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MAY 7, 1976

Dorm Possibility

The Mercyhurst College Theatre Arts Department presents Thornton Wilder's play The Skin of Our Teeth. It will be performed],in the Little Theatre May 14, 15, 20, 21.22at8p.m.[ I ** Shown above are Andrea Kupetz as Sabina. the maid, being reprimanded bv a jealous Mrs. Antrobus, played by Pat Sobell. | At right, Henry Antrobus. played by Thomas McDermoft. attacks his father, played by John Stark. The theme of Wilder's drama shows that man survives bv "the skin of his

by Olivia longo, Mcrciad News Editor The housing situation at simple arithmetic. Unless a Next year, current women Mercyhurst College has solution is found, there will be students will occupv 96 of the reached the critical point and at least 25 people who will not 197 beds in Baldwin Hall, may develop into T a bed have a room next year? while four have requested shortage for the academic One of the causes of the housing in the wing year 1976-77. ? difficulty is the high designated to women in The problem is one of enrollment of incoming fresh- McAulev Hall. men women. T "The number of* students •; As of May 1, 150 have who wish to return to tinconfirmed| enrollment] at residence halls next year is Mercyhurst land need on-. unusually high," Sr. Phyllis campus ^ housing. It's said, "especially in Egan J probable that 50 more will Hall." Some students had to resort come. ;>,. v After the room picks of last to the dorms because the\ Monday, May 3, only 125 beds were not able to obtain the offcampus housing on which are still available. I ; Of the 271 beds which they were counting. A solution must be found it Baldwin, Egan and*McAuley Halls supply for women, 146 Mercyhurst is to provide are already taken by current housing for the incoming Mercyhurst students.! freshmen. . "Or all the* dorms, Egan }Sr, Phyllis has met and will Hall is the most popular this continue to meet with Dean year," said Sr. Phyllis Aiello, William Garvey and E. William Kennedy, director of R.S.M., director of Housing. "It has a capacity of 53 Student Services, to reassess beds, of which 46 are already the situation and " to seek accommodation alternatives.* taken."

Implementation of major changes in the method, by which Mercvhurst students choose their departmental representatives began this week. In accordance with the new Mercyhurst Student (tovernment (MSG) consitution. recently adopted by HUS. Mercyhurst students wilU now choose the Student (tovernment representative of (heir f individual departments in elections which are conducted by the faculty and students of those depart* m ent s. 'Under the old system, representative elections had been conducted by the newly elected officers of the student government. In drafting the new St udentffGovernment constitution, the members of RUS had felt that the responsibility of having the officers carry out a dozen departmental elections* was an unnecessary burden. "It only makes sense that college faculty and students should be able to handle the responsibility of organizing ana running their own elections", stated RUS Secretary Pat Weschler. "I don't think it necessary that they have the whole thing done for them." % Weschler noted that a letter has been sent out to the various department heads explaining the changes in the election procedures and requesting that the elections be 44 completed by May 15. While we hope that the representative elections will take place smoothly and honestly," stated Weschler,

Students i Nominated MSG Changes Election System For 'Officer Posts
"we are also prepared to deal with any difficulties which might come up. "The Student Government has retained the right to step in and review any election which is challenged, and upon proof of just cause, declare an election invalfil" g| * • Weschler noted that the ultimate success or failure of the new system of departmental elections hangs on the motivation of the people in the department:^ "If no elections are held," he stated, "and the students don't press for them to be held, then thaft department won't be represented in the Student Government.tIt would be their loss." I

by Patrick Weschler, This past week was "campaign week" at Mercyhurst, as thirteen Mercyhurst students actively sought victory in the May 7 officer elections for the 1976-77 Mercyhurst Student Government. Flyers and posters appeared all

Mcrciad? Staff Reporter over the Mercyhurst campus In a campaign which was characterized by one candidate as "the most competitive In two years." Three students each were nominated for the posts of president, vice-president, and secretary, i and t four were
nominated • for lhe post of

