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Leander Collman 10813 Deer Trail Fort Worth, Texas 76140 (817) 710-4169 lc55025a@westpost.

net Objective To get a job where I can utilize my Electrical / Electronics knowledge and exper ience to execute electrical installation in all phases of residential, commercia l and Industrial settings. Director of engineering in charge of 42 Electricians, Vocational Instructor cert ified with 9 years experience. Associates degree in Electronics Engineering Tech nology. Will do what is required to increase productivity and enhance quality as directed by management. Work Experience TOUCHSTONE WIRELESS L P. Fort Worth Texas 08/2008 - 01/2010 LEVEL 3 TECHNICIAN Trouble shoot, diagnosed and repaired cellular phones, down to components level. CWORK WIRELESS LP, Fort Worth, Texas 10/2004 - 08/2008 LEVEL 3 TECHNICIAN Diagnosed and repaired L G. Phones down to component levels. RADIOSHACK INC., Fort Worth, Texas 07/2003 - 10/2004 LEVEL 3 TECHNICIAN Trouble shoot, diagnosed and repaired cellular phones, down to components level. Maintained daily records of work completed. Assisted with training whenever nec essary. Mentored new employees until they are capable of performing their duties without assistance. MOTOROLA INC. Fort Worth, Texas 06/ 1994-6/2002 GRADE 19 SENIOR TECHNICIAN Trouble shoot, diagnosed and repaired various type of pagers and cell phones. As sisted in training and quality departments and supervised 2nd shift recycling op erations. ADVANCE SERVICE CO. LTD., Half Way Tree, St. Andrews, Jamaica 01/1970 - 12/1992 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING Approved estimates and Authorized expenditure, Met with Clients, Electrical Insp ectors and Bankers, Cheered weekly and heads of depts. meetings, Signed inspecti on request, Conducted final interviews for employment and authorized salary reco mmendations. Conducted training of Technical and Sales employees. EDUCATION ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Davy, /Florida ASSOCIATES DEGREE Training Includes: Basic soldering, Computer troubleshooting and repairs, Logic gate concepts and applications, Solid-state components operations, R F and anten na operations. COLLEGE OF ARTS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, St. Andrews, Jamaica, W.I GENERAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE Conductor sizing and rating. Current, voltage, resistance and power calculations . AC, DC circuit analysis. Motor controls and protection, electrical maintenance technology, and electrical codes/regulations. SKILLS Computer Upgrade: Electrical Installation, Maintenance, Repairs: Wireless Communication devices repaired Diagnose logic and R F circuitry to determine an

d identify defective components for replacement. Audit devices being returned to manufacturer to determine if it meets R T M criteria or if it should remain as W I P for S O P handling.