Updates Sept 21st,2010 Nysut.tet: Tayet.

tet and I (Mursultet: Bastet) visited the Master Teacher. He looks like 20-30 years younger; his hair is smooth and darker. He said to me aren’t you going to ask me who I am? Then I asked him. He just looked at me and smiled. He said if you do write to him and uses Nuwaupic, translate it. Use your English name on the outside envelope. He’s no longer accepting letters about your personal life, slandering, complaints etc. You had 8 years to explain. If you are not writing about doctrine, legal or Nuwaupic do not write at all. He is not giving or sending out any names or passkey seals. However, anyone who put in a request before you MAY receive one. Don’t say people leave. They were never here in the first place. You can never leave the truth. They are many mothers who were on their own with the myth of not putting them (their children’s father) on child support. If you are worried about not taking them to a white man, look for a black judge. MEN TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN. Don’t call the prison and upset the people, they take it out on him. It’s being taken care of and you are tying up the phone lines. He said just picture in your mind. Picture an apple, picture a peach, picture an ocean, picture an elephant, picture the Mahdi, and picture a Jesus, whichever one. Picture Yahweh, picture a God, picture Allah, Picture the Eloheem, Now picture your mother, picture your grandparents, and picture your children. Now when I said to picture Yahweh what did you see? None. When I said God, what picture? When I said Allah what picture? What about the Eloheem? None. That’s because none is there. There is no Allah. No God. If you can’t picture them, they don’t exist to you. All the mail that comes to him with his picture stamp is not stamped at the post office. That’s their way of acting like a 13 year old.

C. you will be secluded. You will be outside the gate if you don’t stop thinking about yourself. We accept everything the Taynum Khyu do. America is going down in 400 years. It’s called screenplays. You become inclusive. Always thinking for somebody else. We make sure we are straight first. Baa Baa says he can’t teach us to think. I write for other people. So much we are missing. Whoever created the Geico know what they were doing. they make you believe in the little guy. It’s seclusive verses inclusive. They don’t want to work for themselves. The moment you stop thinking outside of self things will start to happen. We think too much of ourselves. Because they are seclusive they only think about themselves. If you don’t start thinking about others. but chose to ignore us because they know we make a more powerful statement. how many people have been on a train and seen someone drunk and sleeping on a train? However. They saw the people in D. What makes me (Baa Baa) different is I don’t think of myself. We have to change that in our genes to breed out of ourselves. It’s already inside you not resurrected or ready to surface. The spell is the spell and so well weaved into your natural fiber. . It set you back since you were children they made you believe in cartoons. They are Actors bought to lie to sell you the product.Negros is the only ones to allow themselves to be abused. I build for other people. If you had helped that person get up on their feet you could have helped someone three trains later that he could have mugged. they are getting more Celtic every day. They say all monkeys come from Africa and all black people. They spend all their money to play on your mind. Stop believing commercials. Example. Negros want to be slaves. Just like the Geico commercial. successful. you are only thinking about yourself.

I is waiting for their final revelation which is Paa Taraq. Where did Muhammad receive the Quraan? (A) The Temple Mount. The human entity is a strong phenomenon unless you understand. Would you like to talk to God in person? Then get me out. It’s a sort of protection so names can be spelled different types of ways and no one can curse your name. Where did Moses receive the Torah? (A) On the mountain. He uses his sister as an example. Adults stop thinking about you and think more about the children. What can you give your daughter outside of other people? Nothing. WE are the KEY. He used several Prophets as an example. When we are given this genetic doctrine we keep them pure so they can vouch for us. The N. Paa Taraq and The Actual Facts we always think it’s talking about us. the key to his freedom the lock. If the man comes in he is your father.O. He said we will never find the door for his freedom if we are thinking in the I. We have to think in the we. We should be trying to keep the next generation pure. . We are not inclusive.The saying that everyone was going around saying. Don’t use the word stepfather. During these 8 year period people have shown who they are and people have been consistent. It took him getting locked up to separate the sheep from the goat. They use that back in the day when the wife was cheating on her husband and she would hide the man under the step. It’s all about them. He said now where am I? (A) In the mountain to receive the final revelation Paa Taraq. With Nuwaupic names they can be spelled different as long as they have the 3 root words. That’s what the Nazduru are looking for. What can WE do to free the Master Teacher? Not what can I do to free the Master Teacher. He got locked up to understand the nature of the human.

where are we going to work? So if you don’t create a system for yourselves you will fall into the system. A woman will cook. However. That separated ladies from women. If the woman won’t allow him to cheat it won’t happen. The point is you are not doing it for him. Women are physical because of physical attraction. we are responsible. You find the in the word MEN TAL. Women are trained to be this way by plays. as long as he has these dead white men in his pocket. but we never say who he cheats with. Men want to join the service to wear a uniform because women like a man in a uniform. so he’s more attracted to you because you birth the children and he sees himself in them. A gang attracts pleasure and nookie. He’s a dog. Women are responsible. At the club it’s the female who attracts the male. If you don’t have your own business. When she is at home she is saying I’m going to the club. As long as women are catering to that he isn’t pushed to do anything. She’s getting her weave and track right so she can attract the man at the club. . women are responsible for men being lustful. Paa Munzul says we as Nuwaupian sisters don’t have to cut your hair (it’s your choice) we are at a point now where we have to saturate everywhere. they were not always like that. As women we brought the man to the beast state. it’s your choice. A woman may say she is not attractive anymore because of the many children she has. A woman. Men do these reckless things to try to get women. To attract females. because of that power to attract. We say he cheats. He goes to the club and cheats.He said more men are going to make it to Orion than women. Because men do these things to get women. If you don’t create a system you will fall into the system. in gangs. Men are mental. drinking and living in the street. As always we have to know the Master Teacher is the Master chess player. You may say I taught we were supposed to do that. When she gets at the club and the man says however all these things are attracted to track the brother to come to her. You are doing it for us. He’s content. But he sees you in your children. give him everything he wants while he sits on the couch. You can cut it or grow it out. cinema.

We have to be more powerful than that. If anybody is asking for money outside of anything. All of your genetic implosion and explosion fizzles down on your way home. You may get that genetic implosion while you are here.C on the 27th. Anytime you feel any type of negativity you just replaced it. Anything you put in genetically you lose because of hate. especially if they are using my name (Bastet) it didn’t come from me. North Carolina and South Carolina. we hate on each other. It’s people out there trying to work on people’s emotions. He said the sham was over us when we were in D. That’s why the spell is still there. That should be before you step into the pleasure palace. Also. There is a 3rd Mursultet Seshat (Robbie) Tawuhaat . I don’t want anyone to be misguided. all Nuwaupians here are to start looking for jobs in Orlando. It’s because of the spell that’s why. Mursultet Bastet: I want to set the record straight. Instead of going to the pleasure palace you should court them first before sex.He spoke to young girls about getting boyfriends. He said the spell is not broken. ALL Nuwaupians . And genes. or this and that. You would know whose genes you have inside you. Than those who are causing the distractions. When you get a bunch of boyfriends you end up with mixed sex partners. There are more job opportunities there. Do not follow any health diets that don’t work with your natural health. It fizzles out. Paa Munzul says people often ask why I didn’t see it before. Our doctrine is the only one that liberates women. that genetic implosion. but as soon as you walk to your car and say I don’t like that brother. Jealousy is a very powerful DEMON. do not expect to live with us when we go. all the people who want to run ahead and go to Africa.