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BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LEADER: THERAPEUTICS, DIAGNOSTICS, BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES "Visionary leader championing initiatives to elevate market presence and

busines s infrastructures. Cultivates and propels million-dollar business opportunities through the skillful development and implementation of strategic business develo pment plans." SUMMARY PROFILE: Pragmatic, driven, and skilled business development leader with core strengths i n business development, market research, strategic planning, licensing, collabor ations, alliance management, deal evaluation and deal negotiation. An accomplish ed scientist-manager with advanced training in genetics (PhD) and business admin istration (MBA), 5 years of advanced research experience (molecular genetics and drug metabolism), and 8 years of business development experience in diagnostics , therapeutics and life sciences companies. Experienced in evaluating licensing , technology and market opportunities, conducting financial and strategic due di ligence, and negotiating third-party agreements. Results-focused analyst with t he demonstrated ability to align highly technical scientific information with ke y corporate, commercial and brand messaging goals. Undeterred when faced with co nflicts or challenges, with the confidence and skill to take a stand based on ma rket realities and expert all-round analysis. CORE COMPETENCIES: Business Development * Strategic Planning * Biomedical Research * Market Researc h * Licensing * Company Screens * Business Plans * Valuation Methods (NPV, IRR, VC, Options, Comparables, Triangulation) * Financial Modeling (Revenue Forecasts , P&L models) * Scenario Analysis * Intellectual Property * Patent Search & Eval uation * IP Strategies * FTO Analysis * Contract Negotiations * Third Party Agre ements * Strategic Alliances * Alliance Management * Sales * Market Development * Competitive Analysis * Product Positioning * Product Strategy * Product Launch * Product Pricing * Executive Presentations * M&A Due Diligence * Team Building * Mentoring * Medical Science Processes * Data Collection and Interpretation * Reporting * Medical Writing * Scientific Communication * Research Grants * Corpo rate Visits * Commercial Support * CRM Systems BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE 1. PROGNOSYS BIOSCIENCES, La Jolla, CA (2009-2010) - A next-generation sequencing service business and an R&D division developing n ew genomics products. * Vice President, Business Development: Chief leadership of next-generation sequ encing service business (Illumina GAIIx sequencing platform), account & alliance development, marketing, and CRM systems. Improved customer service and quote t urnaround time. Finalized and oversaw the submission of genomic sequencing bids and grants. Provided novel feedback on patent strategies. Oversaw company's inlicensing activities. - Sold multiple custom sequencing and analysis service contracts, meeting or exc eeding monthly sales goals. - Spearheaded the submission of a $300K sequencing bid for a university next-gen sequencing project. - Developed and authored the commercialization plan for a $1.5M SBIR Phase II gr ant. 2. PERLEGEN SCIENCES, Mountain View, CA (2007-2009) - Genomics pioneer commercializing the breast cancer risk stratification test Br evaGEN. * Director, Business Development: Directed business development, licensing, cont

