Tom Leonard, an independent democrat seeking the office of lieutenant governor, dropped by The Merciad office last Tuesday

, April 25. jj* Leonard, who was on a campaign swing | of the local area colleges, demonstrated a cocksure attitude when questioned. jj y "I'll be 32 when I'm inagurated the youngest lieutenant governor in the history of Pennsylvania," he said.

He also assured staff reporters that he would be outspoken with a democratic governor. i "We're fortunate that we have three qualified guys. I will give Ihem all a hard tine. When I agree with them I will say so. When I disagree with them I will say so," he said. ? Leonard was accompanied by Art Martinucci, deputy to state auditor general Al Benedict, who indicated that the candidate won the endorsements of firemen and

policemen statewide. When questioned about some political analysts who predict a republican candidate to win the governor race this year because voters have had eight years of a democratic administration, Leonard retorted with the word "hogwash." I "That's basically a press issue/' he continued. "It's true that there is significant antiShapp sentiment, »but the democratic party has an 800.000

registration edge in this state." "Leonard may have a valid reason why: he comes off as somewhat over confident with voters: he's one of 14 contenders vying for what now may be the second most important elected office in the state. For in the past, the lieutenant governor was appointed by the gubernatorial candidate.

stamp for the governor." A former Army officer and now a partner in a respected law firm, Leonard was elected in 1075 as Philadelphia's register of wills, ^ _ r y over 300,000 votes. I PMi . And there is no denying that he has, and utilizes, a natural wit. Says Leonard, "I come from a family of 12, so when I conThe office is now separate and solidate them into a voting no longer, as he put it, "a" rubber bloc... " *

VOL. 50, NO. 21


APRIL 28,1978

Faculty Considering Union i Talks With NLRB Underway
by Sue Fuss within the science division alone. projection statements but no A series of hearings was begun Linda Lochner,! instructor of actual facts and noted that after last week between the faculty of Biology, told the Merciad that she last year's budget freeze the Mercyhurst* College [and the will remain at Mercyhurst for at college came out with a surplus of National Labor Relations Board least another year, but doesn't between 60 and 70 thousand to ;• discuss the possibility of think that unionization will ac- dollars. organizing the faculty into a legal complish anything. Lewis also mentioned the collective bargaining agent. budget analysis done by Willis "We're exhausted; we haven't Cardot,^ instructor in business, According to Dr. Alan^Lewis, professor of Biology and sup- got anything left to give. We don't dunng contract negotiations. porter of the unionization effort, feel we can do anything "Will said that the college has the process began with the anymore," she said. never *been in better financial Lochner believes that there is shape then at this time," said submission of a petition,!signed by a minimum of 30 per cent of the possibility of a 25 to 30 per Lewis, "I can't accept the idea the faculty, to the National Labor cent total faculty turnover for that we are having financial next year. difficulties."^ Relations Board. % |p Lewis expressed concern about The petition requested the \. "At the lastffaculty meeting, eligibility .of all full-time and president Shane told us that we hiring new faculty to replace the regular part-time faculty for the don't have the whole picture," vacancies -left by recent Dad's Darling Daughter, or at least that was the case this Lochner said. Lewis suggested resignations. proposed union. weekend at the annual Father/Daughter Weekend. Here Roberta "It's not the most attractive A counter-petition was filed that "perhaps president Shane Donley, a senior accounting major, enjoys a good old time with with the Board by the Mercyhurst has been ineffective in presenting place to be working. I feel like a Dad. A PHOTO BY MARY ANN DRAKE that total picture." third class citizen as a scientist administration to exclude all Lewis said that he does not here," said Lewis. divisional chairperons and the "I think the worst thing of all is librarian' from the union. The believe the college is in financial rationale given for this was that trouble. He said the faculty has that the students are caught in the divisionaljchairpersons and only been presented with the middle." the librarian are considered to be a part of the administration and are not exclusively teaching faculty. At the conclusion of the hearings, • which may extend through the week, the National Board will decide upon a definition of the bargaining unit based on the arguments given for Mercyhurst students go to the in college politics. The 'Hurst welcomed dads and of aa waltz. Some fathers ap- both of the petitions.. Following polls Friday to choose four "My conception of MSG is of a gals this past week; at the 15th peared full of energy, as this will be a general vote by all Student Government officers dual function," said Jim Deffner. annual F a t h e r - D a u g h t e r daughters fought to keep on their eligible members to decide from among a field of 10 can- a candidate for president. "It is Weekend. Attendance exceeded toes as they whirled through whether the union will actually be didates; the results will cap a the leading organizer of social last years with an unexpected dance after dance. formed. brisk, c five-day campaign period activities, it is the vanguard of showing of 400. If; the unionization effort is which seemed to attract a student rights and the student The music was provided by Gib successful! the faculty will be, in greater-than-usual degree of voice into academic policies." Joann DeSantis, chairman of Porsch. i' the event commented on the There were various responses Lewis's words, "a legally voter interest. Deffner was an MSG overwhelming attendance, "I as to the most memorable ac- recognized collective bargaining The election will be held for all representative as a freshman, agent and the administration will registered students between 9 was its vice president in 1976-77 was surprised, amazed, and tivity of the weekend. frantic,*' she stated, "but happy Gretchen Narcisi, sophomore be obligated to bargain in good a.m. and 4 p.m. April 28 in the and presently is finishing a twoto see so many attend." Zurn Hall lobby. • Human Ecology-Education faith." L year term in the College Senate. The candidates drew good When asked what he felt would His opponent, Mike Heller, was The two-day affair began in the major, matter of factly stated, early morning hours with fathers "Well, of course*the Dinner- be the first action of a union, crowds Monday* (at the weekly chosen the first treasurer of SAC #?.•>• Lewis cited the need for a clear MSG meeting) and Tuesday (in last November. , driving in from Ohio, New York, Dance." New Jersey, Pa. and even Amy Blood, sophomore definition of terms of em- cafeteria , speeches) for their u Heller said he has "mixed formal * public addresses. One emotions" about recent conFlorida. One father's journey Education major, sighed,, "Let ployment. * i began on Tuesday 'in Daytona me see . . . it had to be the "The college has been reason may be the relative troversial developments such as Beach, arriving in Erie on patriotic sing-a-longs at our table changing the rules in the middle newness of most** candidates to reorganization of the Senate and * *^%Mercyhurst s liberal studies Saturday morning. ;; during the band's break," she of the game," he said, * He student politics. Only one candidate—Jo Ann curriculum, and "will listen" to g. The afternoon included a buffet laughed. mentioned the new tenure policy lunch provided by SAGA Foods, The dinner dance was!full of as one example, saying that the Alexander in the vice president student opinion before deciding followed by a talent show in Zurn rollicking cheers, songs, and college was breaking a word that race—is an incumbent, and none on a course of action. of the others have come directly Recital Hall. This included song, dances from ^different tables was given upon hiring. Both candidates are juniors. As an incumbent who won her dance, musical, dramatic and throughout the night. Lewis noted that there is a from the ranks of the student v *-» office in a special election held humorous performances by the "By Sunday morning the tone basic lack of trust on the part of represent at i ves. More* p pa ndida tes—precisely last November, JoAnn Alexander girls, some guys r and special was calmer, as some 500 people the 'faculty towards the adgathered In 4he chapel to par- ministration. He feels that the one in each of the four races—are pointed to past accomplishments friends. The evening activities began at ticipate in the mass, with Father science division has been placed using as a springboard their during her campaign. \ Mi 6 p.m. with a social hour at East Guy Patrick as celebrant. The in a "slate of seige" by president involvement this year in SAC, the '•*' "This is the only government in week-end concluded with brunch Shane's proposed action plan to Student Activities Committee years which has successfully Erie Turners. Special guest eliminate some majors and which is the most visible legacy mixed academics and acspeaker for the evening was Dr. in the cafeteria. faculty resignations. of the departing MSG and its tivities," she said. Joseph Pizzat, professor of Art at ; Sally Short, Junior social work The two challengers for vice Pr. Robert Blessing, professor officers. ^g Mercyhurst. He spoke on the gerontology major, gave this If there was a common theme president are Pierre Priestley relationships within each family, comment. One of the best things of chemistry, will be taking a Linda : Ravenstahl. citing his personal experiences. was Sunday brunch, definitely position at a research institute in running through all the cam- and The dance began with a burst of Sunday ,brunch . . . and the Buffalo while Dr. Wolfgang paigns, it involved SAC. More Priestley's campaign was unique Christian, professor of physics, precisely, the candidates tried to in that it consisted largely of an enthusiasm as fathers led their mass. It was beautiful." gals through the jitterbug, polka, But before you knew it, the will' be joining the faculty <at define in their own words the appeal for better contact between balance MSG must strike bet- MSG and the students it tarantella, bunny hop, and oc- Father-Daughter Weekend was Allegheny College^ [' Lewis sees the possibility of a weep organizing sjtudent events represents.v .. . casionally, the mimic slowed, just at an end, only to begin plans for .faculty turnover .of, 50,.*per cenl , and mpbilizing student;in^uence A (Continued on Page $) enough to dance th£ smooth pace next year's festivities] i (i

