Shane Graduate!

Reading Room To Be Dedicated
By Martha Camp '*' Former; Mercyhurst College President Dr. Marion L. Shane will be honored in a ceremony dedicating the old Media Services area on the second floor *of the library as the Shane Graduate Reading Room.'* The private ceremony, to be held Wednesday, February 8, will be held following the Board of Trustees meeting in the new room, ***The reason we're calling it 'graduate' is because there will be appropriate materials in there for the graduate students (education and criminal justice)," College President, Dr. William P. Garvey explained.,In addition, he said, Dr. Shane was the one who started the graduate program. Shane, who passed away in February, 1981, was the first lay


f president of the college. He served from 1972-80. ^ £ "He was a man who loved books and a man who was quiet, so the library is perfect ... it fits 9« his spirit," Garvey said. The new room was redecorated with rugs, paintings, study tables, Wr reading chairs and lamps. "It will probably be the most comfortable room in the library," he said. > Although * the ceremony has t w? been called 'private,* Dr. Garvey I emphasized that any person who wishes to attend may do so. It will X x -~J take place at about 5 or 5:30 p.m., after the Board meeting, he said. The new room, which will be The Gong Show: Demonstrating their talents, Cheryl Thompson, Ellen Smith and Paula Suchacek performadorned with- a plaque honoring ed the "T-Birds" act. See page 4 t Gong Show Review. Dr. Shane, will be open to all students, both graduates and undergraduates.
<#>; & '<"


! '



fl »* ^ rw *•

Filing For Aid:
"We have every application they need in this office and they should come and pick them up," Cathy Crawford, director of Financial Aid recently said of all Mercyhurst students.^ These applications for aid for the 1984-85 school year include forms for Pennsylvania Higher Education'Association grants as well as federal institutional aid forms, which college students are required to file this year.

Intense Debate On MSG Constitution Proposals'
laws of /the Students Activities Committee.

The Time


Cathy Crawford Upperclassmen were previously not required to fill out these forms, but Crawford said that the new requirement will promote less confusion and less correspondence in the financial aid process, r "They should all be filed by May 1," Crawford emphasized. "There will be no late awards this year." i* 1 Howeverj she added, PELL has raised its maximum grant by Si (X), to $1,900. *

In a d d i t i o n , Crawford predicted a possible minor increase in work study awards and higher loan awards. Crawford also printed out that Mercyhurst students have no reason to file a Financial Aid Form (FAF) whether or not they are a resident of Pennsylvania because the state and federal aid forms provide all needed aid information. . "Everything will remain about status quo/' Crawford concluded. "I'm having more money added to the financial aid budget ... but I'm not sure what it will be used for yet*" Crawford explained that students who were recipients of outside scholarships should begin reapplying for them. * Students from out of state who intend to borrow under the state guaranteed loan program should request a renewal loan application. .The application should be obtained from the same bank from which they previously borrowed no later than April 1,1984. Pennsylvania student borrowers will receive renewal loan applications from PHEAA some time in May. The main point, Crawford said, is to file and, most important, to file on time. Students who want more information, or that have questions should contact Crawford in the Financial Aid Office.

I Last Sunday night's MSG meeting was the scene of intense debate to * decide on the proposals to revise the MSG constitution. Committee chairperson Michelle Hurlburt i along with members Pat Songer-and Ann Gilligan answered questions and proposed solutions to correct the problem of doubleand -triple- 'representation. Under the current constitution, students may have two or three votes depending on how many majors they they are commuter or a resident, and if they belong to a dub that has MSG support. One organization that is opposed to the proposal of eliminating all club voting power in MSG is the Association of Black Collegians. Songer suggested that ABC be recognized as another entity other than a chib, therefore enabling them to retain their voting representation in MSG. The Issue was tabled and will be voted on next week along with the current proposal of forming a dub council that will operate under the constitution of MSG and the by-

k Other committee updates include Pat Reed reviewing the activities of the Model United Nations held "in Cleveland last weekend. MSG deligation committee Dave .Robinson, Pat Reed, Dennis Dunn, and Judy Brown experienced what occurs in the United Nations on a dayto-day basis. The committee represented Guatemala except for Robinson who was asked at v > Finally, Robinson explained the last minute to speak on behalf of the United Kingdom. the polides that will govern the use of the new' Video Room in Robinson was presented with a spedal citation for his outstan- the basement of Zurn Hall. ding performance in represen- \ Time slots are available on Tuesting the United Kingdom day, Wednesday and Thursday without proper research evenings and on Saturday afternoons. Sign-ups and payment preceding the debate. This is the first year that the award has will be done in the MSG office during check cashing hours and been given. Robinson's efforts must' be done two days in adto accurately represent England vance. There will be a one dollar warranted recognition in the charge for the use of the room. form of the special citation. Co-chairperson, Kathy £$ The next MSG meeting will be hdd on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in O'Connor and Karen Gens announced that plans for the sixth J14 Zurn. Robinson encourages all students to attend. annual Activities weekend are

well underway. Gens said that Coca-Cola will be funding the tshirts for this year's event. All students with i ideas for the weekend are encouraged to attend meetings every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Video Room. In old business, Robinson announced that his nomination of Joe McGraw to the Judicial Board had been accepted. McGraw will act as an alternate on the Board for the remainder of the year.

The Merciad ings Art Gallery w. tion to the college. iirst community extend their recent minings. On.January 15, 1984, the Cumin

From the \ Editorfc Desk


"TU1N& HAS GC>NJE FA fc '£U\
1983 Review

[COME* specie is iM wEVETfc- WATCH TH B HO&T !

