1. What do you mean by production and management? Distinguish between them. 2. Mention the duties and responsibilities of operations manager. 3. What do you mean by plant location? Briefly discuss various factors to be considered while determining the location of the plant. What type of layout will be suitable for (a) An automobile unit (b) A hospital 4. What do you mean by NPD? Bring out the stages in NPD. 5. Compare the characteristic features of job batch and flow production. Mention with reason the type of production process you, like to recommend for (a) A unit manufacturing drugs and medicines. (b) A commercial bank provides varieties of services to customer. 6. How operations management can be viewed as an input/output systems. 7. Briefly explain the product and process layout. 8. List the difference between goods production and service production. 9. What do you mean by product design? Briefly explain the features of product design. 10.What do you mean by work study? Briefly explain the steps involved in work study. 11.Discuss how time study is carried out. Also describe stop watch technique. 12.Explain method study. Briefly describe the various steps involved in conducting method study. 13.Define scheduling. How does it differ from loading? State the objectives of scheduling. 14.What do you mean by inventory control? Briefly explain the techniques of inventory control with an emphasis on ABC, EOQ, FSN and VED analysis. 15. Describe the role of production planning and control in operations management. 16. Explain production planning. Write notes on production planning techniques for various process choices.

Performance Rating=120%. Explain its techniques. 18.Production control is the key to the success of business organization.What is six sigma? Discuss how it is implemented? 21. . Discuss this statement. Allowance=12% of normal time. A 12 B 8 A C 4 A D 3 A E 12 B F 18 C G 5 C H 4 E. Describe the use of cause and effect diagram and Pareto’s chart for quality control and improvement.Briefly explain the clauses of ISO. Idle time=15%.I (a) Draw the network Diagram. (b) Calculate critical path.What do you mean by ISO.. Determine the Standard time per unit produced. the earliest and latest completion of events.F I 9 D.G J 6 H. 23.Write short notes on (a)CPM (b)PERT (c)Kaizen (d)JIT 19. 22. 24. 25. An 8 hours work measurement study in a plant reveals the following Units produced =320 nos.What do you understand by TPM? Explain its objectives and the procedure for the implementation of TPM. The activities of a project and their durations are given below: Activity Duration of activity Predecessor activity 17. 20.What is QC? Briefly describe their working.

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