VOLUME 49, NO. 4


OCTOBER 15,1976

College Celebrates Survival, Achievement
The Golden Year Anniversary Charter Day Convocation was held Sunday, Oct. 10, in the Indoor Tennis Courts. ^ J Guest speaker was Dr. Nazrine Adibe, who.took the place of scheduled speaker, D&, Rene Dubos, on less than 24 hours The program opened with a processional of the faculty adm instration and honored guests in official academic attire. Rev. Guy Patrick, co-director, Campus Ministry, offered the
invocation. notice. ;: -^F^*.,;*>'•IS

Sr. Carolyn Herrmann, R.S.M., director of development and cochairperson, Golden Anniversary Year, gave the position statement for the Charter Day Celebration. Sr. Carolyn said that "we are here not just to celebrate survival,, but achievement." The Sisters of Mercy and Mercyhurst were then commended by the Honorable Louis J. Tullio, Mayor of the city of Erie. He also wished the "Hurst another successful and productive 50 years. Citations were presented to the College by the Honorable Quentin R. Orlando, State Senator, 49th District from the State Senate and by»the Honorable David C. DiCarlo, < T^ird district Representative from the House of

Representatives. f ^ J B I 1 The citations were awarded for the excellent educational standards maintained at Mercyhurst throughout the years. Guest speaker, Dr. Nazrine Adibe, was introduced by Marion L., Shane, ^president of the College, and spoke on the ways in which a college can meet the changing needs of a society. Dr. Adibe lb a professor of education at the C. W. Post Campus on Long Island. , She was a former consultant to UNESCO in science : education and has taught in over a dozen countries including Italy, Iraq, Turkey, England and the U.S. Dr. Adibe served as National President of the World Education Fellowship which is dedicated to life-long learning for all peoples of the world. Dr. Shane then presented a plaque to the Sisters of Mercy as a ' perpetual memorial to the Sisters of Mercy for the past contributions and future work." The plaque was accepted by Sr. M. Eustace Taylor, general coordinator o trie Sisters of f Mercy, "in the name of the full membership of the Sisters of Mercy." A tribute and benediction was given- ^ by Monsignor John Hastings, vicar general: of the diocese of Erie. -*& *&*^£t±

Sisters Of Mercy Given 'Greatest Tribute Of All
Dr. Marion L. Shane, president of the College, welcomed the over 400 guests who attended the Golden Year Banquet and stated that the "greatest tribute of all should go to the Sisters of Mercy for all they have done for Mercyhurst College." Sr. Eustace Taylor, general coordinator o the Sisters of f Mercy, spoke in place of the scheduled speaker, Dr. Rene Dubos, who was unable to attend. She remarked that the history of Mercyhurst was "a story of courage and determination* on the part of the Sisters of Mercy who went through many hardships during the early days of Mercyhurst. Sr. Eustace expressed gratitude to all who have helped Mercyhurst to grow and develop into the kind of school the founders hoped for. Dr. Shane made some comments on the future of Mercyhurst. He said "Mercyhurst has a rich past and we are making plans and considerations for the future. We are looking forward to the future with confidence. Dr. Shane also said a college must "somehow in some way link the development of mind and science with heart and soul." He said he felt that Mercyhurst was moving steadily in this direction. A one-act play entitled "I'm Herbert" was presented by Dr. Gary Smith, director of Theatre Arts, and Patricia Sobell, senior drama major. Music was provided by the New Younger Brothers.


PAY ON TWENTY—Distributive Education business teacher Tony Lucas (center) was one of many to lest the Psychology Department's black jack table last Saturday during the Fall Festival activities in the student union. Student Terry Sullivan (left) was another.


Mercyhurst College has been granted y slightly more than $20,000 from the Council for the Advancement of Small Colleges (CASC), but had no one to administrate spending of the funds as The Merciad went to press. A search committee chaired by Mariiynn Jewell extended until Thursday, Oct 4, the deadline for applying for the $10,000 per year position of CASC Project oncampus coordinator. The {immediate responsibility

The j Mercyhurst" College Affirmative Action,,- office, presently located in Preston 206, will be moving soon to what is now the law enforcement office at the west end of first floor Main. g Further ^details** will be published in The Merciadrfi when the move is completed. Y The I Affirmative f Action program was created and funded By HEW to provide grievance hearings! for students who i feel they have been disqrimanated against on the basis of race, sex, religion or age. Three cases have

Affirmative Action To Move

so many people now have that there is a fragmentation," Jewell said. "This position removes one individual and allows him or her to look at the research, planning and development for the entire institution." The CASC co-ordinator will report recommendations to Mercyhurst College President, Dr. Marion L. Shane. Jewell said the ideal CASC coordinator would be a member of the college faculty or administration with at least four years of experience here. "We want someone who been reviewed since the Mercy- knows Mercyhurst," she said. Jewell added, however, that ail hurst office opened two years applications are welcome. ago. Affirmative Action officer CASC is an organization of 60 Mariiynn Jewell will review small colleges created under a complaints of discrimination, and federal grant from the departif the case requires arbitration, it ment of Health, Education and. will be presented to the Welfare. Affirmative Action Committee of Search committee member the College Senate. John Nesbit, Mercyhurst's The grievance procedure is director of grants, was the prime currently being reviewed by the mover in the drive for CASC College*' Senate. / Robeift F. funds, according to Jewell. Other Prather, vice president of search committee members are development, is writing the Judith Bradley and Dr. Michael Affirmative Action Plan. McQuiUen. of the CASC coordinator will be the development of the Blueprint III proposal to evaluate and revise Mercyhurst's academic philosophy. The CASC coordinator will have a wide range of other duties, as well, for evaluating fiscal, curricular and academic matters. Roughly defined, the CASC coordinator will be the head of an on-campus agency for research and planning, "There are so many roles that


• * %


AMONG THOSE PARTICIPATING in the Charter Day ceremonies over the weekend were (from left) Dr. Marion Shane* president of the college, Sr. M. Eustace Taylor and Sr. Carolyn Herrmann, RSM, ' •-'-*..-•£ ^ '^^litP^^^ M


