Life is money, money is life

©Dante Newton

I am running out of money.
I am tethering on the brink of doom, of death, of misery. Utter misery. I think it is better to die than to live and suffer. I think I want to end this life now.

How can I escape through this quagmire?
How can I have freedom, peace, security and happiness? It’s impossible.

My teachers give me palladian advices I couldn’t grok and fathom out at the outset. What are tectonic plates? What is the meaning of dualism, deism, atomism? What is the pancreas for? Why are there mitochondria and vacuoles? What is the use for matrix in mathematics? And how about differentiation and integration? Most of them have no utilitarian value in my adult life, except for languages and simple mathematical skills, not forgetting emotional, cognitive development. But teachers don’t tell you much about money, about how to earn six figures or seven figures, how to earn money online in the comfort of your swanky home, and how you can be a millionaire.

Hold on. A millionaire? Your parents will definitely think you are just bloviating and being shallow. You can’t be that successful, unless you are from an affluent family, or you already have the abundant resources to tap on. If not, you do better be an ordinary worker and pray hard for a pay rise or a bonanza. Our world is all about pelf, about success, about fame. Right? Wrong. All wrong.

Money isn’t everything. It is the passion for contributing to the society that brings in money naturally. You don’t have to work tediously. You don’t have to become suicidal. You don’t have to cry. You don’t have to feel spurned and discombobulated. You have to cherish your life now. Remember: there is only one life for each person. If you keep on maundering about, if you keep on harping on, nothing will change. The result will be counterintuitive. Forget about money if you don’t have money now. Think about how to get out from this depression and get back to your feet. The determination to earn money again will get you home, and not in the streets being vagabonds and staying in ramshackle camps in the forest.

What you want to have (ethically) will be attracted to you via the Law of Attraction. I am talking to you from my heart, my reader. I now how it feels to be defeated, but there is no way depression is going to imbue you for the rest of your lives. By then, you would commit suicide and end your life. Why do that foolish shenanigan?

Why don’t you write, study, work and read? Remember: there is only one life for each person. Only one. Not two or more. Be the best person you can be. Change yourself and others will follow.
Good luck.

The end

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