "Test Expertise Centre (TEC) (a time-material test unit / practice) and "Full Service Testing Services (FST)" (cooperation between units / practices : time-material, resulting obligation (Test Factory) and projects; Presentations given for groups up to 250 people (in Dutch and English); Member of Association "TestNet" & "Dutch Testing Conference (DTC), etc. and good relations and contacts with these and all other test events and conferences (both UK and International) as well as renowned professional literature magazines: Professional Tester, Testing Experience, Test Circus (article in March 2011 edition); For "Dutch Testing Conference" in the Expert Group (2012) and responsible for Social Media. 20 recommendations on LinkedIn; An extraordinary interest in Web 2.0, Cloud (SaaS, TaaS, IaaS) and Social Media. Marcel is very active professionally in many of these modern media; Married to Mirja, two sons: Diego (1997) and Luca (2001); Leisure / hobbies: o o o o o Likes watching blockbuster movies (cinema) and listen to music; Weekly swims a few laps in the pool or practice fitness; Likes to play poker (Texas Hold Em, No Limit), just for the "honor"; Regularly leading the football team of his children; Active inside volunteering initiative (

Marcel is to follow through A short (maximum 6 pages) version of the CV of Marcel is available (only in Dutch) on request or can be downloaded from: (in Dutch). In addition, on request this full version is also available in Dutch or can be downloaded from:

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