allow the soothing breeze Of your inner light to dry your balmy temples. In your true nature, you are complete and fulfilled in all ways. The perfect and unblemished aspect of you That is connected to the infinite light of eternity Is still loving you. Its pure and non-judgmental light Flowing ceaselessly towards you, It is beckoning on you to sweep away The barriers that you are erecting With your oppressive thoughts and beliefs. Every circumstance that you encounter is neutral; Only your lighthearted and empowering thoughts Can connect you to your inner light And lift you into the arms of bliss. With cheerful thoughts nestling inside your mind, Every circumstance that you encounter Is working for your greatest and highest spiritual fulfillment.

BLOOMS OF BLISS Those hopeless feelings are only masquerading; They are not real; your patronizing attention Is making them to appear real and insurmountable. What you are labeling as a loss Is only part of a bigger picture Which holds infinite bliss for you. Please end your mourning And begin your celebration now Because this moment is leading you Along a light-swept path.

Let the light of your eyes Reflect the burnished wisdom Of your infinite light. You are a worthy and deserving being And the blooms of bliss are already here with you. In order to disentangle yourself From your ponderous gloom And feel the comforts of the lucent envoys That are cradling your heart, Just shift your attention consciously From your gloomy thoughts Onto some lightsome thoughts of your inner light.

YOU HAVE EVERYTHING You are still beautiful and whole; No circumstance in this physical world Can take that away from you. Do not worry about anything because you have everything. Be calm and relaxed so that you can sense The uplifting inner feelings of your light, Which is surrounding you with joy. Feel that joy and hold it close to you; It has more substance Than any judgment passed on you by anybody. Display your cheerful countenance proudly And allow the magical light of your eyes To cast a spell on anybody around you.

NATURE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU You are not unlucky; you are blessed In a manner that cannot be unraveled By your intellect; Cheer up and nurture lively gestures. Nature is always with you; It can only be against you If you entertain gloomy beliefs. Remember that your inner light Abides with you Always; Do not place all your emphasis On your intellectual machinations And calculations; allow your inner light To inspire your intellectual musings. It is not the end of the road for you; Your horizon is beset by bright colors That mirror your glorious circumstance.

YOUR REAL FEELINGS OF FULFILLMENT Your inner guardian is about to bless you With a beautiful gift that is unequalled By anything that you have seen in the past. Do not live in the past, Become conscious of this present moment that cradles the comforting feelings Of your inner light. Stop squandering your energy needlessly In mourning, the line of your tears Is interfering with the natural brilliance of your countenance. Your real feelings of fulfillment Abides with you Eternally; It does not need any nurturing from any material object.

A SUN-LIT PATH Be glad for the new picture That has been revealed to you; Hold on to it and leave the old one behind. There is a sun-lit path lying before you; Please heed the call of the messengers of light and align yourself to it. Stop worrying about judgments of others; Focus your attention on your own thoughts And align them to your inner light; Your own thoughts matter a lot to you because It is the means through which you draw Upon your infinite non-judgmental light And create your circumstance. Self-empowering thoughts create uplifting Situations while self-defeating thoughts Snatch your non-judgmental light and Transmutes it into a darkness that creates depressing circumstances.

You have seeded a lot of uplifting And beautiful thoughts in your consciousness, Please continue to nurture them for the sake of your joy.

YOU ARE POWERFUL You are a powerful spiritual being; Nobody or thing has power over you Unless you surrender your power Through the cultivation of self-deprecating beliefs. The only option for you is just to be your true self. Boundless joy, unblemished smile And sprightly motions—all are aspects of your true self. You surrender your power to whatever you are obsessed with or cry for. You are not small in any way, your true light Is reaching into the luminous realms, Sponsor uplifting thoughts; and feel that light.

YOUR RADIANT HERITAGE Can’t you see how that sadness is contracting you; It is a stranger in your heart. Remember the times when joyful feelings Uplifted and united you with the glorious colors of your horizon. Don’t judge that sadness as good or bad; Simply see it as energy that is reminding you Of your true nature; if you judge it as bad, You will reinforce its darkness. Listen my beloved; please shift your attention Away from all doubts and sadness And nurture the blissful energies That are sprouting deep Within your being; Do that and reclaim your radiant heritage.

SHIMMERING MIRROR Your stomach is in knots because of fear. Stop feeding that fear and confusion. Turn towards your right and open your inner eyes; Your unblemished light is flaunting A shimmering mirror that bears the true image

Of your glorious circumstance and disposition; Allow that image to burn into your consciousness And guide you in all your expressions. Do not depart from the path of bliss Because it is your true path; Nothing can force you away from it Unless you allow it. The vital colors of your glorious image Portray inspiring beauty.

SPARKLING THOUGHTS You are more than a physical ; There are aspects of you that transcend physical limitations. No burden can truly crush you; Physical circumstances do not constitute A burden; the real burden is the dis-empowering Thoughts that accompany any circumstance. The truth lies inside your heart; Nurture your sparkling thoughts And connect your entire being to that truth; It is time to end your separation from the light. Your hopelessness has ceased to exist because You have realized your kinship with the light.

