MSG Presidential Candidates

S i n the forthcoming elections, experience, cohesiveness, and social reform are the issues being stressed- by the three candidates {for the office of student government president. "The basis for my campaign is my experience," explained incumbent Tim Seltzer, "and my rapport with the trustees and the administration,'' B &BI Seltzer, who is setting a precedent by seeking re-election, feels that the government "really needs experienced people next year, at feast one." He believes the work he's done this year has given him enough experience to begin next year without a period of transition. He feels this is important for the unification of the new officers. I f Seltzer had originally planned not to seek re-election. "I felt I did a good job, but I haven't gotten any positive responses from the student body, j x "I knew I had the support of the trustees and the administration," he continued. "But I wasn't sure of the students." JjSB? B T m Because of the experience he has gained, Seltzer feels it is his duty to run again. "The officers this year know what needs to be done and I'm the only officer staying." I -j7g Asked what the chief issues during the forthcoming elections might be, Seltzer commented that there were none. "This is not a one issue campaign." -£$85 Issues abounded, however, with presidential candidate Bob Breslin. "At this point the chief issues concern the activities which have fallen short of expectations, i the invisibility of student government, and the number of students unaware of policy decisions." *jfc c An interesting wrinkle in Breslin's campaign is the decision to run as a member of a party. Breslin explained that all of the individuals running on his ticket felt a party would "show cohesiveness." . Jf-,'^3 JjES "We're looking for expediency and efficiency," stated Breslin. "We already know we can work together, and our goals and objectives were set before the campaign." He believes these points will negate the usual period of transition. i5ffi*Jfr Asked if running as a party would mean his refusal of the presidential office should a member of Ms ticket not be elected. Breslin said no.f "Each •candidate is an independent thinker." | ] "The purpose of the party is not for one of the candidates to carry

The! Issues
the other three, but rather to show a continuity of thought by campaigning together." : Breslin feels hisfirstpriority is to the students. "Their moods and ides ires 1 should be * incorporated in my policies."! He doesn't foresee any problems getting involved with the students. "We will not be sitting waiting for students to come to us," Breslin pointed out, "we will go to them. ]E Candidate John Chrzanowski lists social reform and change as a major issue for the elections. "I think I can create a better atmosphere where there are better things to do." 1 Chrzanowski would like to change what he percieves as a "nothing to Ido around here" attitude. "I'm working on getting fraternities wand sororities started," he explained. Continuing with | his j idea of social change Chrzanowski said. "I don't think students should have to wait four to five weeks between student activities." •3 "I think Jan Gatti does a good job, but she needs more support and financial help, 1 he added. "This is why I want to work more closely with the vice-president and the student union. S Chrzanowski believes a strong point in his campaign is his past experience in student activities and government. He feels his position~ias ^ co-chairperson of Activity Day shows he was "given confidence within the government V as \ a proven worker." JJPfc «£, As business manager of The Merciad, Chrzanowski believes his ability, to earn a recordsetting amount of money for the .•S3 few Continued on page 2

la jstudent^ publication

MSG Elections To Be | Held Monday and Tuesday The Presidents MSG j Does About!ace,

Bob Breslin "I am Bob Breslin, and I am announcing my candidacy for the office of president. I am sophmore Political Science major with a Busness Administration minor. 3 "The first question I would like to ask the student body is, have the activities this year fallen short of your expectations? Do you feel you have had enough input or even knowledge about policies handed down overjthe preceeding term? Students are generally unaware of policy situations or why decisions were made. Generally students just see the results of these decisions, and are not sure exactly how to correct the situation. i "I believe the M.S.G. needs a horizontal line of communication with the students, if it is going to be truly representative. I believe the way to combat student apathy is to keep them well informed. Therefore,. I propose that I, if elected president will insure that the M.S.G. reports weekly to the student body, either through a time slot on the planned radio station, weekly, newsletters, or an open forum where we will bold a question and answer period. I was planning on applying for a townhouse, but to ieep in touch with the students, I have decided to stay in McAuley dorm. I feel I can be most accessible to the students there, with office hours posted on the M.S.G. office door. "Previous administrations have had the "Open Door Policy." I am not waiting for you to come to me, I shall report to you. As your elected representative, I /eel I am responsible to keep you informed of college policy. iji" a 41 "We are beginning next year with a new president, and three new administrators. I feel this is afreshstart, and would like to be part of it. • "I am a transfer student, so I have adopted a policy listen, learn and lead. I have voluntarily a ttended j«MSQ-t'£ meetings, r*f ^WpfP Continued on page 2

; John Chrzanowski

Fellow Students: | * &* "I wish to announce my candidacy for the office of M.S.G. president. Based on the currently good academic climate of the college, my goal is to change the social atmosphere for the student


"Last year as a representative of M.S.G., I voted for an activity fee Increasefrom$35.00 to $50.00. Needless to say, I was very disappointed to find that the amount of activities did not increase. Nor was there tangible evidence of useable student material. What did surprise me, was that the "unexpected" $5,000 in surplus budget money that turned up several weeks ago. I cannot help but wonder why this money was not used for student activities throughout the year. I would like work closer with my vice-president, SAC and Jan Gatti to bring you more quality events and items for your use. "I have three goals which I would like to achieve if elected. I would like to see a system set up which would allow the library to be open latex than what is currently is. Presently the library is only open until 10:00 p.m. and does not afford students who have evening , classes or daytime commitments. I have heard many students complain about the lack of hours. "I would also like to move the major school dance functions from the student union to the campus center whenever feasible. The main reason this has not been done was because no tarp was available to cover the fragile basketball court But the dances could be held on the tennis court or the stage, m i- r "Finally, I am working on getting a fraternity, TKE, started on campus. If this is successful several girls nave indicated that they will start a sorority. This idea is very feasible and improve campus spirit and pride. , "I have served on M.S.G. for two years, student senate for oneContinued on page 2


Tim Seltzer j "I,film Seltzer do here by announce my candidacy for reelection to the office of President of Mercyhurst Student Government. T feel it is my duty as incumbent president to use the expertise I have acquired this year to the best of the student interests. " v "First of all let me explain exactly what that experience is, since many off my duties are virtually unknown Ho most students. "Aside from leading the MSG meetings, * I l1 run the MSG executive board meetings which also meet once a week. As President, I serve as the student (voting) representative on the Mercyhurst Board of Trustees, and to date have not missed a meeting]; f "Representation on the Board is the most important job of the president. That's where the true power of the students is actually asserted, and I feel that I have been extremely effective in that role. I have established an excellent rapport with the Board and if re-elected I would waste no time keeping student opinions in the ears of the Trustees. * "The Trustees also appointed me to the Presidential Search Committee which after extensive interviews aand discussions unanimously elected Dr. Garvey as the next President of Mercyhurst College. "Through my work on that committee and with the Board, I have gained their respect for MSG and the students at large, as well as gaining their confidence in me as the honest and sometimes loud f voice of the students, i JL % "I have also established a strong amiable ' working relationship with the administration, which enabled me to get information to the students faster than ever before. "You must keep in mind that this rapport with the Board and Administration r was a not W " ''" ?''Continued on-pa go*