Mercyhurst Is The \ College Of distinction \


Just as the President of the United States delivers a State of the Union Address each January, so has the President of Mercyhurst College, in essence. In the 35th annual progress report and business review appearing in the Sunday Times News, Dr. William P. Garvey revealed 1983 as an outstanding year of "great strides" for Mercyhurst College. Several topics addressed in Dr. Garvey's report are worthy of mention. He cites that the most important development to benefit? Mercyhurst was the aquisition of St. Mark's Seminary to house the D'Angelof School of Music, Hotel-Restaurant Management program, and the ,new Mercyhurst Career Institute. The leasing arrangement with the center at the top of the hill has expanded the college, created a unique atmosphere to hold events, and provided the music and HRM departments with a building to allow for pratical experience to take place. In addition, the Career Institute's program for the unemployment has allowed Mercyhurst'to receive national recognition. More than 100 Erie adults have gone beyond the 'Hurst gates with training in computer and office technology, retail sales, security guards or as industrial technicians. It is also reassuring to learn that Mercyhurst is not part of rthe trend of decreasing private college enrollments. Dr. Garvey states that Mercyhurst has its highest enrollment ever which surpassed 1,700 students. Last year the college recorde d a high of 1,500 students. The present college enrollment marks a twelve percent increase over last* year. Mercyhurst can be extremely proud of this fact, especially considering this is a time when the national economy and survival of colleges and universities is extremely unstable and unpredictable. . Reaching the end of '83 the college decided to implement a Sports Medicine program for the 1984-85 academic year. This is a time when wellness and physical fitness are important to the body and mind. It is also the year of holistic health at the college as well. To support this fact, the Campus Center now houses nautilus equipment, crew tanks, and a training room for athletic injuries. Lastly, perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of 1984 is that the college is preparing for its first major fund raising campaign to enhance Mercyhurst all around. Looking back on 1983, the college on the hill has achieved many goals. Mercyhurst is truly the college of distinction, and will continue to be in the years to come.

Department Head Cites MSG President'siError
Dear Editor, I would ilike to correctb the following statement made by Dave Robinson in .last week's report on the Mercyhurst Student Government program: "With the Supreme Court decision to take things off the TV set we can take things from PBS and use them discreetly for classroom enhancement." The January 17 Supreme Court decision does not in any way apply to the use of off-air recorded TV • programs for classroom viewing; The ruling only allows an individual in the privacy of his-her home to record television programs off-air. Educators who wish to use programming in a classroom setting must follow guidelines established several years ago. They amay record a program i from any broadcast station, including the four networks, and keep it for 45 consecutive calendar days. The actual showing of the program in the classroom, however, must be done within ten consecutive school days following the date of the recording. The remaining days are to be used by the instructor for evaluation purposes to determine if the program would be a valuable addition to a course. At the end of the 45 day period, the

THE MERCIAD welcomes the expressions of its readers in "Your Opinion." All letters must be signed and should contain an address or telephone number to be used for verification purposes only. Contributions will be edited for grammatical or spelling errors. Letters most be submitted by noon on Tuesdays preceding publication*

prog rant must be erased unless it is properly licensed for continued use. Any <•. interested faculty member should contact Dick Ragan for further details about the educational guidelines. j Sincerely. Richard Ragan, « 'Director Communications

I Join the Merciad Staff.
Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. in Baldwin Hall Basement.


Dear Editor, After working on SAC since the beginning of the summer, I think it is time to evaluate things. It wasn't until*after last Friday's Gong Show that I realized the apathy of some students on Campus is at-an all time high. Although the turn-out for the show - was better than usual, the performance wasn't as good as it could have been. It must have been pretty disappointing to James Sherrod, after all his hard work, to find that only three acts were entered. I'm sorry, we (SAC) were so naive as to think we could pull off an activity on a night when most students were busy with other things, (partying). As I walked around -campus Friday morning, 1 asked people? what they were doing for die evening, I received answers like, "We're go-

What Happened To Our Social Life'

ing to Gannon;" 'I'm going M home," and ; I don't know." Yet, these are the same students who criticize the activities of SAC. Of course, they don't come to the SAC meetings to criticize, they criticize from their dorm room or from their apartment. jWhat^s'my evaluation of this year's activities? I think they're GREAT.,The few who make up the committee, and who successfully pull-off the activities, are not going to let the * people who don't, participate stop us from having fun. If certain people can't "Seize the Opportunity" to experience college life, and if certain people have to go to Gannon or home to do so, then that's not our problem in SAC to deal with. Patrick Callahan, SAC Secretary


'Become Active In The Political Process
•By Gary Keen an

With the announcement by President Reagan last Sunday night that he will indeed seek a second term as President of the United States, the election year begins in earnest. The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, the initial rounds of the battle which will end with election in November, are only a few weeks away, fe There are currently- eight

Gary Keen an democratic candidates seeking the opportunity to face President Reagan in November. The eight were featured in a debate a couple of weeks ago moderated by Ted Kopel and Phil Donahue. The clear leader among Democratic challengers is former Vice-President*Walter Mondale, who has received endorsements from the AFL-CIO, the N.E.A. and numerous other special interest groups and unions. This has led to the major criticism of the current runner-up Senator John Glenn that Mondale has made too many promises to too many special interest groups to be an effective President. However, Senator Glenn has had trouble in his campaign staff and has been unable to close the wide gap between Mondale and himself.

The other candidates include the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Senator Gary Hart, Senator Alan Cranston, former Senator George McGovern, Senator Fritz Hollings, and former Florida governor Ruben Askew. Reverend Jackson has hailed himself as the leader of the m i n o r i t y groups of the Democratic party who he feels are too large a voice to be ignored. . Senator Hart has attempted to portray himself as the candidate for the younger generation with new and fresh ideas. 'Senator Cranston has made the Nuclear Freeze movement the cornerstone of his campaign. Former Senator McGovern was the party's standard-bearer in 1972 when he lost to Richard Nixon. McGovern has called for party unity to unseat Reagan and has promised to take greater care in choosing a Vice-Presidential running-mate than he did in 1972. Several more debates are scheduled among the eight candidates and can be seen on PBS. These debates will give voters an opportunity to see where the candidates stand on various key issues. * As | college students we are members of one * of the worst voting groups in America. With such crucial issues as student aid, unemployment, Nuclear Arms race, the draft and the peace and security of the world evident in this election, students should take greater interest in the selection of this nation's President. No matter which candidate you favor you should become active in the political process. At the very least you should register to vote and cast your ballot in November. Gary Keenan is a senior Political Science at the college.