MSG Offices Riding \ On Friday's Election



i i





And so I ran and campaigned not only for myself, but for your current officers as well. Well, once again I find myself disappointed with the way M.S.G. has handled itself injterms of meeting the student needs. The thing I compliment them on, is the fact that they handled it better than the previous governments which I'm familiar with. It's time for a transfusion though and the candidates running are qualified in respect to the offices of president and? vicepresident, J \ This year M.S.G. candidates are of a high caliber. I'm familiar with a majority of the candidates, but I've noticed many new comers as well. I \ i You know who the candidates are and after reading their letters in the Merclad, you to will draw your own conclusions. * .3 M.S.G. is important and • that's: an un. derstatement. I realize that the officers of this year's government have made a gallant effort in trying to perceive Just what the majority of students are concerned about, however the fact remains that there are people who are not satisfied with the way things have run. This is not the fault of Mr. Venuto himself, but of the entire governing^ body. They failed in respect to getting back to their departments. (I don't mean all of you, but there have been people ignoring their responsibilities).

It was about this time last year when I made up my mind to run for vice-president of Mercyhurst student government. My reasoning was simple. M.S.G. needed some new ideas in terms of student needs both socially and academically. This had not been accomplished in the previous government that I had served on. In fact, we failed miserably in meeting the student needs.

I cannot emphasize the importance of the four offices. I cannot sum up for example, what Joe NeCastro has done for M.S.G. as treasurer, (and no doubt the best treasurer, M.S.G. had had to date). In fact there are people in M.S.G. who are dedicated to the student body. V I believe I'm in a position to say that things are not perfect in M.S.G. Why can I say that you ask? Well consider this. I served M.S.G. fas a representative, l secretary and as a vicepresident for four months. I understand the work involved and I understand how sometimes the job can be somewhat of a headache. I encourage the voters to consider all candidates with an open mind. What do they have to offer you?!How can you, the student, benefit from the candidates running? Once |these questions can be answered, the chances are in the end you probably made the right decision. This editorial has probably been one of the most difficult to write to date. I believe however, that M.S.G. has a long ways to go before it can call itself Mercyhurst 'STUDENT' Government. A special thanks to Jo Ann DeSantis and everyone else involved in making FatherDaughter Weekend a huge success. I Friday is election day. Please make an effort to vote on April 28, if you don't, don't complain. The Annual MERCIAD Awards Dinners is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, More details coming soon. ^ ;. Just 31 days to graduation. Are you counting it down? 'j Did you ever stop to think, that if you could take SAT's all over again, how would you do? It would be an interesting experiment, if the state of Pennsylvania would give these tests to graduating seniorstfrom Mercyhurst. Do you think you'd do better, worse, or the same. Oh

Quote Of The Week:
"You can't buy

a ticket


out ofthis town."
Tom Circle
well, it was lust a thought. Congratulations to all the girls in Baldwin Hall. A practice drill fire alarm Tuesday evening saw the girls set an all time new record in leaving the building. Two minutes, yes two minutes and you thought you couldn't do it.

