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VOL 24 NO. 12


Cherub InlTheatre Lobby Vandalized
The cherub statue in the lobby of the Mercyhurst Little Theatre was recently damaged and one Mercyhurst administrator and one faculty member have offered a reward for any information leading to the identification of the vandal. $'*$??$ **• ^ "• Igor ^Stalsky, professor of Theatre Arts, along with a school administrator who does not wish to be named, have each donated $50 as reward money, ^qg The vandalism occurred between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. on Friday! November 13, stated Stasky. "As reluctant as I am to turn this into a college of informers, something must be done to stop this kind of behavior," said Stalsky. ^ ig <$gg j § The. cherub is a bronze statue which was part of the original construction of Weber Hall in the 1950's. It is situated in the center of a fountain which, within the last year, has been repaired in order to allow water to spill from the mouth of the cherub into the fountain, according to Stalsky. For approximately eight years the statue was missing from the Little Theatre fountain, but Stalsky recovered the cherub in the maintenance department. L a s t ' s p r i n g a Mercyhurst employee volunteered to have the statue repaired Hfor use in the fountain "' * The only Mercyhurst production for which the fountain functioned after its repair was the recently * performed "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolff" Stalsky stated that there is evidence of one blow to the top of r the statue's head. „The top of the head was removed by the blow and caused the cherub's neck to cave in. In addition, the mouthpiece was broken out, the trumpet moved forward, and the finger connected to the trumpet was dislocated. The dish of the fountain was also cracked. "Bashing a cherub over the head is insane," stated Stalsky. II think the person is sick who has done it." The administrator who has put up reward money said the cherub "may be broken beyond repair." He also stated never remembering any statues ever being vandalized on campus before. Stalsky is not certain if the statue can be repaired or replaced. "I think the repair bill would be astronomical," he stated. "If the vandal is apprehended," Stalsky said, "we will push for the maximum punishment," either Mercyhurst disciplinary action and/or legal action. "I want potential vandals to cringe when they think of vandalizing," stated Stalsky. Anyone with any leads concerning the cherub vandalism should contact the Mercyhurst Security department located in the basement of Preston Hall. People's names will be kept in strictest confidence, stated Stalsky. The $100 reward will be given after the identity and restitution of the vandal is certain.

«2 '



At U.S. Colleges |g


Student Is Victim| DiJSinrole,Assault
A Mercyhurst student was the victim of a simple assault which occurred shortly after midnight on Wednesday, November 18. According to an {Erie police source. Christopher ,M. Settlemire, 20, 4118 Briggs Avenue, was attacked in the vicinty of East 35th and Ash Street at approximately 12:30 A.M. The official police report stated the Settlemire was attacked by two unknown white males. - * According to the.report, one male with a stocky build wearing a blue vest grabbed Settlemire by the waist and pushed him to the sidewalk. The victim hit his head on the sidewalk, k ,5* -^ST B The second assailant was described as approximately 5' 8" tall, slender, and wearing a blue jacket. He reportedly struck Settlemire in the stomach. Nothing was taken from Settlemire in the attack. Settlemire stated to the police he would not be able to identify the assailants, y £• According to the police source, the incident is currently under investigation. The source also said that there have been no recent reports of any other assaults in that a r e a . ^ *$& Settlemire is in Saint Vincent Health Center in good condition, according to-hospital office authorities. He is currently under observation. ¥ f



StudentiSenator Elected; Laker shakers GeteFunds
The Pom Pon squad, "Laker Shakers'*) was awarded $600 at the November 17 meeting of student government. The squad reduced their initial request by $200 and President William P. Garvey proposed to match whatever price MSG alloted the Wydetta Carter, Laker Shaker Student director, asked for $000, $300 of which will be paid back. Gina Frisina made a motion to give the squad money under those guidelines. There was an all in favor ^vote, with one abstention, l 5| Next came the election for a student senator. Nominations included the following candidates; Wydetta Carter, Bruces Miller, Collete Fusco, Brent Scarpo, ana Joe Rubino. A secret ballot was held and gWydetta*Carter, was


i $A 5


Elections for freshmen, resident, commuter and interior design representatives were held Monday I Nov. 9,, and Tuesday, Nov 10. Jv ' Rj i * Freshmen reus elected include, David ^Alexander, Tony Shaley ^. ;and Greg Yoko. £ 1B& Tim Bernik was elected commuter rep and Rhonda Byerly was elected interior design rep. >K A total of 495 people cast their voteg*according to Student Government President Rich Lanzillo. This was the highest voter turnout recorded.* ^ rv A new format was initiated to get more students to vote,-explained Lanzillo. The elections were more formal and organized than elections held in the past, he elected to the position. said.,* *J i irl The SAC report was then given. Designated sites 5 and times Mary Baldauf, Vice-President of were known by, the students. MSG, said that there is an open- "This is the first time the: Mering for Vice-President Chairman cyhurst community was well inof SAC. Applications, are to be formed of this type of elections*' turned in to Mary by Monday, added Lanzillo. S^ November 23. Interviews will be Lanzillo commented that on Monday, after Thanksgiving. Maree Lynn Cicon, j elections Next, Chris^McGowen, committee chairperson, and the representing the Radio Gub, ask- entire committee should be comed the government to buy a tuner mended for the effort displayed for approximately $150. The idea in organizing, the elections. -. is toOToadcast*WMCYfrom the MSG will continue to hold eleccafeteria during lunch or supper tions in this formaC'The process, or possibly both using MSG's old of reorganizing all student speakers. * * 'f government^elections to make In return, the Radio Club will them as professional as possigive at least $162.50 in advertis- ble," said Lanzillo^. t y| ingfreeof charge. &&&"' 'In the future, there Ms a A motion was made to accept 1 possibility of using voting the Radio Club proposal *and machines from the city, concludpassed with an all in favor vote. ed Lanzillo.

