Services Marketing The definition of services marketing is the process of persuading potential consumers to buy the organization product

and service. Services marketing are a subfield of marketing, which can divide two main areas of goods marketing and services marketing. Services marketing is a type of refers to both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) services. For example of services marketing like financial services, car rental services, air travel, health care services,

telecommunications services, professional services and all types of hospitality services. 2.0 Company background Air Asia Berhad is a low cost airline in Malaysia. In Asia, Air Asia is no-frills airline, pioneer of low cost travel and Asia largest low-fare. Air Asia Berhad operates scheduled domestic international flights to over 400 destinations and spanning 25 countries. Air Asia main hub is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Not only that, Air Asia affiliate airlines Indonesia Air Asia have hub in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and also Thai Air Asia have hub in Suvabhumi Airport. Besides, Air Asia registered office is in Petaling Jaya while its head office is located in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Air Asia Berhad are create their vision is to be the largest low-cost airline in Asia and serving the 3 billion people who are currently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares. Mission of Air Asia Berhad is to be the best company to work whereby their employees are served as part of a big family and attain the cheapest price so everyone also can fly with Air Asia. Air Asia also to maintain the good quality product and service to reduce co st and improve their service level. In-flight services like food and beverages, merchandise, free gift, and entertainment. Air Asia provides in-flight services have wonderful meal choices to satisfy customer wants, great Air Asia merchandise and duty free buys. Furthermore, Air Asia also provides entertainment like movie, game and song that make customer forget they are in a long haul flight.

This is because it can force the marketer to consider the whole buying process is instead of the purchase decision.3. For the high risk product. For example like food is everyone basic needs so Air Asia has food and beverages to treat their customer when in-flight. Most of the consumers likely use their own idea or experience internal information search to purchase low risk products.0 Consumer buying decision process During making buying decisions. advertising. information search. Air Asia Berhad will provide their information service through media to let customer can save their time to do information search such as via online research www. radio. This is because they are trust and loyalty with Air Asia brand. The model are divided 5 stages such as need recognition.1 Need recognition The consumer buying decision process starts with need recognition. the need will be triggered by internal stimuli. The buyer will senses a difference between his or her some desired state and actual state. This is because the buyer are recognizes need or a problem. Air Asia also provide Air Asia menu have many choice to let their customer carefully selected their need such as like delicious meals. evaluation of alternatives.2 Information search The second stage is information search. When one of the people normal need like hungry or thirst. For example like when one of the customer are before purchase Air Asia service. public resources. purchase and post purchase This . they are the important with consumer buying process. vegetarian. Information search are divide consumer engage in both internal and external information search. However. newspaper.airasia. 3. Consumer will use their own experience like recall previous experience with product and brands to do decision buying process. they will do many research via media like online research. 3. The internal information search is involves the consumer can identifying alternatives from their memory. For example like some customer will purchase in Air Asia Berhad during their own idea. comparison brand or friends and relatives opinion. snacks and beverages. consumers are most likely to use an external information search. local or international delights.

So. Air Asia Berhad will provide different type of food such as vegetarian. consumer purchase intentions will be formed. customers have done the evaluation and research on the services. most of the customer will be good impression and loyalty with Air Asia.3 Evaluation of alternatives The third stage is evaluation of alternatives.airasia. marketer must resolve the problem that might change customers mind. so most of the customers will take the opportunity to buy the Air Asia services. most of the working people are busy do work. international or local delights. because a successful information search will leave a buyer with possible alternatives. The final decision will be influence because of friends and family opinion too. The evaluation of alternatives is produce depend on the consumer and the buying condition.4 Purchase In this stage of purchase decision. Air Asia Berhad want to increase rate of success. . 3. those customers will think that those benefits are worth. Most of the consumers will evaluate multiple characteristics. For example like Air Asia will do special promotion to provide a good deal of information about the positive consequences of buying such as Big Sale. each of which is weighted differently. This is because in psychology. By the end of the evaluation of alternative stage. in order to establish a criteria for evaluation. Not only that. Furthermore. this is because different people have different favourite in order to let working people are convenience and save time to online booking. those all of special promotion is only for special day. Air Asia Berhad are create a website www. they are using consumer wants and does not want. Customers will choose the company that get the highest evaluation. So. Air Asia will do promotion Fabulous Day on every Friday for some customers are wanted to purchase cheap ticket. In order to make sure the customers choose us as their choice. However. they are no any free time go the Air Asia counter to purchase Air Asia service. Moreover. Free Seat and RM1 promotion.

After purchase the service. For example Air Asia Berhad should always check on the feedback and opinion that leave by customers because it is an useful information for the company. but maybe next time that customer would be switch to other brands. 4. direct marketing and personal selling. This is because the customer having bought a service with marketer. sales promotion. Therefore. public relation. newspaper. 4. then maybe that customer will feel that an alternative would have been preferable. Below are the discussion about advertising. . It is a common for most of the customer to experience concerns after they are making purchase decision. this arises from a concept that is call as ³cognition dissonance´. Air Asia should always alert with customers feedback or opinion because all the feedback and opinion can help to do more improvement to provide more quality services to customers. In these situations that customer will not repurchase immediately with that marketer. website. Advertising may help to create image of the brand and able to reaching many buyers simultaneously however those buyers may not potential buyers.3. For example like Air Asia Berhad is advertises their advertisement on television. marketer must persuade the potential customer that the service will satisfy those customer needs.0 Integrated Marketing Communication Integrated marketing communication tools concert are to combine few types of nonpersonal and personal communication which most of the organization used to integrate all element of promotion.5 Post purchase behaviour The final stage is the postpurchase behaviour evaluation of the decision. Therefore. In psychology.1 Advertising Advertising refers to a non±personal communication which used to promote a product or service by using printed and electronic media. radio. magazine and billboard. In order to manage the post-purchase stage. marketer must encourage the customer made the right decision. they have purchase Air Asia service idea. when the customer are pay attention advertisement in media.