REGENERATION Your true riches lie inside your heart; No physical strife can taint it; you have lost nothing. The lovely light of your uplifting deeds embodies your true treasures. The things about you disintegrating, It is making way for regeneration to occur. The space around you is waiting to receive The brand new precipitation of your light. Your moments will continue to attain greater heights of clarity.

NOW Those voices that are prophesying doom for you have no power over you. Pay no heed to their dark words; Do not allow yourself to be infected by their fear; It is fear that drives one to instigate aggression and malevolent deeds. Do not pave way for doubts to enter your heart and taint its joyful occupants. A soothing breeze is blowing across your heart And assuring you of your complete safety. Now is inspiring tomorrow to acquire a brighter mantle.

INFINITE BLESSINGS As the sun goes down, veer your attention away From the wants that you have contrived And train them on the riches of your heart. Nurturing the light sprouting inside your heart Will truly reveal the illusions behind your wants. Thinking about wants Denies your infinite blessings, Which is your true and natural heritage. The radiance of prosperous bestowals Is streaming downwards on you; Celebrate this moment With loving and uplifting thoughts

And manifest your light in this physical reality.

ECSTACY Why have you riddled your heart with pain and confusion? Look nowhere again! Search inside your heart; Its unblemished occupants are still loving you. Calm down and allow the light of your smile To reshape your countenance in a manner That mirrors your true prosperous circumstance. Lift no weight anymore; you were meant To cradle bliss and relive ecstasy.

LILTING SOUND OF YOUR LAUGHTER Your tears are scorching the ground about you. Wipe your eyes and feel the more comforting warmth that abides with you. Look inside and behold the resplendent image Of loving words that have come to uplift and cheer you. Acknowledge and join in the beatific laughter That is ringing ceaselessly about you. Nature’s very essence cannot do Without the lilting sound of your laughter.


Darkness does not have power over you. Your motions and gestures are metrical and inspiring. Lonesome frowns will not litter your face. Your entire being is nurtured by an invincible light that scares darkness away. Do not waste any thought on darkness; Please concentrate on your light. Take a conscious breath in this very moment And savor the invigorating and light-filled air about you.

CURRENTS OF FULFILLMENT You are filled with infinite peace and joy. Selflessly, you are dispensing the infinite Bounties of your heart; that is the reason Why you placed yourself in creation. Open your inner eyes And view your true unblemished self In all its glory; don’t you know That your beauty compares With the beatific light Of the luminous realms. Your entire self is resting on a pedestal That is thrusting you towards the comforting

currents of fulfillment.

WINDOWS OF YOUR SOUL Blissfully, you are expanding to reinforce Your oneness with the joyful currents of creation. Your springy footsteps are ushering you Into the waiting arms of a more radiant bliss. Your lucent eyes bear a silent testimony To the infinite joy that abounds in your heart. The peace that dwells within you is escaping Through the windows of your soul and soothing everything about you. The next moment is waiting to receive you with a more resplendent light.

THIS PRESENT MOMENT Your days of worry are over. Keep on nurturing the light of your heart and Rejoice in the abundance that it attracts to you. Weld your intentions and thoughts Under the protective canopy of love. Your eternal light knows only this moment; It transcends time and space; Your present and future is encapsulated In this present moment that is upheld by your joyful energy. The clarity of your loving thoughts Has crowded all doubts out of your heart.

YOU ARE WONDROUS Do not berate or belittle yourself; You are a wondrous and worthy being; The radiant emanations of your countless Loving deeds, which you have forgotten,

Are reinforcing the light of the sun. Your beautiful outline, triggering joy in the hearts Of the people around you, is a harbinger of love. The cheerful smiles that abound about you Clearly attest to your worthiness. Your ardent desire to create love inspiring you, You are truly redefining the meaning Of abundance in your life and in the lives of those around you.

YOU ARE PERFECT AND FEARLESS Accept your nervousness and fear Without judgment; love them because They are reminding you of your true and invincible nature. In your true being, you are perfect and fearless. You have the power and freewill to align yourself to empowering thoughts. Be conscious in every moment of your life; Create and focus your attention steadfastly on Uplifting and inspiring thoughts and expressions. Every inspiring thought that you faithfully nurture Inside your heart forges a luminous link between You and your eternal perfect self and also anoints your entire world with bliss.

INNER RICHES OF YOUR HEART They are surprised that your beatific smile is belittling your so-called loss. You are a wonderful and multi-dimensional being; Beautiful aspects of you are creating joy And abundance in the luminous realms of creation; You are beyond physical definitions. You are feeling the inner riches of your heart In a manner that cannot be captured by words. Your physical world always mirrors your rich inner life. Your entire world is animated By a clarified atmosphere that nurtures only joy.

YOUR TRUE NATURAL STATE Your anger has nothing to do With that circumstance that you adjudged As abusive and intrusive; Your fear sponsored your anger; Accept your responsibility For creating the fear and anger; Leave the circumstance alone; Accept that fear and anger as your teacher; Observe how they limit you. Your fear is really an expression That does not capture the true essence Of your light. Nurture loving expressions That mirror your light And observe how they expand you blissfully. As you steadfastly reinforce and focus Your attention on your loving expressions, Your fear Will gradually be transmuted back to light, which is your true natural state. No circumstance outside you can affect your Light; embrace all situations as an opportunity To create love; feel your inner light and reaffirm Your belief that no circumstance or person can belittle you.

