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OCTOBER 12, 1979

Pope John Paul II Addresses lowans
Pope John Paul II spoke on the virtues of rural living to a throng of over 500,000 last Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa. £§j ft Pilgrims from at least seven statesl assembled at Living History! Farms to hear this message. John Paul directed his homily to the,agricultural community saying, "The land is God's gift entrusted to his people Sj. £from the beginning it has been a means of sustaining life .¥; it*#s not only a gift but a responsibility as well." * ?3J The Holy Father went on to say that the church highly values the agricultural peoples of the world since they are entrusted with the duty I to support the lives |of millions. S KJS 3 He reminded the farming community that they must never forget their indebtedness to God, and that they should live by the virtue of humility. . |& Secondly, he said that those who live in the heartland of America must remember "while farming provides money M. it is 1 more than profit making, ; it. is sustenance. The Pope finally reminded his listeners that generosity is as important to the ideals of farming as it is in all things. ;^ He called to the attention of those present the fact that rural America has the potential of ridding the world of famine and the wealth of our fields should be shared by all mankind. J John Paul concluded his homily with a reference to Christ as the provider of spiritual sustenance saying, "All creation is restored through Christ Come to Christ He is the bread of life.Come to Christ and iyou will never be hungry again." % V -eSS '

The crowds gathered to wait for Pope John Paul II at Living History Farms in Des Moines, Iowa. Among the masses were four Merciad staff members.

Teaching Award Announced
In an attempt to single out tenured faculty members for their superior 'teaching effectiveness, Mercyhurst has established a Distinguished acuity Teaching Award. | jW *'Mercyhurst College always has emphasized the perspective that it is an institution which stresses the importance of good teaching." commented Edward Gallagher, chairperson of the Award Committee.'^SBaS -/..When the new tenure policy was adopted by the late Dean Trimble and the tenure committee, consisting of'faculty members andfmembers*of*the board of trustees, a decision was made to recognize the? outstanding faculty. As a result of the new policy, any tenured faculty member who recieves two consecutive positive evaluations becomes eligible for the'Award which includes a stipend of $1,000.00. Only three awards will be granted in any one
Tim Seltzer. President of the M e r c y h u r s t S t u d e n t Government, appointed Alda Walker And

Pope John Paul II

Freshman Reps Advanced At MSG Meeting
An amendment to the MSG constitution on freshman representation passed unanimously at'the October 8 meeting of Mercyhurst Student Government in the Faculty Lounge. * f Previously stated that freshrnaji- r**preggntgi fives would be elected "3h tfie tHfrcTOVednesday in January'f&ie amendment now reads: "Three Txeshman representatives to the Student Government will be elected at a special election held on the eighth week of the fall term." | Also, it is required that "candidates shall submit a letter of intent, signed and dated, to the Secretary of the Student Government no later than one week prior to the date of election." Action stemmed from freshmen expressing a desire to become more active and welcome at MSG meetings at an earlier date. Following on the agenda, the official decision to deny use of the northeast! slope of Mercyhurst grounds to the J Intramural Football League was announced. The floor was then open to discussion and discenting views were adamantly expressed. S $& Question was raised as to why student government had the right to intervene in matters which its members did not directly participatedJ an. GattL Director of the Student Union, clarified Chat student •government *is an elected, representative body of the students, and has "every right and responsibility" to be concerned with* all student affairs, j W Sj» Thirdly, nominations were accepted for students to serve on the Liberal Arts Committee. This committee fwill serve* as the reconstructive body for the 1new liberal i a r t s curriculum at Mercyhurst. Two students, preferably who are on the Senate, will hold seats on the committee. TheySwill have voice, but no voting power. The meeting |concluded with Jim Bplger reinstating the process o* action toward Dr. fJoseph Pizzat's proposal of Arts Event Funding. Each individual event should be proposed to the government separately, and it would be decided upon, thereof.





the Faculty Handbook as criteria for nominating?, the tenured faculty. % ''Qualities t a ken i under consideration for the nominations include thorough I class preparations; creative, dynamic and energetic classroom presentations; t the encouragement of intelligent and independent thought from students, an extensive knowledge of the subject matter in higher field; and providing ?-helpful feedback to the students about their* work, j a long with other criteria listed in the 1979-80 Faculty Handbook. Nominations will be accepted j?


Dr. Edward Gallagher

Financial Aid Experiences Cutback
by Bonnie James Due to a cutback in governmental monetary assistance, the Financial Aid Office has received a 20-25 per cent decrease in its funding for the current year. However, disregarding the cutback in funding, the college has committed no less money to its students. w F$ Approximately 85-90 per cent of the entire school enrollment who applied for financial aid for the 1979-80 academic $ year did receive it through institutional, state, or national sources. Virtually no J student received I the total financial need expressed other thanjby outside ^scholarships, v • • As compared to previous years, upperclassmen witnessed a decrease in money awarded to them. Much of this was due to the fact that j»more money was awarded to students glast year than was actually in existence. Although the difference was absorbed by the adjusted eligibility for state and national

Dr. Raymond Justice has been appointed Director of Operations for the 1979-80 school year. Dr. Justice, a faculty member of the Biology department for the past year, was approached by Mr. Kidd for the non-budget position at the beginning of the fall term. $ k $ tl Justice had been involved with campus maintenance since early this summer. He and seven students volunteered to assist the department in areas ranging from landscaping to ground maintenance. J "I've;done thistsort of thing before in other* places," *said Justice. "The people here this summer recognized what I could

Operations | Director Bond Speaks) On Named a Civil Rights

Mike^Philnps*%6 represent the student body on the committee. Sr. Carolyn Herrmann, Director of Alumni Relations, appointed Jo Ann DeSantis and Patrick Short to serve on the committee as alumni members. The Committee decided to utilize the material outlined in

sophomoie. junior or sewior. Guiy those persons already* tenured during the 1978-79 school year are eligible for the award. 7 , Nominations should be submitted to the Dean's5Office no iater than October 23| 1979. The Committee hopes to announce the award recipients by the end of Fall Term 1979,




member, j

Barry Zembower"
grants, all awards were relative to individual financial situations. Last year's financial deficit has be6ic redeemed; therefore, students presently receiving aid can be sure of*, stable help according to their relative financial state of affairs.*^.' ^ Barry Zembower, Director of Financials Aid j pointed out that > not all,/ students who attend Mercyhurst applied for aid. He stated, a I would encourage the remaining 20 per cent of those students that did not apply to do so." 'm

By Walt Green Expressing anger over the 13 and its offspring. Citing the Allan Bakke decision and the Bakke decision as a return to the increasing popularity of a white male's monopoly on "Proposition113" mentality, qualtity education. Bond exGeorgia .:State Governor £ Julian pressed displeasure at President Bond i addressed a crowd Nixon's staffing of the Supreme gathered at Strong Vincent High Court responsible for £the School Saturday night in a fund decision, noting that Nixon's raiser for members of Erie's court marked an end to liberation fo Opportunities Industrialization and progress. Bond described Howard Jarvis' Center. *Js i * In urging blacks to continue Proposition 13 as "social arson at the grassroots" inspired and made possible by a Tyranny of the selfish. Describing President Carter's handling of domestic economic issues as " clumsy", do." | i* | the Georgian Senator felt that Justice's main goal is to put this was a major*factor in the direction into the department emergence in the .radical tax through efficient Imanagement^ reform movement. £ "There hasn't been any Such movements, he noted, management in this department may be the first step towards a for a number of years," exbattle between the "haves" and plained Justice. "A facility of this "have-nots". | size warrants management of the Pi Bond, a signicant figure in the maintenance department." "New Politics" which emerged xTne j new director has from the civil rights movements established % a number^ of obof the^60's. was |offered the jectives for the department. jlyice presidency during the 1968 "There's going to be changes, Sen. Julian Bond * Humphrey-for-President camthere's no doubt," stated Justice. However, because of However, he explained that the their struggle for civil rights, paign.he was 28 at the time), his he changes would not concern the Bonds stated that the progress age (ineligible. | personnel. Justice is aiming for achieved by the civil rights was Bond concluded by urging an increased morale among the movement of the 60's has created people involved in the depart- a " false illusion of success" and black involvement in the political ment. He would like to see people that consequently it has become process, but conceded that at best held accountable for their work too easy for blacks and other the future is uncertain, and that it as well as perpetual maintenance minority groups to believe that is a matter of centuries, not of the major battles have already years" before major goals are on campus. *g attained. But. he reminded the been fought and won. * Justice foresees no time conThe fact that major battles still audience," The cost of achieving flict between his position as remain, he said, is evidenced by justice| is never so high as faculty and Director of the Bakke decision,,Proposition denying it." Operations.* <•" # *$?&