treasurer. •BpBiFf t Nominations were taken for a period of one week from April 23 to April 30. It was felt by many that the longer nomination period by Timl Miller, Merciad Staff Reporter was the cause of the greater "Obscenity is in the eves of The Kiss up J to the famous, forced them to develop more number or candidates as com the beholder" was the theme hard core Deep- Throat acceptable techniques. M pared to last year. Formerly, only one day was of Arthur Knight's presen- M According £ to Knight, his C o n s e q u e n t l y , the tation on sex in the movies presentations could * be more "National Geographic" j and allowed for making nominations At mid-week, it was not ap held Monday. May 3, in the the "healthful Nudist Camp" parent whether voter turn-out aptly billed as "Watch Out for Zurn Recital Hall.£ Knight is would reflect the increased the censors/' He emphasizes approaches were bom. u the author of ^the^'Sex^in that in the past, organizations £ Producers and censors competition for office. There was Cinema" series in playboy some cynicism within the student magazine, and has lectu ed in like the Legion 4orl Decency alike accepted it he idea that body that the election would be and • the Motionf Picture black nudity? in jungle areas little-more than a "popularity numerous colleges and uniyersities throughout; the Association were easily of- was ,r simply j g "an- contest." 1 C ',•; •,!" fended, and any»suggestive thropological'' and, nudist In the meantime, the can* nation. | I films met, with' steadfast didates continued to carry out The noted author described resistance. $M camp films merely exposed a "person-to-person" campaigns, ;1 and showed clips of J various different and healthful way of trying to reach as many inHowever, this did not stop living. sexually oriented films from dividuals on campus with their t the innocent JohnlC. Rice's the producers ;f it merely il However, with the passage plea for votes. Taken as a whole, the canof time, censorship laws became more relaxed. Now didates are the youngest group to posts "community standards" are seek the'officer of the in many years. Only five thirteen the criteria by which films candidates will be seniors during * the76-77 academic year, whereas The Music Department will Tickets for the per- are judged, Knight concluded f( his three | of the (candidates will be be" sponsoring the National formances are $2.00 and by Opera Company inlfper- reservation only. Call 864- presentation by expressing sophomores and the remaining concern over these "com- five will be juniors. a formances of Rossini's Cin- 0681. Ext. 260. jS munity standards." He fears *> Despite the fact that they have derella on Monday, May 10, Nicolai's Merry Wives* of At 3 p.m. on Thursday, May many movies with socially nearly half of the enrollment at Mercyhurst, there are 11, there will be ^a per- redeeming qualities* may not muter students running no com4 Windsor, on Wednesday, May for the be made because producers 12, and Donizetti's Daughter formance of The Merry Wives posts. All of the feel local standards may officer are resident students.canof the Regiment on Friday, of Windsor. This matinee Will didates May 14. be free of charge to the prohibit the film from being (See the special Student All performances are at 8 Mercyhurst College Com- shown. This could result in Government insert for articles on large monetary losses for the each of the candidates.) ':!•• p.m. in Zurn Recital Hall, munity, i ', creators. M * *

Arthur Knight Lectures On | Cinema Bex

Opera Company Performs



MAY 7. 197*

Man Show Realistic Artist Opens One
this type, butfFm still driven by a relentless obsession with detail." Regarding subject matter, he chooses everyday objects; faucet fixtures, restaurant hardware, and seems to have a preference for items high reflective qualities. •. 4 'I really think| chrome stands for something: something that's too obviously beautiful It takes real objects and stretches them Iflce putty till ftey conform to the shape of the jreflective surface." But there's more behind his choice of subjects. "I really can't find]any value in rendering sunsets and flowers, personally.! There are so many other things Mn our world that we perceive every day and take for granted that have just as much, if not more aesthetic value, if for no other reason than the fact that their beauty is more subtle." When questioned as to the lack of emotion that stark realism I implies, ? Marty replied, "What's there is there. If you want to stick some profound label on it, be my guest."' p % * His most recent piece is a five-by-seven foot canvas depicting a life-sized self portrait of the bare chested artist ascending * off the picture field, cropped at the chin. 'Too bad I signed it. I ;kind of liked the anonymity." The- exhibit will be displayed through May 29.

" • * " "


artin Miglioretti stands beside one of his art works which is a self portrait.