racting, diagnostics platform selection/negotiation, and strategic alliances. Ke y member of CLIA and commercial operations team for the launch of BrevaGEN. Spe arheaded initiative to use electronic medical records (EMR) for rational patient selection, collaborating and liaising with major academic medical centers, nonprofit and commercial entities. Conducted extensive due diligence, requirements gathering, negotiation, and process re-engineering. Championed critical collabor ations. Evaluated Siebel and SalesForce CRM for functionality and scope. * Identified and negotiated alliances with major U.S. & European entities (with access to millions of patients lives and longitudinal electronic medical records ) and CROs to enable rational patient selection for eight multi million-dollar p harmacogenomics initiatives aimed at improving drug efficacy and drug safety for specific diseases with major unmet clinical needs. * Forged critical research collaborations with U.S. and European consortia to en able a $6M diagnostic initiative aimed at predicting therapy response in hepatit is C patients for the standard of care (interferon/ribavirin). * Negotiated high ROI terms for the commercial license, hardware and reagent ren tal agreements for the development and launch of CLIA-based test BrevaGEN on a m ass spectrometry-based diagnostic platform. 3. ANTARA BIOSCIENCES, Mountain View, CA (2006-2007) - Diagnostics start-up developing electrochemistry-based molecular diagnostics p latform. * Director, Business Development: Directed the evaluation of new technologies an d intellectual property for scientific and strategic fit with corporate goals. Guided product development, strategic planning, and technology implementations. Created a company fact database based on competitive intelligence to execute th e corporate goal of 'growth by acquisition'. Core member of senior team for str ategic planning and M&A discussions. * Created diagnostic platform licensing models based on extensive market researc h and financial modeling. Conceptualized, planned, and designed 8 financial mod els for 4 product ideas and 2 platform technologies. * Co-authored a market research report on diagnostics and personalized medicine with Nova BioReports. * Served as industry expert and subject matter expert for a big Pharma company o n M&A activities in the RNA interference space. 4. BENITEC INC., Mountain View, CA (2004-2006) - Therapeutics Company developing RNA interference-based therapeutics for infect ious diseases. * Director, Business Development: Provided leadership in business and corporate development. Managed academic and industry alliances and negotiated multiple li censing, strategic and investment deals. Created company fact database of poten tial merger partners, performed valuation and impact analysis, identified merger synergies and possible deal structures, directed external advisors, and served as a core member of the senior team in M&A deal negotiations. Received accelera ted promotion and accolades from CEO for excellence in strategic planning, guidi ng and executing corporate strategy, and for closing highly critical financing d eals. * Successfully initiated, negotiated and closed a $4.5M exclusive license and eq uity deal with Sigma-Aldrich. * Created partnering models, partnering channels and relationships with pharmace utical companies for the co-development of an experimental RNA interference-base d drug for Hepatitis C, which led to eventual alliances with Pfizer and Oncolys Biopharma for total deal values of $145M and $60M, respectively. * Negotiated multiple in- and out-licensing, drug delivery and collaboration dea ls totaling ~$1.2M. * Assisted the board in raising a $9.7M Rights Issue stock offering on the Austr alian Stock Exchange. 5. INNOVATIVE BIOSENSORS INC., College Park, MD (2004)

- Diagnostics Company developing biosensor devices for rapid pathogen detection. Manager, Marketing & Business Development: Formulated strategic marketing plans and launched first product. Assisted CEO in refining business plan and making f unding pitches to VCs. Received the "Valuable Contributions to Innovative Biosen sors' Future Success" award from CEO for critical role in launching company. * Launched IBI's first biosensor diagnostic product for pathogenic E. coli 0157 detection, created marketing collateral (Data Sheet, White Paper, Product Brochu re, print, email & web ad campaigns, web site content). * Identified and executed beta testing partnerships with contract food-testing l aboratories. MBA JOBS & INTERNSHIPS 1. BETHESDA BIOSCIENCE PARTNERS, BETHESDA, MD - Biotech consulting firm specializing in writing business plans for start-up co mpanies. * Business Plan Consultant, 2003-2004 (Part-time) Created winning business plans for 2 biotech start-up companies in the Washingto n-Baltimore Corridor, based on 1-page executive summaries and scientific data fr om pilot experiments. Both companies got funded: * PA-based oncolytic therapeutics company - Received $10 million Series A round. * MD-based biodefense firm with novel pathogen neutralization technology - Recei ved angel round. 2. MACROGENICS INC., ROCKVILLE, MD - Therapeutics Company developing Fc-engineered monoclonal antibodies for autoim mune diseases and cancer. * Business Development Intern, Full-time, Summer, 2003 Executed an aggressive business development drive (screened over 300 potential t echnology leads, publications and patents) to identify new cancer targets for in -licensing and created a target identification database. Coordinated due dilige nce meetings with promising entities. Performed FTO (freedom to operate) IP anal ysis for MacroGenics' core programs and analyzed competitive positioning of prod uct pipeline. * Created financial model for optimization of profit sharing for Macrogenics' $5 million strategic partnership and co-development agreement with Genzyme. BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH EXPERIENCE 1. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Laboratory of Dr. Peter Stacpoole, Division of Endrocrinology & Metabolism, Coll ege of Medicine. * Senior Research Fellow, 1999-2002 * Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 1997-1999 Identified new insights into the biotransformation and toxicity of dichloroaceta te, a Phase 2 investigational drug for lactic acidosis- presented findings at th e 6th International Society of Xenobiotics conference in Munich, Germany. Ident ified the molecular basis of glucose transporter induction during hypoxia/ischem ia in primary neurons. Designed and optimized DNA, RNA and protein biobanking p rotocols for patients going through the Clinical Research Center (CRC) at UF Col lege of Medicine to enable retrospective proteomics and genomics studies. * Won the highly prestigious and competitive $69K American Heart Association pos tdoctoral research fellowship and research grant for investigating cerebral stro ke. Served as key team member for a $1.43M NIH grant for studying drug biotrans formation. Co-authored a $300K FDA grant for reducing the toxicity of an invest igational drug.

