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Summary 10 years professional experience in Audio Video Multimedia Postproduction / Eng ineering.

4 years professional experience in Digital Cinema and Exhibition Industry, Fiel d Engineering and Technical Support. Worldwide Entertainment Industry experience, creative design, project / managem ent, proven multitasking capabilities with strong ability to anticipate, plan pr ioritize and manage complex projects under aggressive time-lines. Exceptionally quick learner, self starter, strong leadership, team player attit ude and spirit. Willingness to relocate and travel up to 100% Worldwide. Professional training 1996 1999 Polytechnics University Timisoara / Romania - Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication section Multimedia Audio Video Te chnology: Bachelors Degree Multimedia Aud io-Video Technology Honors / Awards 1999 - Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication Timisoara / Roma nia - Section Multimedia: Multimedia Producer 2010 - Stereoscopic Cinema "The Basic of 3D Moviemaking"- UCLA clas s extension. Experience January 2008 June 2010 RealD Inc Digital Cinema Technician / System Engineer Beverly Hills, CA - Providing RealD media services to the Worldwide Digital Cinema Industry. - Manage, provide technical and customer support services to the World Cinema In dustry and 3D Live Events by Direct Broadcast (Satellite Transmissions). - Theatre site surveys, Support and Troubleshooting of 2D and 3D Digital Cinema Systems including cinema projectors based DLP technology (Christie, NEC, Barco) DCI servers (Doremi, Dolby, Kodak) and Dolby audio surround systems. - SONY4K Systems technical support (Setup, Update, Lens installation and alignme nt in 2D and 3D). - Testing 3D formats to deliver 3D in Homes (3D HD TVs, RealD HD 3D PODs, Set To p Boxes and Blu-ray products), implementing new 3D formats for delivery of high quality 3D content on Consumer Products. - DCP mastering and encryption support, KDM ingestions/troubleshooting, Testing ingestion packages to ensure accurate deliveries with all required files, Qualit y Control digital Content. - Maintain, install, setup, support and troubleshoot standard and state-of-the a rt 3D Digital Systems including: 3D HD TVs, Sony playstations and Blu-ray techno logy. - Diagnosed, maintain and verify RealD systems, train and assist users with Real D systems. - Travel as required for all national and international installations of RealD d igital cinema systems for Post-production and Digital Cinema Industry. July 2007 December 2007 Freelance Music Composer / Producer - Performed various activities related to music production and composition in mu sic industry; Composed / produced the song Everybody Wants Me for the Rush Hour 3 Soundtrack; Composed / produced the Album called Everybody Wants Me of the art ist Alina. -

November 2006 July 2007 Inc

Digital Cinema Engineer

QubeCinema N Hollywood, CA - Build, configure and administer various application and QubeCinema server plat forms based on Windows, - Installation, setup, support and troubleshooting of digital cinema hardware an d software, - Respond to server break-fix situations, fulfilling hardware/operating system r econfiguration requests, maintenance, upgrade, installation of new servers. - working within a 7x24 Operations environment supporting Qube Cinema Servers an d related software / updates, Network and systems administration, - Quality Control digital Content, check for audio sync, subtitle sync and posit ioning in all languages, which must be in compliance with QC specs. - Travel as required for all national and international on-site installations an d updates of the Qube Cinema Servers, Network Setup, DCP ingestions, users train ing, - Operation of Video/Audio encoding software, Assembly Editing, viewing and qual ity control of encoded content. - Responsible for ensuring successful encryption on all necessary content delive rables. - Prepare content ingestion packages for delivery and ingestion into custom coll ection servers. - Test ingestion packages to ensure accurate deliveries with all required files. - Assist in the training of new staff, consulted with clients network, hardware and software needs and support. - Works closely with Customer Service, Sales and Business Development by partici pating in meetings to resolve customer questions / problems. - Travel as required / Part of the exhibitors QubeCinema team for all national a nd international Conventions. June 2004 October 2006 edia Studio sens Los Angeles, CA - Design Engineer/Composer/ audio-video-multimedia Producer, - Produce, coordinate, develop and edit audio and video media; maintain audio an d video editing equipment; edit, encode, and embed audio and video for web deliv ery; administer digital archives; create multimedia design elements using Final Cut Pro, Windows Media, QuickTime and Real Media formats, Flash, Photoshop, Afte r Effects; author CD/DVD artifacts; produce media format changes, duplication an d conversion. - Support and troubleshooting Macintosh Digital Workstations, PC, desktop / lapt op, Graphics software, network and systems administration. - Sound design, analog / digital audio /MIDI editing / mixing, mastering, Music Production for TV commercials and Movie Soundtracks using ProTools, SoundForge, Wavel ab, Engineer/Producer Senseindulgencem