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OCTOBER 12, 1979


past, no one, including the past In Pursuit of the Pope Approximately nine Mer- two years' student governments, cyhurst students "seized an have been able to make any opportunity" that the rest of the headway in this direction. And student body might never have a it's not because they didn't try. chance to. They saw the Pope. With sufficient funding and Four of those students were sent constant student demand for such under the auspices of The Mer- an event, the students have,; not been able to budge the Campus ciad. 3^ H As the front page indicates, Center doors open for the these pilgrims took a somewhat smallest of concerts. The major unusual route by going to Des reason for the student failings Moines, Iowa. Question of the has been a lackjof one major week had to be: " Why didn't they element, a tarp which vould %, go to Philadelphia?'. The City of cover the floor. Where did Mr. Thompson get Brotherly I Love was the tarp? Because of an inability' geographically closer, right? Distance did not have any to procure* one, the MSG has bearing on the newspaper's final pondered over the idea of buying decision. If convenience would one financed by students' activity have been a major criteria, fees. Searching high and low for a everyone could have viewed the tarp. Student Union Director Jan Holy Father n the evening news, Gatti has never been able to find or they could have read about it one to rent. And yet one has: suddenly appeared. sj in a newspaper. Of course, no one has seen it •J However, the group decided to jump in a car and drive to the yet However, The Merciad trusts sleepy little mid western state. In that there will be one. There is> doing this they sacrificed three also hope that the SAC will days of class and whatever other receive some assistance in responsibilities awaiting their bringing both a tarp and a concert to the college in the near attention at the college. Without any guarantee of future. p «* SSS^^Sfi! An apology j 3 * § q£ seeing the Pope, this foursome The Merciad apologizes for not took a chance. Because they did, they gained an experience that printing one letter which was sent will mean more and more to them to the office during the weekend. as the years go by. They made Although the letter did deal with the school motto, Carpe Diem, a pertinent issue, its author(s) come to life. Hie Merciad ap- did not sign their name to it. j j It should be reiterated that the plauds all nine "pilgrims". A Concert? jjf| policy of The Merciad is to not print letters in the In what may be termed as a name thosethe author which been of has first, the powers, that reign have granted permission for the first- withheld. This also applies to ever concert in the Campus those letters submitted under a Center featuring-TheJIVatchmen, false name. ^ i ^ ^^ a nationally-known gospel group. The Merciad idoes^hQwever, order to Tom Thompson, whoijdence from thisiunidentified convinced the administration to source with the hope of possibly okay such an event. In the recent bringing this issue to light



1KB. w aatCflMewte^ &&***
A Letter To I i The Editor {
So far this year there have been four printings of the The Merciad. They haven't been bad editions except for one thing, the columns by Mike Philips. \ J In your last printing (he attacked the intramural program, sports £ program, and administration without many facts. Sure - a kid had knee surgery, but I didn't hear him complain about violence when a participant of the Mercyhurst Football League had three teeth knocked out last year.
I h a v e been on the intramural

Letter To Mike Philips
Dear Mr. Philips, * £ l am * writing this letter in response to your article on the M.F.L. and the resulting injury that took place. I strongly feel that something should be said about the overall condition of the Mercyhurst Campus, especially during the winter months. The reason you article "hit home" is because as a direct result of the awful upkeep on the campus, I had to under go two separate knee operations and well over a year of physical therapy. One of m y d r e a m s w h e n
entering college wag to playxjj

lntramurals are coordinated for the enjoyment of the students. We do our best in obtaining field privileges and good equipment Society is a mule, not o cor. • M ^ . for use. Admittedly, sometimes it's not up to par, but what do you pressed too hard it will kick and want - Three Rivers Stadium? Or throw off its rider - issawi perhaps a Superdome? I hope now Mr. Philips and the Letter MSG are satisfied that the MFL has been cancelled! Maybe you would like us to cancel volleyball, perception of Mercyhurst, I found basketball and ISoftball as well as Open letter to the 'Hurst com'kSj s it to be outstanding in a number well." /^g munity; As for where your tuition ftjfYou know, it has been said that of ways. you you never appreciate what you First, there is the faculty and money goes, bats. don't buy any have until it is gone, i Now that administration 0vera 11, the baseballs or moneyBaseballs are bought with Mercyhurst is gone for meijl am teachers here are more con- right, earned - by earned'that's the baseball very happy that this statement cerned about how much is being team. • c \ does not apply to me.> £j learned than anyplace I've ever $ 1 also feel that MSG £and adS£ $ ministration should not have any During my association with seen. Mercyhurst. I found it to be one of Secondly, the atmosphere is so say in intramurals. I don't, see the best experiences of my life. friendly. People are helpful, easy them helping make schedules, Above the din of complaints, the to befriend, and they are always find referees, or putting up with criticisms^ of anything and "around". You might not know everything, and the generally low (continued on page 8) (continued on page 8)

he DasKetbai team and that

dream was quickly shattered the very first term I was here. A My knee has never been the same and the constant pain and swelling is something I will have to live with. This injury has caused stress within m y family o v e r ' t h e years and constant worry among family members whenever JI participate in any kind of sports activities. I firmly believe that the whole campus situation should be reviewed along with the procedures used during the \\ inter by an unbiased party with, the resulting conJUSIOHJ- b e i n g •published..^ Dai lene Kosthauser

Reverberations - By Philips
the only administrator who has held office since the school went co-ed(1970) that really cared for the welfare of assorted knees and ankles .was Dr. Garvey, But that is irrelevant to the issue involved here. \ On Monday, October 1, the .MercyhurstStudent Government recognized the problem and requested that the games be rescheduled to where they had been played prior to the 78-79 school year (Tullio Field)... A copy was sept to Dean Millar's office and the Athletic Department. On Tuesday, Wednesday, . and Thursday of A last week, intramural games were played on the unsafe field in direct contradiction to the M.S.G. proposal. Finally, a copy was sent to the president's office in hope of some action;. Action was taken, the games were suspended, J.not moved to Tullio Field.. ,i-. The games could have been moved to Tullio. The soccer team was off the field by 3:00 Saturday afternoon| Four games could have been played before the sun set. All day Sunday there was no one; on the * field. How many games could have been played then? Z * The way things look now, play will be resumed this week. Back on the N.E. slope of Mercyhurst grounds," * ^ £ I suppose it was silly to think that a unanimous proposal passed by the Student Government would be taken seriously by the Athletic Department. Silly to think that the wishes of the student representation of every department at the 'Hurst would be respected. ? Silly to hope that an intramural sport would be allowed to play on the only field at the college that can be legitimately called an athletic field. • Silly to think that an expression of concern and'a use of the .. proper channels could right an obvious wrong. S^ Nice lesson in life for undergrads,' isn't it? «^r f ' K *

Ex-Student Praises 'Hurst

* • »


