Student GovernmmuSecretary Resigns
For the first time in the history of Mercyhurst Student Government, an officer on the executive board has resigned from * the elected position. Linda First, secretary of MSG, handed in her official resignation to the three other government officers Monday, October 13. sj£ k In her resignation letter, First cited differences between herself and the executive board as reasoning behind her decision. She explained that the differences have "arisen over the negligent manner" in which she was informed of the duties required for the positioniof MSG secretary. „? £ j68 First felt that these differences prevented the executive officers from functioning-together as a team. | E. William Kennedy, director of student services, explained that no officer in the past had ever resigned. The closest case occurred in 1977 when Chris VanWagen stepped down from.*the position of vice-president since he was also servings as Merciad editor. This created an obvious conflict of interest. I 1 E & Kennedy commented that he was disappointed in the resigna: tion of First. However, he admitted that "mere was confusion" regarding the delineation of MSG secretarial duties S I. "The secretary provides an official record of what the government determines to do," he explained.^ "The confusion seemed to be that some people felt she was a personal secretary who provided typing services." Vice-president Rich Lanzillo commented that?he felt First should have reconsidered her decision since any problems with the executive board could have been worked out. r «*. 7, "Any group of people with such a wide variety of personalities is going to have tensions," stated Lanzillo. "Tensions are an inevitable part of interaction." Treasurer Mary. Gausman noted that she felt First made the decision to resign believing it would be "in the best interest for : : the - functioning of the government." Gausman stated further that she disagreed with First's decision, i w •'%& \ President Tim Seltzer was unavailable for comment at press time* f jji?i $P$£ ? First stated in her letter that she would not leave the government without the needed assistance and therefore would continue in her present position until new arrangement? are

"I feel badly about having to resign,?' stated First. |"It could have been a good thing, but it just didn't work out." £



'.£ J


He added that the curriculum will be implemented in the fall of '81. " The calendar which works best , is that which people like the most. . commented committee member Tom Bilhngsley., **At the MSG meeting, President Garvey explained/further that the proposals would only affect p r e s e n t F r e s h m a n .and Sophomores in that they would need"lo^aKe Senior seminars. These seminars would be an indepth intersession type of course designed for specifically seniors. 44 It is designed to create an intellectually demanding situation.! "The present program permits far too many loopholes." i President Garvey pointed out that the new curriculum proposal provides a more structured program, even though it doesn't provide as much choice in terms of liberal studies as does the present curriculum. * "We want you to have a common Mercyhurst education," he emphasized. At APC Dean Palmer, stated that the present calendar leaves the school "no opportunity to get together as a community." MSG will hold another discussion on the proposals at the October 20 meeting before making a r e c o m m e n d a t i o n to the Academic Policies Committee.

OCTOBER 17,1980

Student Imput Sought On Calendar And Curriculum Change
j* In an attempt to inform and explain the calendar options and general education curriculum roposals, a number of meetings ave opened^the floor to "discussion. At the student government meeting Dean David Palmer and President William P. Garvey clarified information concerning the calendar and curriculum in uestion and answer periods with le representatives. Palmer explained that the administration wants the student body to discuss the option of the calendar. "It is going to take a lot of concern and effort, and a lot of attention from all of us," stated Palmer. j The Academic Policies Committee noted that other variations and flexibilities can be made on the five calendar options presented. President Garvey. speaking about the proposed calendar and new general education curriculum stated that "we will have to live with it (the chosen calendar) for not less than a period of four to five years."

Homecoming Dance Begins; ALNew Tradition At Hurst
S For the first time in the history of the college, a Homecoming Dance will be held for the student body and alumni. * ^ ^ » ^ * "I would definitely like to make this an annual event," commented Gary Bukowski, director 4 of alumni affairs. 'We're trying to develop a tradition never experienced at the college." The semi-formai dance, scheduled for Saturday night, is open to the student body. "We want students to participate because someday they will be alumni," said Bukowski. t Cjl £ Bukowski explained the alumni office hoped for a big response in alumni themselves, but doesn't expect instantaneous involvement since it takes some time to build a tradition. He noted that the dance wouldn't be considered a failure if there aren't many alumni present, since the students will also be involved. 4 "Largeness does not necessarily denote success," he added. Bukowski also responded to the BYOB policy of the dance which will be held in the Campus 44 Center. I would treat our students as mature individuals," he said. Bukowski stated further that he expects students to use their heads if they are drinking. He said if students prove they are not capable of handling the situation, it won't be continued next year. Mixers and non-alcoholic




Dean D. Palmer photo by Rebecca L. Martin

Garv Bukowski < photo by Rich Forsgren beverages will also be available he pointed out. 1. l4 Even though we don't have a football team, there's a lot of potential," concluded Bukowski. Although it would be nice to have a football team."

Archives Gain Historical Records; Nickel Plate Mills Donates Materials
by Mary Collins Department which ^^ dent volunteers to recover the Mercyhurst College materials, which.have no real has acquired a great deal of monetary value. valuable historical information from the Nickel Plate Mills which J The feedmill, located at 18th is in the process of being torn and Parade, ground flour in down. ? * * • earlier days and recently sold . The complete business history grains and hay to local farmers? from the feedmill dating back to The wrecking company 1899 was found by Martin delayed demolition of the Visnosky, L a Mercyhurst building which was constructed graduate. Visnosky accidentally in 1897, so Mercyhurst Archives came across the ledgers and could acquire the information. receipts when going to salvage The manuscripts included lumber from the building. ledgers; correspondence and Visnosky contacted the History receipts such as cancelled checks, deposit slips and business transactions. ? X Mr. Richard Kubiak, history irofessor, explained that in these edgers there is record of businesses that we never would have known existed. According to Kubiak, these businesses 44 went down the drain" during the depression and never resurfaced. Kubiak emphasized that many people have "a lot of things like this just lying about waiting to be destroyed." He warned that most people .don't even realize that they have* items of great historical value. _ i


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OCTOBERS 17,1080


"£ CiC

Oh...f4oA t 1ki*k 6*f<*y & * naedrrenovarttd. Jjiaj- # flt'njc triew sk&tld cAanot /fitnarwt...- toGorutMJtGfci