SHOWERS OF LIGHT The gentle breeze, prevailing about you, Ardently wishes to fan your thought That embodies your completeness. Your consciousness is mantled in a radiant cloak That is impervious to dark thoughts and words.

The overpowering sound of your affirmation, Which Emphasizes your exquisite beauty, Is drowning out every other sound. Showers of light are descending upon you From the luminous heights in honor of your completeness and perfection.

SECRET OF TRUE JOY Your joy is opening a window into your past; Look through it and view all the toil That you left behind; rejoice because You have discovered the secret of true joy Which flows naturally inside your heart. The sweat has dried up on your face And has given way to a beautiful smile. Your loving and empowering thoughts Are nestling close to your joy; And a luminous thread links them together. An inspiring calmness and forbearance reigns inside your heart.

RADIANT SYMBOLS Darkness has lifted away from you. You are surrounded by radiant symbols That are undergoing constant transformation. Your attention entranced by the shining symbols That define your blissful circumstance, You have forgotten about physical time. With a beatific heart, You are making the shining symbols A permanent fixture in your life. Your radiant symbols remind you Of your eternal pact with the light.

BLOOMS OF YOUR UPLIFTING THOUGHTS You have crossed the chasm That separates you from infinite joy; Rejoice and celebrate your success In this glorious moment. As you trod along your glorious path, Please continue to nurture the blooms Of your uplifting thoughts which ensured victory for you. Kindly flaunt the radiance of your eyes And inspire the people around you to greater heights. Without looking up, you are aware Of the showers of bliss That are descending upon you.

LUMINOUS SPARKS With great ease and gratitude, Your heart is supporting countless bestowals of joy. Sunshine has come to pay its respects And pledge its eternal support To the radiant occupant of your heart; It cannot compete with it. Darkness and its allies are pouting and recounting Their losses in another realm far beneath you.

When you gaze about, the atmosphere rejoices In the luminous sparks that escape from your eyes and revitalize it.

STARS HAVE COME TO SOJOURN IN YOUR HEART You have lost track of physical time again, The stars have come to sojourn in your heart; And your beatific smile mirrors some feelings That cannot be captured with earthly words. Nothing can compete With your resplendent feelings For your attention. Leaning on your joy, You have reclaimed all your personal power With your self-empowering thoughts and beliefs. Your sprightly motions are squealing On your new powerful image.

A NEW SHINING SCROLL A luminous hand, moving inside your heart, Is writing a new blissful program for your life. Your heart has jettisoned the old tainted scroll And is embracing the new shining one; Its non-physical luminescent etchings Are completely permeating this present moment And radiating blissfully into the future. Your conscious uplifting thoughts Are enhancing the luminance Of the new scroll of your heart. Your physical circumstance is presenting An inspiring picture that is celebrating your infinite joy.

TIE OF LOVE Having dropped the physical body in death, Your loved one crossed the chasm of darkness And went into the loving embrace

Of the messengers of light. Your loved one is in a luminescent realm Where pain has ceased to exist; His eyes are radiating a peace and joy That are beyond earthly comprehension. His loving thoughts are still radiating Towards you with heightened intensity; Physical death cannot interfere with love; Shift your attention away from gloom And feel his continuous stream of love. The tie of love transcends physical space And time; there will be a loving reunion Between two of you in an unblemished realm Where the skies sparkle eternally.

SHE IS STILL LOVING YOU She is standing before you In a resplendent body that is more beautiful Than the physical body, which she discarded. She is still loving you; And acutely feels your own loving thoughts Without the distraction of physical words. Though you cannot see her With your physical eyes, your inner feelings Are capturing her loving presence. Do not sponsor lonely thoughts, Hold on to your inner feelings Which are revealing the inspiring truth about her.

DO NOT TAINT YOUR JOY You think about him all the time And wonder if he is alright. He is hovering above you now In a new body that defies space and time; And his shining countenance is beaming down upon you. Continue to brighten his countenance By reinforcing your desire To make the best out of your life. When you think about him, Do not taint your joy with gloom; Your joyful feelings will surely continue To reinforce the luminous link between both of you.

MUSIC OF THE LUMINOUS SPHERES A mellifluous melody Resonating with indescribable harmony Is soothing her in her new non-physical abode. Your love is the channel; Train your attention on it always And intuitively sense the beautiful music Of the luminous spheres with your inner senses. Ardently, she longs for you To experience this uplifting music And feel the joy that is comforting her In her new radiant state; That joy will completely wipe away your gloom.

GLORIOUS GARDEN He is experiencing the luminescence Of countless dawns; There is no darkness or night In his new habitation. Your loving thoughts took form And traveled towards him; It merged with the light of his own heart

And created a glorious garden That is shining with an unearthly brilliance; He is lounging in that garden And savoring its invigorating blooms. By his side, he is preparing a place for you With the light of his heart. In this moment, he is ardently communicating The peace that truly belongs to him; Listen with the feelings of your heart.

