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Cavs know speed is issue against Celtics
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$1.50 May 9, 2010 Three ways to connec t online:

Wild and windy
Smokescreen LeBron’s

Higher Visibility and Better Results
Modular ad units on the newly designed pages of The NewsHerald will help make your advertisement stand out and achieve better results. Utilizing logical page portions—full, half, quarter, eighth, etc. — instead of inches will make planning and buying print advertising easier. An added benefit: complicated rate cards are history. Our intention is to provide similar standardized advertising units found in other media like magazines, online, television and radio. In addition, your advertisements will easily fit other newspapers that have adopted this strategy. Inside you’ll find representations of our 25 modular ad sizes. In addition, we offer double truck sizing for both broadsheet and tab pages. Of course, we will continue to offer creative ad shapes.

as Smith of Jefferson Eastlake carries Aaron Sturm yells words of Rory McComb of r Marine Sgt. Clay Test for Euclid Marine recruite y during the Combat Fitness State encouragement Saturdaent poolees at Headlands Beach Delayed Entry Recruitm Mentor. Park in

Michael Allen Blair/MBla

fuls ready Marine hopehave any ‘Kick’? or not? Find a More on the draft in Sports Cavs gear up in Sports give the Combatreview in TGIF ness Test a run Fit the test
SKlepach@ Marine Corps TO SUBSCRIBE, CALL 800-94-PAPER 75 centsCombat train The three-pronged of the recruits nds part Fitness Test became last year at Headla Park. .com/newsheraldinoh Friday, April 16, Beach Three ways to connect online: Become a fan on Marine Corps’ regimen ness for 2010 State m to guarantee prepared half a Michael Allen Blair/MBla s like sprinting activitie on Lake Shore supplies a was traveling west mile or lifting heavywindows. doing pull-ups, crunches and a Chevy Aveo which tree branch fell on over walls or throughindividuals 3-mile run; now we do that once clean up after a large y. and Fire personnel the Combat Fitness On Saturday, 38 Saturda p.m. Mentor Police boot camp a year and y Road around 12:30 waiting to be sent to put their Test the other half.” Boulevard near Corduro waves and roughly 20 guests found investigation High winds and huge Park released pending an ds Beach State bodies to the test. Many had injuries much on at Headlan of the incident, trying envisuccess relied just as ed non-lifein Mentor created a that were consider Police Sgt. Sturm favored h the mind. Sandra M. Klepac go down ronment, though threatening, Mentor eve“This is so they can training purposes: “ SKlepach@ men- it for Tim Allen said Saturday d. to boot camp prepared never going to be perfect. Medical Center in Clevelan ip ning. Clay Sturm, a bat is a little hick, eld and a little rain, Townsh tally,” said Sgt. Wind sent a 4-foot-t See Windy, Page A4 ing its hood and windshi spent six If it may be The Painesville six-year Marine who He now wind, a little cold, we’ll let them long portion of a seem- sending its 56-year-old female woman, whose name was not 30-foot get tree onto a months in Iraq last year. through it so they can a flight to MetroHealth ingly dead maple ■ Area Marine honored with Mentor. “We also train to that.” , crush- driver on recruits in moving vehicle Saturday Test, used See Test, Page A3 have the Physical Fitness establishment of ‘Lance clothes which is in workout

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A little less taxing
h Sandra M. Klepac

car, homes, barn; 2,00 Gusts send trees into on the falling more
For branch, visit News-He