• f

o o o

The Modest Proposals
In Che past few years the col- adapted to any of the options, a lege has seen the presentation of tteee tenn schedule would be the a wide variety of calendar and easiest to implement, curriculum proposals. This year Considering this, Option E of is no exception. The difference is a three terms, with 40 courses and the choice involved in reaction to five day week appears the most the calendar, and the responsible plausible, foresight used in developing a * In this proposal, there will be 11 curriculum proposal. weeks each term and 33 classes. The eeneral education oro- Since there are 40 courses, each These and other facts involving gram could be the most exciting ! ^ j f J ° ^ ^ ^ * M Mercyhurst's "second spring" Sew development in the college? graduationf will require 120 Concerning your storv entitled but one must remember to give can be found in the soon-to-beEstablishing a foundation core credits. * .& 5>, published 31-page study entitled; "Garvey to Address Students; credit where credit is due. will provide a concrete and Thefive^ y week schedules 70 Mercy hurst-1961-1971 »"The 5 Mon The workable liberal studies educa- "J*™?** ^s *? <£ °?}?i Open Forum Scheduled for Oc- 9-26-80type of "open forum" the Carolyn Years". For anyone with article concerned itself tion to every student. Wednesdays and Fridays and 110 tober". The story included the with was first implemented by an involvement in the "school on following sentence: At the present time, itispossi """"to <***** «• Tuesdays and SrThis type of presentation Mercyhurst's seventh President, the hill" it is - guaranteed inble for a student to graduate from Thursday. Classes which run on hasn't been done on campus since Sr. M. Carolyn Herrmann, in the interesting reading. Inquiries the % college never having ex- the Tuesday-Thursday schedule the turbulent late sixties and ear- fall of 1963. The topics of that first about this solid piece of local perienced a number of the will end at 2:20 to insure a time ly seventies when protests involv- forum included such things as history should be directed to R. J. disciplines offered. In the struc- for different organization ing Vietnam were in full swing." curriculum requirements as well Kubiak, M.A* Te |g*§ % ture of the proposed curriculum, meetings. This is time many feel The energy Mercyhurst is now as the school's regulation of resi- Mercyhurst History Department. this situation would be I is needed. H r ! S Insouciantly ^* ;*>';".1_,._. fcS '*•**•• • * • i^e course distribution under enjoying becomes) apparent dent students driving and curfew M. J. Phillipsyours, * S^fSR m I calendar E provides variable op- through its student publication privileges. ~ « f « While some freedom will be 1 portunities in scheduling. J Thirgone from the scheduling, it will j teen General Education courses, Supports Editorial Comment not be obliterated. For example, I fifteen major and twelve elecFoundation \ Core programming f. tives will allow the student to exunder a three term system will perience a generous sampling of provide a student with the choice a variety of disciplines. T of four electives; one during fall These are strong reasons to Dear Editor, § •} mitory Life and winter and two during consider when making the calen- (» In regard to the recent editorial responsibilities of adulthood: in- down 20 perreports promiscuity f cent on campuses spring. dar choice. Students should comment concerning the institu- cluding visiting as individuals livThis leads directly to the five remember that Academic Policy tion of new Inter-dormitory ing amongst other individuals where co-educational dormitories were' the prevalent calendar proposals. While the Meetings are open and student in- visitation hours; I personally without silly restrictions. § This is 1980 not 1979 and time to system, iFamiliarity breeds conproposed curriculum can be put is vital. £ J > take these drastic measures as realize that. If it is promiscuity tempt as they say. And anyhow, an insult to my adulthood. I feel the adrninistration is worried as my mother used to put it to me a j f e ^m ** * 4fe su student that students should be given the about, the recent issue of Dor- to quell my fears of the dark, "there is nothing in the dark that w l w l l l i l publication isn't there when it's light out.'1 VOL 61 NO. 5 MERCYHURST COLLEGE OCT. 17,1080 Sincerely, From Sisters Of Mercy Tim Sevastopal $ EdUorMi chief. .Rebecca L. Martin . Not A Dorm-Student-ButNewt Editor... Mary Collins Concerned V". Literary Editor. .Flo Scutclla 4018 Lewis Copy Editor... /.... Damien Schmidt Fcatare Editor. .Cheryl Aron I To let us know you better, We the receptionist so we know who Cartoonist ..Jamie Borowicz, Christopher McGowan sisters"of Mercy at the you are. ^ f i H Photography... .Rich Forsgren, Tony Mangeri Motherhouse cordially invite 4. To join us for Sunday Mass Typists..... Mary Cay Marcione, Valerie Meyers, Tom you: and breakfast: j iSjS * alJps'ljZi* Kowalski r *• 1. To send your intentions to us 1 We can accommodate a group Staff .Donna Peterson, Mary Jo Allen, Joan Karto be remembered in our prayers, of four or less at the 8:00 Mass on monocky, Jim Kopchuk, Maree-Lynn Cicon, Anparticularly the Rosary recited Sunday for breakfast and a tour dy Findly, Joe Mangano, Mike Fitzgerald. at 10 a.m. and offered for the in- of the Motherhouse, if desired. Business Manager Bob Breslin tentions of Mercyhurst College Please give your names to Faculty Advisor. .Steve Curcio personnel: Sister Peggy in Campus Ministry The Mcrciad welcomes Letters to the Editor. Policy for letters follows the same guidelines as article You may simply call the swit- by Friday so we can expect you. submissions. Guideline information is available in The Merciad Office, located in the basement of Prenon Hall. All submissions are due by 4:00 on Monday*. chboard, 864-4991, to leave a (If four persons are already signmessage or you may write a note ed up, she will invite you to visit Dear Editor, Who are your sports writers to Sister M. Cornelia. ? >; the following Sunday.) i j Many of us are former for anyway? After reading your 2.To join us in prayer: lo } Daily Mass is scheduled at 6:45 teachers, staff members, or column concerning women's a.m. on weekdays: 8 a.m., Satur- students of the College. We are Volleyball, we felt we twere m day and Sunday. i § deeply concerned with its mission reading the Edinboro State College newspaper. Considering Evening 'prayer, 5:00 p.m. and its students. & j that it is early in the season and Sincerely yours in Christ, daily. ?r that Edinboro is, one of our 3. To visit the Mother of Mercy Sisters of Mercy, toughest competitors (as well as 444 E. Grandview Blvd. Chapel any time: f J B being a State School) we felt and Enter at,the front door and Sister M. Eustace Taylor still do feel we did a pretty good identify yourself at the desk of General Coordinator job. By printing such negative articles as the one in last week's paper, you discourage all the fans from even considering attending a match. Our record now stands at 4-4 after beating local rivals Villa and Gannon. We fed that it is well worth the effort of the 'Hurst fans to come and cheer on the Volleyball team, as there is always something to cheer about. Hie Women's Volleyball Team

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Open Letter To Community


Volleyball Teams Airs Grievance i



Radio Station UMCY To Broadcast Sunday 890 AMfrom 9p.m.-12a.m.






