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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1979


Standard I 200



George Kidd, vice president of and J a projected •: full time business services, has announced equivalent of 1050'students for a tuition increase of $205 for the next year. .T&jS'*/ 1979-80 academic year. J "I'm expecting people to think "We have managed to increase the college's budgets selectively it's lower than it could be," Kidd for next year to insure the best said. "While the dollar amount possible level of education - but you pay is greater, the relative ,:v we find that we must increase amount is the same*" -,v tuition," Kidd said in a letter to jjjp Kidd J said j that he 'believes both parents and students. The increase represents a 7.4 parental income increases and inflationary inerease and is increases in financial aid on the based on a low operating budget federal and state level will help the student in paying for the higher tuition.! %. ?j Another cost for students next . year will feature a $65 increase in the cost of board for residents. %. "We have no control over the* amount we spend for many things* such as electricity," Kidd said. :; He also noted that the average , salary increase will be seven per , cent. '• 46'' x The increase is the highest of J the past three year's, reflecting * an average inflation rate of eight per cent. ' M ^ u K r a L

President Tim Seltzer

Vice President JoAnn Alexander

George Kidd

Plan iTo! Revise Liberal Studies MovjnglToward Senate Hearing
by Sue Fuss p Debate has begun in the academic policies committee on the proposed prevision of the liberal studies requirement. The proposal is the final revision presented by the division chairpersons and Dr. John Millar, dean of the college and vice president of academic services. K &£.i g It consists of three parts. The proposal requires incoming students to take entrance exams in reading, writing and math, and to take 100 level courses in those subjects they did not pass. % Other provisions include required liberal studies courses in whatjjare called six developmental areas (world civilization, American, heritage, human development, science, creative arts and spiritual growth), and a program of co-curriculars, that is, participation in student organizations and campus activities. aw§8£ At the beginning of this week's meeting Dr. Paul Jurkowitz, chairman of academic policies, said the committee will attach a lislj off suggestions approved by the committee before sending it on to the full College Senate, fe j Debate covered many concerns of both committee members and non-members. Dr. ^Barbara Weigert, associate*education professor, '£ suggested t a curriculum committee should reexamine the proposal. ?•'* v?- "It's insufficiently developed," said {[Planning Director Tom Billingsly, adding his opinion that there was snot enough time to complete it. The Board of Directors requested a proposal by June 3. a fig 3 | g After over an hour of discussion the committee adjourned to meet again Sunday evening, April 29, when it I hopes- to finish its discussion. The proposal will then go to the full senate, :the president and the board. • M * h




Treasurer Jim bolger

Secretary Anita Bona minio

MSG; May I Boost Activities Fee
Mercyhurts's new student government officers; will get a first indication on Monday, April 30, of what kind of budget they will be working with next year. MSG will open talks on raising the student activities fee to $50 a year, a $15 increase. President Mike Heller said the increase twas meant to offset recurring problems with the school yearbook and rising prices for activities. \ Heller said a larger yearbook budget would allow the school to offer the Praeterita free to all students. Guaranteed sales will! also enable publishers to give the school discounts of possibly 50 percent in printing costs, he added. \ % U 5 If the increase is passed, the nominal entrance charges I on some activities might be eliminated, Heller said. *"Charging two bits here and 50 cents there hasn't been worth the effort, in my* opinion," he told The Merciad.,''It's kept people from going to a lot of things. Based on a fulltime enrollment of 1000 students the increased fee will boost the MSG budget $15,000 above its present $39,000. "We have to do this to keep up with inflation," Heller said. "We hope to expand activities, too." A check of 100 Pennsylvania colleges ^and universities by Treasurer Steve Frisina showed an average yearly activities fee of about $100, Hefier said. % W Also, at next week's 4 p.m. meeting MSG will • discuss the proposed changes in general education requirements. **?}* A special meeting to coordinate Activity Day will be held today, Friday, April 27 at 6 p.m. in the student union coffee house, -. /*« Positions for officers of the Student Activities Committee (SAC) for the 79-80 school year will be decided soon. Those who wish to* be interviewed for the positions should sign up in the student union starting on Monday, April 30. *



