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Saturday, April 9, 2011 | 50 cents An edition of middletownpress. com
LOCAL VIDEO ”Willy Wonka” comes to Cromwell Middle School Nardelli’s opens Teen driving forum BREAKING NEWS TODAY Sign your e-mail address up at to get breaking news alerts ONLINE POLL QUESTION Have you started your spring cleaning yet? A) I clean regularly, I don’t have to wait for spring B) No, not yet C) Yup, I’m all done D) What spring cleaning? MOST COMMENTED STORIES Marshal sent to pick up homework for bullied teen comes back empty-handed (47)

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Lawyers: Mayor must follow ruling
Press Staff

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Big State’s attorney won’t prosecute former East Hampton town manager (with documents) (22) Y Silver

Waterbury resident Steve Katz, owner of Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe at 396 Washington St. in Middletown, and Rina Nardelli, franchiser, display two of the top-selling grinders, the Italian Combo and Pastrami on opening day. Nardelli’s, the sixth store in the franchise, will be open Monday thru Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. To buy a print of this photo and more, visit www.middle-

Catherine Avalone | The Middletown Press

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Press Staff

Grinder shop opens on Washington St.
and wanted to start his own franchise. Katz was born in raised in New York City, but came to Connecticut in the late 1990s. At the time, he said, he lived in Cromwell, and came to know the Middletown area. Katz said he was familiar with the location of his restaurant from when it was a Dunkin’ Donuts and he would stop for donuts and coffee. “It’s a great location,” he said, explaining that it’s on a busy street and gets a lot of traffic from people driving in and out of Middletown. In addition, he said, it’s close to Wesleyan, which he hopes will bring in ness. She said her family more customers. One problem with the had hoped to expand into location, he said, is that the Middletown area for a it can be difficult to make while. Nardelli’s five otha left turn into or out of er locations, she said, are the parking lot, but that concentrated around the didn’t seem to be prevent- Waterbury area, where ing customers from stop- her grandfather and his ping in. He said he hopes brothers opened the first to build up relationships Nardelli’s in 1922. Nardelli-Troiano said with businesses in Middletown, who could come she noticed many customto him to order their din- ers driving to Waterbury SATURthe Middletown area ner. from DAY, APRIL 9, 2011 “If you’re gonna eat, you to buy grinders, and they should eat good food,” he often urged the owners said. to start a shop closer to Katz said Nardelli’s is them. fast, fairly priced. “It was mostly custom“I don’t want to say er feedback telling us we registerci we’re inexpensive,” he needed something up this said, but explained that all way,” she tizen“People com said. . the ingredients are fresh. have a connection to us. Diane Nardelli-Troiano, LOCAL VIDEO It’s really nice.” who helping Katz open his What distinguishes Basketball held Nardelli’s grinders from restaurant, said she’s part for Blake fundraiser Roy at Torrington of the third generation of featuring High School, See Nardellis to run the busicity cops NARDELLI’S, A4

Middletown, BOE back in court (16) Councilman: Police schedule could cost Middletown residents $600,000 (16) MOST SHARED STORIES All-girls robotics team ready to compete in Hartford (10) Middlesex Hospital named to top 100 in nation (7) Councilman: Police schedule could cost Middletown residents $600,000 (6) HOT STUFF: Middletown taxidermists to be featured on Discovery Channel (with video) (6) Marshal sent to pick up homework for bullied teen comes back empty-handed (5) WEB COMMENT OF THE DAY On ‘O’Keefe, Reimondo respond to state attorney’s decision not to prosecute:’ “This isn’t an O’Keefe supporters vs. Reimondo supporters thing. Nor is it a Chatham Party vs. Dems and Republican thing. It never has been. It’s always seemply been about doing the right thing.” — Coco, 8:18 a.m.

MIDDLETOWN — Nardelli’s grinders have been legendary in Connecticut for nearly 90 years, and on Thursday, the company expanded into Middletown with the opening of its long-awaited franchise on Washington Street. Owner Steve Katz said that even though he opened the store with little fanfare and no advertisements, business has been good. Katz said he’d been working with the Waterbury-based Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe for years,

See the VIDEO at


MIDDLETOWN — Two independent labor attorneys say it’s illegal for Mayor Sebastian Giuliano to continue with an “experimental” schedule for the city’s police officers after an arbitrator’s ruling, but Giuliano said Thursday he has no plans to stop. “They’re wrong,” he said flatly. Giuliano said it’s “a management prerogative” to adopt an experimental schedule, and neither a labor arbitrator nor the Common Council can stop him from instituting it. Giuliano said he believes the schedule will increase police coverage and save the city money, and he wants to continue it for the rest of the year to see how it works out. In a decision issued last week, arbitrator J. Larry Foy ruled that the city should continue with the 5-2 schedule in the officers’ current contract, rather than the 4-2 schedule Giuliano is trying out. The issue went to arbitration after the council rejected the 4-2 schedule last summer. Foy did not return calls seeking comment, but Jamie Mills, a Hartfordbased labor attorney, said Foy’s ruling is clear. She said Giuliano is obligated to follow what Foy laid out in the award. Mills said after reviewing Foy’s decision that this case is unusual because of a “lack of adversity” between the city and the union. The city hardly entered any evidence into the case to support its side,





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Selectmen cut $89K from proposed plan
By JEFF MILL First Selectwoman Susan M. Press Staff Bransfield a month ago had called for a .57-mill increase. PORTLAND — The Board of The revised budget calls for Selectmen has completed its spending a total of $29.816 in review of the proposed 2011-12 the coming fiscal year, which budget, reducing the projected begins on July 1. increase by some $89,000. The selectmen had previousThe practical effect of the ly held workshops with officials board’s reductions is to reduce from various departments as the increase in the tax mill rate well as the Board of Education. from to .35 mills. The proposed budget that was unveiled by See BUDGET, A4