Simple solutions to simple problems. Sounds nice doesn't it? But unfortunately, here at the •'Hurst things don't always work that way. Problem; Mercy hurst's f Intra mural Football players are playing on an area that is a natural drainage surface and somewhat resembles the profile of the Loch-ness Monster. Even the people who play on the field will not deny that it is by no means a field meant for athletic competition and it is unsafe. But, Intramural Football players, especially Mercyhurst Intramural football players, are never the most rational of people. Having played with the "Stoned Rangers (Freshman year), the "Rolling Thunder Revue" (Sophomore year), and "Joint Effort" for the past two years, I can attest to that fact without too much hesitation. The game provides a competitive outlet for who find ihtngQog<yt<Jpcmifetnblza'vJ the young men hell of compete (besides being a a lot of fun) and they would just as soon play on the dark side of the moon ,T/n3 i J i f ^ Q f l f c fleams for / t t f / c y i " as Tullio Field. 4 g | d c 1 P* But there comes a time when something has to be done for the safety of those competing with or without their consent. The situation is all so simple and* will now be explained in terms that ; the average eightyear old will understand. One field: is a bad field. Another field is a good field. Good fields a r e meant to be played on. Bad fields are not meant to be played on. When the good field was made, it was made so everybody could use if. Mommies and Daddies and little soccer players and little baseball players and even little intramural football players could use it. Isn't that nice? End of fairy tale. i- f ^Nobody, not even the M.S.G. executive officer seems to understand this concept. When Tullio Field was built (during the term of Dr. W. P. Garvey as Dean) it was designated an All Sports Field and everybody got to , use it. Since actions speak louder 1 v.1nan worcfe, this could'mean that

OCTOBER 12, 1979


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Traveling Through Mid-America
by Mary Beth Barrett Rarely do I act on an impulse, but when Steve Frisina visited my Advertising class and offered any interested female an allexpense paid trip to Des Moines, Iowa to see the Pope, I couldn't resist. * & £ ; It was Tuesday at 5:00 when I was confronted with this once in a lifetime opportunity; Steve wanted my decision by 5:30. I ossed the whole idea back and forth in my head until finally I concluded that seeing not only the Pope but also parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa was a chance not to be overlooked. Me —a big city girl who is bored with Erie more often than not was ready to {venture westward through the flat lands of midAmerica, i *JP^ I ran back to the dorm, let my roommate know where I'd be for the next four days, packed my bags and headed over to the Merciad office. The official farewell committee consisting of Steve and a few of the staff members met with me and the other adventure-seeking individuals to provide us with road maps, cameras, film, a tape recorder, and inspiring words. Waiting outside the office was the red two-door Dodge Swinger which was to eventually get us to our Des Moines destinations The four of us hopped in the Swinger and were soon on the road feeling excited yet a little apprehensive at the same time. We had a long 14 hour road trip lying ahead of us and no real idea of why we were doing what we 'were doing. Impulse. . \ We traveled along Interstate 80 for hours upon hours • stopping $ occasionally to splurge on a cup of caffeine - our main means of staying alert. 1-80, a joyride in itself, was comparable to an amusement park ride; we picked up the ticket and trekked down the road, lured to stop at service areas to refuel our Swinger and


Commercialism is the holy word of America's free enterprise system. Anybody can attempt to sell anything to anybody, and many of the any do. A striking example of this is seen in the Pope's U.S. visit In every city he toured, the merchandise mongers followed him faithfully. J" In Philadelphia they featured T-shirts emblazoned with, "I peeped at the Pope in Philly." Claiming to have "peeped" (peeped?! Hi. I'm Tom. I peep.) at so astute a personage as the Pope seems a tad sacrilegious. In Des Moines, the papal peddlers mixed among the pious pilgrims (oh I do love alliteration) making tremendous capital gains. A man I purchased a T-shirt from wailed miserably, "I have to sell these. I'm not making any money." T-shirts, buttons and banners abounded. Everything for everyone interested in a possible second generation relic, f I am not passing judgement on this popish commercialism. I could not, since I posess no personal protection from the papal propaganda. I must confess, I sat on a cornfield in Iowa stuffing handfuls of silly souveniers such as pope dirt, pope grass (wow man), pope pebbles, and pope corn (yes, I kept kernels of corn, in a brown paper bag. ft | Think of it. Commonplace things from nature, blessed by a man representing the greatest unknown mystery of humankind. Now, I am not insensible to glory. Even if I'd wanted to resist those abominable advertisers, I couldn't have, j However, that I fell prey does not make me unnecessarily uneasy, after all, I live in a decadent era of t good old American ingenuity. s

Marybeth Barrett, Carol Lukawski, Rebecca L. Martin and Flo Scutella are pictured here in the Merciad office before beginning their journey to Des Moines, Iowa.
marched to this hillside. The bitter cold and the smell of fresh coffee enveloped the crowd. Those who came well-prepared willingly shared blankets, sleeping bags, coffee and food for thought. We were strangers from many faraway places joined by the deep-rooted desire to see and hear the Pope. \ §* S I H This visit by John Paul was to be the only one of its kind. There would be no motorcade, no visit to,any cathedral and no VIP section for the Pope\ in Iowa. Instead. John Paul was met by 150 elderly and handicapped people at the airport, visited a small-town church and said Mass to a crowd of 504,000 gathered in a pasture. This small Iowa town offere the gift of simplicity to the Pope and his followers. *, j The ugly, cold morning grew to be a beautiful, warm afternoon. Ther was still a chill in the air, but it was soothed by the thought that the Pope would soon be there. ;jj*:&g»»j*_ It was 3:00 when we*learned that he had landed in Des Moines and was on his way to the farm. Soon after, the Pope's helicopter was sighted which brought I the crowd to its feet and arms waved wildly. Binoculars were passed from one hand to "another; everyone 'wanted tot catch a glimpse of this long-awaited man. jUii The helicopter stirred the air and created a wild rush of wind around the altar. It slowly descended, its door opened and minutes later the Pope stepped out and onto the grassy land. Mass began promptly and a hush fell upon the people which was not to be broken until after the address to rural America. Heads bowed, the crowd listened intently to the Pope's words of wisdom. Mass ended as suddenly as it had begun. The nine hour wait on the grassy knoll and the two day journey to Iowa was over. £ I The only thing awaiting us now was the long ride back to the 'Hurst{-The Pope had come and gone and thousands had done the same. It will most likely be a very long time before that same opportunity to see and hear the moral leader of the work&will present itself. But if and when it does,-1 will do it all over again.


ever be the same after sleeping during the days and driving through the nights. Before long it was time for our last supper. Again we treated ourselves to a gourmet meal; little did we know that our next meal would be 24 hours away and a sack lunch selling for $1.50. Feeling rather stuffed and quite exhausted, we unanimously concluded that it was time to catch some more shut-eye. | r Awakened by the hotel desk worker at 1:00 a.m., we slowly dragged ourselves out of bed and into our home away from home the now infamous Swinger. At l in the; morning, however, it appeared more demonic than homelike. |£J The excitement among the four of us mounted for it became obvious that we were really going to see the Pope. Our mission now was to get to a shuttle bus which waited on the outskirts of Des Moines. This was to carry us to £r our own depleted fuel s y s t e m s . U r b a n d a l e ' s Living | History nwAfter sattefyingtawmeeds, we* Farm. Arriving at the pick-up were back for more fun on 80. The point of Adventureland, an ironic long dark hours of the night meeting place for those who had stretched into the break of day. It hopes of seeing the Pope, we were was at dawn that I awoke to find forced to recognize the apparent two of my cohorts standing on the commercial aspect of our hood of the car, capturing what pilgrimage. However, this was they considered the classic farm not to destroy our feelings of * on the hillside scene with their anticipation.;.. It was now five a.m. and Minoltas. I immediately came to the realization that these girls throngs of people were pouring into the shuttle bus area. We were were crazier than I. : » I suppose it was lack of sleep not to worry, however, because that was propelling them to act in we were number two in line. The such a - bizaare manner. gates opened: and the mass of However, we were managing to blanket-donning people surged get closer to our ultimate goal - through the fence, seeking shelter and warmth. It was a Des Moines, Iowa. '*~x. Radio provided us with the frigid 35 degrees. The buses Pope's visit updates and needed departed on schedule every 15 information, we arrived in Iowa minutes. Bus Number One pulled 10:00 Wednesday morning only to out at 5:30 and we were aboard. learn that all roads into the city of We arrived at the Living Des Moines were closed and that History Farm at 6:00: the Pope other means : would manifest would not arrive until 3:00 that themselves I to the 500,000 ex- afternoon. Before getting pected visitors. With this in mind, situated, we had a half-mile walk we decided the best thing to do ahead of us. Thousands walked was rent a room and sleep away down the dirt road. This proved to the day, for we would be up again be an experience in itself. I felt as at an ungodly hour to complete though I was journeying through the last leg of our race to see the Holy Land in search of a Christ who -would fill me with Pope John Paul! Before- we settled into our words of- encouragement and | roomVwe feasted on a steak and inspiration. The wait seemed unending; it \ egg breakfast in the hotel's ^ restaurant. We slept until late was a very long nine hours. But a genuine closeness developed afternoon; this truck driver life among the thousands who was not for me. I wondered if I'd

