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com H N 466/7 CPP Staff colony New Turkahiya, Century Pulp & Paper Cell: +917520084671 Gandhi Nagar, –272001 Ghanshyamdham +918979092222 District-Basti (UP) Lalkuan, Nainital ________________________________________________________________________________ Career Objective To lead a team of professional for achievement of organizations goal Work Profile Procurement of Wood, Veneer Chips, Bamboo, Wheat Straw & Bagasse. Nursery and Plantation Development of various pulpwood species like Eucalyptus, Bamboo, Casuarina, Subabul, Acacia, through seed and vegetative propagation. Wood Yard handling, FSC CW-COC Certification, ISO System Certification, SAP based ERP Environment. Key Skills Budgeting, Planning, Organization, Negotiation, Quality Control, Monitoring, Cost Analysis, Performance Review, Market Intelligence, Farmer linkage, Logistics, Coordination, Liaison, Area Development, Vendor Development. Work Experience: more than 15 Years

Current Employment
Century Pulp & Paper (Prop: Century Textiles and Industries Ltd.), Lalkuan, Nainital, Uttarakhand: Working as Deputy General Manager (Raw Material) since February 2011 Company Profile: Century Pulp & Paper is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company of BK Birla group with annual production capacity of 2.75 lacs MT of Pulp & Paper which is being increased to 4.5 lacs MT. Main Raw Material is Wood, Chips, Bamboo, Bagasse, Wheat Straw and Waste Paper. Work Profile: a. Planning, budgeting and procurement of fibrous raw material viz Wood, Bamboo, Veneer Chips, Bagasse and Wheat Straw. b. Planning. Budgeting, Organizing, monitoring and control of Fibre Resource Development Programme involving Clonal and seedling nursery development, plantation management etc. c. Tree Improvement programme of Eucalyptus involving plus tree selection, clonal propagation, CTA development, Provenance trials, Hedge garden development and mass propagation through mist chambers. d. Raw Material Yard Handling from storage to feeding to process e. Liaison with various agencies, like forest department, village panchayats, research institutions, NGO’s and other government agencies. f. Compliance of System certification ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 and core group member for ERP implementation g. MIS: Providing feedback to higher management through analysis, feasibility studies, presentations and Market intelligence.

MIS: Providing feedback to higher management through analysis. quality control. Formulation and implementation of 10 years Fiber resource development programme involving nursery raising. Nainital. accounts. Procurement of raw material viz Wood. d. Coordination with other departments of mills viz. Coordination with various APPM's Forest Divisions for procurement of raw material at depot and mills from open market suppliers. Main Raw Material is Hardwood and Bamboo.). Veneer Chips. ETP production.Previous Employment 1. Plus tree selection in Eucalyptus and Casuarina.. Raw Material Yard Handling.. plant distribution and plantation development. d. Implementation of Farm Forestry Programme involving development and distribution of 100 million seedlings and 5 million clones of Eucalyptus Casuarina and Subabul. Rajahmundry. Clonal Orchard management for seed production. Century Pulp & Paper (Prop: Century Textiles and Industries Ltd. e. The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd. Lalkuan. is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company of Bangur group with annual production capacity of 2. c. 14001 & OHSAS 18001 and core group member for ERP implementation. Bamboo. Tree Improvement Programme. Bagasse. Vendor evaluation and new area development. Cost analysis. f. . Ensuring FSC Certification compliance viz Controlled Wood (CW) & Chain of Custody certification(CoC) g. Procurement of raw material viz Wood.52 lacs MT of Pulp & Paper and annual turnover of 700 Crore. Agriculture Market Committees and Farmers along with raising and distribution of clones and seedlings. security etc for smooth running of operations. environmental cell. c. Compliance of System certification ISO 9001. feasibility studies. Bamboo and Wheat Straw b. Wheat Straw. e. b. Provenance Trial etc. Work Profile: a. Coordination with Raw Material Handling department (Yard) for smooth and continuous supply of daily raw material requirement. clonal propagation. 2. Andhra Pradesh: Worked as Senior Manager (Raw Material) from Oct 2008 to February 2011 Company Profile: The A P Paper Mills Ltd. presentations and Market intelligence. f. Government sources. Uttarakhand: Worked as Manager (Raw Material & Plantation) from January 2007 to October 2008 Work Profile: a.

Market survey for wood availability. Planning. Computer Skills Working in SAP based ERP environment. Monitoring and Control of Plantation work plan and revenue realization seedling nursery for Casuarina.70 lacs MT of Pulp & Paper and annual turnover of 250 Crore. Drafting of plantation work plans and its implementation for raising of Eucalyptus seedlings through Kisan Nursery Project & departmental demonstration nursery and Eucalyptus Clonal mist propagation. Star Paper Mills Ltd. Supervision & monitoring of wood lifting from UFDC depot. Uttar Pradesh: Worked as Officer from August 1995 to January 2005 Company Profile: Star Paper Mills Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 of Duncan Goenka group with annual production capacity of 0.40 lacs MT (1. rates etc. . Gujarat: Worked as Assistant Manager from January 2005 to January 2007 Company Profile: JK Paper Ltd. Fort Songadh. JK Paper Ltd. District Surat. Unit: Central Pulp Mills. ε . Work Profile: a. b. Unit Central Pulp Mills. New area development and MIS 4. Implementation. Email.15 lacs MT for CPM) of Pulp & Paper and annual turnover of 930 Crore. Power Point. Budgeting. Main Raw Material is Wood. Main Raw Material is Wood and Bamboo and Imported Pulp. δ . d. Proficient in MS Word. LAN working. Outlook Express. Work Profile: α. Implementation of Tripartite Farm Forestry Project with Eucalyptus clones involving Company. MS Outlook. γ . is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company of JK group with annual production capacity of 2. Saharanpur. Bamboo of 70 lacs and Clonal propagation for Eucalyptus of 25 lacs. Monitoring of wood procurement at depots. Supervision of road and railhead depot for wood purchase. Bamboo and Imported Pulp. χ . c. Eucalyptus. e. Cost analysis. Attending Auction/Tender of UPFC/UFDC. government officials and research personnel. Organizing farmers meet involving farmers. φ . Organizing. MS Excel. Photo Shop.3. Market survey for wood and chips availability β . Farmer and State Bank of India. Chips. Eucalyptus plus tree selection programme. Web Surfing etc.

Chemistry.8% 70. Sc. Pantnagar. Physics.01.3% 86. Hindi English. Mumbai GB Pant University of Agri.00 lacs.Educational Qualification Qualification EMBA B. Mathematics. besides company has provided free accommodation. Allahabad UP Board. English . 13. & Tech. electricity and water Personal Information Date of Birth: Languages Known: References: On request Date: 23rd May 2011 Lalkuan (Uttarakhand) (Shyam Sarkar Srivastava) 01. Science. Nainital (Uttaranchal) UP Board.5% Subjects Agriculture Management Specialization in Forest Management Botany.2% 63. Zoology.1974 Hindi. Present Emoluments / Perks / Facilities Annual Gross Salary of Rs. English Biology. Social Sc. Allahabad Year 2010 1995 1990 1988 Marks 70. Forestry Intermediate High School Board/University Indian School of Business and Management.