Letter To Thefeditor

Silent Majority Speaks Out

Dear Editor: § For a number of vears. I have been a member of the large taction of students who are classified as the silent majority at Mercyhurst College. After waiting* almost two months, * I finally have to speak out about a topic that has OCTOBER 15,1976 beeh pushed under the carpet in Mr. Kennedy's PAGE 2 THE MERCIAD office. Why was?Frank Sirotak let \ go from f his position as Student Activities Director? ? ? | Letter To The Editor It has come to the attention of|the whole Mercyhurst Community that Frank was not let go because of the narry Chapin concert losing money, but rather that hejjbacked the Student We would like to respondlto the comments in Government and the students' wishes to have a the editorial "Student Center—Campus Barn" of major concert. The Mercyhurst Student GovernOct.8,1976. II i | I « i ment, which represents;the whole student body, I Some legitimate concerns were raised in voted in favor of the concerted thereby went regard] to the design of the new campus center against Mr. Kennedy's wishes. and the values implicitfin its architectural style. This seems to be the reason why we don't see Anf examination of the human-made en- Frank around anymore. He was more loyal to vironment and its design and the ramifications it the students and the Student Government, and he < has as a potential resource for fulfilling human did not crumble under Mr. Kennedy's pressure. 9%e7%a4?dU4 needs on an effective manner is an appropriate Wasn't Frank's job to carry out the wishes of the This | type fof sensitivity to the en- students and \not Mr.f Kennedy's??? Afterall, wasn't the money from the Student Activities fee vironment should be encouraged. Suddenly, some members of the 'Hurst However, to cast aspersions on the new Dean, the students' money in the first place, and to be Community are beginning to realize that Dr. Jerry Trimble, showsfa complete lack of in- spent how the student government saw fit? j the Merciad | is | their newspaper, vestigation into the facts by the writer of the I have worked under Frank's supervision and editorial. The planning process on an in- now under Ms. Jan Gatti's, and I feel that after a available for them to air their views and two month probationary period, she still has yet make known their opinions, f f | stitutional level for any construction project is a to prove herself to the students, the Mercyhurst In'the past, the popular complaint was complex, long,and arduous one, requiring many Student Government, and most of all her own that The Merciad did nothing but reflect years of input. The fact that Jerry Trimble was staff. I $ t' not evenI a member of the Mercyhurst College the views of the administration. administration which conceived, designed and In speaking for what I feel the staff and the This has never been the goal off The raised funds for the Student Center certainly students think, this is no time to put an ^inexMerciad. Wejnave always been} here to would imply no responsibility on his part for its perienced person in a vital position on such short serve the entire 'Hurst Community, but ultimate architectural form. In fact, we recom- notice, when a more qualified and we haven't been fable to do that in the mend to the writer of the editorial that she or he knowledgeable person was available. As you all past because of lack of support and con- talk to Jerry Trimble and discover that he is har- should know, Frank scheduled all of this year's tributions from that entire community. dly a representative of the "prefab, big business, movies and many of the other events to comeJOf In this !year's first two editions, com- pfroduction*line diploma" mentality ascribed to all the events scheduled by Ms. Jan Gatti, each one has been tfery poorly attended. This alone him in the article. munity contributions were practically r proves my point that the students don't like the Jacquelyn Howey lui.i I? j ^ ? I 'EMM job she's doing. Only 14 people showed up at her i Assistant Professor! k Last week things began to happen and first event—Night at the Races (which included Bethune this week the amount of support and con- Assistant all the workers). Though, I could admit it could tribution has grown even more, r have been the lousy publicity, why then, did she only get about 200 people at the Buoys conIf this: trend continues, and I hope it Letter T o T h e Editor cert??? It was well publicized and last year we does, then The Merciad will truly had well over 700 students in attendance. This become your newspaper andf 'The Voice letter, as you could see, is pro Frank Sirotak but I promise to help Ms. Gatti with any activity she of the Mercyhurst Community." My, you take a stunning picture! So stunning, schedules to the best of my ability. I must say NVe welcome any and all contributions in fact, I don't in™™™™*** nw«»u« wi*™ hesitate to say it was the highlight though, "Why beat a dead horse." I have heard tolyour newspaper and are open to any ""***«» en^DcHAnc «S criticisms. ~U+Mem* ^ V of your article. I would also like to comment you Jan Gatti say many times in her office—"If you suggestions or on your ascension into the editorship of this fine don't like the job I'm-doing, just tell me and I'll It looks like the 'Hurst is coming to life publication. Maintaining the traditions of The leave." Well, Jan, I'm telling you that I don't like during the Anniversary Year. Merciad has been the responsibility entrusted to the job you're doing and I'm asking, for the good a of the students, The combination Fall Parents past, you've l ^ y ™ » l preserved at least one of them by convenience. please resign at your earliest I & Weekend was a great success. harping on the traditional theme of student In the interest of keeping my job, I will remain T h e M e r c i a d w o u l d l i k e to apathy. While I am the first to admit that I am anonymous. congratulate everyone involved in its only an occasional reader of The Merciad every single time I've picked up a copy, I have been dless of what I've contributed. Oh and I've tried, success. bombarded by! a tirade of type written tongue- Lord knows how I've tried. I | f$ 'ashings from past and present editors over the So, ^consequently, after consulting m / atI ''eged abundahce of apathy afflicting the Mer- torneys, jwe've concluded that in my hyperLetter To The Editor cyhurst student body JEach editor over the past sensitive condition, a reasonably strong case several years has seen fit to seize the opportunity exists for the mental anguish I've suffered inMKlinuPr^tenriinP Aflfillt ID ^ t° lambast the perennial do-nothings for not sup- duced by the onslaught of editorials lambasting IfllOTUIUVI UUIIIUIII5 n U V H I IU}U ™rtin<* <\n* affairr or another with such intensity, porting one a f f a i n r a n o t h e r w i t h cnnh intonciHr the studenubody with accusations of apathy. The ^Disrespect and courtesy 1 are definite issue in such fervor, that I am left cringing in the corner appropriate charges have been filed in the regard to the I.D. problem, however, I [feel the totally Ifintimidated by scathing, stinging district Court of Appeals and you can expect to blame has been misplaced. If fyou recall when editorial remarks. While everyone else may be served official notice!of the subsequent I.D.'s were finally given back stamped, a large believe that the apathy digs are worn out and can proceedings in the next several days. i sign was posted on the entrance to the cafeteria shrug them off, I alone am left to bear the brunt 'For letting me air my views, I am over' m informing students thatin order to eat, I.D.'s of the attacks on apathy. whelmed wtth gratitude. See you in court. must be presented. Now surely after two or three I have been You see, is 1 nave oeen diagnosed by Hypersensitively yours, meals our community's young adults would have psychiatrists as an acute hypersensitive, which Rick Sorekfc I gotten the idea, but no, many students continued means that I take everything to heart. As a to forget their I.D.'s. I I result, I experience emotions to al degree far J The lady who sits a t the door of the cafeteria is beyond the normal level of sensitivity. I've floundoing a job*thatishe-no more likes^than we do. dered for days in the depths of depression over a Granted, her methods at times may seem rough, losing lotfStyttcket§*FveSallen madly in love I |tY©fyOn©|desefV©S t i l e r i g h t but after trying to see those little white cards wijb courteous checkout girls in express line afto be heard. that almost 400 people pass in front of her-evety fairs, and once ij had to ^fee'sedated, straitmeal, she deserves a little more than an insulting jacketed and carried away on a stretcher in conletter.|[ think that cooperation should comerfrom vulsing hysterics from a \Woody Allen film Make the Merciad your form the students first. Are we so perfect that we festival. So jj when Bread tone of your arousing couldn't admit that the students and the lady at columns assaulting the apathetic among us, the of communication. I door are at fault? resulting impact on my hypersensitive emotions Ruth Miller is shattering; I become racked with guilt regarl

Campus Center Response

/ /

Hypersensitive Opinions

OCTOBER 15,1976


Letter To The Editor



n Administration
particularly dealing with the clerical duties of the office. Much of this clerical work is now done by Mr . Lanahan and Sister Michele along with their various other duties In the office. Mr. Lanahan has gone about trying to obtain the extra staff needed and is very hopeful that his problem of understaffing In the Financial Aid office will be resolved. Still, Lanahan teds the school is not taking seriously the amount of staff needed to take care of the large sum of money.