SIGN-POST OF LOVE On the wings of joy, she is soaring away to Another realm that abounds with glorious activity; You equipped her very well with the love that you lavished on her. You showed her the true meaning of love and reinforced her belief in it. She has adapted very well to the glorious activity that mirrors your love. The keepers of eternity Are leading her into countless paths That bear the sign post of love. She is dutifully tending a love That is continuously calling your name Inside her heart; And she is ardently longing For that fateful moment When the light of your immutable aspects Will merge harmoniously without the interference Of your dense physical body.

INDOMITABLE RADIANCE Banish the frowns that are littering your face Because he did not experience any pain At that moment when he discarded his earthly body. He emerged in a new body That is flaunting an indomitable radiance; And felt aspects of his infinite nature. Your grief, arresting his attention, Is holding and preventing him From ascending into the glorious gardens Where he would prepare a place for both of you. His heart harboring a luminous messenger, He is charging it to energize your joy And inspire you to transmute your grief to joy.

HER FOOT-STEPS ARE SPRIGHTLY She is merging with the bright colors Of peace and joy; her lucent light, Released at the moment of her earthly death, Has smothered all her earthly woes. Her foot-steps are sprightly And her countenance mirrors an infinite bliss. The eternal light of her true self Is sculpting every moment of her life Into an intricate design. With good intentions of letting you Into her burnished feelings, She is thinking about you.

HE IS STILL EXPANDING At the moment of earthly death, He expanded beyond your worldly imagination And came into contact with the invigorating fountain of bliss. He has conquered all the barriers That are in alliance with illusion. At this moment, he is with you

And in so many other places. He is still expanding And enhancing his beatific colors.

STRAND THAT BINDS YOUR HEARTS TOGETHER In a realm where nothing can distract the light In her heart, she is lounging away. All her plans and aspirations mirror only love. The sadness in your heart contrasts sharply With the resplendent ambience of her heart. Her surroundings decorated By her lucent thought-forms, She is yearning to tell you That your sad thoughts are staining Your non-physical inner cloak And weakening the strand That binds your hearts together.

SACRED HALO OF YOUR UNION In his new realm, No physical exertion is required anymore; His uplifting thoughts Are surrounding him with infinite goodness. He feels nothing but inspiring feelings; Reach under your despondency And ignite the light that abides there. Only the threads of your lighthearted thoughts Can renew and rekindle the sacred halo of your union. With lucent thoughts that are eager to bestow Their beneficence on you, he waits for you.


She is drawing invigorating light energy from countless sources. She is involved in joyful activity that distances itself from lethargy. When she crossed the threshold Of the great Beyond, She assumed an unblemished mantle That thrives on blissful movement. In this moment, her loving emanations Are strengthening the luminous band That maintains the integrity of creation.

LIGHT AND JOY RULE HIS NEW REALM His thoughts and deeds have become one; No amount of earthly imagination Can unravel the speed At which his thoughts manifest before him. He is always in places where the abode of bliss dominates the landscape. He is reinforcing the pillars of love that are waiting To shelter you with its uplifting radiance. Light and joy rule his new realm.

LIGHT OF FULFILLMENT Before she takes the next step, A radiant path will unfurl before her. She is not in a hurry because she knows that Every moment of her new experience is overlaid with joy. She is occupying a vantage position where The soothing light of fulfillment is bathing her in its brilliance. Holding the blooms of joy is natural to her.

EXQUISITE TREASURE When she released her physical cloak, She found herself before the guardians of eternity And they thrust an exquisite treasure into her arms. The treasure, ensconced in countless layers of Bliss, is intercrossing an intricate web of white Light about her and radiating into the infinite distance. All her earthly struggles and pain Are now distant memories; But she ardently longs To share her treasure with you; Nurture the joy in your heart And allow it to reinforce the luminous thread That binds your hearts together.

HEAVENLY MUSIC Strains of beatific music are filtering into her ears; And stirring the infinite joy that is in her true nature.

She did not cross over with the doleful Accompaniment of her earthly woes; The sound of bliss rules in her new realm. Her soul is soothed and nourished By the uplifting music of the luminous spheres. Enthralled by the heavenly music, She is very relaxed in her new abode That responds kindly to her.

HIS DREAMS BECAME REAL When he crossed into the luminous beyond, His dreams became real; He is now experiencing the infinite aspect of his being. Comforted by thoughts of you, He is fashioning a new sanctuary That is already shimmering under the celestial light. The umpteenth-fold of his love expressions awaits you. He is eager to acquaint you with all his eternal insights.

PAGES OF AN ETERNAL DIARY She is firmly anchored in the realm of light; And she knows that she truly belongs there. On the pages of an eternal diary, She is inscribing the loving thoughts That she is nurturing for your benefit; She is decorating that lucent diary In a manner that would enchant your heart. In receiving love, she remembers you. In celebrating love, she sponsors light-hearted wishes for you.

BLOOMS OF LIGHT Inside her heart, the blooms of light are swaying And flaunting their brilliant colors. On a decorated portion of her heart, The image of you rests and receives eternal nourishment from her light. A reflection of your image abounds about her; She has not forgotten about you. Eager to provide a soft landing for you, She is cushioning the space beside her with her kind light.

