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J^_im[[a[dZMWi^_d]jed_WdiYWdi[[j^[beYWb This Bold Thing?
\Wd\Wl[_dWYj_edm^[dÇJef9^[\0J^[JekhÈ Food Network firebrand Guy Fieri is big,
ijefiWj;Wij[hdCWha[jI[l[dj^Ij$WdZD$ brash and often downright bombastic.

9Wheb_dW7l[$I;$EdIWjkhZWo">Wbbm_bb][jekj His latest cookbook, “Guy Fieri Food”

($30, William Morrow), deserves the
^[had_l[iWdZYkjj_d]XeWhZW]W_dijÇJef9^[\È same adjectives, what with its stolen-
7h_Wd[:kWhj[_dj^h[[gk_Ya#\_h[iWj from-a-tattoo-parlor fonts, in-your-
'&0)&W$c$"deedWdZ'0)&f$c$I^[ÊbbWbie`kZ][ face photos of cuts of meat, and reci-
i_c_bWhYkb_dWhoXWjjb[iX[jm[[d:kWhj[WdZ pes for all-American and ethnic fare
If_a[C[dZ[bie^dedIkdZWoiWc[j_c[i$?jÊi such as “No Can Beato Taquitos” and
7IB?9;=?HB0 “Beer Can Chicken.” Like Fieri’s hair, it’s
ed[e\j^[cWdo_hedij^[*-#o[Wh#ebZ^Wi_dj^[ D.C.’s Carla Hall will a bit of a jumble, but lots of fun.
\_h[Wii^[XhW_dijehciW\kjkh[YW\[WdZfh[fi compete in “Top Chef: BEST FOR: Fans of Fieri’s more-is-
\ehWd[m]_]Wi\eeZ_[jWbai^em^eij$KRIS CORONADO The Tour” this week-
end at Eastern Market.
more, aggressively flavored food and
She’s also selling a line attitude.
Will it be hard to judge these two? bella, etc. Are you all in touch? of tiny cookies. WE WANNA MAKE: “Black-Eyed
Spike is a fellow D.C. chef, and Ari- I saw Spike at the White House Basmati Salad,” “Watermelon Pork
ane is an alum from your first “Top Easter Egg Roll. There are these Tacos.” JENNIFER BARGER (EXPRESS)
Chef” season in New York . different events in the city. And I
Yes. I hate judging. The thing is, I saw Bryan Voltaggio. We actual-
like Spike’s food and Ariane’s food ly see each other fairly regularly, ple can pick up if they don’t have
because it’s approachable. which is really good. time. It’ll be very casual. Order at
the counter and it will be taken to
Your company, Alchemy Caterers, your table. Maybe I’ll have a pot-
recently became Alchemy by Carla Ç?j[bbf[efb[je pie shack!
Hall. What brought that about? fkjbel[_doekh
When I went back for “All Stars,” I \eeZ$$$$@kijje You have a strong belief in yoga
made it part of my business plan.
X[fh[i[djm^_b[ and meditation. How does that

come into play with your food?

I thought, “Let it work for me.” I
couldn’t fathom people calling me When I’m cooking, I tell people to
for catering, because of all of the _j$$$$8[j^[h[\eh put love in your food. All I’m say-
traveling. It was hard for the com- j^Wjb_jjb[X_je\ ing is just to be present while you’re
pany to grow. So, I’m focusing on j_c[$È making it. If you’re making a tur-
the product before I have a cafe. key burger, don’t be making a list
for some paperwork. Be there for
You sell tiny cookies on your web- You’re a co-host on ABC’s upcom- that little bit of time.
site. Why’d you go that route? ing foodie daytime show, “The
One of my pet peeves is when you Chew,” debuting in the fall. Should When you’re not cooking, judging,
go to the buffet and people break D.C. worry about losing you? working on a show or doing yoga,
off a piece or a portion and leave I’m not going anywhere. That’s what else are you up to?
the other half on the tray. Nobody going to be taped in New York. I’ll One of my guilty pleasures is to
wants it. It wastes food. So I said, only go up for taping. watch a movie early in the morn-
“I’m going to make things so small ing. I love Rollerblading.
that you can’t break them off.” When you do open a cafe here,
what would be on the menu? Maybe we’ll see you on the Mount
On “Top Chef All-Stars,” you had a big I want it to be approachable. I want Vernon or W&OD trails?

D.C. group with you — Spike, Mike Isa- comfort. I want food that peo- Yup, you will see me!