Synapse Scorchers
Good news I Our lost explorer of Student Union and asked her how last week has been located and we did. She told me that her saved. He was' wandering boyfriend won the shot-put but aimlessly in an area a little over she wasn't sure how we did lour square miles near the South in the remaining events. I askPole. If you still can't figure out ed her what the scores were and where his pack might have been, she told me that Edinboro won see Bud Brown. £. with 22- points and that MerA month ago Mike Cusack cyhurst and Johnstown each received a call informing him received 9 points. 5?"*f that Johnstown State was holding I asked her how the points for a track and field meet. Edinboro each event were distributed and had entered the meet but no one she said that all of the events else had, and Johnstown were scored the same with the wondered whether Mercyhurst winner receiving the most points, would be interested. Mike will trysecond place receiving fewer and anything once, so he rounded up third place fewest. I asked her some of our finest baseball whether there was a high jump players (baseball players will do event. Mary said that there was. anything) and left for Johnstown. she didn't know who had won it. I Mary Merry's boyfriend was in thought for a moment, then the shotput event and since only replied that on the basis of what .three schools participated she had told me so far I knew who 1 1 (Johnstown, Mercyhurst and had won the high jump. Edinboro) the meet ended early It would appear that there is inand our team returned. Inciden- sufficient information to detertally, each school entered just mine which school won the high one athlete in each event. • jump. Wrong! Can you figure it & I happened to see Mary in the out? I M ra SSSf

Academic Quality Of Athletes Questioned; Interview With CoacheslClears The Air mm
By Donna Peterson £ | a T The academic quality of the athletes at Mercyhurst has been looked at greatly so far this year. In an effort to determine what the relationship between academics and athletics is at the college, The Merciad talked with the coaches of major sports who have made public their concern for their players'^ academic standings. W& m$ Dan O'Conner, coach of the basketball team, sent letters dated September 22, 1980 to the faculty members who have basketball players in their classes. The letter stated the names of the basketball players and instructed the faculty member to contact O'Conner if the student is late for class regularly; absent from class, or having certain academic problems. J ! | O'Conner stated that he would contact each instructor twice throughout each term and if he is informed of a problem, he will see that the situation is rectified. JL' "I don't want to take every athlete by the hand," said O'Conner, "But I feel that it is my responsibility I to teach my players to understand commitment and responsibility." | p B O'Conner feels that his players have to be motivated to be in class, be on time, and complete all 'assignments. The student athletes need the reminder that they are here first of all to get an education, according to O'Conner.^"The athletes have a tremendous** advantage "*over regular students," commented O'Connor, "they are given large amounts of money for tuition and therfore, have an obligation to themselves and the institution." O'Conner is able to give out 10 full scholarships a year in recruiting basketball players. \ O'Conner said that when he recruits players he does so because of their "person" and nothing else. He explained that "person" referred to a player's likability and ability to get along with others. Because a majority of the players O'Conner recruits do not ^have high academic averages, he claims that he is responsible to set up a method of insuring that they make an academic attempt. 53 O'Conner said,'' It would be the ideal thing to recruit students without academic problems, but this is not accessible." This year, out of a roster of 13 only two players are exceptions with QPA's of 3.5 or better. *« / S S ^ P * The basketball players are encouraged by O'Conner to seek help at the first sign of academic difficulty. He makes them aware of the free tutoring services available kon campus and also provides peer tutors I of other basketball players. Although three of O'Conner's players were involuntarily withdrawn from Mercyhurst for academic reasons during his three years as coach, O'Conner stated this year, "If I lose one player it can mean my whole livelihood." Sj gj This year especially, the athletes must deal with a great deal of pressure both physically and psychologically. At the open forum October 7, g President William Garvey commented that athletes take a lot of abuse they don't deserve. On the other hand, he feels there are "no special policies for athletes." ™§J; ™ & Pressure also comesfromMercyhurst's new membership in the NCAA. Both of these factors, will put tremendous pressure on the basketball players both on and off the court. *$*& H jjjpj! There is a difference between male and female athletes at Mercyhurst according to Elaine Ruggiero, coach of the women s volleyballroam."Part of the problem has been in the conversion of Mercyhurst to a coed institution." stated Ruggiero, "because of the push for males through athletics, the school} definitely lowered its standards." However, with Dr. Garvey as President and Mike Cusack as athletic director, Ruggiero feels that the academic standards for athletes will increase. Another part of the problem between male and female athletes is that the males can be offered scholarships to attract them to college while women can't be offered /scholarships without J financial need. While O'Conner can offer 10 full scholarships to basketball players, Ruggiero can offer only one. This year she divided the money four ways to assist the players with the greatest financial need. I j JL In comparing the 12 women on the volleyball team with the 13 member Basketball team, there is a visible difference in academic quality. Three-fourths of the.women's team carry 3.0 averages or better with 3.77 being the highest There is no average below a 2.76. J t Jj£ f Ruggiero has had no problems with her players' academic standings so far this.year, she remarked. However, if a problem were to arise she would handle

Winter Co-Ops Offered
Do not contact employers, contact Mr. James A. Infantino, Coordinator *of. Cooperative Education* extension 290.* %• Accounting Majors-Tax Preparer for H&R Block. You will be conducting tax interviews for the purpose of preparing complete and accurate tax returns. Also, you will provide tax* information and assist with compilation of tax returns. * Accounting or Business Majors-REAL-Students must be eligible for work" study money. Assistant to the Controller for the YWCA. You will assist and aid controller in preparation of financial statements,. post general journals and ledgers, and handle payroll records. Hotel-Restaurant Majors Assistant Manager for Dudleys Ice Cream Parlor. You will be exposed to all facets of the operation, but this is primarily a managerial position. J- r Hotel-Restaurant Majors — Community Organizer for the Community Care Council*REAL students^ only! You will assist in establishing a food co-op in the Corry area. B S S K H H SyttSl Political Science or Sociology Majors - REAL Students Only! Legal Assistant 'for Northwestern Legal Services in Corry, PA. You will assist an attorney on a case pending before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.! -, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work Majors-REAL students only!-Counselor Assistant for the Horizon House in Union City, PA. You will be interviewing and supervising daily activities. Mature adults with empathy and common sense" required as this is a shelter for women in crisis.