Election &&£•. Results I Tabulated I

Higher, learning institutions empt from rules prohibiting discrimination if the Department of Education re-defines 'Federal Assistance" in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, according to the Department of Education Weekly. jg Sfe; ^ i The Department has asked the Justice Department to limit the Jurisdiction of rules concerning discrimination on the bases of sex, race and handicap. Currently, all schools receiving any Federal aid fall under the rules which now prohibitTany discrimination . However, the Department has suggested that the rules apply only to those who receive direct federal funding. This would then eliminate schools receiving no direct aid and those schools would only be able to collect funds through other means.; Since President iReagan has taken office, the country has had to deal with " R e a g a n ' s Republican 1 Conservative attitude philosophy" said John Nesbit, assistant to the president for government relations at Mer-

Discrimination Laws May Be Eliminated m
cyhurst College. When^Carter money to the Department of Education said Nesbit, now with Reagan in office the amount of Federal Domestic Assistant Programs will more than likely be cut in half, t 1 * jr The Block funding which is used to allocate funds directly to colleges from Washington D.C. will soon be changed.*The Washington officials have now decided to give the block funding directly to the states to allocate as they please. ^ T h i s could mean that funding could either increase or decrease to the individual colleges in that s t a t e d * Nesbit s t a t e d . Washington has had "a change in attitude in how* and what the Federal Government should be doing," he explained. "They feel that the state government should do the allocating of funds." The federal government people feel that the states should take care of funding since they are closer to the ^schools and willr, better understand the schools' needs.

NOVEMBER I 4 Wed J, Winter term-registration | > | 24 rues ' Last day of classes/Thanksgiving vacation begins after classes 30Mon Classes resume* DECEMBER 8Tues Last day of classes/spring and summer Incompletes due 9 Wed FINAL EXAMS f. 10Thurs FINAL EXAMS^ I * ;* 11 Fri FINAL EXAMS! M


NOVEMBER 20,1981


A Malicious Mercyhurst is evolving into a Lark The destruction of the Cherub


in the Little Theatre Lobby is the visible entity in the Erie Area and result of unmitigated violence in campus interaction. For examand completely unwarranted. * ple, 'Hurst professors are One must question the hostile repeatedly asked to comment on attitude which motivated such an issues by local media. The Presiaction. One also wonders if the dent just completed a mediating vandal (s) might be indicative of position between Erie teachers a large portion of the college and the school district. And the community. The difference-ram student government has that the usual campus rumblings*/; established the most effective became malevolent behavior, .si campus services and adWhat is particularly disturbing^ ministrative liasons . in four is that the vandalism affects the years. Ans yet, through all this, a entire-community. Mercyhurst is malignant attitude persists. The perpetrator(s) of this deprived the luxury of displaying and enjoying a piece of art which crime must be located and is also part of the heritage of the punished. The punishment should college, i g i § $ <• -; - not be used primarilyas a means The wanton destruction of the of example, rather, it should be cherub negates ?what many enforced as a means of members of the Mercyhurst com- eradicating a repugnant element munity strive to achieve: pride in that has illustrated its ignorance of respect. S 3 8 L / * 3 ? ^?the college, f ? jKH|B frjSSfc*^*

, CEC Offers Representative
AM. Abesff Abort!





Staff Editorial


With the rave reviews of the Master Plan, it seems that most of the Mercyhurst community is content to sit back and watch all these improvements "happen." Certainly, a number of persons have worked hard to develop the plans, and are enthusiastic about implementing them. But these persons dive into the future with a millstone around their necks, a millstone known as student apathy. We've all heard a lot about student apathy these past weeks. The phase seems to nave become an entity in itself, something with huge jaws and giaring_eyes that_ strikes down any feeble attempts at involvement Perhaps what is needed fis some not-so-feeble attempts. £v$§£

I For instance, what about the I'm writing to correct the inacpossibility .of erecting a 1 Christmas tree in Garvey Park, curate reporting concerning the and having each student donate Apathy Task Force which apsome kind of ornament? The tree peared in last week's Merciad. could be donated to a charitable This article, which was written organization when f vacation by John Broderick, was a gross misrepresentation f of the topics begins. *ff > Or, since we now have a foot- discussed at the \ November 8 ball team and the Mercyhurst meeting. I intend to set the record "Laker Shakers," what about a straight. First and foremost at fight song to cheer the teams on? no time during the November 8 Or what about a gong snow, or a meeting did I say "The football "Campus Tug-of-War? team has yet to be seen by the These are just a few ideas that Mercyhurst community at any have come up in conversation event." In fact, the football team with freshmen and members of or any of its individual football other classes. The poinds layers wa^ dA&£US§£d JWk cyhurst's future won't just*"hap- fcsolved af*theTfirstTFApathy pen." Somehow, we've got to take meeting and did not come up at mat millstone from our necks and the November 8 meeting* J53T' r go freely into what lies ahead. * Also, I believe you have me quoted as saying "We need more wild people here." I did make Letter that statement, but not in the context which that article suggested. I believe we do need '*wUd" people here at this school. People who are enthusiastic, who have initiative, accept challenges, and speak up on issues and problems which causes them to have negative feelings are essential to Dear Editor, every college or university. The article "Management Ma-£ Majors claimed the investment jors Get Funds; 'Laker Shakers' would be beneficial to the instil . Letteri Request Tabled" of November 13 tion at large, and listed as such: issue 11 fails to clearly express 1) Open communication between facts in a comprehensible man-*! Mercyhurst and businesses, ner. The focus issues discussed in corporations,./^ the Student Government meetings 2) I Develop opportunities for on Tuesday^ November 10, con- cooperative education positions. cerned two requests for financial \ And there were other benefits Dear Editor: support. The two cases jare !l listed. This letter is in response to the distinct. * |t Through discussion, a motion Nov. 13 issue of the Merciad conThe new Mercyhurst Pom PonS was made to provide $400 to the cerning the Nov.*io meeting of squad, "The Laker Shakers," for-gsgroup. It was seconded and pass- MSG. I was very much disapmally requested a sum of $1,300 ed with a vote of 10 in favor, 2 op- pointed and disturbed when I read the*misinterpretation for various items: 16 skirts, 16 posed and 6 abstentions. sweaters, poms pons, etc. £. ^Thursday, November 12, a (which I sincerely hops was not The basis of the proposition special meeting of the Student deliberate) made by an assumedrelied on the idea that a Ipep*A Government found the issue of ly responsible reporter of what squad would enhance the schooP**tip O.R. Major in violation of the transpired at this meeting. s p i r i t , complement t h e " constitution section 15 article G. I would like' to set the record cneerleading squad as well as*}At thaf^point, * the OR majors straight as to what actually hapthe:< athletic department/^ w|thdrew their request pened. In planning the trip to generate activities (other than ' ^Accurate recording of perti- New York City, our group's goal drill), and integrate student spec-^nent facts is essential when deal- was to provide transportation tatorship and participation. The j^ting with reporting to the general and accommodation \ expenses issue was tabled in order to allow gpublic. ^ Biased journalism is through-fund-raising activities time to seek other sources of much more effective; and in- during the fall term. After many support t&% m teresting for columns of that functions directed toward Hie second request, umyiafrd nature, not in reports on issues. meeting this goal, we found to the first, was made by the " The* line of division between ourselves $800 snort - two weeks Organizational Resource reporting and remarking ought to priortoour departure date. After Management Majors who formal- be maintained, if not by the a suggestion was made to aply requested $800 from the budget reporters, by the editor. proach the MSG for assistance, to supplement their own funds of Respectfully, *.. and feeling that our claim was $1800. The sum is to meet exMary D. Gausman justified by the educational and penses for a trip to New York Ci- Editor's Note: Agreed. The Mer- institutional benefits to be gained ty. The trip is educationally ciad stands behind the reporter's by this trip, a proposal was related to their studies The O.R.32rendition of the meeting. "jsq THE MERCIAD