The proposals for a student union sound system and the -closed-circuit radio broadcast system were allotted a major portion of the $5,000 budget surplus at the April 144 meeting of student government. In an unusual turn of events, the represent .it'ves voted to amend an earlier fmotion to allot a total $3,774 to the Union's sound system proposal. TSBLJT* The six | proposals were arranged in order of preference according to lists submitted by the representatives at an earlier meeting. Voting for the disbursement of the surplus was done initially in accordance with the order of listed proposals.^ § |Since the radio systemproposal was number five on the list, there was only $139 left in the surplus to allot. At that point senior business administration major Steve Prisina said he felt the representatives should have set a proper priority to the proposals before voting took place. : $£ * A number of students attending the meeting agreed with Frisina. In the discussion that followed pros and cons of the radio system were debated. English rep Bonnie James motioned for an amendment of the Union sound system proposals and the body voted with her. The Union proposal was then cut to $1500 in order to provide $2200 for the: installation of a closed-circuit radio system on campus. % * $ "

Radio Station Gets $2,200

It was the general agreement of the representatives and officers that a recommendation to allot the remaining funds necessary to install the sound system be made to the new officers. | 5 & £ The yearbook proposal for new equipment was granted the total $372 requested. Representatives felt the new equipment would benefit the students via a quality yearbook ? and use at formal dances. ? The Campus Center was allotted $330 of the budget surplus. The money granted is enough to purchase one trophy case for the lobby of the Campus Center. Vice-President JoAnn Alexander announced that Dan O'Connor, Athletic Director, had pledged to place a plaque stating the case had been donated by the student government.jv^ Alexander then announced that the females had raised $61.67 and the males $43.68 in the governments Battle of the Sexes contest for Muscular Dystrophy. Votes for the representatives will be taken until April 16. Steve Frisina, editor of The Merciad, pledged to match the total ^ funds collected by the representatives with matching funds from the The Merciad budget. W As a final item of business, the candidates for the student government offices were announced. Letters to the student bodyfromthe candidates appear In this issue of The Merciad.


Kidd, jMSG Reach Agreement
George Kidd, Vice President of Business Services, in response to a memofromMSG asking for the remaining funds from student fees be given to the goverment, has agreed to give the students the interest accrued and half the pinball revenue. This money will Be used specifically for the maintenance and physical improvement of the Student Union. The original memo from the MSG asked that the remaining student funds be turned over to the MSG.j The ; alternative, devised by Kidd and the MSG Executive Committee, insures that the money will stay within the college. r, JoAnn' Alexander,Vice-President of the MSG, explained that students would not be required to make up the college's loss of the MSG budget interest in tuitional. costs. The amount of interest which will be accrued has not been determined at this date.

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APRIL 18, 1980


Candidates for V.
5 "I have spoken with many of you on the subject of student m 1 activities. Virtually all of you whom'I spoke with were in agreement with me in regard to the need for improvement in this area. I believe that the greatest problem with the present student activities lies in the fact that the general student community has not been able to inject enough input into the choice of these activities. J •«' S " If* elected I will circulate, before the end of this term, a survey to every student. This survey will provide you with the opportunity to submit what you •£* \ Rich Lanzillo would like to see in the way of fall "When I decided to run for activities. During the summer I the office of vice-president of the will come to the college and M.S.G. one of the basic ideas spend as much time as necessary prompting my decision was that to schedule!the events most it was time the M.S.G. and SAC requested. In this way student (student activities committee) activities can be improved while became more greatly connected student apathy is being comI with the students, residents, and bated. J* I "I have made the claim that I commuters, which they are supposed to be serving and am the most qualified candidate representing. I belive I am the for vice-president. The obvious most qualified candidate to ac- question is, how can a freshman complish this and the other be qualified for such a position? Prior to coming to Mercyhurst, I responsibilities of the office. "Through t h e ^ y e a r s , was very active politically in my was class variations of this campaign nigh school. Ifor foura years, promise have been made by representative my class many different candidates. The including president ofand senior difference in this instance is that my freshman, junior, I am willing to explain how this year.* "I was also a member of my objective shall be accomplished. Next year the ^vice-president student council for four years, shall have the responsibility of and president of my student chairing the Student ^Activities council in my senior year. Committee. I W&P. Through these years of exWanted: Responsible and capable person for the job of Vice-President in Mercyhurst Student Government* *££?• J? Found: Michael Smith. g "Hi) my name is Michael Smith and I feel I am a responsible and capable student for the 'job of Vice-President in MSG. I bet your asking why? Well, let me give you some background on myself, jjjij Right now i my interests lie in f Business ^Management and Theatre. So far this year, I have WM performed in three plays. I am also in Student i Government as a freshmen "There always seems to be a lack of student input or student concern of what happens in the Mercyhurst Student Government. I feel this has occurred, because the students feel left out; they think no one will listen or if they do listen they will not care. As vice-president I will always be open to your 1 suggestions and your needs. "Since the Student Government is for the students and represents the students, we should listen to the students. "I think that students are not informed well enough of what is going on in student government. If one stops -j and thinks, one probably, does not know any of the decisions that the student Seltzer cont. Next years MSG will have I representatives from dorms and [clubs in addition to the totally academic base we 'I work with now. So you see I am not only concerned with academics. I am very much aware of the lack of social activities. ~ ; "It was that problem that promoted me to make the VicePresident, Chairman of the Student Activities Committee. This is to bring the two organizations closer together, giving the government more control and information about activities. $ "I have also spent a better part of this year^ trying .to get the money to change our new radio lab into a campus station to be heard in the dorms and the union. f After MSG (just? this week) alloted $2,200,00 to that end, the administration through the interest expressed by the Trustees, plans to raise the balance needed to wire the campus. "In conclusion I'd just like to say that I would not be running if I didn't know that I can do a good job. I know exactly what it takes, and I believe I can do the best job perience, I have come to understand that a student ^goverment officer should be open minded and always remember that he or she * is elected to represent the interests of his or her constituency. £ * 5 "Another priority § I would make for myself would be to establish better lines of communications between the M.S.G. and the studentbody it is representing. I will work to have a special column reserved in the The Merciad strictly for M.S.G. material and if this column can not be achieved I will work to establish a weekly newsletter as an alternative. Www&^M' "There will also be a campus closed-circuit radio station in operation sometime in the future. It will be my intention to bring government information!to the students through this resource. Through the use of these mediums, < better studentj par> ticipation and communications should result. {Nevertheless, the best and most reliable source of government information should be the officers and representatives themselves. | "If elected my door will always be open along with the other candidates making up our party. But you probably won't find us m our rooms; we intend to come out to the "peopleJ who we £are priviledged* to represent and serve. 3 ,£ I S Richard A. Lanzillo representative. Enough onpmy background. "Let us get to the major concern. .Next year the vicepresident will run the Student Activities Committee. So what I would need is your input. That is the only way I can plan your activities, and then follow thru with them. Isn't that what SAC is there for? That's what I'll make it stand for, if you only give me the chance. Now don't forget, vote Michael Smith for VicePresident of Student Government on April 21 and 22 in Zurn lobby. Michael Smith T* i=