0 left without power

Portion of Route 2 dedicated


As motorists drive on Route 2 in Painesville Township, they now see the signs in each direction: “Lance Corporal David Raymond Baker Memorial Highway.” The Ohio Department of Transportation life as a mother placed them there at 3:15 p.m. Thursday in Dorothy Srnick’s husband, Bill honor of the Marine who lost his life at age began with her late r for a 22. On Oct. 20 last year, an explosive device Sr., singer and drumme polka band killed Baker and others during his first tour famous Cleveland-style and Saturday in the Helmand Province of southern Afghancalled The Vadnals. s four nights a week, s Day he would of Mother’ istan. Twenty years’ worth story and before each Mother’ couple’s six love The OhioForman/ the Jeff General Assembly approved Day cards tell their Euclid excitedly wake up the ODOT task after legislation was introduced make the 82-year-old children after 2 a.m. upstairs — by state Rep. Mark A. Schneider, D-Mentor, woman sing to herself. the corners While Dorothy slept Page A5 soundly, she and state Sen. Tim Grendell, R-Chester See Mother’s Day, “Memories ... From and she always slept Township. young family stood of our minds ...” music insists — the played But it was the Marine’s mother, Laurie The story goes, Bill Lewkowski, who made her way to the site to for l a memorial tribute at place a cross before guidelines s may meet the federaday at ?Riverside High 4 p.m. the same them? We're Just because lunche eating mean kids arefrom which Baker graduated at age School, of at lunch time to nutrition, does that g process as part 18. who supervises kids Twitter the news-gatherin looking for an adult a complete “I also got my car We're opening up Tracey Read on license plates abbreviaims to produce ‘Lance Corporal,’ the lowdown. Follow ated for the word, ” the tive project which Internet. share on the this innova or e-mail her at treadnin the school parking lot mother said later only free tools found to @TraceyReporting you want Photos by Maribeth Joeright/ day's edition using while surrounded by friends and family. what you think, what Ray Calvey of Mentor, right, waits in line to mail his us. Let us know Mentor Branch of the United States Post Office. Mark Baker, the father, was inside the Join taxes Thursday at the you want your news. auditorium hugging friends and thanking know about, how numerous officials for their efforts. .

r’s Day at a time ng a life, one Mothe
Meet the Srnicks
Check out their legacy of Mother’s Day cards. m

Happy Mother’s Day

Corporal David Raymond Baker Memorial Highway’
David W. Jones

Holden Arboretum in bloom for Mother’s Day Page F1 ■ A mom’s undying dedication Page F6

each card on end, covering the kitchen table and Dorothy Srnick counters. of Euclid has Today the chilsaved all of dren, namely the Mother’s Philip Srnick, 48, Day cards and Jane Monreal, she’s received pack the cards 46, from her six much more tightly children, 18 . grandchildren to fit on those surfaces y to avoid the and 22 great Walk delicatel them as grandchildren. domino effect that plagued children, they warn.

ject The Ben Franklin Pro

What we're working

on: School lunches

51 -0000 Dedicated, Page A5 Fewer customers filing into post office See us a call at 440-9 Facebook or give as many submitting tax returns online sheraldinoh, say you Like us on r @new Follow us on Twitte

Jacob Lammers

A Mentor resident.......A7,B5-6 talks It’s mid-April. For many.........................B1-2 Nation................ ...............B5 that means a about filing his taxes at Business D1-6 Obituaries........... ............B3-4 trip to the post office. Classified........................ the post office. Sidetracks........... Although many people waited in line ..F6 Sports............................C1-8 Comment......................... 1-2 2-3 Thursday to mail their taxes ity......................F Commun at the Mentor 2,D2 State..............................A Crosswords...................F Post Office, there were likely plenty of ..F2 TV........................TV Channels ...............B6 e........................ people filing from Horoscop..........................her taxes in March. ...............A7 the comfort of their ..A2 Weather.............. Lottery... ..B4 World................. to do it before we “We file early. I like homes. Movies............................. “We see a lot less. I think everybody’s get too tied up in spring stuff,” she said. She added that she uses TurboTax, an filing online,” said Valerie Lawver, Mentor Post Office’s head sales associate. “We online tax filing program, as opposed to don’t get the crowds like we used to. filing on paper. “It’s kind of scary when you click That’s why we’re not open late anymore.” Last year was the first time the Mentor ‘send.’ But you feel better when you get Post Office did not stay open until mid- that confirmation e-mail (that indicates the Y0040_GHA07NEES2 night. It closed at 5:30 p.m. Thursday. The government received the tax filing),” she only place taxpayers could file until mid- said. The tax program “answers all the quesnight was at the Cleveland Main Post tions. The e-file’s been so reliable. Never Office, 2400 Orange Drive. Although she was at the post office, Jen- had any problems.” See Taxing, Page A6 nifer Franck of Mentor had already filed


On deadline

Eagle rank Scout soars toward unity
Wednesday in Comm

New to Medicare?