Millstone Can Be Cut

Student Clarifies Story On Apathy Meeting §

Student Feels Story J Unclear In Facts Of GovernmentjjMeeting

Student|Claims Misquote; Gives Version Of Meeting

The actual meeting of the Apathy Task Force was very productive. All twenty-six people in attendance were enthusiastic about activities here at Mercyhurst. §5 They contributed various suggestions, ideas, and solutions which will be used by Mercyhurst's Student Government and the Student Activities Committee during winter term to help people to become involved. If Mr. Broderick had adopted a more positive approach to his report of the Apathy Task Force, he should have noticed that Council for Exceptional Children meeting the comment was made that the problem at hand was not Letter ^ "apathy* but a pad attitude concerning the activities of MSG and SAC. Through that article, the M reporter added to the very problem we're Working so hara to I found the article "Jehovah's solve. The point being: misrepresentation of<ideas*and God's Witnesses: They Do Not issues, and poor communication Feed On Blood, They Salute No leads to bad attitudes which then Flag." November 13,1961, disturbing and embarrassing. leads to apathy. * I don't know how " . . .biblical Respectfully,* and theological illiterates can win Englert millions of followers." but surely these " i l l i t e r a t e s " have something to say; that speaks to and evokes a response from the ultimate that inheres in the human condition.' To refer to a body of belief, as "theological mishmash" bespeaks an intolerance and intellectual snobpresented to the governing body. bery that are the antithesis of all We approached the govern- that a Christian liberal arts colment in good faith - not with the lege stands for and many other intention of intimidating or institutions of higher learning. pressuring it, but to stress our Thef article is disturbing need for help in what we con- because too often in world history sidered a project beneficial not has such a supercilious attitude only to ourselves, but to the col- hidden the guise of intellectual lege image. We offered to share rigor with outrageous and tragic experiences in the form of coffee consequence. J £& houses, lectures, classes, or any The article Us: embarrassing other worthwhile presentation to because I am a member of the Mercyhurst students. Mercyhurst community. I also want to clarify the fact Although, I (and I feel others) do that I did not say we had worked not share the tone of this article, harder than any other students in it nevertheless "reflects" Merthe school, I merely stressed how cyhurst) College. hard we had worked in attempThere are many members of ting to achieve our goal. Jehovah's Witness* im the Erie It is unfortunate that this set of community and some who are circumstances had to occur. students at Mercyhurst. I feel However, with the combined ef- they have*been seriously forts of a governing body affronted. J» unaware of its own constitution, After almost 25 years of and reporters incapable of association; with Mercyhurst I presenting p the 5 truth, it was believe this article misrepresents. inevitable. ,1 the college's posture toward Sincerely, other religious denominations. Christine F. Katen Judith Wieczorek Department of Sociology

The Council for Exceptional Children would like to take this opportunity to reply to the mention of our organization under the article "Committee's Report at Student Government Meeting." This article appeared in the November 6, 1981 issue of The Merciad. *r.-r It was stated that ". . . the Council for Exceptional Children broke its contract with SAC as far as the Halloween dance is concerned, CEC was to be responsible for the dance... SAC ended up being responsible for both the dance and the movie." Admittedly, CEC did not take full responsibility for the dance. This resulted from a lack > of' communication and not from a nonacceptance of responsibility. To p r e v e n t - f u r t h e r misunderstandings, we would like to take this opportunity to request the privilege of sending an official representative of CEC to the Mercyhurst Student Government as a means of keeping the channels of communication open. We appreciate past working relationships and would like to continue in such manner. Please consider this our formal application for a CEC representative the Mercyhurst Student Government £ 2L Thank you for your consideration of our position concerning this unfortunate'lssue'!'** Sincerely, on behalf of The