i i

Two Gone, Mora To Follow?
One need not be particularly insightful to realize that I the college is about to undergo a series of changes. The vacancies created by the announced exits of Bob Prather andfDr.fJohn Millar represent an exodus that will allow Dr. Garvey to surround himself with compatible?.coworkers. 3 j ?f The feeling here is that it would not be surprising to see a few more vacancies created and filled by September of 1980. While he held applicant status for the college " presidency. Garvey. voiced! dissatisfaction with - a number of college practices related fto its academic philosophy and functional aspects. The two vacancies are a prelude.! \ i J 2J7 However, at this point a student concern has to be voiced. Mercy hurst has been experiencing faculty (and administrative turnover at an alarming rate for the past four years. Examrlas of this are toe college science) department and

the revolving door of the dean's office. Counting Sister Matthew, a Hurst senior has \ seen three deans in four years. ^ § ',• The constant state of transition this college has been experiencing is not healthy. Professors leaving students at midstream % and administrators leaving academic and administrative programs half done have burned students once too often. For that matter, once is too

There is no debate over the fact that a chief administrator should be surrounded with'compatible subordinates and co-workers. There is also no debate over the fact that unless Mercy hurst College establishes some con-' tinuity and permanence among its educational and administrative staff, it will continue to experience difficulties. Purposeful staffing is now a priority of the president-elect. The hope here is that students will no longer have to be fthe neglected subjects of a "house divided." i

often? \



Staff Editorial

question and answer period. This forum is open to the student body. The constitution states than no candidate can have £ a > poster within 50 feet of the election polls. On Monday, however, candidates will be campaigning, in person, with only several yards between them and the polls. It hardly seems fair that'students should have such a short time to digest the information they gather at the open forum. .* The cramped situation could have been avoided had there been more forethought by *the government concerning the announcement of the elections, candidacy, and the timing for the open forum.; '•'',£ Throughout the preparations of the elections, the constitution seems to have developed ameoba-like qualities in regard to its applicability. There is, afterall, a difference between revision and an adherence to established guidelines.' In an attempt to be expedient, the government has forsaken a number of those guidelines. Letters of intent should not be accepted after deadline (they usually aren't). Polls should not be (and never have been before) open while formal campaigning is still in progress. * If students desire making a responsible < choice' . in representation, in light of the present situation, they | should attend the open forum and go to the polls on Tuesday. Rebecca L. Martin Seltzer cont.

A Precedent In Procrastination
A large number of the. Mercyhurst community has been commenting on the "laid-back" attitude toward the student government campaign this year. Perhaps the reasoning behind this situation can be seen in the present government's hurried : approach -to the forthcoming elections. For example, the initial memo to L inform students of the upcoming elections was written on April 1. Rather than distribute the memo before the Easter break, the government decided to wait until students had returned. On the evening of April 9, the memos were distributed to the students—two days after classes had resumed. Deadline for the letters of intent was April 11— two days after the letters had been recieved by students. One result&K; of this procrastination was a minimal response in student application. At the 4:00 deadline, there was one office with no candidates whatsoever. Consequently, the officers decided to extend the deadline until 4:00 April 14, the following Monday. \ K 1 i The government seems to want to cram the elections into the shortest amount of time possible. Why, for instance, are the election polls being opened before the formal campaigning is officially over? Polls open Monday at 9:00; yet Monday at 4:00 the candidates will appear at the government meeting for a Breslin cont.


Mike Smith

government has made. "As vice-president I hope to bridge that gap, and to the best of my ability, keep the students better informed of the decisions being made, r t "The activities in fall term were i both , numerous and well planned, but the winter and spring term activities seemed not so numerous. As vice-president I plan to work closely with SAC and hopefully increase activities and spread them out more evenly. Also, I hope to increase student turnout by increasing activities that are liked most by the students. $ "If these are some of the things that are important to you, vote for me, Michael Thompson, on April 21 and 22. of continuing the fine work of this years officers. vt "I think that next year's MSG needs Hhe experience in leadership that I can offer, but it's, all up to you. I have a great deal more to say, but I don't want this letter to be too long so if you have any questions please come Chrzanowski cont. year, and currently serving as cochairman of the activities day and disc jockeyed many school dances and functions and volunteered much of my time working for* various school functions. I also am currently the business manager of The Merciad and anticipate a record year Presidential interview cont. paper shows his capabilities. "It has taught me how to deal with finances, and how to work with administrators and students." "If experience is the issue then I should be elected," he added. "People who know me around here know what I have done and what I can do." !??


^ * r

Mike Thompson to room 114Z on Monday, April 21 at 4 p.m. and interview all the candidates. &."As for myself I welcome all questions and comments and urge you to look at everyone closely, and elect whomever you think is the" best for the fob. Thank you very much." Tim Seltzer ( in finances made for the paper. "Due to my broad background in working with administration, faculty, andlfeUow students in various aspects, I would appreciate your support on the election days. No matter whom you may choose, please come to the polls and vote. John M. Chrzanowski On the whole eight of the eleven candidates for student government offices are underclassmen. Asked r to comment on this situation, Director of Student Services Bill Kennedy replied, "Apparently the upperclassmen have other things to do." Polls will be open April 21-22 in Zurn lobby 8:30-4:00.

established over night. It \ has listened, learned, and spoke. I taken time for all of us to feel now feel the time is ripe for each other out. If I'm re-elected movement. I am currently there would be absolutely no working to establish a fraternity transition period, which was one and am advocating fraternization of the major assets of Dr. Garof Mercy hurst. I am also vey's Presidency. 'Li * presently rowing on the crew "As president, I am also a clttb.v member of the Organizational "As a further step, the Presidents who meet monthly to president of MSG receives a discuss any and all issues related $1,000 scholarship.* If elected I to Mercyhurst. I was also apwill forfeit my scholarship until pointed by Dr. Shane to the the end of the term, where you President's Rentetion Committee will vote whether to grant me the which is studying the problems scholarship contingent upon my behind student attrition. a performance in office. This will V-"I was also elected by last accomplish two things, it will years MSG to a two year term as give you greater influence in the a student senator, and was apM.S.G. and serve as an incentive pointed to the Administrative ? for myself. £ ,,* *| Operations and Policies Com "I think I can represent you mittee of the Senate for this year. justly on various committees the ^ "In regards to what I've done more directly forj; Student president serves on. Your voice, through me, to the Government, I'd say that a major item would be the rewriting of the administration." constitution, establishing a more Thank you, diverse representative system. R.E.B.



