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Over four years experience in store management positions coupled with an additio
nal six years experience in the corporate and retail sales industry. Skilled kno
wledge in dealing with a variety of personal ranging from hourly employees throu
gh management and executive levels. Unique ability to work under pressure and ju
ggle multiple tasks while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Effective
communication and interpersonal skills. Strong computer skills, with proficienc
y in Microsoft Office.
TigerDirect INC., Naperville, IL
2/10 to- Present
Inside Sales
Prospected and cultivated previous TigerDirect accounts in order to gain market
share in the corporate consumer goods market.
* Establish and maintain rapport with key decision makers and fulfill the needs
of customers
* Excel in selling business to business via high paced call center environment w
hile maintaining extremely high customer satisfaction in all details of the sale
* Made over 100 calls daily including emphasis on new account activity and quali
fying of previous dormant customer histories.
* Built positive rapport with customers, managed customer accounts and increased
account base in personal nationwide accounts
Walgreen Drug Corporation, Aurora, IL
Assistant Store Manager
5/07 to 8/09
Made use of my past management experience in areas of inventory control, cashier
management, customer relations, planning, budgeting, sales analysis and staff s
upervision for the benefit of the company.

* Responsible for entire store operations in the absence of a store manager. Du

ties focused upon proper store opening and closing, nightly cash accounting, and
ensuring excellence in customer service through resolution of all problems at t
he store level.
* Oversaw floor moves, preparation of merchandise displays and presentations, ex
ercising judgment and discretion in applying merchandising concepts and guidelin
* Daily interaction with vendors to confirm and verify shipments deliveries. Re
plenishment duties encompassed over 20,000 store items.

Country Companies, Naperville, IL

Insurance Sales Agent 12/05 to 5/07
Sold various types of insurance policies to businesses and individuals on behalf
of Country including automobile, fire, life, property, medical, dental, and oth
er specialized policies. As a producer, activities involved cross-selling of in
surance with financial services to unsure total account development.
* Sales experience required mastery of a full product line. Ability to understan
d and clearly relay that knowledge of a large variety of insurance and financial
options was paramount to successful sales.
* Displayed a high level of independence through personal coordination of all ar
eas of the sale. Fostered a high level of customer satisfaction through the use
of customer interaction and education during the entire sales process.
* Sought out new clients by networking with family and friends to find new custo
mers and generate prospective clients. Once identified, interviewed prospective
clients to obtain data about their financial resources and needs as well as any
existing coverage in order to provide a customized insurance program to suit the
ir individual needs.
* Showed dedication to position and company by obtaining and maintaining various
certificates related to insurance sales including Series 6, 63 and 7 certificat

Tweeter INC. , Downers Grove, IL

Sales Associate \ Assistant Manager
11/04 to 12/05
Coupled previous sales experience with desire to progress with Tweeter into a Ma
nager position. As a well rounded, responsible associate capable of producing sa
les as well as assisting the store management with operations duties, was afford
ed opportunity to enroll in Manager-In-Training program.
* Began Manager-In-Training program while required to maintain high levels of pe
rsonal sales as a sales associate. Management duties included store opening and
closings, meeting of department sales quotas, and end of day financial record ke
* As a leading sales associate, was given unique opportunities to provide for hi
gh end sales customers. Projects included months of pre-planning as well as per
sonal oversight throughout installation to ensure complete customer satisfaction
* Offered every customer cutting-edge solutions in a friendly, confident and kno
wledgeable manner and provided cashier and customer service skills by assisting
customers with purchases and sales. Extended upon that personal level of involve
ment by being available for customers when needed, including evenings, weekends
and holidays.
* Provided in-home sales consultations for customers to ensure the best possible
integration of new and existing audio\visual sales equipment. After completion
of the sale, personally ensured customer satisfaction through constant communic
ation with the customer and installation associates.


Account Manager 9/00 to 11/04
Managed accounts in manufacturing and distribution of Point of Purchase industry
. Dealt with corporate level employees down to day laborers in both an office an
d plant setting. Expected to carry out and oversee every aspect of a project fro
m start to finish.
* Responsible for day-to-day operations and management of projects requiring up
to 200 employees. Responsibilities include overseeing production timelines and s
cheduling conflicts as well time as management of meetings.
* Dealt directly with customers on a daily basis that serviced both large corpor
ate accounts down to one time run items and first time customers. Expected to be
able to report on project status as well as communicate on daily progress updat
* Maintained communication and personal relationship with wide variety of client
ele. Expected to have complete understanding of product lines and procedures uni
que to each customers need as well as an intimate knowledge of detailed requirem
ents and expectations needed for each client.
* Directly responsible for project completion and compliance to guidelines. Deal
t directly with vendors, suppliers, manufactures, distribution and material cont
HI FI BUYS, Atlanta, GA
Sales Consultant 6/99 to 9/00
Worked as a full time sales associate dealing with mid to high end home electron
ics. Dealt with multiple product lines and determine the need of the customer an
d direct them into the product most applicable to their needs.
* Received extensive training in both personal skills and sales techniques in or
der to best assess every situation unique to a fast pace sales floor environment
. Personal communication and intrapersonal skills were required for success.
* Mastery of extensive product lines were required for continued employment as o
ver all success on a daily basis. Identifying the needs of the customer and bein
g able to match product with their needs as well as showing a necessity for give
n product was imperative.
* Worked in conjunction with a variety of personalities while on the sales floor
as well as adapting to each unique customer and their needs.


4th grade teacher
8/98 to 6/99
Taught on the 4th grade level in the public school system. Managed and maintaine
d 26 students in every aspect of daily activities. Expected to direct and overse
e each unique student's level of ability and adapt to each style of learning in
order to equip them to be successful.
* Required to give written weekly plans as well as follow state curriculum and g
* Dealt with both students and parents on daily basis in order to communicate ne
eds and other necessary components of the education process. Monthly conferences
with parents were also required to give an even greater level of accountability
to both the parents and teacher.
* Unique personal development plans required of each student for specialized lea
rning and development of specific skills and abilities.
Bachelor of Science in Education, May 1997


Masters of Business Administration, June 2004

Available upon request