SHIMMER OF BLISS In a realm where ephemeral thoughts have ceased To exist, he is wearing a resplendent countenance. Observing a glorious spectacle, He is replicating it in a background of light And projecting it towards you; Can you feel the shimmer of bliss

That he is intercrossing about you? The progenies of his loving thoughts Are still gathering all sorts of goodies meant for your heart.

METAMORPHOSING LIGHT She only wishes for you to be by her side and feel The metamorphosing light of her heart; She is heading towards a whirlpool of light That would elevate her to the next level of bliss. With an eager countenance, She is in a constant state of wakefulness. She has glimpsed the bigger picture That mirrors her infinite nature And the fettering woebegone earthly thoughts Have dropped off from her inner mantle.

SHE IS STILL SEEING AND LOVING YOU You have seen her in a happy mood; But your earthly imagination Cannot capture her present beatific state. When you think of her, Replace all your uncertainties With a firm belief that mirrors Her sprightly disposition. Rouse yourself from your stupor And feel the genial impressions Of her loving thoughts. She is still seeing and loving you; She longs to feel the cheerful tone of your laughter.

YOU ARE STILL PART OF HIS REALITY Do not allow despair to lead you To the sound of loneliness Because he is right there with you in this moment; The air is thick with the scent of his benevolent presence. In his new state, his loving thoughts of you Are energizing and drawing him towards you; He now lives in the moment where his thoughts Instantly determine his reality and experience; And you are still part of his reality. He is sweeping your countenance with the light of his love.

YOU DON’T NEED TO WISH ANYMORE With sadness in your heart, You are finding it very difficult To evade places and things That evoke memories of her. Your unmetrical motions are betraying your gloom. Ardently, you yearn for her comforting company And refreshing smile; But you don’t need to wish anymore Because she is already here with you;

And she is sweeping your ambience with a smile That is sculpted by a celestial quality.

TASTE OF ETERNITY In the realm of infinity Where love flows endlessly, He is casting burnished pictures of you In a ceaseless stream of bliss. Because of you, He is uplifting the light of his heart To a glorious height that would inspire him; He yearns to bestow a love, Offering the taste of eternity, upon you. He is looking forward to that moment of reunion When the light of his heart will enfold you.

CALM YOUR HEART You nurtured some lofty dreams together with her. Calm your heart and chase the gloom away; She has gone ahead to prepare a place for you In a realm where dreams come true in a boundless fashion. Plant the bloom of hope and joy inside your heart; And feel her loving presence as she nurtures them.

THREADS OF YOUR THOUGHTS With sprightly motions, you are all by yourself And you are yearning for his friendly smile. You long to share your good fortunes with him; But he is still not there by your side; And a tinge of sadness chances upon your face And attends to your thoughts. Share your joy with him in your thoughts, Which transcends space and time; The threads of your thoughts Have formed a loving oneness with his own.

GLORIOUS THOUGHT-FORM As you hold her image inside your mind, Just remember that she has sculpted An inspiring likeness of you With boundless light That abounds in her new realm. Faithfully, she has fashioned a lofty pedestal For your resplendent likeness; And gazing at it keeps you in her mind always. As you wish her well, She is fashioning a glorious thought-form That is destined to shape your heart with boundless goodness.

BEATIFIC LIGHT He perceives your words before you guide them Across the threshold of physicality; Don’t crumple your sheets in desperation And frustration because he clearly understands And comforts you on an intuitive level. As you stand and face the distant sunset, Be assured that he is weaving a beatific light, More enchanting than the golden light Of countless sunsets put together, about you. Do not collapse on the chair like a deflated doll, Nurture some uplifting thoughts And connect with the infinite goodness That is about you at his loving instance.

VICTORIOUS LIGHT Banish those thoughts that are dis-empowering you And right your uninspiring pose. As you yearn for his dependable support, Remember that any hint of sadness Has no place in your heart. That task is not formidable after all. In his new abode where light rules, He has weaved an inspiring picture That would guide you to resolve the task; Let go of your gloomy musings And embrace the light of your uplifting thoughts; They are the only things that can bequeath A victorious light upon you.

SUNSHINE Your magical image, Nestling at a sacred corner of my mind, Has vanquished all my fears. Your enchanting smile Lovingly sweeps across my heart

And kindles a blissful light inside me. Your sweet presence sets my atmosphere aglow; And everywhere I look, my eyes behold A mild radiant sheen that comforts me. My heart enchanted, I am sitting beside you With an unblemished faith in your steadfastness.

SWEET MELODY I am drawing closer to you; I cannot resist the sweet melody That is streaming towards me from your heart. When I look into your eyes, I sense your non-verbal reassurances At deeper levels of my being. Your affectionate ways Sponsor an ardent conviction inside me: The blooms of your heart Are decorating my world With a sweet fragrance. You inspire me with beatific feelings That have conquered countless temptations.

BECAUSE OF YOU Because of your loving And thoughtful gestures towards me, The feelings of my heart are ascending Towards a lofty peak. Thoughts of the countless moments When you labored selflessly for my sake Are animating the luminous thread That binds our hearts together. All my beautiful memories mirror your sweet likeness. In this present moment, I am experiencing my past, present and future; Joy becomes every moment of my life.

