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Blackboard 9.

1 Tool Guide
Information Transfer Assess Learning Communication and Collaboration Bloom’s Revised

Blackboard tools
Is this a tool for Will this tool allow you Interaction Can course Taxonomy
Technology What you want to achieve?
disseminating to assess student Can this tool be used participants Remember
information to learning? for communication and collaborate and create Understand
students? interaction among content together? Apply
course participants? Analyze
Ease of use Create

Announcements Easy. Simply click Communication is
Yes. Include course No. This is a one Depends on how the
Use to send out Create No. Announcements one way – Instructor
updates, way communication tool is used. May be
information to all Announcement and are limited and only to student. Great for
encouragement, tool for instructors used to test
students enrolled in type in the instructors can post. keeping students
relevant links, etc. only. readiness for the
the course information. updated.
next class or module.

Yes. Instructors can

Item upload files (word, No.
Easy. Both text and None
Typical way to add ppt, etc) as well as An Item can only be
files can be added to No. No. This is not a learning
content to Bb provide students with added by an
an Item. activity.
instructions or instructor.

Easy. Files are

File No. A file can only be
attached similar to Yes. Provides
Used for adding added by an None
attaching files to an instructors with an
content to Bb No. instructor however, No. This is not a learning
email and uploaded easy way to create a
students can add activity.
from course or directory of files.
files in the text editor.

No. An image can

Image Easy. Images can be only be added by an RUAAEC
Yes. Only instructors
Used for adding added from course, instructor however, Depends on how
can upload an No. No.
visual interest or as computer, or from students can add images are used in
content the Flickr Mashup. images in the text assessment.
No. URLs can only Potentially. Link to
Yes. Great way to
URL Easy. Find the Web be added by the collaborative sites, RUAAEC
lead students to
Link to a web page address and copy instructor however, such as Google Depends on where
information by giving No.
and past it into the students can add Docs and students you link and the
them a quick access
URL field. links in the text can add URL’s from assessment design.
editor. Text Editor.

No. However, all No. However, all

Learning Module Yes. Offers
Fairly easy. With No. However, all communication and tools allowing
Used to organize instructors a way to None
planning the assessment types interactive student students to
content in a simple organize content in a This is not a learning
Learning Module can may be included in a tools may be collaborate, discuss
intuitive manner. logical sequential activity.
include all Bb tools. Learning Module. included in a and publish together
Learning Module. can be included.

No. However, all

Yes. Acts as a No. However,
Content Folder tools allowing
Easy. Simply add “container” for No. However, interactive and None
Typically used to students to
the tool and provide information. Clear assessments may be communication This is not a learning
organize course collaborate, discuss
a name. descriptions are placed inside. student tools may be activity.
content and publish may be
important. placed inside.
placed inside.

Blank Page Easy. Simply add Yes. Blank Pages Potentially. External
Can be created as the tool to either the are Content Areas links could lead to None
an item on Course Course Menu or in a that are limited to No. No. collaborative sites, This is not a learning
Menu or as a Content are and text, images, and such as Google activity.
Content Area provide a name. attached files. Docs or a blog.

Yes. Communication
Fairly easy. Add the Yes. Resources and
Home Page/Module tools designed to No. Only the
tool to the course tools such as Alerts, None
Can be customized to keep students up to instructor can add
menu, provide a Calendar Events, No. This is not a learning
include a variety of date on the course module to the course
name and select Announcements, etc. activity.
resources and tools can be added by the Module Page.
desired modules. can be added.

Potentially. Students
Mashup Fairly easy. Search Yes. Great way to Yes. You could use RUAAEC
could create
Users can search for for and add content easily link students content from the Instructors will need
content from from any Content to relevant content sites to generate No. to consider
and upload them to
YouTube, Flickr and Area or in the Text from these popular discussion and assessment design
the site - then link to
SlideShare Editor. sites. collaboration. to include all levels.
the course.

Test/Survey Tricky. Many Not really. Yes. This tool is RUAAEC

Can be used to question types and Depending on designed to assess Instructors will need
assess learning, several step process. questions Survey learning. There are No. No. to craft questions
formative or Go to Assessment tool may disseminate also self-assessment carefully to meet all
summative Tools workshop. information. options. levels.

Yes. Instructors can RUAAEC

Assignment Easy. Create in Not really. However, No. Only limited
set due dates, assign Yes. Instructor can When creating
Students may upload Content Area and a instructors can interaction between
points, collect set Group Assignments
individual or group link to Grade Center attach files to student and
assignments and Assignments. instructor will need to
Assignments is created. Assignments. instructor.
provide feedback. consider design.

Yes. Instructors can

SafeAssignment Fairly easy. Direct RUAAEC
Not really. However set due dates, assign No. Only limited
Students upload Submit or Create in When creating
instructors can points, collect interaction between
assignments which Content area and No. SafeAssignment
attach files to assignments, provide student and
are then checked for link to Grade Center instructors will need
SafeAssignments. feedback and instructor.
plagiarism is created. to consider design.
originality reports.

Pick the Right Blackboard Tool for the Job!

• Know what tool you want to use? Follow its row across to see it Can work with some Not the best tool for
legend Great Fit
learning design the job
strengths and weaknesses.
• Know what you want to achieve? Pick a column and follow it to
see what tool is best for the job.