by Gary Wesman * ~ '.,!> A sophomore and a confessed underdog up to election eve, Tim Seltzer has been chosen president 6 of next year's Mercyhurst Student Government. ^ And for the first time a write-in candidate has won a spot on the executive board. In one of the closest student elections 'ever held here Jim Bolger won the race for treasurer by two votes out of 536 cast.. • ~f I In other y« races JoAnn Alexander regained the | vice presidency she lost last spring with a majority of votes over three other candidates, s Anita Bonaminio became the new MSG secretary and in the process drew the highest fvote totalfof any candidate. I ft SHEL 3 8 Seltzer and others connected with the election agreed that his cafeteria speech Fj Monday dramatically j improved his chances of winning. Conversational at times and brisk at others, I that speech: got the loudest applause of the evening. "I think people were impressed by the sincerety of it," current President Mike Heller said. "The kids really got at sense of his personality." ££ * .* ^£ Going into the cafeteria appearance Seltzer felt his opponents, Al Lonczak and Steve Frisina, held wide leads because of their past}.experience in government. * '$& -V;, " Al is in the Senate and Steve is in MSG. and I'm not that well known. Seltzer said. "I knew if I blew the speech I might as well forget it." fg *>•* j* Actually, the only specific proposal Seltzer (a communication arts major) mentioned was a promise to use the radio equipment the school plans to buy, to publicize government business. I * Lonczak, who . characterized himself as the candidate who was "middle-of-the-road" between social and academic* matters,

said Seltzer was "more per- campaigning extra, extra hard ' sonable, more sympathetic to the j *' 1' m not disappointed g a bout student interests of the moment." losing, but I'm disappointed that Frisina was the only candidate some people didn't vote for me to present anything like ^a because, they told me. I had it detailed, point-by-point program. made." Bf '"jHffijjP '% i "I still think I was the best- J Onelsjudent t government qualified candidate," he said. source who asked not to I be "The voters chose Tim, so what named said Priestley "got can you say? f m a team player,1 nervous toward the end and sort so 111 help the government any of pressured people to vote for 1 way I can. ^ ^ ^ 1 I him. I think he turned people { The * final? vote count gave off." Other sources agreed.! R Seltzer 209, Lonczak* 189 and Frisina 150. 5 2 2 2 i I When JoAnn Alexander 5, takes The treasurer's race, unique in office in late spring she J will this school's I student election replace Linda Ravenstahl, who history m several Sways, went beat her out of the vice through four vote counts before presidency last year, when Jim Bolger was named a winner Alexander was the incumbent. by a razor-thin margin over Pierre Priestley and Kevin Kane, "Last lime I had a year in the another write-in. £ t i 4 job and felt that would get me Bolger got 208 votes, Priestley back in," she said. "This year I 206 and Kane 122. Heller met with went out to get the vote." Priestley Wednesday ? evening and promised another recount if Alexander used the mails with Priestley asks for it. g & dg letters to commuters and notices Jf Bolger, generally known as placed in campus dorm rooms. "Grizzly, missed the filing She said later that Alda Walker deadline. His name was not on would be her strongest comthe ballot, of course, and he was petitor. not allowed to make*use of the normal campaign channels open "I thought Alda was equally to registered candidates. He gave qualified." she said. "If people his cafeteria speech alone on a looked at it intelligently, they different night than the rest of the would see we stacked up pretty candidates, supplying the evenly." microphones ana speakers Events proved her correct himself. %%. "Grizzly put so much work into Alexander took 275 votes, a slim it—the most 5of anybody* who majority of the 547 cast; but ran," Seltzer said. i three other candidates divided Bolger went door-to-door the rest, with Walker S earning solicting votes personally, and in 139, Rick Shaheen 94 and John the last days of the campaign Woodruff 39. | smothered the campus with With^ the election of Anita Bona minio to the office of posters. r "Now I'm going to go out and secretary the school added a do the same thing all over again commuter to the* executive in the next five weeks and see board. At presslime Wednesday how the students want the (1979- she was appearing in a performance of Godspell and was 80) budget drawn up." '4 Priestley said he first knew the unavailable for comment. campaign would be close last »Bona minio won with 320 votes 1 Friday "when;. Grizzly , started to Denise Ricci's 210.