APRIL 18. 1980

Candidates For!Treasurer.|. .Secretary



Mary Gausman Fellow Students, "In the position of treasurer, I intend to fulfill the corresponding obligation and duties as well as maintain a maximum level of representation of the student body. I believe, just as my fellow student, that it is essential to be wise in the enactment of financial activities; hence, in a cooperative effort with the members of the MSG. I would look toward the student body to aid in providing this wisdom. Through suggestions from "Hursters", guidelines may be established by [which I could ensure* quality , financial management. "Since the student government is representative of the student body, it is essential for the students to be aware of its activities, particularly of its ! financial status; hence, I feel an obligation to promote as much publication as feasible of its ongoings, f #5 *fej^ "As the treasurer, I believe that I can fulfill its obligations and duties with my background as a second year math major. I am aware of the fact that the duties of treasurer entail much more than abilities in math; however, I will maintain a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, in the i off ice.— Sincerely . $ ^ Mary Gausman

Find It In i Our Want Ads

Mike McLaughlin ,"i would like to address the student body of Mercy hurst College. My name is Michael P McLaughlin. I am a student who cares about the well being of this institution. ^Therefore I am running ,T for treasurer of the Mercyhurst Student Government, it would like to see this college as a well balanced community. There should! be more interest in the financial management of the K activities program. There is more to being Treasurer of the MSG than sitting behind a desk working on the books. In this position, there is a need to be active in the community and aware of what is happening around us. There should be more interest in the events, and how they are affecting the individual student as well as the whole community. "As treasurer it would be my responsibilty to ask opinions and find solutions to the various problems. I would be the student body who can take criticism or complaints. It would be best in the interests of the school to post the month's expenses, income, and anything that may be ^important to the student body. These monthly reports would be posted in the LRC, student union, Old Main, and the dorms, in constant view of the people of this campus. g& »£ "We need > a caring and . responsible student who wants to offer his assistance into getting this college into a community of caring, active students ready to face the world. I am a Geology major and an active member of the Mercyhurst Crew Team who cares about the future of this community. I have the experience and confidence needed to hold the position of treasurer of the Mercyhurst«*f Student Government. ™ k? Michael McLaughlin

Admissions Counselor Co-Op
Attention to Any Student who will be a Junior or Senior in September!! The Mercyhurst College Admissions office is seeking two students interested in doing a Co-op experience as Admissions Counselors. Students from anyimajor orfminor program are welcome *to apply. Famifiarityfwith the Pittsburgh and/or Philadelphia areas desirable but not mandatory. This Co-op is worth nine (9) credits which will be granted through the business department. The length of the position will be 17 weeks, beginning on Monday, August 4, 1980 and ending on Friday/ November 28, 1980. The salary for the 17 week period is $2,500 plus expenses and mileage. Students must have their own cor. A description of the responsibilities and duties [of an Admissions Counselor can be obtained in the Admissions Office which is located on the first floor of Old Main. Anyone who is interested in applying for the positions, should forward a resume and three (3) letters of recommendation to Karen E. Benzel, Director, of Admissions, plication deadline is April 28, 1980.

Linda First Fellow Students: £ < "Better student representation is, and always will be, the major purpose of student government. Regardless of which office I seek, the responsibility is the same. Therefore, you deserve to know why I am qualified to serve you as secretary. Jr "While I have the necessary technical skills needed to do the job, I also bring an ability to relate to people as well. In drawing student input to the government this is important year. | rVg. ,:V; "As treasurer, I believe the whether you be a resident or a first order of business will be to commuter, such as myself. A set up a tentative budget based on student must be able to relate to input received from the chair- other students if he or she wants person and treasurer of the to represent them. Student Activities Committee "Working as a reporterjifor (SAC). This budget would be The Merciad has taught me to .presented to the government and present all relevant information students for approval and to the students.- As secretary I amending as soon as possible. plan to do the same. Through a "Since the students activity fee weekly MSG newsletter I would totals in excess of $50,000, It is my like to inform you of meetings, opinion that a certain amount of future proposals and activities. I power be given to the students in feel that a timely report such as the budgeting decisions of M.S.G. this might improve com"A monthly report of the munication and the students budget to the students is a must, j ability to participate as well. If elected I would like to see the "Another possible channel of budget posted in a newsletter, J communication the MSG may be The Merciad, or made available able to use is the college radio to students via broadcasts over station- providiii£. that the closedthe new radio station. circuit broadci's'; system is inIf elected treasurer, I would be stalled. My background as a giyen the opportunity to sit in on junior Communications major the Budget and Finance Com- would assist me in this area. mittee of the College. Given this "If possible I would like to hold opportunity I would keep the open forums in the dorms to student well aware of any solicit new ideas from you. Let's decisions made that they should not forget that Activity. Day '79 be concerned about. came about as a result of such a I "In conclusion, I feel a positive^ meeting. £* , aspect of my campaign is my? "The final qualification I wish support of the Students- to stress is the party of which I Representative Party. - The am a member. I feel that the members are Bob Breslin, Student Representative Party President; Rich La nzillo, A Vice-' would be a good representative President; myself as treasurer; ( for the students. With unity and and. Linda First, Secretary. shared objectives, we would be |j "We are campaigning as a able to serve you immediately party but want to be elected by without any transitions. you as individuals. We believe the "I ask for your support on April cohesive ness, openmindedness 21 and 22 and thank you for your and thought generated by the time and consideration. \rJ\: four of us is something that could Sincerely, 0 & '-£F? only benefit the student body. It is Linda First our belief that by already being able to work with each other we would avoid the sometimes scholarships offered to these lenghty transition into the positions from your student government offices. activities fee be given on the As a party we would like to basis of performance. After the work together to serve you to the fact, rather than before ithe | extent you deserves To give us battle.•{ ?3 ? w Chris Meyers incentive we suggest the

Chris Meyers "Hi, I'm Chris Meyers.; I am a sophomore Geology major interested in representing the students as Treasurer of the Mercyhurst Student Government . jf ,4 v ]Presently I am a member of the crew club and have recently been appointed to the position of Resident' Assistant in the McAuley dormitory during the 1980-81 year. This means I will be readily available to all students day or night during the coming

%. A.