"Sect Feature I "Disturbing

Cults And Sects

NOVEMBER 20,1981


Feature Letter

A recent issue of Merciad announced the formation of an By George Garrelts Apathy ^Committee. This issue Timothy Drew, born in North enslaved blacks, beaten them, features a review of this newest To The Mercyhurst Community Carolina, 1886, * migrated to exploited them, raped their sinJai organization. Student interest in Newark, New Jersey, where, in women, lynched them, imprisonserving on the Committe peaked During the past few weeks, we have witnessed the unveil1913, he founded lie Moorish ed them unjustly, robbed them in just before opening meeting. ing of the true colors of the Republican administration voted Science Temple, a religious cult punishment for their sins. Several interested resident into power last fall. Aided by an inept incumbency, some based I on a combination of But the day of punishment is students asked their roommates rose-colored promises of economic revitalization, slick teachings derived from the nearly over. These white devils to attend the opening meeting marketing techniques and a confused electorate, corporate Koran, Buddhist sutras, and the had been given permission to rule and to take notes to be shared America assumed office last fall in the personification of with those who planned to sleep Christian Bible. This religion is until 1914, and now they have President Ronald Reagan. at the time of the meeting. Only one of the forerunners of the cult been given an extension of 70 Now that Budget Director David Stockman has let the seven students remembered in that came to be known as The Na- years so that the black man domestic cat out of the bag and admitted that Reaganomics which building the meeting was tion of Islam or Black Muslims, fi might hear the word of Allah and are nothing but traditional Republican trickle down theories scheduled. At the opening roll Marcus Garvey was born in his prophet Elijah Muhammad with a little stage make-up, maybe it is time to look past the call six took deep breaths, signi1887 in Jamaica. Garvey founded and come to understand how he obfuscating right wing propaganda and find what this adfying their presence. The seventh an organization known as UNIA, can be restored to his former ministration is truly committed to. For, although in the student was not breathing at this the Universal Negro Improve- glory. The white man is destined policitical world it may take longer to see past the smoke and for destruction and elimination point. The first item on the agenment Association, which he pro- soon. jjL *^ i, mirrors, actions still do speak louder than words. da was selection of a mascot. moted in this country from 1916 Several persons spoke in favor of What we find the Republicans truly committed to are the until the time of his deportation f The Black Man can survive the the three-toed sloth. But in the following:. back to Jamaica in 1927. That coming holocaust by joining the final ballot, five fingers were wig1) The indiscriminate elimination of humanistic programs organization was dedicated to National of Islam which has been gled for the bear It seemed apwhile simultaneously throwing away tax dollars on an uniting the 400,000,000 blacks of preached by W.D. Fard and by propriate to honor this animal already bloated Pentagon. the world and of establishing a Elijah Muhammad. Allah has who has developed the ability to 2) The opening of our national treasures to the ravages of given Islam to the Black Man, state for all blacks in Africa. hibernate from Fall to Spring. The corporate dogs who feel nothing for the beauty of the land we These two religious ideologies and Islam means submission. It Committee discussed means to nave inherited, but only for the extension of their private proof Drew All and Marcus Garvey is the only way that the black raise funds for future projects. fit margins. , are prominent in the myth of Eli- man can be saved. The time is at The member lying in the far cor3) The support of such racist countries as South Africa and jah Muhammad and in his hand for the original black people ner proposed a car wash be totalitarian regimes like the El Salvadorian Military Junta.-?) development of the Blaok to assume their high place in the scheduled for the next rainy day. 4) Regardless of recent grand standing disarmament Muslims. W.D. Muhammad Fard world and to throw oft the yoke of But the hardship entailed in daily rhetoric, the insanity of a nuclear arms race that can have no had been a member.of the the white devil and his slave checks on the weather was judgwinners. i. J e J n 5 Moorish Temple but split with region (Christianity). Armageded excessive. The plan adopted 5) The implementation of domestic economic policies that that group in 1981. Fard claimed don, or the destruction of all that by the Committee will require a penalize the vast middle class while rewarding the rich. to be the reincarnation of Drew is not the Nation of Islam, is close ten cent feetopark on campus. A c J Ask yourself, did you vote for this last fall? Or, better, yet, Ali and the Mahdi or the Messiah at hand. new major will be introduced to i Bk. JBE^L ~" "* - arejou better off now than you were a year ago?Jtot . ^ of .Islam. He began to teach in implement this "program. Mermer is no,-*if .you feel an impending sense of nafthaf^he niacfc vfiBrt wa# sf When Malcolm. X^ made the cyhurst will be the only school in tional confusion and wishto have the option of a mode of member of the lost and forgotten the Western or E a s t e r n political expression, I invite you to hear of the alternative to met many Muslims who were not tribe | of Shabazz. Fard disapHemisphere with this major - to bankrupt policies of the past at the weekly Mercyhurst Stup e a r e d f r o m t h e s c e n e black and moved away from the train Parking Lot Attendants. dent Government meeting, Tuesday, December 7,3:00 p.m., mysteriously in 1934. g a black separatism of the myth of PLA majors will collect ten cents ^114Zurn. ; Fard was succeeded by Elijah Elijah Muhammad. When Elijah for each parked car. Originally it Thet alternative is a means by which the much needed •• •£ was hoped students would Muhammad (Robert Poole, died in 1975 his son Wallace D. democratic reform of American society can occur. Itisavi- tjj develop-skill in accepting pennies originally of Sanderson, Georgia) Muhammad moved in that same sion of America which calls for the voice of Americans to be w h o ' b e c a m e t h e " N e w direction. According to Catherine the heard and responded to not only in the halls of our federal 5 $* and nickels for payments. Butthat messenger of»Islam". Elijah Albanese "the son of the founder Apathy Committee realized government, but in the corporate boardrooms where an» Abe College has a number of signs moved to Chicago from Detroit carried the movement even furunelected elite sits and dictates decisions that affect all our %, and stationery with the text CAR ther in the direction Malcolm X where he f o u n d e d ' T e m p le had taken. It was the dawn of a lives. iL * I »B PAY DIME, even though the Number 2 and it is from this van- new day, ^as a self-assured "The alternative is now in the form of a six thousand £ words are frequently spelled intage point that he develops the W a l l a c e D. Muhammad, member National organization that includes such Amer-a , correctly .$ All1 agreed the new highly imaginative myth of The educated in Egypt and an Arabic * cleans as National Chairman Michael Harrington, author off PLA major was appropriate to Black Muslims. " speaker,i broke with black* "The Other America':,; National Vice President William the r traditional Librium educaAccording to that myth, Allah separatism and moved the NaWimpinsinger, President of the International Association of * tion. When put to a vote the proGod created the universe 60 tion closer to orthodox Islam." Machinists and Aerospace Workers;. Jerry Wurf, President .'. posal was adopted by four yawns trillion: years ago. At first the (America Religions and Religion, of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal? for, ;and two thumbs-down earth and moon were united as p. 131).3 g $1}* Employees; i Ronald V.'Dellums, U.S Congress; Gloria against the motion. The Commitone planet. Then an explosion However, the problems of Stienem, Feminist spokesman and editor of MS Magazine, tee endorsed the Five-Year Plan. split the moon and the earth a n d j separatism and indemnity reand 6,000 other Americans who have recognized their respon- a, Several members have already the "original man" appeared on main. How will the white complanned to underload next term, sibility in building a popular coalition that can effectively t' earth. "Original Man was the munity make up tor the blacks so as to complete the normal check the alarming growth of corporate power in the U.S. black man,- from whom* is those injustices suffered in four-year course in five years, vtWe are the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee. descended the "so-called" Negro slavery? How can such wounds At this stage the meeting was We see American history and reject those who would of today. Black men made up the be healed? James Forman called suddenly terminated when the discredit our desire to put America back into the hands of tribe of Shabazz, known as "the upon the white churches to pay a Secretary's pencil fell to the first and the last, the makers and sum of 400 million dollars to the ErAmericans by associating us with the totalitarian giants of floor. On the agenda for the 1988 Csthe world. £ the owners of the universe." It is black community as a token of meeting will be a cooperative from this tribe that Moses, Jesus, their desire to satisfy for. past We hold to democratic socialism as the true democratic proposal from- University of and Muhammad have descended sins against blacks. That has not society and recognize that, with the exception of the brave California. School officials jat (they were all black) and it is to happened, and there is no man and women, of the Polish free trade union movement are concerned about them that God has made his evidence that it will. The white "Solidarity", no true socialists exist in our world. We see 7 . j' Berkeleydemonstrations. A prorevelation. D.S.D.C. as the logical conclusion of the vast ; majority^of,^ 'student been made for selected community should give some posal has Americans. -"RBI} * . w htftfif • MHO The basic theme of Fard and of sign to the black community that Mercyhurst students to?attend £ If you feel a responsibility, are curious and wish to learn},« UC for semesters, with a commitElijah Muhammad was that the it condemns the cruelty and inmore about D.S.D.C., or if you simply feel a need to express A{ black man had "forgotten" his justice of slavery. The nest sign. ment I to plant much-needed your concerns, please be at the Mercyhurst Student Govern- fog apathy among Berkeley students. chosen role in thej divine plan. would be the determination to brment meeting Tuesday, December 1,3:00 p.m- in 114 Zurn. The black man has a divine mis- ing freedom and equality as fully The Apathy Committee plans to In Solidarity, sion and destiny which has been as possible into the lives of black discuss this proposal with Presi. . Mike Phillips r taken from him by the 'white Americans living in our •comdent Shane and Dean Miller next National Executive Council devils'. The*white devils were munities today. : 5 " week. On the agenda for the next Youth Section ^ ,£J created by a mad black scientist meeting is also a proposal to inThat is not much but it would go Democratic Socialist 6,000 years ago. Allah permitted far to ease that alienation of crease attendance at basketball , Organized Committee that to punish the tribe of Shabazz blacks from whites which is the games by installing escalators in for its sins. Yakub worked result of injustices practiced by the bleacher sections, adding to feverishly on the Isle of Patmos whites against blacks from the the recorded Star Spangled Banwhere he created the brown race, days of slavery until now. It is ner a record of students cheering the red race, the yellow race, and that alienation and our need to do and provisions for sleeping bags finally the white s race. These something about it which is callin case games go into overtime. whites, people of no-color, were ed so strikingly to our attention in The meeting ended ; with': a ) also people of no virtue*- no love, the myth of Yakub and the tribe whimper. £ *H and no justice. They were the of Shabazz, the myth of the Nawhite-devil race. That race has tion of Islam.? -***** J THE MERCIAD