As a general rule, we admit college papers in our position - funded by all students through tuition - do not endorse candidates. Most don't, but lots do. It has been the policy of The Merciad in the past not ? to. Well, we're changing that policy .-We feel we are not violating any journalistic principles by doing
so. v


WE ENDORSE AS... President Heller
Vice President - Linda Ravenstahl

We were told w e cannot back the candidacy of one student over] another because we are financially supported by a 11. t Extend that argument for a moment. Students are not billed i directly in their tuition for the newspaper; our budget is allocated by the ad ministration, which can choose to give The Merciad , one dollar or one million dollars or anything T in between. T Are weThereforeprevented from editorializing for or against administration policies? On more practical grounds, there remains jthe fact that\we try to give all candidates a fair shake and more. We run< a news story identifying all candidates and allow them to state their reasons and credentials for running for office. We run their pictures. We open a special section of the paper for fetters in which the candidates can further explain their positions and qualifications. * Since all Mercyhurst students are*funding The Merciad we feel we are/being paid to do a professional Job: To objectively present an candidates and viewpoints, and then to choose the best of them, as we see it. on the editorial cage. E

Secretary Jocelyn Piccuta



. JJ

m e nc i

Editor Chris Van Wagenen News Editor , ,.' John Bruno Feature Editor . . 3 i i . . . Darlene Keith Sports Editor Terry Kelly Graphics and L a y o u t . . . . . . . Darlene Keith, Terry Kelly Writers and Creators: Vicki Martinago, Bob Derda Jr., Mark Cipriani, Chris Tomczak, Alda Walker, Judy Anania, Colleen Hottel, Amy Chizmadia, Lisa Manendo, Sue Fuss, Mary Beth Barrett, Nadine Belovaric and GaryWesman. V . Photographers Mary Ann Drake and Randy Mink Business M a n a g e r . . . . Darlene Keith and Lisa Manendo Art Editor \ Patrick Dunn Faculty Consultant William Shelley

The Merciad endorsements listed above were the result of votes taken Tuesday nicht among six staff members: Editor Chris Van Wagenen, department editors John Bruno, Darlene Keith and Terry Kelly, and reporters Vicki Martinago and GaryWesman. r:j § ;*J The procedure, if not the decisions themselves, was simple: The candidate with t h e most votes among the staff earned .our collective endorsement. Abstentions were allowed. Although he expressed disagreement with The Merciad's policy of endorsing candidates, Student Government President George Venuto was present at the fifth and final ballot and counted the votes. Our endorsements are based on what we feel are the relative merits of the candidates for each office. We-considered previous experience in MSG or other organizations, oast performance, job qualifications, and the candidates' handling of issues during two public meetings held earlier this week.

Low Enforcement Majors,..
Law Enforcement majors ore cordially invited to attend a banquet in honon'of the Law Enforcement Faculty. It will be held on Tuesday, May 16, at the Holiday Inn South. The cost is $6.00. Contact Cindy Casali, Baldwin 233, for more information.



The iMerciad accepts, in fact encourages, the sabmission of articles, letters, and stories from any and all member* of the Mercyhurst College community: students!, faculty, administrators, trustees and friends of the school. However, as responsible Journalists we must reserve the following rights: v 1. Thej right to revise copy into standard English; 2. \Th* right to revise copy into correct Journalistic form; f ' * 4L '" : ,3. Ana, finally, the right to revise copy (but not change meaning) to fit layout design. ,. ' , In addition, Letters to the Editor must be signed* must be factually verifiable,land must be written in good taste . N a m e s will be withheld upon request but false names,will not be used, j * |

Its still true
Port-Time Student Meeting
A meeting for part-time Weekend College Students will be held Saturday, May 13 from 12-1:00 in the faculty dining lounge. ^ Admissions, advising, scheduling 1and anything else will be discussed. For info, call Kathy Skerlong or Linda Tatsch,ext. 291/292. f;
i H u
• ) T
t » #, * - « . t i • • * •

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environmental action ? < j : foundation 724 Dupont Circle Building
Washington, D.C. 20036'
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» * 4 »* < * ;