Denise Ricci "My name is Denise Ricci, I'm running for the office of MSG Secretary. Let me give you some information about my academic background. I'm a Junior Business Major i with a concentration in management. Currently, I have a co-op position in the Little Theatre as Business Manager. I'm also secretarytreasurer of the Theatre Fraternity - Alpha Psi Omega and a member of the KC Foods Advisory Council. In my sophomore year, I was the secretary I of the Theatre Department under Dennis Andres. I have a secretarial background plus I like working with the students at Mercyhurst College. !#' ^ t jig P "By being a junior with two years experience as a secretary, I feel I could be of value in this ! secretarial position. To me, the students at Mercyhurst College are the most important part of this college and I want them to feel that way. Through the office of MSG Secretary, I hope to become more aware of the students' ideas. I can bring these ideas to the student government meet ings and by working with the other officers, get activities and doings that the students would like to see and do. "The students should be more knowledgeable about MSG activities soyl plan to continue putting the MSG minutes in the Merciad. I would also encourage the students to respond to the minutes by sending in comments or editorials about them. •£* 3 '' If elected as MSG Secretary, I will put my best the job because l want to see the students happy. I want to see action in our student government and I feel with my energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas, I can put some movement into the government. "The office of MSG Secretary can be a valuable learning experience but it needs the cooperation of the student body in order to be productive for the students. I encourage everyone to get out and vote on April 21 and 22. The officers will not know 7 what the students want by not voting so make your voice be heard!" * Denise Ricci


Dom's T.V.
* Will come tolyour Apt. or Dorm !!s 10% DISCOUNT with this ad. Call Bernie Bauer


PAGE 4*11 li M
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; .

• • • • * • • • • 1 i • • a • i • * • • v • • • • • • • • • • • •



APRIL 18, 1980
717 7 7 7 7
• • • • • • •

f 7 ? 7 7 7 ? 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ? 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ? 7
• • • • • •

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7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
• • • • •



GAihbLs JK4
7 7

^^i€ r-&oJXsMJ^
In Memory Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980)
"His Being Is Now Nothingness" (A Memorial Poem) | The thought of your death] gives me' 'nausea' \ And I guess it's because that I 7 know i > ? That things which "essen- : tially" were the cause of y On your view, now have no where to go. I remember with sadness your 7 dictum J * I 1 That man isn't like a paper- 7 knife% •> (Boy, analogies-Jean-you sure picked 'em!) • I , I.E., clearly there's death after life. . b And it gets me so down when I think of it: 'i That you thought that no God had created you _ aj But I'll bet-when you stood on the brink of it, gngt> H You wished *heaven was ! . something you'd related _ I mean, really, you may have believed it £ (For the sake of a tenet or two) #$• j But I know all that bunk-you'd 7 retrieve it } Now that "No Exit" has hap- 7 penedtoyou. a I -Flo Scutella ™
y a

Which Way Is South? by Dr. George Garrelts
WHICH WAY IS SOUTH if you say the sun is feminine then she is wa nton with her favors a vagrant seeking daily entry begging hospitality r / met with blank stares mostly and neglect *k of her enormous energies because we do not know which way is south, i # A £ our homes and factories face street and lake, north, west, east-facing, riding sidesaddle away from energy. yet we bring the blood of fossils ™'. ten thousand miles to feed furnaces spending all our substances ,( * ignoring amon-re coming from the south. Stones, sand, some bricks is all she needs for overnight accomodati and an} opening could be an oculiis dei if we were to respond to such warmth & abiding love, yet we persist in our illiteracy concerning which way is south. WHICH WAY IS SOUTH ? (insights) Houses and public buildings of all kinds are being built today > with no reference to the sun or the energy the sun can provide. Buildings may have more insulation but there is little evidence in their design that they are made to admit or maintain the energy or the sun effectively * i | Whole cities have been constructed so as to (for the most part) face away from the sun; even though our economy is staggering into oblivion because of this energy illiteracy | little is being done to correct the problem. The White House now has a solar hot water heater but the solar energy program is barely discernible. While we ignore the sun and its power in itself, in wind, in water, our entire substance is burning away. We have traded our money for oil and burned up the oil. Now the oil people have all the money, so much they do not know what to do with it. They could buy all of our land and real estate and have quite a bit left over. The question I raise in this poem is how long we can ignore the sun and its energies. Will it take total devastation of our economy and political system to force us to discover which way is south.;









• ?

7 7

7 7777



/ «

Ayatollayou D . J . J O H N plays dancejs,^ wed<Jjujgj and private parties. You will call him at 4540 287 or write Box 918. Hmmm |Rock and Rol 15 Funk, Disco, , Oldies. . ." I W %

Mind Readings
Submissions To

7777777*77777 7

Box 45

^JIIHIH 1 m mi niinii 1 1 iitm mmnm 1 1 1 m 1 uti 1 1 11



*•• t . * M


Presents! I Saturday, April 19 - D. J. John Black Jack Thursday, April 24 - 9:30 - 1:30
% *T

Happy Hour Monday Thru Friday I Noon till 8:00 p.m.

College .Draft Night j- Tuesdays
Every Wednesday night - Ladies Night along with Movie Night Serving Lunches 12 till 2 Watch for Senior Day - Coming In May
If I t


APRIL 18, 1980



To My Nieces You are such dear little darlings. Auntie Em. Happy 'Birthday Vegetable!!! Love the salad, i Dave Rogers: HaoDV Birthday to a good roommate. Thanks for cleaning the ra thole Pierre. Poodge—when do we go to feed •Luka seedless grapes??? -4g5t3 Load—Happy Birthday to a young boy! Love an old man. Diane and Sandy: Meals aren't the same without your company. Your meal partner. '.