Nation Of Islam: Black Muslims

Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee To Speak At Government

Another Apathy Committee

will be distributed on December 4,


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NOVEMBER 20,1981

The Police begin their U.S. tour January 15, in Boston with the GO GO's opening up the act. t v As the Police continue to grow they will express their maturity in a reggae-rock orientated ALBUM REVIEW/POLICE ».' £, fashion so all will benefit, if they by James N. Kopchuk ;, ' take thelime to listen. With release of their fourth Lp, GHOST IN THE MACHINE, The Police continue to appease their following while gaining an even larger audience in the process. GHOST IN THE MACHINE popped to third place as a new entry on the Rolling Stone Top 100 album chart and may prove to be an even larger commercial success than their previous *j Lp ZENYATTA MONDATTA>H^ • The most notable difference between GHOST'S and ZENYATTA MONDATTA lies in the drivr ing, pulsating]* percussion of drummer Stewart Cope land. The drums on ZENYATTA ^were much softer allowing the accom- Winner Announced ^ panying instruments to | ring through much clearer.'z Z The Police took essentially the same approach the Talking Heads dia on their fourth Lp, REMAIN IN LIGHT, by including a horn section on GHOST'S. The use of horns complement this work by creating a fuller richer, funkier reggae sound, and also allows for the band to be that much more creative. ? The genesis of a symbol for % One can see the progressive Campus Ministry has taken stages The Police have maintain- shape in a logo designed by Jayne ed by listening to their* first Lp Cudzil. Cudzil's illustration,^ a OUTLANDOS D' AMOUR, then figure meant to represent Christ the more reggae orinated albums or the body of a man or woman, REGATTA DE' BLANC, was chosen out of 23 entries in the ZENYATTA MANDATTA and CM logo contesto^Mi (k ^ ^_, GHOST IN THE MACHINE. Second runner-up in the contest GHOSTS is a tribute to the was Wendy Buchanan, who jg^tucU^hg band is. ex^nencr, cQ^e^jiie MfrQl tn^fiupe^ turned ! ing as a cohesive unit/fl^^**'** it around into CM aridplaced the c * Rehumanize TJTourself,** a letters in the center of a cross. track from the Lp calls for people g A poem explaining her entry to re-evaluate their morals ana to was written by Toni Dillon, who better understand the respon- took third place. Fourth place sibilities of their social positions. was given to Tim Bernik, who The single off the album, designed a Campus Ministry "Every Little Thing She Does Is Lion, r;*^ ^ Hr Magic was recorded at Le | Buchanan, Dillon and Bernik Studio, in Quebec aided.; by each received 10 raffle tickets for keyboardist Jean Roussel. the CM refrigerator.

