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JORMA PELTOLA 978-551-2007 jpbc0d4c@westpost.

net QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY Emerging Technology Development & Manufacturing Dedicated engineering professional with proven leadership skills to interface ef fectively at all organizational and functional levels. Key strengths include man aging diverse engineering programs in collaboration with internal, domestic and international resources and partners. Over 20 years of emerging technology exper ience with materials and process technology development from R&D through commerc ialization. Globally Oriented Engineering Manager. Areas of expertise and professional/technical competence: * Flexible, Thin Film PV Development (CIGS & CdTe) * Polymer Processing * OLED, MEMS Display Manufacturing * Failure and Reliability Analysis * Manufacturing & Assembly Technology Development * Outsourcing and Supply Chain Management * Program and Project Management * Technology Consulting * Technology Transfer * Training & Development


WAKONDA TECHNOLOGIES, WOBURN, MA 2009 - PRESENT Flexible, high performance photovoltaic development and commercialization for po rtable and building integrated applications based on thin film semiconductors Principal Investigator Lead Engineer for a 2 year US Army/CERDEC funded development and demonstration p rogram of a tactically operational 2.5 kW portable power system for a rugged mil itary use * Surveyed state-of-the-art PV industry assembly materials utilized by different PV technologies (silicon, CIGS, CdTe and OPVs) in module assembly. Identified k ey materials suppliers and established support relationships. * Development and implementation of reliable encapsulation, packaging and constr

uction designs to meet early stage targeted life-time, power density and cost ob jectives. * Technical lead over "all but cell" design, materials and process/assembly tech nology development, implementation including reliability for first generation pr oducts. * Responsible for technical and financial reporting including presentations and technical correspondence with the US Army and other program participants. PIXTRONIX INC, ANDOVER, MA 2007 - 2008 MEMS based display technology development and commercialization for mobile appli cation platforms Principal Engineer Developed and outsourced materials, back-end and module fabrication techniques, processes, and related concepts supporting internal and offshore mass manufactur ing interests. * Took leadership of the optical coating glass panel and discrete component deve lopment programs and identified key outsourcing partners in the US, Europe and A sia supporting mass manufacturing with annual expenditures > $5M * Assessed existing MEMS display assembly processes, and then proposed and imple mented enhanced process methods leading to improvements in device reliability an d life-time. * Supported technology commercialization initiatives by identifying and supporti ng collaborations with OEM suppliers in Japan and South Korea.

EIKOS INC, FRANKLIN, MA 2005 - 2007 Supplier of carbon nanotube based formulations and coatings for emerging opto-el ectronic markets Program Manager Technical manager to co-lead the development of high performance flexible optoel ectronic films, coatings, electrodes and inks from carbon nano-tubes for photo-v oltaic, touch-screens, displays and related opto-electronic applications. * Technical and financial management of a DOE funded program with the National R enewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Program demonstrated the validity of carbon n anotube as electrodes in OPV, DSSC, CIGS and CdTe solar PV constructions. * Led and managed a 6 month joint development program with Clemson University on CNT purification * Developed work-plans and guided research of 7 scientists and engineers towards DOE program mile-stones PIRKOLED CONSULTING SERVICES, SANTA BARBARA, CA 2004 - 2005 Principal. Searched and identified companies needing consulting services on emer ging display materials and manufacturing technologies. Successful projects with the US, EU and Asian companies included: * * * * * * Osram Opto Semiconductors, Penang, Malaysia Wuliangue, Yibin, China Qualcomm MEMS Devices, Campbell, CA SUD-Chemie, Germany Amerinatech, Shanghai, China Pirkkakorko OY, Finland

Notable Accomplishments & Projects: * Increased OLED display manufacturing output by 10% through implemented changes in assembly techniques, process equipments as well as reliability protocols in six months. Proposed further changes for yet simpler manufacturing lines. * Identified a business opportunity for formed glass panels for OLED and MEMS di splay manufacturing, supported product development and identified customers for business development. * Business development and asset management support for a 40 year old privately held injection molding company in Finland. DUPONT DISPLAYS INC, (FORMER UNIAX CORP.) SANTA BARBARA, CA 1992 - 2003 Subsidiary of E.I. du Pont de Nemours dedicated to commercialization of OLED mat erials Senior Engineer Managed detailed performance oriented material search, joint-development and val idation programs to identify key components for rigid and flexible OLED display manufacturing. Identified suitable processing methods and collaborated with equi pment suppliers to develop customized manufacturing equipments for specific need s. Supervised manufacturing personnel. * Identified cross-company deficiencies communicated and subsequently proposed a formation of multi-disciplinary task force to address and find solutions for en gineering issues associated with R&D and mass manufacturing. Collectively solved numerous technical challenges * Actively explored new processing methods and materials to support and sustain developmental and mass manufacturing efforts. Technical lead with domestic & int ernational material suppliers. * Developed novel low temperature hermetic packaging methods for rigid and flexi ble OLED displays utilizing thin film deposition techniques with a potential for 50% reduction in display thickness, weight and cost. Identified necessary manuf acturing solutions * Comprehensively investigated numerous advanced adhesive and coating materials against established test and qualification criteria's resulting to five potentia l candidates. Selected materials for OLED mass manufacturing. Technical liaison with domestic and international material and component suppliers. * Actively explored new processing methods and materials to support and sustain developmental and mass manufacturing efforts. * Appointed company representative in the United States Display Consortium (USDC ) developing materials and processes for the U.S. display industry partners EPOXY TECHNOILOGY, BILLERICA, MA 1987 - 1992 Premier developer and manufacturer of adhesives and coatings for a brad range of high reliability applications under Epo-Tek(R) trade name for customers worldwi de. R&D Engineer Reporting to V.P of R&D, developed electrically and thermally conductive adhesiv es and coatings for hybrid microelectronic and military based applications. Resp onsible for the manufacture of small volume, custom tailored products * n * * m Developed snap-cure type, electrically conducting die attach materials still i commerce today Functioned as a member of company's technical support/services team Developed materials safety data sheet and OSHA and DOT required labeling syste for Epo-Tek(R) products


M.S. Plastics Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA, USA B.S. Polymer Science and Technology, Metropolitan University, London, England

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