T I L T Blackboard 9.1 Tool Guide

Blackboard 9.1 Tool Guide
Information Transfer Assess Learning Communication and Collaboration Bloom’s Revised

Blackboard tools
Pedagogy Is this a tool for Will this tool allow you Interaction Can course Taxonomy
What you want to achieve?
disseminating to assess student Can this tool be used participants Remember
information to learning? for communication and collaborate and create Understand
students? interaction among content together? Apply
course participants? Analyze
Ease of use Create

Yes. Great for Yes. Open to all

Discussion Board Easy. Forums have Yes. Students can
sharing information, course participants or RUAAEC
May be used for usable default collaborate, explore
resources, links or Yes. Forums have a groups. Discussions Depending on the
many types of settings. Students and discuss topics
files. Subscription setting for grading. take place in forums prompts, all levels
learning activities can add Forums in as well as write
feature sends and threads are the can be addressed..
Groups. together in Forums.
messages to email. conversations.

Easy. Add the Name Yes. Great for getting Yes. Use as an open
and Description and Yes. Great for students to be forum for students to RUAAEC
Can be individual or
select the settings. sharing information, Yes. Blogs have a creative. More open- write about course Depending on design
course wide and not
Can be accessed resources, links or setting for grading. ended and flexible topics. Course blog all levels can be
accessible outside
from Content Area or files. than Discussion allows all students to addressed.
Blog Tool. Board. contribute.

Tricky. Instructors Yes. Consider using Not suited for

create the wiki and as an informational discussion. Use for Yes. Students can RUAAEC
A place for students
generally the first site. You can also Yes. Wikis have a brainstorming, share resources, Depending on design
to collaboratively
page. Go to close the editing so setting for grading. planning, explore topics, and all levels can be
create online
Interactive Tools only instructors can collaborative writing, collaboratively write. addressed.
workshop. edit. etc.

Easy. Add the Name Yes. Journals have a Yes. Communication

Journal and Description & setting for grading. is private between
Depending on design
Designed to be a select the settings. Consider a formative instructor and
No. No. all levels can be
self-reflective tool for Can be accessed assessment with student. Entries may
students from Content or Tool student/teacher be viewed by other
Area. interaction. participants.

Easy. Simply add a RU

term and a Provides students
Instructors are able Yes. Only instructors
definitions. with a list of course
to create or upload a can add to the No. No. No.
Glossaries created in specific terms to help
course glossary Glossary.
Excel can be them remember and
uploaded. understand.

Groups Yes. Depending on Yes. Options for

Yes. Options for
Instructors can the tool, information communication in RUAAEC
Tricky. Go to the group work where
create groups of can be disseminated various forms Depending on design
Interactive Tools No. students can
students and provide through text, web however, does not all levels can be
Training. collaborate are
them with their own tours, Whiteboards allow for audio or addressed.
tools and more. video.

Yes. Depending on Yes. Options for

Collaboration – Chat, Yes. Options for
the tool, information communication in RUAAEC
Virtual Classroom, Tricky. Go to the group work where
can be disseminated various forms Depending on design
Synchronous Interactive Tools No. students can
through text, web however, does not all levels can be
communication tools Training. collaborate are
tours, Whiteboards allow for audio or addressed.
and more. video.

Yes. Depending on Yes. Instructors can

Elluminate the tool, information poll and quiz Yes. Students can Yes. Instructors can RUAAEC
Tricky. The program
Dynamic web- can be disseminated students. Quiz communicate in real- create Breakout Depending on design
is very robust. Go to
conferencing tool through audio, video, grades do not time through text, Rooms for all levels can be
Elluminate Training.
text, presentations automatically record audio and video. collaboration. addressed.
and more. in Grade Center.

Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis – What’s the Difference?

Journal Blog Discussion Board Wiki

Journals provide a place Blogs allow participants Discussion Boards allow Wikis are a collaborative
for students to write. to post a chronological users to post and reply space where all students
Journals can be kept series of entries on a to messages. Replies can view, contribute and
private between the particular topic, either that are associated with edit content. Wikis can
instructor and the individually or shared. the same post are be viewed, edited, and
student or shared with Newest entries come grouped together, commented upon by all
the class. Only the first in the list and users creating message users in the course.
instructor and author of can add comments to threads that can be Each wiki contains a
the journal can add blog entries. Blogs are expanded and History detailing all the
comments. Group less structured than the collapsed. Generally, the changes made to the
journals can be viewed Discussion Board. The course instructor pages.
and edited by all group format is more open and controls the topics.
members. conversational in style. Users can subscribe to Potential Uses: Grant
forums or threads and writing, creative writing,
Potential Uses: Reflect Potential Uses: “What receive email when group research projects,
on personal growth we did/will do in class” there is new activity. student created study
throughout the saves the instructor of Printing is managed with guides and course
semester,. record lab having to answer a single click and there glossaries.
results, document individual inquiries, are options for rating of
clinical experiences, online discussions about posts.
communicate “muddiest related topics, “muddiest
points” that are private. points” about what was Potential Uses: Popular
covered in class. tool for online
discussions. Consider
class debates, team
discussions, role plays, In 1956, Benjamin Bloom headed a group of educational psychologists who
developed a classification of levels of intellectual behavior important in
learning. The taxonomy was updated during the 1990's to reflect relevance
Note: Instructors can set options so that Groups have access to their own tools such as: Discussion Board, to 21st century work. The graphic is a representation of the new terms
Journals, Blogs, Wikis, Assignments, etc. associated with the long familiar Bloom's Taxonomy.

Need Blackboard 9.1 Help?

• Check out the User Guide in your Blackboard class legend Great Fit
Can work with some Not the best tool for
• Contact an Instructional Designer - 278-6892 learning design the job
• Come to training -
Modified from Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers (http://www.cats-

T I L T Blackboard 9.1 Tool Guide Joyce Seitzinger. May 2010