Dear Editor, As a former journalist and editor I can understand Typists' and-or Printers• errors creeping into*'original coDv.' Nevertheless mav I draw: attention to the following that appeared in the New Faculty column, Merciad, October 8. 1) If the 'mysterious letters C.S.S.R.' did begin to appear after my name I think I would have reason to begin worrying because I am not a card carrying member of the Communist Party of the Czechoslovakian Soviet Socialist Republic. (C.S.S.R.). No, honestly!! 2) I am a card carrying member of the C.SS.R. (Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris) * usually referred to as, the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. As a member of this apostolic religious group I espouse some communist principles—those that arise from having taken vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. But believe me I am not in any way,?make, shape or form affiliated to either theAJ.S.S.R. or the C.S.S.R.! ' \ 3) The title of the group to which If belong is 'Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer* as it appears in your column Jit may well be asked if there is any real difference. The answer is yes, not only a linguistic difference, but also aj very real theological difference. Most Holy as used here is a superlative of honorary title and is in no way an expression of comparison with others of the same kind. Holiest Redeemer is more expressive of a superlative of degree and so would indicate the existence of other but less holy Redeemers!! If this were true then the whole of Christology would be thrown into a new turmoil. Believe me there are enough problems in the theology of Christ, without giving Christ an added identity crisis. He might not recover as easily from being misiaentified as George Kidd did!! You realize, of course, that theologians are still trying to solve the problems that arise from the manuscript errors of scribes—the precursors of typists and* printers!! % Success to MERCIAD, the voice of the Mercyhurst Community. ittfiii Michael O'Connor, C.SS.R.


Special Ed. Co-Op Program
Mercyhurst has recently an- Villa and Gannon. nounced a •]co-operation program Mr. Brian McHugh, Mrs. Diana in special education with villa Bohl, and Sr. Kathleen Cribbins, Maria and Gannon Colleges. O.S.B., are ^traveling iteachers £ This means that a student from this term. j \ either } Villa or Gannon can be The three schools now have five certified in* special * education from Mercyhurst without leaving co-operation programs between their respective campuses. ' them. They are: special Instead; of these students education, early l, childhood elementary coming to Mercyhurst,. teachers development, from here will instruct classes at education, business and art.

by Joyce Sparrow Mr. James G. Lanahan, new Director of Financial Aid, feels the need to develop the "consistency and documentation" which were missing before in the (Mice of Financial Aid. 'Lanahan believes that consistency la reauired In order that the office can handle the financial needs of an expanding student body sufficienUy. Documentation, he feels, is needed in order that the large amount of money granted by state, federal, and private contributors for specific students can be taken care of more easily. T Also, as new director, Mr. Lanahan hopes to develop clear guidelines, and procedures for students and their parents when they go about obtaining financial aid. ( At this point, there is nothing that states clearly enough the how and why of the processes of acquiring financial aid. He also hopes to work through his office to help students utilize their own maximum, personal use of the financial aid available. At present, Lanahan feels the 'Hurst, is not making "maximum use of the Work-Study program. Too many of the students are performing what could be conv sidered useless iobs." ' Lanahan would like to see more students doing necessary Jobs. Two examples he gave %ere: Students responsible for snow removal on a particular area of campus during the winter months and the possible organization of a student Work-Study tutoring program. * In the future he also hopes' to develop a Work-Study program In which students could receive ossible credit for the Worktudy jobs they perform. ^ , Besides being Director of Financial Aid, Lanahan also heads Admissions which brings about the problem of how can one man do two jobs? £ Between IV* and 2 million dollars pass through the office of Financia) Aid eac h year but who handles it? £ Jz* At the present time the professional staff of this office consists of Mr. Lanahan himself, and the Assistant Financial Aid Director, Sister Michele Leehan. Financial Aid ? receives a reasonable amount of student support which is highly appreciated, but Lanahan sees a need for more professional help,


Financial AMI?!