Volunteer Tutors in Probation is in need of tutors If interested please ^contact: > Kate Connelly Sesler312 868-0580

v Dan O'Conner photo by Rich Forsgren the problem- similarly to O'Conner by having someone 'on the team supervise 'thej player's study habits and advise accordingly, and also provide another volleyball player with the same major to tutor the player. Ruggiero feels that the calendar and class load at Mercyhurst, "offers no reason why a student shouldn't be * able to apply himself, unless he doesn't have the i n t e l l i g e n c e ^ or the discipline." Both O'Conner andjRuggiero stated that their teams hold inseason practice at least 2 M hours z daily plus attend all scheduled games. Although the amount of time devoted to each sport is basically the same, there is still a disparity in the QPA's of the male ana female athletes. I w

Student Hairstyling Studio
Haircuts Trims Perms Luminize 5.00 $ 3.50 $ $ 20- 25.00 s 1 10.00

PART-TIME 1 position available for college student to* represent travel company on campus. Earn commission, free* travel and work experience. Contact: Beachcomber Tours, f tine, 1325 Millersport Hgwy., Willfamsvi1fe.jj3jN.Yu 14221.716-632-3732.

3619 McClelland Ave

Call Ext. 239 for an appointment. Mon. 2-6 p.m. Tues 6-8 p.m. .* Student Services Off ice 308 Main


P A G E 4 *'<»;;'< i
i #


OCTOBER 17,1980

Presidential Assistants Appointed
President Garvey has named three college administrators as assistants to the president it was announced last week. Thomas A. Billingsley, former director of institutional research and planning, has been appointed assistant to the president for Title Mary Daly, former director of public relations and assistant director of development, becomes assistant to the president for external affairs. j; John T. 'Nesbit, Mercy hurst director of grants, has been named assistant to the president for grants and government relations. Billingsley has been with Mercyhurst since 1970. He was assistant director of admissions and later college registrar before heading the school's office of institutional planning and research for the last two years. He is a native:;of Pittsburgh!and graduate of Gannon University'. Billingsley is a Ph.D. candidate in higher education at SUNY at Buffalo. In his new job at Mercyhurst he will coordinate the $400,000 government grantfthe 8 j'My career goal was to become a member of the college management team," j said Daly "and when you reach that goal, it's professionally satisfying." 3S Nesbit joined the Mercyhurst administration in 1974 coming from the Pennsylvania Department of Justice where he was special assistant for operations. During his seven-year affiliation with Mercyhurst he had obtained federal and state grants and contracts for the college totaling more than $2.5 million. He is recognized as one of the leading I grantsman in higher education in Pennsylvania. 1 Nesbit did his undergraduate work at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is studying for Mary Daly K£J ^ 8 bis master's in planning at the college recently received to im- Pennsylvania State university. B plement a management informaHe is vice president of the tion system and 'to improve Family Crisis board of directors educational development oppor- and serves on the finance comtunities at the college. -1 a mittee of Hospice of Metropolitan % Billingsley also will coordinate Erie. He also heads the United the college's admissions, finan- Way of Erie County efforts at cial aid, and registrar's offices. V Mercyhurst College. SfeilJalaH "It's a great opportunity to participate in some of the larger institutional goals," commented Billingsley. "Working for the president! provides overall perspective,^which will* be S Daly had been a member of the college's institutional advancement team since 1966. She has headed the college public relations effort since 1967. ^ Cf ~ An Erie native and Mercyhurst graduate, she has won numerous awards on the local and nationa 1 level for college public relations, special programs, advertising, and publications. * ,5 She is the first vice president of Erie Advertising Club and a former member of the board of directors of Muscular Dystrophy. She is listed in Who's Who Among Women in America and Who's Who in Business and Finance. Nieces: Whats an adventure with Escargot Man: Slow and steady is Auntie Em? FUN! xEw%£* 1 the secret, Five weeks is to long. See you then, I miss you! OOOOXXX love. S.P. § Tammy is in love. Beth G: We miss you and love Anyone interested in coaching you much. Beth and the gang. j | the girl's basketball team at St. Boniface Grade School, please Strawberry B. "WOOF"-only 4 contact Ann Burbules at 456-6238 more. Love, Cinnamon B. ff | after 6 p.m. jJgST BVO: If it must 1 be one track, Hey Pele - You need more pracmake sure it's a good one. p^j tice!!! Maybe you can break the other leg too! Thanks to all that helped make Parent s Weekend a success, zuk AUNTIE EM: When will these subtle hints start having an efCongratulations Howie on eating fect? Soon I hope! Happy Adventhe whole thing. "The Gargan- tures! Love and Elephant kisses, tuan".* Chris, Bob, Jimbo, Fly. THE NIECES. Wink, wink,|wink, wink, wink, M.B. Walsh: You have a secret wink, wink, wink, wink, wink. admirer. Don't look for me, only time will tell. Until next week. To the Philly Crew and the um- HH I f S 5 brella lady. Only nine years to go! 3g s. Blowie: You're a better man than we are. Fitz, Randy Bruce. i "Look at the deer! • Nobody likes me, everybody Fubar-guys - ANOTHER ONE hates me, guess I'll go eat BITE THE DUST! fubar girls. worms. R.L. P D.M.f What^next???? Novice Treasurers have nice legs.JSign-



$ #Jj fc SI



iBpSp? ft



S l i 3 ! rS



Kathy, Please can I be the only For Sale: One Roommate - slightone ... one of many ... 3$$m$&' ly abused - will trade for Geisha Girl - See Rich - McAuley 317. Fitz: TWho is the lucky woman this week??!!* Signed the cold Dear Blowie: Goo-goo, Ga-Ga. shower? ¥ * fl Signed your baby Stephanie. John T. Nesbit Mike: You missed a fun adven- Hey Neighbors: Not me baby, ture. Maybe next time? Mary. I'm too precious U

Thomas A. Billingsley


A false alarm was reported shortly after midnight Monday at Baldwin Hall. The smoke detector alarm went off, but the panel which indicates which smoke detector was activated reset itself. Therefore, there was no way of knowing which alarm was triggered, reported JoAnn DeSantis, Resident Director? of Baldwin

False Alarm

Education Majors
There will be a gettogether for all Education Majors on Thursday, Octber 23 from 7-9 in S the ^Faculty Lounge. Dress is semi-formal j. and refreshments will be served. See you there.