Saturday. Mav 8 will mark t he opening of a one-man show to be on displav at the Art Mart. 1111 State! St. ^in the Skvlite Gallerv. Featured will lie recent works of Mercyhurst senior. Martin Miglioretti; comprisihgseven

paintings and 'thirteen arawings in acrylic, graphite v and conte mediums. yMarty, a Pittsburgh native, and admitted "foster child" of Erie, has been involved in preparation of the show since June of last year. "Actually,"

he admits, it Jtook the better part of 22 years to get this thing together." • One's first impression of Marty's work is; that *the images he chooses to render are verv real. "I've always been concerned with realism," he states. "Impressionistic styles or abstraction never really turned me on, and I saw it as a cop-out. Now I realize how to appreciate works of

Mercyhurst Spring Formal wi be helcf Saturday, May 15thj 1976 from 9 0 0 p.m. - 2 ajri. at Rainbow .Gardens.




ye TB /

Dean Garvey has extended the headline for declaring Pass-Fail and withdrawal from courses to Wednesday, May 12.
717 French Street - There will be a meeting of the biology club on Tuesday. May 11, at 7:30 p.m. in room 103 Zurn Elections for officers for the 1976-77 school year will be held.-Final plans for our plant sale will also be discussed at this meeting. The purpose of this sale is to make enough money so that all of next year's activities will be free to the members of the biology club. Your help with this sale will be greatly appreciated. 1

Tickets are 5.00 pericouple on sale in the Student Union.


iMusic wi be provided by
H / \ t i .......




Mercyhurst College Student Government and WCCK&adio present an evening with HARRY CHAPIN^atTthe Gannon Auditorium on Monday, May 24, 1976 at 8:00 p.m. Admission: Students $3.50 with ID and all others - $6.00 There are a limited number available. First come, first serve.



Yearbooks are due May 19 and you will have one week to pick them up. The place and time for receiving yearbooks will be posted in next week's? Merciad. Please make payments at the Office of Student Affairs prior to delivery.

Any> outstanding traffic fines not paid before May 10, 1976 will be billed to the student. Graduating seniors should^ take special note of this as
• •

diplomas will not be awarded until thesej.fines are taken care of in the Business Office. The Security Department

