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Jeff Smolinske

1018 N. Plum Grove Road #201, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Phone: (847) 882-6148
Position designing complex software systems
Motorola Mobile Devices Business, Libertyville, IL
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Created and drove into product several innovative proprietary features that sign
ificantly improved call performance
Motorola GSM Basestation Group, Arlington Hts, IL
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Very active contributor to the GPRS standards, drafted more than half of the GPR
S RLC/MAC spec (GSM 04.60), and was editor of GSM 04.60 from the time it was cre
ated (1997) until early 2000.
Chief technical architect for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Basestation System, with expertise
in RLC/MAC protocol, data scheduling, and backhaul. Directed feature planning an
d feature roadmaps for 5 major Software releases. Led requirements specification
for the primary feature of each of 5 releases. Led software architecture develo
pment for 5 major features. Developed advanced algorithms for many features
Motorola Corporate Research, Schaumburg, IL
Sr. Staff Engineer
Designed and drove TIA standardization of both circuit mode and packet mode data
protocols for the PACS wireless microcellular system. Led a team of 3 engineers
in the design and simulation of the packet data protocol, which provided many f
eatures to the GPRS system. Designed and prototyped a codec and "real-time ARQ"
protocol optimized for transmission of modem tones over a 32K PACS data channel.
Motorola Cellular Subscriber, Libertyville, IL
Section Manager
Chief software architect for the GSM cellular phone product line. Primary archit
ect for much of the baseband hardware for the GSM phone. Managed a group of 15 e
ngineers developing the GSM signaling protocol stack including physical layer co
ntrol up through the mobility management layer.
Motorola Corporate Research, Schaumburg, IL
Staff Engineer
Designed and prototyped an echo canceling based full duplex hands-free speaker p
hone system for automotive cellular phones
Designed and implemented the Radio Resource Management and Mobility Management s
oftware for the GSM 'Validation' system.
MIT Lincoln Labs, Lexington, MA
Developed digital boards and assembly software for guidance system. Developed Fo
rtran software for a control of a scanning receiver using a large phased antenna
18 US patents, with 17 pending
Requirements analysis
Software architecture and design
Feature planning and roadmapping
Digital hardware architecture
GSM air interface protocol
UMTS air interface protocol
Standards work
C language
Assembly Language
Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN
BSEE from the EE Honors Program