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Making NY More Affordable By Harnessing the Power of Alternative Energy: Senate Dems Propose Innovative Bipartisan Energy Plan for Long-Term Relief
Plan Limits Gas Price Increases at the Pump, Establishes Fuel Cell Tax Credit, and Exempts “Green” Vehicles from Taxes (Albany, NY) With Memorial Day Weekend kicking off the unofficial start of summer and millions of New Yorkers facing skyrocketing energy costs, Senator Kevin S. Parker and Senate Democrats unveiled a comprehensive energy savings plan to reduce the burden on cash-strapped energy consumers. A recent report from Goldman Sachs indicates that oil prices may hit $150 a barrel and as a result gas prices could rise to $5 a gallon by next year. To ease the growing burden on consumers and create jobs, Senate Democrats’ energy plan will provide long-term relief at the pump, and help establish New York as the premier site for alternative energy research, development and production.
The bipartisan legislative package includes bills championed by both Democrats and Republicans,

and can immediately be passed with support from the Republican Majority before the end of this year’s legislative session to begin to address New York’s affordability crisis. Senator Parker (D-Brooklyn), Ranking Member of the Senate Energy Committee said, “Hardworking families and businesses are suffering as a result of high gas prices and energy costs. Energy experts predict gas prices to go as high as $5 per gallon next year. This path is not sustainable. But we can start reigning in the outrageous prices we see at the pump. The bipartisan package we propose increases renewable energy production in New York, reduces reliance on foreign oil, and creates high paying jobs in our state.” The Bipartisan Legislative Plan includes: • S603/Peralta: Prohibits more than one increase in the price of motor fuel in any twenty-four hour period. • S1054/Parker: Provides a tax incentive in the State of New York for individuals and commercial entities to purchase cleaner, more energy efficient vehicles. • S1067/Parker: Requires alternative fuels to be available for public use along the New York State Thruway, and for these fuels to be available at least every 120 miles on each side of the Thruway. • S1114/Parker: Restores a fuel cell technology tax credit to continue New York's public policy of promoting increased use of greenhouse gas reducing power technologies. • S1149/Parker: Expands New York's net metering law to cover residential and non-residential utility customers utilizing micro-hydroelectric generating systems to encourage greater investment in facilities that generate energy from clean renewable sources. • S2646/Grisanti: Provides owners of vehicles with a high mile per gallon fuel efficiency – 35 MPG or more – a ten percent "Green EZ-Pass discount" on tolls in New York. • S4178/Maziarz: Creates the Solar Renewable Energy Credit program to stimulate the installation of solar projects in New York State, and also create thousands of good paying jobs in the process.

Senate Democratic Leader John L. Sampson said, “As more and more families are taking stay-cations due to the high cost of living, we must ease their pain at the pump by lowering gas prices. Our energy plan will make New York more affordable by reducing costs for consumers and increasing resources to build a new economy. I commend Senator Parker for his leadership and vision to make New York more affordable for families and businesses. ” Senator Jose R. Peralta (D-Queens) said, “At a time when many working families are having a hard time making ends meet, we need a plan to reduce energy costs for consumers. This bipartisan energy plan will help prepare for New York’s future while saving taxpayers money today.” Deputy Democratic Leader Neil D. Breslin (D-Delmar) said, “Middle-class families are struggling with high property taxes and energy costs – and high gas prices have made traveling nearly impossible for some. New Yorkers should not have to stay home instead of going to see their friends and families because of energy costs that we have an alternative for. This energy plan will provide the relief they need to enjoy what our state has to offer and also prepares our economy to not only be a competitor, but a leader in alternative energy technology. I applaud Senator Parker for his passion and leadership on these issues, and also his ability to work across party lines for the benefit of taxpayers.” Senator Timothy Kennedy (D-Western New York) said, “Ever-climbing gas prices have been the topic of discussion at kitchen tables and in conference rooms across our state and nation. Energy costs are spiraling out of control and hurting Western New York’s families and small businesses. We need to develop creative, long-term solutions that will increase New York’s energy efficiency, promote green economic growth, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and most importantly ease burdensome costs faced by hardworking New Yorkers. This bipartisan alternative energy plan is an important step in the right direction.” Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District- D/I/WF) said, “New Yorkers have had to find ways to do more with less, and the huge rise in gas prices has caused even more pain for cash- strapped families. It is critical that we reign in energy prices and create a new green economy as we pull ourselves out of this recession. These bills promote energy efficiency, alternative energy sources and further oversight in gas price increases. They are short and long term solutions that will provide New York families with real relief from energy costs.” Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) said, “We need to move past short term gimmicks and start implementing real, long term strategies that will put New York on a sustainable path towards significant cost reduction for families and businesses throughout our State. This energy plan is not just about what must be done to help New Yorkers today, this is plan is also about what we need to do to protect our middle-class citizens and our environment tomorrow and in years to come.” Ross Gould, Air & Energy Program Director, Environmental Advocates of New York said, “Despite its excellent potential, New York State installed solar capacity represents less than 1 percent of our electricity. We commend Senator Parker for seeking to advance a package of clean energy legislation that includes the Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act of 2011, a bill sponsored by his colleague from across the aisle, Senator Maziarz. If enacted the bill will reduce air pollution, create 22,000 jobs, and generate $20 billion in economic output.” ### Follow on Twitter at New York State Senate | | 518-455-2415