Tht Voice of tht Moreytturit Community

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Earth Works

October 15 and 16 Admission $1.00



OCTOBER 15,1976

From The Classroom And The Emergency Room



- >

Some days, and not in- many levels in between. The ways, is where his background in frequently, as many as 80 patients distinctions are often blurred or sociology can be helpful. are:treated in the emergency confused by laymen, to the great "Anyone can be scared, going room of Erie's Hamot Medical distress of professionals in the into an emergency room, he Center during a single eight-hour field. begins, guardedly. "I can help if I shifts l That much I learned first hand. can reassure them that _ Most offthe cases treated are When I asked Constantine to everything's going to be all right. relatively simple ones like minor explain the difference between a You don't come right out and say burns or cuts that require a few tiurse and an intern, he nearly it like that. But just by talking, stitches. Even a few sore throats choked on the orange he was you let the patient' know that someone is confident and in are treated in cases where the having for breakfast. w family M.D. couldn't be located. An understandable reaction, charge.*' Some of the cases are more perhaps, Administering medical •r Even under normal conditions, serious. Like multiple lacerations treatment is, needless to say, a a nurses',assistant has to b e andf fractures. Like cardiac delicate business with strict mentally, if not in actual pracguidelines. Each level of learning tice—one part student, one part arrests and drug overdoses. There are six medical per- and authority carries with it psychologist, one part nurse, one sonnel on duty in the emergency limits of responsibility which are part doctor. Crisis; can add another room: a doctor, four nurses and not to be exceeded. one nurses* assistant. • > < ><t The seriousfeand almost dimension entirely. With the job unyielding side of Ken Con- comes the understanding that, in Ken Constantine has been stantine is present when he talks times of extreme emergency a adapting—to paraphrase his own of his work in? the emergency nurses' .assistant must take words—for about three and a half room at Hamot. He chooses his measures which he would not under ordinary circumstances. years, ever since the summer of words carefully. "Just say that the staff has 1972 when he quit a factory job He was asked to give a brief and was hired at Hamot Medical description of the duties he is been very helpful to me, as far as Center as a transport orderly. asked to perform during a typical teaching me nursing care on-theAt that time, Constantine was work day. They include some iob," Constantine says. "They entering his sophomore year at obvious ones, such as cleaning the have confidence in me, and they Mercy hurst College and thinking unit after a casting or suturing know I have confidence in * seriously about a medical career. operation and transporting myself." And when he comes back to \ £ Later, he changed his major (to patients from the unit. sociology), but at the same time He may also help prepare school, back to the calm of the kept -at his medical studies, casts,-or play a "minor part in classroom or the madness of applied for and got what he felt emergency treatment of cardiac lunch hours in the Union? "I never gave it any thought," A as a more challenging position arrest (heart attack) victims. at Hamot. £$ He must stay with "com- Ken Constantine says. "You just Today, Constantine is 22 years bative* ' patients and this, he adapt. I guess.'* old and a career in medicine is a virtual certainty. He is an NA-2, a nurses* assistant in a patient care unit, and plans to become a registered male nurse. For students in most fields of This .weekend the Mercyhurst divertissement from "Le Cid" by medicine, schooling and on-the?b training are means to an end Creative * Arts* Division Dance Massenet and the "Polyveztian naU is ^usually well off in the Department will present an Dances" from the opera "Prince T evening of "Opera Ballet," Igor** by Brodin. distance. f!f directed and choreographed by Some of the featured dancers Now in his fifth year of college Madame Valentine Belova, a new are. Allan Kinzie, Jay Kirk, (all at Mercyhurst), Constantine member of the dance faculty. Kathleen Megnis, Shelah Murphy faces up to three more years of This production is the first of and Bernadine Borinski. school before he gets his nursing It will be performed in the degree. And after that will come the season for the dance depart18 more months of training in ment and should prove to be quite Little Theatre on October 15, 16, 17 at 8 p.m. with a matinee at 5 either mental health nursing or enjoyable. The program includes music p.m. on October 16. Admission is nursing anesthesiology. from a variety of operas. Some of free to all Mercyhurst students, By then, he will be 27 or 28. the pieces performed will be the adults $2.50, senior citizens and Meanwhile,: Ken Constantine ballet from "Faust" by Gounoud, children $1.00. Reservations can 4 from "Der be made by calling 864-0681. •'• lives a schedule only med 'Waltzes** The creative Arts division students can appreciate and Rosenkavalier" [by Strauss, * sympathize with. A double major excerpts . from the "Overture of invites everyone to attend this in sociology and nursing, he takes Tannhauser" by * Wagner, enjoyable night at the ballet. six credit hours of classroom works per term at Mercyhurst, and he is on duty at Hamot four days a week, eight hours a day, from 3 to 11 p.m. Here, certainly Mercyhurst College Placement divides these agencies up into is a working model of the intense, Council and the Association for geographic and occupational > t studious young maa School, College and University divisions. Staffing (ASCUS) provide Well, yes. But not always, i Asked if his work-study routine publications describing potential The ASCUS's Annual listings doesn't get to be a grind, Con- employers lot candidates^ to contain advertisements from a stantine answers, '*"After doing contact. These are available in variety of school districts across this, I couldn't take a full course the Career Planning and the country, ^rand work a 15-hour part-time job. Placement Library. v Both * of these publications 1 might get better grades if I did, • Listings^in the College Place- contain useful articles that deal but I j enjoy \ my job at the ment Annual describe different with career opportunities, the job industries and 'governmental interview, procedures that could hospital.'* * Constantine also manages to agencies that usually seek college help you find it he right job, and use his free time, such as it is, graduates. Also, the annual more. ^ * I and then becomes a more or less typical college student. \ ' o n the night of Monday, October 4, he celebrated his twenty-second birthday with some* friends. He did not show up for| his scheduled interview with The Merciad the next morning. He was reminded of that a week later as we sat in the Zurn Hall student union and tried to converse over the noise blaring from the tables around us, the ping pong games, the pinball machines and the jukebox. "Around I here,*' he smiled, looking out over the lunch hour madness, "I'm just as big a goofoff as anybody. But in my job, I know I have... responsibilities... "You just adapt, I guess." In the field of practical medicine there are as many PHOTO BY BOB RONKSLEY different jobs and careers as there are in, say, the military. In The Hurst Cheerleaders: (First Row) Cindy Byham, Pattl Nestor, the one, there are buck privates f and then there are generals. In Delmarie Gore and Minnie Mickler. (Second Row) Debbie Duda, Judy Mahoncy, and Cindy Bartolo. the other, there are orderlies afl ' hv Bob Derda Jr. ...... A . (hen (here are surgeons-^





.- W ' « « " «.



Director and Choreographer, Madame Valentine Belova

Little Theatre Opera

mercyhurst creative arts div kfresentst the dance &eh


selections of:


rosenkavalier tannhauser le cid tolovetsian

Employment Contacts Publication



admission - adult $z -sr. citizen $i student $r— mercyhu?st students free Lfc

, 3:00 & 8-00 JM 17" 8 : 0 0 ^ Sc oa
F O R R & S E R V A T t O N S i

C A L L • J C H - O f e f t J

Hustlin' Cheerleaders
One of the most dynamic forces on campus nowadays is the 1 Hustlin HursU Cheerleaders. Everyone kwith any smidgen of school spirit will be hearing and seeing much more of these energetic gals as (he season gets underway. The squad, consisting of captaini Debbie Duda, co-captain Judy Mahoney, Cindy Bartolo, Patti Nestor, Cindy Byham, Delmarie Gore and Minnie Mickler is directed by Diane Walsh and student-advisor D« J. Kocik. Shooting for the November 10 exhibition game at Purdue, the girls have been devoting much time every week to brushing up old cheers, innovating new ones, and just generally polishing their "style." j The entire group is firmly convinced that this year's team will be one of the best Mercyhurst has turned out yet, and naturally they "expect strong student backing to spur (he Lakers on to a I winning season. Captain Debbie Duda noted last year student apathy* was widespread when it came to game attendance; Delmarie Gore suggested that (he addition of the new .Student Center should act as an impetus for more school spirit at the games, since it is in such easy walking .distance on the campus, and Senior Cindy Bartolo was quick to (hank all those who regularly showed up last year, and count on their future support this season also. Inclusive of their future plans is a raffle for bottles of "cheer" to raise funds' for (raveling expenses, tentatively planned near Halloween. In addition,! the girls are wbrkihg on an innovative |pompom routine, and arc even considering organizing a minimusic band comprised of energetic students to spark more enthusiasm at games by just generally making noise or doing
whatever comes naturally.• » •



OCTOBER 15.1976


New Facul



Welcome Ms. Mamone To Mercyhurst Staff

New Frat Established
PHI BETA LAMBDA, the new business education and secretarial science fraternity has been established at Mercyhurst. Along with this organization, DECA, the distributive education fraternity is incorporated. Both clubs are professional student-oriented organizations to develop, promote, and foster interest in the fields of education through business and distributive skills and methods. J The activities of PHI BETA LAMBDA and DECA provide an opportunity for business students to prepare for business and office occupations. Members of PBL and DECA learn how to engage in individual and group business enterprises; how to hold office and direct the affairs of the group; howc to work with representatives of other youth organizations; and how to compete honorably with their colleagues on the local, state and national levels. ^PBL and DECA provide an opportunity for travel to state and national conferences and leadership conferences, visits to other chapters and business and industrial enterprises, and close contact with -successful businessmen and women. All interested students who are willing and able to participate in these organizations' activities are invited to join. Both clubs have already started their meetings but are jrecruiting any new-interested members. 'f Dues have been set for the year at $2.00. Any questions, contact one of the advisors, Mrs Bev DeCarlo or Mr. Tony Lucas. roots appear, plant it in moist soil to take root and bear clusters of small plant lets, which later on should be separated. | r2) Instead of placing the stem in water, place it in vermiculite, perlite, or some other form of rooting medium, and wait for the plantlets to appear before transplanting them into separate pots of humus soil. Make sure to keep the rooting medium moist ati all times (and not soaking wet!) or the medium will dry out along with your leaf. African Violets may require a little added attention and extra love, but in the end it's a job dually rewarded!