MS*Y 711976




stress to you is unity - that Many'people will ask what means students on campus have I done? When McAuley and off. Nothing will get done Hall was falling ^apart, I unless we all work together. helped [to get maintenance A lot of us complain about over* there to fixUhings, and the way things have gone this many things were repaired. I year. I hear complaints about organized a dormffund^ for fall 'weekend and -its lack of McAuley by getting fpinball success, J about the lack of machines, a pool tame, and a activities on campus and jukebox installed, with part of about the problems conthe proceeds going intof the cerning maintenance. Dorm Fund.J With this money Something can*be done but we are getting a color TV for only if we - can work and the? main lobby, I chaise support each other. f 4 $$$ lounges for the sundeck, and a I will do my best to insure hose and bucket to wash cars; 3 that our new student? center and we still have money left planned for ^completion next over, I | | fi year serves its purpose. It I did all this because I care should serve the needs of all aboutf the: students. j Many the? Mercyhurst students people may not know or like because it is for the students! me, but they will vote for me Joe Harrison Jeff Rest $ The£ only'way that! we can because I will work hard and President^ President £ Steve Ryan improve the conditions that President! slf the students would like to take 1 a serious! attitude now exist and'plan for the The main reason I am know about the issues which I towards all the students' As you may know, "and I future is by working together. running for this office is that stand for, here are just a few. problems. The only question hope you do, this Friday is I stress I this point because our money, you, the student's First. I do notjthink that any that remains is who do you Election Day. On May 7 in the evervone knows that there is money, is being misspent | want forfcpresident; a not!so Zurn lobby, you the students election should be U a Every full-time student at popular personiwho is hard- of Mercyhurst? College will power in numbers and we can this school pays $2500 for the popularity contest. The other working and guaranteeingfhe candidates are doing-justfthis will do a good job, or the most vote for the officers of Mercy- effect^ necessary changes, if Activities Fund. For the 1975we want to. ; 76 academic year, t he apr-4 trying to win the election on popular person ton Icampus hursts' Student Government Last: year, not even half of proximate total of the Student their popularity rather than who probably does not even for the 1976-77 academic year. what they have accomplished know how* student govern- My name is Steve Rya.i and the students at Mercyhurst Activities | Fund was f voted! Iff you care what $29,690.00. With that large for t r * 'dent bodvfc I am running for the office of happens next year and want to ment works. \\ uiev care so much for the President. I'd likejto present help do something about itf amount of money being taken student activities or govern- Ml care. Please vote for me myjviews of the wav things vote}STEVE KYAN ^for into consideration, there is ment!why hasn't Steve Ryan on Friday 4 and give me a are at our school an<J what I PRESIDENT on Friday, May one question that has attended^ one student chance to prove myselfito the feel we can do in the up- 7th in the Zurn Hall Lobby. bothered me throughout this entire student body. coming year. WhaUI'd like to See vou t here! f past year. Why wasn't there government meeting —I not bigger and better activities on even one| Why hasn't Joe campus? The answer M that o Harrison been coming to question can be summed up In meetings? He may have one word: mtafapent? attended four or five I Students, your money was meetings, usually^ as'tan mis-spent. alternated Does he really For example, why did the care? I have attended over 90 past I R.U.S. give f the per cent of the meetings, and I cheerleaders $400.00 for am not even a member, only uniforms, the cleaning of concerned about what's going those uniforms and travelling oni expenses? Why couldn't the Athletic Department pick up the tab for t he cheerleaders? After all, the cheerleaders do In my opinion there are two system with {the net result support;the basketball team! primary goals of a good being thatjjthe money is spent Do T?ou realize $ that*| the student government. One is in judiciously fori the purpose of cheerleaders, who supported providing a qualityfprogram quality! activities and enthe basketball team all year, of activities throughout the tertainment which would weren't even invited to the school year. The money benefit the! Mercyhurst sports banquet? The Student needed to meet!this goal is Community as a whole. Activities Fund should' be provided for in the} student The other primary goal lies used for that purpose.^ in the protection of the rights government budget. ACTIVITIES! I | * f W However^ money alone will and privileges of students. Looking toward next year, I not insure a successful year. The Mercyhurst student feel it is vitally important that What is needed is an| ef- government has an obligation the Student Governmenrallot ficiently run and .well co- to provide a forum where funds only towards student ordinated effort put together students can air; their activities. ,To obtain top by the • officers^ and grievances* and have them quality performers, and also representativeslih a working promptly acted upon.* to keep the student fees down, relationship. Such at system 1 believe thtat the next year s But in just mediating over would be the best insurance sporadic incidents t he student budget must be directed ¥ lor success. As an-officer 1 government is not adequately solely toward the student. will work in carrying out this fulfilling jits duty. The best On Friday, * My 7,^1 would < a Michael "Jonesy" Jones greatly appreciate your vote. Vice-President way to* protect student* inThe * time has come for a concept of a student govern- terests lies! inf making the J The office of vice-presidenti T change, that's why the administration and faculty is a very important aspect in ment is meaningless. If accountable to the students. Representative^ Union of •la mes Deff neri elected vice-president^ll will st udent government* Not only : Students* <R.U.S.) has been Vice-President Onelstepfin the! right must he assist the president J strongly ; encourage I the changed. to the,. Mercyhurst direction would beUo make he must be aware of his students Ho {'attend our the budget public. As students derstanding on how to ac- Student ^Governments If tunction and the issues. The meetings and to express their we have the? basic'; right to complish these goals at elected, I can sincerely say 1$ k 'i% vice president must also be views. know how our money is spent. £ Mercyhursti If you agree with that I will do all that is in my This year I have begun to able to handle \ his own In conclusion,^ feel that as my views on student govern- power to increase the number responsibilitiesgfand Ao ex- see a change in the^apathy a representative in this year's ment! would appreciate your and quality of the activities press! his ideas on current that^has;jexisted here in the here at Mercyhurst. R.U.S., I have an *un- support in the election. issues, 1 * past. More and more students In the area of tuition and the nave come out ofrhibernation budget breakdown. 1 believe, to attend the activities on the I am a Junior I here at administration. Thatjis why I the student has a {fright to Mercyhurst campus. I feel a Mercyhurst and during my am not going to make any know how their money is lot of credit must go to R.U.S. three years here I have ob- wild, unattainable promises being spent since we are the' and SAC for their dramatic chief: contributors jto the increase. If elected viceserved the workings of I the to you. What I would like to college, f Do all the budget president, I will work with the Student Government, and I make clear is that, given the cutbacks that>are going on in president and SAC to keep am well aware of what chance the student governMercyhurst. promise an equal these activities a part of changes need to be made in ment can work, the can be a : ( dominant I force on our distribution or-^funds? Why Mercyhurst life. I this area. * should some activities such % My campaign will not I lived in McAuley Hair for campus/ as women's sports suffe$ consist of many posters and two years so I am sym- % As vice-president I will from lack; of financial sup*! signs because of the abundant pathetic to the problems that work to see that the Mercyport, while other activities waste of paper that exists. arise in dorm" life, and how hurst Student Government is live high off the Clipper Ship? here at Mercyhurst. If all this very often these problems go a determining • factor in 1 Lack of student support and wasted paper was put into unattended^ f &J * I mandating student*policy* I involvement has seriously monetary figures, maybe During my three years here realize that there are 1 hindered the Mercyhurst there wouldn't; be so many I have watched* the , student roblems on this campus and College Student Government, budget cutbacks and such a would like to have the Government] be a wonderful formerly known as R.U.S, potent tuition increase. I success, but I have also seen chancer to work these This involvement Ms a funIn conclusion, I would iike \ \ ^ times when it has been a problems out A . damental ingredient in to say that I will work for the 1 would greatly "appreciate failures I realize that the student|government Without students and with the students Student Government has your vote on Friday, and your the ideas and opinions of the to make Mercyhurst a better limitations, and that* it support throughout the up* Pa t Condrin college community, the basic community. § Vice-President sometimes conflicts with [the coming year.
^ * * ™