DROPS OF BLISS To greet the brand new dawn, I stood before the frosted window of our sanctuary and gazed out.

The mild and kind dewdrops, instigated by nature, Were soothing the leaves. As I focused on nature’s beneficence, The whole scene reminded me Of the gentle and assuaging drops of bliss That you ceaselessly guide Towards the most receptive area of my heart. The natural cadence of your tenderness Is strengthening our oneness.

THINKING ABOUT YOU My boundless enthusiasm for living, An invigorating energy that is animating me And my keen sense of well being – All draw my attention To the gentle waves of uplifting emotions That are sweeping across my soul. Thinking about you and knowing That you will always be there for me Imbues my emotions with greater brilliance. My heart nourished by countless sparks of joy, I am gazing into your eyes; And the non-verbal confessions of my heart Tell the whole story. Since you came into my life, I have forgotten the taste of listlessness.

THOUGHTS OF YOU The cheerful chirping of lovebirds Lounging on the tree above me Provides a fitting accompaniment To the loving words, massing for your benefit, inside my mind. In this moment, thoughts of you have taken over my mind. Inspired by the various activities That are going on in nature’s workshop, I am fashioning my loving words in a manner That befits your enchanting personality. When I speak my words of love to you, Please understand that I am still searching For a more uplifted way of expressing The importance of your tender gestures in my life.

YOUR TENDER WORDS I walked into an unfriendly circumstance; And the resulting cloudy mist separated me From the clear awareness that embodies my true nature. Helpless thoughts oppressed me mercilessly. My shaking legs and balmy temples Invited an unforgiving gloom. In my stupor, the sweet fragrance of nature

Failed to captivate me. As I crossed the threshold of our sanctuary, Your magical smile righted my unmetrical motions. Your steadfast and tender words Blew a fresh breeze across my soul; The dark clouds receded and my horizon Became radiant once more. Your affectionate ways reinforce my kinship with joy.

CEASELESS STREAM OF BLISS Rebuilding the abode of bliss inside my heart Has become my new preoccupation. Your sweet being is anointing my heart With a ceaseless stream of bliss That astounds my imagination. I’m looking up to nature To inspire me with the right idea; I want to fashion an appropriate dwelling, Boasting of all the proper attributes That would accommodate the infinite love Which you shower on me, inside my heart. My eyes are blazing with a zest bestowed by your love.

INSIDE MY MIND You reach out and care for me with an intensity That expands my belief system;

Your loving words are still ringing clearly Inside my mind even though you are not here by my side. The echo of your affectionate words, So warm and tender, Is drowning every other sound. I am carrying out my task with a beautiful smile That is squealing on the secrets of my heart. When I stand under the cheerful sky, The beautiful feelings that you inspire inside me Enhance its brightness.

SOFT SHIMMER OF YOUR LOVE Sadness and its progeny, Bemoaning their helplessness, Are speeding past me; They dare not stop beside me; They cannot withstand the glorious light Intercrossed about me by you. With you by my side, I rest in the reassurance That this present moment will give birth To a succeeding shining one. I am holding your hands with a heart Smarting from the good tidings of your tenderness. With eyes cloaked By the soft shimmer of your love, I see and experience only harmony.

MAGICAL SPELL A hypnotic sound that I cannot resist Is summoning me to you. I have abandoned everything; And I am hurrying towards you. Baffled expressions Are greeting my hasty responses As I hurry towards you; Would they understand if I tell them That your smile has cast a magical spell over me? My ardent desire to be with you Is pasting an untouchable smile on my face And arming my atmosphere To defeat some dark words That are approaching me. With a gladdened heart, I’m gazing into your eyes. I still hear the hypnotic melody And I’m certain that its source Is the infinite love, embracing my image, inside your heart.

KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOURS Thoughts of you, Forming a kaleidoscope Of colors inside my mind, Are vibrating with an intensity Dictated by the ardent feelings That I have for you. I’m gazing into the distance;

And the physical aspects before me Have given way to countless images of you. External words are arriving and prodding me, I’m realizing with a mind Leaning heavily towards you That you would always occupy The most elevated portion of my heart. My actions are betraying my difficulty In extricating myself from thoughts of you.

SPECIAL FEELINGS As your beautiful outline Disappeared from my sight, I did not feel any misty expression. My eyes flaunting a brilliance That was cultivated by your kindness, I sensed the soft fluffy mass of bliss That you weaved about me To keep loneliness away. With metrical emotions, I proceeded back to our sanctuary To dream about the good times that lie ahead of us. I still long to feel the sweet fragrance Of your being all over my inner self, Your closeness fills me with a special feeling That cannot be replicated by any experience.


Your thoughtfulness, kindness and tender words -All have conspired to set my heart agog. It is time to set aside all doubts and fears And acquaint you of the radiant occupant of my heart. Look gently into my eyes; My mask is falling off; The potent force of the feelings That you inspire inside me Is overriding every obstacle And manifesting through the window of my soul. The lucent truth is written all over my countenance And your appreciative expression is reinforcing my feelings.