Hall.n 9. Firemen from the Erie City Fire Department responded to the alarm.J The firemen thoroughly searched the building and found no trace of a fire. "This is the first alarm that happened in a very long time," said Miss DeSantis. She commented that the 200 Baldwin residents handled the situation , adequately. Sf 00*Kp*!itfF

Mercy-Ads 25* for every 10 words Submit To: Merciad Office Basement Preston Deadline: Tuesday 4:00


Allegheny College Presents Arlo Guthrie and Shenandoah
Saturday, October 18,1980 2§.|| 9:00 p.m. $

f (

Campus Center Auditorium Meadville, Pa. Tickets 8.00 available'at National Record Marts in Erie, Meadville and Pittsburgh; Czers World in Slipper Rock; Xanudu in Edinboro; Homestead Music in Mercer; The Campus Bookstore and House of Music in Meadville. i I

307 Main f Offers the following on campus services: Bible Stttdy I I 'Check cashing (Mon. Wed. r 9 • • noon-2p.m.) *typing Service led by * Professional Haircutting (Mon. 2-6 Rev. Dick Sanford p.m. andTues. 6-8 p.m.)t 3* J * Birthday Cake Service Tuesday 8:00 * Babysitting jobs available Campus Ministry * Laborers * v III f 'Tutors
We are also taking applications for the following I positions: Babysitters, Bookkeepers, Seamstresses, Musicians, Artists and Tutors.

i i

student plann teach winter term, 1980-81, must pick up an application in the education division, office, third floor Main., completedB application must be returned to me or education office no October

Hours 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Daily
All members of the Mercyhurst Community are welcome to take advantage of our i budget prices for all of our services. I



OCTOBER 17.1980

* m



limit. Independent students can New legislation now allows for now borrow up to $3,000 per year an increase in Basic Educational or $15,000 d u r i n g ^their opportunity Grant up to $2,600 by undergraduate studies. W-* : r 1985. On October 3, a bill was There is also a new program passed into law allowing for an for the parents and students. This increase in student aid. { is The Parental Loan Program. The H i g h e r E d u c a t i o n . The program will allow parents Reauthorization Act took approx- to borrow up to $3,000 at nine perimately two years in the plann- cent interest. Repayment begins ing. It is a standard action to con- within 60 days. lS§ jl tinue the availabilty of funds for The National | Direct Student government financial aid programs. B.E.O.G. will be increas- Loan program has been increased to $1900 in the 8l-82sschool ed to $6,000 during undergraduate year. There will then be a steady studies. The percentage has been increase until 1985 when there increased from three percent to four percent. This is awarded acshould be $2,600 available. In a discussion - with Barry cording to need. |F m- 'tisfeitQ T * Zembower feels that the upZembower, director of Financial coming elections may have an efGorillagram Fever strikes Erie and the Hurst, at right Mary Beth Barret gets the monkey business. At Aid, it was said that those fect on the bill, but as of now the students who are planning to take bill goes into affect as of January left volleyball coach Elaine Rugglero is greated by a Gorillagram 9MBH rJ3&S^ T *& out a Guaranteed Student Loan 1. The stated policy goal is to after January l should do so now have seventy-five percent of the Admission to Student Activity instead due to the increase in the bill g to be paid by family and Committee sponsored lecture will be $1 for the general public and interest from the current seven federal aid. 5 Presently at the free to the Mercyhurst College percent to the new nine percent. 'Hurst it is a rough sixty percent. community. aj% I In the past, a dependent stu- ' Zembower stated that he felt dent could only borrow up to good about the bill and that 2 A few $2,500 per year. Now up to $12,500 shortly he will be sending a letter? Abbie Hoffman,* ex-yippie jumped amonths later, Hoffman$10,000 bail and disapover undergraduate studies is to the community to explain the leader-turned-fugitive, will tell peared to avoid standing trial. He available. This is an increase of new bill in detail. #£&$ PsLitf his story to Erie audiences October 20 at 8PM in the Campus recently came out of hiding and surrendered to special narcotics Center. W * "*lJ£ ';•? '. Hoffman first became involved prosecutor Sterling Johnson to in the radical movement by par- start the uneasy process of his ticipating in a demonstration in trial on the seven-year-old coMay, 1960. J He subsequently caine charges. *g £ fBtM While in s e c l u s i o n a t became interested in such causes ^ H R proudly presents: j S E r a S I as the Vietnam War,!nuclear Thousands Islands, New York, By Damien Schmidt In response to student concern, disarmament, changes in govern- Hoffman—who is now 43—chang•j- A Different T o o n ™ mental styles, and Hoffman ex- ed his name to Barry Freed, had which was voiced at the open his face through plastic forum President Garvey Oclained, "gradually, civil rights surgery, altered a beard, and tober 7,with hours in the Learning r an art show featuring our cartoonists grew the e c a m e the c r u x of my assumed a new identity and a Resources Center jwill be involvement." k Jamie Borowicz ^a A ^ .i-pil expanded. In, 1968, Hoffman&and Jerry new lifestyle, Beginning oYTOctofteRUr M5ur$" As BarrjnFreed he led the err Rubin starlet! Yippie, the Youth and International Party, '• to bring vironmental crusade group call- will be from 9 a.m. till midnight together the hippies who were ed "Save the River Committee," Monday through Thursday. This H | Christopher McGowan beginning to turn political and the to protest a dredging project that is an extra two hours in the evenNew Left types who were getting would have iopened the St. ing. Sunday the LCR will be open In the Learning Resource Center bored \ with j picket f lines and Lawrence Seaway to boats dur- from 2 p.m. until midnight, z i ing three additional winter ^ "It was a long needed reform," parades. Iff i :*• B B October 22 through 27 M>M remarked Joan Cooper, director fejjfeL He ? was one of the Chicago months, ^n For his work he earned the of thefLRC. "I feel that all Seven tried for his activities at Everyone Welcome the Democratic National Conven- commendations of -New York libraries should be open longer." Cooper commented that she tion in 1968. Hoffman was con- Governor Hugh Carey and the ad$ Open-Reception Will Be Held victed for crossing state lines to miring attention of State Senator would like the college "to commi foment violence in the Chicago Daniel Patrick Moynihan while more money to the library. Sq^ Wednesday, October 22 testifying last summer at a "Students have all kinds ot streets. ffederal hearing chaired by the learning needs", she added Hoffman was again arrested in Senator. "Students who work here have to f August 1973—this time charged Through it all, his identity as be seriously committed to With the selling of three pounds of Abbie Hoffman went unknown. academic excellence." cocaine to two undercover Hoffman goes back to court soon after his fall tour. agents. \Major airlines are now hiring for the <A(d4>fi&l€ Wiae/o d
W * W M « W » B « »