BREAKING NEWS TODAY UConn Final Four advances in Japan’s nuclear struggles continue Ivory Coast under siege from within

versus firefighters Torringto ners make n Downton Parta big announc ment eLive newsroo held weekda m meetings ys Citizen offices in Register


Clark makes bid for 5th District
Register Citizen

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Cromwell Middle School Drama Club presents “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate ONLINE POLL QUESFactory” this weekend. TION

Catherine Avalone | The Middletown Press

MOST COMM ENTED STORIES Sound Off for April 1 (181) Sound Off for April 2 (112) Arts Culture Torrington announces artists for call to local ARTspace: Torrington initiative (with video) (45) MICHAEL AND JENNIFE Wind turbine R TRUSS: need some proposals perspective (23)

Connecticut fans Kentucky Saturda cheer during the first reports. UConn y, April 2 in Houston half of a men’s NCAA Final defeated , Texas. com for full Four coverage of Kentucky 56-55. See More than 75,000 people semifinal college the Final Four. Pages D1-3 basketball AP attended the and visit event, accordin game against g to publishe d and www.nh register.

.... ..... Crossword . . . . . . . . . . B8-B9 State news . . . . . . . . . B1-B6 . . . . .B9 Horoscope .. .. Stocks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .A8 Lottery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B7 .. .. Sudoku. . . . . . . . . . . . . .A11 Movie Listings.. . . . . . . . . . . .A2 .. Television . . . . . . . . . . . . .B8 ......... .. . .B7 World/Nation. . . . . . . . . . B8-B9 ......... . . .A9

d champ with e region’s hottest ion and one New his back Dechaine going their behind of the just several young event. “Herbie shots into Lehmann players. the been friends Decha ine and jumpe d for many, I have quick years,” said out to a 29-bal many Frank Knights ann scratch l lead after Lehmof Colum Williams of ed, but the had the connec bus. “Since the native he Lehma would not Torrington tions, I said do it’.” go quietly nn ‘let’s . after run, fought back with Dechaine but run Herb Lehmann squared not just Lehma persona off agains the seven-ball, was bedeviled by Champions Saturda lly invited Mike t over nn, but membe turning the JASON SIEDZIK/ the crowd “Firebal after sinking y afternoon in rs at the Knights l” Dechaine to play Register Citizen both the table tion status. Althou gh a variety of format of and an uncalle in the Clash seven of Columbu s. Decha ine of The match d ball. s hall. “They nickna defeate d sional referee featured a profes- ball becaus med him four Fire- 10 years, he’ll be one e as part of in Americ its exhibi- balls,” Lehmahe really attacks of the top a.” the nn said. be surpris Dechai ed if in the “I wouldn’t Lehma ne eventu Calendar. . ally defeate next three ......... d or pions nn 100-26, but both . . . . .A2 Classified . launched cham.. Opinion . . into a nine-b Comics. . . . . . . . . . B11-B12 ......... all ...... Mostly . . A6-A7 Sports
WEB COMM ENT OF THE DAY It’s amazing what a few months can team...just do to a baseball dits thoughtwhen all the punTitans are it was dead, the then ever. back and better

afternoon’s gest event, TORRINGTON MOST SHARE biga straigh — Bringin D STORIE a Torrington t pool match S g back to 100 points, the Human rights tradition the work author presents book of Herb Lehma has been er that made both touch and powever, the talk at Oliver nn. How- ful was on display players success Wolcott Library spotlight noon was Saturday . in Litchfield As Lehma (with video) afteron nn said, (9) rising stars. one of pool’s biggest not only Dechaine, the future for Wildlife game of pool Lehmann but rington (7) lands in Torin Torring also the “Fireball” spoke highly of be bright. ton should Mike old native Dechaine, a 23-yea Are there “When this of Waterv r- Dechai mountain young man, throughout ille, Maine, ne came lions in Conons. The the Clash of Champ bie said ‘This on the scene,Mike exhibition, necticut? Herikid at the Knight which was Williams said. is the real deal’,” Some Shas of Colum “He’s never was the pool player bus ron resident seen a as young s think so showcase first profess ional hall, good as as he is as (7) he is.” held Winter 1988, showca in Torrington pool Both pros since issued (6) storm watch sing a five-tim showc ased Englan skills,

Pool pros ta Knights of ke the table by storm Columbus tournamenat t
Register Citizen

FARM INGTO N — Repub Town Counci lican l Chair formally announce Mike Clark will Congress his bid at Apricoin the 5th District for U.S. Tuesda ts his hometo restaurant, located y in Farmington wn on the banks of the The 5th River. is curren District congressional tly seat but is open held by Chris Murph The third-te for the 2012 electio y, rm Democ man announ rat Congre n. ced in sswill seek the U.S. January retiring Democ Senate seat that he held rat Joe Lieberm by Clark, run at that56, began consid an. time, make it official and now is ering a ready to “I’m excited . to be throwi hat in,” he ng my said April 2. “I’ve in a phone intervie always had w in runnin an interes g for t He will start Congress.” announcementraising funds after ing the Republ and will begin his visitican Town tees of all Commit41 trict, which towns in the 5th Discorner and includes the Northw the Farmin est gton Valley.





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sunny, chance of rain

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Federal gov’t readies for shutdown


James Smith, Oregon Andy Johnso n, Barkha msted Lisa Anders on, New Hartford

Today’s obitu aries

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