By Darlene Keith

As I walk into the office, my eyes first rest upon a long table with various dental formations sitting on it. There is a skull with a much obvious overbite and several other correct formations. Along with dental charts is a large mug, bearing the football name Steelers. & The owner of this professional looking office |is fBurnadette Mamone, the new. assistant director of the dental assisting lab. Originally from Pittsburgh, (which explains the Steeler mug), she went to West Virginia to attends West Liberty State College. « | j | Receiving her bachelor* of science degree in dental hygiene, RDHBS, Msjfe Mamone then became a certified dental assistant at? North! Carolina University. During her studies at West

Liberty State, she joined the American Dental Hygiene Association of which she is still a member. First becoming interested in a dental career because her brother is a dentist, she worked as a dental assistant upon completion of college. Ms. Mamone came to Erie three years ago and began teaching in the Millcreek School District. This summer! she was offered the job as the only fulltime person ton teach dental assistance at Mercyhurst and she accepted. s i I Among her duties in the dental lab are running the office, advising students, and overseeing the budget, i I J "My goal is *to achieve accreditation in j 1977 from the American Dental Association, and to make this department successful, " she says.

W W W P ™ ^ *


Ms. Ma mone

The most popular of all houseplants may^, be the philodendron; the most popular FLOWERING houseplant is almost certainly the African Violet. Both came -iinto vogue comparatively Jrecently^and through rather strange circumstances, that of the African Violet after the invention of the fluorescent light. | "African Violets—not at all related to true violets—were introduced into the United States at the turn of the century.jThey remained splendid curiosities for the rich, since their culture and care seemed beyond the most patient amateur horticulturist. Because of their tropical origins in Tanganyika (at levels? of 100 feet and higher) it was impossible to grow them in the unheated houses of the day. However, central heating was making great J inroads in American homes by the 1920's and 1930's. By the end of the Korean War, the African Violet cult had truly begun to blossom.

New hybrids were made almost Ghent International Horticultural everblooming. With ?as \ few as Exhibit a few years later. They three plants, you were assured of drew rave reviews and admiring continuous flowers all year collectors,! as they have ever around. And more important, it since. It was in the 1930's that the firm was discovered that they did even better under ? the recently of Armacost and Royston in developed fluorescent lights than California began a serious massthey did in Nature. Hybridization scale hybridization of Saintexpanded ') into monstrous paulias. By 1936, they had proportions and now there are developed ten varieties, all j of thousands of varieties*many of which were to form the backbone them so much alike even their of today's hybrid strains.7 One of the most popular originators can't tell them apart. The § Usambara, or African flowering houseplants, this Violet, was discovered by the species is available in countless Usambara Imperial District varieties and colors. Both single Captain of the German Empire, and double varieties are grown. Baron Walter von Saint Paul- The leaves vary considerable in Illaire. In 1892, he dispatched size according to variety but on a either plants or seeds to his father 3" stem they are usually about in Silesia. The elder von Saint 2 V long and nearly 2" wide. The Paul grew the plants and took most popular flower colors are several specimens *to the local violet-Blue, pink and white. Pinch director of the royal botanical out thefflowers as they die off, gardens. The director, naming and keep the soil somewhat dry them SAINTPAULIA after their for a period of four to six weeks discoverer and adding Honantha, until flower budsi appear, then the Latin ffor "with violetlike return to normal watering. flowers," exhibited them atjthe Always use tepid water, and lift


the leaves gently before pouring the water onto the soil (also you can water the plant ^ from the bottom if the pot has,drainage— which will ! save possible waterlog). If water touches the leaves, it may leave unsightly marks. jj * African Violets quickly suc* cumb to overwatering but do well if plunged, in their pots, into a container of moist peatmoss. A minimum of 551 degrees and a shaded place are essential to the plant's well-being. African Violets can be propagated fay one of 2 the two following methods: | H 1) Remove a leaf (stem and all) and submerge the stem at least 2" into a glass of water, and after

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Kevin Burns

Its too small. Ii should be bigger lo hold concerts and all the people at basketball games.


Mary Confer

It's activities M*»-a place"for a good and ^ MH,re students to ga. to express themselves.J



It should be bigger. It is not really a campus center because it's only for basketball and a few offices.^There isn't enough parking around it. It should be
different looking.

Frank Dix

Hffi ^


^ V


i Lisa Howard I'm disappointed. They didn't put everything in it that they said i hey would. Only one sport will benefit.

Tim Welsh They should consider the majority of the students. It is only a home for the Lakers and a mediocre home at that.

Intercession Term, Courses Now Out!
The Environmental Studies Department is planning an interesting inter session course this year entitled "How a Metropolis Grows". According to Sr. Maura Smith, S.R.M., head of the department, the focus of this. course is to analyze the impact of the 'laissezfaire* planning of a city's land use, and its business, industrial, recreational, and residential growth. The course will use the City of Erie's growth from 1900? to the present as a case study. Freshman andjj sophomores enrolled in police science and parole probation courses this term are eligible to take part in a pre-internship program offered by; the Law Enforcement Department during Intercession. Those students who do will work a full 35-40 hour week at a police station or detention home observing operations. The students will submit daily reports and then a comprehensive report at the end of the practician. Grades will be based on evaluations completed by the agency at which the students v observed. 7



OCTOBER 15.1976

Home Economics/division on Tuesday, October 19, at 4 p.m. in room 135 Zurn Hall. , The topic of the seminar is "A look at the way in which jjthe general systems theory and family^ functions relate to one another." an All students, faculty d •administration are invited to j! attend, i W.

Home will take place nar Ec. Semiin the A seminar

Important meeting for all student union workers at 2 p.m. in the Coffeehouse.

No movie this weekend due to Fail Holiday. Wednesday - October 20.


The Alumni Art Show will run from this Sunday, October 17 through to November 14. It will be located in the second floor gallery of the LHC with the opening ceremonies taking place from 4-6 p.m. on October 17. The show will feature various mediums, taking in a balance between two and three dimensional art works. The participants in the show will then be invited to attend the "Opera Ballet" being presented in the Little Theatre at 8:00 p.m. The ballet is directed and choreographed by Madame Valentine Belova.

Alumni Art Show

Upcoming Events:
All night Halloween flicks (Midnight to 7 a.m.) October 30. § Halloween Dance -^October 31 -10 p.m. 2 a.m. More details soon!!
Movie: Young Frankenstein

The 'Hurst Hockey team vs. Super Sport; Thursday night at 10:45 at Glenwood Ice Rink.

'Hurst Hockey

International Intrigue will be a Social-Liberal Arts course offered by Dr. Michael McQuillen for the upcoming Intercession. Color and B..W portraits by The main purpose of the course J.A. JLee. Sign up ai the Inis to j provide students with a formation Desk. better understanding of how the International System operates and to aid in understanding foreign policy formulation. It also stresses the difficulties in the forming of a Foreign Policy. To illustrate these ideas a ***?£ series of games will be used including diplomacy. The State Free delivery or pick up at Sesler Apt. 334 green door. Call 864System Exercise, and the 1072 between 7:30 and 11:30. Tuesday, October 19,1976. # f Congress of Vienna. Each game requires the student to formulate his own foreign ^policy and through negotiations, execute it. According to Dr. McQuillen, the course .will be .offered on a Pass-Fail basis only.

