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June 2011

Inside This Issue Food is Fuel for Local Kids

Big Apple Bagels 2 At Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes we anticipate breaking ground for our
new facility early this summer. It’s an exciting time as we work to build a
Empty Bowls 2
permanent home for our efforts. Yet within that excitement is the ongoing
Letter Carrier Food Drive 2 knowledge that for many local families this summer will be a time of food
insecurity and uncertainty.
Shop-N-Drop at D&W 2
I think we can agree with author Ken Hill that: “Food is your body’s fuel.
Volunteers Recognized 3 Without fuel, your body wants to shut down.” Furthermore, it’s important to
understand that beyond basic fuel, we all need to be food secure – knowing
Volunteer Opportunities 3
that we have regular access to enough food to fully participate with our
2011 Board of Directors 3 families and in our community.
Across this community, families struggle to have enough groceries in
the cupboard and regular meals on the table when school’s out. While the
Fast Facts: federal summer food program will be available for six weeks, ready access
through the school breakfast and lunch program for literally thousands of
local children is gone until the fall. The result is less food security for these
Since the summer of 2010, kids and their families.
KLF has distributed over Beginning in June, Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes is launching the Food
14,300 food packs through the is Fuel Kids Campaign. This effort hopes to raise 50,000 lbs. of food and
Weekend Food Pack Program. $50,000 dollars between June 1 and August 31 to help support two of our
food assistance programs that will feed children this summer:
32% of children who spend • Grocery Pantry Program: Operating for its 29th summer, the GPP
more than half of their provides groceries for families across this community through a network
childhood in poverty don’t of 26 partner organizations. It’s accessed through the 343-3663 Food
graduate from high school. Line, which registers local households for same-day access.
• The Weekend Food Pack Program: Operating in conjunction with
Kalamazoo Communities in Schools, KLF’s Weekend Food Packs serve
Did You Know? children enrolled in summer school. The food pack goes home with them
at the end of each week, supplementing family resources. Foods are ready
Giving on our website to eat and help bridge the time until the new school week begins. (Note:
Breakfast and lunch are available at summer school.)
is easier than ever. Click The new facility we plan to occupy late this year will fuel our efforts to
the DONATE button ensure families have ready access to food assistance programs across this
community. For area children, the Food is Fuel Kids Campaign will fuel their
at summer, ensuring that they are ready to learn and grow this fall when school
Find out more about how to help local kids at
- Anne Wend Lipsey

Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes

913 E Alcott Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Build Nourish Sustain Facilities Campaign Update
Business: 269.488.2617 / Fax: 269.343.3669 • Goal almost reached. If you haven’t contributed yet, go to
Food: 269.343•3663 / Email:
• Site groundbreaking planned for early June.
Website: • Site construction to begin by the end of June.
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–June 2011 Page 2

Annual Art Event Fills Empty Bowls

It was another successful year for the Empty Bowls Project!
This year Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes partnered with local
elementary schools including Spring Valley Center for Exploration, Prairie Ridge
Elementary with Hillside Middle School, and Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary
to bring the community an
Thank You evening of art, food, and hunger
Big Apple Bagels! awareness.
Guests at Spring Valley and
Thanks to Big Apple Bagels for sup- Prairie Ridge were treated to
porting Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes a hearty meal of spaghetti and
through their muffin sale! On May 6, garlic bread generously donated
25 cents of every muffin sold benefitted by Sodexo.
KLF, for a total donation of $628.75. In total, over $3,000 was raised
Thank you to owners Doug and Lisa from these events to benefit KLF’s
Victoria of the S. Westnedge store, emergency feeding programs.
and Jason and Rachel Boussom of the Thank you to the schools who
Centre and West Main stores for their participated, the generous food
support of local hungry people! donors, and all who attended! Family eating together at Spring Valley.