THE BOOK OF MY HEART Though we are separated by time and space, The brilliant thoughts That you are sculpting in my name Are transcending all barriers And showering down on me; My heart is responding to its heady rhythm. Our non-physical light Nurtures the luminous thread That binds our heart together; My heart rests in the reassurance That it would always receive Nourishment from you No matter the distance and circumstance. The radiant emanations of your feelings Have rewritten the book of my heart.

FAITHFUL LOVE What am I hiding from? Look at me very well; Your hurtful invectives cannot penetrate The luminous film of light weaved about me By the faithful love of my beloved. The glorious smile on my face is untainted By your dark words and thoughts. Shift your attention away From the befuddled expression on your face And listen to my words: The invincibility of my thoughts is still rising. You are not dealing with me alone, The faithful love of my beloved, Infusing an indomitable quality into my thoughts, Is always abiding with me.

TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL Loving you is not toil at all;

It comes so natural and easy for me. When you walked into our sanctuary, I reached towards you in a manner that betrayed My urgent need to love and care for you. As I hold you in my arms, Do you feel the warmth of my love? Tell me how you feel And I would elevate your feelings to the next level. The tolling of the clock reminds me That you are number one In the priority list prepared by my heart.

SOOTHING BALM OF MY LOVE The effervescent light, Burning beside your image inside my heart, Is also illuminating the countless ways That I have devised to love you. Proceed with bold footsteps And confront the world; My feelings have assembled An unfathomable arsenal; I have all it takes to blot out any stain of darkness on your soul. Be conscious of your thoughts always And remember me in your despondent moments; The soothing balm of my love, Yearning to fill any yawning space created by loss, Will always be there for you.

LIVING COLOURS OF JOY I have conspired with the luminous realms To set your world alight. Eternity has formed an alliance with me; It has lent me its living colors of joy. As I direct the living colors of joy to your heart, Tell me about your burnished emotions. The lucent promises that I made to you, Rising from an infinite source within me, Will always gather boundless joy about you.

WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE The night seemed so long Because you were not there by my side. I woke up several times And reached out for you in the darkness; But emptiness reminded me that you were not there. My heart missed the tender feelings Inspired by your closeness. The darkness unforgiving in its reign, It watched over me as I rolled restlessly on the bed In a bid to capture the sweet scent Of your beautiful being.

I longed to hear your tender words And nurture the beautiful smile on your face. Loving you truly inspires me To feel my boundless inner light.

LAST NIGHT Last night, when we were sitting together Under the sky bejeweled by stars, I felt sensations that infinitely expanded me. The rhythmic sound Of insects and other night creatures Formed a fitting background that encouraged us To share the feelings of our hearts. For some fleeting moments, My inner eyes were opened And I beheld the radiant halo of our love That enfolded us completely. The stars sparkled above me And mirrored our blissful future.

YOUR TENDER HEART I sat beside the gurgling brook And admired the natural setting

Created by trees and shrubs. Thinking of you Became the most natural thing for me to do Under the beautiful environment nurtured by nature. The vitality of the foaming waters inspired me And I began to strengthen the intensity of the joy, Which I am gathering for your benefit inside my heart. My soul has journeyed to the light realms In search of inspiration; It is longing to compose a blissful melody That befits your tender heart.

UNSPOKEN PROMISES I traveled along many paths Before I crossed the threshold of your world. Now that I have experienced Your sweet tender love, All my sad moments seem so distant. Your beautiful smile Harbors several unspoken promises That are making me heady with bliss; And your clear eyes are inspiring me To bare my whole heart to you. The beautiful signposts created by my heart Will always guide me faithfully to you.

YOUR IMAGE My attention clinging to your image, I entertained only thoughts of you. Your image was resting inside my mind And every other thing before me became a blur. The smile on my face, My serene disposition And the vital look about my eyes – All bellied the uplifting feelings Inspired by thoughts of you. Thinking about you lifted me To another dimension Where I lost consciousness of time and space.

MY BURNISHED EMOTIONS Since I met you My mood swings have suddenly subsided; And I now live in uninterrupted bliss. You mellowed my heart and temperament With your tenderness And chased all my demons away. You equipped my emotions With a dauntless light that inspires me To challenge the dark side Of any circumstance that I encounter.

With trophies surrounding my burnished emotions, I am looking back with a triumphant smile; Your tender love has elevated me To the status of a victor.

WILL I MEET YOU IN MY DREAMS Gazing into the endless distance, I ardently longed for the beautiful image Of my beloved to appear with a heart Yearning for my love. With eyes swept by my keen desire To bestow my care And tender consideration on you, I am soothing the impatience that is plaguing my heart. When I close my eyes tonight, Will I meet you in my dreams? I desperately yearn to tell you That I will love you from now till eternity.

CONFESSIONS How can I express my feelings to you? Which expression is worthy enough To convey the feelings of my heart to you?

As I continue to search for the appropriate words, Look gently into my eyes And allow my soul to inscribe my confessions On deeper aspects of your beautiful being; Allow its indelible light To strike strokes of bliss across your soul. Every time I gather the blossoms Of my love about you, The feelings of my heart expand; I will never stop loving you.

