Question The Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism in the Caribbean Write an essay on the above topic: in your essay

identify TWO cultural events that attract tourists to the Caribbean, then state TWO ways in which tourism has influenced the development of cultural events in the region. Next, give THREE reasons tourist are interested in the cultural events in the Caribbean. Finally, suggest to tourism officials ONE way that may provide feedback from tourists on cultural events. Write a statement to show why tourism officials should accept your suggestion.


Culture is a way of life of a people or tradition, customs or norms. Socio-culture is both cultural and social factors.

I agree that socio-cultural events and activities impacts on tourism and increased tourists attraction to the Caribbean. There are several socio-cultural events and activities that are done in the Caribbean to attract tourists. Two cultural events that attract tourists to the Caribbean, for example in Jamaica, are carnival and independence celebration. It is evident every year that several tourists visit Jamaica during these periods as there is an increase and influx of tourists during these times. These activities are practiced by the Caribbean people and tourists enjoy the fun, food, socialization, dance unique to the Caribbean and traditional dances. Tourism has influenced the development of cultural events in the region in many ways. Two ways are the fact that the Caribbean

This is convenient and easy to distribute at each function and immediate feedback is received. One effective way we could receive feedback is through questionnaires. It gives additional meaning to their vacations. . It is therefore important to ensure that all persons are being satisfied and as such would need to receive feedback from tourists in the Caribbean and overseas as to the cultural events.sustains the cultural events and significantly improves the events geared toward satisfying not only those at home but the tourists. it provides the history of a region or country and it acts as a means of taking back ideas to their own country which can be developed into activity that can grow their economy. The increase in the foreign currency received from tourists allow for development in economic growth which assist with the development of cultural events by government due to the benefits cultural events brought to their country. Tourists are interested in the cultural events in the Caribbean for many reasons.

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