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Resume' JAMES E. PFEFFER JR. 614 Myatt Street _ Smyrna, TN 37167 Home: (615) 223-1849 _ Email: Tbirdjim@cs.

com ILLUSTRATOR _ARTIST _ DESIGNER _ART DIRECTOR Savannah College of Art and Design a" completed Master of Arts Degree, Illustrat ion Design a" Winter Quarter 2009 (January, 2009) through Spring Quarter 2010, ( ending May 25, 2010) six quarters. Original and business-minded with over 25 years experience in creating, designin g and presenting innovative illustration advertising and marketing projects for ad agencies and publishing companies. Utilize Macintosh computer and latest in creative software consistently successful campaigns. Productive team leader wit h entrepreneurial spirit and exemplary work ethic. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE JIM PFEFFER PEN aN INK AND WATERCOLOR, Smyrna, TN 1983 to Present Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer Oversaw establishment of website which highlights and sells antique automotive fine art and design, fine art painting, watercolor and airbr ush illustration, printmaking and photography for limited edition prints and fou r-color t-shirt designs for silk-screen printing. Abridged portfolio available for viewing at NOSSI COLLEGE OF ART, Goodlettsville, TN August, 2005 to May 2007 Adjunct Art Instructor - Part Time Responsible for instructing several classes: Basic Drawing 1, Basics of Watercol or, Graphic Design 2 and Anatomy & Figure Drawing. Instruction relies on existin g class schedule of accomplishment and innovation by instructor. UNITED METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE, Nashville, TN 1997 - 2005 Non-profit publishing arm of the United Methodist Church. Art Director/Designer, Marketing Communications Produced color and black & white electronic design, illustration, photo composit ion and photo retouching using Macintosh G-4/5 computer system for print media i ncluding magazine and newsprint product ads, direct mail pieces, product and boo k catalogs, point of purchase displays and posters, magazine cover and product l ogo design, and corporate identification. Oversaw process from conception throu gh mechanical preparation and PDFs supported by NPS graphics retrieval system fo r pre-press. Utilized Adobe Photoshop, Quark and Adobe Illustrator. In addition , created non-electronic watercolor, color, black & white pencil, pen & ink, air brush and multi-media illustration for print media product ads and logo design. _ Updated and freshened outdated photographic images through the use of Adobe Ph otoshop. Saved photography shooting costs by modernizing and upgrading over 125 images, _ Continually kept abreast of software application updates to improve production time and costs. _ Developed and presented an innovative art technique which enhanced product pre

sentation. Technique was so successful that Marketing Director requested recrea tion of this process for up to 15 ads monthly for in-house and national publicat ions. _ Worked closely with team and consistently achieved 95% of yearly on-time and a ccuracy goals. _ Trained team members on new, innovative and creative software applications. _ Maintained excellent attendance record and often worked long hours to complete projects. JAMES PFEFFER, INC., Houston, TX 1978 - 1996 Self Employed Freelance Creative Art Director, Illustrator and Photo -Retouching Serviced AAAA advertising agencies, publishers, art agencies, photo laboratories and pre-press shops primarily for print media using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrato r and Quark applications for Macintosh. Led a creative team and produced electro nic product advertising, point of purchase displays, photo composition & retouch ing and illustration. Prior to utilizing software applications, created illustra tions by hand utilizing watercolors, color and black &white pencil, and pen & in k techniques, airbrush photographic illustration, perfection-oriented airbrush p hoto retouching, composition, and restoration, technical illustration, board des ign, lettering illustration and composition. _ Consistently achieved goal of 97% accuracy. _ Received a great deal of repeat business. CHARLES WALLIS, INC., Waco, Texas 1976-1978 During tenure, company provided creative services for Word Incorporated - presen tly a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson, Inc. Creative Art Director MILITARY U.S. Air Force, Sergeant, Hospital Administration, Honorable Discharge. EDUCATION AND TRAINING Master of Arts, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah Georgia Illustration Design Bachelor of Fine Arts, Baylor University, Waco, TX Double major in Commercial Art and Fine Art Named "Outstanding Art Student" by Baylor University Art Department Associate of Arts, Temple Junior College, Temple, TX Fine Art & Design School of Professional Photographers, Winona Lake, IL Air Brush techniques and photographic retouching. INTERESTS Antique automotive fine art and design, fine art painting and watercolor, air br ush illustration, Printmaking and photography. Detail model construction of HO s cale train layout, automobile model.