Renowned Critic

Terry ;Toj Tarry InjErie!
mation Agency.f II !3ra ** In television he has done script writing and f acted both as a consultant and; narrator in various dance programs. He has taught classes in dance criticism at Adolphi University, Southern Connecticut State College, College of the City of New York and Yale University. » He has served as a dance consultant to the | Cultural Exchange ^Program (U.S. Department of State), Fulbright Fellowships, New York Council on the Arts, Connecticut Commission on the Arts, Main Council on the Arts and such foundations as Rockefeller Guggenheim and Ford. He is a member of the advisory commission in the New York High School of Performing Arts. He also serves as an advisor-contrucutor to the Dance Collection, Library and Museum of the Performing-' Arts N.Y. Public Library at Lincoln Center. He ^ has published *15 dance books, the latest being in 1978,1 Was There, ? a i compilation of reviews, dance notes and articled over the last 40 years from the Boston Herald.TTie New Yeffc Herald Tribune, New York WorH Journal Tribune, ^TTie Saturday Review and the New York Times. J^T In 1976, he was made Knight of the Order of the Dannebrag by Command of Queen Margrethell of Denmark. He and Dr. Saleh met in July of 1974 when they juried the International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria Since that time, they have colectured on Egypt Dances at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., and before \ the University Musical Society at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich. {Terry's lecture will begin at 8pm Friday, April 25, in the Zurn Recital -Hall. Following the lecture, there will be an open reception in honor of Mr. Terry. Tickets are $4 for adults and $2 for students, which includes the reception afterwards. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. 3y( *

Pam Scandarito, Steve Frisina, Jean Lavin, the buddies, Caryn, Beth and Car la; Thanks for all the help on my campaign. John Dear Dave; we're still in the Chrzanowski. f ft union! Please Come! Love two * ? Linda First: Good luck in your toys in the union. campaign. Love the human to "dick" leach: you have been record changer. one large roommate and friend. j^ £ Dear Dave: Hope you have a Damien. memorable and nappy birthday. To * Ted:. . . He's a trampt' Love, a girl. ?. a SWISH (..He's a scoundrel Thanks to all those who have '...(swish). Who's the Lady? helped in my time of need. John Lisa H: We will have to get B. HI § 'ag together soon. D.S. Chud: good luck to the new Steve Frisina: I REFUSE TO basketball coach.? f. WORK < WITH YOU IF YOU Dear Load; Just because you're a INSIST,ON GIVING ME AIRyear old, doesn't mean you have PLANE SPINS!!!!!!TM DIZZY to leave the sandbox or toys. ENOUGH. Your admiring Love, the true veg. assistant.

Walter Terry, a renowned dance critic will be in Erie to speak on Friday,^ April 25, Henry: Ain't no mountain high through the sponsorship ofu the enough. Sing it Elaine and Helen. Mercyhurst College Department of Dance J and Student GovernYesterday the goosies; today the ment, Bayfront NATO, "Dance canaries; tomorrow the duckies. Theatre of Erie and Mercyhurst The pigeons, .^A. Y Sit*^-M Preparatory School. •- U Mr. Terry, a personal friend as Him, him , him, what we're well as co-lecturer {with f Dr. gonna do about him!! 1 J *2j Mag da Sal eh, Director of Dance at Mercyhurst College, will Scoop— I've seen the reds blues present a lecture and slide and the pinks but one thing is for presentation on "200 Years of sure . . . Love stinks! Lois. § E 9 American Dance," which he has presented not only on various Lois—congratulations, you're campuses in the United States right. Love stinks! Have a lovely but also in the U.S.S.R., day. Scoop. .« J ^ if Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and the United Kingdom. Kevin Burns (Tex), Thanks for This presentation has also been all your encouragement with C. videotaped for the U.S. InforRocky. %•* f*ty§£ I
• ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
^ * *









$The Seventeenth Annual Father-Daughter Weekend will % be held on. April 26 and 27, ;1 980f Please reserve^ these *: dates. Forlmore Information c o n t a c t : ! \ Judy Tischler, 868-2475 or Beth Paletta, Baldwin 130 868-3281J %
^%f ^^ %v +x* »± » *^^ ^^ *-^ ^ ^ *4^ *> ^P ^ ^ ^ n ^ ^ ^ n ^ n ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


Handwritting Unreadable
The Writing Center is offering help in J cursive every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:00. Py Come in for help*. . S^r v The Writing Center W E ^ 308 Main I

The Findley Lake Regatta
April 19, 1980s Races Start 11:00 a.m.
To Findley Lake: 1) Take I 90 East to Exit 9 2) 430 East to Findley Lake

jcjmee am

If you are a third term freshman with a QPA of 3.0 or better, you may qualify for acceptance in the Egan Scholars Program. | § This honors program has as its focal point the academically talented student. It serves his needs by offering special courses at a level designed to keep his interest, outstanding faculty whose scholarship is matched by their teaching ability, and the opportunity!to interact with peers of his own caliber. £ A student who participates fully in the program will have taken twelve Egan Scholar experiences by the end of his college career* at least six Egan bourses, on£ seminal*, &nd one project. Ii he has these twelve experiences and, in addition, achieves a cumulative QPA of 3.5, he will graduate with Egan Scholar honors and his transcript will be so designated. L If you are accepted now, as a third term freshman, your participation in the program will be on a completely voluntary basis. This means that you will be entitled to take Egan Scholar courses, as many or as few as you want, and you will have the opportunity to graduate with Egan Scholars honors, provided that I you fulfill all the requirements. Applications are available at 205 Preston. For further details contact Dr. V. Petronio, director of the program.




I Custom Sewing



Will do any type of mending and alterations: \ Patches $ .75 Hems...f $1.00-$2.50 Seams $ .50-$1.00 Zippers. .£. $2.00 Bring articles to Student Service Bureau office.' McAuley Basement or contact: | Kathy- 109 McAuley

w l m l 5 § J i* 2 | \

420 W. 8th St. 455-0511

1 Mile East of Westfield, N.Y. on Rt. 20


Welcomes Mercyhurst Col lege with Live Rock-n-Roll Thursday, April 17 - Sunday,;April 19

Beginning Photography ft Blade & White Darkroom $< Color Darkroom Portraiture includes Free use of studio M7 Wtst 2 M Si

Come and Boogie
i Proper ID required


Let OUR STUDIO be yoursIt



APRIL 18, 1980

Hurstf Commencement Speaker

Proxmire iSued Fori Libel

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CPS)Sen. William Proxmire's (D-WI) awarding of a "Golden Fleece' award to a Western Michigan University professor has cost the senator some $10,000 in damages and $5,000 in court expenses. Last week Proxmire reached an out-of -court*settlement with former Western Michigan ad junct professor Ronald Hut chinson's libel suit against him. Proxmire had awarded Hut chinsom a "Golden Fleece'

recognition in 1975 for "creative waste" of government money. Proxmire had called-Hutchinson's federally-funded investigation of aggressive behavior fin monkeys as "a worthless study of* jaw-grinding and biting^by angry or harddrinking monkeys." « Hutchinson sued Proxmire for libel soon after the remark was made. {Proxmire argued, that Hutchinson was a "public figure" because he accepted public ta>

money. 2 gmJBS Under libel law, a> "public figure" has to prove malicious intent in order to collect libel } damages. jS W Last June the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed Proxmire's defence, and sent the case back to a lower court for disposition. In announcing the settlement, Proxmire explained that the wording he used in the 1975 award announcement "might be subject to different interpretation." Ken Morrison practices his artistic talents at the potting wheel. Ken joined with Robin Fahey to present an art exhibition now on display in the LRC gallery. S I S H S H3^ a