Year Of Great Strides At Mercyhurst College
By Dr. William P. G a m y Editor's Note: The following column by D r . William P.

Garvey, president of the college has been reprinted from the Sunday, January, 29 issue of the Erie Times-News 35th annual progress report and business review. Throughout 1983 Mercyhurst College took a number of critical strides by expanding its academic, physical facilities, and enrollment, while also' extending the college's commitment to the creative and fine arts in Erie. The most important development taking the college to the top of the hi])-was a leasing arrangement with the Diocese 4 of Erie which provided Mercyhurst with 70,000 sq. ft. of St. Mark's Seminary to house the D*Angelo School of Music, the hotelrestaurant management program, and the new Mercyhurst '{Career Institute. Focusing on the unemployed in 1983, 'the Career Institute's program offered one year free tuition to more than 100 qualified Erie adults, training them for new careers in computer and office technology, retail sales, security g u a r d s , and I n d u s t r i a l technicians. Mercyhurst opened the 1983 school year with a record enrollment which passed the 1700 mark including 350 freshmen and 60

off-campus students in Corry. Equally gratifying was the third straight ; increase in the College Board scores of the entering freshman class raising the college gain in this area 90 points over 1980. f «r .>

Dr. Garvey
At the same time, Mercyhurst welcomed its first Fullbright scholar, Erilr Borgman, from Holland's University, of Nijemegan, who taught in the Religious education and lay ministry program during the fall term. This program, developed in cooperation with the Diocese of Erie, is the first religious education certificate (program for undergraduates in the Erie area.^ Also over the past year Mercyhurst wrote another glowing

chapter in its town-gown story with the celebration of the arts and 'summer on the hill' series which resulted in more than 50 public events in: poetry, drama, music and films. -; .j Also at the endJof the 1983 came the addition of a Sports Medicine program to our growing number of career majors. The Sports Medicine Program which will be instituted during the 1984-85 school year, is designed to meet the increasing demand for people educated I and trained as athletic fitness personnel and instructors of the principles of holistic health. -The physical; fitness program for the entire college was also greatly aided in 1983 by the addition to the campus physical fitness center of nautilus equipment, crew tanks and a training room for athletic injuries and expanded locker rooms. **s i As 1984 dawns, the college is preparing for its first major capital campaign to enhance student aid, endowment, and academic resources so as to subdue the Darwinian challenges of the 'brave new world' emerging in the decade ahead.
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By Debbie Hison yellow horns. The .head dress Some Mercyhurst students and came about when Dave and a few local residents might be in for a of his friends spotted the "kooky surprise when they come to the spooks" another name for the Campus Center to view a Mer- pumpkin at a Halloween Party. A cyhurst College Laker basketball manager of a local store donated game. ten of the kooky spooks to be usThe surprise is none other than ed for their annual Christmas parDave Armstrong otherwise known ty for disabled children. Although they used them mostly for the as "Crazy Dave.** basketball games, Dave and his One might wonder how JDave friends did see limited action at got his start in the entertainment the Christmas party. The world. "It began at Chanel High emergence of Crazy Dave began. School, in> Bedford Ohio, a ?The rebirth of Crazy Dave at suburb of Cleveland. As an all Mercyhurst came about? through boys school we prided ourselves in the idea of Spirit week by Phyllis our sports," said Armstrong. In Aiello, director of .Housing and his senior year Dave carried on the Safety. "When I found out about tradition of spelling out Chanel the Spirit contest, that's all I was on the court with his body. Much waiting for because I wasn't sure to the excitement of the crowd, how people would react to this Dave, along with twenty of other and that really didn't bother me. I guys, decided r to dress up and didn't know if I wanted to be that's how the Crazy Dave outfit myself here or be a normal college came about • kid .or bring out "Crazy Dave" The main feature of the outfit is Armstrong said.. This sparked up obviously the head dress called a the residents of third floor Wompkin Pumpkin. It consists of McAuley Hall, and they decided a green round balloon with a to do whatever they could to win flourescent orange nose and the contest. This included dressing

Crazy This Weekend With Dave Armstrong
up in bath wear 5 at tire, Hawaiian night, and suit and tie night. Eventually this all paid off*and the boys from McAuley coasted to victory over their closest competition second floor Baldwin. This year Dave, along with Townhouse one, recently negotiated with third floor McAuley a gain to join them in the quest for their second Spirit titled S" i S ^Judging the spirited entrants will be the facuity who have been more than supportive of Dave. "The faculty loves it, enjoys it, and would like to see more of it," Armstrong commented. As for head coach 4Bill ^Kalbaugh, he hasn't said much but he seems to have given his approval according to Dave. "He hasn't told me to stop, I would if he did." One of the reasons for this genuine respect for the Mercyhurst mentor is because he reminds Dave of his high school coach and both their drives to win, "I enjoy doing it for him.'* Another group that enjoys the rowdy mascot is the cheerleaders . This weekend they have a few ideas planned with Crazy Dave. Although Dave likes to see an excited crowd, he enjoys involving the crowd in his actions that make the game worthwhile. "This is my