* Conceptualized and authored a successful $100K Small Business Innovation Resea rch (SBIR) grant (for biotech company Genomechanix) for the development of hypot hesis-driven custom DNA macroarrays. * Research findings published in Metabolism, Biochemical Pharmacology and Molecu lar Therapy. EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS 1. MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) - University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business, College Park, MD. *Activities: Business plan reviewer for the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and New Markets Growth Fund, a $20 million VC fund; Executive Vice-President of the Graduate BIOPhARMA Business Association. *Project: "Business Performance Management Using Balanced Score Cards" for Lockh eed Martin; presented recommendations to senior Lockheed managers after 3-month consulting project. 2. DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D.), MOLECULAR GENETICS, IMMUNOLOGY AND MEDICAL MIC ROBIOLOGY - University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL. *Laboratory of Dr. William Hauswirth, Departments of Molecular Genetics & Ophtha lmology *Dissertation: Regulation of Mitochondrial Gene Expression During Early Embryoge nesis of Xenopus laevis. *Awards: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Roll; 'Outstanding Academic Excellence in the Colle ge of Medicine'. *Publications: J Biological Chemistry, Methods in Enzymology, Expl Cell Res, Mol ecular and Cellular Biology. 3. MASTER OF SCIENCE (M.Sc.), HORTICULTURE - Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India. 4. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B.Sc.), AGRICULTURE - Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. WORKSHOPS * Invited participant at the dystonia workshop organized by the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation in Boston, MA, with 20 other participants from academia and industry, 2005. * Invited participant at the orphan cancer workshop organized by the City of Ho pe Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, with 10 other participants from academia a nd industry, 2006. TRADE PUBLICATIONS 1. Invited contributor to "Personalized medicine and molecular diagnostics" mark et report, April 2007, Nova BioReports, Fremont, CA. 2. "RNAi: A breakthrough for therapeutics." Chemistry & Industry February 2005, pp. 16-18. 3. "DNA-directed RNAi: Enabling Multiple Applications of RNA interference." Pha rmaceutical Discovery, May 2005, pp. 15-20. PATENT APPLICATIONS 1. Methods and compositions for detecting one or more target agents using tracki

ng components, August 2, 2007. Antara Biosciences. 2. Compounds and methods for diagnosis of pathogens that cause urinary tract inf ections. August, 2007a. Antara Biosciences. 3. Compounds and methods for diagnosis of respiratory tract infections. August, 2007b. Antara Biosciences. PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS 1. In: Natural Production of Organohalogen Compounds. (2003) Springer-Verlag, Ne w York. 2. Biochemical Pharmacology (2003) 66:2029-2038. 3. Molecular Therapy (2002) 6:394-399. 4. Methods in Molecular Biology (2002) 197:363-375. 5. Metabolism (1999) 48:422-431. 6. Journal of Biological Chemistry (1999) 274:6265-6271. 7. Experimental Cell Research (1998) 245:137-145. 8. In: Methods in Enzymology (1996) 264:12-22. 9. In: Methods in Enzymology (1996) 264:23-35. 10. In: Multimedia Methods in Molecular Biology (1996)(D. Rickwood, ed.), Chapma n & Hall, Electronic Publishing Division, London (on CD-ROM). 11. Molecular and Cellular Biology (1994) 14:7717-7730. MEDIA CONTRIBUTIONS Documentary films: Wrote the scripts for two English documentary films aired on TV station Doordarshan: * 'The Green Chip', featuring the potential of plant biotechnology to usher in t he next revolution in agriculture. * 'National Road Safety', an interview-based film featuring ways to improve road safety in India.