Mercyhurst To Host Psychology Conference
Nine Mercyhurst students will have an opportunity to .present research, theoretical or project papers as the college Psychology department hosts the eighth annual Northwest Pennsylvania Undergaraduate Psychology Research Conference * on Saturday, April 19, from nine to three p.m. in Zurn Hall. Among the nine Hurst students making presentations o their f research will be: Helene Armitage, Jeanine Baas, Robert Brown, Mary Lou Canan, Jean Duffy, Cathy Gigante, Mary Martin, Renee Smart and Therese Tolomeo. At the. conference, approximately 30 I undergraduate researchers from the tri-state area will present the findings of their investigations. A ^ wide range of topics will be discussed, including learning and memory, motivation and emotion, personality, perception, social in_**-

^ Betty Wilson, a. familiar face on the Housekeeping Staff here at the Hurst, has been hospitalized, after suffering a stroke. She is in room 222 'at Erie Osteopatic Hospital. Betty has been with the Hurst for about five years. She worked in McAuley Dorm for a couple years, before coming to Egan Hall to work. Betty, well liked by students, is showing some progress in»her recovery.! She will soon be trarisferredlto Saint Vincent Rehabilitation Center. ] Hospitalization is very expensive, especially if there is no insurance to help out. We are looking for ideas, to raise money so that we can help Betty in her struggle against these adversities. |f*> A volleyball game and a walka-thon have already been submitted. Any other ideas or contributions! will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Steve Flatley in 301 McAuley or Steve Frisina in The Merciad, Thanks

teractions, child psychology, brain-behavior relations, and the effects of drugs on behavior. Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania will be the guest speaker at the conference. Seligman,* who received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in 1967, will speak? on "Learned Helplessness," a behavior that he believes may be learned. The address, which takes place at two p.m., is open to the public at no charge. J

Preparation Begun For Father-Daughter Weekend
Only one week away is the On Sunday, a Mass will be held Annual F a t h e r - D a u g h t e r in the chapel at 11:00. Following weekend. The scheduled events Mass the fathers can join their will begin Saturday, April 26 with daughters for brunch in the registration in Faculty Lounge cafeteria. Thus concluding the from 10:30 to 12:30. Immediately scheduled events the fathers and following- lunch will be served daughters can use the remainder until 1:30 in the cafeteria. of the day for activities of their J' I * With all the preliminaries choice. taken care of the fun begins. At For more information on this 2:00 in Zurn Hall, there will be a annual event, i contact Judy talent show for the girls and their Tischler at 868-2475 or Beth fathers, ending at 3:30. Everyone Paletta, Baldwin 130, 868-3281. then will have an opportunity to take a breather from the festivities with? the next scheduled event at 6:00. At this time The Social Hour will be held at the Holiday Inn and will be followed with dinner at 7:00. At 9:00 the dancing begins. There will be a photographer present to take pictures of the girls with their fathers. The cost will be $6.00 for two 5 by 7's and four wallet photos.


=m 5 | =

X^ffectw® immediately alKsigns posted on door glass or fire equipment will be removed Such signs obstruct vision and present a safety hazard.

I = § |

I T • •
a •


Dorm size refrigerator; excellent, condition. Must sell! First $98.00 takes it. If If interested call 868-7492.
• • • • • •

$.25 for up to 10 words an additional $.25 after 10 words

• 4 • • • *


Financial A i d Applications for | 1980-81 are available in the Financial r i Aid Office. Information is also $ S available about special summer | programs.
H I >




Box 918 [
Mailroom Preston

MERCIAD Photography Competition
X *


p- •*.

'O'-V. *-**



For Catagories: | W^f\ (A) Black and White: Scenery (B) Black and White: People (c) Color: Scenery (D) Color: People

PACE Presents Free Writing!Center Workshops

During the week of April£14, the Writing Center will offer a series of workshops conducted by the tutors. The topics and scheduled times are as follows.*..
Writing the Term Paper Writing In-Class Essays Improving Spelling Subject-Verb Agreement Writing Footnotes Correct Usaae off Pranou Monday, April 14 1:00 p.m. Monday, April 14 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, April 15 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, April 16 2.30 p.m. Thursday, April 17 1:30 p.m. Thursday, April 17 2:00 p.m.

Prizes: To Be Announced
All Photos returnable If name and Mercyhurst mall box number is on back. A l l full-time and i part-time students are eligible to enter.
I • • • I I • • •

Judging will be performed by The Merciad editor and two faculty members on May 15, 1980. fc , Send entries to: The Merciad:

Box 45 m
Mercyhurst College by May 14,1980
• I

• • • • •

S %

A workshop on Writing Formal Lab reports will be presented at 1:00 p.m. on April 21. All workshops will be held in the Writing Center. If interested please sign up by contacting the Writing Center, 308 Main. ext. 2 3 9 1

APRIL 18, 1980

ri t



Men's Tennis Team Whips Akron,; Gannon
With a scintillating 8-1 victory over the University of Akron on Sunday and a 9-0 whitewashing of Gannon University on Monday, the Men's Tennis Team upped its 1979-1980 record to an j encouraging 10-4. I The losses dropped the Akron Zip's record to an even 8-8 and the Gannon Golden Knights slipped to 1-8. I , Akron stole its lone point at the third doubles position where Mark Davis and Dennis Nally defeated Ravinder Sabherwal and Gary Dagan, 7-5, 7-5. Andy Findlay, Steve Spies, Paul Spies and Tom Chybrzynski were all doubles winners for the "Hurst". The singles round resulted in straight sets wins for the Laker six, but the Ohio school put up a better resistance in the doubles. The "match of the day" was at number one? doubles where Mercyhurst's brother combination of Steve and Paul Spies, who hail from St. Petersburg, Fla. narrowly beat Chris Harris and Chris Wucox, 6-3, 5-7, 6-8. The Gannon match was a one sided affair; The Lakers dropping only nine games in the afternoon. Because of the rain the Knights moved the game to the indoor courts of the Billie Jean King Tennis Center. The closet game was at number six singles where Mercyhurst's Gary "Marathon Man" Dagan ousted Craig Kimmel 10-3 in a professional set (first person to win 10 games). ? "The team is looking good right now, but we are not going to take anything for granted," remarked head coach Dennis Ranalli following the Gannon victory. The Lakers are hosting this year's NAIA Dist. 18 championships on May 8, 9,10 and the main opposition «will probably come *from local colleges, Edinboro State and Behrend. Mercyhurst opposes both these teams in regular season play next week. On Monday, the netters travel to Edinboro for a 2:00 pm duel. On Tuesday, Youngstown State visits the "Hurst" at 3:00 pm and at 3:00 pm Thursday the Lakers host crosstown rivals Behrend College.^