Pag* *

the merciad
|S^Me -foo *\vtk pouter ar ai/fW(A|

APRIL 27,1979

MSG Election Wrap-up An interesting fact of life from The signs are down - and so are this year's election was write-in some spirits. But this year's MSG candidate Jim Bolger's victory in elections were the J best I can the^ treasurer's race. I believe remember. All the candidates this Was the first time a write-in -handled their speeches in the candidate has ever won in an cafeteria admirably, j And the MSG officer's .race. The kid manner:5 in which they all con- didn't do too bad for not even ducted their campaigns was getting his face in the Merciad r impressive. i last week along with the rest of To the victor's - a working road the candidates. 7 lies ahead. Some of you have S e c r e t a r y - e l e c t A n i t a made some pretty firm com- Bonaminio won her race by the mitments that - as you will un- largest margin - but she only had doubtedly find - are going to be to face-off against £one other hard to accomplish. contender. Her opponent, Denise President-elect Tim Seltzer's Ricci, randan impressive camintention to' "expand com- paign - complete with creative munication through the use of the posters*full of clever jingles. new radio and television facilities However, Anita picked up a good the school plans to acquire next deal of support from the strength year" is not going to be as easy or of her speech in the cafeteria on as unique - as it might sound. It's election eve - which had to be going io take a lot of time and heard to get the full wealth it effort. I wish Seltzer luck in that generated. Denise" made one area - a concentration of mine - wrong move in her speech - she and as MSG president." {5 mentioned the word apathy. On Vice-president-elect JoAnn this campus that word is a no-no ! Alexander's intention to have an especially if it's j heard while MSG column in next year's you're eating. v f? | Merciad (or maybe on Seltzer's But the results are in - and radio program if Sthe com- everyone - winners and losers munications facilities deal works impressed me with their tact and out) is a fine idea. I know, having demeanor Good show,? people. worked with JoAnn on the paper S§ Tuition Raised Again \ afe this year, that her willingness to And* now it's time J to say write the column herself will be something about the college's followed through. And, as JoAnn role in increasing tuition.... knows/whoever the editor is next St Want to hear It again? It's not year will welcome such a column. suitable for printing I.. ta $&

WE mm T A u>hJt flwfMcne
What's your reply to Increased tuition?



Editor John Bruno News Writers ., Sue Fuss, Gary Wesman fports Writers . Bob Delia Rocca, W.D. "Bud" Prize, ? j3fe SBgii^iJpS r-fV- ** Chris Tomczak Fixture Writers . JoAnn Alexander, Vicki Martinago Photographer .John Bruno Contributing Artists . Jamie Borowics, Jeffrey Paul, ^i ti&£ I P l l i £ § B i^^#fSusanueRieker Layout and Design Johnbruno Typists John Bruno, Gary Wesman Faculty/ Advisors . . . Andrew Roth, William Shelley 3«W W # I W * " # J I W t , . t a i H i t M M « l « U H * W t t M M » ^ ^


APRIU27, 1979

the merciod

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Free! Health Test May
Free health testing will be done for people between the ages of 18 55 in the faculty lounge on Tuesday, May 1 from 8:30 ana. to 5 p.m.; Wednesday, May 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 to 10 p.m. and on Thursday, May 3 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The health testing program will include blood pressure, urinalysis, height, weight, blood chemistry, heart rhythm and consultation with a public health nurse. If indicated, EKG, blood sugar and nutrition counseling will be done. 3? '• "We are particularly ; interested in testing adults between the ages of 18 and 55 who are presently in good health," said Health Center Director Sr. Joseph Mary Kosarsky, R.N. "High blood pressure is a complex condition which may result in serious bodily complications and sometimes death. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to increase heart strain which may cause heart failure, or damage to the, kidneys which are vital in eliminating | wastes.? Neglected high blood pressure can also damage blood vessals in the brafn, causing a stroke." f To 1 v" fee good\isn't good enough," Kosarsky -concluded. "A person may feel well, yet have high blood pressure. The only way § to be sure your blood pressure is normal is to have it checked.'' EST S


Jam-Logo Winner | |
A $25 gift certificate to {the 'Hurst bookstore was awarded to Hick Rickgauer for his winning entry (pictured above) in the Egan Scholar's Logo Contest. § The design j was chosen from among 14 different entries judged by the Egan council, Dr. Vivetta Petronio, director j of the program, Ernest Mauthe, art instructor and Director of Public Relations Mary Ann Daley. The design is now the official logo of • the Egan Scholars program and will be used on newsletters and other Egan correspondence. > •