Review * t

Super Talent On Gong Missing At Show?
, By Laura Ruby * Friday, January 27, the Mercyhurst Student Activities Committee SAC sponsored the 1984 second annual Gong Show, i Three acts were submitted in the event, and I'm pleased to say, none of these three were gonged. I don't know if this was due to superior talent or the fact that the gong was missing, First place went to Lee Barney with a perfect score J of 40. ^Lee performed a "steppin" initiation dance as he "got down" for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, It was apparent the audience loved him as they chanted his name for an encore, The other two acts both received 33 points and a tie breaker was needed to determine second and third place. The audience, with their intense applause awarded second place lo Tom Buckley, a music student at Mercyhurst College. Tom performed a beautiful song on the acoustic guitar. He even composed the song. Third place went to a group called the "T-Birds." This was the "T-Birds" second appearance at the Mercyhurst Gong Show. The T-Birds include: Paula Suchacek, Ellen Smith, and Cheryl Thompson. Dancing to the tune of GREASE LIGHTNING, the T-Birds showed the audience their version of John Travolta. After proudly receiving third place, they went off the stage yell-1 ing, "wait'U next year." | After the guest appearance by Chuck Barris fell through, James Sherrod volunteered to play M.C. Nice Job James! The judges for the "Gongless-Show" were Gina Dilluvio, Terri Warfield, Maria Santangelo and Joe Filonowicz. Carefully giving thought to each act', they scored each group on a scale from one to ten. The points were totalled, and the winners selected. \. We all know that the Gong Show just wouldn't be the same without, JEAN-JEAN The Dancing Machine. And nobody does it 6 better than Jean Moneski. I'm wondering however, who JeanJean has been hanging out with. Yes, blue*hair and all, The Dancing Machine has gone PUNK! A special thanks should go out to these people who entered the Gong Show. Not only did they have talent, but also the "Mercyhurst Spirit.'' And it should be said that although the audience was kept entertained with'just these three acts, more entries would have made the Gong Show a bigger success. So, the next time an event like this one is held, pull •some of your friends together and participate, or are you afraid of being gonged?

Crazy Dave dares Gannon to dunk him. greatest thrill when someone tens game which was definitely a highme that I was the sixth man on the fantastic." team. Maybe one basket was difThe rebirth of Crazy Dave came ferent because - the crowd was this season at the Edinboro game cheering and the team got when Dave was escorted in by his excited.". Townhouse one friends* on a Unfortunately, Crazy Dave covered stretcher and started his does not appear at every Laker second year at the 'Hurst. | K; game because "if he did* people But the question still remains: would start to get bored with him." Some of the "important Why does he do it? To get the games" such as Edinboro, students of Mercyhurst College Cheyney State ,and Gannon-: he more involved with their sporting likes to come out in full force. events and making them a winner. "Edinboro was ^important for us Dave tends to think he's making a football players and the school contribution to the 'Hurst and the along with the Cheyney State students agree with him too.

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Foreign Students

& By Karen Merkle • Editor's Note: The following story is the second part off a two part series about foreign students at Mercyhurst College. As with many other organizations both on and off campus, the meeting primarily consisted of the presentation of the new constitution and the election of new officers. But when the conversation shifted to talk of the new customsimmigration laws and of, the volumes of identification forms that must be filed, it became apparent 'that these}students have taken their . education a step beyond the 'usual college experience. ^ The year's first meeting of the International Students Club £ on January 27 resulted in the discussion of some important organizational business; but to an outsider sitting in, the, real story is the camraderie that has seemed jj to develop between these students from 12 nations, what has brought them* to Mercyhurst, and the thoughts they have about being in the United States. „While many of the foreign students were ^ brought to Mercyhurst through the tennis team, others have different connections to the school and the area. Senior Greg Hernandez, from Caracas, Venezuela, first" became acquainted with Mercyhurst because

We're Not All That Different


his mother is from Erie. " I wanted to see her hometown, learn a new language and culture," Hernandez said. He came to Erie in 1979 when he attended Gannon University, and then transferred to Mercyhurst in the winter of 1982. * It's an even more unusual situation for sisters Jacqueline and Thelma Perez from ''Panama. While attending a Catholic high school on an American military base in Panama, Thelma first read about Mercyhurst, in the college's brochure. After graduating from high school, both sisters attended an English language institute in Indiana. There, with women from all over the world, they spent six months studying English. 44 In Latin countries - all over the world really - you need to know English," Jacqueline said. So to further her American education, she spent her freshman year in a Florida college. This is the sisters' first year at Mercyhurst, where they came because of specific majors not offered anywhere in their own country; Jacqueline is a sophomore fashion merchandising major, and Thelma is a freshman majoring in Hotel Restaurant Management. But once the (international students get to Mercyhurst, what

Three Graduates Find Jobs Finding Jobs For Unemployed
i . By Fran Moavero Three graduates of Mercyhurst have become employees of the Mercyhurst Career Institute (MCI). Donna Peterson, Brian Dougherty, and Paul Urbanowicz have been hired by the college to help meet the needs of the unemployed. *" \ ~ Peterson, who graduated in 1983, has been working as a program specialist for MCI since last June. Her colleagues, Dougherty and Urbanowicz, were hired in January of 1984 to assist with the development of the program. Urbanowicz, like Peterson, is a program specialist, while Dougherty is a placement specialist. Peterson is a full-time employee. "The other two Mercyhurst graduates are employed on a part-time basis. ; Within the last year, the Career Institute has grown by leaps and bounds. As a result, the college received federal grant to fund the additional positions. John Nesbit, Director of the Institute refers to the federal funds as a contract rather than a grant because Urbanowicz and Dougherty have certain obligations to fulfill and a job to do. Nesbit did*say the* positions may be reinstated Jor another six

The 1984 International Students Club then? jAs virtual strangers in a school education is spent on the foreign land, is it difficult to ad- study of American, history and just to the language differences, 4geography. This gives them a clear the culture, the weather, and even understanding of the United the food? f^ States, and of America's relation14 It's a very inside look £at ships with each of their individual another culture," Hernandez countries. said. "It's very different - it Unfortunately, that doesn't opens up your eyes." always work the other way "It's not really a big problem," '}.around. ; % '••• ^ Jacqueline Perez said, adding that "We know more .about the "it just takes a little bit of time." United States "than the U.S.A. "We know how it is before we knows about other countries," come here," Thelma continued, Hernandez observed. "It's not difficult to get used to But the international students this because:, we see-a lot of the often aren't bothered by that fact American culture on television." as Thelma Perez explained. This is only one advantage the "You have to start by learning foreign students may have over ?about home," she said, citing that the Americans. Because, although ithe United States' size in comthe international students are stu- parison to most other countries in dying away from their homes in the world is somewhat a detriment an often strange culture and often in this area. i n j their second language, they a-. "There is too much to know have a unique - and objective about America," she continued. perspective on the;United States "You don't have time to learn of and its people, $ \ other countries." Often, besides getting? a firm Culture shock was one problem grasp i of the English language, not facing the Canadian students; much of a foreign student's high similarities in*- language and customs have provided Americans and Canadians with a common ground on which to build a 5 friendship. Sophomore Phil Nykyforuk