Federal Funds Increases9 Will Benefit Student Aid $7,500 $5,000 over the current By Anthony S. Mangeri 9



Hoffman Scheduled Speaker Ex-Yippie Leader Tells All m


Library 1 Hours I Extended




folowing opportunities: Wi FLIGHT ATTENDANTS S fl M " TICKET AGENTS f
| 1



Specializing In



Marketing - Industrial - Technical
call Personnel Pool

28th & PARADE ERIE, PA. We Deliver

Individuals interested In applying with these airlines companies must be career oriented, have a public relations personality, be willing to travel if required, and be in good health. For further information on Row to immediately apply directly with these major airlines companies, write to: |



Please indicate briefly your background, what airlines position(s) you are interested in applying for and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope so that you may receive further information as to what steps to take so that possible interviews might be arranged by these airlines. All major airlines companies are EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYERS.

Typing |

Research | papers, resumes, etc. call Peggy (456| 6002)

Addressteind stuff envelopes [home.. $800 per! month poss Offer, send (refundable] Triple 869 Juniper Road non 92372
\ \ / /


Lo and behold, feminine little again faced with the most crucial Film Review Judy does not fit in at Training decision of her life; whether to Camp Biloxi. Reveille comes too revert back to being somebody's early in the morning, and khaki coddled, dumb blonde bombshell just isn't her color. The result is or to assert her intelligence and that she makes herself and her her independence. E In afinalscene where she punplatoon miserable when she fails to measure up to the Army's ches her French husband-to-be standards.! - gyfe^ff jgg by Cheryl Aron first of breakthrough,. Goldie Hawn's $ TheJudy's two climaxes comes Just as Columbus might have career has needed, a reprieve when up at pampering parents shocked the people of Europe 488 show camp to take her years ago this Week with a "No from forever portraying the bub- home with them and cuddle her to |r\<LvJ Security Guards folks, the world is-not flat; I bling green-eyed airhead.) I |? their bosom. % §f- BfPfgpJ 1 j didn't fall off the edge/' so a few In, with, and under the Miserable as she is, she is sudaverage Mercyhursters might be character of * Judy * Benjamin, denly faced with a worse hell, goshocked to find out that the enter- Goldie Hawn grows up role-wise ing home and being forced back tainment world doesn't end at the from a naive and spoiled-rotten into a little girl mold at the age of gates to 38th Street. Daddy's little girl to a | self- twenty-eight. 1 2p35j £ Being out of town this weekend, reliant, thinking individual, v After a porI was unfortunately unable to at- The story begins with a trayal of superb but subtleJudy inner conflict, tend the Hurst's Sunday night "tribute" to upper middle class stands up, squares her shoulders showing of this week's "Movie for womanhood Judy Benjamin Discussion,"A Clockwork (Goldie Hawn) has just obtained and says, "No thanks, I think I'll Orange, the acclaimed Stanley her heart's desire: she has just stay." This is the beginning of Judy Kubrick's grotesque masterpiece married a rich, unattractive about street gang horrors. §;. lawyer and is ready to settle back Benjamin's and Goldie Hawn's However,' I was able to catch a into her decorator house with her independence from their stifling feature of Goldie Hawn's current upstairs maid where she can melt images. m | fe #$ I From here on in, the road is movie, Private Benjamin (and into aristocratic complacency. thereby proved that there are un- However, before the wedding smooth for Private Benjamin. § touched islands of fun out there night is over, tragedy strikes. For the first time in her life, Judy | Benjamin is ready for the discovering). 1 The new groom dies of a heart at- two feet and standing on her own!finds that those new* Goldie Hawn is Private Ben- tack, leaving poor Judy bereaved foal's legs aren't so wobbly after jamin, or Private Benjamin is of her security. « all. She believes in herself; she! Goldie Hawn, depending on how What to do? Judy Benjamin is becomes more open-minded; she^ 1 OfAA^e. I £ you look at it. Hawn's traditional at a woe-begone loss. She slips away from her does more thinking.! In fact her little-girl bounciness and dumbblonde vivacity aren't lost for a grating relatives to a motel mind is so sharp that she! moment in the role of the United where she wallows in her grief becomes the mastermind behind I (and her same black mourning the capture of the "enemies" in a j States Army's latest recruit. However, the Goldie we all dress) for eight days. In between simulated war game and goes on a know and laugh at grows up a lit- sobs she calls a local radio talk to receive] promotion after 1 f 3 BB tle, or smarts up a little, under show and pours out her sorrows promotion, f All is going well for Private the hard nose »of her I drill to anyone who might be listening sergeants. j c 3 j and able to help. Benjamin until she falls madly $£?9 I :v,..,Subsequently, Private Ben- W Almost instantly an angel of and instantly in love with a lady-" jamin becomes not only a timely mercy responds to her plea, and killing frenchman in one of those Pianist Tedd Joselson will ap- munication with an audience can social comment on army who might this benefactor be but trite, dusky pubs that we used to pear at Mercyhurst College on only be Jested by public perforregistration, but a strong stand the kindly-faced army recruiter see in World War H movies. J October 22,1980, at 8:15 P.M. The mance," he {continued, f "We on Women's Liberation: the who cons Judy into joining the ar- After > pressuring a corrupt program is sponsored., by found that Mr. Joselson has this liberation of one woman in par- my with the notion that it is all superior into transferring her to D'Angelo _ School of Music and charisma in abundance " ticular," Goldie Hawn, alias Judy palm 'trees and sparkling Pans, where she consumates her will take place in Zurn Recital ^ Joselson has appeared with Benjamin. ^; , beaches, as shownfin the relationship with the frenchman, Hall. many of