DISTINGUISHED FACULTY AWARD The following tenured faculty may be nominated for the award: Daniel Burke William Garvey Frank Hagan Edward Higgins
Robert Hoff «£ Marily nn Jewell

Louis Mennini David Palmer Vivetta Petronio Joseph Pizzat

Richard Kubiak Peter Libra Sr. Mary Matthew Ernest Mauthe P. Barry McAndrew Brian McHugh Michael McQuillen

Detrhar StraW* *^ Robert Sturm David Thomas Barbara Weigert Sr. Patricia Whalen Judith Wieczorek Jamie Yule

Oonald Platte IgorStalsky tt£ra*^ -

All nominations should be submitted in writing to the Dean's Office no later than October 23,1979. Your letters of nomination should clearly indicate the reasons why > our Candida te should be recognized as a superior teacher, using the criteria listed in the 1979-80 Faculty Handbook. . If there are any J further questions, contact Edward Gallagher in Old Main. " i

Female Help Wonted at

jjjj Millcreek Malt
Mon.-Fri. 12-3 and Sat, ^ $2.90 hr. plus J weekly bonus for appointment Call Gita before 6:00 at 866-6106

Carol Lukawski,Rebecca L. Martin, and Marybeth Barrett amidst the crowd Fl0 awaiting the pops in Pes ;Motoes,][oyya.1Pi0?ir^^ Scutella. | f c j>-ftf^i|ll*Htf

420 W. 8th St 455-0511







T * %




OCTOBER 12, 1979.

'Why did you let my little girl want to do it. I've dreamed of The Dawning S3 1 The | rosy scent filled her anyone about it. J There were leave me?' She said the same going down that able in church She awoke with a start from nostrils and the rushing water times when she wanted to talk to thing when Julie got married. and having all the people there her dream and rolled over ? to felt so good on her back that she someone so badly she could Mother never was terribly and the flowers on the altar. And check the time. It would be hours soon forgot about her mother and hardly stand it. But she knew I've dreamed of having the priest original." $ v |sf before her alarm went off but it revelled in her solitude. Some they would never understand. No words of the ceremony Thinking about her mother and saying thecrying because she lost Was impossible „ to fight the soap suds trickled down the back one ever understood her tiresome meddling somehow and Julie sister. And the people growing fear and excitement and of her neck and tickled her into 3 She was' a mystery to'most her little made her feel better. It helped afterwards saying how lovely it go back to sleep. Sitting on the reality. She^plunged her head people because they - never edge of the bed, she recalled bits under Che racing shower to rinse Bothered to listen to her. Or at erase any doubts and it gave her all was and how beautiful I of her dream; the golden halos of her hair and emerged all squeaky least that's the way she felt, courage. She snuggled up in her looked. I want to do it. I have to the candles' flames, the bouquet clean and sopping wet. "Just like which made it as true as fact to fleecy robe and thoughts Her In of tiny blue forget-me-nots, and a little kid." she thought. "I feel her. No one knew the pain she had mother wasn't the only reason do it!" the satiny whiteness that seemed like a five year-old embarking on experienced, the anguish when she was doing it, of course. She She quit rocking and went to to surround her. "Ah well, there's a new adventure." » W her father had died. And then her needed to feel warm and her dressing table. Slowly"4 she no use wasting time^dreaming Feeling content and relieved mother had taken sick shortly protected land loved, like her opened the lid of her jewelry box about my big day. I may as well that she had finally reached a after her sister had \been father always made her feel. She and took out a bottle of pills her get ready for it!" Brushing the decision after so many months of married. The responsibility of the needed someonetothink of her as mother had gotten for her to help veil of hair from her face, she pondering, she mused, "I feel so household had fallen unfairly on an individual and yet to feel she her nerves. "Mother has come in pressed the alarm button on her happy. I haven't felt this kind of her shoulders. No one knew she was a part of a whole, like a handy for something,:-anyway." clock and stood up. "Wher! I feel relief in a long, long time." As had felt trapped into an existence fragile flower petal Each a little If ever she needed some nerve, it a little groggy. Probably from she reached to turn the water off,, of housework and bickering with different from the rest and yet all was now. She took the bottle and my* celebration last night. My she noticed a tiny speck of red on her mother. She could never keep together they formed something sat back in her rocker. The sky ftin ^"^ private g fl »*"«y party. her wrist. The scab had been the house clean enough, nor cook beautiful. "How heavenly to was beginning to turn the pale .well enough,". nor- answer the belong at last. But enough of this, lavender of early spring lilacs as Mother always told me to sack to washed away and* the blood warm milk. But'I just had to trickled ever so slowly down her telephone fast enough to please I'm wasting time. Mother is she smoothed her dress on her lap so it would not wrinkle. It was rejoice on the eve of my big day, arm. She stared at it fascinatedly her mother.gJMy dear, sweet, bound to wake up soon." fc demanding, pushy, complaining jg She went to her closet and going to be a lovely day. "A my new beginning." for a moment, then shook herself She padded down the hall to the and reached for her.towel "I mother!" Tnat was2 a major carefully removed the white beautiful day for a wedding." She bathroom, as jittery as a hid on suppose I should have put a portion of her previous unhap- garment she had gotten just for sat back and rocked, to calm her the first day of school Climbing bandage on it, but Mother would piness.' Her mother had lost too this very special occasion. She nerves and to wait until it was J* into the shower, her knees shook have noticed for sure and she many people too .soon and now slipped it over her head and time^jjyL a bit and her hand trembled as probably would have thought I she just couldn't let go of another. checked the mirror to see how it 3 Her mother found her later that she reached for the faucet. "Now was trying to slit my wrists or But she was determined to break looked.. "Not bad." she thought. morning when she went in to get calm yourself down, young lady. something grotesque like that." her mother's hold on her. She was "I look just like a bride. I'm glad. her up for work, There she sat in I want to look beautiful and pure her Crocking chair, prettier than It's going to be all right," she said Actually she had nicked herself going to be free at last. she had ever been. She looked to herself. "God, I'm beginning to on the edge of one of the glass "Mother will be so upset when and .S3 and great!" sound just like Mother. Please, cases at work. * | she finds out what I've done. nShe sighed and sat in * her more calm than she had ever don't let that happen. I don't want She worked at Bermann's She'll probably cry. But Fm so rocking chair. She rocked slowly, been. She looked so calm for to ever be that noisy and Jewelers. It was an adequate job. tired of her running and ruining lost in the gray predawn mist once, so serene and content, with possessive. That's one reason I'm Anything was better man staying my life. She has destroyed any and in her thoughts. She was the early morning sunlight going to go through * with this at home. The hours were all right relationship 1 ever had with beginning to fee) nervous again. playing on her closed eyes. There whole thing. To get away from and her boss didn't bother much. anyone besides*herself. She The anger of a few minutes ago she sat in her rocking chair, Mother and ^her eternal com- (Except when he would introduce belittledg my friends. She got had subsided and a creeping fear hands folded neatly on her lap. as plaints about me." herfto his cronies as his only upset when I went out with them of leaving behind everything she if in prayer. There she sat in her Quickly lathering herself with "available" employee.) But that or even talked about them. I can't had known began to set in. "No, rocking chair, quite lifeless, the hen, rose-scented soap, she was going to change after today. believe I'm finally going to be out I've got to be strong." she told bottle that contained her nerve, worried that the running water She giggled. Everyone at work of her reach." She smiled, "She'll herself. "If I don't go through empty, by her side. Her big day i might wake her mother. would be surprised when she hate me for doing this \horrible with it today, now, I may never had arrived at last.??. Finis 'r, * Hopefully she had taken . her didn't show up. And they would thing' to l her. 'What will the have another chance. I'll just end usual number of sleeping pills the really be shocked when they neighbors say?' I can hear her up wallowing in this swamp of '•&£. £M.M. Krasowski despair and loneliness, Besides I night before.Jdg>u ^.^^a^k lound out,why. She hadn't told cursing God for letting it happen.