Big iSandwic

Free 'Regular, Size Fries

I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i

KJS^Sf? Donna Zaffina nfeBMSfilS For the past three months I have been? involved in the cooperative education program. My learning experience is at Zurn^ Industries as fan internal auditor. jSgr j My job is made up of a series of audits to the many divisions of

Zurn around'" the country. A major part of the job involves traveling/So far, I have gone to Birmingham, Alabama, Shuman, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina and Chicago Illinois. It has given me the chance to see the country, meet many different and interesting people and experience their various life styles. In the Southern states, there tends to be a very relaxed mood, nothing like the North. ,*p^ 0 ^ I am gaining a lot of valuable knowledge and experience in the field of accounting. I have been exposed to many aspects of this field which*has helped me to decide the particular area in which I would like to get? involved. In my opinion, the most exciting and challenging element of accounting is auditing - which gives the person the opportunity to got through the entire accounting procedures J instead of just working on one particular


Good only at any Erie & Girard , PA f McDonald i^-^"V Coupon Expires: MAY 27t 1979


Operator for Walmburaamant Sand to: McDonald's, 2660 Wott 26th St. * ^5:-* . Erlo, Pa. 16606 i* t V O I D IF BLANK


Inquiring Reporter asks. . .

Do You Like Erie?



Jim Thomas - Senior "Yes. For a town of its size it has a lot to do - if you take advantage of everything."

Suzanne Rieker - Sophomore "Yes. I like the sunsets."

Jim DiSanti- Junior "Yes. I've lived here life."


Stephanie Tobin - Senior • . "Yes. I'm a small town person and even though it's large, Erie has a small town atmosphere. It's personable." * ^1^3



Sam Reyhaiiiade - Senior "No. The winter's are too cold you have, to be 5 a bear to live

here." ' TJSfi&Efc


L.J. Ravenstahl * Jr. "Yes. How can you: not like ; Erie?" •• , 1 ^_. ' -f4?

15 *

Tim McFarland - Freshman "Yes. It's close to New York and Ohio - and we have the beaches. It's better than: Pi ttsburgh." a^fey^^sMSIXigifei

Mindy Miller -Junior; flj " £"No. Because there isn't much to do for college students." -




Hie merciod

APRIL 27,1979


Refund jPACE', Report Says
Department of Education in Harrisburg. It is staffed by Tyrone Moore, Jean Lavin, Len Cyterski, Sr.s, Marie Celine Bucholz, Cathie Anderson, Barry McAndrew and Betty Gartner.
$££&$@K&@*&&i& §5^§i

In aiTeport submitted by Dr. take advantage of a college Judith Thomas, professor of: education. She' also cited the Education at Lincoln University, the re-funding of the colleges faculty for supporting program PACE Program is recommended efforts in the classroom. The PACE-; Program is because "Mercyhurst's program seems to be moving in a forward, evaluated annually bys the positive direction. Recently, Thomas spent two days on campus} interviewing • students, faculty members, top level* administrators, PACE Program!- advisory board members and staff. She*also reviewed the records maintained by the program. -J?f < £ WL. Thomas stated that Miriam Mashank, /director of the program, has established "excellent rapport with high level administrators and seems to know students well" and that * 'she has selected a strong staff to assist her in this program." M Thomas also had kind words to say about the 'Hurst's administration - as having gone on record as wanting to provide educational opportunity for all students who nave the ability to


Happy Hour 4-7

DRAFTS 2 for 1


Whistle! Stops - Monday! Nights!


Miriam Mashank, left, and Dr. Judith Thomas

MAY 1 st is the deadline f o r most FINANCIAL AID PROGRAMS
See the Financial Aid Office

Delicious Pizza


quantities treats, delivered portable wanning

Want A Moving Experience i


Join The

H Mercyhurst
ft '


Thursdays!6 to 8lp.m. I Zurn 3011 »


Considering Graduate I School?
The Mercyhurst College Admissions Office is seeking two students interested in doing a co-op experience as admissions counselors. Students from any major 1 or minor program ore welcome to apply. ^^B^S^BfSSS^^^^SK ''^-^^^' If so, j you should prepare ifor the GRE,*or Miller's Analogies Test by visiting the GRE Workshop! We offer free tutoring and sample testing. Make your GRE's less of a trauma and more of a success! ?£§&- W&PQ&&3&&&&

9 This co-op sis2 worth nine (9) credits which]will be granted through the business department. The length of the position will be fifteen (15) weeks beginning on August 20, 1979 and end tig on November |K), 1979. The salary for the 15 week period is $2,500 plus expenses and mileage. STUDENTS MUST HAVE