Hotel Restaurant Management Society Hoagie Sale



Intercession 1976
Contemporary British Culture Interdisciplinary Course with Edward L. Gallagher
Enrollment is open to everyone. Cost will be approximately $600 plus tuition. The course will be graded as pass/fail. After a week of classes on campus, the group will travel to London, England, for a two week study tour of contemporary British culture. This interdisciplinary course will attempt to examine the social and cultural history of England with emphasis on the contemporary scene. Visits/seminars on British education, art theatre, music and politics will be conducted. Special costs: Approximately $600 which includes all airfare from/to Erie; hotel accommodations with private bath; all breakfasts; six theatre tickets; some; sightseeing land some evening meals. ? Interested persons contact Mr. Gallagher in 302 Main or Extension 236- or call at home evenings (864-2552) Seven students are needed for the trip to take place. I 1 i

I All students bwith specific study" problems are welcome. It is not necessary to be a part of the : PACE program.} W?U I

A'Dinner Theatre course? will be offered at Mercy hurst during Intercession. The main idea behind this course is to get the Theatre, Hotel-Restaurant Management and| Home Economic Department to work together on the execution of a Dinner Theatre Production in the Coffee House. The Theatre aspect of the production will work on the acting; the Hotel Restaurant Management people will design the menu and carry* out the preparing and serving of the dinner; while 5the Home Economic Department will design and construct the costumes. This program will serve as an internship offered fright at; Mercyhurst for these majors. The course cart also be used as an interdisciplinary requirement for any other st udents not involved in these majors. Other aspects such as set design, construction, and publicity are also part of the program. ? A play has not been selected, as of yet. When chosen, it will be a light comedy or musical. The production will be presented to the public on December 16, 17, und|18. Anyone interested in this course can watch for audition notices, or see Igor Stalsky, Dennis Andres, or Linda Farrish.

Dinner Theatre Course Offered \

New Hours effective Tuesday, October 19 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, (only) 12:00to 1:00p.m. } I I 210 Main i

Study Skills Lab



ForFord Pinto WagonSale For sale-1973
good condition $i,ooo, call extension 281. Interested in plants? Contact Zurn 106 for the Environmental Studies Department intends to sell a large variety of plants all year. For Sale: Books from African Culture: "Mine Boy", "The Great Ponds." Call 866-9066.
Nappy Birthday Henry Love. Jeannie

Free help with writing problems 9:00-12:00/1:00-4:00 | Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-12:00/1:00-3:00 i Wednesday' I jf OTHER HOURS BY APPOINTMENT


I love you Henry! Happy Birthday Congratulations tj Kay, and Good Luck

Wondering how to sell books you no longer need.. Looking for a ride, or a rider.. 4 Want to relay a personal message.. • \ If you have itemstosell, a message, looking for rides or used articles, (such as bikes, stereos, furniture, etc), the MERCIAD can help you. Starting in our next issue, we will run a classified section. Here is your chance to advertise cheaply and reach a great number of people. The prospects of this service are limitless! Standard rates are 5 cents a word or 75 cents for four lines. | J Classifieds must be placed the Tuesday before publication of the paper. I If you wish to place a classified ad; fill out the form below and drop it in the box at the information desk. For further information see Eileen Baugh, Room 29, Egan. Name Address:

The MERCIAD is presently recruiting staff members I for the 1876-77 school year. ALL positions open CALL Melissa McMurray 868-9369 or attendan organizational meeting Thursdays in the MERCIAD office, 3:30 p.m. 384 Old Main.

(where you can be contacted)

AdToRead . J Date: » '



OCTOBER 15,1976
perclassman or a transfer, and would lite to participate in an inter-collegiate varsity sport, then the Mercyhurst men's and women s crew teams are what you are looking for. No prior experience is necessary. * The team competes against schools such as Purdue, Notre Dame, fYale, Michigan State, University of Chicago, and University of Michigan. Anyone interested in becoming I a member should contact Al Belovarac in the registrar's office, ^Jack Gartner or Frank Sands. \


itunltles up- Phi Beta Mu If you are a freshman, an


Business Fraternity Membership Drive

by Dartene Keith In April 1976, eight business month from 8 p.m. -ho p.m. students and James Trotta atOne- meeting consists of tended a clinic in Youngstown, business activity and the other Ohio. meeting consists of membership This clinic was the accounting drives and programs from guest \ ? $ honorary fraternity put on an- speakers. October 8 from 8-10 p.m. in the nually for perspective business r faculty lounge, is the fall oriented students.' I After attending this meeting, membership drive program All interested members of the these students and Mr. Trotta which will feature a faculty roast. 4 At this roast, each of the four Hurst Community are invited to decided they would like to begin students will portray a faculty or attend an informal g discussion one. The name of the fraternity of administrative member and will and slide presentation on Ancient Egyptian Sculpture, Jewelry, Phi Beta Mu and the P in Phi and proceed to roast David Pines. Beta stand This allows the students to and Painting in the LRC Projec- the B in and business. for professional introduce themselves | to tion Room, Thursday, October 14, Incorporating all the realms of prospective new members and at 8:00 p.m. ; business such as hotel-restaurant give support to the faculty. Guest speaker will be Gus management, administration, Outside of the meetings, there Pulakos, an amateur ar- and management are the reasons will be trips to seminars dealing chaeologist, who has traveled to why it is a professional fraternity. with business and also individual Egypt 15 times and has taken Students taking a business trips. ": } over 4,000 slides of that country major and are in good academic Phi Beta Mu has already plus many views of ancient standing are the requirements received the support fof the Greece. needed to join. National Accounting Association These people also have to feel (NAA), American Market the need to grow academically Association *(AMA), m Data "Don't you Just Love The and according to Mr. Trotta, "be Processing Management Merry Go Round," a multi-media able to go through a transition Association (DPMA), and others. Anyone interested in joining this presentation depicting 50 years of through passive standing to fraternity is welcome to do so by student-faculty relationship at active.'' Phi Beta Mu Fraternity meets coming to the meeting Friday or Mercyhurst will be shown every Wednesday at 3 p.m. in the LRC the first and third Fridays of each by obtaining an application form. 7 Projection Room. , | The Showing will be open to the tv'Hurst Community', free of charge.

Slide Presentation

Shown is Angela Pileggi (center) winner of the 'Basket of Cheer raffled off by the students from the Bahama expedition.


Latin American Series Now Being Published

Multi-Media Show

Intramural Football J
* Intramural football kicks off another full slate of action Sunday October 17, at Tullio Field. This week's games include: Pfunk vs. Rolling Thunder Review at 1:00 p.m., Relatively High vs. The Family at 2:00 p.m., and Henry's vs. Pot Luck at 3:00 p.m.

Hoc Task Force! Studies Physical Ed.