» * * •

H I Senior Yearbook! Portraits
Oct. 22 (Monday) 9-12 and 1-4 Oct. 23 (Tuesday) 10-12, 2-4 and 5-9
*Sign up in the student union office.


.g& I


* Student Teachers and co-op people have preference for evening hours. *any questions, call student union office


(ext. 281)




"Carpe Diem"
S Seniors Sieze the Opportun i ty l Deadline October 19, 1979 Stop in the Career Services Office, 204 Main to pick up the forms TODAY'

* P.O. BOX 24873 | * LOS ANGELES. CA 90024

10,250 on File — All Academic Subjects

a cross country demolition derby

>end $1.00 for your up-to-date, 306-page mall order catali

Times: 7:30 - 9:30 Admission

25 Advance


50 at door


I f OCTOBER 12. 1*79




EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ^ 5 Prince William County Public Schools, MOO Tudor Lane. Manassas, VA, la seeking applicants for immediate and-or future openings in classroom positions for teachers of Learning Disabled or Emotionally disturbed students. Salary is competitive and you should be eligible for VA. Certification. For further information contact Mr. Allan B. Nixon Supervisor of Elementary Personnel-Special Education Personnel. £ € £ ~ ««w«w Mentor Public Schools, 6ttl Center S t , Mentor, Ohio, 44060, is presently looking to fill four (4) positions They are in need of two (2) Guidance Counselors <Hlgh School), one Remedial Reading Teacher (High School), one (I) English Teacher (High School), and one (I) Librarian-Media (Elementary). A written request for consideration has to be sent to Mr. Capium. Personnel Director. For further information call (216) 255-4444. J ? £ t t L U T h f S ,S v ' °t?COnM'gN ' Y J iS i n ' e r e s t e d J» «'"ng « Position opening in the area of Food. Nutrition, and S I n h i* ? iSS^il,W A °? 5 ! 5 e a IfS l ne c undergraduate resume a n d levels, for ten«101 months. The position is effective Sep^ and graduate D im S 2 . w ??; f f ! ! £ £ « , I S ? " * - ' • - te™* transcript along with references teDr. Prances Parker cnoirmsn oresll (607) 431*2705. Lincoln Intermediate Unit No. 12, P.O. Box 70, New Oxford. PA. 17350 is looking for a learning Disabilities TeUher. Social and Emotional Disabilities Teachers, for the EmoUonalI> and Mentall> Retarded. For further information K please contact Ms. S> lyia Holland at«717) 624-4616. £• * *-*• I , F j ^ National Bank at 8th and State Sts. is presenU> looking for a Warehouse Clerk, for a Full-time position. Contact Ms. Irene Mussolf in person. Nu-Motors at 8670 Peach St. needs a Salesperson who is aggressive with no previous sales experience in car sales. Must be clean cut ana well dressed. The position is paid b> commission, the annual salan should be around $12,000 or better. Call Steve for an appointment at 868-4805 Household Finance Compan> is looking to ml the position of Branch Representative Management Trainee. Musi be over 21 >ears old and possess a car. The position is fulltime Monria> - Frida>. from 8:30 to 5:30 and the rate of pay is $670 a month For an interview please contact Mr. Hall at 800*3161. ,2 ESS* & The Cooperative Extensive Service at Penn State Universit) has a vacancj as Assistant Extension Agent - Home Economics. The position location will be In Carbon Court). The basic eligibility requirements are a Bachelor's degree in Home Economics is preferred and must qualify for acceptance ipto graduate school. Must possess teaching; educational evaluation, and program development skills. Demonstrate positive human relations and effective communications skills. Send application to: Dr. C.S. Oliver. 323 Agr. Admin. Bldg.. University Park, PA 16802. Applications must be received by October 31,1979. Iroquois Jr-Sr High School is in need of an Assistant Swim Coach, starting from November until Februan The salan is $845. Contact Jim Magruder at 899-7641 for more information, g Mrs. Narbut at 2121 Fairmount Pkw> is seeking help around the house. Doing odd and jobs. Hours are flexible and the saiarj will be around $3.00-14.00 per hour. Also she is interested in someone to teach Disco Lessons for an afternoon a week. She is willing to pa> around $4.00 per hour. «g ' *•'• 4 t }i * U-Frame-It located at 3860 Peach St. is in need oflwo (2) students to help frame pictures. No experience necessar). will train. Call first for appointment. Hours will be Monda) and Frida) nights and Saiurriax hours. Salan is $2.75 per hour. For more information call Mike Mas)na at 868-) 221. ;} % & The Suburban YWCA at 26th SI. will need a Swim Desk Clerk, to band out locker ke\s. bathing suits, and give information The position is part-time twent)-six (26) hours a week. Contact Gwen Schroder at 838-9671. Meadow Brook at 2365 Buffalo Road needs a part-time Accountant, flexible hours. The salan will »>e around $3.25-3.35 per hour. Contact Maureen Edwards for appointment at 899-3191. 5 *f M * & Times Square in the Millcreek Mall is seeking sales help, must appl) in person between the hours of 10a.m. and 6 p.m. to Jita Howell. Thesalan is $2 90 plus bonus. The hours are Mondax thru Frida) 12 p.m. to A p.m. and Saturday* 10a.m -6p.m Hours will increase around the middle of November due to the Christmas Holiday **5? ^Wv f if \ ou would like to receive the Merciad for the emplo\ ment listings, please contact the Career Sendee please contact our office to get on the mailing list. !T £" * & -&•; 4 C j?; J a m e s w a ) Corporation will be on c a m p u s recruiting students interested in sales management and law enforcement. Please * sign up in the Career Sendees Office. The) will be here on Wednesda). October 17. J '? < ~?£_

s Research the Company Before the Interview Checking our a company before an interview is a must. It not only helps you understand the company better, but your knowledge of the company will help sell you. t At Mercyhurst, we have made on-campus recruiter interviewing easier. Each on-campus interviewer has provided the Career Services office with pamphlets, year-end reports, and other pertinent information about their company. This information has been placed in boxed files and is available to you. By perusing the information, you can make intelligent choices about interviewing or not interviewing with each company. i J? Take advantage of the information available in the Career Services office at 204 Main regarding the numerous companies that will be oncampus November 3 and 4. Keep in mind that should you desire to interview with any of these companies, you must have completed and returned the two forms by October 19th. J£ S Before ^researching the company, know your own requirements, then find the organization that best meets those requirements. jjl The Career Services office is on campus to help you formulate career plans, provide information as to resume writing or interviewing techniques, and to help you find the position you desire.* Take advantage of these and other services. It will be time well spent. *?f Teaching True, the number of students entering college will begin to drop in the 1980's. But the number of students in teachertraining programs has declined even faster in recent years. So sharp has this decline been — from 332,000 teachers in 1972 to 190,000 in 1978 — that some observers predict a new teacher shortage by 1985. 5 "We're concerned that we're not going to be able to keep up with the demand, especially in special education," says Bob Reifschneider, placement director for the University of Missouri's College of Education. "Reading teachers are at a premium. And learning disability teachers are in short supply. Last year, we had such a demand for social science teachers that we couldn't answer the demand. Certainly, the demand is also there in mathematics, science and industrial arts. We're also finding that there is a demand at the secondary level for people who can teach more than one subject area." P The need for teachers who can also double as coaches, adds Reifschneider, is particularly pressing these days. (Taken from the September 15, 1979 issue of the CAM Report.) f


