1.John Williams (ca. 1625/30-1692) marriedAn ne, maiden name unknown. She was not Anne Whitley, the wife of John Williams who left his will in 1687. The John Williams of this analysis signed his will in Isle of Wight on 9 March 1691/92; proved 9 August 1692. The witnesses included Alexander Matthews (probably the stepson of Mrs. Anne Rogers Moore Baron Matthews Davis, # 7 in the Moore Section) and the same Boaz Gwin who witnessed the will in 1687 of Thomas Parnell, the brother-in-law of John Williams, Jr. See Chapman, Isle of Wight Wills, p. 33. The widow Anne was to have the dwelling plantation in Isle of Wight, but at her death it was to become the property of the eldest son John. If the son John Williams preferred to remain in Surry where he ³is now seated,´ then the son Theophilus was to have brother John¶s 150 acres in Surry. The son William Williams was to have the 200 acres adjacent Mandue from the Williams-Pierce transaction of 1681. The son Nicholas was to have 150 acres in Surry, as was the son Richard. Personal items were left to the daughters Mary and Jane. The will did not mention the son-in-law John Browne by name or the daughter Bridgett Browne but left bequests to their daughters Anne, Bridget, and Mary Browne. The widow Anne made a deed of gift to her children in April 1694, approved by her second husband Arnold Shoemake whose will of 9 December 1697 was witnessed by the aforementioned Boaz Gwin and probated on 9 February 1698. See Isle of Wight Deed Book # 1, p. 105; Chapman, Isle of Wight Wills, p. 38. It will be noted below that some of the details in the deed of gift are incorrect. Researchers who have underestimated the age of John Williams and wife Anne fail to note that Shoemake had been a resident in the vicinity of the Boddie-Mandue-Matthews-Moore group since before 1668 (Boddie,
Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, p. 554) and mentioned a married granddaughter in his will. Issue: a.John Williams, Jr. (ca. 1650-1708) married (1) possibly ___?___ Pyland and (2) Mary Parnell. See the Parnell Section, # C. (1)Sarah Williams remains an enigma.

(2)John Williams (ca. 1670/75-1746/58) married Ann Moore (ca. 1675/80-after 1746), granddaughter of Mrs. Anne Rogers Moore Baron Matthews Davis and daughter of Anne¶s only Moore offspring, John Moore, who left his will in Isle of Wight in 1688. See the Moore Section, # 7, a, (4). John Williams signed his will in Bertie County, North Carolina on 13 March 1746; probated January 1758. The will was witnessed by William Byrd, Thomas Castellaw, and John Moore. The version in Grimes, Abstract of North Carolina Wills, pp. 41011, is seriously flawed. Jean Mayo Hirsch found the original in the files of the Secretary of State and has posted it on the internet, although the compiler believes that she has chosen the wrong John Williams as his father. Only one of the sons, identified in the will of his son John in 1722 (i. e., James Williams), had predeceased the father, and the children of this son James, as noted below, were included as legatees. The will also left bequests to daughters Ann Herring and Sarah Castellaw. Issue:

(a)John Williams (ca. 1690/95-1722) died unmarried; his legatees were his brothers (Isaac, James, Arthur, and Theophilus) and ³cousins [sic: nephews]´ John Williams and Anthony Herring. See Grimes, Abstract of North Carolina Wills, p. 410.

(b)Ann Williams (ca. 1690/95-before 1750) married Samuel Herring (ca. 1685/90-1750) who signed his will in Johnston County on 22 October 1750; inventory 14 June 1751. See Deed Book # 5, p. 165. A brief synopsis of Herring family history appears in the Lawrence Section, specifically in the material about Barbara Herring Smith, # 2, a, (3), (a), 5), a). (c)Mary Williams (ca. 1690/95-after 1746) married probably her brother-in-lawAbrah am Herring (ca. 1685/90-after 1757). She was mentioned in her father¶s will as Mary Herring. See the aforementioned Herring synopsis in the Lawrence Section.

