Rude Much Britney?

What a disgrace. Britney thought to herself, as she slipped into her crystal blue designer dress. Nicolo bent over and slipped some equally glamorous 12 inch high heels onto Britney’s perfectly tanned feet. As she stood in the middle of her luxurious, classy room, she waltzed towards the diamond framed mirror, her beautiful golden hair glimmering in the sunlight. “I think you look stunning, Ms. Markley.” Nicolo beamed, “Oh, you are ready for your makeup. I am thinking a beautiful blue to match those eyes of yours. But Megan isn’t here yet. So if you don’t mind, just relax here and wait for her to come.” These young supermodels are so full of themselves. Always thinking about themselves. Ugh! I am a world known fashion designer, I have a big title and I’m not even THAT obsessed with myself! Nicolo pondered as he summoned “your highness” to sit on the chair and wait. “I do not understand! How come no one is ever on time!?!?!? No one is ever here when I need them!! Why can’t you guys ever finish things on time? WHERE IS MEGAN?” Britney remarked rudely, pulling herself away from Nicolo. See what I mean? How hard it is to be me? I am only 22 and I already am one of the best supermodels in the world. She thought as she smoothed down on her perfect flat stomach. All my hard work, every minute of my life that I put into my career and what do I get in return? I GET TO BE LATE TO MY COMMITMENTS BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE CAN’T MANAGE TO KEEP UP THEIR RESPONSIBLITIES AND GET ME WHAT I NEED ON TIME!!! I definitely do not deserve this! This is not fair. Britney complained while fiddling with her moisturized hair. “I’m sorry Ms. Markley, if you excuse me, I will go outside and take this phone call. Try not to stress, Megan will be here in no time,” Nicolo stood up and calmly but quickly hurried towards the door. Britney sat royally on the pink, furry chair that was facing the bright makeup table as she watched Nicolo leave the room through the wooden door. The perfectly painted white walls of the room were very bright in the light of the golden, diamond covered chandelier. Britney was anxious. She was very anxious. Her beautiful golden hair was falling out of its perfect bun and her makeup wasn’t even on her gorgeous face yet. There were only 30 minutes till the big party, and she hadn’t even come out of the room that they had provided for her. Since Britney was one of the highest paid supermodels in the world, she was expected to look 100 times better than everyone else at all times.

A few minutes later, Megan burst into room, her pale face as red as a ripe tomato. As she ran into the classy room, her short hair was dancing and her pointy, black shoes were making a disturbing sound on the wood beneath them. “Ms. Markley, I am so sorry for the late arrival! It’s just that,” That was all Megan managed to get out of her small, compressed, cherry-colored mouth. Oh no! I hope she doesn’t get mad! But she is such a hateful person! I wish I had another job, but the pay is amazing here. Oh no, oh no, oh, no! But everyone knows how mad “your highness” gets when her “services” are late. I’m screwed. Megan dreaded in her mind, small blobs of sweat already starting to smudge the strong, dark, black eyeliner she had covered her hazel eyes in. “NO EXCUSES!” Britney howled at her makeup artist, “There is no reason to be late in an event THIS IMPORTANT!” She rolled her eyes in a disgusted way while she tapped her heel on the wooden floor. Okay, everyone says that being a supermodel is an easy job but having to put up with these lazy people! It’s horrible! People have no discipline. They don’t understand their priorities and I am pretty certain at this very moment, their priority should be ME! Britney wailed to herself, her soft hands starting to sweat. Almost in tears Megan answered, “Yes I understand Ms. Markley, but we couldn’t find the peacock shade of blue that you ordered for those enhancing blue eyes of yours. I think we should start now so we can get out of this room in time for this wonderful event” She closed her eyes and waited for the soft but rough feeling of Megan’s eye shadow brush to make contact with her bronze eyelid. She felt the different shades of dazzling blue collide to create a breathtaking image to match her flamboyant dress. Omg! If I am late, oh if I am late to the most important party of the year, I am making sure that EVERYONE gets spanked and smacked and FIRED!!! Britney thought as furious as ever. Minutes later, they heard a soft, hollow knock on the door. “Come in,” Britney sighed tiredly as she stared down at her magnetic nails. A tall, thin, dark haired man appeared in the doorway of the pretty room. He was wearing a black suit and a red tie. He hurried in, his black shoes clip clopping on the wooden floor.

“Hello, you must be Ms. Markley. I’m Josh Parker. I’m just informing you that the boss needs you at the party in five minutes. Hurry up!” Josh snapped as he turned to stroll back into the party. There was no expression what so ever on his dull face. Britney stood up looking nothing but fabulous and made her way to get her purse. “I can’t wait for that party! I look so good. My boss is going to love me!” Britney bragged with a snotty expression in her tone and face. She waltzed towards the door and disappeared into the noise of loud music and drunk people screaming and dancing crazily.

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