APRIL 28,1978




'Listen And | 9 Consider

Balancing The 'Dual Role'
My name is Jim Deffner and I am a candidate for the I Presidency of M.S.G. The combination of my "theory oriented" Political Science training and my "practical" experiences in Student Government, I believe to be my strongest qualifications. I would like to share with you, my conception of Student Government and what I feel must be done to make it effective.7 The Student Government ON FRIDAY, April 28, students will elect officers for next year's Student GovernmentCandidates for performs a dual function at the president are Mike Heller (left) and Jim Deffner. , g 'Hurst. It is the leading organizer of social activities as well as the * source of student input on policy decisions made-hy the college. I, JoAnn Alexander, am therefore, a stronger student government took an'active part Fulfilling fthis dual?role efseeking re-election of my present voice. in soliciting student opinions on fectively iwill require a | and energetic position as vice-president of As comparative education and these areas. The officers and thoughtful |Under experienced Mercyhurst Student Govern- the plans for a graduate program representatives held open forums government ment . After serving for the *77-'78 in the administration of justice which served as both educative leadership. In governmental areas, the school year, 13 am I more than were introduced, sessions as well as an opportunity student enthusiastic to serve the student to ask questions and have them Student Government has to be body in the upcoming year. answered by those members of structured and organized in a Looking back over this year's the faculty and administration cohesive manner. The M.S.G. accomplishments, it is evident who were directly involved. officers, the student senators, the that this year's student governThese .forums enabled a good representatives and the students on the subcommittees must be ment has earned a reputation as portion of. the students body to united to insure the students a being a college government familiarize themselves with such major voice on the policy concerned not only with the social programs which could possibly decisions made by the college. I aspects of campus life but with effect them in the near future. As feel that after serving as a the academic issues as well. This the government officers and representative, a two-year was one of our primary goals this representatives received feed- student senator, Vice President year and was accomplished in back from the students, we were of M.S.G., I have the necessary various ways. ^ » better able to form an overall understanding of the decision Back in October, the executive student opinion to present to the making process at Mercyhurst to officers 1 re-organized the college Senate through our guarantee that student concerns government in such a way as to student 'Senate representatives. will be heard and responded to. allow for { the most effective • Another major student service In addition, the government method of obtaining student input provided by M.SG., for which I must also serve as the vanguard on various issues effecting life was personally responsible, is the here at the 'Hurst. Departmental calendar survey which*; is still of student rights. Any student who feels that he has been treated representatives were increased being compiled. This survey which meant an ^increase in the offered the upperclassmen the unfairly by the college would be S^WMsi granted a hearing in front of the governmental body, and JoAnn Alexander (Continued on Page S) student representatives to ascertain the merits of his claim. Activities at the college have undoubtedly fallen short of student expectations. However, it is important to understand that 9 (he $45,000 approximate income of M.S.G. compares unfavorably yvith most schools. For instance, The Senate Committee put me in the Edinboro State student contact with administration and government has an income of faculty members, thus, I now about $500,000. With l a limited realize how vital communication number of students, we also have J is between administration and a limited amount of funds. This MSG. From working in the limitation in funds can be Union, I was there and worked to overcome however, through put into effect ideas initiated by careful planning, imaginative MSG. Yes, ideas initiated by ideas and proper organization. MSG, but not put into reality by If elected, I will spend the MSG. The actual work fell on the summer in Erie and attempt to shoulders of those people actively put together a series of quality involved with the Union. I was activities for the upcoming year. one of them that carried that I will also contact student load. S government officials at the other I like to work though, and as area colleges to learn what acVice-President, I would have the tivities they are providing that initiative needed to keep myself could conceivably be successful actively involved.,, The office of at Mercyhurst. I " * Vice-President is one of the least Finally, I would formulate a tedious offices of MSG, but it can strong S.A.C. Committee to aid Pierre Priestley also be one of the most functional. Jan Gatti and the government in It is up to the Vice-President to conducting activities. After! decide which road she would serving as Vice President during choose. Anyone can have a title, the 76-77 school year, tTve sit behind a desk, and accomplish realized that the success of their job as to what is written in student activities is measured in the job description; But I would student support. r do more. I want to be involved Being * President of student j$j To (he Mercyhurst Community, student apathy. Many of those and would work to my utmost I. Pierre^ W. Priestley am who complain are not willing to government is a full-time job. As ability. ; running for Vice-President of get? involved. I plan to- try to a senior next year, I have,only -.•..As Vice-President, I would Mercyhurst Student Govern- alleviate this problem through one liberal arts requirement to become a handy-man to my ment. ' i effective leadership coupled with fill and I have already finished all I fellow officers; when needed I I feel that you, the student your involvement. I will do my my major requirements. I also would be there to help them. I body, are not always in tune to best to make it easy for you to let plan on taking a minimum of two would become an active member what your representatives are your ideas be known to M.S.G. courses this summer so lhat*ril on any committee set up by MSG. doing for you every week. For If you would like M.S.G. to be onlv have seven courses to take to I would be thereto give ideas, instance, when was the last time more receptive to the students, as fulfill graduation requirements. and answer questions as to what your representative discussed an well as an organization that truly In conclusion, I ask thejl the committee needed. But, I important issue with you to find represents your feelings, then students to support my candidacy would also work. I want to be a out your opinion? In fact, how vote .for PIERRE W. but more importantly, to support doer! * ] many; of you know* who your PRIESTLEY on Friday, April 28. next years* government and work [ I need your vote to fulfill my representative is? with it to make it a success. I Thank you. > ; dreams. Vote U for VP! Sincerely, Thank you, One of the- biggest problems Jim Deffner Pierre W. Priestley this school has to deal with is Linda J. Ravenstahl
':. -.,... . •tW-

Mike Heller As President, my main object will be to increase student involvement in campus and Community activities. I Thenefhas been a lot of controversy the past year over socalled lack of things to do on campus. I v realize that many people are dissatisfied with the selection of activities, but there has been a noticeable improvement over the past few months. With the development of the Student Activities Committee (SAC), we now have a means of organizing a variety of activities. As treasurer of SAC this past year, I have seen the numerous difficulties SAC has had to face, but I've also gained an understanding of how to attack the problems. As President, I would provide SAC with all' the understanding and support possible. I am not the most outspoken person in the world but I'm good at getting things done. I will promote an Open Door Policy. In fact, I will search for methods of obtaining all the student input I can. I am and will continue to be willing to listen to everyone and any suggestion will be considered^ £ ^ ^ Mm M* ± We can accomplish so much more if we combine all our efforts instead of confronting each other with complaints and accusations. As President, I will push for more communication among students and I will represent the body to the fullest extent of my capabilities. Mike Heller

Alexander Up For Re-Election




h. J.: 'Tedious, Yes; But Functional, Too
To The Mercyhurst Community: My name is Linda J. Ravenstahl, present sophomore, Human Ecology major, and I am running for the office of VicePresident . ! People ask me every day why I am running for an office. I am a determined person, and I have determination! But, I would like to do something more for the school next year. l%ould like to be Vice-President. I have qualifications behind this decision of mine also. I am presently on the Senate Budget and Finance Committee, I am a member of SAC, and I am also a student manager in the Student Union. With these involvements of mine, I halve been working closely with MSG this past year.

• m

Priestley: 'Reps Are Not Always In Tune 5


* * :

h I



Linda Ravenstahl




APRIL 28,1978

Letters From Secretary Contestants
Bonaminio: 'Awareness... AndA Smile'
To the Student Body: 1 am running for MSG secretary and through this letter I would like to express why I want to be secretary, my experience and my qualifications. First of all, I would like to be secretary because there is a need for organization, student awareness, and a warm friendly smile. By fulfilling these needs, I could make everyone a little more satisfied with our campus life. Second, a secretary should have experience, imagination. Initiative, judgement' and responsiblity. A secretary should also be warm, courteous and willing to help out when times are rough. I firmly believe that I have all these qualities. I have had-quite a bit of previous experience (mainly in high school) In holding offices, such as President of the Sophomore Class, Treasuer of the Junior class, President of Red Cross for two .years, Secretary of Student Council, also for two years, and Vice President of Business Club. Also, I was on the National Honor Society and in Who's Who Among American High School Students. If I didn't have all the qualities I mentioned above, I would have never been chosen for these positions. ^ Finally, I have had four years of Business i Training in high school, which included typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, and office practice. I have continued studying A in business here at JMercyhurst (Business Administ rat ion) and I enjoy it very much. I hope you will agree with me that I am the best candidate for secretary. So please give me your support by voting for me on April 28, 1978. Thank you, Anita Bonaminio.