Hi. Sue! How's your uriiHiifA? cLove ya pto rmy favorite clown who wiiaure. o o k s s u e spaghetti; 7 ^ Take care, AnnMarie. . LOWRY, MY BUDDY i I HERBET THE WORM: How are - KATHIELAUGHING! TOUCHKEEP Hey A.D., you win man, 1 stopped yoU r rats? THE AARDVARK* DOWN! LOVE YA, THERESE. playing in the minors. M.P. f£ JS J j - S§| Will anyone who had SR. PEG as Thanks to you who came to the a third grade teacher contact Dear OAO. Still waiting on E.Z. Bash. Happy Hangovers! Dave Blanchfield. number one. However, chicken is Patrick, you woossy, good luck at Chris, Carolyn. Tricia, and Ellen done to Plattsburg. Come visit any time.. let's go camping again! Therese Hi LOML! Chicken's the Your friend John. & *^f specialty this weekend. Love and kisses, C.B »

Carpe Diem Weekend
Business reorosenta lives from I B.M.. the .CJ.A.. Xerox, General 3 Telephone, anri I others will be on campus November 2 for Carpe Diemj*«kem^^^^ (i _ - ^ >B(-iB ^_^ — TWWftjSfdfll'* businesses are senning recruiters to talentetl seniors for their companies. "-•* JJ All interested seniors are required to fill out a registration form frojm Career Services which lists at least eight companies for potential interviews. Onl\ students who have filled out the for m> w ill lie interviewed, as the recruiters will lie on a tight schedule. AH forms must bt returned to Career Services no later than October 19. ;5£ • Interviews will he in Zum Hall. Novomfoes 3rd and 4th from H a m. to 12:15 p.m.. am Saturday afternoon from i ;w 104-45 p.m. Colleges attending the weekend incliHtt Gannon. Westminster. Villa. Thii-I am- Edin Imro.

n "1* £1© "feAiJtcAJLj^-

Never Fear you cravers of intellectual sustenance! My House will return next week with some tantalizing morsels on the Secret Life of Lord Byron.


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OCTOBER 12, 1979

Des Moines Prepares For Pope
by Carol Lukawski before arriving in the city, and If the Holy Father came to your refill after leaving. town, would you be willing to give Hotels and motels in the area Dear Mom and Dad, up: going to school? using your were booked within a week after Last week I told you that the car for a day? personal time to the date was set Friends and college rejected the candidacy of be trained as a security, relations filled guest rooms, Pope John Paul for the medical or other volunteer? § | camped in back yards, and presidency. It seems that we When your city of only 200,000 parked trailers in driveways.' were afraid that, if he became inhabitants prepares to host a Last-minute ^visitors had difpresident that would make us hillside religious service for ficulty finding nearby lodging; more Catholic than Gannon and 504.00^, you can be sure the event at an information center 150 neither we nor they could live will somehow personally affect miles outside the city, latewith that image. * you! f comers were advised to begin But while the Pope 'was on Des Moines, Iowa residents looking for overnight accampus being interviewed for the found themselves in a flurry of comodations at the nearest exit post he said some interesting planning, coordinating, and because the city was so things that I thought you might executing activity ever since saturated. want to know. August 29 of this year when John Many businesses closed up for You remember that during the Paul II announced his intention of the day, and Uncle Sam's Pope's historic visit to the United visiting them on Thursday, workers were no less enthusiastic States he visited President Carte. October 4. about the opportunity. The Civil What most people don't know is Both public and private schools Liberties Union, however, in an that the Secret Service insisted were closed on the big day. This attempt to keep government <n running a security check on action, which gave the students workers on the job and thus > him. After all, they couldn't take the opportunity to participate in maintain separation of church my chances and in some of his the day's activities, enabled and state, took the issue to court; speeches he did sound un- school buses and their drivers to (heir suit was dismissed. American. M T Commercially^ there were form the nucleus of a massive Imagine a foreigner coming to shuttle system which transported programs, buttons, pennants, America and calling for the pilgrims from a variety of sites in and t-shirts to prepare, as well as redistribution of wealth. The and outside the city. the awarding of the concession Pope also spoke about*, disarFour husky high school males contract to a local catering mament and that really scared from tiny Jewel, Iowa, spent the service, which set up tents and the Secret Service. People who night in a Gremlin at one of the parked semi trailers at several talk about disarmament are shuttle stops in order that they spots throughout the grounds to exactly the kind of people who might catch the first bus to "the- accomodate the half-million are part of the lunatic fringe and Farms." Only one of them was people expected. nave to be watched. \ Phone service was also Catholic. When asked why a When the Pope told me that, he Protestant would come to see the available in semi trailers at five had a glint in his eye. I asked him Pope, one of the boys replied, locations. Depending upon the about it and he said that he didn't "The Pope has a lot of sway in the good or service offered, profit mind being investigated. went straight to a denim pocket; world." £ |a What the Secret Service didn't All traffic was diverted from I- toward publishing books for a know, he said, was that (the 80 to 1-235 as of 6 p.m. Wednesday special ed school; defraying costs Vatican Security Force did a evening as Des Moines was of the free services (e.g., buses); security check on Jimrm Carter systematically sealed off from and. of course, to commercial and decided that as the outside world. Urbandale, gain. i '. SIlong as he didn't challenge the which at 3 miles is actually closer In Pope to a 10 kilometer race, there to Living History Farms than Des time, the short five-week lead thousands of volunteers was nothing to fear. I Moines, used a sticker system to lent their time and talents toward One good thing, I suppose, the enable residents to pass through the effort. Medical teams, Pope did give his blessing to our security roadblocks, though stationed every few hundred feet final choice for president Cs) of access was limited solely to one's throughout the crowd and easily Mercyhurst. wffiy '% color-coded section of town. identified by their pinneys, were Your Loving Son, On Thursday, only people backed up by three ambulances working at the Papal visit site and six first.a id stations. jj f Sport> and having the appropriate . The security force* was Sticker, could drive their cars at especially impressive, keeping Students Attend Conference all; violators were subject to a firm control of the crowd without [ On«i October^ 4,j five students $500 fine and i 30 f days im- creating tension. Hundreds of Fom lheTTorrec*tTdnsProgram at prisonmen!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ncres ^ f ^ o r n ~ " n d hay^were Mercyhurst participated in,the Pensive Des Moines residents harvested and stored in the last Northwest Region conference of faced a gas dilemma: would their week alone; the •setting up of i he Pa. Association on Probation, precious pilgrim tourist trade physical ?facilities followed: Parole, and Corrections. ^ carry off their precious fuel sound system, altar, press stand, The conference, which was allotment for the month? Local choir risers, water, and rest held at Cross Creek Resort radio stations came to the rescue rooms. Oh yes, let's not forget the outside of Titusville, was covered and broadcast. a plea to liturgy and interfaith worship to assess"; and discuss the in- travelers: please fill your tank service planning committees! terpretation and implication of the Criminal History Record Information Act 47 of 1979 (formerly Act 305). s 4 The students, Patty Clark, Bob Heftka. Tom Circle, Sue Goodge and Mary Shade; assumed the role of a law enforcement or corrections official and devised a skit to depict how initial misinterpretation of this act resulted in breakdown of communication Students from various Colleges and cooperation, as well as general confusionuj among from Northwestern Pennsylvania criminal justice personnel and agencies. J | The skit, which was used to introduce the conference and set Diocesan Lodge the stage for discussion of the topic, was prepared by the Corry, Pa. I students and presented as a demonstration of how criminal I Cost $5.00 justice agencies and personnel Sign up in Campus Ministry were affected by various interpretations ofgthis legislation. Opportunity to: play, pray and share The second day of the conference was devoted to discussion fo the legislation which affected the Juvenile Court and'Children Services in Pa. !'^ It*' ¥

En route to Des Moines, the travelling Merciad staff encountered picturesque mid-western scenery.