Of his children: a)Hester Williams (1746-ca.´ Moreover. John Cain¶s nephew. He appeared numerous times in the deed books of Bertie and later moved to Onslow County. and (2) Jesse Hare Croom whose sister Harriet Croom Hogan married John Moore the Hatter¶s grandson James Albert Hendon. 1695/1700-1736/37) married Elizabeth Bryan. Abstract of North Carolina Wills. It does note that the son-in-law Isaac Williams was an executor but misspelled her name as ³daughter . Haywood. the complete text. However. b. 1790) married Mary Hicks on 8 August 1746 in Onslow County. 1). the compiler¶s great-great-grandfather. and Moore families. 1695-ca. p. (4). who left his will in Bertie in 1749. notes the daughter Sarah Hodges who married John Cain(ca. (a)] married a sister of Rebecca¶s husband. posted by Dr. James. witnessed by Hardy Moore (?). left his plantation to his mother Sarah. son of William Cain (ca. North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register. b. 1752) married Martha Hodges. 1685/90. James Williams signed his will on 21 August 1736. a (4). (4). p. p.(d)Theophilus Williams (ca. She was born in Onslow County on 8 August 1746. The son William Castellaw. is inadequate. 1796) married Constantine Whitfield. 3)Jerusha Williams (ca. 409. 1790) married William Whitfield III (1743-1817) as the first of his four wives. when. 2)Ezekiel Williams (ca. North Carolina where his estate records were destroyed during a hurricane. (d). . See the Bryan Section. 1720-1761). e. Vol. for some unknown reason. See Grimes. 1790 in Onslow where the records were destroyed. his wife Christian. 16851732). He served as a justice with Needham Bryan and Thomas Whitmel. daughter of Epaphroditus Moore and probably a granddaughter of James Moore of Nansemond [# 3. he probably died ca. son of John Moore the Hatter. # 3. andEasth er [sic: Hester]. 632. 1690-1757) of Edgecombe. John . a. (g)Isaac Williams (ca. Hare. Esther. married Rebecca Moore. 1695/1700-after 1749) married James Castellaw (ca. See the Lawrence Section. James Cain (ca. 1735-1795) married Jesse Jernigan. 1775) marriedCh ristian. e. (f)Sarah Williams (ca. An important record appears in the Bertie County Court Minutes of 1742. He executed a deed of gift in Duplin County on 10 May 1763 to his childrenDanie l. Jr. See Hathaway. He died intestate before August 1749 when his son Thomas Castellaw petitioned for administration of the estate. The abstract of the will of Robert Hodges (1740/42) in Grimes. (2). # 2. See the Cain Section.Fran ces.1749). (e)James Williams (ca.T he oph ilus. especially note the marriage of his granddaughter Keziah Arabella Whitfield to (1) Henry Moore. 168. Lewis. (a). 181. probated February 1737. and Ann Branch. One of the children has been traced by the compiler: 1)Joseph Williams (ca. Mathew Williams. possibly a Bry an. # 1. 1720/25-ca. 1700-ca. p. See the Lawrence Section. and Ferebee. # 2. 4)Barbara Williams (1737-ca. Issue: 1)Feraby Williams remains an enigma. Constantine¶s progeny were much intermarried with the compiler¶s Croom. (4). and children Joseph. (4) in the Moore Section]. 1730/35-1800) married Zilphia Bush. daughter of Robert Hodges. A copy of his original will has been posted on RootsWeb by Jean Mayo Hirsh who notes correctly that Elizabeth was pregnant with the fourth child Barbara who was mentioned with the other three children in the will of the grandfather John Williams. . he had to prove his rights in North Carolina on behalf of himself. (b). 2. Rebecca Moore Cain¶s cousin Edward Moore [# 3. # 1. See the discussion in the Bryan Section. George Cassady on the internet.

p. whose sister-in-law Tabitha Pace married John Moore. probated 6 July 1871. Issue: a)Ferabee Williams (ca. a. Joel Williams left one of the few early wills of Johnston County to have survived. 2) for Elizabeth Whitfield. 1725-1768) provides the names of two other siblings: 1)Isaac Williams. including: (1Alexander Williams (1789-1871) married (1) his cousin Charity Whitfield Smith (1789-1848) and (2) another cousin Jemima Haywood Whitfield. He was named in honor of his stepfather Colonel Theophilus Hunter. (d) for Alexander Smith and # 2. as posted on the internet by Rosalee Haas. 1725/30-after 1768) remains an enigma. Isaac Williams died intestate ca. the will of his son Isaac Williams. of Isle of Wight and grand nephew of Sarah Lawrence Moore. see also # 2. as Benjamin Hodges (ca. 615. purported grandmother of John Moore the Hatter. (a).Also for the Hodges genealogy. a. by Carole Ring. (3). Jr. see the Moore Section. a. d. (c). b. 1814/15. # 1. a. a. 1690-1755). (4).grandson of the compiler¶s ancestor John Lawrence. 5). Jr. # 2.1824). a. # 7. See the Lawrence Section. He . (3). married Constance Goodrich. 1725-1768) died without issue. brother of Robert Hodges. 2)Nathan Williams (ca. (4). Colonel Smith was a great. 1757/58-1828) died a spinster in Cumberland County. son of Richard Moore [# 3. a. and # 2. p. along with the identity of his heirs. Jane Smith Williams married (2) Colonel Theophilus Hunter whose close association with John Moore the Hatter and allied families is discussed in the material about her in the Lawrence Section. 3). Named for his maternal grandfather. Concerning Charity and Jemima. See the Moore Section. see the Lawrence Section. He signed his will in Arkadelphia. 1752. another daughter of Robert Hodges. North Carolina. 4). # 2. (a). (b)]. Arkansas on 26 May 1870. 1730/35-ca. See Will Book # 1. (ca. Alexander Williams was born 31 January 1789 in Cumberland County. married Joseph Moore (ca. a cousin of both Isaac Williams and Alexander Smith. (2). (3). Court records of Johnston County indicate that Isaac Williams died intestate ca. as reported by the local press. Mrs. left his estate to his brother Nathan and the four children of his brother Joel. He signed it on 30 December 1760. The will has been posted on the internet. The executors were his wife Jane and her father. (ca. Isaac Williams had many children. (3). (a). daughter of Alexander Smith (ca. 1). 754. (e). 1780/81) and wife Elizabeth Whitfield. 1. 1725/30-1761) married Jane Smith. b). a. for Edith.Cain¶s purported sister Elizabeth Cain married Richard Pace. probated January 1761. (3). However. Jr. according to the Harnett CountyHeri t age. # 2. daughter of Colonel Samuel Smith (1709-1783) and his first cousin Edith Whitfield. see the Moore Section. (4). His will of 25 January 1768 (probated February 1769). (d). Vol. b). (c). Moreover. Sr. (2Theophilus Hunter Williams (1799-1877) married Elizabeth Jane Lane. 1680-1753). See the Lawrence Section. 3)Joel Williams (ca. # 3. b)Isaac Williams (1756-1814/15) married his first cousin Rachel Smith (1763. Clarke County. Ann Hodges. Jr.

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