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Work experience:

General Dynamics July 07 to

April 10
Material Handler / Auburn Warehouse
Duties Include: Store, Receive and inventory all variants of Stryker vehicle par
ts. Maintain the entire warehouse inventory, using the Oracle data base program.
Update inventory in Oracle making sure inventory count was updated and maintain
ed. Pass on any and all paperwork, i.e. travelers to be stored and maintained as
per government contract. Assist other employees from different departments in l
ocating inventory for shipments to other General Dynamics sites. Report any inve
ntory discrepancies to the warehouse manger.

Work experience:
General Dynamics
February 07 / May 07
Material handler / Admin Doha, Qatar
Duties included: Store, Receive, and Inventory, all Stryker repair parts for all
variants of Stryker Vehicles. Maintain, update, and report all discrepancies an
d damages to the warehouse lead and the site manger. Keep track of the entire wa
rehouse inventory, using Dmis data base program. Assist the on site mechanics an
d the P.C.C in locating inventory
needed to repair battle damaged Stryker vehicles so they could be given back to
various Army Units.
Meet and greet all General Dynamics employees, new to the country of Qatar. Assi
st them in obtaining their pass/I.D to get on and off the post. Assist personnel
in updating their CAC cards through the D.O.D web site, as requested through th
e site manger.

Work experience:
General Dynamics Dec
ember 03 / February 06
Administrative Assistant/ Fielding Specialist / Ft. Lewis
Duties include: Store, Receive, Kit and Issue inventory in Total Package Fieldin
g warehouse for all variants of Stryker vehicles. To update and maintain warehou
se inventories, using the ALSS, and Visual DBASE data bases. Compile all issue d
ocuments needed for Stryker Vehicle handoffs to various Army units. To include 2
062 hand receipts, 1348, 2408, 5684, ALSS hand receipts. Updated, Stryker vehicl
e picture books. Work with customers from different Army units and government pe
rsonnel on any inventory discrepancies, shortages and order repair parts when ne
eded. Traveled to various bases and training facilities through the country, to
issue Stryker Vehicles to Army units and training schools. Keep track of all ser
ial numbers items given to units. Updated, maintained, stored, and archived all
Stryker issues past and present. Requested inventory packages, for Stryker field
ing issues, from our higher fielding office. Trained new employees, in all areas
of total package fielding, from warehouse to Stryker issues.

General Dynamics September 2003 to December 2003 Ft.Lewis, WA

Administrative Assistant to Site Manger / Ft. Lewis
Duties included: Moving all 58 personnel overseas to Kuwait for the first slat a
rmor team. Marking sure that all of their physicals were done and passports were
in order. Scheduled air transportation, dates and times, with other administrat
ive Assistants, to insure that all personnel were ready in country to start the
slat armor contract on time. I was part of the advanced party to insure that per
sonnel had appropriate quarters. Set up an excel data base to keep track of all
311 of 3rd BDE Stryker vehicles to insure that they all had slat armor and othe
r necessary equipment before advancing into Iraq. Met with Program Manger from T
ACOM, various Army units on a daily basis to insure customer quality assurance,
and to report any discrepancies.

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