Hew Policy For Tennis Courts
Changes in the policy regarding scheduling of Indoor Tennis Court playing time has been announced by Dr. Jerry Trimble, Dean of the College and Vice President of Acadmic Services, m % The changes are as follows: 1. Students I will continue to schedule indoor tennis court time in the same manner as in the past by contacting Mrs. Eleanor Winiraczyk in room 109 Preston Hall. M | 2. College guests (benefactors) will be asked to notify Mrs. Winiraczyk by 4:30 PM for court usage the following day. This means that courts will no longer remain vacant due to unused time reserved for benefactors. 3. Court time will no longer be sold to individuals outside the College. j Dr. Trimble hopes that students will take advantage of the additional time that will be available as a result of these policy changes and will use the courts in aS? cooperative and courteous manner. The sucess of this program will depend on the students by the use of etiquette.
868-5191 s!L PI ACM STRUT

An Ad Hoc Task Force on Physical Development and Athletics has been set up at the 'Hurst. The purpose of this group is to study and make recommendations to the Dean, regarding a viable program of physical development, Intercollegiate athletics, and Intramurals. This committee, chaired by Sr. Miriam Mashank, has met three times this year. Reports were heard from various speakers pertaining to the status quo of the physical education program and operational! budgets for this program. i, | In the near future, the Ad Hoc

Home Ee. Curriculum Changes
The Home Economics Division is in the process of changing their curriculum. I 1 jH9 Dr. Jamie Yule, Chairperson of the division, feels that the current Home Ec curriculum is as diversified and as strong as one would find in a smaller school, but sees ways to reorganize it and make it more contemporary, meeting a wider variety of student needs." I |3 Presently, the faculty of the Home Ec division is looking for an idea to serve as the underlying principle of the new curriculum that they want to offer. One of the ideas under consideration is human ecology. If everything goes as planned,
2:00 3:505:357425 9.20 AN Seats'1.50^12:30

A Latin American Monograph which, if successful, will result in Series I is now being published the monographs being under the Joint sponsorship of periodically published in book Mercyhurst College and the form by the National Book Northwestern j Pennsylvania Foundation of Karachi, Pakistan, Institute for Latin American and distributed throughout Studies. (ILAS). southern Asia. ' The series will represent an Any Mercyhurst student or open forum where the political, faculty member who wishes to social, economic, and cultural submit a manuscript for possible aspects of Latin American life publication is invited to do so. can be analyzed and discussed. Send your material to Mike Michael Erisman of the Mercy- Erisman in 116 Preston Hall. hurst Political Science Department and Max Azicri of the Edinboro State College political f science department are serving as co-editors of the project, t Published three times a year and circulatedfreeof charge, the The ROTC Program at Gannon monographs are sent to libraries. College has enrolled 26 MercyLatin American study centers and hurst students for the 76-77 year prominent scholars of Latin through cross-enrollment, acAmerica throughout the United cording to Captain Michael States. They are also sent to Konopka, enrollment officer at governmental officials who deal Gannon College. with Latin American affairs, and There will be 214 students, 80 of Task Force will meet with the to interested people in the local coaching staff and cheerleaders. colleges as well* as to ILAS them female, participating in the ROTC Program at Gannon. There After these meetings, they will are Joint training experiences 1 M L formulate their perceptions and members. make recommendations to theiPNegotiationsi are underway with Villa Maria, Edinboro, ean r Mercyhurst, and Gannon D * iff i % E-^ Colleges.7? j ' % The next move will be toward B The program offers freshmen development work. In this phase, and sophomore Military Science they will examine feedback from The College or * Older students the opportunity to earn the Faculty-Administration Americans (COA) at Mercyhurst two class credits free of charge group, suggestions regarding a College, the program which with no obligation. The junior and Division of Physical Education, provides learning opportunities to senior advanced corps members Athletic scholarships ,| and Individuals over 40 years of age enter into a contract with the U.S. financial aid and other matters has recently announced its at* Army. Advanced corps students dealing with the 'Hurst. Input tendance figures. | | g receive $100 a' month for living from the College community to This fall there are 70 students expenses. J• m v' any member of the Task Force is presently auditing eight subjects Between the junior and senior welcomed. l l w X f w . ''-Si of regular college curriculum. year a six week instruction is held These and! any other students at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. enrolled in the COA who audit Participants are paid a salary of college curriculum do so for a approximately $600 plus travel reduced price of twenty dollars as expenses. I | opposed to the regular auditing ROTC offers one, two, and the new curriculum may be of- price of fifty dollars. All auditing three year scholarships. These fered beginning next year, but of standard college curriculum is scholarships I cover full tuition, there is no specific date set as of done on an availability basis. fees, books and supplies. In adyet.fi } j J| | Each term a wide varietyJof dition, recipients receive $100 a Jamie Yule also stated that is is topics including history, art, month living expense. These "very important that the students music, science, world religions, awards are presented with'the know this is going on" She stated sociology literature, languages, obligation of the student to serve a request for any concerned and philosophy are offered. These four years with the army upon Home Ec. students to join with classes are intended solely for the graduation. I •! JK' 1 < the faculty in helping to examine students' pleasure and all are Students may contact Captain the philosophy of the curriculum being hela on the Mercyhurst Konopka at Gannon College with in their field. i ^tSfl I Campus. aSlMliflBfiiiSiK *£39 any further questions, r -

Gannon R0TC 26 From Hurst

I C0A Figures I



Here's m comedy you can stick your sense of humor in
"CRAZY...a cross between MONTY PYTHON and NBC CHir«0 TRIIUNI SATURDAY NIGHT:' I "LUNACY...in the satirical vein o n Woody Allen's SLEEPER."

November 5

The funniest
mfn of IMS»



fnt<rnotiffitif llarmuny pn *i nl* I H urld W $di Film* Hrh *M

* fM

rse. There Is no limitation as to form because of space limitations. mM Each poem mustjbe TYPED or PRINTED oh a separate sheet, and must bear the NAME and HOME ADDRESS ofjthe student, and the COLLEGE ADDRESS as well. | 1 J MANUSCRIPTS should be sent to the OFFICE OF THE PRESS.

* *

Box 218
« • *

Agoura.Ca. 91301



OCTOBER 15,1976

by Terry Kelly There is one thing that I can't stand on this campus and that is tht fan support for athletic events. -^ Granted we have no more Jesse Campbells or all-american tennis players but there are a lot of good athletes on this campus that should be noticed. ; I'm not saying you have to be Joe Pan and attend all and ever) event, but there are some interesting players and teams that should be supported. ^ Take for example the Women's tennis team. I watched them play and there were hardly any people there and they played until it was > dark, having the match called. Now all the members of the women's tennis team which include; Mary Ann King, Rose Ann Bauer, Andy Sotelo, Pam Barbato, Jane Kerstetter, Mildred Choice, Paula Pizzat, Michelle Durant, and Delia Cavanaugh, hold tight, because I know how it feels when people don't show up to see you in action. - At least people will know who you are even if they don't want to ; < watch you play. \ & T < ^g* T Congratulations to the Soccer team for winning their first game ever, which was against Geneva. I told everyone at the beginning that things would look up, and they did. With the inexperience of a first year team, Coach Shlmpeno has a lot of promise to look forward to. On the Intramural Football scene, the Henry's have surfaced to the top of the standings with a 3-0 record. Pot Luck, Rolling Thunder Review, and P-Funk have also been impressive with 2-1 marks. Relatively High, once an MFL power, and the Family have yet to win a game. % This week I have analysed the MFL quarterbacks and their success in the first three games. ^? How can anybody stop the Henry's passing combination of Mark Hoak to Bob Ferdiani? j \ >P?| In the Henry's first three games, Ferdiani has caught six touchdown passes for a totahof 220 yards not to mention all other passes. Along with Hoak, Rolling Thunder Review sports a fine quarterback who can run and throw in Jim Deffner. Deffner has passed for two touchdowns and run for three. \ Dan "Chipmonk" Downing has showed versatility as he has run for two touchdowns and caught one touchdown pass. He also quarterbacks and has thrown one touchdown pass. Kevin Butler of P-Funk also has looked promising as he has connected on three touchdown passes and has run for two morel The last of my quarterbacks is Ray Korzanowski of Pot Luck. Korzanowski has* passed for three touchdowns including two 45 yarders to Lament Prince, and has one scoring run.*; ?,: Next week I will analyze the defensive specialists.