came tofMercyhurst as a recruit for the tennis team. Although he didn't have cultural trouble with the- same* things most students usually do, he was faced with being over 2,000 miles away from his Saskatchewan home. «t But I've gotten to see a lot of places I otherwise wouldn't have," he said, "andjl've met-a lot of people." g Thoughj^Nykyforuk said Americans seem to be more open and friendlier than Canadians, and Hernandez said the South Americans are more "on the go" and less punctual than North Americans, Thelma Perez observes that "we're not all that different." *rf^ This is why the International Students Club hopes to become more involved in the Mercyhurst community by holding activities, get-togethers i'for foreign and American student interaction,* and fund raisers to generate a pool of money that will be available to help international students. "We ftiope other s people will cooperate with the club," Thelma Perez said, "We're all students and we're all in the same place, so we have to help each other."

months or may become two permanent full-time jobs. * At the present time, Urbanowicz is working in conjunction with Jetstream International Airlines, which has relocated in Erie to expand its travel services because the main operation in Latrobe, Pennsylvania is expected to shut down in February. f The expansion of the airline system will provide jobs for the unemployed in Erie, therefore Urbanowicz is in the process of developing a curriculm which will train MCI students' to acquire skills for more than one position within the airline industry. Jetstream is one of4 1 commuter airlines. Although this specific program of MCI is still in the developing stages, Urbanowicz said students will be able to enroll in the ninemonth course soon. While Urbanowicz is developing a new training [program, Dougherty is developing contacts with Personnel directors. The 1983 graduate, also a member of the Erie School Board, seeks permanent placement for the students of MCI. Dougherty makes! new -contacts with businesses and consults the personnel directors he has contacted

previously to keep abreast of the new job openings in each company. L*'Brian acts as a report system," Nesbit said. "Through Brian's efforts, we have a better chance of knowing what businesses ] are looking ' for. i We can then customize out people to meet their needs." Dougherty isjjvery mobile. Nesbit said, "Brian is my placement representative. He is out in the community, keeping placement contacts open." Peterson's job is somewhat similar to Dougherty's. She finds MCI students internships within their field of study to gain career experience. Nesbit said about 40 percent of the internships become full-time positions. Peterson also screens the applicants who are interested in the MCI program. This process involves reviewing each individual application and deciding if the applicant fits curriculum. Peterson conveys a positive attitude about her co-workers and her own job. "We all work well together at St. Mark's," Peterson commented. "I want to continue contributing to the development of the Career Institute," she added. * J **

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Student Government President ram Assesses 1983-84 MSG
By Martha Camp Editor's Note: The following b part two of a two part series based OB a tape recorded interview on the assessments and views of the 1983-84 Mercy hurst Student Government as seen by MSG President Dave Robinson. Q. If yon had to name the most controversial Issue during ^this year what would it he? So far this year, the tennis court issue caused a lot of problems for some people. But, I think that got a lot of misunderstood publicity. .When the tennis courts were changed into a parking lot over the summer, it was done, one, because it?was the only feasible thing to do at the time and two, because we had a guarantee from St. Mark's that when we leased St. Mark's, we would be able to use the tennis courts up there for the tennis team and for personal use. Well, little things caused the tennis courts at St. Mark's to be locked for the beginning part of the year. Now, they were not being able to be» used, it was just that people didn't realize that if you had gone and gotten the key, then you could have usedjthe courts. But, nobody knew to get the key. So, when people got,back and they wanted to play tennis in the early fall when it was nice out, they went over to our courts and saw cars parked all over. g The thing was, because of our basketball games, we had problems with parking. There was no parking on that end of the campus. So, we either had to buy land and build a parking lot behind the Campus Center or we had to use what we had available. Now, those tennis courts were slated to be ripped up and re-done and the cost between ripping them up and putting in a new tennis court and building a parking lot as opposed to just turning those things into a parking lot and using the newlyacquired tennis courts up at St. Mark's was the obvious .way to go. . 'x Mercy hurst is a college that's run, pretty much, on tuition. So everybody that comes to Mercy hurst pays the costs of running this place. So, anything new you want to do or anything you want to add to, the only way to do it is to pay more money. Nobody wants to pay more money, things tees, Brian Doherty said he didn't want to do the Book Lend Committee any more. He had good reasons, he wasn't getting enough support. •• " ;At the beginning, I thought we would be able to get that entire area down where the Video Room is to build a small room over there to build our Book Store. But, it didn't work out because they had to put the lockers there. '* Well, what we decided was, rather than setting up one committee and having one person with a*few people helping him run it, we decided to make the government itself a committee of the whole. At the end of the year, we'll have a Book Fair. We'll, collect Dave Robinson the books then and when school are hard enough as it is. starts next year, we'll have a stock Q. What has happened to the of books. ••; Book Lend Proposal that was It's hard from term to term to brought before government last do this because things happen so year? fast. But, at the end of the year, .., At the first or second meeting we can set up this spot where you when we were assigning commit- can come and put your

You'll say how much you want for your book and we'll get your permanent address. The following September, we can run the Book Fair and we can have all the books there. Then people can come in and see what they want and take the one t h a t ' s priced competitively. Q. What goals do you have for the remainder of the year? There's a committee formed to look into the Academic Honesty issue. That was somehting that was started last year. All we did was point out that,they had two different policies printed - one in the Code of Rights and Responsibilities and one in the Student Catalog. -/-, What we'd like to do is see one thing presented to us. Hopefully, that will get resolved. .. ;Td also like to see, if at all feasible, another special project for the spring. We have to look into that yet - to see what's available to us, how our money situation is and what people want.