r n me nt







alloted funds must* be distributed PROPERLY land ACCURATELY to student activities and the various branches that the student government supports. | | I do indeed intend to work closely* |with J t h e | administration, but as a Junior I am wise to ?the persuasive tactics and excuses handed to thel students by |the^ administration to "quiet them". As treasurer I intend to take every precautionary measure to prevent such situations in our government. i. |As a candidate I also feel that it is necessary to publicly announce: through the Merciad. 5the budgetary breakdown of the Student Activities Feesj also, I into $what categories and \ programs these funds will be invested. f^In the 1975-1976 campgin it was once written, "Let R.U.S. Die!". Since"then our Student Government has accomplished a great deal and I anticipate making our government anleven greater success. | But this can not be fulfilled without student interest and involvement *in the upcoming academic year.* With even greater student involvement and cooperation I will do all I can do within! my power to benefit the students| in any possible wav.

Enforcement Department in the present RUS Government. Having dealt with many problems and frustrations as a member of the SAC staff, I feel that I have obtained considerable valuable experiences which will help me fulfill the ^obligations of the Treasurer | of Student Government, | £ | It is my opinion that the new student government* should have tighter controls; over their finances and should

MAY*7, 1976
spend their funds mainly on student activities and snot on administrative 1 whims. I believe that the Treasurer you elect should concentrate, for the most vpart, on the achievement of the above goaK| An«officer ^should be aware .and responsive to the interests-of the students - for the students have placed their trust in him? with their votes. If you feel that I am qualified, your vote will be greatly appreciated, J %


Jim Varhol Treasurer

Ed Flood Treasurer

I am confronted daily with the common question, why" do you ] seek the \ office of treasurer? In pursuit, of the answer I take a stand on just where is the students^ money going to? \ w !& g My solution to this problem would be to work very closely with the other members of the newly elected student officers and the administration. The

11, Edward J. Flood, am a candidate for the office of Treasurer of the Student Government. | This office is one of great responsibility and should be filled by a capable, trustworthy person. I believe that I am qualified for the following reasons: 1) I am majoring in law enforcement andminoringinaccounting. 2) I am Director |of Technical Equipment for the Student Union Coffee House. 3.) I have been\a member^ of SACffor three years. 4) I am the Representative of the Law


George Venuto ^Treasurer

I am runningi for , the position of Treasurer of*the Mercy h u r s t Student Government, if am seeking this office because I feel I can spend a great deal of time workig for the students. A strong student ^government is essential to the success of the activities provided for |the students. We need people who will twork to make life on Mercyhurst Campus one we can be proud of. As an officer I will try to breed new life into campus activity, as well as availing} myself to the students, as their spokesman, in voicing ftheir opinions.

wants, and grievances. | ;iA Treasurer of the government for the students isn't merely a bookkeeper. He has the same responsibility in social affairs as Jthe other officers havejplus he|is entrusted ? with the financial upkeep of I the organization. With my: pastlexperience of holding office prior to attending Mercyhurst and being a second year business major, I feel I can provide both the financial endfasjwell as|the leadership responsibilities. I feel I can handle the students money?with precision and a minimum of waste. If elected I twill serve the student body to the best of my ability! and with their best wishes in mindi Your votes will be greatly appreciated. at this institution, I've worked hard at my position as sports editor of the Merciad and at times evenjjwrote the page myselfp f When there wasfa page in dire need of being? filled, I filled it. Maybe it wasn'tthe best looking page in the Merciad, but it sure was the best J Ij could manage, considering I only had one other consistent writer for the year^ Soon I'll become a junior here at Mercyhurst College, and I would fstill like to remain active within ^the student body. To do this I will need your support on Friday, May 7th. I *% f | If elected to the post of secretary I can honestly promise the student body that I'll be both willing and able to take on the demands of the Mercyhurst Student Government. For those of you who knowfrne, you also know that I'm not scared to speak out against something if I feel it's honestly wrong.