And now, for all you fans under the Big.Top (drum roll) the answer to last weeks riddle: Simply ask either computer which door thefcother computer would>say was the safe one. The response will always be the wrong door. Go out the other one! j Have you ever walked a tightrope? We clowns are very versatile. If you'll come along* I'll show you how it's done. And I'll expla in this riddle business while we climb. •**• L. The point of riddling is that, given a question we presume there will be a satisfying answer. Our questioning mind and the answers it accepts seem to go together like eyes and light or like ears and sound. All of science is built on the assumption that if I ask a question about quantifiable

Inter College Fall Retreat

October 12, 13 and 14

It has to do first with listening can expect to discover an answer. But in the end, science like all properly to yourself. Every other rational knowledge stops moment and even in your life that dead in its tracks when asked to challenged you to riddle, or to explain the unity and totality of hope or to love honestly was and ourfworld and reality: why is invitation, an appeal to become there anything, and why are engaged with J that; inthings ultimately connected? & 1 comprehensible mystery which Don't look down now! Its a already holds you safely in its couple of hundred feet and grasp. Every fragment of truth there's no net tonight But don't you ever took pleasure in, every hope you ever held on to, and worry, the platform is safe.? With these questions, both the every ounce of care you lavished scientist and the clown peer into on any part of 9 creation was a the abyss. We stand at the edge of response to the ground of all truth existence, I and the universe as ana hope and love. huge posed questions (why am I Made it! Are you surprised you here?) facing a nameless,rim- could walk a tight rope? You've penetrable something we cannot been practicing a long time and dominate with our concepts. "Out probably didn't know it While there." there is either "Nothing" you are up here where the air is which reduces all our existence to so thin you might like to connon-sense or there is an in* template three mystical conceivable mystery which is statements by some*famous worthy of our highest regard and people. Leon Tolstoy, the RUB worship. , I $ Russian author and mystic said, Now comes the hard part—fifty near the end of his life, "We are feet across the rope to the other all happy - if we only know I t " platform. Either we walk across And Thomas Merton, an or we go back down. What'U it American contemplative said," be? § We are all one, it is the work of a Most people, I think, come lifetime to realise i t " Hie Clown inescapably to this "either-or" at says, "We all have faith, we just some moment of life— the death don't know what to call it of a loved one, some severe Listen to the crowd cheer. betrayal, a moment when our Don't you just love the applause.

reality a what is this paper made .Did you sav something? Hang oi"? - wny is there an eclipse"' - T o n T O n i > " rexVTnofe^tepIS?

total helplessness breaks painfully through. Then we choose to flee into hopelessness or simple surrender - let ourselves go into somethingi totally Other. We simply entrust ourselves to the mystery. We make an act of faith. C We're half way across. Don't look down and don't think too hard about what you're doing. Exciting, isn't it?j W '$.'• Belief isn't something you do with just your head. It's total involvement or it's nothing. You don't just think about it or try to come to some logical conclusion s. You become entirely engaged with the incomprehensible mystery - you 4et out on a limb and you get scared and try to give the myster\ a name so that you can address iu call out to it.





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OCTOBER 12.1979



Roll Classics


Continuous music from 9 till
Proper I.D. required (2 forms) The Junction wishes to apologize for the lack of music as advertised for October 6th

°o .or.o

* c^o^* 0 9


o „°*



° *>o
* * * • « > >

9-10 a.m. Registration - Coffee and donuts Back Porch Cafe, Zurn Building, ; Lower Level. | 10-1 1 a.m. Conducted campus tours 11:30 a.m. Lunch*- Egan DiRing'HaH'or*-•**•"*'»* i off campus. F * : 1 p.m. Alumni/Varsity Baseball Game Tullio Field; 2 p.m. Performing Arts - Recital Hall and/or Little Theatre 2:30-5:30 Leisure Time 5:30-6:15 President's: Reception - Faculty Lounge Preston Hall, Lower Level. f 7 p.m. Cocktails - Cash Bar - Metins on Presque Isle. £*v 7:30 p.m. Buffet Dinner - $8 per person - Metins 9-1:30 a.m.';Dance (Informal) -- Metins

I 1


Better get Timberlands! Stubborn New England craftsmanship has made Timberland the fastest growing line offull grain leather boots in America. You can choosefromrugged waterproof styles insulated to well below zero, to shearling lined boots, and other rugged outdoor stylesformen and women. h This winter, the best in warmth and comfort combine with the best in looks to make Timberlands your best buy.

Sunday, October 14
11 a.m.* Liturgy - Christ the King Chapel Main Building || 12 Noon Brunch - Egan Dining Hall



A wholefineof fine leather boots and shoes % that cost plenty, and should. r '




454-3500 815 East Ave.

Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m. - 9 p.m Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. at The Colonial Plaza 3852 Peach Street
MM fc
' - ' • • • * •

To reach the Security officer on duty between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m., dial -0-, when the college operator is on duty, generally until 10 p.m. After 10 p.m. or when there is no college operator, dial the college number, 864-0681, to reach the answering service. Then give the operator the message for the officer.
• ^J 11

ri- IW1****'



. • i / ,

i * 11 »•



•M I f


* * • *

OCTOBER 12,1*79

Baseball Squad To Host Alumni
The Mercyhurst College baseball team will play the Laker Alumni on Sturday, October 13 at 1:00 p. m,^ announced Athletic Director and \ baseball coach. Mike Cusack. J SJ | J The game will be played at Tullio Field featuring such former Laker stars as Tom Barringer, Steve Brandon, Ron Coleman, Kevin Cook, Bo Henning.v Butch Herrman, Terry Kelly, Frank Trigilio.fBob Weism lller, Kenny White and Kent Williamson. J According to Cusack it is expected that several more players will be on hand in what is hoped will be an annual event. In addition to the players listed, the Laker Alumni will be coached