Album Review

WMCY and

Police Gain Larger Audience


Our Mercyhursf Lakers open the 1981-82 basketball season Saturday evening» at Ashland f College.: Your campus:radio station;-WMCY - wi bring to you all thelexciting action, beginning with* pre-game at§7:10 p.m. Tip-off is set for 7:30. WMCY |is | a closed-circuit station that campus radio broadcasts on a frequency of 880 AM. Reception of the signal is

1 Campus H iMinistryll Logo


ossible in the following campus



f-Baldwin 11WPPPH9I
-Egan !*

-McAuley f T -Old Main -Zurn 11 -Preston -Campus Center


TUNE IN TO jWMCY - 880 AM - for exciting basketball action this Saturday.

and Freshly MadeiHoagies


WMCY-i I f | 1 The Sound of {Mercyhurst

Delivery System With 00 10 Combined Order At: 6:00,8:00,9:30,11:00 p.m.
Please call 30 minutes prior jto delivery.

WMCY Broac November^! * 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. - Kathy O'Connor * 4:00 p.m.!to 7:10 p.m. - Steve Curcio * 7:10 to Conclusion - Mercyhurst College Basketball if
Also £.. WMCY will remain on-the-air for 15 minutes followingtthe game. ££i

(Request Line - 825-4631)


Show Mercyhurst ID and Save 20%
33rd and >Pine


ACROSS 6 Article 1 Succor 7 Church ^ 5 Weakens -. bench ...."<•• 9 Knock 8 Fret X; 12 Sandarac 9 Negligent * T trejj « ? 10 Woe word 13Dillseed 11 Separate 14 Guido's high 16 Made incurlb- note ^ = sions -". .• ."•* 15 Sandy waste 20 Grumbled 17 Pronoun ' •*?22 Three-toed 18 Deface sloth 19Cou0le ''''•.. 23 Lean-to .. " 21 Blouse v - • 24 Rip .% W 23 Sieve s *'•'*.• - 25 Sun god it 27 Exists ^jf'--^ 26 Female ruff 28 Listened to 30 Abaft £.._ 29 Edible seed 32 Monster -« 31 Drunkard * * 33 Scurvy one ' 34 Babylonian j£ 36 Legal mat- : ters ^ jg£ deity '~^dl& 35 Weirdest | £ " ; 37 Parking haz38 Proceed § 2 : ards fc\ 39 A r i d ! ^ 8 40 Longs for m

NOVEMBER 20,1981



41 Lair S H W

43 Near 45 Scale note 47 Endures ?V ' 48 Vessel r " * 49 Unaspirated 50 Memoran-

I dum 54 Layer . ^ 56 Time period 57 Hurry 58 Diocese -*: *^ 61 Negative **

42 Crown j & j ^ 44 Printer's fim measure | n ! 46 Chose '-£G& 48 Killed 51 Dusky 52 Pronoun <• 53 Exclamation 55 Scoffs £ 59 Hostelry 60 Wigwam 62 Exact ^ 63 Footlike part 64 Man's name 65 Rational * § J

A radio program, featuring representatives from the Erie Education Association and the Erie School district, was carried on WCCK FM and WEYZ AM Monday in an effort to negotiate terms on the current Erie area teaching strike. Mercyhurst President Dr. William Garvey mediated the debate between Art Fazio, a spokesperson for Erie Education Association, and Harry Edwards, school director. The strike began October 23, as 800 teachers walked off their jobs. This debate has been the most recent effort in ending the strike which has kept 14,000 Erie students out of the classroom. After the program, EEA Representative Art Fazio related a return to work offer by Ene teachers to Mr. Edwards. They would continue contract negotiations and go back to the classroom if the school district agrees to reinstate the teachers' previous Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance program. However, Edwards contends the district supports the present Alpha insurance because it is of the same calibre as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The implementation of the former program would cost the district an additional $800,000 he contended.

Garvey Mediates Radio Debate

Check Cashing Successful
For the past two weeks, the Mercyhurst Student Government has offered a check cashing service on campus. Presently they are operating on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:30-3:30 in the Student Government office. "But we will expand as business picks up," stated Richard Lanzillo, MSG President. The service utilizes $1,500 to $2,000-day. Pay days are the busiest but students come m on other days to cash checks from home too, he said. The service costs $2.00 a year or 25 cents a check. So far 51 students have taken advantage of the yearly rate, "but more people constantly come in here," said Claudia Englert, MSG secretary. Lanzillo feels the check cashing service is one way MSG fulfills a dual role. "Besides being a policy making and recommending body, we are a provider of special services to the Mercyhurst Community," he said. '._••«

Applications are now being accepted for the position of SAC Vice Chairperson. Submit applications to Jan Gatti or Mary Baldauf by Monday, November 30th.

DOWN 1 5

1 Possessed S 2 Before l 3 —^ Vegas 4 Make ready 5 Glossy fabric


,4^!i^issionsiDueii T y Noon Wednesday
Puzzle Answer

The next meeting of the Campus.j9.ife Committeetis Tuesday.December 1,1981 at 3:00 p.m. in 200 Main jssues Every Thursday 4:00-4:30 that willjje addressed are: i 4 a * &£££&& ja iBSkHealth Services- Mental/Physical ^MksiafSM ^ 30%-Main * ^
ttteppy hours fetterJroqL&&'E}fjer\m



Ev«ryon«is Invited To ArtendT Join Now!
l i l l 1 1 1 l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

^=!_ll I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 • 1 1 1 l l t l l l I I I 1 1 I f 1 1 1 1 t l l l l l l l l l t l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I t 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l L t ^


L A |M|A|R 1 Is | T| S

&• Something | Personal To Say?

38thlAnd Pine
Whisper It In Our Classifieds

Anyonelwho has not received an invitation to the Senior Dinner-Dance graduating in 1982, please contact Laurie Mahnken &f[Mary Cay Marchionein Townhouse 3 at|868239li(after Nov. 21st
1 825-9238)


andwillfbe J J


Appearing Friday^ Saturday

Harmony, Wood
9:30-11:30 I
Proper ID Required

=n i i i i i m i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i iimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


*3iur0t HappcmngB



Jim Kopchuk: I've heard that!! Harold - Had any accidents with shaving cream lately? Zorbo Harold - How many votes did you get by kissing . . . -? i. Dale, Have a drink on me.