•.•: ™

• $ • *


1 Marv Beth Ward Secretary

fUpon entering as a freshman in the fall of 1975, one of my first questions was "Who do I ask aoout getting myself involved with the Student Government jhere|*at Mercyhurst?'If After attending a few Besides, by taking on the job of ^secretary, I would make it a point to look out for you, the students. The job of secretary is more than just a job. As I said, it requires a responsible, reliable ^person with the know-how to present the facts the way they are, and to work for the students, not agai nst them & * & . ?On May 7th, I ask you to give a serious thought as to the candidates for this position..Iffyou believe,|as|I do, that I'm capable for the taskiof secretary, then vote for me.* Remember, fl've always had the students' interests close to my hearts

Chris VanWagenen : Secretary

If there is one thing the Mercyhurst Student Government could use Jit is someone both responsible and reliablel During the past year

As a candidate for Treasurer, I would like to express some of my views: &\ At last weeks RUS meeting, the possibility of charging a $25 fee per student for movies and!other activities was discussed. l|g feel | that, if adopted, (this could be quite helpful to next years student government. $ Student Government would be able to draw larger crowds to activities, because they could afford better* movies and Coffee House performances than what we have seen this year. The money made on these activities would be put back | into-j the Student Government and the result would be more activities being offered!throughout the Jim Kellv year. t $ Treasurer Next year I would like!to see the entire 5 Student student activities. This year Governmentjbudget^spent on R.U.S. spentj money on the cheerleaders, Jpaint for the Union and a contribution to the yearbook. I am not saying that thethree groups should not receive funds, but I am saying that it should be an administrative cost and not a Student Government cost. The cheerleaders should have received money from the school and should not have had to come looking for funds. If the school would accept their responsibility for these and other expenses, then next meetings,! I realized how years Student Government much I * wan ted to be an of- could spend their Imoney on ficial and active member of student activities. f * \ #j the! StudenfcjjGovernment, I feel that since I have the formerly'.known as R.U.S. timefto put into it, I will be Within weeks, I was able to ^fulfill the responnominated and elected as sibilities of the office, f W one ofethe representatives for the freshmen class. Now that I am reaching the closing of my first year, and I have had! this past experience, I realize justghow important leadership is needed among the student body.] J | 4 I \ It is because of this that I have chosen tof run as secretary [for the 1976-77 Mercyhurst ! Student Government. I believe there is mom to a secretary than just recording the minutes of each meeting. He or she must be willing* to devote a great deal of time "and! effort, for that is what being a leader is all about. | | , M f *s I personally feel I have the potential and interest to fulfill the secretarial position of the Tony Maneuso M e r c y h u r s t ?#Student Secretary Government. This, however, I can not do alone. Let us all I have listened endlessly to work together. 'words and empty promises. For this reason K I am > refraining from making profound statements about my qualifications for the office of secretary, f f Appropriate qualifications for any position can only be illustrated after the implementation of those qualifications, jl believe that |work, action and results 'overwhelm anything that has ever l been spoken or < |promised.^j I make no promises, empty »or otherwise. If elected, the iforementioned work, action andjj results will speak for ^themselves. I Your |vote will be most appreciated on May 7th.

MAY 7, 1976

lacking to {the pointy that serious illness may ensue. & While no one person can write an article arid tell you exactly what is right for you to eat or not to eat ("One man's food may be j another j man's poison,") according to nutrition. experts 5 there are some basics we can follow. Like all the living things on this earth,.we need water and light in suitable proportions, proper feeding at the- right time, and a little TLC (tender loving care) thrown in. Now you might sayl "Who cares what I eat." Stop right there, because you Mall hurt the feelings of all the nutritionists in the world.?. I they "-care, or they wouldn't be where they are. And just; as we care for all j the marvelous house plants that most everyone has .these days, ywe frequently need caring for as far as being informed as to what is best for our nutritional needs. | Just; what is nutrition? Nutrition is the science which relates * diet *to $ the requirements <f the body for J proper functioning. A nutrition career generally involves a research position in the food or drug industries or in 4 a university. These positions usually require a Ph. D degree in nutrition.