Piccuta: * Proven My Dedication
* .

Jocelyn Piccuta, sophomore business administration and business education major. The position of secretary is one which will require much time and el fori on my pari. Part of this is due to the fad that among other duties, the secretary, is responsible for the taking of minutes at all meetings. These minutes are typed ana then distributed to government representatives, who in turn inform their consi i'uents. All incoming and outgoing correspondences are also handled by the secretary. Needless to say, when much of ihe communication between student government and faculty is written, it takes a qualified, reliable person to represent the government voice. The office of secretary is perhaps the only one of the four executive offices where

technical skills are a major part of the qualifications needed In this regard, I feel that 1 am more than qualified my experience in high school as the secretary of Health Careers Club, the Secretary of Future -Business Leaders of America for two years, President of Service Club and the business manager of the yearbook have given me more I han ample experience in holding positions of both a secretarial and leadership nature. My college experiences include holding position as President of Phi Beta Lambda and serving on the Admissions and Financial Aid Senate Sub-Committee. I have also worked in the Admissions Office for two years, where I have performed the duties required of a secretary. My work on the sub-committee as well as my work in the Admissions Office, has enabled me to become

more familiar with the present students, faculty, and administration here at the 'Hurst. This year's student * government officers have successfully achieved effective communication between its leaders and the student. It is my goal to insure continued success by maintaining the past and improving, in areas of weakness. There are still many students who are unaware of major issues effecting their academic and social lives here. Involvement of everyone must be stressed so that the Mercyhurst Student Government may exercise its power and authority to voice the opinions of "AH" students. My interest in J student government began early in September as I regularly attended all student government meetings and volunteered my time whenever it was needed.

this included the time I spent helping the Student Activities Committees publicize the events throughout the second half of the school year. I believe that I have proven my dedication to Mercyhurst College and "/. Mercyhurst Student Government through my past actions and involvement. I am more than willing to serve the 'Hurst students and with my skills, I feel I am most qualified to do this through the secretarial position. If elected, my main objective next year will be to fulfill all my responsibilities^ as secretary. I will commit myself to the students of Mercyhurst College, by disseminating their concerns and opinions responsibly, accurately and ethically. Thank you very much for your consideration and please remember to vote. Jocelyn Piccuta.

Wawrejko: United'Students, Faculty Administration
' I am a candidate for secretary of MSG because I am concerned that the student body needs to be well informed regarding both academic and social aspects of college life. If elected, I Intend to implement a plan calling for an emphasis on effective and open communication among and between students, faculty and administration in order to enhance the possibility that we will be able to fulfill the goals, purposes and objectives of this institution by working together. The qualifications I possess for the position of secretary include my past secretarial work experience; a willingness to accept and perform responsibilities; an earnest desire to explore new alternatives, options, and ideas related to communications media; and my belief that, to a large extern, the strength of our college is reflected in the enthusiasm and spirit of collegiality among the student body. Effective and open communication can build such an enthusiasm and spirit. Darlene Wawrejko H, CANDIDATES for secretary of next year's student government are (top to bottom) Anita Bonaminio, Jocelyn Piccuta and Darlene Wawrejko. 1

Statements From Candidates For Treasurer

My name is Bob Dell, candidate for M.S.G. treasurer I'm double majoring in accounting and business administration. Previous elections have had a tendency to become a popularity contest. I believe there is a better way of electing people, and that is by personal merit. I'm actively involved in numerous campus activities. I'm an assistant to Mr. Cyterski. (The Veteran counselor) I'm helping coordinate a career and personal development program along with Helen Trimble. Fellow Students, ^ . In the past, the office ot treasurer has been stereotyped as one which constitutes little more work than the recording of debits and credits in the ledgers of the student government. In essence, this supposedly means that after the books are taken care of, his Job is over. This typecast, however, does not begin to cover the duties of the treasurer. Upon election, the treasurer's first responsibility is the drawing up of next year's budget. Working in conjunction with William Kennedy and Jan Gatti, the treasurer apportions your act ivities fee over the course of the next school year. The treasurer, therefore, is the student

I was recently elected as president of the Mercyhurst Chess Club. (We are currently attempting to organize an intercollegiate chess team to play other area colleges.) I've been tutoring accounting since the latter part of my freshmen year. (VIA group and individual tutoring.) I strongly believe that * the person you elect as treasurer should be able to work well with leople and have sound [ackground in accounting. He'll be working frequently representative speaking out on what activities would be to the best interest of the student body. As far as activities are concerned, it is my feeling that not enough of the student body has been satisfied. A good portion of the activities budget has been spent on performers who play to houses of less than thirty people. Although the quality of entertainment has been good, a student turnout of two-per cent has been atrocious. Obviously the needs of the student are not being met. The best solution to this problem is to let the student body act as its own representative. I propose that an open forum be held at the end of this year in which you, the student, actually have a say about how your ac-

with the president and other government officials. He should possess inter-personal skills. I sincerely believe that I'm the best-candidate for the*office of treasurer. I have an excellent rapport with the students, residents and commuters. If elected< I will do my best to carry out the policies of the student government, while keeping in mind the students best interests at all times. '« Thank you for-, your consideration and support. Bob Dell. •.> tivities fee is to be spent. By soliciting feedback from the student body, the MSG can be very effective. In the fall election, I stated that communications was vital in order for the Mercyhurst Student Government .' to act in the student's best interest. Although the student body has direct access to the government, it is not always possible to attend the meetings or get a copy of the minutes. Therefore, I will make it a point to keep you, the student, informed in regard to the activities of my office. On election day please make it a point to go to the polls and vote. Your vole is communication, and communication is the key. is £ Respectfully submitted, . Steve Frisina .

Dell: 'Stress Personal 9 Skills


Frisina: 9 'Typecast Isn % \ Accurate

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What did you think of the Father/Daughter Weekend?
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Amy Blood "Each year my dad does something unique. This year I wasn't even embarassed as I witnessed his Irish jig in front of 500 people. *\ J


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I vPatti P a love a k "I knew my dad had a good time when he said "Marianne danced thefloweroff my lapel."
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J Marilyn Coyle "I think we all had a good time with my da< end of the evening he was referred to a "Rog".

Cheryl Stern *. 4 'It was a good time and one of the best Saturday Night Da tes ever.''