Letter Carriers Help Feed Hungry People Shop-N-Drop

Here at Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes, more than 65,000 lbs. of donated food was at D&W
collected as part of the National Association of Letter Carrier Food Drive on Saturday, Help us reach our 50,000 lb.
May 14. The food will benefit our 26 Grocery Pantry sites located throughout the
county. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. The summer months are when
Food is Fuel Kids Campaign
many local kids and their families need emergency food more than ever. All of the goal this summer!
boxes of cereals, jugs of fruit juice, and cans of protein-rich meals that were collected Shop at D&W Fresh Market, 525
will help kids have the nutrients they need to grow and flourish. Romence Road, on Saturday, July 16,
Thanks to everyone who participated in the food drive this year, including: Local from 10 am to 5 pm and drop your food
Letter Carrier Branch 248, The Salvation Army, Portage Community Center, Greater donations off at the Kalamazoo Loaves
Kalamazoo United Way, Schupan & Sons, Pfizer, Crown Industrial Products, B&B & Fishes’ truck in the parking lot.
Trucking, Morrison’s, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, CMS, AJ’s Recycling, Hardings, We need kid-friendly foods — like
WKZO, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Portage Public Schools, St. Martin of Tours, cereal and macaroni & cheese — to
and many community volunteers, faith groups, schools, and businesses. help feed over 10,000 hungry children
in Kalamazoo County this summer.
Interested in volunteering? Call Laura
Winther at 488-2617 ext. 209 for details.

Collection at the Portage Post Office.

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

Page 3 Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–June 2011

Volunteers Recognized for All Their Effort

On April 29, Kalamazoo Loaves Food Initiative Coordinators, Doug
& Fishes held their annual volunteer Paul, Donna McClurkan, and Harding’s
recognition dinner at Senior Services, Market. Volunteers who have been with
Inc. Numerous volunteers were awarded KLF for 5, 10 and 15 years were also
for their years of service as well as their recognized.
dedication to the organization’s mission. Please see for a full list
Some award winners of note include: of all the award recipients. Thank you
Annette Duchamp, Janet Kesterson, to our special volunteers for all of your
Irene Evans, Patricia Shiley, Mobile support and hard work!

The KLF Volunteer Department

KLF Executive Director, Anne Wend Lipsey, with Donna McClurkan
who received the Marcia Jackson Hunger Advocacy Award
Interested in helping out in the warehouse or at special events? Help KLF
spread the word by becoming a knowledgeable volunteer.
2011 Board of
Orientation dates are: Directors
Thursday, June 9 at 1 p.m. • Saturday, June 11 at 11 a.m. Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes completed
its first year as a Directorship
organization. In April, Bob Lohrmann,
Saturday, July 9 at 11 a.m. • Thursday, July 14 at 1 p.m.
former attorney and nonprofit
development director, was elected to a
Sign up with Laura Winther by calling 488-2617 ext. 209 3-year term. Board members Patricia
or email at Carlin, Alan Harbaugh, and Martha
Simpson were re-elected for a second
term. Donna McClurkan completed
two terms of service.
KLF June Giving Coupon The following officers were elected:
913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 Martha Simpson as President, Alan
June 2011 – Coupon #95 Harbaugh as Vice President, Lynn
Amount $ Jessel as Treasurer, and Maija Petersons
as Secretary. A full list is on Page 4.
Gifts made now can help purchase
high-quality food for our local children.
Please send your contribution by June 24 As you are filling your shopping cart,
please consider shopping for and
donating these high demand items:

KLF July Giving Coupon June: Macaroni & Cheese

913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
July 2011 – Coupon #96 July: Canned fruits &
Amount $
We provide food to more people in the summer than any other time. Remember that fresh produce
It wouldn’t be possible to feed thousands of people every week donations are always accepted at the
without your help. KLF warehouse as well. Call 488-2617
Please send your contribution by July 22 for more information.

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

FoodforThought–June 2011 Page 4

U.S. Postage
Kalamazoo, MI
Permit No. 1693
913 E Alcott
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Business Phone: 269.488.2617

Food Request Line: 269.343.3663
Fax: 269.343.3669

To expand the availability of
emergency food resources and
promote the ability of hungry
people to feed themselves.

