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STANTONA.HAZLETT Disciplinary Administrator ALEXANDER M. WALCZAK KlMBERLY L. KNOLL leATE BAIRD Deputy Disciplinary Adm;nistrators GA YLE B. LARlaN Admissions Attorney 701 Jacksoll SI. I" Floor Topeka, Kansas 66603.3729 TelepllOlle: (785) 296-2486 Fax: (785) 296.6049


May 5, 2011


Ms. M. Jill Dykes .•.;1243 SW Topeka Boulevard Topeka. Kansas 66612 Re: Case No. DA 11,218 Dear Ms. Dykes:


- -.

- --'

The review Committee of the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys has considered the above referenced case. After a review of the circumstances, the Review Committee members concluded that your conduct did not violate the rules of professional conduct To establish a violation of the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct the standard of proof would be clear and convincing evidence. The Review Committee members would caution you to be mindful of your professional obligations if you choose to have client contact via a social or professional networking site The committee has concluded that the facts of this case do not establish a violation of the rules of professional conduct. This letter constitutes a final disposition of this matter.



Very Truly,Yours ..





Kate F. Baird Deputy Disciplinary Administrator KFB:JB Cc: Claudine Dombrowski L.J. Leatherman S. Lucky DeFries