Visit an appt.GRE ext. 2 the - 864-0681, Call for
3S31£K (Writing Center) f * 3

' • . • • £










H A description of the responsibilities and duties of an Admissions Counselor can be obtained in the Admissions Office which is located on the first floor of : Old Main. ffiyfeftffafflllBfc '*&^^*Ji^'-^ci* - * ***&• 3S'i«fSBHi&A":^BI^B

Anyone who is interested in applying for the positions, should forward a resume and three (3) letters of recommendation to Karen E. Schultz, Director of 1 Admissions. Application deadline is May 11, 1979. ^ ^ ^ t ^ W g i ^ ^ S ^ f l p

rootr\\e to re*\rf^- n



APRIL 27.1979

the merckid

Page 5

If you will be a junior or senior next year and have completed Concepts and Practices of Management, you may be just whom we're looking for. £ The Mercy hurst chapter of the Administrative Management Society (AMS) is currently seeking new members for the 1979-80 academic year. We are looking for exceptional students with a true desire and commitment to the future of AMS. * 3 ^

I Music department faculty member Joseph Chiarelli performed as tenor soloist on the selection of Bach's Canata Number 188 in a concert presented in the Christ the King Chapel foyer last Friday. He was accompanied by the chamber ensemble that featured Carolyn Zahner on oboe. Holly Stackhouse, flute, Dimitri Erdely, cello, Karen Fa hey, flute and Sr. Mary Andrew on harpsicord. 9 fflw *lBF 5 S B 9

gjJThis past year the AMS has provided the college with speakers from various aspects of our community. We've also dealt closely with the senior chapter of AMS by attending their dinner-meetings the last Tuesday of each month. These meetings provide you with an opportunity to meet and mingle with many prominent business people of the Erie area. jfiflBo^Sf r If you have at least a 2.5 QPA and want the opportunity to exhibit your leadership abilities/ please consider joining our society and call one of the following for more information:


Cindy Sims 864-0681, ext. 213 Reggie O'Connor 864-2253 Sandy Lack 838-4784 3E

Looking For Challenging Rewarding Employment?
h The Writing Center, 308 Mail, is presently interested in hiring qualified students to^ tutor for the 1979-80 school year. Qualifications for this position are as follows: the student should have at least a 3J) QPA, he .should be able to get along with ^others, and he should have a working command of the English t language, if a prospective employee feels he has some deficiencies in his hade skills, he can have thesereinforcedduring Ms I tutor training sessions in the Writing Center. \ Students may apply for this position through work-study or student-aid, or hi may apply for volunteer work. §* t

Students w h o w i l l } h a v e work-study funds next y e a r a n d w h o wish t o work as I jfifflMH

Pace Student Assistants

should secure a position3application}form

from: *8$BSra§



P How to find s a summer job«
Talk to Manpower. We've got summer job opportunities for temporary workers. In factories, warehouses, stores...Indoors ***& and outdoors. S s & y ^ w ^ £ Work as much as you SSKl want. Or as little. It's up 6jB|

Carol Hill, Pace Program ii Office^lS Main i

Sign Ups for Sesler Apartments next fall will be open to the Campus on May Applications can be} obtained from Sparky Mills in Apartment 121. t^

t> There'sta Manpower office almost anywhere you're Sfi spending the summer. Stop in and we'll plan a job B B

to you.-j JS MBfflSM


Anyone interested in tutoring at the Writing Center may con- % tact its staff Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. g & *

schedule for you.



An equal opportunity employer.




Poge 6

the merciod

APRIL 27, 1979

jThe Life and Earth Science Department is looking for students interested in joining the honorary biology society Tri-Beta. Founded to promote scholarship, biological knowledge and research, the society is open to anyone exhibiting a genuine interest in biology. Active members must be in good academic ^standing, have completed three terms of course work in biological sciences and have a QPA of 3.0 for their work in biology. ^Associate membership is open to anyone with an interest in biology. Anyone interested in Tri-Beta should isee Linda Lochner, Sr. M. Eymard or Dr. Raymond Justice, all of the biology department.
DavidKantorowski %

