Circulars are to be read by a large number of people whereas general letters are personal and private in nature.the reader does not anticipate a circular unless his attention is attracted and interest sustained.CIRCULARS Circulars is a kind of letter meant to convey the same information to a large number of people such information is usually of general nature and not confidential. they can be circulated among the staff and the staff members obtained on an employee list. The circulars are usually put n the notice board.  To intimate changes in the working hours of the office canteen.  To inform the employees about changes in medical rules. the latter is addressed to only one person..  To invite applications from employees for promotional test etc... the former is addressed to many persons. While writing a circular we should keep some points in mind as circular should give complete information and must be written clearly .. library etc. reimbursement of conveyance expenses etc.. lIC rules. he is likely to discard it.. catchy words.. Circulars can be used for the following purpose To emphasize certain aspects of office document. are some ingredients of effective circular. The basic difference between a circular and a general letter is that.. If they contain some information of substantial importance. colors etc. . The use of µYou¶ attitude.

 To gain the confidence of the reader.. . written to be sent to a large number of people.. SALIENT FEATURES OF CIRCULARS:  A circular is essentially an information giving letter. shareholders. no constraint.length is therefore. on the other hand the sender should convey an impression of genuine interest in the customer and gratitude for continued cooperation.. Especially the circular letters introducing a new product or service give details. a campaign. sub dealer s clients etc. They should therefore. It has to be carefully planned. our users . From the very beginning the second person you should be used in preference to impersonal expressions like our customers .  Circulars are mass produced i.. be appealing and presentable. order to be effective.  Circulars are sometimes lengthy. Of course. data to win the confidence of the recipient .  To obtain the publicity for a cause. the details are presented in an eye catching manner.  You attitude is the predominant note of an effective circular letter. everyone etc. dealers.  To make the reader in their context.  Tone of the circular is always in the form of request instead of command.. it should convey the information as clearly as possible. its policy and the events necessitated the sending of the circular.TARGETED AUDIENCE OF CIRCULARS:  External parties: customers. ODJECTIVES OF WRITING CIRCULARS:  To impress the reader with facts and information about the firm...  Internal parties: company employees etc.e.

POINTS TO BE CONSIDER WHILE DRAFTING A CIRCULAR:  Capture and arouse reader s interest in the opening paragraph. premises to the customer and other parties.  Give the personal touch  Print the letter on attractive and quality paper with suitable letter heading.  Use appropriate tone.  Mention the main contents. .  Be precise but informative.  Ensure the readers your personal attention in future.  Explain the benefits and utilities of new product.  Thank the readers.

FORMAT OF THE CIRCULAR: Company name Address Date: Address: Circular number: Subject: For: Salutation Body Signature and designation .

 Address of the issuing agency: usually in all kinds of circulars the address. the use of salutation can be done even in business circulars salutation like dear customer can be used.  Date: the date on which the circular is issued is written at the left side.. of the issuing agency is contained in the letter head or can be written at the left side after writing the date.  Salutation: Generally no salutation like dear sir/madam is used in circulars but when the circular is meant for the authorities. The designation of the issuing authority is also written below the signature. unambiguous and simple that conveys the instructions/guidelines in clear terms. The use of subscriptions like yours sincerely. the circular issuing authority puts his/her signature.  Signature and designation: At the bottom.  Subject: subject on which the circular is being issued is written in sample letters. yours faithfully is avoided in circulars. The language used should be straight.  For: after the subject for is written that indicates for whom the circular is being issued.  Body: The body of the circular contains whatever is wished to be conveyed by the circulars.. phone-no etc.Circulars are written with the following headings Company name: The name of the company is usually contained in the letter head. .