l Compassion l Respect
l Justice l Integrity
l Advocacy

Special thanks to those who honor friends and family through your contributions to KLF.
The following gifts were received between February 28 and April 30.
If your gift was received after April 30, it will be included in the next newsletter.
Gifts in honor of:
James Auringer • David Batts • Alex Bigelow’s 21st birthday • Eleanor Bosscher’s Family & Friends • Larry Charson • Catherine Ann Dunning’s 7th birthday
Charlie Grdina’s birthday • Linda Grdina’s 25 years of service at the Fetzer Institute • Catherine & Marvin Grostic’s 60th anniversary • The Holysko Family • JKBK
Janice Johnson • Shadia Kanaan • Father Don Klingler • Chris & Mary Lampen-Crowell • Anne Wend Lipsey • The Marvin Family • Sister Sue McCrery
CSJ’s 60th birthday • Tim Moberly • Mary Moleski • Rhonda Newman • The O’ Bryan’s, Holmes & Friends A-2 • Bill & Jean Ostermann • Margaret Pifer
Jean Schrader • Allison & Jacob Schwoebel • Sue Shields’ birthday • Tessa Stauffer’s birthday • Gayle Stephenson • Ron & Margaret Strzelecki’s Irish ancestors
Julio J. Usera • Mrs. Margaret Webster • Payton & Mason Wire
Gifts in memory of:
Yetta Ackerson • Robert P. Amrhein • John O. Anderson • Dennis Bacon • Harold Bahlke • Joe E. Barbee • John Bastin, Jr. • Dr. Tom Berglund • Nancie Bigler
Mike Blakely • James H. Bodnar • Ernest Bonjour • Harold & Florence Bulgar • Richard Burlington • Bruce L. Burrows • Earl Charkowski • Lowell & Leona Comstock
Wallace Cook • Tom Crooks • James Dearth • Jerry Diment • Walter Dunwoody • Robert Eager, Sr. • Dolores Erlandson • Thelma Ettinger • Jacquelyn Evans
Jeanne Maltby Fahrenbach • John P. Flynn • Edward Glista • Steve Gools • John Hanson • Patricia Hathaway • George Hawley • Joe Holobyn • Lucille Holt
Marcia Jackson • Rosaline Johnston • Dorothy Kagan • Sue Kilgore • Frances Kingsley • Marguerite Kolb • Joan LaFreniere • Lance Lambert
Peter Anthony Langone • Darlene Lauth • Siuleo Lealofi • Linda Renauld Lutz • Kimberly (Mann) McBain • Jackie McNutt • Mary Melzer • Zenta Miervaldis
Esther Milbeck • Betty M. Miller • Kathy Mizeur • Matthew C. Morgan • Leland & Bertha Morse • Hugh Moser • Francis P. Noteboom • Elizabeth Odile
Jamie Oorbeck • Thomas Oorbeck • Blouin Oslager • Elizabeth Oslager • Frank Ossiff, Jr. • Rosetta Packard • Edwin L. Parker • Chip Passavant • Gerald L. Pochyla
Millie Pritchard • Jim Prudden • Elizabeth Purchase • Richard Quinn • Ann Raup • Rosie Refior • Roy & Eloise Robinson • Herbert & Anna Roundhouse
Fred R. Russell • Marilyn Scheel • Dr. Peter Schmitt • Robert Shane • Joani Siwik • Constance Smith • Elizabeth Soule • Marie Renauld Stone • Jim Swanson
C. James Swope • Eleanor Taylor • Carol Ann Tiller • Lavern VanAvery • Sandy VanderBor • Adrian (Ad) VanKesteren • Miriam Vermeulen • Mr. Jan Visser
Roon Visser • Shirley Walter • Mrs. Maria J. Weltevreden • William West • Margaret White • Joe Williams • Mary Helen Wilson • Don & Ruth Wisser
Norman H. Woodmansee • Flora Zeinstra

Board of Directors Staff/Business Office 269.488.2617ext.

Patricia Carlin Elizabeth Makohn Joan Atwell, Call Center Lead 201 Jennifer Johnson, Public Relations/Dev. Director 213
Robert Ezelle Harvey Myers Melissa Burel, Donor Database Coordinator 206 Deb Josephson, Services Coordinator 214
Bruce Gelbaugh Helen Norris Art Cole, Services Director 207 Marv King,Warehouse Director 211
Alan Harbaugh Maija Petersons George Geissel, Bookkeeper 212 Anne Wend Lipsey, Executive Director 208
Michael Henderson Stacey Randolph Kathy Gernaat, Operations Director 212 Kimberly Schoetzow, Comm. Coordinator 218
Lynn Jessel Martha Simpson Phyllis Hepp, Director of Organizational Development210 Carolyn Tyler, Operations Coordinator 212
Cheryl Knapp Jan Tiderington Mary Hutchins,Warehouse Coordinator 211 Laura Winther,Volunteer Coordinator 209
Bob Lohrmann