Cubase, Logic, directX, Plug-ins, analog gear. Remix Music Production for Hypnotic & Cleopatra Records with classic artists lik e Bob Marley, James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Pink Flo yd, Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye, Sam&Dave, Teddy Pendergrass, Percy Sledge. Origin al Music Production for iOS Composer/Engineer/Producer/Keys, web / graphic Design Producer, DVD Production, EPK, 30sec Spot, Music Video.

December 2004 Boongstudio Production New York, NY - Sound Design Engineer/Composer o Music / TV commercials / Composition, Sound design, analog / digital editing / mixing / mastering, Music / Sound FX Library, Synching. August 2004 January 2005 (Part time) A-R-C Los Angeles, CA Computer deployment Technician Duties: Install, configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot PC and network devices Document PC, computer peripherals and network device configurations. Install cabling and telephony equipment and devices. Remove old equipment or cab ling. Perform quality checks on computer hardware (IBM, HP, Cisco and Dell), sof tware, and peripheral devices. Provide business-customer service and support to geographically dispersed locations. October 2001 July 2003 Voltaj Studio, Neurotica Production Bucharest / Roma nia - Performed various activities related to music production & composition in Roma nian music industry, manage budgets and established contracts with the following label record companies: Cat Music Media Service (Sony Music Romania), TransGlob al Records, MediaPro Records, project involvements and collaborations with Natio nal Radio Stations and TV stations (MTV Romania, Atomic TV, Antena 1, ProTV, Na tional Romanian Television). Abilities, qualities - Creative, ingenious, excellent customer relations, able to meet deadlines, res ponsible; - Punctual, attentive, self-motivated, self-starter, ability and experience to w ork independently or as part of a fast-paced team environment, addicted to perfe ction. - Able to deal with complex concepts, ability to interact in a clear and logical manner. - Able to apply logical thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical p roblems. - Ability to prepare e-mails and professionally communicate both written and ver bally. - Willingness and aptitude for learning new software applications. Skills - Sony4K Setup, Training (2D and 3D lens install training), RealD Technology 3D technical training - Cinema Industry and Consumer Product Industry including 3D Video formats for high definition television, - RealD 3D Live Events Transmission (RealD HD 3D POD) knowledge with SONY and T I projectors, DCI Servers - technical training, Experience in D-Cinema, E-Cinema , solid knowledge in 3D digital technology setup, calibration, alignment and tro ubleshooting. - PC and Macintosh operating systems, network, administration and support. - Proficient in multimedia encoding technologies (Jpeg2k, WMV9/VC-1, H.264, DV25 , MPEG-2, Divx). - Strong familiarity with audio / video equipment, Windows and Mac environments. - Strong background in Analog / Digital recording techniques, (Audio/MIDI) editi ng / mixing / mastering techniques, knowledge in audio editing / production / po st production: Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Wavelab, SoundForge, Reason, sound plug -ins / directx, instrument player Keys / Sampler & Drums / Guitar. - Proficient with Adobe Photoshop / Premiere, Flash, FinalCutPro, Avid, Windows Media, QuickTime and Real Media formats. - Experience with video cameras 2D and 3D, video capturing and editing, understa nding of digital and television video formats, equipment, technology, discrimina

ting eye/ear for video/audio quality, entertainment experience. - Knowledge in duplicating broadcast media content - analog & digital formats; o perational knowledge of professional recording and playback equipment; thorough understanding of signal path, patching and routing; knowledge of industry standa rd audio and video levels and metering equipment; knowledge of digital audio and video compression and file encoding / transmission (NTSC, PAL, HDTV) and archiv al procedures. References provided upo n request.