Th* Vo*c# of ttvi M*rcytHjrst Community

With the house plant craze which is sweeping the nation at present, myself included, it made me think about the great lengths we go to painstakingly care? for our tlants, with proper soil; ight food rand water, while we don't go to such extremes for ourselves. We often belt down our food without a second thought to nutrition. How do we know i what is best for ourselves^ nutrition wise? Each and every parson has ja unique chemical makeup. . .so how do I know what is right for me.: Many books have been written on (he subject? of nutrition and according to nutrition experts the best time to begin proper nutrition is before nutritional deficiencies occur. Many illnesses are a result! of nutritional deficiences, such as berberi; pellagra ; in> fertility; muscular atrophy;


and even gray hair. 1 Almost all illnesses-can be traced i to nutritional deficiencies, an4 sometimes nutritional excesses, over a period of time. For instance, "Cholesterol and the Heart Patient," "Sugar and the Diabetic/' "Salt and its link to High! Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease," "Lack of Vitamins can cause a variety of ills,". "Premature Wrinling can? be taced to 5 Smoking Cigarettes," and on and on. . .How often have we heard and read these pharses and wondered? * 1 When speaking of ^proper nutrition,-some people may scoff and say, "I'm as healthy as fa horse and I never pay attention to nutrition fin my diet." Basically the American diet is sufficient? to the point that mosti people stay healthy,| however, \a multitude of I diets may be

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MAY i;7r 1976

by Terry Kelly
After sweeping Gannon last White, Tim Burrows, * and Thursday and winning? the Kelly all added a single a : only game played against piece in the first game. g Point Park on,Saturday, the . Ray Olszewski fired a one14-7 ^Lakers are looking hitter in the second game to towards a playoff position, J record his first shutout,* 2-0.$ The four bids for District 18 Ray walked three and struck playoff^positions go in on out three while picking up his Sunday, 'May* 9.: The second I win. Ray said, "I doubleheader already played thought I had good control with Slippery| Rock will and my| fastball was really determine whether^ r the moving against Gannon." Lakers have their first net Olszewski got support from playoff bid ever.| Frostburg Stale and Point|Park are Henning who ^doubled and ranked one and twoialready Williamson, Jim DiTullio, and with the thirdand fourth spots Cook who each singled.! The sweep j& against Gannon open. | | | I t In the first game? against brought the Laker ^record to I i '? Gannon. Tom Barringer 13-7. pickedfup|the win in nine in- On Saturday down in Pittsnings. 4-3. Tom struck out 12 burgh, the Lakers rallied in while walking only two and the eighth inning to beat Point Park 6-3| The second game surrendering four hits. x In -i* bottom of the ninth was never started due to rain. innir|£ .»hjthe score tied 3-3, X DiTullio was the hero as he Butch Herrmann had one of hit a three run homer to break his two singles. Then con- the previous 3-3 tie. % % White started off the eighth secutive walks to Kevin Cook, Frank Trigilio, and^Terry when he reached base orf an Kelly platedlhe winning run. ^error^ Burrows was then hit JCook and Herrmann each by a pitch before DiTullio had two I singles I and ?Be smacked his second home run Henning had a double. of thevear. i4 ,, Bob' Bones ^Weismiller "Hawk" Williamson, Ken














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Hws•wwfr. ••-"• rt.»



Tom Barringer lets one fly durtng a recent 'Hurst baseball: game Right now the Lakers are on the -„ surge of becoming NAIA District 18 playoff contenders.

was the winning pitcher as he struck out 7 and walked two. | White and Burrows each had! a I double while Herrmann, jf Henning, and Williamson all had singles against the Pioneers. This win

was also significant in the fact that itibrought ^Mercyhurst's all time record over 1500 at 5049. ;# i The Lakers' next home game will be on Mav 9 against Edinboro.£ This iwill be

followed bv the final two games also at home. Fredonia State on May 13 and Youngstown State on May 19. D0 u b 1 e h e a d e r s ? a 10 * i scheduled for these dates with a 1 p.m. starting time.