HOUSING tornext year it reminder for those who wish resident housing
Townhouse - The point system will be used * those c having the highest number of points (Sen1ors 4f Juniors*3 and Sophomoresa2) will be given the opportunity to live In a townhouse. - Notification of acceptance - Hay 2. - Deposits ($100) and contracts due - Hay 4 - Failure of any member to have contract and deposit in will result in the loss of the townhouse to the next eligible group. Residence Halls - Room deposits ($100) due on Hay 7th. K g | '*;^ * § ^K*fM -I - Hall and room pick on May 7th by seniority.'s - Seniors - 314 Zurn at 1:00 p.m. - Hay 7th - Juniors S 314 Zurn at 1:30 p.m. - Hay 7th M " Sophomores - 314 Zurn at 2:00 p.m. - Hay 7th

Likes Hurst
A few weeks ago the Merciad reported that according to the SRC survey, students like the 'Hurst. David Kantorowski, the 2year old son of 'Hurst student Lillian Kantorowski, couldn't agree more; And what does he like best about our fair college?. "The hamburgers in the student union." he said. s 1





For information leading to the person or persons who removed supplies jand equipment from the Greenhouse totaling $700. r * Contact Dr. Raymond Justice
££ Ext. 266 or Zurn 112 H B I

Bob Hope says Help Keep Red Cross ready.

Without your help, m we can't afford to win.
Make check payable toj U.S. Olympic Committee, Box 1980-P. Cathedral Sta Boston, MA Q2H8 g f |
Ybu/ contribution js t*x -deduct ible.


Prospects for employment, s ^ ^ ^ S ^ S ^ even with a college degree, 3£^tSfti«iBrj are not good, *£t - I ^ §£ M k w S i Not as long as we give such a large jES| proportion of our federal dollars tofiJS^^ the Pentagon: over $125 billion next year (fiscal year 1980 budget request), j t && Military spending helps cause inflation. J j S Government studies show that it also ifc creates fewer jobs than spending on Wg* housing, schools or medical care. ^ ^ ^ In the past year alone we forfeited ?|*§g| 11,600 potential jobs for every billion |jjj3 dollars spent by the Pentagon, Sptlffi according fo a study released ffS|BP|g§ by Senator Kennedy. W * wlSwilll We can create jobs and stimulate jfeaiMBi the economy by cutting the military S B R budget and transferring the money §SgS to meet human needs. B B f ^ &»&«£ FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION Box 271, Nyack, New York 10960 3




Send me: mm fcs I. I> MBHM
D Wore information on jobs i ^ S f f i 1 and military spending :- jUH H D Petition calling for cuts in ? £• the military budget and conversion of our economy Name Address Zip