It's so nice to have such great friends!!!!!!!!! Tangy-You're so tamoish! Happy Thanksgiving!.! C.B<i. in need of incomplete decks of cards, for marathon.

/ ;


M t fi

' I**


'.» •



Drop off to $wft*afr 4. bam •

J .1

Dave. I love^yoik but S-C-I-E-NC-Eaoesn't! j

Chris, I've heard of people afraid Deb, Keep Blowini We're behind of love, which is understandable, you all the way! Love, Roomies but never afraid of friendship! v From someone you used to know F1an7ufieWtS"'LU^ oi'mbetter HMMMM!! ^ ; ^ .*• day night? 224

Betsy, OH NO guess we both have excellent J taste in music. 4.. ^ K ^ C - ^ ^ ^ & i ^ This is a dream, our dream, New York City here we come! I'd never go with any other sixteen people than all of you. We made it, together. Thanks guys, gjgfo

Carlos, How are JA? We're v Psychic! Love, Gina
!#•••••••#•••• *•••••••*•• «••••#**••*

Bobby, Caught ya in a little lie OR ? Your Neighbors ^ r Chris, Thanks for those nice words on the air, as well as your support. I owe you one. WY *^

Thursday Gang - Twice the price B.S- When you're down and for twice the fun! Hotel troubled and you need a helping D'Generates | P % e iaiill hand, remember "Y" jjBgf J Anyone need any shirts, candy bars or raffle tickets? Could you spare a few hours to work at the garage sale? Does this sound familiar? We did it!* | £ - i$|V.
Monica-is it true what they say : about texans? J± U M B Kt
• rt •«

This Week's Special Monday - Bacon Cheese Dog Tues. • Hamburger & F F g f From everyone at the Clipper's Cove, ihave a Safe & Stuffed Thanksgiving
.Where our food meets the student body* PLimitofTWOl 'Hurst Happening announcements per I department or -^organization Other ^ announcement accepted for filler; however, publication is not guaranteed.
Soroptimist International off the Americas Inc., Midwestern Region is pleased to announce their annual award of $1500.00 to a woman in the region who is currently attending college or university and working toward a Baccluareate, Masters or Doctoral degree in her chosen field. Soroptimist International of Erie, Pa. urges women of the
lh» nory <A thro m u i f W -

Anyone wishing to get in contact with Monica KJos may write her in care of Gannon University! «£a

Bruiser, Here's your Merciad. You're crazy, but cute! (How's 8:3()-Drinks with the girls. Hair that?) Sweet Lips f ^ W l W * ^ looks great. 10:00 Party with the gang. Hair still looks terrific. Fr. Chuck: Your Peace has 12.00-Music and small talk. Not a helped my piece-fuJ life. Thanks hair out of place. 3:30 -Her hairspray_ conked out but she didn^ ? * » * J.N-1B6 Why do rose#wiltf?T
v : •?*

B&mniuniiy™JUJ "apply farj

Attic Crawlers: No hard feelings in 4. Terrie t. You finally are a Rubiks Cube- Professional. • Bet vou couldn't do it a gain'., Your roommates
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Maybe next'time*!'!! orderla cheeseburger platter!!!! Super football weekend!!! Go 1 Buckeyes . Go Browns!
a l l





Family: Have a nice Thanksgiving ! Love You All, Deb

Part Time Employmentneiping physically handicapped woman with personal care. Must be »able * to lift. Must be dependable and able to follow directions^ No previous experience needed. East Lake Road, Erie. Call for interview 8990614.

Sfjadent Wanted Wb *o type (2) 200-page | •annscripts J* previous experience a must must have excellent proof reading skills most reasonable offer accepted payment upon return and successful completion of each 100-per page' \ relate experience by mail only to: Timothy G. Ward

'** t!

award. For complete details and application t blanks, ' please contact: tg* **& ***- ** Marjorie H. Hill w 2807 McClelland Avenue 16510 899-2179 (after 6 PM) | Entries must completed and returned to the above address by January 1, 1981. Applications must be 100% complete in order to be submitted for competition. Midwestern Region is composed of 56 clubs In Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan*

-rtitttaa*Pria#-wumi»« drtau Sinclair Lillian RofocieHn G«org* Ncabcrt


l a W r y h T M CotWy TtfaHtfft K m w a a 1^-21 at 8.-00

Noreaber 22 M 3.-00
AJeeste' BtfxOrfkasi ISlSStata



Phoa* 454-2*51 h Charto*Corritora

CM Coffee Hour
•The American College And Alcohol ?*& ._, Thar*., Pee. % 2:30 p.m., 211 M h
Richard Lechner, Director of Serenity Hall

2416 Wash. Ave. Erie, Pa. 16502

Raffle Drawing j -'. OfficefDorm Refrigerator ^ Fri., Dec. 4,3 p - m - ^ Campus Ministry *