the country s leading orJ (This f i l m ! i s just; the recruiter's brochure. The Belgian-born American chestras including the Detroit Goldie Hawn-Judy Benjamin is pianist and former Juilliard stu- Symphony, San Francisco Symdent became fascinated with the phony, Pittsburgh Symphony, -• r k*W of power in the early 70's with? keyboard at the age of five; and Los Angeles Philharmonic, their first "E.L.P." album and by the time he was|20, had Denver Symphony, Dallas Symthen again with "Tarkus". jg already played with several ma- phony, Houston Symphony, « Lake was an excellent; jor orchestras. Rochester!) Philharmonic, guitarist, bassist and vocalist! The turning point in his career St.Louis Symphony, Baltimore eAAbUjfel (despite his obsessions with was his appearance with the Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic atheistic lyrics) and few would Philadelphia Orchestra - under and the Cincinnati Symphony. g argue that Keith Emerson was Eugene Ormandy at the age of 21. Joselson's recital repertoire the Jimmy Hendrix of the After the concert, Maestro Or- will include Beethoven's by DON DAVIS keyboard—a dynamo of talent. mandy said "I knew we had Sonata No. 6 in F Major, Op. 10 Since the decade of the 70's music is not quite what it used to Initially the group had found a rare and exciting talent No. 2, Liszt's Consolation m D has come to its end, it would be be. The problem might be Jag- everything, far outshining "The when I first heard this young Flat, Nuages Gris, Schubert's "Wanderer Fantasie," Op.* 15, interesting to reflect on that span ger's singing, however, one Yes", another band born early in man. "The even rarer magic of com- and Mussorgsky's "Pictures at of time during which there was report of the Stones' recording the 70s and one of their strongest an Exhibition." i *£}«••**' probably more | vinyl produced practices might have something competitors for the stage front. * Leaving the British sound, it is than ever before in the history of to do with the change in the Review viability of their music. It's been impossible to forget the influence Album music. ; .^v'.\v:,v « | California music Though there were many new said that their method of inspira- of the early,- etc) on rock and (Beach Boys, beginnings in the 70's, there were tion is to get "stoned" then jam roll of the '70s. But, one band also some bitter endings; \the then record. The informality of transcended the L.A. structure; deaths of Hendrix, Jopun, and the process shows. -* v* With the release of their new the country. their never stayed in The album, as well as their Morrison not to mention the M "The Who" and "The Kinks", same musictoo long. Loggins the album, (Wild Plant), the B-52's place and break-up of the Beatles, did two great dinosaurs of the 60's Messina was one of the few bands have once again proved an im- first, was recorded at Compass perhaps as much to change proved to be much more creative to come out of the West Coast peccable, unique force in "the Point Studios in the Nassua musical trends as did the up- in the 70's. "The Who" got off to a alive. New Wave market. Bahamas i during the month of rising of new groups.* | % quick start with their classic 71 The term B-52 is the southern April 1980. 4 I % £ ; The new beginnings were a album, "Who's Next". And, L Jim Messina has a well- slang for a smooth, large, high g Compass Point Studios* have hodge-podge!of good and bad. though lately they seem preoc- respected history as both a musi- bouffant hairdo. The women of also hosted other great bands inWhen the Beatles broke off and cupied with movies and; in- cian and a producer with "Buf- the band have adopted this hair cluding the Rolling Stones and each went their separate ways, dividual efforts, "The Who" was falo Springfield" and "Poco". He style in all stage performances Dire Straits. producing individual albums, it a significant plus to seventies soon became an accomplished and promotional campaigns. Private Idaho, a hard driving seemed to prove once and for all syncopation. - "The Kinks'" may writer and singer as well. The track from the album has been that the fantastic foursome were very well be the greatest rock best i of Loggins and Messina Using simple spans the yearsfrom1971 to 1977 keyboard {relatively and such hailed by D. J. Michael Tierson of J bass lines less than divine, eventothe most band of all time. It might be pure- in which tune they put out eight WMMR in Philadelphia as fastly ly opinion, but a well supported hard-core of Beatles fans. < gimmicks as a walkie talkie and becoming "The theme of the Alone, McCartney, Lennon, one. They have produced more" albums (two live and six studio toy piano, Keith Strickland, Eighties." Other tracks worthy of .J Harrison and Ringo could never good albums more consistently albums).Ricky and Cindy Wilson, Fred note are: Give Me Back My Man, Though it seems as if Kenny Schneideri III and Kate Pierson conjure up anything to match than almost any other group in their genre of music. They have Loggins may | have sold his have successfully created one of Quiche Lorraine, Strobe light, S3 "Penny Lane", "She's Leaving Miles Home" or "The Long And Win- age, humor, sensitivity, power, soul to the commercial devil the most progressive sounds in Out of West of Venus and Party Bonnas. £c musicability and presence—not (following Paul McCartney's proding Road". cess) and be •The group who was rated a to mention Ray Davies, the im- the same,Messina mightstilldoing their music uniclose second to the Beatles in the petus behind the group's variety que and entertaining.isSo much Mercyhurst students, faculty and 70's showed an amazing and consistency. From 1971 to for the 70s; let's hope the '80s staff are invited to show their art stamina— 'The Rolling Stones" 1980 they put out eleven win see less disco, new wave work in the LRC Gallery. Space have persisted in the music world albums—all of them versatile noise, and a few more groups who 1 as a band that consistently draws and all of them dynamic. I, may be preserved by seeing will rock the- scenes with attention. ft J a * • *« bThe birth of Emerson, Lake originality for a change. Joanne Cooper. £ and Palmer made an initial burst One might notice that their