APRIL 27,1979

thft merciod

Page 7







^ 9 t t ,

. >







' # * ' & • fe^C«|


" V

Pa«e 8

the merciod


Tomczak Retains Title

'Hurst senior law enforcement May 12 where he will compete in The Laker baseball is on major Mike Tomczak captured the United States National fire. After losing the team three 'Boro to just one run on t w o hits. formance - allowing lust three first But the LakersVcouldn't break hits and two walks, while striking the 30th Annual Great Lakes Handball Tournament. year, they Handball Tournament for the "I'm looking forward to the games of thestraight - nave now through Edinboro's Ron Macer out seven. Offensively, Mills got including until the fifth. second * consecutive ; year last USHA Nationals in Florida," won seven all he needed in the third inning three doubleheader sweeps. | With one out, Rick Shaheen a s Kelly drove in the winning run. Sunday. ? 4 $ f Tomczak said. "1*11 be playing in j The Lakers' latest victims walked and then advanced to White padded the lead with a two & The tourney was held at the the Pro-Am and the Challengers. were the Thiel College squad who Downtown Erie YMCA where I'm playing the best ball so far pushed the home team in game second on Dick White's single. run single in the fifth and later over 120 players r participated I've ever played - I'm moving up one and in the early innings of the After an infield out, Terry Kelly scored the final run on a passed Singled, scoring both runs and ball. from Pittsburgh, i Rochester, on my level, f S H B S * l second game - both played last giving the Lakers their margin of Buffalo, Toronto and Cleveland. Monday. | S *$» a victory. Rickgauer picked up his SS Laker Notes J' «(£ "Defending a title is probably With Russ Wilhelm looking for first win of the year, but had to The pitching staff - along with the toughest thing to do - because his first win in the opener, the leave in the sixth after an injury the fine defense being played by you're expected to do well," Laker offense disappeared on to his pitching arm. Neimic was the Lakers, have given up only 16 Tomczak said. "The competition him as usual. After getting off to credited with his first save. runs in the eight games played so was fairly stiff - I thought I ,r a 1-0 lead in the first inning, their The second game w a s allfar this year played exceptionally well. p Terry fire was put out. Thiel tied the Mercy hurst as Sparky Mills (1-0) leading the Lakers withKelly is In the semi-finals. Tomczak a .520 game in the top of the fifth, but a turned in a fine .pitching per- batting average. Ezsfg 1 defeated Billy Bobo of Buffalo 21clutch?two-out single by Walt 18 and 21-8. In the finals, he Romanoff in the bottom of that battled, Roger Nichols of inning won it for the 'Hurst 2-1. Cleveland to a three game match. Wilhelm's record went to 1-2. * Nichols won the first game 21-17, In game two, Thiel jumped out but" Tomczak dominated the to a quick 3-0 lead, but that was second - winning 21-8. S •< ail they could manages for the It was in an eleven point tiel game. The Lakers did all their **?1 M w breaker 5 that Tomczak scoring in the fourth and fifth devestated Nichols as he innings with Ed Austin delivering registered five aces and won the Ihe key blow in the six run fourth, match by an n-i score. a two run double and Ray Gruss Next for Tomczak on the adding a two run single in-the tourney scene is a trip to Coral, Gables, Florida, May 3 through Mike Tomczak After a shaky start, pitcher Craig Nicholson settled down to pick up his second victory in a s many tries. fijfc * ""^3? • Kobl Morris Romped $*& £3 Just two days after sweeping through third doubles, downing 8 Edinboro, the red-hot Lakers by W.D. "Bud" Prfce£ ^ topped their Pittsburgh counThe 'Hurst tennis team took its Staub and Murphy 6-3, 6-4. terparts 2-1 and 16-1 in a game biggest step toward another «f Gary Dagan, playing number played last Saturday. District 18 title last Monday as seven, destroyed his man 6-1,6-1 George Kosko (1-0), making his they trounced Edinboro State 8-1 min the exhibition match. The Toe match marked the first marathon man continued This™ first start a s a college pitcher, time the rivals have met on the steady: play andfcontinues tojl looked like a seasoned veteran a s 'Hurst vs. 'Boro - In the photo above, Laker Dick White comes home *jSBBBffi''--S&$ he allowed one run on six hits to to score a run in the game against Edinboro. In the photo below, also 'Hurst campus. B jHBffi? improve. f earn his first win. > 1 J From the outset, 'Hurst power 1 W.D.'s Comments _ Kosko was aided by a sacrifice from the Laker - Scots doubleheader, Joe Rocco gets off a clean bunt. 18 dominated play and won five of jL Although 3 fielding a fine,4j six singles and swept all three representative team, Edinboro^ fly off the bat of Walt Romanoff didn't seem to play with •'the 4 in the first inning - and a game doubles matches. | > 4 f Daves LaFuria gotl the ball overall intensity needed to upset - winning single by Terry Kelly in the bottom of the eighth. rolling] at number five by the favored Lakers. Four of the In the ^nightcap, the 'Hurst disposing of Alan Staub 6-2, 6-2. six singles matches were close, .