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Mark C.

McKillip 1008 West Eagle Ridge Circle Sioux Falls, SD 57108 Phone (605) 359-7115 E-mail Career Objective To build a career in business or education in which I will be able to utilize st rong communication and analytical skills. Education I attended the University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University duri ng immediate years following high school. Shortly after that I attended and gra duated from Lake Area Technical Institute with a degree in Dental Laboratory Tec hnology. Following that I attended Black Hills State University and graduated ( Summa cum Laude) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a minor in Economics and also continued there to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in S econdary Education. Work Experience 2001 - 2010: Controller/Human Resource Manager for Health Care Medical Technolo gy, Inc. I was responsible for the preparation of all financial statements and budget preparation and financial projections. In addition I handled the daily f unctions in regard to finances, deposits, check preparation, invoicing and recon ciliation of bank statements. My duties entailed financial analysis and impact of proposed projects. The preparation and management of payroll and all items r elating to payroll such as IRS requirements was my responsibility. I was respon sible for the preparation and submission of all federal and state reports. All aspects of building maintenance and improvements were under my management. In a ddition I was the human resources manager and handled all responsibilities relat ed to that position including handling of personnel records, employee health, de ntal, life, disability and other insurances, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, 401(k) administration and various other personnel items. 1997 - 2001: Business Manager for St. Joseph Cathedral Parish, Sioux Falls, SD. I set up the office on Quickbooks software on which was done all the financial statements and payroll. It was my responsibility to prepare financial statemen ts and to present these to the finance council. In addition I handled the bank deposits, preparation of checks to vendors and reconciliation of banking transac tions. I also managed payroll and all items relating to payroll such as IRS rep orting requirements and W-2 forms. There were numerous special projects that I managed that were either one time or ongoing. For these I developed spreadsheet s and necessary computer forms to track and manage these in an efficient manner. All aspects of budget preparation and presentation were my responsibility. An y outside contract work that needed to be done was my responsibility to coordina te. 1995 - 1997: My work with state government in Pierre, SD ended in 1995 due to b udget cuts and state employee cutbacks. Since moving back to Sioux Falls in 199 5 I worked light construction and as a substitute teacher with the Sioux Falls P ublic schools, Catholic schools and surrounding school districts. * 1987 - 1995: State of South Dakota, Pierre, SD. My position as Program Special ist with the Department of Social Services entailed managing the Medicaid Analys is and Projection system, working in budget preparation and submission of federa l reports on Medicaid expenditures and future projections. My position as Direc tor of Energy Conservation Programs for the Governor's Office of Energy Policy e ntailed the administration and management of federal grant and loan programs for the State of South Dakota. Part of this responsibility was the design and subm ission of grant applications to federal agencies. In addition I prepared and su

bmitted federal reports on activities and expenditures and on the status of proj ects receiving grants. I also prepared the budget for this office. An addition al responsibility of mine was to write articles for and edit the newsletter. My position as Budget Analyst with the Bureau of Finance and Management entailed w orking closely with the heads of six different state agencies in order to prepar e the Governor's budget for the State of South Dakota. My responsibilities also included conducting research and analysis of pending legislation and making rec ommendations regarding this legislation. Tracking agency expenditures and budge ts was also part of my responsibility. Other work experience includes work as a Dental Laboratory Technician, warehouse person, construction work and a tour of duty with the U.S. Army. References Ms. Judith F. Rost 3108 West Spruceleigh Lane Sioux Falls, SD 57105 (605) 332-1884 Home (605) 310-1901 Cell Mr. John C. Hughes 5104 South St. Andrews Circle Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (605) 339-0689 Home (605) 310-2440 Cell Monsignor Steve Barnett St. John's Catholic Church PO Box 430 Plankinton, SD 57368 (605) 942-7125 Office Mr. Michael L. Rost PO Box 91214 Sioux Falls, SD 57109 (605) 359-8604 Ms. Janet M. Buda 25947 454th Avenue Humboldt, SD 57035 (605) 977-0124 Office (605) 363-3450 Home (507) 251-9351 Cell Mr. Jerry Larson 1004 South Garfield Drive Sioux Falls, SD 57105 (605 336-0515 Office (605) 338-9319 Home (605) 366-0119 Cell Mr. Mark Koch 7243 West Lancaster Street Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605) 838-7582 Cell