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"I knew we had a gnat time when Dad did his one man act on the tables.

Gretchen Narclsi } "It was a good time. I only wish* I had taken an extra Vitamin to keep up with my dad."* 4

* * * » . V % \ - V% K •

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APRIL 28,1978

MSG Election....
(Continuedfrom Page 1) "Even though this government probably was a damn good one, the students were hardly ever aware- of what their representatives were doing, " he said on a couple occasions. Priestley said he would .canvass the campus himself for student opinions, if nothing else worked. Ravenstahl maintained that she learned the mechanics of running student activities from the business end as student manager of the Union and SAC committee member, t Both candidates for treasurer (Steve Frisina and Bob Dell) promised to keep up the tight bookkeeping practices which distinguished this year's MSG. They also tried to expand their view of the job. Frisina, who ran unsuccessfully for vice president last fall, then received a SAC committee position, said he?can bring to the job a "broader scope" in planning. g I Dell said he would emphasize explaining the budget and all expenditures to the student body. (All three candidates for secretary would bring past training ;to the^ job—Anita Bonaminio from jobs in business, focelyn Piccuta from a variety of campus organizations, and Darlene Wawrejko from a military background.

Tickets for the Thursday, May 12, Spring Formal dinner and dance went on sale this week in the Student Union office, it was announced at last Monday's meeting of the Mercyhurst Student Government. i Tickets for the spring formal, which will again be held at Rainbow Gardens (West Lake Road and Peninsula Drive) are $15 a couple. That price covers the cost of attending both the dinner-and dance; there are no reduced price tickets for the dance alone.! Tickets will be\ sold through Friday, May 5. According to Activities Director Jan Gatti there are no plans now to sell tickets at the door. A total of 250 tickets will be sold. * * The evening meal, which will

IS!8 Discuss Senate And formal
start at 7 p.m., will be prepared by Chef Michael Caterers. II At 9 p.m. the Stryders, a sevenpiece jazz, blues and rock band from Woodstock, N.Y., will open the dance. The Stryders have recently played concerts at Gannon and Edinboro State colleges as part of a spring tour of the Northeast. "We were lucky to get them," said Ms. Gatt/who scouted the act at several club dates. "They're not a typical dance band; they're terrific musicians, too — they have a sax player that will knock your socks off." Entrees for the meal will be "Baronne de Boues" and turkeyand-dressing; with carrots vichy, green beans and mushrooms almandine, rice pilaf, tossed and potato salads, and, for dessert. line sherbert in orange halves. Senate Reorganization Also at the April 24 meeting MSG voted to recommend a reorganizati n of the College Senate with 10 faculty, seven student and four administration senators. t|j The voie showed nine representatives in favor and one against, but most of those present abstained. [,' MSG also will pass on a recommendation to staff the Senate academic'! policies subcommittee with six faculty, three students and three administrators. 3j The MSG proposals, if* accepted, would increase faculty influence in the Senate but would remove*!acuity majority voting power in academic policies. 1 The recommendation will go to

a Senate-appointed, six-member committee which is writing a new Senate constitution. The committee, which is chaired by MSG President George Venuto, earlier called for 9-7-4 and 6-3-2 distribution in the Senate and academic policies, respectively. Most of Monday's meeting was devoted to speeches by the candidates for next year's officer positions (see story on Page One for details). The election for officers will be held Friday, April 28. MSG briefly discussed including freshman in an opinion poll on possible changes in the academic calendar, and talked of holding another!; open forum meeting Sabout Cooperative Education. No final plans wer* set.