The Mercyhurst'Laker soccer team made history this past week. : 4 • The Lakers won their first match ever last Monday night by notching i a 4-2 verdict over < Geneva. ?> i i & Seniors Jose Moguel and Dennis Szult were the offensive heroes for the 1*5 Lakers. Each scored two goals a piece. $ Freshman Bob Schulties was a standout ^defensively (or the 'Hurst, i Coach I Dave Shimpeno wits very pleased with his team's play against a tough Geneva team. Shimpeno attributes his team's success to the fact that his team finallyB put the pieces together. Moguel led off the Laker scoring attack by netting the only goal of the first period. Szult continued the assault in the second period with two goals within a 12 minute time span. He netted his first goal after only 44 seconds had elapsed in the second period. I • With 57;27 gone in the second period, the Lakers led 3-0. Geneva's; Steve Pamas came back four minutes later and netted their initial goal.',; The Laker lead was chopped to 3-1; with 27:52 remaining in the game A J :p * However, the 'Hurst co-captain Moguel countered the Geneva score by ? recording his second goal of the night thus clinching the Lakers' first victory. The Lakers' stingy defense, led by'Schulties, held Geneva to a single goal before Steve Hibshman scored their final goal on a penalty shot with only 5:22 remaining. '; Coach Shimpeno would appreciate as much fan support as possible for the Lakers final home game. The Laker hooters' last home match will be played tomorrow against Malone. The game is slated for a 1 p.m. starting time at Tullio Field

Laker Golfers Stroke To Victory
The Mercyhurst golf team captured fourth place in the West Liberty Invitational Tournament this past Sunday and Monday at the Speidel Country Club, Wheeling West Virginia. The Lakers were also in fourth place after the first 18 holes Sunday with a total of 420. West Virginia led with a 406 followed v by Michigan State with a 407. Mercyhurst finished the 36 holes with a total of 832, 17 strokes off of West Virginia University at 815, the winner of the 15 team tournament. Steve Rutkowski led the Lakers after the first round with a 79 followed by Mike Capotis with an 80. I The spark for the Lakers was Dave Ciacchini who came back after the opening round of 82 to shoot a 78,-and capture third place in the tournament with ia 160. ig Steve Rutkowski finished with a 162, Homer Capotis with a 165. brother Mike Capotis a 170, and Mark Salvia with a 173/ |v The golf team also placed sixth out of eleven teams last week in the Allegheny Invitational at Meadville Country Club. The host, Allegheny, finished first with a total of 386, followed by Edinboro with a 387. The Lakers compiled a total of 407 with Dave Ciacchini having the best round at 75. The West Liberty Tournament concluded the Lakers golf schedule for the fall season.

This Week's Sports
Saturday, October 16

Soccer team vs. Malone,}


Home, 1 p.m. Tul 1 io Field 1 p.m. 2p.m. 3p.m. ^ 1^J

Sunday, October 17

f */' Inter mural Football P-Funk vs. Rolling Thunder Review Relatively High vs. The Family Henry's vs. Pot Luck m Ms»^tote All games played on Tullio Field *
W' f Monday, October 18

Women's tennis, Lakerettes vs. Villa
Tuesday, October 19

away 4 p.m. at Thiel 7 p.m. home 4 p.m. 1 p.m. 2p.m. 3 p.m.

Women's Volleyball vs. Thiel/Westminster
i i W Wednesday, October 20

Women's tennis, Lakerettes vs. Westminster * Intramural Football j The Family vs. Henry's | Pot Luck vs. P-Funk Relatively High vs. Rolling Thunder Review. ..* All games played at Tullio Field.


semester intramural sports are now being made. * I Coordinator Dave Shimpeno is On Saturday, Oct. 23, the crew planning a coed tennis tourteam will* compete in the nament during Intersession and Michigan State regatta at East has a list of possibilities for the Lansing, Michigan. The regatta winter semester, t These include| table tennis, will be rowed on the Grand River. Competing in the :regatta {will pocket billiards, basketball, be University of Michigan, handball, and a very exciting new University of Chicago, ; Grand sport called "jokari." Valley, Notre Dame University, Wayne State, and the host school, Michigan State. The length of the race will be 1,500 meters. According to Jack jj Gartner, head coach, the Lakers have a very good chance of coming home with a first place victory, f i

Intramural News Plans for Intersession and next

j? The 'Hurst baseball team split a doubleheader with Point Park at Tullio Field, winning the first 10 and losing the second 4-1. 8 ® \ Tom Barringer was the winning pitcher in the opening contest as he allowed Point Park only three hits while striking out three and walking only one. The Lakers scored the only run they needed in the first inning when Kevin Cook was walked and Ray Olszewski singled him to third base. |Frank iTrigilio

Fall Slump, Brings Split With Point Pioneers
followed by reaching base on an error, allowing Cook to score. • Kenny White also collected a single for the Lakers in the first game.fk ~-f£ _#.; \ &, In the second game, the Lakers only managed one base hit land that was a single by Kevin Carter. Ray Olszewski was the losing pitcher as he had to; leave the game because of an arm injury. "Sparky" Mills came on In relief and held Point Park under control the I remainder of the

game. A The split made the Lakers record 3-7 on the season. % There were two more games left with the Univ. of Buffalo to end the fall season. Up to this point, Ken White and Bo Henning are the leading hitters with .344 and .379 batting averages, respectively. Tom Barringer has turned in some fine performances on the mound, but has received very little bat support. $ $

A t Michigan

Top MFL Scorers
Ferdioni, Henry's Hook, Henry's Deffner, RTR Downing, Rel. High Harper, P-Funk. Patton, Henry's . • ................ 6 , 3 , 3 3 , 3 ••• 3




kii Women Beg Fall Season •

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Tuesday, October 26, is the beginning of the. Women's Keystone Conference matches in volleyball. f The match will be held at Allegheny College at 7:00 p m. Mercyhurst will play against the teams~of Allegheny ana Thiel. The Mercyhurst players will also play against Villa Maria at Allegheny, but this is not a Conference match. On Thursday, October 28, at 6:00 p.m. at Villa Maria College, Mercyhurst will have Conference matches against Villa Maria and Grove City. \ \ 7 \ The volleyball standings at the present are one win* one loss. The Mercyhurst players lost % to Fredonia 6-15, 6-15; but' won against D'Yonville 15-9, 15-1. {




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