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Mark Quint

519 Chantels Way S.W.

Hartselle, Alabama 35640
Trained and experienced professional in following areas: Quality Assurance, Proj
ect Management and Guided Weapons Systems. Have managed and supervised over 40
assigned personnel at one time; a proven team player and self motivated individu
Core Competencies:
Strong work ethics, excellent communication skills, team leader, goal driven, ta
sk focused
Retired USAF:
Retired USAF active duty, decorated 14 times, trained and experience at managing
, supervising and training personnel
Over 16 years experience in Quality Assurance:
Positions Held: Manager Engineering Quality Assurance, SQA Supervisor, SQA Engin
eer, On-site Quality Director USAF, Total Quality Management (TQM) Instructor
Over 8 years experience in Guided Weapons Maintenance/Testing:
Positions Held: Superintendent Guided Weapons Center, Senior Manager Weapons Ma
intenance, and Chief Evaluator Weapons/Test
Over 7.5 years experience in Project Management:
Positions Held: Project Manager, Outsourcing Coordinator, Numerous project coord
inator jobs in USAF
X Trained in CMMI
X Certified Six-Sigma Green Belt
X PMP Certified till 11/2007
X Certified USAF Instructor
X Masters of Science in Management, Florida Tech
X BS Occupational Education, Wayland Baptist University
X AAS, Wayland Baptist University
X AAS, Community College of USAF
Jobs and Descriptions:
Quality Assurance (QA) Present
Sanmina-SCI Huntsville (2005 - Present)
Accenture Ltd. Birmingham (3 years)
GTE Data Systems Phoenix Arizona (1.5 years)
USAF (4 years)
Presently assigned to the Defense and Aerospace Division (DAS); I coordinate and
manage CMMI ML-2-3 assessment efforts, direct Quality Assurance (QA) engineers
in performing audits and prepare organization for customer compliance audits ent
ailing AS9006, AS9100-ISO9001, DO178B, and IEEE 12207. I witness and validate t
esting of military communication boxes for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft u
sed by US Armed Forces. I attend Configuration Control Boards (CCB) and Design
Control Boards (DCB), conduct Test Readiness Reviews (TRR) and Test Review Board
s (TRB). Aid process architects in writing, reviewing and revising internal met
hodology processes. Analyze software development processes to identify gaps and
cost reduction areas. Have actively served as an Software Engineering Process Gr
oup (SEPG) member. I established an Engineering Quality Assurance Group within t
he DAS Engineering organization as part of the CMMI initiative. This QA group s
pan across 6 engineering disciplines that encompasses over 300 engineers. I have
been formally trained CMMI, acquired Six-Sigma Lean Green Belt certification in
which I lead a process team that produced an annual savings to the company of o
ver 100K.
As a Systems Process Engineer, I develop an estimate to actual cost metrics that
depicted cost gaps and overruns. Changes derived from the metrics produced a 2
0% reduction in production estimates. Also identified gaps in defect rework pro
cess, correction of those gaps reduced production defects by 40% and rework by 6
0% within a 6 month period
While in the USAF as a Director of Quality, I assisted the Unit Commander and hi
s staff in establishing and maintaining a Total Quality Management (TQM) infrast
ructure for a 650 personnel organization and facilitated Commander and staff in
preparing organization first Strategic Plan. While assigned to a test team work
ing directly for HQ Strategic Air Command, I was a Chief Evaluator over maintena
nce assembly/disassembly and testing for a classified foreign weapon system.
Project / Outsourcing Manager
DST Systems Birmingham (6 months)
Accenture Ltd. (3 years)
USAF (4.5 years)
Initiate, track and oversee software development projects. At DST I was assigned
to our firms largest HMO customer which generated approximately 20% of the firm
s overall revenue. Monthly reporting project results and risk status using earn
ed value projections. Reports went to the Division President, Division CFO and
Directors. Proactive efforts with this customer lead to a positive restoration
of customer rapport and customer confidence in our division. I monitored other s
oftware projects budget estimates to actuals, reviewing monthly reports concerni
ng personnel and time to budget accounting.
As an outsourcing coordinator I organized, coordinated and communicated informat
ion, activities and deadlines associated with overseas outsourcing programs; thi
s entailed generating and maintaining resource leveling reports to meet organiza
tional demands; all activities spanned over a 400 person department.
While in the USAF, I was a Sr. forecast planner/scheduler at a nuclear weapons m
aintenance depot, and a munitions systems inspection scheduler.
US Air Force Active Duty
Superintendent Guided Weapons Center
Phoenix, AZ (1 year)
I managed 35 personnel that performed maintenance, testing and inspections and t
roubleshooting on air to air missile weapon systems and guided bomb guidance sys
tems valued at over $79 million. Re-engineered maintenance delivery processes th
at reduced turn-around time between aircraft and maintenance shop by 40%. Found
interim solutions to hazardous chemical operations to meet California and local
EPA laws.
Senior Manager of Weapons Maintenance
Merced, California (1 year)
I managed 42 personnel in the assembling, disassembling, testing, troubleshootin
g and inspecting of aircraft guided weapons; oversaw quality control and quality
assurance activities, delegated mission assignments, generated technical change
orders, Weapon Serviceability Status (WSS) reports for command headquarters an
d resource accountability reports. Managed Command Directed retrofitting operat
ions on 4 separate types of aircraft weapon systems; retrofit operations were co
mpleted ahead of schedule and with -0- defects
Guided Weapon Operations Manager
Merced, California (3 years)
I managed 12 personnel in testing and maintaining a foreign aircraft weapon supp
ort system valued over $60 million. I oversaw Quality Control and Quality Assura
nce activities, delegated mission activities, and developed work schedules and s
hop procedures. As "on-site Project Manager and coordinator in Operational Test
and Evaluation (OT&E) also acted as Technical Advisor for Headquarters Air Forc
e in writing and designing maintenance and testing field operation procedures wh
ile system still in test environment. Also identified and reported weapon system
deficiencies with possible solutions to Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC).
Initiated and managed over 20 retrofitting operations all of which were either o
n or ahead of timed schedule.
Chief Evaluator, Weapons Maintenance and Test
Bossier City, LA (2 years)
I managed 4 personnel involved in evaluating maintenance, testing, inspection, a
nd troubleshooting activities of a foreign aircraft weapons program for Headquar
ters Air Force. Assisted Systems Program Office (SPO) in writing preliminary fi
eld technical data, evaluating the support and logistical strengths and weakness
es of system in relation to storing, transporting, maintaining, and testing of w
eapon system and reporting findings to Headquarters Strategic Air Command (SAC)
and SPO. Data I collected through assessment review operations directly assist
ed in a successful integration report which lead to the weapon system becoming a
part of the Air Force B-52 inventory
References: Upon request