Goldie l a w n Shines | I n Private Benjamin

OCTOBER 17,1980 with an Army trained right book and proceeds to call him a "schmuck", "Private Goldie" struts out of the mansion that "could have been all hers," casts her veil to the wind and marches down a long tree-lined drive toward her independence. fSBta



Famed Pianist To Appear; Sponsored By School Of Music
m 4 r+ *

| U



B52's Make Mark In New Wave


Lakers Beat Mountain Cats; Fall To Golden Tornadoes
r The Laker soccer team and eventually prevailed 4-2.;. H» £ ^ Against Geneva the Blue and celebrated a 4-2 victory over the University of Pittsburgh at (keen experienced difficulty in Johnstown on ^Saturday, trying to slip the ball past the ophowever, a 2-1 defeat at Geneva posing 'keeper although they had on Wednesday puts the overall 15 attempts on fgoal. Sixty record at 6-2-1. V* minutes into the game, Bence In near monsoon conditions on rifled the 'Hurst into the lead, but Saturday, Dave Shimpeno's Geneva I quickly bounced back Lakers responded best to the con- and five minutes before the final ditions, which were somewhat whistle slid home the winner to like a rough sea, while the Moun- return Mercyhurst to Erie with tain Cats got stuck in the mud. its second defeat of the year. I Mascharka tops the, Laker The Geneva game was decided in the second half after a scoreless scoring ust with 11 goals, he is first period: Shawn Bence put the tailed by Bence (S) 3, and Dave Blue and Green into the lead, but Cross 5. The Blue and Green has Abbott and Tweed struck back scored 34 goals and restricted its i «P for the Golden Tornadoes and the opponents to 16. £ The Laker injury problem is Lakers were beaten'for the sebasically clear now, although cond time this year. J I Pour more games remain on there are still* some minor the schedule before the NAIA D18 ailments on the squad. "We playoffs. Two victories out of haven't been at full strength for these four road games should en- the last four games," said Coach sure a home berth in the playoffs. Shimpeno. "However,* the naggAnd should the Lakers win the ing pulls and strains are very district, a trip to the District 6 nearly disappeared now. Don champions in the West Virginia Smith's ankle is now functioning area offers the prize of a journey at 90 per cent and Moffat's hip into Springfield,111., for the national jury is virtually mended so we championships in November#$ are nearly back to full strength." Last; Wednesday, the Lakers UP J went into an early lead, but Ed Mascharka equalized just traveled to Grove City; Saturbefore the half. The Mountain day's alumni v game has been Cats regained the jlead four- cancelled. Next Wednesday the minutes into the second period Blue and Green goes on the road but, through Mascharka. Shawn to Edinboro, leaving only two Bence and Randy Voiles, the away games remaining before Lakers proved to be the stronger the post-season action, Gannon team in the torrential conditions and Slippery Rock. t

i 4


Men's novice eight rows

the Prep school at Saturdays scrimmage on Presque Isle nR^& photo by Tony Mangeri

Laker Crews Hold Scrimmage9 Row Pasl&Prep School f f x
The Mercyhurst College Crew teams continued their fell season workouts as they rowed past the Prep school last Saturday in the first iscrimmage race of (the season. B S Ef a "This was an excellent opporP^*j by Mike Fitzgerald | f. tunity for our kids to get racing experience without all the pressure of going head-on with a major college," commented Men's Coach Al Belovarc.$Jt|' The Laker Oarspersons will travel to West Virginia on October 18 for a race with WVU Mountaineers before squaring off with Niagara and Canisus in Buffalo on October 25. s I The Lakers will thenfinishthe fall season at home in a race against Alumni on October 26. i[9


W Visit the Mercyhurst College | |

At its new location in McAuley Hall, Lower Level Services provided include: tutoring in mechanical and rhetorical skills, assistance in writing resumes, themes, and research papers, and help in preparing for essay tests and graduate record examinations* •; Call Writing Center Director, Betty Gartner at 864-0681 ext. 3 4 4 or stop in at McAuley Hall, Lower Level to make an appointment. Take advantage of this free service provided for yon through the Mercyhurst College Pace Program.

The Snack Bar
H n presents: ft

Lady Spikers Even Record; Slate Stands At 1 1 J W M
In women's volleyball action, the Lady Lakers upped their slate to 4 and 4, winning three of four matches in the past week. On Tuesday the spikers defeated Villa 1541,15-12 with Lisa Jacobitz and Ann Burbules having 6 and 5 kills respectively. Carla Smith lead theteamto a 15-2,15-10 decision over Pitt-Bradford with 5 kills. On J Thursday they defeated Gannon University 15-8, 15-11 as Pam Mancuso recorded 7 kills. Mercyhurst fell victim to St. John Fischer 6-15, 7-15 a strong team from Rochester, New York. J This week the team sets up with their cross-town rival Behrend, Allegheny and Thiel. % Saturday the destination is Edinboro for competition in an all day tournament with seven other area teams. Head coach Elaine Ruggiero is optimistic about this season, adding that injuries will prove to be the major obstacle in the Lakers' attempt to win the Women's Keystone Conference title. NOTE: The team will be selling popcorn to raise money for their trip to Philadelphia to compete at LaSalle University in a sixteen team tournament. H3C


N" N


The World Series

* * .


On Our! f

"Back Porch"

October 29 October 30 November 3 November 4 November 5 Mutual Of New York SEMINAR-Mock Interviewing done by Harold Anderson representing the Inter nal Revenue Service Fisher's Big Wheel, Inc. Marine Bank SEMiNAR-Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills presented by Anne McCallion from Fargo, Dowling, Pashke and Twargowski, CPA Coopers & Lybrand, CPA Equitable Life Assurance Society

The J u n c t i o n i Goes Country and Western This ] Weekend
Appearing Friday and Saturday Night

Our Own Lakers Fabulous. Fall Season

The Barrett Bros
| 9:30tol:30
Proper ID Req u i red

In Their Honor, a V4 lb. Ball Park Frank and Small Coke 1

November 6 November 7

Specials on Drinks and Drafts

All interviews and seminars are held by appolntmen only. Please sign up in the Career Services Office in Room 204 Main or call 864-0681, Ext. 289,290, or 293f

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Ektachrome 8-hour slide processing
n ; , 1

phot©. 'mark

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