The Proposal on! Tenure become tenured in their eighth. there is too large a flux of It has been said that many recognized the problems with a This was instituted about eight graduate students seeking expanding departments do not high percentage of faculty on years ago as a formal policy rat teaching positions." have sufficient full-time faculty. tenure i appointments | and the college. In addition to this McAndrew McAndrew is confident that the recommended that only one-half The problem that;* arose was explained, "It was our purpose to percentage limitation would not io two-thirds be tenured. "every year in that period most create* the strongest possible hurt such a department. He However, I the proposal everyone who came up for tenure faculty, especially in terms of staled, "I think as a division suggests that the?College and received it," McAndrew stated. teaching and capabilities." He would grow, tenure within that each division allow up to a 70 per L Ludlow Brown, assistant commented on present in- division would also grow." He cent tenured faculty for the next professor of Philosophy, stated, structors, "In terms of teaching continued that in such cases "the W several years until all faculty "ItMs desirable for Jja certain and freshness, we have an ex- president has the right to waive : presently at the institution have proportion• of| faculty in high traordinary faculty." the upper limits on tenure." ; had an opportunity to be ranks, and a certain proportion in ! He continued that with this new lower ranks." waluated for tenure. policy, the evaluation process (Continuedfrom Page 3) At this time, Mercyhurst has The proposal, adopted by the This will keep the College from will be strengthened, making a not reached the tenure limitation. opportunity to express their Board of Trustees last month opinions on this year's calendar looks out for the long range goals being locked into high wage stronger faculty. Throughout the McAndrew backed this up, "We payments. •] year the department chairman still have some leeway to arrive change. When the final statistics of the institution. | The present faculty will be will evaluate the faculty, then the at ithe upper limits." He stated are in and tabulated, the results P. Barry McAndrew, associate evaluated for tenure this year, Peer committee, a group of three that there are between 79 and 85 will be made available!to the IHurst community. 11f we, as professor of English and member but all new faculty will be limited faculty, will study the candidate full-time faculty members, with of the tenure committee, stated* in their chances for tenure ap- for tenure. These evaluations are 32 already on tenure. officers of student government, then presented to the Rank and see ;• a definite dissatisfaction "We attempted to be as fair and pointments. Reduction in the percentage of just both to the present faculty Would this then limit the Tenure committee, | which con- faculty on tenure over the years among the students regarding the calendar, change, we will takej and to the institution as a Whole quality of incoming faculty, when sists of five full-time tenured can be assured through extreme members. These selectivity, attrition, retirement concerning both their interests." i hey realize their little chance at faculty appropriate steps to put thisjj before the College Senate. This is 1 Faculty are evaluatedjat the tenure? Brown staled, "In very evaluations are then directed to and death, according to the end of their sixth year and few disciplines will that happen, the Dean. just one more example of how the proposal. government is now better serving you, the students, through the solicitation of your opinions andg ideas. Linda Parrish's International Cuisine class will present a French Provincial fare for the Erie chapter alumni at the As previously stated, M.S.G. motherhouse May 6. The dinner will feature authentic french provincial dishes and atmosphere, reminiscent of the counthis! year managed to find a | tryside of France with its simplistic beauty and charm. Included in the aura of a typical countryside french restaurant are balance between academic and| fresh flowers, a fountain, hanging baskets, and candlelight. Chef for the evening will be Welton Ritz, a sophomore from social issues. ?This y e a r ' s | executive officers laid the! Johnstown, Pa. Ritz will be flanked by junior Michael Niederriter, an Erieite, as Maitre'd, and senior John Gable from Langroundwork for, and reinstated caster, New York as buffet coordinator. Joel Foessett and Steve Rutkowski will be bar managers. The 11 class members the Student Activities Comwill be serving approximately 160 area alumni, faculty, administration and staff. mittee. The major purpose of this ; committee is to take the social activities out of the hands of the executive officers so as to allow Memories of Father-Daughter Weekend them to deal with problems and by Anne Del Medico concerns on a higher level than The Department3 of Music at A father's love begins he encourage* her to grow what the average student here at Mercyhurst will present a senior when he nutured the new life to explore new horizons 'he 'Hurst encounters. Although clarinet recital by Angelee Smith within hie wife, and to continually search [ ihe Student Activities Committee which soon becomes a new love for that in which the is on April 29 at 8:1$ in the Zurn i!ot off to a shaky start, it finally of his life, searching, Recital Hall." asababy even if it means leaving him someday, was able to overcome the usual Ms. Smith, a senior at Mercyhe smothers her In love, a father is always there, problems all new organized teaching her the goodness to show hie unique support hurst, will graduate in June with ttodies have, and work to better and warmth through to offer a little guidance a degree in music education. She love, 1 when needed provide you, the students, with is currently studying under Ms. teaching the art of giving love and he will always remain In a | Carolyn Zahner. lie types of social activities you as well as receiving love, special place in hie daughter's heart. Christine Heald and'Stanley •van'. The SAC survey distributed King will accompany Ms. Smith luring early December has in works by Bach, Rossini, .ilready helped the committee plan activities for next year Debussy, Bernstein and Sondbased on what the students asked heim| Deposits for residence hall living are due by Monday, May 1. Room pick will be A reception will follow the for. As vice-presidentf one of my Tuesday, May 2 in Zurn 214. Juniors will pick at 1 p. m., Sophomores at 1;30 and Freshmen primary responsibilities this year recital. All are invited; adat 2 p.m. After Tuesday, the rest of the rooms will be reserved for the incoming freshmen. Angelee Smith mission is free. | was to serve as a resource person and liaison between student lovernment and SAC. t During my term in office, I •ave been working'closely with he President, George Venuto, iiroughoul the year and I have learned what is involved in being a leader in student government and where to go to get something done. I have had the opportunity to become even more familiar with the structure of the college as a whole as well as the government itself. AH i n a 11, my first term in office was a learning experience and I am now more than confident that I can help to ensure that the reputation your government has earned this year will be upheld. More than that, I feel I am more qualified than ever to put my experience to work and once again serve; you, the, student Inidy. Thank you very much for your support this year and for making my experience with student government a rewarding f»iie. Sincerely, .loAnn Alexander

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Recital Announced


APRIL 28,1978 ARtfc 6XflEiW£l/V



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Recently, additional work study funds were obtained by the Financial Aid Office. Therefore, if you are interested in working under the college work study program for the remainder of the spring term, please sign up in the Financial Aid Office. Eligible students must have financial need as determined by the aid office. If you have questions concerning your eligibility for the work study program, please stop by the Financial Aid Office in Weber Hall, or give us a call at Extension 242.
PHONE BUSINESS 456 2508 k 3024 Pine Avenue Erie, Pa 16504

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ewehrs, Jnc.

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APRIL 28,1978

With a current record of 4-0 and an impressive victory over Edinboro, the Mercyhurst tennis team is sitting in the drivers seat according to coach Dennis Randalli stated that his team did a real nice job in the victory over! Edinboro and said that things are looking good towards 'he districts. "Edinboro is one of 'he top teams in the district and ve beat them," said Ranalli. In the number one singles, \ndy Findlay defeated the Scots' i >om Masciantonio 7-5, 6-2 while Richard Birmingham easily Handled Dave Drossman of1 Kdinboro 6-2, 6-4 in the number wo slot. I $ v * In the number three singles,
Ranalli was very pleased with the Kandalli. 1

to darkness. | 4 The Lakers picked up their third victory two days before the Edinboro contest, last Saturday, as they easily handled Behrend 9-


Findlay, Birmingham, Chybrzynski, Dubsky, LaFuria and Culbertson all recorded victories in the singles matches while Findlay and Birmingham, Dubsky and Chybrzynski, *and LaFuria| a nd | Culbertson all teamed in the doubles to make the clean sweep. | The big test of his teams ability according to ^Ranalli was the Edinboro match and the Lakers came away on the bright side. "We did a;real nice job, said Ranalli, especially the number



five and six singles". "I don't think this team is as strong as the 1976 • National Champs, continued Ranalli, but we do have a strong team and are capable of being one of the top teams in the nation.". One last note from the drivers seat shows that Birminghams' victory over Drossman capped a four year, no losses aginst Edinboro streak. With four under their belts and an eye towards the playoffs, Ranalli and his netters are looking ahead to the final three matches with Youngstown at home (Monday, May 1), West Liberty also at home (May,4) and away at Allegheny, May 8. The districts will be held May 11-13.



way Tom Chybrzynski fought back to defeat Edinboro's Ron Ross 3-6,6-3, 6-3. In the fourth set i was Laker Phil Dubsky lefeating Jeff Mulhollem 6-4, 6-1. Ranalli was also pleased with he way freshman walk-on Dave i .aFuria handled Denny Staller 6i. 6-0 for the number five singles. The only Mercyhurst loss in the ingles came in the sixth slot where Al Culbertson lost to the Scots' Jim Goshhorn 6-2, 6-1. In the doubles action, Findlay iiid Birmingham teamed up to i town Drossman and Staller 6-2,6The second set of doubles saw the team of LaFuria and Culbertson lose to Ross and Goshhorn JM, v6-l. The third doubles match was cancelled due