and District Collectors To review the drought and famine conditions prevailing in the State. 2. with immediate effect. Ajay Sharma Finance Secretary . Commissioners. district officers and commissioners from financial secretary instructing them to adopt measure of financial economy: GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA Office of the Finance Secretary Date: 17-11-2010 Circular No: 12/2010 Sub: Economy Drive For: All Head of Departments. All the offices concerned under your jurisdiction are informed of the instructions immediately. An overall cut of 20% in all non plan expenditure be observed. a high power committee has been instituted under the Chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister. 3. bills are reduced by 25% with immediate effect. Compliance report of the order is submitted to the undersigned within three days.A. The Committee has decided in its last meeting held on 11-11-2010 to adopt some thrift measures as per following: 1.The sample circular drafting to all departments. All unnecessary and avoidable traveling be checked and the expenses on T. All the Medical Bills is thoroughly scrutinized before making the payments.

. are circulated through official circulars.THE VARIOUS CIRCULARS ARE:     Official circular Business circular Miscellaneous circular Personal circular OFFICIAL CIRCULAR: Official circular are the most common form of inter departmental communication.  From a central ministry to state ministry or departments working under the ministry etc. used to intimate and inform the groups of employees that is instructions/guidelines issued by head of the department to a large number of subordinate employees .circulars like for example From head office to its branches. ..

including the officers All the members of the staff. Intentional delay and the practice of keeping the work pending must be stopped. hereby. including the officers have become habitual of coming late and leaving the office before time. before 5 pm. everyone's presence in the office is desired by 10. Bangalore Date: 18-11-2010 Circular No: 13/2010 For: All the members of the staff. that is. including the officers shall be viewed by the undersigned seriously. This causes great inconvenience to the public.Sample official circular from the head of the office outlining the need and value of keeping office hours and quick disposal of writs and other work: J.00 am positively. Non-compliance on the part of any staff. Rishi Sharma The Manager .Chemical Ltd. Hence. It has been noticed that some of the employees.K. instructed to dispose of all the pending work within a week and appraise the undersigned about the progress in the matter positively on next Monday. including the officers are instructed to adhere to punctuality norms in coming to and leaving the office. It is an act of indiscipline and it leads to delay in disposing off the files and hinders smooth working. All the officers and staff are.

dealers.Business circular: Business circulars are issued by a business entity to its clients.The type of information usually sent through business circulars are Information about special discount on festivals to the dealers and sub dealers. sub-dealers.. branches .  Information about the change of address of a registered office of a company to its shareholders.. Etc.  Information about removal from service of an employee from an institution to all its office dealers and sub dealers. .

Arvind Parik. who has been working with us for the last five years has decided to give up the job owing to his social and health constraints. Mr. It is for your kind information that Mr.Satish Dhiman is a well experienced and talented person.Satish Dhiman is scheduled to visit you soon. Sector17. We look forward to your continuing support. Angelina Executive Director .Sample business circular from a company to all its dealers informing about change of a marketing executive: Ajit Mukerjee Construction Company SCO.14.Satish Dhiman has been posted in place of Mr. our Marketing Executive. Mr. with effect from 17-11-2010. thoroughly familiar with the needs and problems of the customers and the dealers. Chandigarh Date: 23-11-2010 Dear Dealers. Mr.Arvind Parikh.

Example: college circular. Mr. Personal circular: Circulars issued by a person to his circle regarding change of his telephone number or residential address etc.Jitendra. ..00 am positively. The graduates will wear the prescribed dress to receive their degrees and the members of the staff also will wear the prescribed uniform on that day. All the members of the staff and the students of the college are invited to the College Convocation to be held on the 12-12-2010.MISCELLANEOUS CIRCULAR: Circulars issued by a society/organization to its members. Prabakaran Principal. BTM 2nd Stage For: All the members of the staff and the students. everyone's presence in the college grounds is desired by 10.Palya. Sample miscellaneous circular issued by the principle of a college to the college staff and students Alliance Business Academy N.. The graduates will receive their degrees and will be felicitated on behalf of the members of the staff and the Principal.S. Chief Justice has very kindly consented to preside over the Convocation and deliver the valedictory Address.

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