Results vs Akron Lakers 8, Akron 1 Singles A. Findlay def. c. Wilcox 6-4, 6-2 L R. Sabherwal def. C. Harris 6-1, S. Spies def. M. Davis 6-1, 6-1. T. Chybrzynski def. J. Gutierrer 6-3, 7-6.;^ ', P. Spies def. D. Nally 6-2,6-1. G. Dagan def. J. Adam 6-0, 6I.

k£.: 'J&J£*£*

Doubles Spies-Spies MC.f def. Wilcox-Harris A. 6-3, 5-7, 6-3. Findlay-Chybrzynski MC def. Guherrer-Adam 6-2, 6-3. Davis-Nally A. def.J Sabherwal Dagan MC 7-5, 7-5t Lakes 9, Gannon 0 Singles A. Findlay MC def. J. Gehringer G. 10-0. $ •-." R. Sabherwal MC def. F. Zadeh G. 10-2. S. Spies MC def. M. Becker 101.-^ { '. ^ T. Chybrzynski MC def. B. Marcoline 104. 1 gj •. P. Spies ?MC def. J. Yang G. 10-0 I l G. Dagan MC def. C. Kimmel G 10-3.? I T Doubles Spies-Spies MC def. Zadeh-Gehringer G 6-0, 6*1. g Findlay-Chybrzynski MC def. Blumhe-Torchio G 6-0, 6-0. % Sabherwl-Ashmeade MC def. Becker-Kimmel G 6-1, 6-1.




The men's varsity crew balance their boat on the water of Presque Isle. The Laker crews are preparing for the Findley Lake Regatta this week.

Rout W.V.u.

Crew Takes First Place; Prepares For Regatta
The Laker crew team took first place in three. different races against West Virginia University at Presque Isle Bay last Saturday. § Headlining the victories was the undefeatd men's varsity four crew. The Laker four held a fast pace against the Mountaineers, pulling ahead at the 150 meter mark. At the mark, W.V.U. lost the strokes rhythm and by the time they got it back the Hurst had pulled into a half boat length lead. The lakers boasted a winning time of 7:43. In a spectacular finish the men's varsity eight crew edged ahead of W.V.U. at the 250 meter mark. The men's eight followed closely behind the Mountaineers in the 2000 meter race. In the last stretch of the course, the Lakers sprinted ahead to win with a 6:14 The women's novice crewe brought ^ home the most surprising win of the day. Weather conditions were so miserable that the race could not follow the designated 2000 meter course. Both crews rowed the race in a* fog thick enough to prevent^ sighting of the course bouys. Despite the foul conditions, the novice women pulled away from § W.V.U., beating them by a full minute at the finish/ "\ The women's ^varsity eight v suffered from the same weather^ conditions as well "as from theburly W.V.U women crew. Thefj rough waters forced the race to 9 be shortened to a 1250 meter course, \The {women's varsity made an impressive showing, finishing only 15 seconds behind the Lady Mountaineers. J? The men's novice eight rowed A fast and hard, finishing a mere 11» seconds behind W.V.U. The next Laker meet will be held April 19 at':Findley Lake. The Hurst crews will^ face Marietta and Ithaca College during the weekend races.

time| P^iJ'



Lakers Blast Grove City
Pitching a four-hitter and knocking in two runs, Laura Ames led the Mercyhurst softball team to its first victory of the season, a 7-3 drubbing of Grove City College at home. Ames received £ two-fisted support in the forms of Annie Burbules and Kathy Chudzicki. The two combined to drive in five of, the Lakers seven runs with Burbules collecting two hits to supplement her three rbi's. Following a game with the Gannon Knights, the Lakers will travel to Olean, New York, to take on St. Bonaventure in a doubleheader Saturday. t

Baseball Team Drops Spring Opener, 4-3
The Laker baseball team opened up their season on a sour note, dropping their first game to the Behrend; Cubs 4-3 at Behrend. ;: The Lakers, who were held to five hits for the game, were led by the first baseman Al Young .who went two for two and scored afFof the team runs. Senior right hander Craig Nicholson went the the entire disu*;;*e while absorbing the loss. J The Lakers have a busy weekend facing Westminster away on Saturday, and John Carroll on Sunday at home. % In the latter game, it will provide an unexpected test to their fan appeal!,as Senator Edward Kennedy speaks in the Campus Center at the same 1:00 PM starting time.

Rock All Night • Rock All Night • Rock

Get-Set For

8 cc

Itertfa tivB %
Monday, April 28 3 Bands

Golf Team Sinks Debut Match
above the 80-mark. k . Leading the way for the charges of Janet Price was Bob Fessler, who captured Mercyhurst medalist honors with an 87. He was followed by Jack Baur with a 92, Brian Dougherty-93, Mike Thompson-96, and [Randy Voiles-ill. f f Following their play at the West Liberty Invitational, the Lakers will hit the road this weekend to Meadville as they take part in the Griffith Invitational.


7:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.


u o fit

Come Dressed The Way YOU Want To!

Literally opening the season with a splash,'the Laker golf team battled the elements and the Gannon Knights, only to fall to the latter by a 421-479 count. This marked the Lakers return to the links as, the college's fifth varsity sport. •/ An old face came back to haunt the Blue and Green as former Laker Mike Capotis fired a twounder par 70 in leading | the Knights to their sixth victory of the year "against two* defeats. Capotis' cohorts did not fare badly either as none of them shot

•3 ^

Dial a j summer job:
Work as a Manpower temporary. Flexible lies. Good pay. Assignments available in ollege town or hometown. Please call, toll free.

* •, Rock All Night • Rock All Night • Rock
Sign-up for the residence halts will be held on April 23, 1980 in Room 214 Zum. Receipts for your $100 housing deposit must be presented in order to reserve a room. 1:00 p.m. - Future Seniors 1:30 p.m.- Future Juniors 2:00 p.m. - Future Sophomores

8 i

' L












(A U
• I I

$@fl 6»

ti &

e o


u 3





C 3




o u





5 z


3®3 "»•

* * .

(Erie's #1 Rock & Roll Palace We now have Erie's largest raised* dance floor

No Cover Wednesday & Thursday

Happy Hour Nightly
Band Boogies at 10:00
Proper I.D.i Required

J ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ r ^ , |#4*ri«4AVljr{4

<*i* r^>