United Way celebrates end of yearly ers you need. campaign Get the answ -562-5006
with project
Talk to HUMANA


today: 1-800

Jason Lea

Geauga Bookmobile BUILD SIZE 9.89” brings books to patrons

Front Page Banner 6 col. x 3”
x 3”
Cassandra Shofar

Jillian Rogers of Mentor sorts through tax forms to take home Thursday from the Mentor Public Library. Rogers waited till the last day to file taxes for herself and her mother and planned to do so online.

Many uses
Leslie Schikowski talks about how Bookmobile books have been used at Metzenbaum.
things that happen here, when the Bookmobile comes,” said Theresa Lynn, director of adult services at Metzenbaum. She said about 40 to 50 people from Metzenbaum use the mobile library each week.

Each week, Jason Marous and Maria Gollini wait for the familiar rumbles of the Blue Bird Bus that could only mean one thing to them — Bookmobile day. As the Geauga County Public Library’s Bookmobile rolled into Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Center — 8200 Cedar Road in Chester Township — Thursday morning, Marous and Gollini were two of the first people to step into the mini library on wheels. “It’s one of the most favorite

The United Way of Lake County was able to top last year’s fundraising effort, though it fell just short of its goal. The UWLC, at its annual awards breakfast Thursday, announced its 2009 campaign raised $3,461,250, which was $200 more than last year. UWLC President Deborah Foley said she was pleased with the campaign’s results during the meeting at Holiday Inn For a list Express Hotel & of United Suites LaMalfa in Way award Mentor. “We couldn’t winners, imagine what was visit ahead — with a poor economy and the upheaval of continued war, unemployment, layoffs, business closings and, across the country, downward charitable giving,” she said. “But we soon learned that the magic of caring people, people in this room and those who joined with our United Way, would ensure that we would continue to care for one another. We would continue to live the tradition of people helping people.”
See Campaign, Page A5

Michael Allen Blair/

See Bookmobile, Page A4

Geauga County Public Library librarian and Bookmobile driver Edina Szasz hands out a builda-bookmobile template to Julie Schneider of the Metzenbaum Center Thursday in Chester Township.

For more on the campaign, go to

Business........................B1-2 Classified......................C8-12 Comics...........................B5-6 Community.........................A8 Crosswords.................A8,C11 Editorials.........................A10 Lottery..............................A2 Movies.........................TGIF


Nation..........................A9,B7 Obituaries..........................B7 Sidetracks.......................A12 Sports............................C1-7 State.........................A2,A6-7 TV....................................A11 Weather.............................B8 World...........................A9,B8

Meet the Manchester Orchestra
Sunday in Sidetracks

Modular Ad Sizes
Standardized Ad Sizes Help Create Impact and Drive Sales

13 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 20.295” x 20”

Double Truck

6 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 20”

Full Page

5 col. x 18” BUILD SIZE: 8.22” x 18”

3/4 Page

6 col. x 10” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 10”

1/2 Page Horizontal

3 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 20”

1/2 Page Vertical

4 col. x 12” BUILD SIZE: 6.56 x 12”

2/5 Page

5 col. x 8” BUILD SIZE: 8.22” x 8”

1/3 Page Horizontal

2 col. x 20” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 20”

1/3 Page Vertical

6 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 5”

1/4 Page Horizontal

3 col. x 10” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 10”

1/4 Page Vertical

3 col. x 8” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 8”

1/5 Page

1/6 Page Horizontal
4 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 6.56 x 5”

2 col. x 10” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 10”

1/6 Page Vertical

3 col. x 6” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 6”

3/20 Page

3 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 5”

1/8 Page

3 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 4”

1/10 Page

2 col. x 5” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 5”

1/12 Page

3 col. x 2.5” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 2.5”

1/16 Page

2 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 4”

2/30 Page

2 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 3”

