Internship Guidelines forEmployers
An inteinship is a pie- piofessional leaining expeiience that offeis meaningful, piactical woik
expeiience ielateu to a stuuent's fielu of stuuy oi caieei inteiest. Inteinships allow stuuents to
apply piinciples anu theoiy leaineu in the classioom in a piofessional enviionment. Thiough an
inteinship stuuents aie pioviueu an oppoitunity foi caieei exploiation anu uevelopment as well
as a chance to leain new skills.
• Positions consisting piimaiily of cleiical task. Cleiical task shoulu compiise no moie than
2u% of an inteinship.
• Iobs that pioviue little oi no oppoitunity foi stuuents to gain piactical expeiience that
complement theii acauemic leaining.
• Pait-time jobs with little oi no tiaining, guiuance anu supeivision.
• volunteei positions.
• A cost effective oppoitunity to evaluate a potential futuie employee, a pipeline foi
• Access to stuuents with special skills anu¡oi knowleuge.
• A way to gain shoit teim talent to assist cuiient employees.
• Enthusiastic, innovative woikeis who can contiibute new iueas baseu on theii acauemic
• The peisonal satisfaction of fulfilling a piofessional iesponsibility in helping stuuents
piogiess in theii caieei path.
• Enhanceu visibility foi youi oiganization on oui campus.
• Pioviues a full anu iealistic view of the woilu-of-woik.
• Integiates acauemic piepaiation with piactical application anu skill uevelopment in the
• Acquiie hanus-on woik expeiience.
• An oppoitunity to netwoik with piofessionals in one's fielu of inteiest.
• A chance to exploie caieei options anu uevelop tiansfeiable skills.
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! ! Internship Guidelines for Employers
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• 0ffei challenging assignments that benefit youi oiganization while pioviuing tangible
woik expeiience foi the intein.
• Cieate a cleaily uefineu position uesciiption to incluue: infoimation on youi oiganization,
uesciiption of the inteinship pioject oi job uuties, job title, piefeiieu acauemic majoi,
competencies the intein shoulu possess, euucational value of the inteinship, uesiieu woik
houis, uuiation of the inteinship, application pioceuuies, stait anu enu uates of the
inteinship, anu compensation.
• Assign inteins to a woithy pioject wheie they can apply theii acauemic knowleuge as well
as enhance anu¡oi uevelop new skills.
• Pioviue tiaining to oiient intein to the oiganization, a toui of the oiganization,
intiouuction to staff membeis anu use of equipment.
• Pioviue a specific woik aiea foi the intein anu office iesouices such as a computei,
telephone extension anu oiganization email.
• Expose inteins to othei piofessional staff, clientele, etc. (as appiopiiate) foi piofessional
• Pioviue supeivision anu mentoiing to maximize the intein's leaining expeiience by
offeiing guiuance anu iuentifying uevelopmental oppoitunities that stiengthen anu
enhance the intein's skills, stiengths anu peifoimance.
• Evaluate the inteinship. At the conclusion of the inteinship, conuuct an exit inteiview to
ieview the intein's peifoimance anu accomplishments.
• Consult with youi oiganization's attoiney oi legal team to ensuie that you know youi
• In souicing canuiuates you shoulu consiuei the uuties to be peifoimeu, level of knowleuge
anu specific job skills iequiieu of the intein, uesiieu class level, anu the suitable acauemic
majois neeueu to successful peifoim the inteinship.
• Foi unueigiauuate inteinships, stuuents at all class levels (fieshman thiough seniois) aie
eligible to paiticipate in an inteinship.
• uiauuate stuuent's posses a highei level of skills that may be beneficial foi moie auvanceu
• Employeis that uon't iestiict theii inteinships to specific class levels oi majois will benefit
fiom a bioauei pool of intein applicants.
• An inteinship piogiam shoulu be flexible.
• The uuiation of the inteinship shoulu be ueteimineu by the neeus of youi oiganization.
• The 0niveisity of Washington opeiates on a quaiteily system (fall, wintei, spiing anu
summei.) Each quaitei is 1u weeks, with the exception of summei.
• Buiing the acauemic yeai, inteinships aie geneially pait-time, appioximately 1u-12 houis
pei week, not to exceeu 2u houis pei week.
• Foi inteinships offeieu uuiing the summei, stuuents can woik up to 4u houis pei week.
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! ! Internship Guidelines for Employers
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• As an employei you cannot giant cieuit foi an inteinship, only the 0niveisity can uo this.
• Acauemic cieuit may not be available uepenuing on the stuuent's majoi.
• Stuuents must consult with theii acauemic uepaitment piioi to the stait of an inteinship if
they wish to eain cieuit foi an inteinship. The iequiiements may uiffei by uepaitment but
geneially, eaining cieuit foi an inteinship involves a paitneiship between the stuuent, the
site supeivisoi anu a faculty sponsoi.
• The numbei of cieuits awaiueu foi an inteinship can vaiy anu aie typically ueteimineu by
the scope of the inteinship, the pioject submitteu to the faculty sponsoi, anu the numbei of
houis woikeu.
• Youi specific iole is to assist the stuuent by pioviuing any infoimation iequesteu by the
acauemic uepaitment so that a ueteimination can be maue about what kinu of acauemic
cieuit might apply.
• Although an inteinship can be paiu oi unpaiu, The Caieei Centei encouiages employeis to
compensate inteins.
• An inteinship shoulu not be vieweu as foim of "cheap laboi."
• Acauemic cieuit is not a substitute foi compensation.
• If an intein is consiueieu an "employee" (any inuiviuual employeu by an employei),
accoiuing to the Faii Laboi Stanuaius Act, then the employei must pay its inteins at least
minimum wage.
• In ueteimining an intein's compensation you shoulu take into consiueiation youi inuustiy
type, location of the inteinship, uesiieu competencies, the intein's class level, anu
piefeiieu acauemic majoi.
• If you aie a foi-piofit oiganization anu consiueiing offeiing an unpaiu inteinship, you aie
iesponsible foi unueistanuing the legal ciiteiia foi an unpaiu inteinship as specifieu by the

• The Caieei Centei uoes not iequiie foi you to complete any foims to ieciuit inteins.
• If a stuuent is seeking cieuit foi an inteinship you aie iesponsible foi completing all
iequiieu uocumentation.
• It is the iesponsibility of the intein to pioviue you with any iequiieu foims.!
• Post youi inteinship to oui jobs anu inteinship system, 123456-03"
• Paiticipate in 7,$8(+'23$9,*&):;&<3"
• Attenu oui 9,*&),3=;'$>(;)$(,?$#');,@$8()&&)$>(;)"

Please contact oui A33-B;(*&$%;)&B*-)$.-)$C+'D-5&)$E&D(*;-,3"

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