1984 Summer Session Being Prospective Freshmen Reviewed By Adult College To Visit Mercyhurst
By Barb Gaydos Approximately 180 high school seniors will soon be on campus for the two sleeping bag "weekends coming up on. February 9,10,11 and February 23,24,25. The prospective freshman will arrive on Thursday around 6:00 and leave on Saturday at noon for both weekends. These high school seniors will get a chance to sit in on classes, meet professors as well as students, and be involved in college activitiest such* as "the basketball games or a play. The first weekend's participants will consist ]of students mainly from Erie, Buffalo and Cleveland; the second weekend will consist of students from other recruiting areas; Women attending the event will stay in Baldwin and Egan and the men will stay in McAuley lobbies. It is usually at this time that the women decide where they would like to live should they come to the 'Hurst. Jk Lists of the seniors attending the weekends will be posted in the dorms so that Mercyhurst students can become familiar with the names of any prospective students from their area. * According to Mary Collins, admissions counselor, "The sleeping bag Weekends are good for The Adult i College is polling over 800 adult students regarding everyone all around. They're their curricular needs for the 1984 good for the prospective student, Summer Session. the admissions office and for the Students attending summer whole college community." school at Mercyhurst have three options—Summer Session I and-or During the weekend, the admis- Summer Session II, both, five sions office can show a large week terms, or Weekend College, group of people the college in a a ten week term meeting Saturday short time and tho prospective stu- mornings or Sunday evenings. dent can see the college more than Thomas Billingsley, Merhe—she would in a regular three cy hurst's new Director of Adhour daytime visit. "Once they've ministration is working toward seen the campus, they're more strengthening the summer prolikely to come here as a student," gram for all undergraduates and Collins concluded. Lillian Cohen, Coordinator of the

Adult College is hoping to refine a summer program to meet the academic needs of those students who enroll through the Adult College Office. • i The poll conducted this week asked such questions as: "Are you planning, to attend Summer school? What classes would you like to see scheduled? What time frame is best for you?" Students will also be asked to respond to a

suggested weekend schedule. Traditionally, such* polls usually bring a 20 percent response. But, Cohen is hoping for a higher return, "because these students are aware we are trying to design a program to serve their needs." The administrators hope to submit a suggested program by midFebruary, aiming for a final summer schedule to be issued in midMarch. ***?

Genuine Pizza and \ Delicatessen
{ 3018 State Street 455-6119 \



1. The mil DISNEY WORLD* Vacation Kingdom, near Orlando, z Florida, is seeking professional Singers, Dancers arid Musical Theatre Actors/Actresses. Most positions are tor full one-year contracts with some summer seasonal employment also available. Sony, no professional instrumentalist auditions. Z The MALT DISNEY WORLD vacation Kingdom and j DISNEYLAND* (located in Anaheim, California) are forming a 22member All American College Marching, Band tor each Park, plus, a 40-member All American College Symphony Orchestra to perform at EPC0T Center. These positions are br summer- long ernptoyment, beginning June 4 and concluding on August 18.* i AUDITION REQUIREMENTS ALL AU0ITI0NEES: • Must be 18 years of age by June 1,1984 s • Must bring a current resume and photograph • Must ihow movement ability ' ** AUDITION SITE « PITTSBURGH. PENNSYLVANIA February 14,1984 Heinz Hall Rehearsal Rooms * 600 Perm Avenue TALENT AUDITION; $ COLLEGE MUSICIANS:.' Audition call: Females - 1 0 a m Mates - 2 p.rrtl Audition call: 10 a m - 5 p.m
Join the "World" leaden m tafflly entertainment! For additional audition requirements or il yob need futher irrtormation P<ease call or write "Disney Audition Tour "84." Entertainment Division, P 0 Box 40. Lake Buena Vista FL 32830. (305) 824-5478. (Monday-Friday only. 9:00 a m to4:00 p.m. EST). I
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February 8

An equal opportunity employer

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February 3,1984

Paula: Pooh needs to sec you tonight! *
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Pojo: Things will get better! Gar Hey Wen: The last year has been great. I want lots, lots more. Much Love, Doug

HOOVER - Any vacuum cleaner III 4111 II repairmen visit lately? We certain- S tt • f \flbpBB ly hope the "Big" doesn't hear ^ . j | 11 f y you've taken up vacuuming 101A ^ ^^^^ in the night class session.

WANTED - Turtle neck dona- TI««I»» ^ •# - .. - * u tions needed at Sesler 224. Ask for I T ? ™ ^ ^ ^ u n t r 1 skis y t0 Laurie Hoover. L m ^ I f l ^Lu^? members of the Mercyhurst com1 Studley, Van Halen's got the We'iden'd'"•" u ^ i e " u" offering S S L f e J ? ^ , ^j*. '* u looks that kill! vacuuming lessons in exchange ^SJE^J^ "2^ .¥ f r th e for lessons in "How to Unstick L ^ ^ T o ^ ^ V - ' * f . Tess - Two Inches! That's L why Your Head from the Couch S f ^ l f f t t l T ? 6 a t "*• w you've been so hungry - Eat more ^ _ it 223 for more information. maybe another two (at least one) Congratulations! Lisa Harold - how's that superhuman _ Marianne & Jim -How many coats are there in the TH6 closet?

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Rental Skis Available

Aerobics Classes
The . Mercyhurst Wellness Program is sponsoring aerobics for the Mercyhurst community. The cost is $5 per term. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon to 1 p.m. in the Campus Center and on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8 to 9 p.m. in the Blue Room. For information, or to join contact Janet Price at ext 225.

Track Program
A Track Program may be initiated at Mercyhurst on an Intercollegiate level. Anyone interested should contact Coach Speros at 825-0528. 7*



Garrelts to Speak

Hi Mary Annski, Frankie, & Jenny! Thanks for coming up for the weekend! I cant wait to come home and eat some real food! Happy | Birthday Jenny! Love Always, Cindy Martha - The Merciad wiii proS k i i n g Instruction vide hidden recording devices to T h e Physical Education DepartAssistant Editor: You did a great editors only, excluding Fran ... m c n t is o f f e r i n ^ b a s k i n s t r u c t i o n job this week! Thanks for all your you never know what she'll use i n cross-country skiing for help. Love ya, Editor. them for! members of the Mercyhurst community. Classes will meet on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in the Campus Center. For more information contact Janet Price at ext. 225.

