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Core Banking System

Core Business Function Modules

Common Service Customer Management

▶ Application Manager
▶ Search Customer
▶ Business Code Management
▶ Customer to Customer
▶ Branch Information management
▶ Other Code Management
▶ Branch Group Maintenance
▶ Base Rate and
▶ Inquiry Customer Details
Spread Rate Management
▶ Customer Signature
▶ Local Time Management
▶ User Management
▶ Member Maintenance
▶ Bank Code Management


Currency Management
Exchange Rate Management
Holiday Management

▶ Credit / Debit
Loan Management

▶ Origination
Core Banking System
(Deposit,Withdrawal,Renewal) ▶ Booking & Servicing
▶ General Register ▶ Collateral Management
(Special Instruction) ▶ Credit Management “KoreBank TM ”, Comprehensive and Reliable Way
▶ Inquiry (Transaction History) ▶
▶ Passbook / Receipt / List
Loan Documentation
to Your Next Generation Banking System
▶ Banker’s Check
/Temporary Account

Foreign Exchange General Ledger

▶ Outward Remittance ▶ Inter-Bank

▶ Inward Remittance ▶ Suspense A/C
▶ Message Maintenance ▶ G/L Entry
▶ Commission/Charges ▶ Daily Closing
▶ Settlement
▶ Average Balance

Treasury General Affairs

▶ FX ▶ Pay Roll
▶ Money Market ▶ Human Resource
▶ Securities ▶ Fixed Assets
▶ Derivatives ▶ Budget
▶ Long Term Borrowing ▶ Due Day Management
▶ Syndication / Agent ▶ Important Certificates

Trade Finance External Interface

▶ Import ▶ ACH (Automatic Clearing House)

▶ Export ▶ R/S Processing
▶ Reimbursement ▶ RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement)
▶ Guarantee ▶ SSI (SWIFT System Interface)


▶ Batch Program Maintenance

(End-of Day Processing)
▶ Report Program

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Core Banking System

Banking & Financial

Solution with Hyundai IT KoreBank TM
Hyundai IT’s Core Banking System
Every banking and financial institution is facing with increasing volume of electronic banking business
KoreBankTM provides optimal banking system solution available for every retail and wholesale bank combining
operation, diversified customer’s needs, market pressure on development of new products, sharpening
competition among banks, and service providers and requirement of risk control in the industry. All this market modularized and integrated business functions. This solution started to get developed by Hyundai IT and leading
trend make banking and financial industry to find more transparent, profitable, reliable and secured way to commercial banks’ consultants and has been introduced successfully in the industry over a decade. Through its
guarantee stable and efficient transaction and business operation introducing well-driven business solution for proven technology and know-how, Hyundai IT KoreBankTM helps you to attain to the next banking system.
each institution’s need. Hyundai IT represents integrated banking and financial solution which responses to
your outstanding issues and leads you to future panorama of your banking and financial business.
System & Function Feature
Integrated / Modularized Business Product
Hyundai IT leads you to future panorama of your Parameter driven method and modularized business
function facilitates introduction of new business
banking system based on wide and deep understanding Enterprise Application Integration product and minimize modification of existing modules.

of banking industry. Other KoreBank

Parameter Driven Method
System Processing of production is driven based on parameter
HR Payoll F/A setting, which means production will be managed
easily and minimized the modification.

Online Centralized Architecture

Hyundai IT Banking & Financial Solution Management Information Report e - Banking
Centralized system processes all banking transactions
from Head Office and Branch Offices, which helps to
optimize system management/operation as well
Local Loan Trade as equipments and IT experts resources.
Central Bank Deposit Remittance Finance

Commercial Bank Central Bank National economic development begins with more 3 -Tier Client Technology
sophisticated and automated operation and flows of Foreign Credit
Central Bank business included Inter - Bank Payment Exchange Treasury Card Application components are divided into systematic
▶ Wholesale Retail & Investment ▶ Central Banking Operation Transaction and Settlement, Central Banking applications such front-end user-interface, business
▶ Banking Business Function CRM
▶ Payment Administration (ERP,DW), Supervision, Check application and database.
▶ Card management ▶ Supervision Clearing, Currency Issuing / Management,Bond
▶ ATM/POS Switching Issuing / Management. External Phone Real Time Processing
CIF Common General
▶ E-Banking Ledger Interface Banking
KoreBankTM system has flexible structure to support
Kore - BankTM Kore - IBPSTM Commercial Bank banking business and interfaces with external institutions.
Data integrity and timeliness are guaranteed.
Commercial banks search for efficient banking Real Time processing for Intra Bank and Inter
operation and need to improve customer services KoreBank Security Bank Transaction
National Financial Super Highway Center
and own benefit through introducing well-defined
system included Intra-Bank Payment & Customer Biometric Anti Security
Accounting, Back office, ERP, DW, Internet Banking, Identification PKI Spyware Control
End of Day (EOD) Processing
Data Center, Networking, ATM/POS Network, DRS… e-Banking, Phone banking. Automatic batch processing for daily closing. KoreBankTM
EOD process is very flexible for users to be able to choose
Branch level EOD or Central level EOD.EOD processing
Financial Superhighway
Common Solution includes Data backup, Ledger update, Accounting reports task.
All banks orient to transparent financial transaction
and contribute to develop national financial and Central
Bank VISA Bank ATM/ Auto Posting
▶ Integrated Security System (Biometric, PKI, Network Security, Anti-Virus) economic development, connecting with other Institution Master Branch CD
banking & financial institutions through Banking Automatic posting processing through GL A/C key
▶ Enterprise Application Integrator Automation Devices such as ATM, POS based on mapping type of transaction to account code.
financial shared network.
Online Audit Trail and Log Database
Trace of user transaction is stored into the database
for easiness of management and review.

Integrated Financial Security

KoreBankTM guarantees operational security based on
Hyundai IT’s Secutity package included Biometric ID,
PKI, Anti Spyware, Security control