1/20 Page

1/30 Page Horizontal
2 col. x 2” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 2”

1 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 4”

1/30 Page Vertical

1 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 3”

1/40 Page

6 Column ROP and Classified
Column Width 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column Picas 9p4 19p4 29p4 39p4 49p4 59p4 Inches 1.56 3.22 4.89 6.556 8.22 9.89 Points 112.00 232.00 352.00 472.00 592.00 712.00

Double Truck
1 col. x 2” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 2”

1/60 Page

6 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 3”

Front Page Banner

BUILD SIZE: 2.25” x 1.5”

Columns 13 Column

Picas 121p75

Inches 20.295”

Points 1461

Broadsheet Modular Ad Sizes
Double Truck: 13 col. x 20” Full Page: 6 col. x 20” 3/4 Page: 5 col. x 18” 1/2 Page Horizontal: 6 col. x 10” 1/2 Page Vertical: 3 col. x 20” 2/5 Page: 4 col.x 12” 1/3 Page Horizontal: 5 col. x 8” 1/3 Page Vertical: 2 col. x 20” 1/4 Page Horizontal: 6 col. x 5” 1/4 Page Vertical: 3 col. x 10” 1/5 Page: 3 col. x 8” 1/6 Page Horizontal: 4 col. x 5” 1/6 Page Vertical: 2 col. x 10” 3/20 Page: 3 col. x 6” 1/8 Page: 3 col. x 5” 1/10 Page: 3 col. x 4” 1/12 Page: 2 col. x 5” 1/16 Page: 3 col. x 2.5” 2/30 Page: 2 col. x 4” 1/20 Page: 2 col. x 3” 1/30 Page Horizontal: 2 col. x 2” 1/30 Page Vertical: 1 col. x 4” 1/40 Page: 1 col. x 3” 1/60 Page: 1 col. x 2” Front Page Banner: 6 col. x 3” Skybox: 2.25” x .1.5”

Gutters and Margins
Page Margins: 40 points Page Gutter: 80 points Column Gutter: 8 points Page Depth: 20.295”

Inches 1 1.5 2 2.5 3

Depth Inches to Points
Points 72 108 144 180 216 Inches 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5

Points 252 288 324 360 396

Inches 6 6.5 7 7.5 8

Points 432 478 504 540 576

Inches 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5

Points 612 648 684 720 756

Inches 11 11.5 12 12.5 13

Points 792 828 864 900 936

Inches 13.5 14 14.5 15 15.5

Points 972 1008 1044 1080 1116

Inches 16 16.5 17 17.5 18

Points 1152 1188 1224 1260 1296

Inches 18.5 19 19.5 20 20.5

Points 1332 1368 1404 1440 1476

7085 Mentor Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094 440-951-0000

Tabloid Modular Ad Sizes
Double Truck: 13 col. x 9.6” Full Page: 6 col. x 9.6” 2/3 Page: 5 col. x 8” 1/2 Page Vertical: 3 col. x 9.6” 2/5 Page: 3 col.x 8” 1/3 Page Vertical: 2 col. x 9.6” 3/10 Page: 3 col. x 6” 1/4 Page: 3 col. x 4.75” 1/8 Page: 3 col. x 2.31” 2/15 Page: 2 col. x 4” 1/15 Page Horizontal: 2 col. x 2” 1/15 Page Vertical: 1 col. x 4” 1/20 Page: 1 col. x 3” 1/30 Page: 1 col. x 2” Front Page Banner: 6 col. x 3” Skybox: 2.5” x .75”

Gutters and Margins
Page Margins: 40 points Page Gutter: 80 points Column Gutter: 8 points Page Depth: 9.89”

1/2 Page Horizontal: 6 col. x 4.75” 1/6 Page: 2 col. x 4.75”

1/3 Page Horizontal: 4 col. x 4.75” 1/10 Page: 2 col. x 3”

13 col. x 9.6” BUILD SIZE: 20.295” x 9.6”

Double Truck

6 col. x 9.6” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 9.6”

Full Page

5 col. x 8” BUILD SIZE: 8.22” x 8”