Df. George Garrelts will speak on Mike - we'll tuck you in this ncW o n at an Apres-Dinner to be Utopia weekend - your roommates Tuesday, February 7 at 5:15 p.m. in the faculty dining o r Joe - What comes after the <>om. The discussion is free of Ground Round? charge and open to everyone.

Inquire in Campus Ministry if interested in visiting local convalescent homes during the Winter Term. Transportation for visits is provided.

Convalescent Home t Visiting '

Attention Education Majors: On Sunday, February 5 at 7 p.m., there will be a presentation in the projection room in the basement of Baldwin Hall. Dr. #Bukowski, assistant superintendent at Millcreek School District will present a video and discuss Today's Education.

Attention Education Majors

Activities Weekend
Activities weekend will be May 4, 5, and 6. Committee meetings for the event are held each Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Video Room. tj

Library Workshop
Mercyhurst College Library is offering a workshop on Selecting Better Sources, which will cover methods of selecting key sources. Workshops will be held: Tuesday, February J, 7-8 p.m. \ Wednesday, February 8, 3-4 p.m. Thursday, February 9. 10-11 a.m. All sessions will be held in the Staff iLounge, main level! of the Library. J

Last Chance
Put a classified in I for your Valentine!

Only 50 ! Ada are due by noon on Wednesday in The Merciad office in Baldwin Basement.






% off all Dairy Queen and! i Products
1 Coupon Per Visit Excluding Sales Items
STORE HOURS: Monday • Thursday: 11 a.m. -10:30 p.m Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m. • 11 p.m. Sunday: 11 a.m. -10:30 p.m.

The Mercyhurst College Chapter Council for Exceptional Children will f be sponsoring an All Your Can Eat Pancake Breakfast, on jArt Exhibition February 26 from 8 a.m. to noon Selected works by Senior Art Ma- at St. Mark's Center. Tickets are jors will be on display beginning $3, and can be purchased at the Sunday, February 12 through the door or by calling Geoffrey Alcohol on Campus 23. An opening reception will be Domawicz at 866-0650. All proWMCY reporter Greg Hernandez held on February 12 from 3 to' 5 ceeds benefit the handicapped. will examine alcohol on campus in p.m. to mark the opening of the a four part series. This documenshow. \ Father-Daughter tary will be aired during WMCY news break, Monday through Weekend Discussion Group This year's Father-Daughter Thursday, February 6-10, at 3 Weekend will be held April 7 and p.m. and 9 p.m. Listen to WMCY An informal discussion group is 8. If anyone is interested in help- every day for both campus and being formed to pursue the quesing plan activities for this national news. tion: "What is Time?" There's no weekend, please contact Gretchen charge, and all are invited to participate. Contact 'Bud Brown in at 825-6773 or Betsy at 825-2244. If your club, organization or 2 2 3 ~ P r e s t o n for. more department would like to have Musical information. . " an announcement printed in The Green Rumors of Mercyhurst "Bulletin Board", please conPrep will be presenting the hit Bike Raffle tact Fran* Moavero, Human musical GODSPELL at the Little Resources Director at 132 A $200 Schwinn World Tourist Theater, Mercyhurst College. Ten Speed is being raffled off to Showtimes and dates are March Founders. Announcements benefit Sister Eymard's Cancer 15-17 at 8 p.m. and March 18 at are due by Wednesday. No *^ * Research. Tickets are 50 cents 2:30 p.m. Ticket prices! $3.50 for fee is charged. each, or three for $1. Stop by 211 adults and $2.50 students. For 1 Main to purchase tickets. A *? more information call 825-0210. O

Pancake Breakfast




Basketball Game [




Friday, February 3
Men's home basketball game in Campus Center opponent - Gannon Knights I ABC dance to follow game Back Porch Cafe, 10:30 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Saturday, February 4:
Shuttle to mall, check Student Union bulletin board for details.

Monday, February 6
Tentative shuttle to Edinboro basketball game, Check Student Union bulletin board for more M - information. THE MERCIAD

Just a reminder that the Laker Men's basketball team will have a^j game at Edinboro University at 8 p.m. on Monday. The game will be on WMCY live for those who can't attend the game.

