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EDWARD M. CRAVEN 345 Marisco Way Jacksonville, Florida 32220 (904) 312-0190 E-mail: ec54e31a@westpost.

net SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * A polished Sales Representative with an Associate of Arts degree. More than 6 years of highly successful experience managing outside sales territories. * Exceptional leadership and team building qualities; skilled in training, mento ring and supervising other sales personnel as well as recruiting and hiring. * A motivated team player with excellent interpersonal communication skills and a well-developed understanding of quality customer service. * A reliable and flexible sales professional with strong analytical and problemsolving abilities, well organized and detail oriented. * Computer literate including proficiency in Microsoft Office and QuickBooks sof tware applications in a Windows XP operating systems. EXPERIENCE 06/09- HARDAGE-GIDDENS FUNERAL HOME, Jacksonville Florida 03/10 Community Service Counselor Profitably manage a sales territory covering the extended Jacksonville-metro are a to increase sales revenues; successfully gain new business through company and self generated leads; develop business seminars to create sales opportunities. 05/06 - TURNER PEST CONTROL, Jacksonville, Florida 05/09 Sales Representative & Trainer/Supervisor * Provide leadership, motivation, training and supervision for newly-hired sales technicians; participate in the recruiting, screening and hiring process. * Promoted to Team Leader/Supervisor (November 2008) to serve as a Subject Matte r Expert (SME) for less-experienced sales technicians; conduct formal training s essions and shadow new reps on their sales calls. * Profitably manage a large Jacksonville-metro sales territory to increase sales revenues; successfully gain new business through focused use of local business referral networks and cross-selling among existing accounts. Notable Achievements: * Ranked #3 in sales volume in Florida (2007), and #1 in 2008, in addition to be ing a frequent contest winner for cash bonus awards; recipient of multiple Sales man Of the Month Awards. 08/04 - TRULY NOLEN PEST CONTROL, Jacksonville, Florida 05/06 Sales Representative/Technician * Successfully completed company's formal training program in chemical mixing an d application, assessing and graphing cubic/linear areas for accurate estimating , in-home sales presentations, and sales closing techniques. Resume of Edward M. Craven Page 2 of 2 Pages * Conducted extensive cold-calling via zip codes in greater Jacksonville area to develop new revenue streams; drove a company-issued vehicle. * Managed a large servicing route, organizing and scheduling visits to existing accounts and delivering highest quality customer service. Notable Achievements: * Working on straight commission, consistently earned monthly commission and met or exceeded all sales quotas and production goals. EXPERIENCE (continued)

08/03 - ASSUMPTION CHURCH, Jacksonville, Florida 05/04 Building Custodian * Full charge responsibility for the cleaning and routine maintenance of 4 build ings, two of which were 2-stories, totaling approximately 8,000 sq.ft., plus acc ompanying ground maintenance that included a soccer field, a football field, a b aseball field, and parking lots. 07/02 - COVAN MOVING COMPANY, Valparaiso, Florida 02/03 Loader/Warehouseman (Re-hired) * Packaged and loaded household goods of military families for this company cont racted to the U.S. military. 01/01 - TRIPLE S PAINTING, Niceville, Florida 04/02 Painter * Successfully performed full range of industrial painting for commercial buildi ngs including airless spraying and roller applications. 04/01 - COVAN MOVING COMPANY, Valparaiso, Florida 11/01 Loader (Part-Time) * Packaged and loaded household goods under military contract. EDUCATION OKALOOSA-WALTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Associate of Arts, General Studies Degree conferred August 2001