OUR SOULS MERGED TOGETHER You and I were meant to be together. In a realm untainted by darkness, The eternal light of our souls Merged together and became one. Before the guardians of eternity, We pledged our undying love to each other. As I inhaled the air of the physical world, I longed and waited for you; My heart cultivated and nurtured A sparkling love for you; It held on to its promises and refused to let go. My attention undistracted, I searched for you With the feelings of my soul. Now that we are together again, I will fulfill all the promises that I made to you And decorate every moment of your life With my love.

GLORIOUS DAWN With a touch softer than that of a feather, I am comforting your heart And ensuring a glorious dawn for you. I will always love and cherish you In manners that drive you Towards the lofty things of life. Cradling a burnished mirror That is revealing its future plans for you, My love is filling your heart With a bright light that inspires uplifting thoughts.

IN THE MORNING In the morning, Your sunny countenance Beaming at me, It mirrored your blissful disposition. With genuine dedication, I sent my thoughts To the luminous realms

To draw the needed inspiration; They came back with good tidings And guided me To reinforce the love inside my heart; I am hurrying towards you with a bountiful heart That is destined to ignite and uplift the bliss Inside your heart.

CONFESSIONS OF MY HEART The lenient sunshine, Claiming its rightful place in nature’s workshop, Is beaming down on my heart And highlighting the beautiful image of my beloved. Streaks of blissful light Are illuminating the beatific feelings That have gathered about your sweet likeness inside my heart. Thoughts of you, shimmering colorfully, Are reciting the confessions of my heart. The mild breeze, Gently stirring the fallen leaves about me, Is inflaming my ardent longing for you.

MY BREATHING HAS SLOWED DOWN From infinite directions, The sweet melody of my love Is filtering into your heart

And setting off a delightful tremor; All your doubts are being erased. Your open smile is mending my broken peace. Be still for a moment And focus your inner sight On the unencumbered halo of your heart. My breathing has slowed down In glowing expectancy; Please tell me the words That I have been longing to hear from you.

ARDENT LONGING IN MY EYES You were not there by my side; And memories of you drove me From one spot to another As I strove to assuage my restlessness; I found nothing that could compete With sweet thoughts of you for my attention. The ardent longing in my eyes Betrayed the lonely space by my side; Stars approached me But my heart lacked the vitality to hold on to it. Only the spell of your beautiful smile Can cure me of my restlessness.

MY HEART IS NOT MISSING ANYTHING I’ve been to several places But none compares to the place of refuge Provided by your love. With your hands in my own, I can feel the atmosphere about us As it responds To the nurturing emanations of your love And enshrouds me with lucent colors. As I sit here beside you, My heart is not missing anything; It is keeping a complete record of all the joy That you are bringing to me.

COUNTLESS FOUNTAINS OF BLISS I have created countless fountains

Of bliss inside your heart; And they are watering your heart And making it fertile for my love. Please continue to look into my eyes; The shimmering cloak about your countenance Is inspiring me to think only of loving you. Your happiness means a lot to me Because when you are sad, My world loses its vital lustre. Please take a brief leave from the heady love That I intercross about your beautiful soul And tell me that I could do better than I have done.

MY SOUL IS MAGNETISING LIGHT My heart, still enamored of you, Can never stray from you. How can I be tired of being with you? When you enhance and nurture The light of my day. With rising eagerness, I wake up every morning And happily welcome Improved versions of your love. The intensity of your love Has stretched my consciousness To its outermost point; Your love has lifted me

Above the mundane sphere of things And my soul is magnetizing light From all corners of creation.

MY HEART IS REJOICING My heart is rejoicing As streams of your tenderness Bathe it in resplendent colors. Your sweet smile is charging my atmosphere With a heady bliss And uplifting my sense of well-being. I feel the light of your loving thoughts As they faithfully nurture my trust In your steadfastness. Your selfless gestures towards me Inspire me greatly; And with an unburdened consciousness, I behold only bliss and its companions.

SELFLESS LIGHT OF MY BELOVED My countenance glowing with radiant expectation, I am hurrying towards my beloved. Nothing is tempting enough To distract my attention; The material realm cannot boast of anything That can ensnare me. The selfless light of my beloved, Transcending time and space, Is filling my heart with glorious bounties. I am still longing For the sweet scent of my beloved; Her enchanting company Will ignite the abundance of my heart And elevate them to the next level.

ACHE IN MY HEART Stricken by wanderlust because You were not there by my side, The lucent progenies of my thoughts Set out in search of you. Surely, I know that you are feeling Their loving presence now. There is an ache inside my heart; And only my true confessions can cure it; I long to tell you that every moment of my life Will serve and uphold the radiance That nourishes your heart.

I earnestly yearn to loose myself Inside that sparkling light That dances inside your eyes.

SONG OF BLISS Rays of your beautiful smile, Illuminating the treasures of my heart, Have vanquished all my wants. A certain peace that breathes with the vitality And steadfastness of your reassuring ways Now dwells within me. All my motions are lighthearted and unfettered; Your tender gestures have liberated them From the dross of ponderous thoughts. My inmost thoughts, setting off a song of bliss, Are writing volumes about your inestimable worth in my life.