I Yoke's Oyer I

are playing are out of our league By Stephanie Hultberg The Lady Lakers turned over a with type of personnel we're playBy Greg Y o k o * * pair to the this week to the ing with." This is it! The game we've all High scorer for the 'Hurst was Canisius Lady Golden Griffens in been waiting for - Mercyhurst vs. Buffalo and to the Clarion State Jeana White with 10, followed by Gannon. *• • club at the Mercyhurst Campus Putnam and Sandy Tate with 8 a Tomorrow night the Campus piece. The difference was in the Center. Center will be full of people and Travelling to the New York shooting.* The ladies shot 45.5 excitement as these two rivals State school on Saturday, January from the line to the Lady Grifclash, | 28, the Blue and Green came up fens' 87.5 and 35.4 from the floor Mercyhurst enters the game just j against the tough offense of to Canisius' 42.4. one-game off the 500 mark, while Tuesday night at the Campus Canisius College who went the Gannon enters with an impressive distance to the NCAA quarter Center found the-('Hurst on the 11-4 slate. finals in Nashville last year. The wrong side of the scoreboard The Lakers are in the midst of a 'Hurst came up short in the end, against Clarion State University in turnaround. They have lost a few however, with the final score, a 79-55 let down. tough road contests and return High scorers for Mercyhurst 90-51. * ? home a hungry and determined According to assistant coach were Meme Tyler and Bea Tomcballclub. * . Excitement runs rampant at Mercyhurst - Gannon game last year. Assistant Laker boss Bob Here, Crazy Dave incites the Laker contingent, while police calm an Trisha Mahoney, "We worked zak at 16 points each. The defense J very well together as a team, but of the Lady * Lakers was at it's MacKinnon says the Gannon overzealous Knight fan for throwing objects on the court, f we were just outclassed . . .they peak of. the season with 61 team game "Could really allow us to go (Canisius) put a lot of money into defensive rebounds. Putnam on a roll," " * their iwomen's (basketball) pro- stood tallest under uhe boards "We're starting to turn things gram." Junior forward, Sherry pulling down 20. However, the around,"MacKinnon continued, 1 Put man added, "We were good shooting percentage of the women "the tide is turning. ' on defense for our height—we are reflected the; final score'with 29 The Golden Knights feature a a short team. We are lacking in percent from the freethrow line controlled offense that showcases offense . . .the types of teams we and 39 percent off the floor. H Butch Warner, Craig Dixon, and Dave Razzano, (Warner is the Men's Hoops current candidate for the Big Five celjent," Kalbaugh continued. ec Player of the Year). • We outrebounded them (CopTeam Falls To f f pin)*and also outscored them in "They are a veteran team that can adjust to any tempo of play," Coppin; Scots Monday the second half." 1 MacKinnon says."Defensively, The Lakers did connect for 41 By Greg Yoko they'll probably play us in a The Mercyhurst^ Basketball markers in the second session as zone." team continued their losing ways compared to the host's 39, but it Mercyhurst, in MacKinnon's on the road, this time the recipient simply wasn't enough. words, will go out and play hard was Coppin State. The Lakers As usual, a big factor,in the and hopefully play intelligently. 93-79 loss evened their record at Lakers loss was their poor foul We'll see, tip-off is set for 8:00. shooting. The Blue and Green 8-8. * i i# i j I Mercy hurst's own Sherry Putnam shoots r for two over defending "A 30-second span again hurt connected on only half of their 22 Clarion. us," commented s Mercyhurst attempts from the charity stripe. | Supporting " the 'Hurst along Head Coach Bill Kalbaugh. "We In<a press conference at Gan- the Gannon faithful." were down 26-23 when we had our with Green's 27 tallies were Todd non this past -Monday, Fox exI Fox went on to explain how he bad spell. In about 30 seconds we Lee, Jon Berkeley and Marty plained his actions. took 'the heat' off of the school's v ,\ "I really believed at that point president, athletic director, and watched the score swing to 35-23 Cams who had 12, 11 and 10 in Coppin's favor. All of this hap- points respectively. Berkeley led (aftertthe loss to Edinboro) that players. He said that everything pened before we got" the ball all rebounders with eleven on the I' d get the pressure off the kids by became "unified and focused on night. The Lakers next raod conacross the midcourt line." r f resigning ... But now, as I look me." That, he concluded, can't be But, all was not bad according tests this coming Monday. The back upon it, it was actually a ra- all bad. lr,;*| to the Laker boss. Kalbaugh said Lakers travel* to; Edinboro to y»ke tionalization to myself £in The Mast straw on Fox's back that John Green "played his best challenge the Fighting Scots at 8 frustration." came as a result of the Knights' game of the year," and the entire p.m. WMCY, 880 AM will carry Fox went on to say that he felt loss at Edinboro. Gannon was up the game live beginning with the team played a good second half. he was an ultrasuccessful coach. by five in the first overtime, when j "Our shot selection was ex- pre-game show at 7:45. The Gannon > ex-coach said, Fox's assistant, Steve Huefner, ' however, that he didn't feel that mentioned that they should fall way at Gannon. * back into their "Georgia" ofFox has coached in Erie for the fense. This is Gannon's slow21st & BROWN AVE majority of the past 16 years. He down offense. But Fox went against his better Anyone who may recall Dr. began at Cathedral Prep where he ? OPEN * m Barry Grossman's column in the turned the high school losing pro- judgment because he didn't want Mon.-Thurs.: 9:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M gram into a winning one. He guid- the fans to begin booing their own October 21 issue of THE MERFri.-Sat.: 9:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. ed the team to two state team. He mentioned that it hasn't CIAD will notice the similarities been a popular move for the fans. in his warning message to the championships. 459-8109 r [ Then, in 1971, he began the So, going "with;luck instead of Mercyhurst Community concernHome, Delivery ing their attitude to the 'Hurst Mercyhurst College Basketball intelligence" hurt the Knights as football program and what hap- program. Fox proved to be a sur- they finally lost the game by three We Specialize In Keg Beer pened last week at Cannon prise to the community as he pro- in double overtime. : . \ Drive Thru duced a program which was better University's basketball program. Fox finally said that he knew it than most people anticipated. was time to leave when-a coach To paraphrase Grossman,' he was asking how fans, especially Mercyhurst won 101 games for doesn't /have the courage to do ^ Fox, including 26 in the 1977-78 j what is right. W% • Jll H• M small college fans, could boo their own teams and coaches for losing season in which the team went to I This brings me back to a quesgames. He mentioned the loss to the Division II final four. tion which Grossman brought up After quitting his post at Mer- I in his article, * What's wrong with Frost burg as an example, The Lakers lost this contest 10-7 and cyhurst in mid-season, Fox moved a football (basketball) program fans were complaining about the to Gannon. Just two weeks ago he | that stresses character, ethics and lack of excitement in Mer- won his 200th collegiate game as a discipline on the same plane with Hours: Monday thru Thursday 10a.m. to 10 p.m. head coach. «* Friday & Saturday 10a.m. -1J p.m. / | cy hurst's style of play. winning? But, it didn't seem to matter to Well, the pressure finally got to I think Gannon realizes the loss they have suffered. Maybe now Gannon Head Basketball Coach L the Golden Knight faithful. "My major accomplishment at the cynics will realize what a good Dick Fox last week, Fox stepped EtfelPA S$$09 Phoa^864-0t8t | down after the double overtime Gannon," Fox revealed, "was to thing they actually have lost with unify the frustrated criticism of Fox's resignation. loss to Edinboro.

Finally Here Lakers Host Knights

Drop Two More

Hurst Ladies -Out Of Their League

Gannon's Fox Quits BBall Post



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