Tim Burrows

Personality Profile
by Terry Kelly
Tim Burrows, a senior and four-year baseball player* has had his college career plagued with injuries. * | A graduate of Iroquois High School, Tim jjwas all-county lor •hree*years while playing third base. iln Tim's senior year, they won the county championship as one of his teammates was Tom Barringer. current Laker pitcher. 4S-£t Infhis freshman year at Mercyhurst, he played third base/In the past three years, he has played the outfield while f also sharing relief duties on the mound. Jpi | i His career has been one of ups and downs, injuries being the major drawback. "Last fall," Tim states, "after missing my iwhole junior year due toitorn cartilages'in myiknee, surgery cut short the fall season of my senior year." With his final season almost over, Tim has some comments to make about the team. I "I know myself and the other seniors would like to get Mercvhurst the first District 18 bid ever." he said. "Right now the pitching on the team ishhe strong point and the hitting is improving." ^ ?After graduation, with his business degree, Tim would like to get a job somewhere in the business field, with part icular emphasis on sales.

Well. well, well. What <Jo you know? Dear reader, did vou hear the one about the Mercyhurst baseball^ team that reached the play-offs? You sav vou didn't? Well, my Iriend. believe it or not the Mercyhurst Lakers are on ; he verge of making all of jjus eat ' our |words concerning 'heir performance on the
held | \ fe • •P| • I > i a 4n o n d ,|&
1 •

Arm t* Weissmullerp "Silver Whip liiirringerlp "Flash Fist" Williams||and that lit tie •<;<Mrf' from Natrona Heights. Hay Olszewski are (jiiile prepared to deal! with the upcoming' NAIA District

18 play-offs. % ||Said Williams earlier this vear. "Youfwon'tllive to s the day that I lose." Well, do you know ^something? The Clean Slate kid is right. I haven't seen him lo&& and I have a peculiar feeling the Lakers are on their way to bigger and better things, * I At this point in the season. I'm willing to bet thatjCurt "T.J." Brooks is on the verge of having a four for four field da v. 9 I § Other than thatj the season so far is ajsmashing success and I wish the Lakers luck during their final bid as NAIA Distrfct 18 contenders.


Tim Burrows


Little Theatre
Reservation Form
Tickets!for Mercyhurst Community (faculty, students, staff) to attend The Skin of Our gTeeth are jFREE. However, you must make your reservation now. If*you would like a ticket for The Skin of our Teeth, clip this coupon, fill it out, and return it to Dr. Smith, 203 Preston immediately either in person or by Campus Mail and your ticket will be held at the Box Office until 10 minutes before curtain time, the date of performance. After^that time it will be sold; vou must have the confirmation card to get your ticket. If you would like to have two seats or more together with another student,] simply ^return your requests together and indicate "seats together." jfrJS Students—please give youifstudent number (l ticket per community person—additional cost).

The Mercyhurst Women's (Yew Club, coached byf Dave Shimpeno and Jack Gartner, celebrated their first anniversary by returning to the scene of their first competitive race. * This was the Mid-America Regatta at Marietta. Ohio on Saturday. May 1. Matched up against Grand Vallev. Marietta land

Michigan State, the oarswomen provided tough competition, to receive a third place ribbon in the women's varsity event. jThey *won this ribbon despite the breakage during the race of the all-important stroke* seat. Grand Vallev took thej gold medal while Marietta placed second. The Mercyhursi| Women's Varsity consisted of Karen

The Cleveland Nets present Martina Navratilova and Martv Riessen in Pro Team Tennis Exhibition, Sunday, Mav'Hi. 1976 at 3:00 at the Erie County Fieldhouse. Wattsburg Road, I Erie. Pa. Reserved seats $6.00. General Admission $4.00. See Hnrricf Nolan for tickets in room 2 in EganHall.

Shumac as bowman. Sally Gorndt rowing 2, Nadjne Belovarac S, Judy Mahoney 4, Katie* McCaffrey 5, Mary Catherine^Wise 6, Rosemary Buseck|7, Sue Viner at the stern and Joanie Stevenson as coxswain. \ | In* other mid-America events. Mercyhurst- placed second against!Marietta's junior varsity while the Laker men's varsity failed to qualify for the finals' I The teams next travel for a long weekend in Michigan, where the men's varsity, JV, and women's? varsity will compete 3 against Grand Valley. * I The men will also match up against Wayne State, while the women plan another victory againstl Michigan State. ;


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