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To excel in a competitive environment, become a trump card of a progressive and dynamic organization. Seeking opportunities at a Management Position in a challenging environment requiring unswerving commitment to organizational growth & advancement

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MBA (Major in Finance) Bachelors of Commerce F.Sc (Pre-Engineering)

3.85/4.00CGPA 1st Div 1st Div


University of The Punjab Leadership College Network Gujranwala Board 2003

Gujranwala Campus University of The Punjab Govt. Murray College

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KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Posting and supervision: Posting and supervision of cheques,further forwarded to teller for final payment. Remmittances; • Online issuance of D.D & T.T . • Payment & cancelation of payment orders,demand drafts and deposit at call. • Handling of all kind of remmitances including local,domestic and foreign remmittances. Processing of foreign remmitances made thorugh Allied Express. Clearing; • Head of Inland Collection. • Clearing/Nift Systems: Handling and preparation of all kind of clearing i.e inward,outward and intercity clearing. • Special Collection: Cheques & Bills sent for collection on the same day • OBC and IBC Transfer delivery • Transfer of funds online (Inter Branch) Online application of debit cards: • Processing of online application of Debit Cards. Online requests for cheque books issuance • Processing online requests for Cheque Books. Backup of branch operations manager; Worked as a complete back up of B.O.M and assists him in the following; • Issuance of demad dratf and payment orders;

. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ Major Projects in M. fund & non fund based lending . _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ ALLIED BANK LIMITED 2010-JUNE2010 M.t-24. The selection was made through a GMAT based test. Training Session of full three months was conducted which included a fifteen days session of theoratical and afterwards a fifteen days session of practical training at branches.A ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _______ How Organization Works and how the rules of management (planning.nostro accounts.which was conducted by the IBP Pakistan.T. • • • • General banking operations.Retention & Reporting of withholding Tax & Excise duty. Deductions.O.B.sme lending.O .credit documentation.T.• • • • • • • • Issuances of cheque books and debitt cards.atm opertaions and branch accounting operations Practical training at branches for general banking Credit operations.O APRIL Joined Allied Bank Limited in April 2010 as an M.Credit documentation Practical training at branches for credit opertaions International trade finance .commodity finance. I worked on Master Industries and conducted its complete SWOT analysis and analyzed how the management rules were being implemented. controlling. Standing Instructions. The training included. Opening of new accounts.agri finance.branch banking including online banking . Nearly nine thousand candidates took part in the exams amd finally only hundred were selected as an M. Budgeting and allocation of branch expenses. Locker Service & Maintenece of Books. • Conducted a research how to enhance the investment in the live stock department under LEAD PERSON LEAD BANK project. Processing of the End Of Day Process.T. • A project on the non accommodation of the indirect exporter under Export Refinance Scheme of the SBP. Banking Services Corporation Sialkot field office. Major achievements of this Internship are as follows: • Learned working of seven different departments of the SBP-BSC.foreign currency accounts Internal controls. leading and organizing) are implemented in organization.compliance & audit. Submission of monthly reports. soft skills Practical training at branches for fx operations • • • STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN JULY 2009 – SEPTEMBER 2009 INTERNSHIP Done a six week internship at the State Bank of Pakistan. • Pointed out the flaws and draw backs in this scheme and gave recommendations about how the indirect exporter can be financed under ERF.swift.

New product development and how it would be marketed. I used the data of financial year 2008 & 2007. Management Information System. Sufficient knowledge of Microsoft Office. And applied the seven steps of the research process to get findings and conclusion. Security Management and Portfolio Analysis of the 30 companies from the KSE 100 index and explained how to choose the portfolio from the efficient frontier by making use of Markowitz Frontier Theory. interviewing to final selection. I made a research on Child Labor. How does it works and made an analysis of organization before and after using MIS. I have selected Engro Chemicals and analyzed its statements for the year 2007 & 2006. I have developed a mobile phone watch and designed the market strategies for its launch by applying the 4p’s of marketing. Got positions in debate competitions at school & college level. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ PROFESSIONAL SKILLS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ Proficient in Windows environment. Financial Statement Analysis of any public listed company including critical analysis on its financial position. ➢ Worked as the Chief Editor of Urdu in the Editorial Board of University Magazine. ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ Internet : Surfing and Education. ACHIEVEMENTS & ASSOCIATIONS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ ➢ Got first position in M. I worked on Pioneer Cement Company Limited. ➢ ➢ Served as a member of Event Management Society in The University of Punjab and took active participation in organizing each event of the University. Hr Process. Traveling : Across Pakistan. Quality to work in team and groups. Database Management System I made a complete database of a hypothetical company and analyzed how it can be useful in the organization. I made a mock company named as Kisan Agro Engineering Works Company. . Ability to meet deadlines under diversified conditions. How it works? By making a complete HR department (mock) and conducted the whole process from advertising to recruiting.B. I made a feasibility plan for a manufacturing concern Industry.Complete Ratio Analysis of the public listed company.A (1st semester) and awarded with a scholarship for the year 2008. Production Management. Business Research and how it is conducted.

REFERENCE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ Zahid Mehmood Butt Chief Manager Allied Bank Limited State Bank of Pakistan Khadim Ali Road Sialkot Akmal Javed Khokhar ACM -DFSU Banking Services Corporation Sialkot . sports bikes. racing.Automobile : Cars in general.