2/3 Page

6 col. x 4.75” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 4.75”

1/2 Page Horizontal

3 col. x 9.6” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 9.6”

1/2 Page Vertical

3 col. x 8” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 8”

2/5 Page

4 col. x 4.75” BUILD SIZE: 6.56” x 4.75”

1/3 Page Horizontal

2 col. x 9.6” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 9.6”

1/3 Page Vertical

3 col. x 6” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 6”

3/10 Page

3 col. x 4.75” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 4.75”

1/4 Page

2 col. x 4.75” BUILD SIZE: 3.22 x 4.75”

1/6 Page

3 col. x 2.31” BUILD SIZE: 4.89” x 2.31”

1/8 Page

2 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 4”

2/15 Page

2 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 3”

1/10 Page

1/15 Page Horizontal
2 col. x 2” BUILD SIZE: 3.22” x 2”

1 col. x 4” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 4”

1/15 Page Vertical

1 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 1.56 x 3”

1/20 Page


The News-Herald

Friday, February 11, 2011

Win Tickets to Football Game at Cleveland Browns Stadium SEE PAGE 16

Garfield Pool makes a splash

Thursday, August 5, 2010

a publication of The News-Herald

Guide to Area’s Holiday Craft Fairs

page 18-19

Award Winning Toys

page 12-13

Safegaurd Your Home this Winter
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Snowdrop’s Adventure Game is Back

‘Aladdin Jr.’
Lincoln Sandham and Alexandra Wells lead cast in Yarnell Youth Theatre Co. production of Disney show at Fine Arts Association | Page 6

AUGUST 7 Fairport Harbor – Pirate’s Day/ Ghost Cat Festival Village of Fairport Harbor 2pm story telling with Robin Eckls Cooper – place TBD – games, food and surprises all afternoon and evening; a special ghost story at dusk at Lighthouse. No charge

page 4

1 col. x 2” BUILD SIZE: 1.56” x 2”

1/30 Page

6 col. x 3” BUILD SIZE: 9.89” x 3”

Front Page Banner

BUILD SIZE: 2.5” x .75”

Happy Thanksgiving!

AUGUST 14 Super Star Party Penitentiary Glen Reservation, 8668 KirtlandChardon Road, Kirtland Family astronomy night with indoor and outdoor activities, exhibits, crafts, games, night hike, wildlife program, snacks and miniature train rides. Enjoy the majestic display of the summer night sky above our park. View planets and other stellar objects with telescopes and expert guidance provided by the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society. Pre-registration required and fee applies 440-256-2106 – www. AUGUST 14, 18, 21 Old Time Melodrama Dinner Theater Lake County History Center, 415 Riverside Drive, Painesville “Hiss” at the Villain, “Cheer” on the Hero at this old fashioned Melodrama. Enjoy dinner and a show on this fun evening. Reservations only. Charge $30 per person 440-6392945 –

Submitted photo

Josh Shoup, left, and Jared Champion, both of Perry Township, are biking from Cleveland to Cincinnati to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Perry Twp. teens hit road to raise funds for cancer
Jacob Lammers In November 2007, Jared Champion’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Coupled with the loss of his mother to breast cancer eight years ago and the death of two grandparents to cancer, 17-year-old Jared jumped at the chance to make a difference. On July 29, he and his friend 17year-old Josh Shoup, both from Perry Township, started off from Cleveland to bike 328 miles to Cincinnati for Pan Ohio Hope Ride, the fourth annual event that raises money for the American Cancer Society. Jared is ranked eighth as far as the event’s top fundraisers, having amassed $5,017 in donations as of last Tuesday afternoon so “others don’t have to go through what I’ve gone through,” he said. The Hope Ride ended on Sunday. Bryan Champion, Jared’s father, still works at Herman Losely and Son Inc. and said he’s determined to fight through the disease. “I refuse to give up hope. I plan on being around a long time,” said Bryan Champion, who lost both of his parents to cancer. “I’m that much more determined that neither of my children have to continue on without parents.” Just getting to bike in the Hope Ride was a challenge. Both teenagers had to go before the