Baseball Team Splits With Clarion Lady Lakers Drop Third To Gannon
Baseball The Mercyhurst baseball team has been splitting doubleheaders at a pretty regular rate lately, as was the case at Clarion on Sunday. The Lakers dropped the first game to the Golden Eagles 7-2 but came back in the second game to Terry Kelly got the Lakers on the board with a two-run single in the second inning following two walks. Mink added another double as did Jimbo Walters while Ray Gruss contributed a single to back Wilhelm {who upped his record to 2-0. The 5-9 Lakers will be at home next on May 7 against Akron on Tullio fField fori a 4:00 doubleheader. ft I - Softball The Mercyhurst Lakers and Gannon's Softball team battled it out at Tullio Field Tuesday afternoon. The two-hour see-saw contest finally ended with Knights topping the 'Hurst 9-6. The Lady Lakers got off to their best start this season. ; Mary Ann King hit;; as two-run double and later in the same inning Pam Wolfe knocked a tworun triple into right field. > The Knights pecked away at the lead, the big inning coming in the fourth as they look away the Hurst lead, 8-6. * The Gannon team added one more in the seventh. In the bottom of the inning the Lakers went down in order Ho end ythe ballgame. The Lady Lakers next home game will be on Monday, May 1 against ^Edinboro. The doubleheader is slated for Tullio Field. * "* •.

first and third innings which was enough to hold off the Lakers. Randy Mink doubled in support of the Lakers who saw their record drop to 4-9 Jfollowing the first game. -"i Laker pitcher Russ Wilhelm win 6-1. * j took charge in the second game Chris Tomczak Clarion handed Joe 'Williams as he held Clarion to just one run I when, the time is right, you can his second loss of the season as while walking no Golden Eagles feelr it, and you k n o w i i ^ An t hey tallied three runs in both the and striking out five. * aggressive error is better than a complacent attitude. The offense must create situations. ;' I've heard it so many times I've given up counting. To be good at anything you must be devoted and* you must practice a n d practice. The Softball team had a game Monday. Tuesday there was no practice. A day off is no great hinder, in fact it sometimes helps. After having ^practice Wednesday, the inclement weather and the lack of enthusiasm had the team hold off practices until Sunday morning, unfortunately, only four members showed up for practice that day. ; •• •' {i The feeling at the Gannon game was totally different than the Lakers' first two. The team was much more intense and enthusiastic. The at tit ude was also present in the field of play as the team played with more confidence. The defense looked much better and the pitching by Kathe Lowry was also much improved. Mary Mahon pitched well in relief. The iearn just couldn't start a rally after Gannon took over the lead.

in the first two Softball games, he women's team has allowed an !i-l>elievable 50 runs. How can a 'am possibly give up that many uns and expect to win? The real lller has been the first inning. linboro scored 12 runs and Villa aria College cashed in ten. It is fry discouraging to start, a .ime having to make up such a margin. The team just can't oem to get started soon enough. >bviously the defense has its problems. A few costly, untimely errors, a few walks and a few passed balls all add up quickly in • he run column. Try to keep your opponents score less than your own. Lately it's much easier said i nan done. I have always been in favor of an aggressive offense, especially on the base paths. You have to steal bases. Most teams the Lady Lakers face do not have Johnny Bench's behind the plate. The chance of the catcher's overthrow, the tagger's high tag or the wild pitch is quite good. That is not to say to be foolhardy, but

Joe Williams peers at the camera as teammate Ray Gruss gets in on the action. Thus for the Lakers are 5-9 and hoping to put together a winning s treak. PHOTO BY TERRY KELLY '



The Mercyhurst Women's Crew team, having turned in their most successful season last year, has the potential to even better their record on the water (his season. The members comprising the powerful 78 varsity boat include six returning oars women from the previous year. Tliey. are: Nadine "Burly" Belovarac, Carol "Munch" Hancsak, Katie McCaffrey. Joann "JOJO" Rice, The search committee ap- and "Cook" McNicholas and pointed to choose a new Laker I .inda McGinley. coach has narrowed their choice The newcomers to this,year's to four people. boat are last year's novices Mary Athletic director Mike Cusack Ellen "Fittzy" Gerrity, Sue "B f " wouldn't give the .names of the Brown, and Barb Sweeney, all of 1 candidates but ' said the com* whom are a strong addition to the mittee hopes to interview them boat. I by Friday. April 28 and choose a v| new coach as early as next weeki'V The"• novice boat this year is

Search Committee..




doing an excellent job rowing, considering the short amount of lime they have had on the water. The members of the novice boat are Darlene Marsh, Patti Stolar (Coxswain), Coleen Hottel, Helene Armitage, Ann Marie Dixon, Elaine Loftus, Lisa Parlavecchio, Gail Lewis, and Tracy Fuller. V<t * j Coach Jay'- Marcinowski has high hopes for his women's team this year, and firmly believes that the boats, both novice and varsity, have an excellent chance of placing in the Mid-American Regalia to be held in Marietta, Ohio, on May 6, which is the climax of the season, \-r Although the season to date has been plagued with .misfortunes such .as race cancellations, no spring»*Mraining/ equipment

breakage, and limited water time due to the late thaw, the girls are nevertheless determined more than ever to come out as winners in all the remaining ' races scheduled. These races include such formidable schools as Michigan State, Colgate U., University of West Virginia, and Grand Valley University.*

The Peace Corps is alive and Optimistic well and waiting for you.
All your life you've wanted to do something im-t port ant for the world. Now a lot of the world needs you to do it. We need volunteers with skills and all kinds of practical knowledge. Call toll free: 800-424-8580^ W%*±*m*±Q

In order to prepare for the races, 5:00 a.m. practices are held, with afternoon running and weightlifting workouts performed six days out of the week. Indeed, there is no doubt this year's team exhibits qualities essential to a champion team. The girls explode into action in their first race this Sunday, April M, at Cazanovia Lake; New York.

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The AiMyHnp Councl
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