Women's Tennis To Close At Home

Friday's f2 p.m. matches The Mercyhurst College mens tennis team host a quadrangular feature Mercyhurst ^against the tournament^ this weekend University of f Pittsburgh and J Scoring three unanswered beginning Friday, October 12 at 2 Kent State versus - Edinboro £ goals in a 15-minutejtime span, p.m. The visiting teams making State.? "S s S T 2the Mercyhurst | | Lakers up the quad are Edinboro, Kent Saturday at 9 p.m. has Mer- -i registered their fourth victory in State and i the University ^of cyhurst pitted against Edinboro seven games.|shutting.out the Pittsburgh. I i I and Kent playing Pitt. At 2 p.m. J Golden Eagles of Geneva College J "This will be our 4 first the round-robin tourney sis * 4-0 Monday afternoon at Tullio quadrangular t o u r n e y , " completed (with Mercyhurst "% g ] m f i remarked Laker head-coach, versus Kent! and the Pitt duel f Field, one-sided victory came two j 3 The Dennis Ranalli, " . . . and it with Edinboro. the Lakers dropped a features four of the strongest The matches will be played at days after at the hands of highly Westminster and Thiel twice. The schools in the tri-state area." JG two sites: Mercyhurst College 3-2 verdict by Chris Tomscazk match string of the Laker's is The current Lakerjteam has and the Billie Jean King Tennis touted Grove City College in a The (women's* tennis team extended to 18 consecutive vicgame marked by a two-goal $ never met the Pitt Panthers or Center. I ^ j P finishes the 1979 campaign with tories. The Hurst is now 8-0 for effort by freshman Badger Jim four home matches. Thursday, the season and 4-0 in Conference Kent Scots at Edinboro. $f Letter a k % Pennell. The newcomer scored Mercyhurst returns 7 six let- (Continued from page 2) October 11, the Lakers take on the goals within 21 seconds of one g; V f termen from last .year's team Grove City in a Keystone Con- play- i another^ this until you have been >| Against^ Geneva, Mercyhurst In the Westminster contest, the who were the NAIA District 18 ference Game. Villa Maria i J got rolling in the early going with College invades ^Mercyhurst Lakers managed a 5-2 outing. champions and tenth ranked elsewhere. Finally, * programs for \par- senior Gary Weber netting a tally Monday October 15 at 4:00. The Debbie Chilcott, number one nationally, t 'pm next day the Lakers play Gannon singler, smashed Peggy Bruns 6- '% Junior, Tom Chybrzynski, is an ticipation are plentiful."Activities unassisted at 6:49 of the opening and wrap c the season against 2.1 6-0.^ Westminster JCathy All-America n high school per- of every sort can be found here to period. The goal was Weber's Allegheny on October 18 at 3:00. Nicoloff defeated Laker Holly former who hails | from accomodate every interest. W% sixth of the season. | This is not i to say that I am C. The Lady Lakers were perfect Bi mifby scores of 2-6, 6-4, 6-2. Brackenridge, PA.; Gary Dagan unhappy, because I'm truly beThe opening score turned out to in outings last week, downing Senior Laker Millie Chsice^ex- has held down a place on the offensive satisfied with my transfer move fistthe only as neitheroutput of the tended her win streak by downing starting line up since "walking period team could thus far. I do miss the 'Hurst and get untracked in the cold, muddy "S3 L* -4 L GinniefConklin 7-6, 6-3. In "the on" the team last season. Gary still feel very close to the faculty final singles contests, Denise comes from Newcastle, PA. Andy and students with whom I was1 conditions prevalent that day. Mall ousted Sue Wilson 6-2,6-2. Findlay, from London, England, The second associated f while attending much like the period started out & In doubles play, Kathe Lowry was 2 last ?year's district 18 first had ended as Mercyhurst. * 5and Chris Stroebel knocked off Number 1 singles winner.! teams battled at So step back and look again. If bothoffensive edge. midfield for Melissa Magi la and Sue Shaffer j? Former Mercyhurst Prep an Mercyhurst 6-3.6-4. With scores of 6-2, 5-7, 6-2, standout Ravinder Sabherwal you're unhappy here, the chances won the battle at the 62:04 mark Lakers Judy Richer and Joan enters his sophomore year at the are better than 50-50 that the as sophomore left winger tallied Podohnski defeated Kathy Fisher 'Hurst^as the^Lakers' prime j problem is in^your mirror**. k and DeAnn Horner, t In third performer. The team is rounded ^ Good luck to all, and I hope to * otLaJLass'SLfjom R.T^Bence. At up with the Spies brothers. Paul Teeyou^gain^oon^^^^^^^^^^ began to dominate play as they Phylis Hawkins and Lisa Johnson and Steve ha ill from St. PeterDavid A I.aFuria Wt/L jftftfti ffifkfi pushed the ball deep into Geneva beat i Mary j Gousman I and sburg. Florida. j& &«£&. Temple University territory. I : Maureen Cray 6-4, 6-3. &j U Taking advantage of their Against Thiel College, the momentum, the Lakers rifled the Lakers won 5-2 on the Tomcats Geneva nets for two more goals courts, an lashed a 6-1 Keystone in the next 15 minutes as frosh Ed Conference^win when Thiel Masharka and Bence netted the played at the Laker home terf Debbie Chilcott tallies which put the game on ice last Saturday. for the Leakers, i Complementing the offensive attack was a sterling effort by freshman goalie Dave Reimold, starting only his second game since coming to the 'Hurst Blessed with a couple of shots bouncing off the side posts, Reimold turned away 13 shots on goal. g ^ r §| In the second game, MerMark the Women's volleyball Assisting Reimold in the team 2-1 in this week's matches. cyhurst mounted a 12-3 lead. The shutout was center fullback Jim The Lakers defeated Behrend Villa Victors rallied t o - a 12-9 "Burley" Grimes. Laker coach and Villa Maria College. Sand- threat before the Lakers called a Dave Shimpeno cited Grimes for wiched * between thepTwins timeout.'With the score 14-11 in his outstanding play during the Meceryhurst recorded a loss the Lakers favor, Mercyhurst's game as well as his 100 per cent against Fredonia. / k r 2 Anne Burbulas smacked a spike effort every time he steps on to y: In the Fredonia contest, the for the winning point.; the field. jg£- f i§ In the * Behrend match, the Lakers won the first game 15-9. Outside of 21 seconds on ?We placed the fball well," Lakers bounced the Cubs 15-11 Saturday, the Lakers controlled commented Assistant Coach and 15-12. Mercyhurst now holds play against a deep Grove City Mary Artello. "In the second and a 4-3 record this season with the -team. However, the momentary third game we lost our bulk of Keystone Conference $ j» letdown proved to be too much for aggressiveness. We did not call action yet to come. the 'Hurst squad to overcome as as a team." Coach Artella conthe visitors registered a 3-2 nod tinued, "We definately lost on our _ .on the Laker's home turf, j own errors." The Lakers lost the Letter second game 15-11, then fell to (Continued from page 2) Scoring at the 12:28 mark of the Fredonia 15-8 for the match;: opening period, Pennell took advantage of a scramble in front Mercyhurst regained the in- any of the garbage we take in of the Laker net to push a ball tenisty against Villa Maria running * intramurals. Mr. across the goal. Intercepting a College. 5Captain Duising well Philips, if you don't like the ways pass moments later, Grove City placed serves. Colleen Burbulas things are run, then don't parpushed the ball up field in workand May Mahon aided the 'Hurst ticipate in them. However, keep manlike fashion with Pennell with well timed spikes. With the your nose on your own face ana striking again at the 12:49 mark, score 10-2, Car la Smith of the don't ruin intramurals for those f Settling down for the rest of the Lakers hit five serves for a 15-2 who still wish to play. & period, the 'Hurst 11 took control -Andrew J. Giachino first game edge. 3 | LADIES NIGHT OUT of the game, With less than three minutes remaining in the period, Every Monday? between 5 and 11 p.m. all MerSmith scored on an assist by cyhurst ladies ore invited j t o "Come In for Good"! Mark Richert to narrow the Show us-your college ID and, with the purchase of deficit to one at the half. The second period saw the any pizza, pasta, or sandwich, receive a free trip to g A DIVISION OF TANDY CORP. Badgersf strike early as Joe our all-you-can-eat salad bar. This offer is good only Caruso banged one in at the 47:51 at the PIZZA HUT at E. 38th St. and Zimmerman CONVENIENT LOCATION mark of the. Playing catch-up for the rest of the game, the Lakers Road.* t?" 1324 Eost Grondview Plaza Blvd. could only manage to. bring the Watch For Other Surprises! deficit back to one with Smith notching his second tally of the OPEN game. On October 13, the Lakers Monday thru Saturday -10-9 trek south * to J take on PittJohnstown in an attempt to Sunday - 1 2 - 5 garner? their fifth win of.the season. 1

by the first 'Hurst Coach, Joe Cook. * Cookt initiated and developed the program, leading the Lakers to a 29-15 record in 1976. "We are happy to have Joe back for this game, and hope that his many friends will try to attend and see him in a Laker uniform again," said Cusack.Njjj j "He laid the foundation for a & program of class and pride which I have tried to maintain," continued the Laker Coach Jjj| 5 Cook and k Cusack both 4expressed the hope that many of the local fans would turn out to see what they think will be a fine game, and ..$& indicated that in the case of rain the game will be moved to Sunday, October 14, at 1:00 p.m. I f

The Baseball Team, seated in the CampuslCenter, anxiously awaits the Oct. 13 confrontation with the alumni, scheduled for 1:00 at Tullio Field. J i

Lakers* Host Quad Tourney

Soccer Team How 4-3 i

Volleyball Team Commences Season