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Lawrence B.

Yeager 3053 Myddleton Court H (248) 644-7318 * C (248) 797-1802 Troy, Michigan 48084-1220 SUMMARY A pioneering and highly accomplished TOP FINANCE EXECUTIVE with multifaceted exp ertise in internal audits, financial analysis, risk management, taxation and acc ounts payable/receivable. Conducts detailed investigations of company assets and interfaces with multiple levels of an organization to surface discrepancies. Ca refully reviews reports, determines root causes of issues and implements long-te rm solutions. A focused and dedicated leader who possesses a solid track record of identifying and recovering misallocated funds, resulting in substantial savin gs, among other results. EXPERIENCE KTF ENTERPRISES LLC, Troy, Michigan Partner, 2006 - Present Online media consultant performed demographic data analysis and geocoded store l ocations. Provided MOSAIC cluster information for presentation to prospective cl ients. VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, Auburn Hills, Michigan General Auditor, Internal Audit, 1993-2006 Managed internal audit activity for Volkswagen of America, Audi of America, Volk swagen Canada and Audi Canada. Developed annual audit program based upon risk as sessment. Collaborated with auditors on assigned audit program topics. Issued au dit reports to top management in the U.S., Canada and Germany. Performed special investigations. * Warranty Audits: Responsible for warranty audits during the time audits were not being done by service. Performed audits that compared the policy and procedu res to the operations at the dealership. Developed actions to correct discrepanc ies. Charged dealers for improper claims. * Dealer Sales Incentive Programs: Investigated incentive program with large pa yments for each unit reported sold and surfaced inconsistencies in customer info rmation. Compared reported sales information to vehicle registration and other c ustomer information, resulting in recovery of ineligible incentive payments. * Export Vehicles: Analyzed vehicle sales reported in U.S. and noted same custo mer purchased multiple vehicles from different dealerships. Contacts in Hong Kon g identified several U.S. vehicles arriving at port destined for China. Held dis cussions with company's customs group and identified firm to supply audit depart ment with notification of vehicles exported from U.S. ports. Recovered incentive s paid and coded warranty system to prevent future warranty claims. * Sales and Use Tax: Reviewed company car registration and discovered certain d ealers charged company for sales/use tax while other dealers, within same state, did not. Collaborated with company's tax group to identify states that overpaid . Sent letters notifying dealers of correct process and claims and ensured corre ct payment of taxes. * Accounts Payable, Duplicate Payments: Inspected payable system and discovered same payment amount sent to same supplier under different vendor codes. Wrote c omputer programs to analyze payment files for prior two years to identify potent ial duplicate payments. Recovered incorrect payments from affected suppliers and restated prior year income. * Retiree Lease Vehicle Collection: Analyzed company car function and determine d retirees did not remit correct amount while others made zero payments. Notifie

d affected retirees of discrepancies. Gave retirees vendor codes and generated m onthly invoice through accounts receivable. Offered retirees option of repaying amount or opting out of lease program. * Pool Vehicle Usage: Reviewed vehicles and noted improper maintenance of usage log by pool custodians. Developed proper usage log and trained each custodian. Conducted follow-up review after six months and corrected anomalies, resulting i n reduced size and number of vehicle pools. * Employee Travel and Expense Reporting: Conducted investigation on expense rep orting system and employees claiming reimbursement for centrally paid airline ti ckets. Developed computer programs to analyze payment files for prior two years and identified potential duplicate payments, resulting in development of travel authorization process. Recovered incorrectly reimbursed payments from travelers. * Co-op Advertising Payments: Reviewed process payments to dealers and determin ed that outside firm hired by company to audit process payments neither applied nor enforced published rules. Collaborated with purchasing department to ensure inclusion of specific issues in request for quotation, resulting in selection of new supplier. Recovered incorrectly reimbursed funds from dealers. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA 1981-1993 - Internal Audit Manager, Manager EDP Audit and Data Safety, EDP Audit Manager and EDP Auditor VARIOUS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY POSITIONS 1972 - 1981 VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, FORD MOTOR COMPANY AND AMERICAN MOTOR CORPORATION EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT, Detroit, Michigan M.B.A., 1980 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, Michigan B.B.A., 1972 CERTIFICATION Certified Information Systems Auditor COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Office, SAP, ACL, COBOL, PanAudit, Easytrieve, Business Objects