And the promotion with too little budget chasing and too many worthy initiatives. The total cost that using in public relation may be low because company does not need to pay to media but their own company staff to set up events. For example like public relation will help Air Asia Berhad to build a good image with customer. This is because most of the customers like to pay less and get many benefits to purchase products and services.2 Sales promotion Sales promotion refers to activity which offers to customer a very good reason for them to buy in a short period of time in order to increase sales. direct mail. public relation can help Air Asia Berhad protect company image. Air Asia Berhad are provide many benefits such as voucher.4 Direct marketing Direct marketing refers to direct communication within the company to the customer in order to transmit the latest messages. when the customers are notice in e-mail. this may be worth checking out. For example like Air Asia. Direct marketing may help to transmit the message quickly and able to build a relationship with customer. discount. For example like Matta Fair. Therefore. and BOGOF (buy one get one free). they are use the direct mail to telling their customer when Air Asia is doing promotion. catalogs. and direct response advertising is the examples of direct marketing.3 Public relation Public relation takes a very important part in an organization in order to help protect the company image. increasing product brand name and help company to build a very good relationship within the consumer and media. . they will start to go Air Asia website research. Furthermore. Those benefits can build a good relationship and loyalty with customer. when the customer is mistake with Air Asia Berhad services. public relation can settle the problem. Besides. 4. 4. Telemarketing. Sales promotion may help in changing short-term behavior of consumer to having a try on others brand of product however it hard for company to build up a long term relationship with customer.4.

billboard and newspaper. sales promotion will help Air Asia build a good relationship and image. 5. . When the customers are watching advertisement in newspaper or television. Marketers able to identified customer needs and wants. 5.5 Personal selling Personal selling refers to face-to-face communication between the marketer and customer in order to persuade them to buy product or service. the customer also will introduce Air Asia promotion to their friends or family. television. in order to long term relationship.4. Air Asia are given customer benefit like voucher.0 Application of Integrated Marketing Communication tools in the each stage Every integrated marketing communication tools will most effective in each stage of consumer buying process. Besides. magazine. I think that advertising and sales promotion is the most effective tools to influence or initiate consumer needs. For example like Matta Fair. Besides. facebook. So. Furthermore. For example like Air Asia are do advertising to promote their services through media. The sales promotion will influence most of the customer will think they only pay less then can go to fly anywhere. below are showed how the integrated marketing communications tools are effect in the each stage of consumer buying process. discount and promotion to promote their services.1 Need recognition In this stage. Air Asia also advertises on event like Matta fair to promote their services. buy 1 get 1 free. So. then they will imagine they are flying to their dream destination. For the sales promotion. emotional by looking at customer face expression while customer also able to give feedback directly to marketers. the marketer will use their very good strategic face-to-face communication to persuade customer buy Air Asia services. these 2 effective tools will trigger the customer needs and they will start to search for more detail information. radio. because they also want their friends or family can fly with them.

. most of the customer will choose Air Asia services when they are doing evaluation of research. So. most of the customer will take opportunity to purchase Air Asia services. Air Asia will make a strong loyalty with the customer. most of the customer will get information search from there.2 Information Search In this stage. For example like public relation will build up a good impression and image with customer. promotion. For example like Air Asia they are promote sales promotion to promote a good reason for customer to buy Air Asia services. Air Asia is given vouchers. For example like Air Asia is using some expression and hidden message to advertise their on television and radio. I think that advertising and personal selling is the most effective tools to influence customers are information search. This is because marketer will tell all the detail and information for them. Air Asia are provide many benefits for customer such as BOGOF (Buy one get one free). For the next effective tools of personal selling. when the customer are notice the advertisement on television or radio. sales promotion can persuade customer a good reason to buy Air Asia services in a short period of time in order to increase sales. Furthermore. RM1 ticket and discounts. Hence.4 Purchase In this stage. the marketer also will use some strategic to increase their rate of success. Air Asia integrated these integrated marketing communication tools to create maximum impact and generate profitability. For the direct marketing. I think that sales promotion and direct marketing is the most effective tools to influence customer purchase. For the sales promotion. 5. Moreover. Therefore. I think that public relation and sales promotion is the most effective tools to influence customer purchase. free seat. and other benefits to increase customer purchase rate. 5. they will get information search from there.5.3 Evaluation of alternatives In this stage. So. they are mostly to choose Air Asia services. When the customers are doing evaluation of alternative with airlines services. Besides.

skcs. I think public relation is the most effective tools to influence the post-purchase behaviour. Therefore. our success rate in business will increase.suite101. For example like public relation should always check on the customer feedback and opinion because it is can improve Air Asia http://www. Conclusion After discuss of consumer buying process and integrated marketing communication.pdf http://tutor2u. when we are choose a right integrated marketing communication tools in each stage of consumer buying process. This is because every consumer buying process stages and integrated marketing communication tools are most important.5.html . it is can effective rate of success in business. Therefore. http://www. public relation will increasing product brand name and help company to build a very good relationship within the consumer and then we are understands how the Air Asia Berhad are Post purchase behaviour In the final stage. http://www. public relation should always alert with customers feedback or opinion because all the feedback and opinion can help to do more improvement to provide more quality services to customers.consumerpsychologist.

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