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NOVEMBER 20.1981


g g g j By J. Beaner ^g^u

From The Beanstalk

This week I'd like to address one of the big changes in the women's athletic program. This change is Shelly Monas who has taken over the women's basketball and tennis team. In previous seasons Shelly had been the head coach of the softball program, with a great deal of success I might add. g* Ifi n | T | I had never heard much about her except through members of the softball team who had nothing but praise for her, but this year through the media banquet for the basketball team I was in*, troduced to her, She impressed me as the type of individual who can straighten out the women's programs and make them winners again. With basketball, for example, she has put the girls through a rigid conditioning program and hopes to improve their play. Last year's team was obviously out of shape and therefore they fell in the later quarter of the game. This year, however, will be a different story as the girls are in shape and can perform to their fullest/* k I wish we had more: coaches like Shelly Monas* A few more like her .and I know we'd be win- _j,The Women's^ Tennis JTeam recenuy^ompieied their season ners in everything. finishing with a disappointing ppoi record of 3-13. This record isn't as bad as it sounds when you consider the fact that[ the girls' number one player was injured early in the season and the girls only bad one senior and the rest were freshmen and sophomores. The top six players this season were 'in order, Dawn Goodwill, Denise Mall, Terri Thompson. Peg Collar, Mary Baldauf, and Kathy O'Connor. Of these six ' Goodwill, Thompson, * Collar, Baldauf, and O'Connor v will be returning next .season so the Team Finishes At 4-3 ladies have alot to look forward g The Lady Lakers ended their to. As a matter of fact the girls season last Thursday compiling a < have already begun preparation 16-22 overall record. The last two for next year's season. Coach weeks showed the Lakers spiking Monas has hopes that the condiBuffalo State, Gannon, Geneva, tioning program will increase the and Villa. Yet, turning the other girls' stamina and help increase cheek with Grove (Sty, Slippery Rock and Edinboro. < Sherry Putmann, Sherry Sheiey HighlightingUhe Lakers' per- and Darcy Widemer. With Liverformance were Carla Li verm ore more, ^Mahoney,f Jacobitz, May and Leann Mahoney compiling 12 and King rounding out the squad. and 9 serving aces respectively. Thanks gojbut to Tricia The setter, Heidi May, piled up Mahoney, the scorekeeper, and 112 assists off of Lisa Jacobitz 33 coaches Elaine Ruggiero and saves and Carla Livermore 31 Mary Mahon for a fine season. saves. Giving May the assists were Lisa Jacobitz with 61 kills, followed by Carla Livermore with 38 and Pam King with 28.; fi Coach Ruggiero was quoted as saying, "Were pleased, and adding that they had a« tough schedule, she said also, "we nave lost four out of our top eight players, some to injuries and we're trying to be more competitive m Division II. We only nave one senior, Carla ? Livermore, »and one junior,'Leann Mahoney, so we are a young team that needs a lot of maturity.'*-^d Contributing to the Lakers' success were sophomores Michelle Bagby, Sue; Collins* Kathy Kohnke; freshmen Renee Burke, Gina Huck, Jean Meniewski,

," Saturday, December 5, the Lady Laker basketball team will be playing host to Clarion State College, Gannon University, and Niagara University in the first ever Mercynurst College Invitational. Sponsored by the Women's softball team, the tournament will tip-off at 10:00 a.m.. and continue .-.throughout the day. During the course of the day the softball team will be running concession stands and there will be half k time shoot outs as well. As for the tournament schedule play p begins at 10:00 with Niagara battling Gannon and continues ^ at noon with Mercynurst taking on Clarion State. The con, solation game begin at 2:00 p.m. and the tournament cham . * pionship game is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. ~ •y* The team itself has a new look this year under the coaching ^ of softball mentor Shelly Monas who is stepping into the helm i this year. Coach Monas stated that this year's team will be in § much better shape than last year's squad due to the extensive g conditioning program they have undergone this year. §J Because of this the girls hope to run more often and play a jfe more exciting brand of basketball as opposed to the conserv a t i v e play of last year. — • £ 5 Leading the team is Trish Mahoney, last year's leading j§scorer, who will*captain this years team. Along with m Mahoney other possible starters include juniors Mary i Fatigati, and Joan Podolinski, andfreshmenBea Thompson, iz Sandy Tate, and Joan Kolaja. Kolaja in particular will be a welcome addition to the Laker line up as she is 6'0" and presents a legitimate rebounder for the front line. Other ff returnees include Elaine. Cross, Pati Winiarczyk, and Sue * Collins. Also joining the line up is first year player Mary Jo & J • Cline, a junior. f- Good luck in the tournament and we urge the students to |5 come support the ladies in the first Mercyhurst College 'Invitational.

Women's Basketball Holds Tournament

L.A, Sunshine Wins Intramural Title
In what proved to be an exciting evening full of volleyball action, the L.A. Sunshine Team pulled an upset against defending champ Fubars in intramural 0 volleyball this past Tuesday/ * The Sunshine'Team, which is an all-freshmen squad defeated the Fubar team in the second set of the evening to clinch the victory. Fubar which had fallen into the losers bracket needed to win both sets, while Sunshine needed only to be victorious in one of two contests. The Sunshine Team began at a disadvantage, by fielding only five players. This •roved to be the nemeses for the unshine squad, for they dropped the first set, 15-11, 11-15, 12-15. The Sunshine team then dropped the next game by a score of 15-11. Captain Paul Casali, then got his troops organized. "The girls became the backbone of the team at that point," Casali said. The Sunshines then won 15-11 and swept the championship game 15-6. "Our biggest asset was defensive skills and our ability to block. "Overall I'm really happy with the way our team hung together/' Congratulations to captain Casali and team members: Daryl Richard, Ed Depaulis, Michelle Beezub, Terri Williams, and Jackis Page.

Table Tennis Opens Season
Members of the Mercynurst Table Tennis Club were in Slippery Rock for the Slippery Rock Tournament last Sunday. Pierre Donyegro, Jatinder Sharma, Walter Silka, Hyacinthe Coulibaly and Dr. Williams represented Mercynurst in the tournament. . Their performance overall was satisfactory. In fact. Sharma and Silka as a team reached the semifinals. In the other team event Donyegro and Coulibaly lost in the second round. In singles Sharma, Donyegro, and Coulibaly lost in the second round, Silka in the first. Overall it was a good learning experience for the club members. In the near future the club hopes to better their performance.

Women's i Tennis Closes* Season kM

Volleyball Ends \ | Conference


inlaying abilities so that the 'following years win t>e successful ones. Highlighting this was the selection of senior Denise Mall to the Keystone Athletic i Conference All-Star Team. Denise has played for four years at the 'Hurst and finished this season with a 10-6 won loss record. During her fouryear career she compiled a 43 win 10 loss record. Congratulations, Denise, on your all-star selection and good luck next season girls.

Association^ Black Collegians rrTm f ^ pre?8rif*

The Second Battle Of The D.J. 's
M IJKMorcyhurst College S^&J&g&L Allegheny College I ifiij Edinboro State College Gannon University No¥ember21,19819.-00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. $
Admission 2.00

Campus Center


i T I I I I I I I I I


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Chartered |

She iHcrctai
a Btuicnt pub If cotum

Sponsored by Mcrcyhurst Student Government j during Christmas Break
Gobbling Turtay Forr*> 2nd $tAmk> 'wh<\ fi^Arifc US.

Look Save money

Round Trip Tickets Philadelphia 58.50 Cleveland 15.00 Pittsburgh M8.50 Buffalo M4.50


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