•' Steve Spies made it 2-0 Lakers by the difference being either; started out quick and never stopped, scoring in every inning polishing off Lou Murphy * at conditioning or intensity! down but one. Kelly led the way again number six, 6-1, 6-2.3 j*a&3 the stretch. ? * «i£ In a tense battle, number three j | Laker Coach Dennis Ranalli^ as he went 2-2 with three RBI's. Also aiding in the attack were Phi] Dubsky cashed in a 7-6, 7-6 was visibly relieved after watvictory over Jeff Mulhollem. I <; ching seven months of hard work "-J Jim Radeloff *and Bob Delia Rocca, with two hits and two Ron Ross claimed Edinboro's pay off lince again. "I was very RBI's apiece. only win by clipping J Tom pleased with the way everyone ] G o r d y Karstadt turned in Chybrzynski 6-4, 7-6. played. We looked real sharp out another „ fine pitching ^.perAt number one, Andy Findlay there," he told me. i% formance as he gave up one run beat Dom Masciantonio 6-3, 6-4. Notable faces in the crowd on two nits - winning his first Findlay put on a fine display of included many local tennis game of the year without a loss. control tennis in handling last aficianado's - and former Laker Lakers Sweep Scots year's District champion. netter Richard Birmingham £ The Lakers, playing up to their Ravinder Sabherwal outlasted came up from Pittsburgh to see a junior rival, Jim Abraham 6-2, his old mates do it again. jv.-V- potential, took both ends of a doubleheader over Edinboro on After Behrend on Thursday, 4-6, 6-2 at fourth singles. J Number one doubles was the April 26, the Lakers hit the roadfi April 19. fy Game one was a pitcher's duel most entertaining match of all. to a Bowling Green Quad thisB throughout with Rick Rickgauer Dubsky and Findlay defeated weekend. Wayne State and Ohio lilli and Steve Neimic^ holding th e Masciantonio and Mulhollem 6-7, University are also participating. 6-4. 6-4. The 'Hurst pair was On a sour note, the Laker * behind 4-1 in the second set; but greeting sign has been stolen >• pulled it out and held on in a from the fence at the entrance to hectic third set for the win. ^ the courts. It represents the team's pride and > is very Chybrzynski and LaFuria had valuable. The team,would apIn one of the finest run regattas This weekend, the crews travel Besides* Marietta, eight 'other little trouble with Ross and preciate it very much if someone in Mercyhurst's rowing history, to Morgantown where they will crews will participate: Morris Abraham, pounding them 6-2,6-1. would simply return it to the the Lakers took a heavy beating tangle with the Mountaineers of Harvey, Grand Valley, Michigan Paul and Steve Spies cruised courts, ff >9B 4' 1* >.' -^tL&i- from powerhouses Marietta and West Virginia University. 5 The State, Wayne State, Ohio State, Ithaca Colleges. *T"v. * weekend of May 5 will see the Lakers round out their season by University of Tennessee, Notre V Marietta, one of the best small heading down to Marietta, Ohio Dame and West Virginia % college teams in the nation, lived for the Mid-American Regatta. University, wf "SSfKS After an opening day victory, the first game 13-6 and then won up t o : their reputation by the Lady Laker softball team the second half of the twin bill 8-4. sweeping all but two of the eight H S* BASKETBALL CLASSIC | H • registered three consecutive In the opening game, 13 errors events. 3$j3&L - £•?•*£* 1 jftThe I Mercyhurst *Black '• Involvement a l losses. Edinboro whitewashed haunted the Laker team. The Association (BIA) will sponsor their first basket- B | the Lakers 27-2 I- jthen St Bonnies got off to an early seven ^Ithaca's novice and j varsity ball classic beginning Friday, May 4 for the men K Z Bona vent ure swept a run lead the first two innings, but women's teams captured their and women of the student body and faculty. ± j*. doubleheader j from the host the 'Hurst battled back to make a events, and had to settle for ; E A limit of eight women's and eight men'sSy team. t ?. 3 game ofit. s'.r; ?. I J3 second place in all others. teams • with eight members per team • is the •J The Boro picked up 17 hits and In game two, the New Yorkers The Lakers' lack of water time were aided by 12 Laker errors. scored four runs in the top of the heavily affected the outcome rule. 2 8 B * isS ili The 'Hurst collected only three seventh to earn the win. Catcher being on the water for only three B An entry fee of $1.00 per team members will hits. The Lady Scots scored nine Kathy Chudzicki picked up a two weeks, as opposed to two months be required. T-Shirts will be awarded to the winruns in the first inning and run. RBI single in the second for the other crews. Laker Coach ning team. Team member trophies will be awarrecorded a nine run third for the game for the Lakers. * 5 ded to the first and second place winners. Softball action continued all Clarke* Wray cited bother win. • 4 ^IgKiS * t •$ The money will help benefit the BIA's upthis week with Saturday roblems as well - noting that St. Bonaventure came to town coming annual fashion show and picnic. For oth men and women took the last Saturday and enjoyed not marking the first Conference more details and information, contact Bruce only the beautiful Erie day but game - against Geneva at the 11th stroke up too Ugh and lacked Herminds or Greg Powell. V?jfci? M»- V$f -'^»V ' punch on the pull-through, f^*'' also a trouncing - they captured and Hess field. • "
f i f t h . 8 1 • I

Laker Winning Streak Hits Seven

Netters Trounce! 'Boro


Crew Dunked At





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