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Stephen H Semales

1469 Harbin Dr
Kissimmee, FL 34744 US
Phone: 407-925-7897
Alt Phone: 407-729-3310
The most important part of working in the health care field is obviously care of
the patient. The patient, after all, is the whole reason for doing what I am do
ing, xraying patients. Everything that is done with the patient needs detailed d
ocumentation. When it is giving the patient information needed for an upcoming x
ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Pet Scan, or any other study has to
be documented and making sure the patient understands what is needed for his/her
study. Any medication, preparation, injection has to be done correctly and docu
mented carefully.
All routine radiology exams are done. In addition, I now have experience in the
Emergency Room, including with portable x-ray machines, and dong cross-table exa
ms. A couple of years ago, Osceola Regional Medical Center deleted developing fi
lms and bought the high tech system of CR and PACS system. I am still learning,
but able to use those systems, but I have a quite more to learn. I can work doin
g fluoro with barium. I have worked in the OR with the C-Arm. However, I am not
completely experienced in that area, but totally trainable. I experienced in the
Education History
Completion Date Issuing Institution Qualification Course of Study
2008 Grand Canyon University 1 Year of College or a Technical or Vocational Scho
ol MRI
I have completed two courses in MRI. However, not completed the whole course yet
. Intend tocomplete in the future.
11/1975 George Washington University 2 Years of College or a Technical or Vocati
onal School Radiologic Technology
The school was called at that time, HSETC, Health Science & Education &Training
Command. It was a program in the US Navy. It was located at the Naval Hospital,
Bethesda, MD and education points were given to the George Washington University
in Washington, DC.
06/1968 Concord High School High School Diploma General High School Curriculum
Certification Title Issuing Organization Completion Date Expiration Date
CPR & AED American Heart Association 05/2009 05/2011
CRT California State of California Department of Health 12/2008 12/2010
ARRT American Registry of Radiologic Technolo 07/2008 07/2010
Certified Radiologic Technologist State of Florida Department of Health 06/2008
Certification of Achievement, 12/24/2009, X-Ray: Radiation Protection and Safety
taken online
Certification of Achievement, 12/24/2009, X-Ray: Keeping Pediatric Patients are
Safe - Radiation Management
CPR & AED, 05/05/2009, American Heart Association
Certification of Completion, 11/14/2009, Annual Risk Management
Certification of Completion, 08/18/2009, Patient Service Excellence/HealthStream
08/24/2009, 2009 Code of Conduct Facilitator-led/HealthStream (online)
08/18/2008, Patient Service Excellence/HealthStream
11/11/2009, Rapid Regulatory Complience: Complience, Ethics, etc.
11/14/2009, Rapid Regulatory Complience: Clinical II: Gen/Fire/Electric/Back/Saf
Additional Information
11/30/1993, DD214, US Navy
Juan Fernandez, MD
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Personal reference known for 6 year(s).
George Audate, Staff Radiology Tech
Osceola Regional Medical Center
St. Cloud, FL
Business reference known for 6 year(s).
Abby Smink, Staff Radiology Tech
Osceola Regional Medical Center
St.Cloud, FL
Business reference known for 6 year(s).